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Yukki Kazuto

Name: Yukki Kazuto

Spent OM: 10400

Proficiencies: (3000);
Physical Proficiency (1000),
Ranged Proficiency (1000),
Area Shield Proficiency (400),
Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600) 

Powers: (3300/8000), 
Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), 
Stealth (1200),
Master Acrobat (400),
Basic Super Jumping (300)

Moves: (1800); 
Semiautomatic Handgun (300), 
Dome Shield (300),
Throwing Knives (600),
M4A1 Carbine (300),
Emerald Knife (300)

Super Moves:  (600); 
Black Cocoon (600)



Consumed OM: 1400 = Base (1000), Items (400)

Communicator (In shape of black smartphone), 
Mobile Dataverse Device (Combined in black smartphone)
Medi-Gel x 2

Island (Vasty Deep)


Base stats
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4


Scarlet, the young mute girl that Yukki and Reuben originally met in Coruscant. It has not been revealed who summoned her, or why she is no longer with them. She has literally no ability to fight, and as a secondary, would be demolished by any prime. She is currently in Costa de Sol. 

Character name: Yukki Kazuto

Character source: Original 

Character history: Yukki was abandoned by his parents and forced to grow up on the street. In order to survive, he became a common street thug. When he tried to pickpocket the wrong girl and she caught him, she recognized his skill and decided to take him in. Her name is Mey and she became Yukki's first mentor. She trained him to be the thief he is today. Her partner, Reuben, became Yukki's second mentor, only because Mey persisted. Reuben taught him to kill without mercy, and together they molded him into what he is today. Yukki was taken by Omni right after successfully completing a particularly difficult assassination. He had just returned to his home when he found himself in a black void.

Physical Description: Yukki is 6' even and has a slender build. He has a very high metabolism, and could eat for days without gaining a pound. He has short black hair, has light skin, almost ghostly pale. He has brown eyes. At the time he was transported to the omniverse, he wears a black hoodie, blood reed t-shirt, black cargo pants and black combat boots, the last of which were once Mey's. 

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4


Ranged Proficiency - 1000 OM

Area Shield Proficiency - 400 OM

Ranged Materialize Proficiency - 600 OM


Stealth - 1200 OM

Basic Enhanced Senses - 1400 OM


Semiautomatic Handgun - 300 OM
Yukki uses his handgun with one hand, which changes based on the situation, and can be easily fired while moving, though this decreases accuracy. Is not very accurate over long ranges, though will not lose damage based on range. Has fifteen shots before being needing to be reloaded. Fires a bullet at the speed of a bullet. The gun is a small, black firearm, small enough to be hidden in a jacket pocket, but not so small as to be hidden in the hand. It can be fired roughly once per second. The bullets travel for 150 feet in a straight line before dropping, though this will be less if firing at an angle. It takes 15 seconds to reload the pistol.

Dome Shield- 300 OM
Yukki places both hands on the ground he is standing on, and after 3 seconds, a small domed shield materializes around him. The shield is 7 feet in diameter at the bottom, and it’s center point is where Yukki originated. It is 7 feet tall at it’s highest point. While being made of energy, and fairly costly to use, it shatters after too many hits, and the higher someone’s attack is, the fewer hits they have to use. When shattered, it harmlessly fades away. Yukki can move while inside of the dome, and can use this time to reload his handguns, charge up another move, or fiddle with items in another way. The shield will stay up as long as Yukki needs it when not broken, but is constantly draining energy from him, as if leeching off of his life force. Neither Yukki nor any other person in the shield can use an attack that passes through the shield before it has faded or been shattered.

Throwing Knives - 600 OM
Requires Ranged  Yukki carries a set of six throwing knives inside his jacket, three on each side. If not wearing his jacket, he moves them to his belt. It times of need, they can be thrown at enemies or objects up to 30 feet away. They always land with the blade side in the target. Yukki has to be standing still, or at least not moving, when he throws these knives. They can be hit out of the air by a ranged move, assuming the person using it has a high enough tec to pull it off. They move at a fairly fast speed, being made of a light steel. 

