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Skeletor, Overlord of Evil

Name: Skeletor
Spent OM: 18,200
Proficiencies: (3800); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600) Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600) Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (4700/8000), Telekinesis: Advanced (1000), Super Jumping: Advanced (500), Shapeshifting (1400), Growth (800), Fusion (1000)
Moves: (4800); Havoc Staff (300), Energy Projection (600), Projectile Deflection (300), A Scattering Storm (600), A Wall of Flame (900), the Twin Sword (600), Grasping Claws (600), Force Field (900)
Super Moves (600): The Ram Stone (T1 attack) (600) 
Assists (1000): Panthor (T1)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Consumed OM (300):
Unlocks(3000): First stat increase: ATK (1000), second stat increase: ATK (2000)
Base stats
ATK: 5
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3
[Image: qNwQSLL.jpg]  [Image: DkshAtk_zps91eoe5zq.png][Image: Darkdata_zpsu96xxduw.png]


Character History: Keldor was the half-brother of King Randor of Eternia. He studied Sorcerery under the Dark Lord Hordak, and sought to take control of Eternia for himself. In an attack on the hall of wisdom, Keldor’s face was horribly burnt by a vial of acid, and he was forced to flee. Dying, he made his way back to Hordak, begging him for aid. The Dark lord agreed, granting him further power and stripping the damaged flesh from Keldor’s head. Now with only a floating skull, Keldor took on the new name, Skeletor, and pursued his quest to Become King of Eternia with renewed power and vigor.

For a time, Skeletor was sealed away on the Dark side of Eternia, but with a Coridite Crystal to power a device of his own creation, he was able to shatter this barrier and return. It was then that Skeletor first encountered He-man, Defender of Eternia, the most powerful man in the Universe. Skeletor would face he-man on numerous occasions, never able to truly beat the most powerful man in the universe, but always managing to escape and create a new plan. Skeletor seeks also to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Castle Grayskull, where he believes he will find the secret to He-man’s unlimited power.

During one of these plans, Skeletor found himself transported to somewhere entirely different…

Personality: Skeletor is an egomaniacal and easily angered villain, who desires to feel the important and endlessly seeks power to increase his own abilities. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, easily and readily sacrificing much and abandoning allies if it will accomplish his desired tasks.
Skeletor prefers to be in charge of a situation, and when doing so he is able to quickly and effectively create a stratagem or trap that are generally surprisingly effective for the insane laughter and ramblings of the skeletal warlock. However, if required, he is surprisingly effective as a lieutenant being more or less competent, and willing to bide his time before attempting to strike out on his own.
Skeletor strongly prefers company, be it minions to give him commands or a leader that that he can follow. For all of Skeletor's magical power, it is his ability to gather bickering and disparate forces and mold them into a unified force that is the most impressive. Although Skeletor does nothing to create the support those under his command, often berating and insulting them for their mistakes. He is able to control his temper on rare occasions, and when doing so his cunning enables him to be far more charismatic, almost something of a charmer. Skeletor will not be able to keep up this kind of an act for too long however, so he will need to have a definite goal to keep himself focused.

Skeletor's magic is very powerful, allowing him to make strong attacks that are able to stagger even the toughest opponents. Even without his magic, he is a skilled combatant, wielding both the havoc staff and his twin-sword with deadly ability.  
Skeletor is a sturdy warlock, using his magical power to enhance his own already strong physique. This combination makes Skeletor a sturdy combatant.
Skeletor is a skilled combatant, his reflexes enhanced with magic to give him a strong reaction time.
Skeletor is a skilled warrior, able to duel with the very best of Eternia's warriors innumerable times and live to tell the tale. Although he lacks the patience of a true master, there is no denying his skills are formidable.

