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Name: Homin-Ratione
Spent OM: 7300
Consumed OM:

Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (3700): Super Speed (1000), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Advanced Super Jumping (500), Burst Movement (800)
Moves (600): Novan Hand-and-a-Half Sword (600)
Super Moves:
Transformations: Tier 1 Power Up: First Age Furtumin Armor (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 5
"Our fear is our weapon."

Character name:
Homin-Ratione (hoe-min Rat-ee-oh-nay)
Means “Son of Reason”

Character source:

Character history:


Homin-Ratione is a Novan, a space-faring race that existed far before the evolution of mankind on a foreign world and conquered a large portion of their galaxy. He served in the first fifty-year war against the Sar-Kuhn, an opposing galactic power that was still leagues behind the Novan empire in terms of technology, resource, and sheer military might. Despite this, blood was shed quite heavily, and many once nationalistic Novan soldiers were now understandably resentful of their own ruling bodies. As a Knight (Furtumin), Ratione was no exception. Sent deep into the fray of a battle, he witnessed up close and personal just exactly how savage a man, Novan or Sar-Kuhn, can become. However, with all of the pressure of his peers and higher officers, family, friends, and himself he forced himself to fight. As a Knight, Ratione wore a fully-enclosed power-suit that enhanced his strength and speed and allowed him to fight in the middle of an enemy formation for hours on end. His weapons were made to be significantly heavier than a regular soldier’s, and thus could fell three or five Sar-Kuhn with only a few swings. As a result, a fight against even a twice as experienced and skilled opponent was still a one-sided combat. When the war started Ratione would be pushing thirty in our standards of age (the statistically average maximum lifespan of a Novan in good health is around 300 years due to advanced medical technology), and at the end was pretty much fifty-plus. During the war, he had met what was the Novan equivalent of a wife (they have no concept of marriage, only really devout relationships) by the name of homina-Bonibus (Daughter of Good Hands) who was soon carrying his child. The daughter was born some time later, around twenty years before the war ended, and was named homina-Bonibus-Ratione for her first few years before being renamed homina-Bonent (traditionally, Novan children are simply named either “daughter of” or “son of” followed by some sort of combination of the parents’ names, then later a name that fits their personality is decided upon. This time in-between the two names varies, but is usually not more than two or three years). The mother passed in childbirth.
For most of Bonent’s life she was raised by Ratione’s immediate family on the outer rim farming colony of Mulcibus, only able to speak to her father through electronic messages or the very few opportunities he had to visit home. At the end of the war however, Ratione finally demanded retirement and was met with no objections. Finally returning for his daughter’s twentieth birthday, it is only about a week that passes before the Sar-kuhn make a comeback. Seemingly having bolstered their military out of thin air, with new ships, weapons, and their own power-armor they begin invading outer-rim colonies to surround the Novan empire. Mulcibus is attacked, and Ratione is forced back into fighting in order to defend his home. After about a month of a one-sided siege, the Novan military garrison convinces the Sar-Kuhn naval fleet to allow all women and children to evacuate the planet while leaving all of the men behind. The Sar-Kuhn do not go back on their agreement, and in the final defense the Novans are defeated in one last stand.
When everything suddenly goes black for Ratione while he is surrounding by axes and spears, his blood on his visor and the ground, gasping for air, he is suspended in darkness for what feels like eternity.
Then, a bright white figure of bizarre proportions appears, telling the Novan their name, where he is, and what the world he is about to enter holds for him.

Expanded (Concerning Novans)

