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Hiro Protagonist

Name: Hiro Protagonist
Spent OM: 18950
Consumed OM: 1100
Proficiencies: (3600); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Homing Proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (5600/8000); Burst Movement (800), Insight (1600), Enhanced Senses - Basic (1400), Super Jumping - Basic (300 OM), Foresight (1500 OM)
Moves: (4800); Glass Katana and Scabbard (300), Regretful Tānto (300), Eldar Shuriken Pistol (600), Hacker Technique: Vector Faraday (600), Hacker Technique: Chernobyl Packet (600) Yojimbo Style: Totsuzenshi (600 OM), Yojimbo Style: The Cinematic (600 OM), Hacked Yojimbo: Zero Point Defense (600 OM), Yojimbo Style: Enkidu Rising (600 OM)
Super Moves:Tier 1 Super Attack: Chernobyl Wipe (600), Tier 2 Super Attack: Head Crash (Buffer Zone) (800)
Transformations: T1 Power Up: Hacked Yojimbo: Ronin of the Metaverse (1000 OM)
Items: (1100); Communicator (100), Mobile Dataverse Device (200), Vita-Compass (800)
Unlocks: 1st Stat Upgrade - +1 SPD
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Character name: Hiro (Hiroaki) Protagonist

Character source: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Character history: A young man of Half African American, Half Japanese descent, Hiro is a former Army Brat who lived through the collapse of modern day America, seeing it fracture into lawless territories ruled by national franchise-conglomerates and corporate interests. Now an adult hacker with lightning reflexes and a genuine nipponese samurai sword, Hiro is "The Deliverator" for the mob owned pizza chain Uncle Enzo's. In Hiro's world, The United States collapsed into many fragmented territories owned by companies or private citizens, known as Burbclaves. A successful career abruptly smashes to a halt when he ends up trashing his delivery vehicle and owing a couple favors to a young Kourier. Fortunately, Hiro is also one of the co-creators and programmers of The Metaverse, a 3-D computer simulation that dominates much of post american life. He's the "greatest swordsman in the world" and a top tier programmer and hacker. When one of his associates, Da5id, contracts a mysterious illness from an image file in the Metaverse, Hiro embarks on an insane adventure through the ruins of America to investigate and stop the madman behind it. At the culmination of the plan to mind control the world, Hiro succesfully reprograms the "Snow Crash" virus and enters the core of the Metaverse...disappearing in a white flash of light as Omni pulls him to a different kind of created world....

Physical description: 
[Image: hiro_protagonist__snow_crash_by_ariokh-d5vkofi.jpg]

Personality: Hiro is old enough to be respectful when the situation calls for it, his Nipponese politeness befitting his samurai aesthetic. In informal situations, he's quite the deadpan snarker, acting much more casual and easy-going. He might come across as  a "bro" or slacker, only to surprised people with his intelligence. Morally good, he tries to do "the right thing" whether this is protecting the defenseless, or bringing some kind of order to a chaotic situation. If he can, he attempts to use his hacking or analytical skills to put himself in an advantageous position before making a display of force and speed. He doesn't kill easily, but won't hesitate if it's in the pursuit of righteous justice or self defense. Usually he's polite when meeting new people unless they give him a reason to be otherwise. Dante's Abyss 2016 was a harrowing experience, and loosened up some of Hiro's pushed back emotion and apprehensions about his life, forcing him to confront the fact that he feels much more alive in the Omniverse than he did drifting around in his home universe.

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4


Physical Strength (1000 OM): 
Hiro is an excellent swordsman, both in and out of the Metaverse. His usual sword of choice is a katana, although he is versed in a couple other forms of swordplay. He can also throw a solid punch once in a while.

Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM):
Hiro's swordsmanship isn't enough to keep up with the sheer variety of powers and Primes in the Omniverse, and being the tactical thinker that he is, the hacker figures hitting opponents from a distance will only widen his strategic options.

Area Shield Proficiency (400 OM): 
Although he is quite fast, Hiro is only human and can't take too much punishment. The Omniverse has only strengthened his potential, and he has a lot of programming and modeling experience to draw upon for defensive abilities.

