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Marcus Wright

Name:  Marcus Wright
Spent OM: 14450
Consumed OM: 50
Proficiencies: (5200) Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Advanced Regeneration (2200) Debuff (1000)
Powers (3600): Survival (2000), Hive Mind (400) Stealth (1200)
Moves (900): Killer Punch, Ithaca 37 (300 OM) Electro-Mech-Phazer (300) Plasma Brass Knuckles: (300)
Super Moves (3500): Killing Blow (Tier 1 Super Attack) Lethal Injection (Tier 1 Super move) Air Support (Tier 2 Super Attack) 90 Watt Phased Plasma Heavy Rifle (tier 2 Super Attack) (800) Benelli M4 Super 90 With EOTech sight and adjustable stock (300 OM)

Transformations (3000): Tier 1 Power Up (1000) Mechanical Upgrade (Alt form) (2000) Tier 2 Power up (1500)
Items (350):  Dataverse Device (100 OM) Communicator (200 OM) Medigel x1 (50 OM)
Unlocks: (0)
Base stats: [Tier 1][Alt form]
ATK: 3
DEF: 3  
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

Tier 1 Power-Up Form

Alt Form

Tier 2 Power up

Tier 2 Power up+Alt form

ATK: 8
Def: 3
Spd: 4
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Marcus Wright's History and Terminator Info etc..

[Image: Terminator-Salvation-Marcus-Wright-termi...0-2408.jpg]

Name: Marcus Wright
Age: 33 (older maybe)
Other info:
Sex: Male
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Build: Skinny, maybe strong/athletic as a terminator can get.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown


Marcus Wright (born August 22, 1975) was a human on Death Row in 2003 for multiple homicide, and was executed shortly after signing his body over to Dr. Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems Genetic Research Division. He was then entered into Project Angel and converted into a hybrid human, which was later activated in the war-torn future.

Early life
"So that's what death tastes like."
- Marcus Wright (after kissing Serena Kogan).
Marcus led a disreputable life of petty crime alongside his brother, whom was accidentally killed during a botched car-jacking which also saw the deaths of two cops. Marcus was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death at the Longview State Correctional Facility. During his time on Death Row, Marcus was visited repeatedly by Dr. Serena Kogan, a cancer-stricken scientist who wished for him to sign over his body to her research project. He refused her request up until the day of his execution, upon which he agreed to sign it over in exchange for a final kiss.

Marcus was then strapped onto a cross-like table and shown to his weeping friends and relatives before being executed by lethal injection. It is ambiguous as to whether the injection actually killed him or simply placed him in a coma for Serena's project, however. Marcus' body was taken apart and converted into a unique cyborg, one that still retained his human brain and heart. He was then stored in an underground facility where he would remain in stasis for 15 years as Judgment Day occurred in the world above. Skynet would later discover his body and add further enhancements to his design, completing the seemingly abandoned work of Cyberdyne Research.

Terminator Salvation

Marcus arrives in Los Angeles.
"What day is it? What year? [...] What happened here?"
- Marcus Wright (to Kyle Reese).
Marcus awakens/is activated in the remains of the Skynet VLA and staggers out into the rain-soaked terrain, disorientedly screaming in horror at the world around him. After composing himself, Marcus takes the clothes of a deceased Resistance fighter and starts a long walk through the desert, finding a sand-caked road leading into Los Angeles. Upon arriving, Marcus observed the ruined city from atop the Hollywood banner and then descended into the streets where he encountered a Series 600 Terminator patrolling the city.

norantly, he called out to it, only to immediately come under fire from the machine's mini-gun. Before he could be mowed down, however, Marcus was tackled to the ground by a young man called Kyle Reese; who told him: "Come with me if you want to live." Following Kyle's lead, Marcus bolted for the nearby building while the T-600 struggled to free itself from a trap the youth had set. It escaped by shooting off its foot, however, and promptly took chase. Up on the roof, Kyle's young companion, a mute girl named Star, released another trap, crushing the T-600 beneath heavy machinery.