According to what historical records do remain, the Novans originally called themselves the “Da-teria” or “People of third”, in reference to how their civilization was and still is similarly organized.
Before the “golden age” of space exploration and the galactic empire, the Da-teria were originally contained to a very small section of their own home planet. Three countries co-existed in a city-state fashion in a mountain ring surrounding the only civilization on the planet (which remains as a fact today, but there is mining in quite a few locations outside of the main area). The Da-teria had originally settled in this mountain ring, which was also in the dead center of a desert around the size of the Pacific Ocean, to escape the extremely hostile flora and fauna of the planet (Imagine dinosaurs except ten times worse, you have to be careful about plants that might eat you). Originally, the mountain ring was an oasis filled with plant and animal life that the Novans could survive around. As such, the three previously mentioned countries rose to power. The names of these countries have, oddly enough, been lost to time, so for the sake of simplicity they will be referred to as the Worker State, the Aristocracy State, and the Arms State. It is also important to note that a religion that still survives to Ratione’s day was developed, which was centered around worshipping both the many mountains surrounding the states as well as the vast desert.
Each state was organized differently. The Worker State relied heavily on its overwhelming population and abundant natural resources to produce goods and services for both trade and self-use. The Aristocracy State was the wealthiest, and had generations of business managers and people who knew how economics worked down to a science. Their lands were also considered the most lush and lively, while lacking resources. The Arms State was basically Sparta, and neither of its neighboring states willing to get into conflict with it due to its sheer military might and most of its citizens being intensively trained from birth in combat. For a while these states co-existed without issue, relying on each other to survive. However, there is a gap in records that only tells of some great conflict between the states that resulted in a unification. Either this records were purposely destroyed or lost in the apparent war, it is not really known.
After this period of intense conflict, however, the De-teria had inexplicably developed an energy source simply referred to as “raw energy”, which only a select few knew the secrets of how it is harvested. The discovery occurred sometime during the war, and it is believed to be the reason for its end, simply because it provided a near-infinite energy resource if one had to proper tools and knowledge to harvest it.
Soon, the Reconstruction Era was ushered in, with the states unified under one flag and the De-teria renaming themselves as Novan or “new”. This was an incredibly peaceful and prosperous time for the Novans for either a few hundred or around a thousand years (again the records and dates are incredibly hard to keep track of). At some point, however, over-population was becoming a serious issue. The now named city of Infinia (“infinite”) that was the entirety of Novan civilization soon came to the conclusion that the only way to expand their borders, was up (Novan tradition had been so ingrained to not tread outside of their mountain barrier that the few that did suggest it were deemed as nutters).
So, a thousand years of exploration and near-effortless conquering later, the Novan Empire spans across a good 60% of their known galaxy. Along the way, they have encountered absorbed/subjugated many different species and other space-fairing civilizations. Any conflict however was never really considered a war by the Novans, only a rebellion or small resistance, mainly because of their vastly superior technology and weaponry.
It was not until they met the Sar-Kuhn, and the First Galactic war, that this changed.

Concerning Novan Society

Many aspects of Novan morality, ethics, society, and culture are still undeveloped and require a lot of research.
What is known is that Novans are naturally stubborn in their ways, and not quick to alter a course once it has been set. Another is that they value civil liberties very highly, as well as personal independence.
This is shown by how their empire is organized. There is no central “government”, but society is instead divided into the worker class, the wealthy class, and the arms class (obviously reflecting the three states thousands of years beforehand). Each one is reliant on the other but also somewhat independent in how what directions they may take. Like the original three states, the worker class has the highest population density and consists of those who produce, manufacture, and distribute goods as well as provide services. Because of this it is often referred to as the common class. The wealthy class consists of those who have obtained a large amount of economic and Novan resources at their disposal, and because of this are very influential in decisions made by the other two classes. They are also responsible for a good deal of legislation and foreign relations, and have the lowest population density. The arms class is not so much a class as a simple military force, which members of either other class become members of. They are responsible for defense and gaining new territory for the empire, and act largely independently in terms of campaigns and decision making. However despite this class containing the majority of armed and trained individuals, it is still heavily reliant on the worker class for supplies and weapons, as well as star-ships, and the wealthy class for representing the empire to foreign races. As there is no technical government, there is also no single ruling person or ruling body, simply those who have influence over the empire because of how many people are reliant on them and choose to follow their orders.
In terms of dealing with other species, Novans are incredibly imperialistic but stress the preservation of foreign cultures. As such they will often act as an oversight to keep other civilizations in check rather than simply take over and put in their own system of organization. As one can imagine, this can sometimes weaken the empire if the military and other classes spread themselves too thin, which has resulted in small system-wide conflicts before. It was not until the Sar-kuhn came around that this weakness was exploited to its fullest extent.