Homing Proficiency (600 OM): 
Even the most shoddily written and buggy programs can execute at least one command. Why not make it follow.target ?

Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM):
Sometimes you just have to make an entire quantity of space inaccessible or unpleasant to be in.


Burst Movement (800 OM) : 
Fast on his feet and with his hands, Hiro would be dead several times over if he hadn't been able to outpace the fundamentalist minions of L. Bob Rife, or the Tadjikistani taxi thugs of Burbclavian America.

Insight (1600 OM):
A hacker has to be able to think analytically, critically, and quickly. His own intelligence is aided by a set of EnSyte brand Metaverse Augmented goggles, which provide a plethora of information about anything he focuses on...even in the middle of a fight, which can get somewhat distracting at times. They have multiple analysis modes, including Surveillance, Tactical, Data Mining, Analytical, and several others.

Enhanced Senses - Basic (1400 OM) :
As Hiro gets better at understanding how the Omniverse works, especially its technology and "rules", he has been able to tinker with and upgrade his own signature tech, including a variety of scans and sensors.

Super Jumping - Basic (300 OM) :
A pair of small, grey disks that strap to Hiro's ankles, these anti-grav compensators provide enough force to allow Hiro to jump far higher than humanly possible, allowing him to finally realize his "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" fantasies.



Glass Katana and Scabbard (300 OM) -
Requires Physical Strength
Taking full advantage of a Prime's creation abilities, Hiro has created a sword that combines the length and reach of a katana with the cutting power of his one-time foe Raven's signature glass knives. This sword is about three and a half feet in length, and made of monomolecularly sharpened volcanic glass. It is always sheathed in it's scabbard, a unique piece of technology that contains a micro replicator which resharpens and reforms the blade if damaged. The scabbard is sturdily constructed, enough to serve as a short bludgeoning weapon akin to an escrima stick, even with the katana sheathed inside it. It is also capable of recreating the entire blade if the sword is shattered, but it takes at least thirty seconds and doing so burns out the generator until Hiro can fix it.

Regretful Tānto (300 OM):
Requires Physical Strength
These are the pair of foot long knives used by the Secondary Mr. Sorry Sorry. Hiro can dual wield them for fast but less powerful strikes. They consist of Omnilium treated steel and have smooth wooden grips that seamlessly lock with their sheaths. Hiro has further modified them with magnets in the bases, allowing him to recall them to his hands within a range of five feet.

Eldar Shuriken Pistol  [Requires Ranged Proficiency] & [Area Attack Proficiency] - 600 OM

[Image: latest?cb=20141021230937]

Given to Hiro as a "gift" by the plague marine Okor, this weapon is a trophy taken from a battle thousands of light years into chaotic space and hundreds of years ago.

High-energy impulses originating from the rear of the weapon detach a monomolecular-thin slice of the core and hurls this slice out the barrel of the weapon at tremendous velocities due to a peristaltic shift. A magnetic repulsor forces the ammunition core out of the magazine and keeps it in line with the firing impulse. Due to the firing mechanism, the only indication of this weapon discharging is a momentary, high frequency whine followed by a subsonic "fwipfwipfwip" as the projectiles shear through air molecules. Hiro can fire this gun one-handed and while moving but must be braced (standing still and two handed or against cover/a wall) to use the Surpressing Fire burst.

The projectiles are typically shaped into aerodynamic four pointed stars, reminiscent of shuriken.  The extreme acceleration of the projectiles can easily slice through most organic materials, but have trouble penetrating armor or reinforced materials (adjusting for Omniphysics, of course). To represent this capability, any target hit by the projectiles with a DEF greater than Hiro's ATK takes reduced damage. If Hiro's current ATK plus his TEC exceeds two times the opponent's DEF, they take extra damage as the shurikens rip through weak spots and substandard protection.

Pulling the trigger fires a short burst of projectiles lasting for one second. Repeated rapid shots will greatly reduce the accuracy of the weapon, and continuous fire can overheat the gravitic accelerator, forcing it into a magnetic cooling lock until it reaches operating temperatures again, typically anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds. It is not capable of single shot fire.