Physical Strength
Skeletor is a strong swordsman and staff-wielder, and has the strength to fight with his fists if the cause requires.
Ranged Proficiency
Skeletor's preferred tactics, he is adept at targeting foes from a distance, blasting them to oblivion with his magical powers.
Remote Control Proficiency
Skeletor's Warlock magic grants him the ability to manipulate objects and others from a distance. A power he relishes greatly.
Ranged materialize Proficiency
Similarly, Skeletor's magic can be used to create certain items at range, be they grasping tendrils or even beings formed out of the nearby surroundings.


Telekinesis, Basic
Skeletor's magic grants him the ability to lift objects, allowing him to manipulate them from a distance.

Super jumping (basic)
Skeletor's tremendous physique allows him to leap far greater than any normal man.

Skeletor's magic allows him to take forms that are not his own, be they as disguises or as a means of combatting troublesome enemies. Doing so is quite draining for Skeletor, and is not used regularly.

Similarly, Skeletor's magic can cause him to grow to tremendous size, although like shapeshifting, this power is quite exhausting, and must be used sparingly.


Havoc Staff (Requires Physical Strength)

The Havoc staff is a strong purple metal staff approximately six feet in length, and tipped with a large ram-head skull, protecting a crystal ball behind it. The Havoc staff is a powerful weapon, and Skeletor’s preferred choice for physical combat. It is large and cumbersome to wield, preventing him from making rapid attacks, but this is balanced by the power behind the attacks, which is strong enough to easily break through a common sword if aimed properly.
Energy Projection (Ranged Proficiency)

Probably Skeletor's favorite attack since it requires very little concentration or energy, allowing him to make frequent use of the move throughout the battle. the Warlord points at his foe, and searing white energy gleams on his finger. After about 2-3 seconds, the bolt shoots out of his fingers directly at the target, impacting with the same force as a strong punch, and scorching the target slightly. Skeletor's beam will continue flying for a large distance, but beyond about 25 meters his inability to aim would prevent the attack from being anything more than in the target's general vicinity. The beam is about 5 cm in diameter and moves at an average speed (approximately the same speed as an arrow.) if he needs the beam to be more powerful, he can instead choose to channel the magic through his havoc staff, in which case the beam becomes larger and more powerful, now about 30 cm in diameter, and able to be maintained for a maximum of ten seconds, after which the drain on his energy becomes too much, and he must take time to recover his energy, (approximately 15 seconds) during which he will be unable to use his magical powers, and even so he will be unable to use the larger form at all, resorting only to the finger beams. This larger beam is somewhat slower than the finger beams and instead is better for powering through a defense, since faster opponents will be able to dodge it pretty well, and has a shorter maximum distance, as it will diffuse into to wide an area beyond 20 meters. The beam does not have any sort of tracking capabilities, so Skeletor will have to focus and aim at a target if they are trying to dodge or deflect the attack, making any attempt to use this attack in conjunction with another move quite challenging. Similarly, although Skeletor can use this attack while moving, he will not be able to aim an attack while doing so, since keeping his finger or staff aimed while moving is very difficult.

A Scattering Storm, (Ranged proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)

Skeletor charges his Havoc staff for a second, then swings his staff in an arc, unleashing a volley of magic blasts similar in all respects (except where noted below) to the bolts that he fires. The bolts fire in an arc outward, but with a slightly downward trajectory that limits their range to only about 15 meters. Skeletor can charge the havoc staff longer, remaining stationary and focusing for a minimum of 1.5 seconds to a maximum of 5 seconds. The longer the move is charged, the more missiles will be fired. The amount varies from three melon-sized somewhat globular missiles at minimum to 25 tennis ball sized missiles at maximum charge. These projectiles are fired in an 120 degree arc, and are only as damaging as Skeletor's normal Energy projection attack, slightly weaker even due to the multiple missiles involved, and travel at the same speed (about 40 mph)
Skeletor is able to use this attack while moving, but must remain stationary and focused to charge the power, during which time magic visibly accumulates in his havoc staff. As such he cannot use other moves while using this move. It is also worth noting that this move is very draining on Skeletor, and he will only be able to use it once or twice without time to rest (3+minutes) before using it again.