A specific list of Novan cultural norms:
-Saying something like “because I said so” is considered incredibly rude and talking down to an individual. This norm has also been subject to debate.
-There is no concept of saying “please” in the Novan tongue or in non-verbal communication.
-Novans are incredibly literal, and non-verbal communication is, if used at all, very flamboyant.
-Novans are traditionally against homosexuality, at least with their own people, seeing it as disrespecting the next generation. However in recent years this stigma has died down due to such a large population, and is only really heavily reprimanded in colonies where a population needs to sustain itself.
-A Novan handshake involves clasping the other person’s forearm rather than hand.
-A Novan salute is performed by simply standing at attention, with arms crossed at the small of the back.
-In restaurants and other social gatherings involving food, Novans treat this as a time of lengthy conversation. Often during “lunch”, Novans will remain at a table for a few hours, eating slowly and conversing most of the time. As such, food are often prepared to be more like a snack that is nibbled on over time. Though when a situation calls for it, there are recipes for large platters that are eaten within a few minutes.
-Novans have 12-hour days, going to bed for four hours at midnight and noon. This is largely believed to have been developed because during summer the heat can get so intense in Infinia that everyone simply decided to sleep through it rather than work or do anything.
-Eye contact is not a very large stigma, only really being stressed during very important debates or when emphasizing a point.
-Novans do not have a concept of marriage, however incredibly devout and loyal relationships do exist. As such there is still a stigma of going back on these relationships as well as having an affair.
-Novans are traditionally conservative when it comes to sexuality. Sex is seen as an incredibly personal and private act, the specifics of its performance only being shared by the two individuals involved. Self-copulation is also one of those things publicly looked down upon on either gender, but everyone does it.
-While there are gender-specific roles in Novan culture, they do show a level of equality with the common treatment of men and women. While only men are allowed in the military, being seen as significantly more expendable than someone who can have a child, women are also seen as long-term planners and are often the wealthiest and most influential of the wealthy class. In terms of the worker class, there really is no distinction between male and female jobs, however more labor-intensive jobs are more often than not taken up by men whereas more mentally-intensive jobs are taken up by women.
-In terms of family structure, Novans traditionally have close-knit families that will often live together well into adulthood. Often you will see a house being home to several generations of a single family line. For larger families, entire compounds have been built, and soon become self-reliant (though this is mostly seen with settlers on new colonies). As far as child-rearing comes, it is seen as the responsibility of the entire family to help raise children and care for them.
-Birthdays are celebrated, but not nearly as much as in our own culture. Instead they are basically an excuse to throw large parties with lots of food and drink, and gifts are rarely if ever given. And even then, birthdays are only celebrated when they mark a milestone of life, like every twenty years or so (it really varies from family to family).
-Death is feared by most if not all Novans. As evidence by their average lifespan of around three hundreds due to advanced medical technology, they have been trying to grow past it since their early days as a civilization.
-Rapping is a very popular art form in Novan culture, as well as rhyming in general. It is the traditional way to sing ballads and write poetry.

Please note that these cultural and social details are only in reference to Ratione’s day, and does not represent the rest of the three-thousand year war with the Sar-kuhn

Physical Description: (originals only)

Novans are incredibly humanoid, however in earlier generations of the Three-Thousand Years War they have some distinct differences.
First off, their legs resemble those of saurian raptors. They have large and long feet, the heel extending off the ground and giving the appearance of “bending backward”, their five toes being a little more elongated and thicker than our own. They lack claws, but their nails are still thick. They are also slimmer and more “straight” in comparison.
Novan heads are somewhat oblong, akin to an australopithecus skull. Their ears are small and close to the sides of the head. Novans still have flat faces, but the eyes are slanted and the jaw line somewhat more pronounced. Their noses are also consistently small and narrow.
In terms of hair, it is almost the exact same as a humans in terms of growth, types, and range of colors. Same goes for eye color.
Novans are on average taller than humans, the shortest Novans being around five feet and the tallest being almost eight feet tall. As such their limb proportions are longer but still even with the rest of the body. Arms, hands and torso are very similar to humans, however female breasts never get very large. Novan skin is also somewhat rougher than human skin, not so much leather-like in texture but definitely never very smooth.
Novan teeth are also more primitive, with small and sharp canines. These never really grow too far out.
Specifically, Ratione is around six and a half feet in height. He is built and physically fit. Eyes are hazel, and hair is a dark brown and is cut short against the scalp.
On his armor: As said it fully encloses the user, and the design reflects that of general western European plate armor, specifically the mid to late-medieval periods. While the plates themselves are basically invulnerable to swords, small-caliber bullets, and most other solid projectiles (arrows and stuff), like actual plate armor, if joints are targeted or the armor’s power source is damaged it can render Ratione completely immobile in one or more or even all portions of the armor. Lasers and plasmas weapons do have the ability to cut through the plate, however. The only distinguishing properties are the leg armor, which has to be forged to different proportions, and the characteristic Novan helm. The suit’s energy reserves can last up to three or so days, which then varies on amount of usage. In heavy fighting this time can be halved. The suit must then be recharged, either with raw energy or some other sufficient power source.
Very basic representation of the pattern. Most if not all Novan helms followed a similar design, with the two prongs in the front protecting the visor where a virtual HUD appears. With the suit Ratione is easily seven feet tall. When Ratione appears at the Nexus he is fully armored, and his suit has a full charge.