The weapon, however, is capable of a sustained burst of surpressing fire. Holding down the trigger for up to five seconds will allow Hiro to spray a storm of shuriken across a general area, sacrificing power and critical damage for wider coverage and hopefully a scattering effect. Using the surpressing fire attack will rapidly heat the gravitic accelerator up and cause the weapon to enter magnetic cooldown far quicker, also making it last longer as well.

Yojimbo Style:

Yojimbo Style: Totsuzenshi (600 OM)
Requires Physical Strength, Area Attack

Hiro follows through on whatever previous action he was performing, seamlessly dropping into a traditional Ko Gasumi stance. He may perform this move after a series of sword strikes, or use it defensively to ward off a single attack as he assumes the stance.
[Image: 112e3802e09.jpg]

From this position he must focus his strength and tighten his core muscles for a one second delay, before performing a strong, 180 degree sword slash with twice the force of one of his normal strikes. The slash deals damage dependant on how many enemies it connects with. A singular foe will recieve the blow at full power, while five enemies that are hit by it will only take half as much damage as one of Hiro's normal sword attacks. One the slash is performed, he returns to his normal fighting stance with little delay. The maneuver is not terribly draining, about as energy intensive as throwing a particularly hard haymaker, but repeated use will wear him out.

Yojimbo Style: Enkidu Rising
Requires Super Jump - Basic, Ranged Proficiency, Physical Proficiency

The target of this attack must have already been hit with at least one of Hiro’s Chernobyl Packets to “attune” them to his programs. With all of his weapons sheathed, Hiro inputs automatic commands on his wristcomp, taking at least three seconds to do so. Once this is done, Hiro leaps into the air towards his opponent in a wide arc, the top of the arc being his maximum jump height. It takes a few meters of running to be able to get to that sort of momentum, and Hiro may not leap from a standing position or this attack fails.

Once Hiro hits the apex of his jump, the pre inputted program activates, materializing foot long data slivers around him in a circle, around 5-8 of them. Acting like arrows, these zip forward ahead of Hiro towards his target. However, they can be inaccurate, deal reduced damage, and all of them may not always hit their target. Alternatively, Hiro can instead throw his two tanto with much more accuracy and for greater damage, although the reduced number of projectiles means it's much easier to dodge.

Hiro follows a second or two behind this barrage, sword drawn and swinging down for a powerful overhead slice, crashing into the ground if he misses, and at the very least losing his footing if he strikes, stumbling and attempting to regain his balance, leaving him open for counterattack. The entirety of this attack, from start-up run to sword strike takes about six seconds.

Yojimbo Style: The Cinematic (600 OM)
Requires Insight, Burst Movement
Hiro must have been in combat with an enemy for at least one minute, or been hit with one of another Prime's Moves. Once these conditions are met, Hiro activates his goggles and compiles any data he has gathered into an analyzing algorithm. He must focus on his enemy for at least thirty seconds, and cannot attack during this period; although he can defend or parry with his physical weapons (but not Moves) and move around.

Once he has analyzed a target sufficiently, he can begin to charge his attack. Placing one hand on his katana hilt, he grips it tightly and focuses on the enemy's weak point. He must stay still to charge this strike for a minimum of 5 seconds, to a maximum of twenty seconds. Charging longer deals more damage, and affects how long after striking the attack takes effect. (on a 2:1 basis; a charge time of five seconds takes 3 seconds for the damage to take effect, ten seconds equals five, etc.)

Once the strike is sufficiently charged, Hiro dashes forward with near instant speed and unleashes the attack, striking the analyzed weak point. This attack is fast enough to nearly be invisible, and in fact no visible damage appears or is felt until half the charge time passes, at which point the cut erupts in a spray of blood/fluid/oil/etc and the damage is taken. This move requires an extensive pre set up, plus a strike charge and is very taxing on Hiro's resources. He usually uses it as a finisher or signature move, as performing it leaves him very drained and unable to do it again for a significant amount of time, typically longer than a fight would last.

