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Illidan Stormrage

Name: Illidan Stormrage
Spent OM: 35500
Consumed OM: 1000
Proficiencies (4800); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialise Proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000)
Powers (10700/12000); Flight (1800), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Master Acrobat (400), Advanced Telekinesis (1000), Insight (1600), Burst Movement (800), Telepathy (1500), Advanced Regeneration (2200)
Moves (2700); Twin Blades of Azzinoth (300), Felfire Bolt (600), Push (300), Confine (300), Fel Shock (300), Shadow Binds (300), Fel Sphere (300), Illusion (300)
Super Moves (2800); Eye Beam - Tier 1 Super Attack (600), Mind Block - Tier 1 Super Defence (600) Felfire Storm - Tier 2 Super Attack (800), Evasion - Tier 2 Super Defence (800)
Transformations (3500); Demon Form Illidan (1000), Felguard Form Illidan (1000), Dreadlord Form Illidan (1500)
Assists (1000); Flames of Azzinoth (Tier 1 Assist) (1000)
Items; Base - Poenari Castle, Pale Moors (1000)
Unlocks (9000); Stat Increase I (1000), Stat Increase II (2000), Stat Increase III (4000), Tier 1 Power Cap (2000)
Base stats (Tier 1 Stats) | (Tier 2 Stats):
ATK: 4 (6) (7) | (8)
DEF: 1 (2) (9) | (3)
SPD: 4 (6) (1) | (8)
TEC: 4 (4) (1) | (4)

"Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated. Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot: that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced!"

[Image: 2016_02_29_illidansmall_by_tokoldi-d9tjrpt.jpg]

Illidan Stormrage

Source: Warcraft
Alias: The Betrayer, Scourge of Darkshire
Gender: Male
Age: 15,038
Apparent Age: Early 30's
Race: Night Elf/Demon Hybrid
Height: 7'6"/11'0"
Weight: 97kg/114kg
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Illidan is tall and muscular, his skin purple. His thin black hair is long and trails down to the middle of his back, part of which is bunched in a high ponytail. He wears a strip of tan cloth over his eyes which burn green. His ears are long and pointed. His naked arms and torso are decorated with green tattoos. He wears faded purple pants that go down to his ankles, and he wears no shoes.

Illidan is angry, selfish, impatient and power hungry. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goals, to the point that everyone he cares about turns their back on him. He has little qualms about wiping out anyone in his way, nor does he feel much guilt because of it. To him, the ends justify the means, and the means he is willing to undertake would be horrifying to many people. He often considers other races beneath him, and that his intelligence dwarfs almost everyone else's.

However, beneath this fury and egocentricity, he is ultimately looking out for the best for everyone. He believes that sometimes great sacrifices have to be made, and yet those who espouse the same thing would never give themselves in the way he does. His initial siding with the Burning Legion, while somewhat denigrated by his lust for power, was a calculated attempt to undermine the demons from within, using their own power. The 'fight fire with fire' mentality is Illidan's strength, and it's what makes him such an unpredictable and deadly opponent. His final goal is to eradicate the Burning Legion, and anything that uses demonic or dark magic to inflict suffering.

Illidan's weak spot is Tyrande. He has loved her since he was a teenager, and though she chose Malfurion as her partner, Illidan's feelings have never abated. He still carries a flower that she once wore in her hair. 

Illidan is the first of the demon hunters, a shadowy and often feared class of magically imbued warriors. To become a demon hunter, one must be full of fury and will in order to survive the deadly process. The prospective demon hunter must willingly accept the power of the demonic Burning Legion and burn out their own eyes with unholy fire; their seared sockets are then replaced with green orbs of flame that allow them to see magical essence. They often wear a blindfold to hide them. However the demonic taint in the blood is suggestive and forever attempts to lure the corrupted to abandon their free will and fully integrate with the Burning Legion. Of the few who survive the transformation, there are many that turn to the demons or simply go mad at the ceaseless whispering in their mind.