Throwing Knives (Charged)
If Yukki charges a blade he is about to throw with his energy, taking about five seconds to charge, the knife is thrown at a speed equivalent to a bullet, and the blade tears is lodged deep in the opponent's body, and very difficult to remove by oneself, especially during combat. The blade has a dark purple glow to it when charged, and a purple streak follows it through the air when thrown. The knife is 20 centimeters long, ten blade and ten handle. Yukki can not use another move while charging the knives, but may move if needed. Using the charged variant is more draining than summoning your basic item, but is far less draining than using the dome shield for an extended time. It takes a normal amount of energy, but adds up quickly in rapid succession. 

M4A1 Carbine - 300 OM

The M4A1 Carbine rifle is a personal favorite of Yukki's for missions where stealth just isn't going to cut it. The carbine is magazine fed, and this version only fires in single mode, meaning that one trigger pull equals one bullet shot. Uses standard NATO rounds. Can be fired slightly slower than Yukki's pistol, at one bullet every three seconds at it's fastest fire rate. Yukki can carry up to six magazines of thirty rounds each if he wears a chest rig, and if he doesn't, he can only carry two, not counting one already in the weapon. When not being used, is rested on Yukki's back with a sling for easy access. Has an ACOG sight for increased accuracy, and a foregrip for increased stability. Maximum effective range of 250 Meters. Takes five seconds to reload. 

[Image: 300px-M4A1_ACOG.jpg]
Emerald Knife - Requires Physical - 300 OM

Despite it's name, the knife is made of a light yet reliable steel, not actual emeralds. The knife gets it's name from the color of the blade. The blade is seven inches long, the handle is 5 inches long, so the knife is a foot in total length. The knife can be stored in many places on Yukki's person. The knife can be used in either hand, while the user is moving/flipping/falling, and can be used with relative ease and with a small stamina drain, about the same as his pistol. The knife can be used for both slashes and stabs. Can not be summoned on the fly if lost in a fight. Is not very effective at blocking attacks. 
[Image: 3206BFAC3F62D1D8352756D7D7F4F7786C1497AD]

Black Cocoon - 600 OM

Tier One Defensive Super Move
When activated, the user's body turns solid black for a second, before a cocoon as black as space itself surrounds the user completely. cocoon is maintained for fifteen seconds, during which the user can do nothing. Will fade after fifteen seconds, and can be broken by a tier to or higher super move. This move can be very draining to the user, and drains more energy the more damage the cocoon takes. If used late in a fight and to block a super move, it is possible to faint using this move, at which time the cocoon fades.

[Image: Rank2.png]
Total Achievement Points = 180

Personal/Character Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle (5)

Summoning (5)
Any Progress is Progress (5)
Look at You! (10)

Level Up! (10)
In it to Win it (15)
Deuces (15)
Dissociative Identity Disorder (25)
Go Write a Novel (25)

Community Achievements
Community Star (10)
Teamwork (10)
We Love You (10)
Active (10)

Purchasing Achievements
Super Powered (5)
Headquarters (5)

Exploration Achievements
Pomp and Poverty (5)

More Aqua Please (5)
Into the Vast Unknown (5)

Influence Achievements

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements

One-Time Achievements

Personal Achievements

Community Achievements

Purchasing Achievements

Exploration Achievements

Influence Achievements

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements

One-Time Achievements

Original Achievements Post:
[Today 11:50 PM] Luci : ermegerd yuki you can hunt me ernytime [Image: awe6.png] 


Character History

Yukki’s history before arriving in the Omniverse is not extremely important in terms of what the Omniverse itself needs to know. That being said, I’m going to record his actions and events he’s involved in here, starting from when he came into the Omniverse. It will be broken into sections, and will only be a short summary of what happened.

Section One: First few days.