Hacker Techniques:
Hacker Technique: Vector Faraday (600 OM) 
Requires Area Shield Proficiency
A defensive move based on Hiro's hacking ability, this move summons a bright green vector framework around Hiro's person. The fine, squared mesh is made of hard light and magnetic repulsion fields, turning aside normal strikes and dampening Moves used by other Primes by a small amount. He can form this shield after inputting the commands on his Dataverse interface, which takes about two seconds. This version can be used while Hiro is in motion, and forms after three seconds. The shield remains active for ten seconds, or until it is hit with a Move. The shield can be refreshed or reactivated four times before the projectors are drained of charge (these also power the Area Denial mode), and they take at least five minutes to fully refresh. Hiro retains the ability to use Moves while this version is active.

Alternatively, Hiro can activate the "Area Denial" mode, instead creating an immobile cage of solid vector frame. This cage covers an area about four feet by four feet, and can comfortably fit about two people inside it. This shield can only be used if Hiro is standing still, takes five seconds to activate and lasts for ten seconds. Setting up this move takes a greater amount of time than the personal version, and can be interrupted if Hiro is struck before he finishes activating it. He is also prohibited from using Katana moves while inside, or any other moves that are not specifically usable in close combat. Once casted and fully formed, it exists independently of Hiro and remains active until it ends or is broken. Anyone inside is unable to leave the cage until the duration ends or it is shattered by a strong enough attack. Area Denial mode uses twice as much charge as Personal mode, and can only be used with the Personal mode scale (ie, two personal activations and one AD, etc.) Hiro usually uses this mode to prepare a strategy or buy some time, then using Burst Movement to surprise his foe as the duration ends.

Hacker Technique: Chernobyl Packet (600 OM):
Requires Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency
Hiro inputs commands on his wrist comp, materializing a program into physical existence. This program takes the form of either five baseball sized spiky orbs or two barrel sized spiky orbs that hover in midair next to Hiro (http://thumb7.shutterstock.com/display_p...278689.jpg). Hiro must hold his palm facing outwards and concentrate as he summons them. If he is interrupted before all five orbs are formed, the move is canceled. For the five orb version, It takes one second for each orb to fully form, and none of them will move until all five are summoned. Once all five orbs are summoned, they will sequentially move towards Hiro’s designated target one after the other. They travel at a slow jogging pace, and will attach to their target, detonating after one second. The explosion is not large enough to affect adjacent targets. They can be targeted and attacked before they hit, causing premature detonation, but their small size demands a TEC equal to or better than Hiro’s to be struck.

The two orb version requires Hiro to concentrate with both hands after inputting the commands into his wristcomp. Each orb is the size of a 55 gallon drum, and takes four seconds of concentration to form. They will not move until both have materialized, and once they do, will travel towards their target at a slow walking pace, about 2 Feet per second. These orbs can also be targeted and attacked to trigger them earlier, requiring only half of Hiro’s TEC, but they require more than one attack to arm them. Once they reach their target, they detonate after a three second countdown.

The maximum range the orbs will “chase" a target is 100 feet, so it is possible to outrun them. However, Hiro uses this move tactically, and while an opponent is outrunning his viruses, they’re not focusing on him.

Hacked Yojimbo: Zero Point Defense (600 OM):
Requires Area Shield Proficiency, TEC 4, Ranged Proficiency

It is said that truly skilled swordsmen can cut an arrow in flight, or slice the wings from a fly. Hiro uses this move to nullify projectiles or sustained attacks against him. Hiro must spend at least 3 seconds pacing his breathing and tensing his muscles, while his goggles cast a virtual “denial zone” around his front, covering 180 degrees within his melee striking range, about five feet. For the next thirty seconds Hiro must maintain a tranquil state of battle zen, concentrating on incoming attacks to the exclusion of his other moves. He may still move and avoid incoming attacks, and use basic strikes, but cannot use any other Moves. Whenever a projectile such as an arrow, bullet, or missile enters this denial zone, the goggles will highlight it with a virtual marker and Hiro will slice it into uselessness with his sword. He can only target one item per “volley” (i.e. he can deflect one bullet but not a burst of five). Attacks that match his ATK stat can be deflected with relative ease, but deflecting a stronger attack will end this “focus state” early. If Hiro deflects an ATK double his own, it is only mitigated and some damage will still go through. This mode is not very draining, although if he activates the denial zone repeatedly it can be.