Those who can resist, however, gain untold power. They can use dark, shadowy magic and gain a metamorphosis into a terrifying demonic figure. When trained, they can learn to coerce demons into servitude, and have a particular propensity for tracking and slaughtering creatures of evil.

Yet a demon hunter depends more on their physical fighting skills than their magic. They rely foremost on speed and agility to evade the blows of their enemies while raining down powerful counter-attacks. They often wear little clothing to promote fast and easy movement. Their weapons tend to be curved and wicked blades of all descriptions.

Over ten thousand years ago, Illidan Stormrage and his twin Malfurion were born into the kaldorei, or night elf, society in Kalimdor on Azeroth. Their society was opulent and without equal, and many night elves were accomplished sorcerers. Along with Tyrande, a female night elf studying as a priestess of Elune, and his brother Malfurion, Illidan enjoyed life. He was a natural at sorcery, and his amber eyes, one of the few things to separate him physically from his twin, was said to be a portent of a great destiny. 

One day the forest demigod Cenarius offered to teach Malfurion and Illidan the secrets of druidism. Malfurion took to the craft far easier and faster than Illidan, who often struggled with the most basic spells. Indeed, his lalent for sorcery, the traditional magic of the Highborne, bloomed far easier. His constant irritation and impatience for the druidic ways saw him expelled from Cenarius' teaching. Instead, Illidan focused on sorcery, and grew so skilled that Lord Ravencrest, a night elven noble, hired him as his personal sorcerer.

However as he aged, Malfurion and Illidan fought over the affection of Tyrande. She cared deeply for both of them, though she already leaned towards one brother, and unbeknownst to Illidan, it wasn't him.

At this time, the Burning Legion, working through the source of the night elven magic, the Well of Eternity, began preparations for the invasion of Azeroth. Charming Queen Ashara and her Highborne sorcerers, Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion, orchestrated the slow and gradual process of opening a portal to their world so that he may pass through it and consume all life.

The night elves fought back against the demonic incursion, Illidan being a major contributor in their early success. However his efforts were going unnoticed despite his great talent, even being pushed to the side by another mage he respected. He also discovered that Tyrande had chosen Malfurion over him, whether she was cognisant of it or not. To add insult to injury, the forces against the Burning Legion planned to destroy the Well of Eternity, the source of his magical powers. Feeling betrayed and forgotten, Illidan turned down a darker path.

Illidan joined the Burning Legion.

In truth, it was a ploy. He planned to steal the Demon Soul, an object of unimaginable power, to close the demonic portal and banish Sargeras. Of course, he stood to gain as well, as his plan would allow the Well of Eternity to remain. However, he presented this idea to the demon's benefit: he would obtain the Demon Soul and use it to usher Sargeras into Azeroth. As a 'reward,' Sargeras incinerated Illidan's eyes and replaced them with mystical orbs of green flame that allowed him to see all sources of magic, and covered his body in tattoos that augmented his sorcery. However, during this process, Illidan saw the true strength of the Burning Legion, and realised that even if they won this battle, the demonic horde would still exist and continue to threaten all life.

The Demon Soul was found, but used to strengthen the portal being birthed within the Well of Eternity. The night elves launched a final desperate bid for survival, during which Illidan stole several vials of the Well's waters. The night elves were victorious, and the disintegrating portal destroyed the Well. The enormous damage from the portal's collapse tore the very continent in two in an event known to all in Azeroth as the Sundering.

Unwilling to live without magic, Illidan poured several of his vials into a lake on Mount Hyjal, but was soon discovered by his brother and the night elf hierarchs. Having been deemed a traitor, Illidan was imprisoned in darkness, doomed to spend his immortal existence alone. The new Well of Eternity was consumed by the World Tree and blessed by Ysera, a god-like Dragon Aspect, and the threat of the Legion was ended.