Projectile deflection (telekinesis)

Skeletor uses this move to defend himself from an attacker at range. As the attack approaches, Skeletor extends his hand, palm facing the attack, which is deflected off of his hand on impact and flies away without harming him.

The effectiveness of this move is dependent on Skeletor’s TEC relative to the TEC of the attacker. If the opponent’s TEC is higher, Skeletor is unable to deflect the projectile, and is forced to dodge. If his TEC is higher, he can deflect the attack away to strike the ground harmlessly. In theory he could deflect the attack back at his opponent, but it would require his TEC to be three times higher than the opponent in question. In every cases Skeletor would have to recognize the attack was coming, so those opponents with a high enough speed or that get the drop on him will prevent him from utilizing this ability. Further, Skeletor must focus on the move, preventing him from using another move, or travelling at more than a walk while preforming this move.
Although Skeletor is able to insta-cast this move to deflect minor projectiles, he must charge up the move for about 2-3 seconds to be able to defend against more powerful attacks (and it still won't work against Super moves of course.) It is important to note that this move only works against relatively small projectiles (less than 25 cm in diameter) requires a relatively large amount of Skeletor’s power, making it very difficult for Skeletor to this move more than two or three times without taking a long time (about five minutes) to recharge the move.

Wall of Flame (requires ranged materialize, area attack, 900 OM)

Skeletor extends his Havoc staff, and a beam of light springs from the end, tracing a pattern into the ground up to 15 meters away. This takes approximately 2-3 seconds to occur, during which time Skeletor must concentrate on the power, though he can still move. After the 2-3 seconds, magical flames spring into being along the pattern that was traced.
Skeletor has three different shapes he forms with this move, creating a wall to divide the battlefield, a ring to either keep out or enclose an area, or a scattered pattern of lines that cover the area in short swathes of flame, disrupting formations and creating more chaotic battlefields.
The Wall of flame is approximately 3 meters in height, .5 meters in width and can extend to a maximum of 12 meters from end to end.
The Ring of flame is also 3 meters in height and .5 meters in width, and can extend into a ring of 9 meters in diameter.
The Smattering of flame creates about a score of flames sections only 2 meters tall. These sections are .5 meters still, but only about 2 meters in length.
These flames are painful, but unlikely to be lethal. Skeletor can create gaps in the flame to allow himself or others to pass through, but a determined prime (or even a tough secondary) could burst through the flames with not much worse than a singing. The true danger this move poses is from prolonged exposure, as remaining too long (any more that about 4 seconds depending on DEF) within the flames could cause anything combustible to ignite.
This move is draining for Skeletor to maintain, and although he is able to perform other actions (even those that require his concentration) and maintain the flames, he must not be preforming any other moves when he starts them, and anything sufficiently startling or disorienting will make the flames wither away.

Grasping claws (ranged materialize, remote control, debuff) (600 OM)

Skeletor uses his fell magic to create a hand or hands out of a nearby material, be they branches of a tree morphing into hands, or simply grasping fingers reaching out of a nearby wall or floor.
Skeletor has two methods of using this move. By creating hands from the floor around a target, Skeletor can grab their ankles, limiting an opponent’s mobility by holding their legs in place. This can be done in only a few seconds, and Skeletor can potentially catch up to three enemies with this move, although they must be clumped together for this to be possible.
Alternatively, Skeletor can manifest a single larger hand, that seeks to grab the target, pinning their arms to their sides and lifting them off of the ground. This move is significantly more tiring for Skeletor to use, and can only target one person. Chances are a target with their wits about them could see this attack coming however, as it is a much slower version.
Both the ankle grab and the pinning grab will have a varying difficulty for the target(s) to escape. When the spell is being actively cast, and the hands are seeking to grab the target, they require the most of Skeletor’s attention and are the most vulnerable to being destroyed. While the claws are trying to grab the target, any well-placed attack should be able to shatter them, regardless of the material the hand has been formed out of. After grabbing their target, the hands start to revert back towards their base state, taking less of Skeletor’s focus and becoming more structurally similar to the initial material, as if someone had simply shaped whatever the hand was made of into that shape. It will cease to move with the target as it reverts, the ankle graspers holding an opponent’s shins about six inches from the ground, while the pinning claw seeks to hold the foe’s chest and arms, and hold them approximately 4 feet in the air (though this will obviously subject to the circumstances of the terrain itself.) at this point the claws no longer exhibit any signs of motion and Skeletor no longer need take any notice of maintaining the spell at all.