When Yukki first arrived in the Omniverse, his fountain was a marble fountain in an ancient greek style with crystal blue water in it. Yukki took little time to adjust to his new surroundings, and immediately started heading off towards the first structure he could see in the distance. Yukki wandered into Coruscant, and after exploring the lower floors a bit, ran into his old pal Reuben from his previous world. Yukki and Reuben murdered a group of gang members on the lower floors, and a girl associated with the gang snuck up on them when they slept, threatening to kill Reuben. Yukki realized she was a mute, and summoned pen and paper to communicate with her. They eventually came to an understanding, and Yukki and Reuben took in the girl, named Scarlet. Together the three found a house on tier three that Reuben paid for, and lived in peace for a few days.

Section Two: Attempt at gang life

Scarlet was contacted by her gang to complete a job with Yukki and Reuben. Yukki was told that the job was a simple gun running mission, when in actuality he was being sent into an enemy headquarters to cause a distraction while Scarlet got one of the other gang members out for The Reaper. When Yukki escaped the crazy lady who had tried to kill him, her decided that crime in coruscant was too much for him to handle, and he fled the dimension, heading to the Endless Dunes, leaving behind Reuben and Scarlet.

Section Three: The Dunes

Fleeing to the Dunes, Yukki stumbled through the savanna, before entering, and almost getting thrown out of, a bar. He left the area to explore the dunes, and passed out from the heat in the wilderness. He was found by a secondary, and he took Yukki back to his home in Drunswick, and undiscovered town of secondaries who kept to themselves. It was soon revealed that the town hated primes, and that Yukki was not welcome. Yukki summoned a vehicle for the first time, a dirt bike, and left to head back to the gate. Before leaving the Dunes, he spoke to people and learned more about the Omniverse and the way things worked. Yukki left the Dunes, and headed for the Vasty Deep with hopes of joining the Imperial Navy.

Section Four: A cursed coin.

Once in the Deep, Yukki had a run in with a homeless man, who gave Yukki a golden coin. Yukki would soon discover that this coin was cursed, and that it attempted to drown anyone that came into possession of it. It was also impossible to destroy, as it would always return back to Yukki. After almost drowning, Yukki began to research the coin, to no prevail. He eventually tracked down the man who gave him the coin, who seemed to know as little as Yukki did about the subject, though acted as if he knew more. Yukki would eventually don scuba gear and follow the coin, bringing it back to the final resting place of a pirate that had cursed his treasure to stop people from stealing his coins. Yukki returned the coin and washed up on a deserted island. The pirate’s ghost talked to Yukki and thanked him for returning his coin. He then pointed Yukki back to Coast de Sol. Yukki summoned a jetski and rode back to Costa de Sol.

Section Five: The walking rainbow

After creating a base in Costa de Sol designed to work for a faction, Yukki takes up a bounty hunting job hunting down a girl named Luci. He finds her rather quickly in Coruscant, using her ability to phase and shapeshift against her and track her by it. After a short fight in Luci's gang hideout, where several weapons were destroyed, but no gang members were injured, Yukki and Luci sit down for tea. Yes, tea. Luci offers Yukki twice her bounty for him to do a job for her, which he does, saving a young girl from orcs that would abuse, sell, and use her. Yukki brings the girl back, and is rewarded by Luci with several forms of payment. Yukki also adopts the codename "Reaper" for missions
[Today 11:50 PM] Luci : ermegerd yuki you can hunt me ernytime [Image: awe6.png] 


Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

The Empire- "I'm not really fond of super controlling governments"

Luci- "She's earned my trust and vice versa. I'm very interested in what she's trying to do"
Reuben- "He's got some good and some bad to him. He seems to be continuing his life of crime"

Scarlet- "She needs to be looked after and protected"
Westside gangsters- "While I've helped them, we didn't exactly have the best introduction"
[Today 11:50 PM] Luci : ermegerd yuki you can hunt me ernytime [Image: awe6.png] 


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