10,000 years later, the Second Invasion began, and against Malfurion's wishes, Tyrande set Illidan free to defend against the encroaching darkness. On his first expedition, he encountered Arthas, a death knight under the command of the Lich King. Arthas informed Illidan of a demonic object of great power that was corrupting the night elf forests; the Skull of Gul'dan. If it was destroyed, if that meant absorbing its energy, the forests would be safe again. Illidan launched an assault on the base and was victorious, drinking in the artefact's dark magic and transforming into a night elf/demon hybrid. His newfound form easily bested the Burning Legion lieutenant Tichondrius, but his metamorphosis was not well received by Malfurion and Tyrande. Despite the good that he had done for his people, Malfurion banished Illidan from Kalimdor forever, believing that Illidan had sunk further into the machinations of the demons. Illidan acquiesced, leaving his ancestral home without argument, finally recognising that his sacrifices and achievements would never be recognised by his mistrustful brother and people.

Once exiled from his lands, the demon commander Kil'jaeden appeared before Illidan. He offered the night elf one final chance to redeem himself in the Burning Legion's eyes, and Illidan had little choice but to obey. He was tasked with destroying the Lich King, the spirit-infused armour frozen in ice that mentally commanded the Scourge, the undead creatures sired by the Legion. Illidan accepted, recognising a chance to eradicate more evil from his world while keeping the Burning Legion off his back for a time. However to accomplish this feat, Stormrage realised he would need assistance.

From the depths of the swirling Maelstrom where the heart of his civilisation had collapsed into the ocean, Illidan called forth the naga. These serpentine creatures heeded the call, led by Lady Vashj; they were once night elves, transformed into new reptilian creatures by their masters, the Old Gods. With their assistance, Illidan plumed the depths of the Tomb of Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion, and extracted an artefact called the Eye of Sargeras. With this item, Illidan assaulted the Frozen Throne, but the Lich King's greatest champion, the corrupted death knight Arthas Menethil, arrived to prevent the attack. The two clashed, and Arthas barely managed to prevail. Wounded, Illidan fled Azeroth and entered Outland, the decimated world of the orcs, while Arthas and the Lich King merged into a single entity.

Fearing Kil'jaeden's wrath for his failure to destroy the Frozen Throne, Illidan and his naga sought a place of refuge where they might be safe. During this time, Stormrage also began plans for assaulting the Burning Legion, realising that he could no longer remain passive to their threat. The naga assisted the blood elves, lead by Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, in a difficult situation, and Illidan promised to help them slate their thirst for magic if they allied with him. They gladly did so, and the night elf provided them with new sources of magic.

With these allies, Illidan assaulted the Black Temple where a pit lord named Magtheridon resided. The Broken, withered creatures that were once draenei, also offered their help to take back their ancestral temple. With their combined forces, they defeated Magtheridon. Illidan imprisoned the pit lord and used his blood to corrupt more orcs, bolstering his army with the monstrous fel orcs, while he began assaulting key outposts of the Burning Legion on other worlds.

In one such expedition, Illidan named Torandril, a night elf demon hunter, as his leader while Illidan was absent. He could not partake in the battle, as Maiev Shadowsong and a band of misinformed adventurers had arrived to take back the Black Temple and kill him. Despite the officers put in charge to defend the fortress, the battle against Stormrage soon took place upon the temple's roof. It was a tough battle, but in the end, Illidan fell. Close to death, Illidan's fevered mind produced an image of the one whom he had sacrificed so much for...

From there, things went black ... and then white, as Illidan came before a bald, glowing child.

- Illidan's eyes are normally not visible through his blindfold. However when aggravated or fighting fiercely, they glow green through the fabric. Likewise, when using magic, the tattoos on his chest and arms glow.
- While he may even reference it as such, Illidan is not truly blind. Indeed, his spectral sight affords him greater clarity than normal eyes do. He is very touchy about having the blindfold removed and will snap if anyone attempts to take it.

[Image: Illidan_Sundering.png]

Spectral Sight (Basic Enhanced Senses, Insight) - thousands of years ago, as a 'gift,' the demon lord Sargeras burned out Illidan's eyes and replaced them with magically empowered balls of green fire. With these he can still see, though light is no longer a condition of his vision. Instead, he is capable of 'seeing' all around him at any one time, though as a force of habit he generally only focuses on what's in front of him. This vision also lets him see the potential in others, reading their strengths and powers by simply focusing on them. It is through this power that Illidan identifies the demons and evil creatures of the world.