Kyle then held Marcus at gunpoint, accusing him of stealing the uniform of a Resistance fighter, but the cyborg easily disarmed him and demanded to know the date and what happened to the world. Kyle answered his questions, and Marcus expressed an interest in reaching a Skynet-controlled location. Before they could decide on this, an HK-Aerial flew in overhead, toppling a building as it passed. Knowing their safety had been compromised, Kyle led Marcus and Star back to their hiding place. Here, Marcus demonstrated how to tether the shotgun to his arm to avoid losing it to an opponent. He then fixed their radio, picking up a message from John Connor in the process.

In the morning, they traveled to Griffith Observatory to find transport away from Los Angeles. While repairing an old Jeep, Marcus accidentally cut himself on a wire and was given a band-aid from Star. He then got it working and inadvertently activated the radio, which started playing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, much to Kyle and Star's surprise. Though because it was a song his late brother used to listen to, Marcus switched it off and barked at Star to get out of the passenger seat. They were then attacked by an Aerostats and Kyle attempted to lose it by driving down the hill haphazardly. Marcus eventually destroyed it with a tire-iron, however. Unimpressed by Kyle's driving skills, Marcus promptly kicked him out from behind the wheel.

Stopping at an old gas station bearing the mark of the Resistance, the trio are confronted by a gang of survivors who view them as a threat. Their de-facto leader, Virginia, offers them food and water, however, much to the annoyance of another refugee named Len. Star then senses vibrations in the ground mere seconds before a Harvester smashes through the roof and snatches Virginia and several other refugees. The trio flee outside and try to get aboard some of the escaping vehicles, but they speed away and leave them behind. Kyle quickly realizes that attempting to escape will only result in their death as the Harvester destroys the fleeing vehicles with its plasma cannon.

Marcus takes a moment to observe the machine before getting into an armored truck and using it to push a gasoline tanker into the legs of the Harvester, which succeeds in toppling it. As they drive away, Kyle tries to shoot the gas with his shotgun, but is unsuccessful in sparking it. Star solves this problem by giving Marcus a flare which he then lights and tosses onto the gasoline, lighting it and causing a big explosion around the Harvester. It is not destroyed, however, and releases two Moto-Terminators that give chase. Kyle is able to shoot out the first, and is saved from being splattered on a school bus by Marcus in the process. The second is disabled when Marcus instructs Kyle to lower the ball-hook, which catches the machine and drags it behind them.

The chase leads them to a bridge where they are cut off by an HK-Aerial, which fires at the bridge, forcing Marcus to screech to a halt. As a result, the Moto-Terminator swings up and around the HK, disabling one of its engines in the process. As the HK struggles to remain airborne, the truck is spun around until it almost topples off the edge. Kyle and Star subsequently fall out of the vehicle and are caught by the Harvester standing upon the HK-Carrier below. The HK-Aerial breaks free and fires upon the truck, forcing Marcus to jump onto the Carrier with an axe, which he then uses to try to free Kyle and Star from the cattle pens. The Harvester grabs him, however, and slams Marcus into the Carrier's hull.

"Yeah, well I've been dead for a while now and I'm starting to get used to it."
- Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams).

efore it can destroy him, the Transport is attacked by two Resistance A-10 Warthogs, one of which was piloted by Blair Williams. During their missile attack, Marcus is dropped by the Harvester and falls into the river below. The two aircraft are then shot down by the HK-Aerial and the Carrier escapes. Marcus comes to at the riverbank and makes his way back into the desert where he encounters Blair hanging from a telephone tower, having ejected from her bird before its destruction. He helps her down, and in return, she offers to take him to John Connor, as he might help Marcus rescue his friends from Skynet Central.

Marcus, after rescuing Blair Williams.
They stop at a derelict racetrack overnight where Blair removes her top in the rain to tend to an injury on her collar, catching Marcus' attention with her semi-nakedness. While Marcus is away gathering kindling, Blair is attacked by a gang of humans who want her supplies. Marcus arrives in time and viciously beats them into submission, stabbing one in the shoulder with a screwdriver in the process. Afterward, Blair curls up to him to share his body heat next to the fire, and notices how strong his heart is before falling asleep in his arms. Marcus wonders if he's a good man and whether or not he deserves a second chance in life.