Some notes on Novan biology:
-Novans have an incredibly high iron content in their blood stream. This is exemplified in the fact that Novan starships simply have magnetic floors, which not only simulates gravity by keeping everyone down with metal boots but also tugs at their bodies as gravity would.



Starting Proficiencies:

Physical Strength (1000 OM): Without his power armor, Ratione is still physically built and trained in martial arts (Novan martial arts is largely the same as human martial arts), his calves, forearms, and back being where most of his muscle comes from.

Starting Powers:

Super Speed (1000 OM): When it concerns speed, Ratione’s armor technically only enhances the user’s strength. It does this by detecting muscle movements and causing the armor to move with the body, and eliminate work load. Thus Ratione can leap incredible distances with each step, up to twenty meters. Can only be used with his armor.
Advanced Super Jumping (500 OM): Ratione’s armor has a jump pack on his back. While not allowing flight, it can accelerate him up to ten miles per hour in any direction it’s pointed at. Can only be used with his armor.
Basic Enhanced Senses (1400 OM): Short range radar, radius of twenty meters. Displays basic geography and most high-profile movement. Without his armor, Ratione now has an increased field of view and can make better use of his peripheral vision.
Burst Movement (800 OM): Ratione's armor allows him to move incredibly quickly both with basic forward momentum and twitch reactions. He is able to whip his blade and body around with speed and precision because of his strength and speed augmentation. Without his armor, Ratione's trained and seasoned mind and body have uncanny reaction times and his skill with weapons and his own bare hands is not lost.

Important thing to note

These enhancements are only given by Ratione’s advanced power armor. If he is caught in combat without it he is at a severe disadvantage, but still dangerous to an extent.

Starting Moves:

Novan Hand-and-a-Half Sword (600 OM): Ratione uses his sword. The sword does have a function to open up and reveal a smaller greatsword that is light enough to be wielded without the suit’s strength enhancement. The design is similar to the medieval most European blades, with a straight crossguard and a hilt long enough to be wielded with two hands but also able to be wielded with one. The blade itself is a full meter long, with an extra .3 meters being added by the hilt. In its secondary form, the blade itself is only .7 meters long, with .1 meters being added on by the hilt (proportions can always be changed since I’m terrible at visualizing length). Made similarly to his armor, so it the primary form is incredibly heavy at around twenty or so pounds, whereas the secondary form is only around seven.

Concerning Ratione’s fighting style

Novan melee combat is largely similar to ancient and medieval western warfare and martial arts. For group fighting, a lot of their tactics are reminiscent of Roman legions, and individually they are trained in methods more akin to medieval fighting styles.
Specifically, Ratione will used every part of his blade and armor to defend and attack. He will allow blows to skid off his plate as well as allow some to hit if he feels the shock energy will not cause damage. With his blade, he will parry blows to the side and attempt to move in closer to his opponent and grapple them before beating them to death. However before closing the distance Ratione will keep his blade in between him and the person/thing trying to kill him at all times, never turning his back or spinning. When going up against multiple opponents on his own, Ratione will never fight more than one person at a time unless it is required. Instead he will step around a group and try to separate a member from the rest, eliminating them and then moving on.
As a Furtumin, Ratione however was also able to simply wade through massive formations of enemies up until the fifty years war. If he encounters legitimately lesser opponents, he will either completely ignore their attempts to attack him or grab them and throw them against the ground.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us?
This is an alt for Aadibah.
"Our fear is our weapon."

Concerning Novans Update

Concerning Novan Courtship and Romance

With their incredibly literal nature, Novan dating is very straightforward and to the point. Albeit a little more extended compared to humans.