The Twin Sword (Physical Proficiency: 600 OM)

Besides the havoc staff, the Twin Sword is Skeletor’s favored weapon for battle. These paired blades are long and thin, approximately 95 cm in length and slightly tapering towards its point. The twin hilts are exquisitely carved, one bright gold and the other a dark purple, representing good and evil. Skeletor is able to dual-wield these weapons quite effectively for rapid attacks, but he is also able to fuse the blades together into a wider two-handed blade, for stronger but slower fighting. The transformation between the different versions of the blade takes approximately one second, but requires Skeletor to be holding the blade or blades with both hands.

Force field(area defense proficiency) (900 OM)

Skeletor materializes a sickly yellow energy, that he can use to protect himself from danger. With only his hands, Skeletor can create a shield about four feet in diameter, which although initially centered around his hand, will keep its orientation and relative distance to him as he turns or moves. This shield will disappear after taking any sort of noticeable hit, but requires relatively little energy from Skeletor, being more of the “fire and forget” variety of shielding.
With access to his Havoc Staff, Skeletor is able to channel his magic into much more comprehensive defense. Skeletor can emit a dome of protective energy up to 8 yards in diameter, allowing him to shield both himself and others, though a larger shield will be less powerful a defense. This shield can withstand more significant impacts, but requires Skeletor’s complete focus, and will drain his energy more rapidly as it takes strikes. The force field is better suited for defusing impacts then it is at stopping sharp attacks, and strong enough versions of such attacks could quite possibly bypass the shield. Its suitability for impact protection does come with one advantage, Skeletor can create a small spherical shield about five feet in diameter, which can be useful for cushioning an impact if the Warlock finds himself airborne.
Maintaining either the dome or the spherical versions of this spell will become exponentially more draining on Skeletor, and it is highly unlikely that he could maintain the shield far beyond ten seconds.

The Ram Stone (T1 super attack, 600 OM)

Skeletor holds aloft a small, green, ram-head stone, extended floating inches from the tips of his fingers. He utters the words to unleash the power of the Ram Stone, which takes only a few seconds. A jade demonic ram, composed of pure magical energy, forms around him. The magical Ram stands about 4 meters tall, and is translucent, allowing one to see Skeletor standing within. The Demonic Ram leaps at Skeletor’s target, its shape dissolving into pure energy as it closes the distance, slamming into the target and battering it with power (getting hit with a large ocean wave would be a good example of the amount of force). Due to Omniphysics, this power is drawn from Skeletor himself rather than the stone directly, therefore its power comes from his own reserve of energy, making it quite draining to use.
(it is important to note that while in Eternia, the RamStone was known for its ability to destroy any barrier, this has not translated over to the Omniverse, where the Ram Stone is not able to penetrate a Super Defense any better than another T1 super attack.)

Panthor: T1 Assist

Skeletor's large purple panther decides to get involved in this combat, actually getting up to fight. The Violet-furred panther is incredibly tall, standing almost two and a half meters tall when not crouching, and about eight feet long. The feline is incredibly lazy, and will often simply watch any fight that Skeletor participates in, but if Skeletor orders it, the panther will regrettably get involved in the battle.

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 0
[Image: qNwQSLL.jpg]  [Image: DkshAtk_zps91eoe5zq.png][Image: Darkdata_zpsu96xxduw.png]


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