In the morning, they arrive at the Resistance base and travel through a minefield laced with magnetized landmines. As they pass through, a mine attaches itself to Marcus and explodes, injuring him. He is then carried to the infirmary where Kate Connor tends to his wounds, despite his declarations of being fine. Upon opening his shirt, she discovers the endoskeleton exposed beneath and calls for Barnes, who swiftly knocks Marcus unconscious with the butt of his rifle. He is then chained up and suspended in a missile silo where he is examined by John Connor.

"What did they do to me?"

Marcus protests that he is human, but John responds by removing the chain holding his head, allowing Marcus to see the exposed metal in his chest. He cries out in horror at what he's become but insists that he is not just some machine. John is convinced that Marcus was sent there to kill him and the leadership, however, and mentions Kyle Reese (his paradoxical father). This prompts Marcus to inform John of Kyle's capture by Skynet, which rattles him significantly.

Marcus is then left alone with Barnes, who shoots him in the chest for his late brother who died on a mission on Skynet VLA a few days earlier. Blair arrives moments later and tells Barnes that John wishes to see him, shooting Marcus in the process. Barnes falls for her ruse and leaves, granting her the chance to lower Marcus to the bottom of the silo and release him from his chains. Barnes soon returns, however, and fires a rocket at the escaping couple, but they are able to flee through a ventilation shaft.

They follow it back to the minefield as the Resistance mobilizes to stop them. Blair uses a magnetic wire to trigger a line of mines, allowing them a safe path to the Jeep, only for it to be destroyed by a rocket. Forced to improvise, they flee to a wall where Marcus holds his hand out to draw their fire while Blair shoots out the floodlight, granting them cover of darkness. She is shot in the leg, however, which slows their escape. Marcus shields her from an explosion and gives her his coat, which she wears to confuse the soldiers.


Marcus arrives via the Nexus, as he explores his surroundings.

-Marcus Wright visits the Nexus. He ends up meeting a man in Courscant who has excellent samurai skills along for a knack for hacking things and his partner, Miskarai. They end up at the local arcade nearby and Marcus ends up at a broken Terminator Salvation game with Skynet glitching the whole arcade out trying to target Marcus. To try and solve this problem, Marcus rips the chip out of his head and hands to Hiro to solve that problem.

-Dante's Abyss 2016'

Marcus meets on a strange haunted island from a plane crash and eventually has to work with others over time to solve their problems. Ends up with a secondary named Fiara, a large bulky prime named Okor and the Vision.

-Marcus joins the Avengers, a faction of superheroes. He meets Vision and Captain America and explains everything that had happened up to that point as he could remember it.

-Marcus goes on his first mission with the Avengers with Captain America and ends up on a creepy island meeting a man named Marlin and Rando, the Mayor of the Island. As he and Captain America make their way through the island, they find out it is a well planned trap and they end up fighting off a dirty secret with people addicted to sugar cane. Once they find out a lot has gone on, They are arrested and the other Avengers find them. Now joined by Frisk and Hellboy.


[Image: moon_knight.png?dateline=1518417831] Moon Knight

[Image: 2358126?dateline=1501620051] Marcus Wright

[Image: JPEG_20180303_184948.jpg] Centurion

(Upcoming: Ben Ten)

Captain America (KIA)
Judy Hopps (Retired)
Green Lantern (Retired)
Blink (Retired)
Frisk (MIA)
Hellboy (KIA)
All Might (Retired)
Vision (MIA)
Angel (MIA)
Dick Howland (MIA)
Retione (MIA)
Dust (Incarcerated)
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]


Killer punch- 300 OM Marcus is able to provide a dangerous power punch using his fist using the combined might of both human and a cyborg Terminator. Marcus takes about 5 seconds to reel his fist back and send a opponent up to 10 feet back along with medium bouts of damage depending on the opponent's def. However the fatigue causes Marcus to stop and recover for a few seconds before going for another punch. He can use this move four times before he exhausts himself and needs a few moments to rest.

Tier One Super Move- Killing Blow// Marcus takes about 3 seconds to summon the screwdriver which is about  20 inches.  He stabs a person with the screwdriver. He requires a few seconds to focus on creating the screwdriver. After the whole process, it takes marcus a few seconds to recover from the attack.