When a Novan man or woman feels interest in another man or woman, they will at first attempt to befriend them. Just a simple friendship, nothing more. After the friendship is solidified, they will then “confess” their interest/feelings through a question along the lines of:

“I think I have feelings for you, beyond just being friends. I was hoping we could hang out more often, to see if this could become a legitimate relationship.”

Obviously the wording, presentation, and tone of the question can vary incredibly depending on a Novan’s situation. The person being asked would either accept or deny the offer, and the two would start to spent most if not all of their free time together as a sort of trial dating experience. During this time no romantic activity has yet to occur, but the relationship does have the chance to evolve into romance. It would be at this point then that the man and woman would begin to act very similarly to human couples, holding hands while walking, kissing, and other displays of affection. However, PDA is a little frowned upon in Novan society, ie their conservative nature about sex and sexuality. In fact, it is not until a couple has become the equivalent of a married couple do they actually start making love for each other, and even then mostly for the sake of producing children. Recreational sex is not very common.

Now, the problems that arise from this system of courtship are similar to what is referred to as “Nice Guy Syndrome” with a lot of men and even women. People will expect their romantic interest to simply fall into their arms because they checked off items on a list, rather than developing a legitimate connection beyond being good friends.

Also, heads of companies will often become devout couples not for the sake of romance but for mutual alliance and for their children to have a large inheritance.

In terms of attractiveness, as far as personality goes the average Novan male would find a level-headed, patient, and intelligent woman to be attractive and would look to them to make long-term relationship decisions. In contrast, the average Novan woman would look for a man that is energetic and bombastic, ready to react to a short problem quickly and to be readily available for when help is needed.

What would be considered unattractive for men is to lose one’s temper quickly or become frustrated easily, whereas with women this is not seen as a big deal. In contrast, women that display an inability to plan ahead or consider future consequences or anticipate future problems are considered to be too simple minded.
In terms of physical appearance, it is impossible to say that any “traditional” appearance can be observed since the Novans are so spread out and individual sub-cultures vary so widely. Many fashions and physical traits are heavily influenced by the environments of colonies or other races that are being interacted with. As such, the most a Novan would look for in someone is decent hygiene and health.
"Our fear is our weapon."

Novan Furtumin Armor Description Update

Furtumin armor is actually organized pretty similarly to late-Medieval full plate armor, with some obvious differences.


First off, all of the plate pieces are much less "crowded", allowing for greater flexibility. However each individual piece is significantly thicker than real world plate, probably weighing in at the lightest a full pound (not counting the gauntlets), and at the heaviest thirty pounds. He also has thinner plates on the thighs, instead a steel plated but flexible "kilt" cover them. Almost the entirety of the regular Novan military completely lacks thigh armor, replaced with plated kilts as stated before.
The boots are also more modern looking, more like steel toes with higher ankles, along with the signature Novan helmet (described earlier).
There are also plenty of sci-fi affects along all of the piecess, including his jump pack and toroidal-coil looking battery underneath the jump pack powering the whole suit.
Underneath the armor Ratione also has a padded jumpsuit that can act as "emergency armor" in the event of a suit shut down, as well providing resistance against shock ever energy damage and general comfort.
Also, the blade shown in the linked image is a pretty good visual aide for Ratione's sword, except much larger.
"Our fear is our weapon."

First Age Furtumin Armor, Tier 1 Power-Up (1000 OM)

Ratione summons his Furtumin armor back to him, increasing his defensive ability and potential damage output while also slightly boosting speed. He also regains his jump pack, allowing him to make use of Advanced Super Jumping and Super Speed.

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +1

In the Context of RP Fodder
Ratione's armor will only last as long as it has power, and since there is currently no known way for him to recharge his raw-energy battery he can only use his power armor until it drains completely or he discards it. The armor is always summoned with a fresh charge, however.

The battery life depends on usage. Light usage (walking around, little manual labor) and it can last upwards of two days and a few extra hours. Medium usage (running, bit of fighting, heavier manual labor, using the jump pack once or twice) and it lasts a whole day. Heavy usage (sprinting, using the jump pack repeatedly, intense fighting, hard and fast labor) and the battery life is only around ten hours.

In the Context of Legitimate Fights
The move lasts two turns max as stated in the rules.
"Our fear is our weapon."

Novan Helm Description Update

I basically based the Novan helm off of Halo 3's Scout helmet variant.

"Our fear is our weapon."

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