Additionally, if he spends twice the focus time (6 seconds), Hiro can coat his sword in his signature vector shield and give it the ability to bisect sustained attacks, such as energy beams, fire blasts, plasma waves, etc. This mode only lasts ten seconds and will run out after that time regardless of whether or not he uses it. This also uses up one of his Vector Shield personal activations (see Vector Faraday move for details).

Power Ups:

Tier 1 Power Up:
Hacked Yojimbo: Ronin of the Metaverse (1000 OM):

Atk: +2
Def: +1
Spd: +2
Tec: +0

Hiro puts his wristcomp's processor and reflexes to their absolute limit, overclocking his goggles to constantly feed him information and engage a hyper reactive battle mode. They process information at an exponential rate, allowing him to react faster and take bigger advantages of weak points in his opponent's defenses. Additionally, he manifests an improved vector shield around himself while this mode is active, augmenting his defense by a small amount. It takes the shape of a suit of traditional samurai armor, and leaves green tracers in the air wherever Hiro moves.

Super Moves:

Tier 1 Super Defense: Perfect Kyohi (600 OM):
Requires TEC 4, SPD 4, Foresight, Insight

A more advanced version of Hiro's Zero Point Defense, this technique allows him to glimpse the effect that an opponent's Super Attack will have, and prepare the perfect defense against it. If the super takes the form of a projectile or energy wave (or any form of ranged attack), he charges his weapon with all the power he can spare. This coats it in a shimmering blue aura of datastructed energy and power, making it longer and larger. He then cleaves through the intended attack, deflecting it or neutralizing it.

For melee or other types of Supers, he instead charges himself with the datastructed energy, coating him in an advanced version of his Vector Shield and allowing him to react within microseconds and interrupt the attack before it's started. The shielding also protects against forms of area attacks too large to be cleaved through or otherwise nullified before they're launched.

Tier 1 Super Attack: Chernobyl Wipe (600 OM): 

Hiro inputs an emergency command on his wristcomp, converting all available data into multiple instances of his Chernobyl Packets. This usually creates anywhere from 50-75 individual explosive orbs. They form floating around his person in an evenly spaced point pattern. Hiro must wait until all the orbs have formed, then must place his hands together in front of him, directed at his target. The orbs rush forward almost instantly, forming a one foot on diameter “beam”, made up of the individual Packets. They surge forward in a rolling, twisting motion, and each orb detonates upon impact, creating a series of miniature explosions against the target. Each orb by itself is a weak explosion, and targets that match or exceed Hiro’s Burst Speed (6) can dodge the orbs reliably as they surge and roil towards them. If the “beam” misses with it’s first layer of explosive Packets, the remainder of them will slow down and spread out wider up to three feet to compensate for the missed orbs.

This completely fries his wristcomp’s memory  and requires that the processor module be replaced before using the device for any other commands. He usually carries a spare or two on his belt.

Tier 2 Super Attack: Head Crash (Buffer Zone) (800 OM)
[Requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack, Super Jumping - Basic, Burst Movement]

Using his wristcomp’s systems mixed with some of the leftover influence from Okor’s Machine Spirit, Hiro creates an invisible area immediately around himself with a diameter of ten meters. A spike emerges from the device and stabs into the Hacker’s wrist, draining some of his vital OM while the program executes. How long it takes to execute depends on how many targets are within the buffer zone, up to a maximum of ten seconds for ten targets. Once the program finishes compiling, Hiro takes a knee and slams his fist into the ground underneath him. Red dataspikes emerge from under the targets, and can even throw lightly armored combatants into the air. If they are too heavy or armored, the dataspikes deal damage and pin them in place for the next phase of the attack.

Once targets are airbound or pinned, Hiro draws his blades and dashes back and forth in between the zone almost too fast to be seen, hitting each target multiple times before they either crash back down to the ground or the data spikes dissipate, dealing heavy damage. This attack is incredibly draining on Hiro, seeing as it literally feeds off his OM and then requires an intense physical effort to combo into the high speed blade assault.