Tier One Super- Lethal Injection

A ironic way of being picked off by a cyborg, Marcus lifts the target up and smashes them against whatever and a syringe appears in Marcus’s hand, once the same way he died, becomes the target’s worst nightmare.

He stabs said target with syringe and watches as they suffer the same way he did over a few minutes.

Ithaca 37- 300 OM (Requires Ranged Proficiency)

This gun Marcus uses is a old gun of Kyle Reese’s. The gun is a pump action gun.The gun has about 3 shots of ammo per round. It takes Marcus three times to pump and another shell comes into play.. When hitting the trigger, the used shell falls out and another shell comes in. The blow to the enemy is within 20 meters away considering it can be good up close or at a distance. but this doesn’t come without a light blowback. This is a .12 gauge gun.


[Image: $]

EMF- Better known as a Electro- Mech-Fryer. (300, Ranged Proficiency, Homing)

Looks like a plasma rifle but has a greyish, skinny neck that connects into a square magazine. It has a silver trigger but the magazines hold about 12 Ion shots. Marcus carries about 4 magazines with him, but can summon more during a fight if necessary. The gun takes about 3 seconds to draw, and the Ion shots take a few seconds to grow as energy. They are accurate enough to take a regular robot down but still enough where the opposition can avoid if necessary. The balls of Ion energy lock on like a tazer, working on anybody with flesh and/or machinery. Marcus can aim this at a medium distance, it takes a few seconds to lock on. This move doesn’t tire Marcus out much.

90 Watt Phased Plasma Heavy Rifle

[img] https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/term...rrifle.jpg[/img]
T2 Super Move
800 OM- (Physical Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency) Devastatingly powerful energy weapon, designed for use at medium-long ranges against armored or unarmored targets. It is the most powerful energy weapon known to exist outside of those mounted on Hunter Killers. As this weapon is extremely heavy and cumbersome, usage is restricted to Machines such as Marcus.

However, Marcus must wait a total of 10 seconds before being able to reload and shoot at a target again. Each energy charge is made of a high-output Fusion Reactor. With one shot, can take a limb of a human off with a near miss, and create average damage on the metal opponents with or without armor. Marcus must focus the shot and the range is 2000m.

As it’s a one-shot per magazine, it takes 10 seconds to reload and cool down to shoot again.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Love Interest at Home:

color=#669933]Blair Williams[/color] [MIA]
Trust: %90 percent
Pilot of the Resistance back home, and my love interest over time and got me out of being blown to bits by the Human Resistance back home.
Now Blair's first adventure was with a pair of strange secondaries in the Endless dunes and after a brief adventure, She ended up on the Avengers island meeting the butler named Jarvis. He took her to the island to find the Avengers and Marcus as she drove the Avengers plane. Currently MIA with Frenchie who is also MIA.

Can Trust with his life.


Calculating Trust Levels...

[Image: ytLTikp.png]

Marcus... please insert descriptions and trust levels of current Avengers here.

Moon Knight: Our Current Leader, He was hard to get to know sometimes and had his own things going on but once Captain America died to protect the team, he took a bigger role in our lives as a Avenger. But I'm putting in a good word for him.

He would knock the misery out of me at times.

Trust Level

MK, you get a good 80 percent in my book, but at times that fluxes due to fights during the Avengers sessions.

Centurion: A good kid to say the least. He beat all of us in a fight but he's done so much with us now it's safe to assume he's like family now.

Trust Level: 75

Ben Ten: I'm not sure about this kid yet, He means well but he'll contribute a lot over time.

Trust Level: ??? [Still Observing]

Avengers Trust Levels: Key [MIA/KIA]

The Vision- A Avenger whose disappearance made MK stand up to the plate as the Avengers leader. His location is currently unknown. I guess I can say I'm the only "terminator" here to say the least.