Flight - when in his Demon Form, Illidan sprouts a pair of leathery wings that enable him to fly. His powerful haunches also allow him to jump tens of metres into the air in both forms.

Master Acrobat - due to his light frame, quick reflexes and literal thousands of years of battle experience, Illidan is a spry and swift opponent, capable of moving effortlessly into complicated acrobatic manoeuvres even during a fight.

Burst Movement - after years of finely tuning his body into a whirlwind of death, Illidan can push his speed to the limit. In short bursts, the night elf can move so quickly that it appears that he has teleported. 

Telekinesis (Advanced) - while a formidable melee attacker, Illidan's true talent lies in magic. The ability to project force with his mind is a favourite of his, which he uses to secure distant objects, hurl multiple projectiles at his opponents or simply strangle them from afar.

Telepathy: Illidan can send and respond to mental communication through the use of magic. He can also use this as a basis for psychic attacks.

Regeneration (Advanced) - by calling on the powers of fel, Illidan can restore his body from injuries, including regrowing limbs (with enough time). His body also heals at a faster rate while resting.

Twin Blades of Azzinoth (requires Physical) - also known as the Warglaives of Azzinoth, these are a pair of dual bladed weapons joined by a small buckler in the centre. Illidan claimed them as his own after slaying a demon named Azzinoth thousands of years ago, and as such the demon forged steel is extremely sharp and durable. Illidan is deadly proficient in their use. As they are difficult to carry around, Illidan stores them in a pocket dimension when not in use. He can summon them in one second, and return them as quickly.

Felfire Bolt (requires Ranged) - after three seconds, Illidan summons a ball of green felfire the size of a basketball, and expels it at a target at the speed of an arrow. If Illidan charges the attack, taking six seconds, he can double the damage on the blast. Illidan can move while charging this attack, but he can't maneouver or dodge, ie. he has to move in the same direction and speed, though mostly he will be stationary. The bolt can hit targets reliably 100 metres away, and after that it loses its accuracy. As it is a magic spell, Illidan must focus on the conjuring and cannot utilise this with other moves. The base form can break concrete. While he can cast this more than once, it will take a toll on him slowly, and it will reliably weaken him after fifth or six casting. He can avoid this by spacing out the attacks.

Push (requires Telekinesis, Ranged, Ranged Materialise) - Illidan charges his telekinetic magic for 2-3 seconds and fires it in a rippling, focused blast three feet in diameter at the speed of an arrow. Often used to knock targets backwards or to destroy walls, Illidan must focus when charging, preventing him from attacking or using other moves. This will also affect any projectile that can be rebuffed by strong winds such as an arrow. While he can cast this more than once, it will take a toll on him slowly, and it will reliably weaken him after fifth or six casting. He can avoid this by spacing out the attacks. Traditionally Illidan will cast this from his hands, though he can also cast it from random directions to push objects towards him as well.

Confine (requires Telekinesis, Ranged, Remote Control) - Illidan charges his telekinetic magic for 2- 3 seconds and fires a green orb the size of a baseball at the speed of an arrow. If it connects with its target, Illidan's telekinesis encapsulates it, stopping them from movement. Illidan can then move them about and throw them away, the strength of which is based on his ATK stat. Illidan has to focus while doing this, preventing him from using any other abilities or moving around. The longer he channels it, the more he will fatigue. Illidan can only Confine one target at a time.

Fel Shock (requires Ranged, Debuff) Illidan charges green electricity that arcs around his hand and forearm for three seconds, which can be done while moving but not attacking. Once time is reached, Illidan thrusts his hand out and discharges a bolt of emerald lightning that travels at the speed of a bullet, with an effective range of twenty metres. It does no damage upon contact but creates a concussive force, launching anything hit by the bolt backwards with great inertia, determined by the users' DEF stat in comparison to Illidan's ATK stat. On equal stat footing, the target will be knocked back ten feet. The spell can be interrupted if Illidan takes damage while charging, and he can only cast it three times before it begins to tire him. 