[Image: s-l400.jpg]
HiroTech Custom Tactical Goggles and Wrist Mounted Computer System (1100 OM)

What started out as a set of goggles modeled after a popular brand in his home universe has become the working prototype for something far more advanced. Using his extensive programming and fabrication experience, mixed with what he has learned here in the Omniverse, Hiro has created an interface and computer system capable of an inordinate amount of functions. They are capable of recording, playback in hologram format, review, target scanning, wide band scanning, proximity scanning, composition analysis, Dataverse connection, P2P communication, life sign tracking, and a bevy of other functions. They are his prize possession and a significant portion of what gives him his tactical edge. At least, that's what he prefers to think, anyway.

They function as Hiro's 
Dataverse Interface Device
Enhanced Senses - Basic
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

The Story So Far....

Enter the Omnitrix:


Settling Into The Abyss (Dante's Abyss 2016




The Ride Home

[align=left]Asphalt Overdrive (Twisted Metal)

Search for the Sage (Current)


[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Character Themes

General Theme
"This is the Omniverse, huh....I like it."

Empire Theme
"Coruscant's not perfect. It's still miles better than where I came from."

The Hacker Ascendant
"I conduct the data like a goddamn symphony. I'm the last of the freelance hackers."

Digital Daimyo Duel
"Of course I won the fucking sword fight. I'm the greatest swordsman in the world."

Get Serious, Hiro
"....you killed my fucking friend. For what? FOR WHAT?!!"
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]


Name: Ozal

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Appearance: [Image: Little-Green-Men-ferengi-19047746-692-530.jpg]

Relationships: Ozal owns the main bar in Silverrock Town, creatively named Ozal's. He cultivates a decent relationship with the majority of the townsfolk, as long as they are the drinking-and-debauchery type. Asceticism and deprivation is something he doesn't tolerate, and if you're not buying, you're flying. He also has a few off island contacts that he uses to bring in specialty items, and has ties to a small black market trade around the island. If you need something less than legal, Ozal can probably get it, although it's not going to be cheap.

Profession(s): Bartender, Fence, Gambler

History: Ozal came with the original mining operation, hoping to take advantage of an untapped market for huge profits. Unfortunately, the silver veins ran out just as he finished establishing his bar, and he was stuck owning property in a rapidly deserting island. As a typical Ferengi however, he relentlessly pursued profit by using his natural business acumen and charm to cultivate relationships with some of the less reputable merchants and visitors who couldn't or wouldn't dock closer to Costa Del Sol. He runs the bar like any good business; the cheap stuff is alright, but anything better is going to cost you - and that's not just the drinks. He also has a few table games available for those that love gambling, although he doesn't let anyone look too closely at those Dabo wheels....

After the Imperial Navy retook Silverrock and Windfall Island, Ozal was kicked out on his behind after being compensated for the loss of his bar. He migrated back to Costa del Sol, serving as ship's cook on a variety of sailing vessels. He had a few adventures before returning to Costa del Sol, and integrating himself fully into the tourism business. Currently, he runs a number of small shops along the boardwalk.


Ozal's Bar and Casino - A spacious three story bar and grill, with a gambling floor available. There is a respectable selection of food and drink from most of the Omniverse, but you're not going to find Klopkaan Berry Schnapps from the Tangled Green every day. He lives in the attic above the gaming floor, but can almost always be found on the ground level bar, serving drinks and chatting with customers. REPOSSESSED BY ORDER OF THE IMPERIAL NAVY

Ozal-porium, LLC - Ozal is not one to let the loss of his entire livelihood set him back, and with his economic skills, made enough money to reinvest in a series of start up enterprises. Most of them are beachfront tourism shops, but he also has joint ownership in one of Costa del Sol's burgeoning bistros. Most of the beach properties retain their original names, with the addition of his name shoehorned in.

Ferengi Disrupter Pistol - A phased Tetryon Beam weapon, Ozal keeps this beneath the bar for "peacekeeping". It has variable settings, from "Stun" to "Carbonize".

Powers & Abilities: 

Quad Lobed Brain - As a member of the Ferengi race, Ozal's four lobed brain renders him highly resistant to telepathy and mind reading.

Ferengi Cunning - Ferengi are supremely adept at persuasion, deal brokering, and anything to do woth profit. More than once, Ozal has been able to use his smarts and acumen to turn a crossbow in the face into a sack of gold.
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

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