Trust Level: 79- May flux at times [MIA]

Captain America- Another leader of the Avengers and the First Avenger. He's good with his shield and a whole heck of a lot more. Let me accompany him and Vision and the other Avengers on their first mission to Rando Island. Maybe easier to understand due to being me being a human at one point. Good man, I still feel bad he died for the team. [KIA]

Trust Level: 80-May flux at times

Dust- All I can say is that we see eye to eye... sometimes. Depending if we aren't tossing each other around first. The furry dog like creature of the group. Spent time in prison with us. Watched him get dragged off in a empire prison is NOT fun. Dust.. deserves more than me sometimes.

Trust Level: 75

Frisk (MIA)- Kid with a heart only a mother could love. But seriously, she seemed to hold us together whenever there was a fight among us. Sad the kid disappeared though. Reminds me of Star at times.

Trust Level: 75

Hellboy (KIA)- Who knew we'd have a literal demon on our team? There's always firsts for everything including Terminators I guess. The way he died was sad. He was a demon with a heart of gold.

Trust Level: 75

All Might (Retired)- A old hero who was extremely strong. He was able to take down many foes but at times I'm not sure what to think of the man. His disappearance made things quiet.

Angel (MIA)- Angel? Not exactly sure what to think of her. She saw us as some kind of non-existanting character in her fan stories. Her annoyances would usually get our team worked up.

Trust level:
60 percent

Dick Howland (MIA)

Hm.. What to say about Dick? Being a hero sure has its perks sometimes, but this guy's been around for a long time. He likes the old rules and plays by the book at times.

Trust Level:

I'd give Dick about 70 percent in my book

Retione (MIA)
Ratione was a interesting fellow although a bit different than the norm, but that's not a bad thing.

Didn't see him around as much, however.

Trust Level: 65

Secondaries and More:

Jarvis- A very helpful robot butler who often takes on roles while we are away on a mission, very important to the cause. Took in me and Blair when times were rough.

Trust Level: 80 percent.

Dr Alphys- Just met her and I'll stay away from her right now with her science experience. Not sure what to think. Hopefully she can learn how to fix a terminator at one time. [MIA]

Frenchie: Frenchie was interesting, I seemed to get along with him fine at times. But I don't know where he went off to.


Madotsuki: A woman who I saw with Hiro at one time, I didn't know much about her at the time but she was seen at the arcade when Skynet attacked years ago.

Hiro Protagonist: A techie and samurai. Showed up at the arcade at the same time I stared down a terminator Salvation game infected by Skynet years ago.

Okor- A huge man who I fought with in Dante's Abyss. He seemed incredibly distant. Must be his world.

Fiara: A secondary who saw past our coldness and fought with us in Dante's Abyss.


Rando-A sly fox with a criminal twist. Who would've known his mouth matched his danger level?

Trust Level: 1

Skynet-All i can say is NO, HELL NO... I do not trust Skynet with one fiber of my being ever since I got to know it personally.I'm glad it's a drowned rat.

Trust Level: 0
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Fighting Style: Marcus is a terminator, but he prefers to fight "street" style. He is a ex-criminal so he tends to either use his terminator like abilities, or uses guns. If he doesn't have his guns on him, he will use whatever in the environment to his advantage.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

Avengers Missions been through:

3. A Complicated Business
Cap and Marcus receive an anonymous tip to travel to Rando Le Terz Island, a foggy and swampy island. The informant, Marlin Dustin, reveals that the town of Rando Le Terz is an authoritarian police state led by Mayor Rando. The townspeople are being drugged by Mayor Rando with a chemical called "Sugarcane". It induces a state of forced happiness, denying the user any negative emotions. Just as they start investigating, they are approached by Mayor Rando himself and are promptly arrested. Meanwhile, Vision and Frisk search for their missing teammates. On the way, they meet a benevolent demon named Hellboy. Despite Vision's initial distrust, the three decide to work together. Frisk tracks Cap and Marcus to the prison on Rando Island. The three quickly realize the situation and mount a rescue. Unbeknownst to the Avengers, Mayor Rando had installed a failsafe so that the entire island would be destroyed by an artificial storm. With Cap and Frisk heavily injured, the Avengers evacuate the island, but in their retreat, Mayor Rando shoots Hellboy, who falls out of the Quinjet. Mayor Rando is assumed KIA and the Avengers are blamed for the destruction of Rando Island.