Shadow Binds (requires Ranged, Debuff) - Stormrage summons dark tendrils that snake around his hands for three seconds, preventing him from attacking or moving. On completion, he fires them in a long winding helix that travels at the speed of an arrow, capable of travelling up to twenty metres. When connecting with the target, the binds encircle and restrict movement, tying up limbs and immobilising the prey. These binds stay in place for up to ten seconds. The spell can be interrupted if Illidan takes damage while charging, and he can only cast it twice in a five minute window, though it does not tire him. 

Fel Sphere (Ranged, Area Attack) - Illidan charges fel energies in his body for three seconds, unable to move or attack, and then throws his arms wide. The gathered magic expands as a dome from Illidan's body, its size starting at Illidan's dimensions. It grows in all directions until it has travelled five metres from Illidan's body. The strength of the magic blast is strongest right beside the demon hunter and weakens until it only knocks someone backwards at its end. This attack is great for dealing with a large group of weak enemies.

Illusion (Telepathy, Ranged, Ranged Materialise) - Illidan gathers power for three seconds, then reaches out with his hand. An image of a terrifying demon suddenly rising up from the ground appears right before the target, breaking their focus from Illidan for three seconds. The demon looks different from person to person; its appearance is based on something the target finds confronting or scary. However they tend to be around six or seven feet tall and muscular. Stormrage uses this technique generally as a distraction so he can escape.

Super Moves:
Eye Beam (Tier 1 Super Attack) (requires Ranged, Area Attack)- Illidan rapidly funnels fel magic into his body, forcing his eyes and tattoos to shine. After four seconds, he leans his head towards his target and fires two bright green beams of fel from his eyes. The beams are as wide as Illidan's eyes but travelling as a pair means their effective width is the distance from one end of one eye to the other (around seven or eight inches). The beams travel at the speed of an arrow. On impact, a small explosion occurs.

Mind Block (Tier 1 Super Defence) (requires Telekinesis) - when Illidan is under threat from a powerful attack, he calls upon his mastery of telekinesis and catches the attack, forcing it to explode at a safe distance (if a ranged attack) or rebuff or misdirect the attacker (if a melee attack). This requires intense concentration and quick conjuring of the requisite power, so it must be done sparingly.

Felfire Storm (Tier 2 Super Attack) (requires Ranged, Area Attack, Ranged Materalise) Illidan raises a hand and opens a portal in space-time, through which a shower of green fiery comets fall from the Twisting Nether, peppering an area fifty metres in diameter. This takes Illidan about three seconds to rip open the portal, and the shower lasts about ten seconds. (See this link for an idea; from 1:23 to 1:35, though instead of one huge comet, it's a whole bunch of smaller ones).

Evasion (Tier 2 Super Defence) (requires Burst Movement) - For a demon hunter, defence is all about not getting hit. Their fighting style ignores armour and usually even a shirt in order to focus upon mobility. When a T2 Super Attack is headed towards Illidan, he uses his remarkable agility to dodge out of the way, leaving a translucent copy in his place. This fake image can appear to the foe to have taken the hit, giving Illidan a moment to take advantage of their confusion.

Demon Form Illidan (Tier 1 Power-Up)

[Image: Illidan_and_demon_hunters.jpg]

After consuming the demonic energies within the Skull of Gul'dan, Illidan gained amazing new power, including this transformation. In it, Illidan grows a pair of leathery wings, two curling horns that protrude from his forehead, and his feet morph into cloven hooves. He gains incredible muscle mass, improving both his attack power and speed, and growing several more feet. His magic eyes constantly glow through his blindfold, as do his tattoos. In this state, Illidan is a ferocious and terrifying opponent.

