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Dave Strider

Name: Dave Strider
Level: 2
Spent OM: 8200
Consumed OM: 1300
Proficiencies: (3200); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Remote Control (600)
Powers: (2300); Time Manipulation (800), Acrobatic Fucking Pirouettes(400), Burst Swag(800) White Daves Can Jump- Basic(300)
Moves: (900); Caledscratch (300), Remix (600)
Super Moves: (600); Sick Rhymes(600 Tier 1 ATK)
Transformations(1000): A Change of Pace(T1 Power up)
Items: MDD(100), Communicator(200)
Bases: Dave's Apartment(Ashen Steppes)
Base stats:
ATK: 3 (+2)
DEF: 2 (+0)
SPD: 3 (+2)
TEC: 2 (+1)
[Image: giphy.gif]

Personality: Dave is the essence of the cool kid. Hella popular, can spit sick rhymes, roast the haters, and occasionally gander at some old dead thing when nobody is looking, all with the stoic, nonchalant chill of the coolest bro. He doesn't stray from swearing, usually it casually but not overdoing it. He stays pretty calm unless someone is just trying to grind his gears and won't leave him alone. He also doesn't deal with stupid people, not worth his time. The concept of irony is something he cherishes, usually liking things simply for ironic effect. Often times he can come off as flat, but inside he is a mess of emotions and feelings that he doesn't want to sort out. So long as he can keep up his cool persona, he is chill as he is.

Combat Style: Dave is pretty straight to the point hack and slasher. He won't blindly go about, but if needed against smarter opponents, he will use his time manipulation to get the upper hand, trying to make sure he doesn't look like the underdog. Nothing is less cool than being the one everyone bets against in a fight. He favors quick and skillful attacks, finding openings in his opponent's guard and seizing them at the right moment.

Other Info: Dave loves his glasses and does his best at keeping them on. The shades are the one true way to keep your cool. After all, your eyes do betray you.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Caledscratch(300 Physical Strength)
[Image: QbskNuy.gif]
Dave's preferred weapon, an alchemized sword that seems to hold no true form when he was stuck in SBURB, constantly rotating between being broken, fixed, new, or even rusted. In the omniverse, it seems to have been able to keep its repaired state, being approximately 55 inches in length, 3 inches wide, with a double sided blade. Dave is able to swing it with one hand quite well, but must usually use both in order to keep complete control and efficiency over it. The blade often breaks due to Strider's strength, and upon doing so, shortens the length to about 35 inches. It does not grant any additional benefits like this but is still usable, usually repairing itself after some time

Remix(600; Requires Ranged, Remote Control, Ranged Materialize)
[Image: tumblr_ldujs3JAlv1qfu6gdo1_1280.png] 
Using a free hand and limiting his movement, Dave can reach through time and pull up a time clone of himself, repeating a past action. this takes three seconds, in which he can move and defend himself, but if hit, interrupts the attack. Once initiated, Dave moves at a much slower pace, having to concentrate on his clone, but can still defend himself with the weapon in his other hand, or attack if he wishes. If either the clone or Dave is directly damaged, the clone disappears. If the clone was the one that was damaged, Dave suffers a minor headache/fatigue,  instead of taking full damage. Dave can focus up to ten seconds of his previous movement before the clone vanishes on its own, causing no debilitating effects, but still costing Dave some energy.

Sick Rhymes(Tier 1 super attack, Required ranged, ranged materialize, remote control)

Dave reaches out with both hands and begins to drop a sick beat, waiting until the bass drops before his timetables summon clones from alternate timelines to attack his enemy. Up to five clones are active at once, each committing an attack and disappearing while another is summoned. This happens for about 15 seconds, after which Dave pulls out a microphone and drops it, letting it roll to his victim. Dave is stationary for the duration of this attack, floating just a foot above the air.

Change of Pace (Tier 1 power up; 1000)
Dave grabs his timetables and gives them a spin, quickening his own movement and making it easier for him to hit harder and a bit more accurately.

ATK: +2
DEF: +0
SPD: +2
TEC: +1
[Image: giphy.gif]

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