4. Dawn of Justice
The Vision and Captain America receive a tip from a man named Thomas Riddle. They follow up, and find a woman named Bellatrix Lestrange is holding several civilians hostage in Costa del Sol and is on the verge of killing popular novel character Harry Potter. The two Avengers intervene and after a short brawl, the two defeat Bellatrix and return the hostages to their homes. Harry Potter is offered a spot on the team.

5. Prologue of Rain/Twinkle in Sweet Repose (Two Threads)
The Vision receives a tip from a member of the Astronomers' Guild named Lysander. Lysander asks for a few members to assist in the retrieval of a lost Artefact after the disappearance of its guardian, Goku. The Vision and Marcus Wright travel to the Pale Moors. They, along with Agents Ironheart, Salvador and Crimson, enter Silent Hill and are promptly separated in the infamous fog. Marcus finds that he is inexplicably unable to enter the fog. The Vision and the three agents turn on each other as they are hunted by an alternate version of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. The individual is named Willa Ironheart, daughter of Agent Ironheart, and she has delusions that the Vision is her late husband. After Agents Ironheart and Salvador are violently killed by Willa Ironheart, the Vision escapes and finds Goku attempting to escape from an abandoned hospital. Together, they agree to retrieve the Artefact. Still hunted by Willa, the Vision accesses the hospital database and discovers that Lysander had been torturing Willa Ironheart and killed her husband before the fog rolled in. Willa finds the body of Agent Crimson, and believing that the Vision loves Crimson, possesses her body. The Vision and Goku fight the "Crimson Witch", during which Goku collapses from exhaustion. The Vision kills Willa by rupturing her heart and retrieves the Artefact. He leaves Goku to recover in Darkshire and confronts Lysander before Recalling to Avengers Island.

6. Vigilante in Pursuit
Moon Knight discovers that the Avengers are in the Omniverse. He locates them and Mr. Jarvis warily invites him into the Tower. Soon after Moon Knight settles in, the Avengers' generator becomes compromised. Moon Knight, the Iron Butler, and Blair Williams all attempt to locate the source of the problem when they are seemingly attacked by Luke Cage. After some confusion, Luke Cage is revealed to be a shapeshifting Skrull, and is quickly defeated by Moon Knight and co. The Skrull chews a cyanide pill and dies instantly. Moon Knight is formally invited to be an Avenger.

7. Avenging Captain Rogers
After the failure to contain the Darkling threat in the Vasty Deeps, the Tower is attacked by a small army of Darklings led by none other than Captain Rogers. The three Avengers defeat him, at a heavy cost. It is revealed that Captain Rogers was corrupted by Nebula, turning his face shriveled and red. Moon Knight mistakes him for the Red Skull and kills him, but he himself is gravely wounded. Marcus and Blair patch him up as the Vision flies off to investigate the Darkling crisis.

8. Knight Night
In a strange twist of events, the IPD reaches out to the Avengers for assistance in detaining a serial killer. Moon Knight and Marcus set off to Costa del Sol to investigate a lead: Jeremiah Cardona. They then meet All Might, who has been searching for the Avengers for some time. The three of them fight through Cardona's men in the Cardona Casino, only to find Cardona dead. Moon Knight (as Mr. Knight) pursues the assassin on foot, but the assassin escapes after a disturbing battle cry: "Hail Hydra!" The Avengers then receive a notice that their assistance is required to suppress a riot in Impel Down.

9. Dust in the Tower/United We Stand (Two Threads)
Soon after their return to the base, the Avengers are ambushed by a HYDRA force, led by Baron Zemo and Black Knight. Joined by prospective member Dust, they attempt to repel the hostile forces, but the battle results in the destruction of Avengers Tower. After retrieving any necessities, they decide to move base to Coruscant, as their location in Vasty Deeps is compromised.

10. Tangle with Centangel
After a man in a (relatively), advanced battle suit starts causing chaos in Tier 1. The Avengers are called to respond. In the ensuing battle, Centurion holds his own but is ultimately defeated. However, the damage caused by the battle (including Dust accidentally collapsing a building, Dick tampering with public power lines and Moon Knight weaponizing a hovercraft) lands the Avengers in prison.
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

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