ATK: 6
DEF: 2
SPD: 6
TEC: 4

Felguard Form Illidan (Tier 1 Powered-Up Form)

[Image: fdemonh.png]

Channelling and twisting Dracula's taint with the demonic energies already in his blood, Illidan has brought this nightmarish form to bear. In this state, he loses all of the demon hunter's characteristic speed and agility but makes up for it by becoming a walking tank, impervious to almost all injuries and wielding a terrifying new strength. He also becomes more bestial and less calculating, and while still in control, may find himself struggling to restrain his fury.

ATK: 7
DEF: 9
SPD: 1
TEC: 1

Dreadlord Form Illidan (Tier 2 Power-Up)

[Image: harbinger4.png]

Illidan taps into the full strength of his demon form, wielding power that surpasses even the mighty dreadlords of the Burning Legion. He takes on the attributes of his demon form (wings, horns, hooves, muscle and height gain), but his skin becomes jet black. Smoke constantly wafts from him, and all visible sources of his fel magic (eyes and tattoos) glow intensely green, even more striking against this charcoal form. His magic also shines brighter.

ATK: 8
DEF: 3
SPD: 8
TEC: 4


Flames of Azzinoth (Tier 1 Assist)

[Image: Flame_of_Azzinoth_TCG.png]

From his demon forged blades, Illidan can summon a fiery demonic elemental to do his bidding. Standing at four feet tall, the Flames of Azzinoth is a muscular, humanoid demon shaped within felfire and completely subservient to the wielder of the warglaives. The Flames of Azzinoth can perform the same attacks as Illidan.

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 1
TEC: 1


Poenari Castle, Pale Moors

[Image: wow-world-of-warcraft-1920x1080-wallpaper433672.jpg]

After a victorious battle against a hermit necromancer and his legion of ghosts, Illidan became the lord of Poenari Castle in the Pale Moors. A powerful river courses before its crumbled walls, the Poe River, which offers it a natural defence. A giant green crystal twenty feet in height hovers above the tallest spire and is visible from long range, allowing many extra features such as long-range communication and teleportation. However the fortress has been abandoned and left to ruin for years, leaving Illidan and his minions with the task of repairing it. It is from here that the night elf hopes to raise his own forces and grow an elite army beneath Count Dracula.



Lady Vashj

[Image: LadyVashj5.png]

The six-armed leader of the serpentine naga on the surface and second only to Queen Ashara, Lady Vashj has been a longstanding ally of Illidan. First called upon to assist with the destruction of the Frozen Throne, Lady Vashj and her naga forces follow the night elf in order to end the threat of the Burning Legion, as the naga's masters, the Old Gods, are also enemies of them. 

Lady Vashj is strong, intelligent and cunning. She is wholly devoted to Illidan and is one of his most trustworthy officers. She commands total authority among the naga and often assists in Illidan's campaigns. An excellent archer, she can also adept in wind and water magic. While she does not always understand his orders, and will question them if she needs clarification, she nevertheless carries them out.


[Image: Torandril-resize.png]

Torandril was a sympathiser of Illidan when word of his imprisonment reached him. Despite his great efforts in destroying the Burning Legion, he was punished for it. Once Illidan had consumed the Skull of Gul'dan and was banished from Kalimdor, he reached out to any who would follow him to battle the demonic horde. Having lost in the War of the Ancients, Torandril agreed to follow him to Outland and became one of the first demon hunters trained directly by Stormrage.

From there he grew in skill and leadership until Illidan recognised his ability and promoted him to a high-ranking position. During the attack on the Black Temple by Maiev Shadowsong, Illidan placed Torandril in charge of an attack on Mardum, a Legion outpost that contained a relic capable of unlocking portals to any and all Legion worlds. Torandril charged into the swirling vortex, only to find himself by Illidan's side in Poenari Castle.

Torandril is an expert demon hunter, having gained the honorific 'the Felslayer' after his heroic slaughter of a pit lord. He is strong, wise and obedient, but perhaps his greatest attribute is his stubborn perseverance. Torandril will never give up, even when others have succumbed to defeat.  

He wears a hood over his head to hide his felfire eyes, unlike other demon hunters who use a blindfold. He is capable of transforming into a demon like Illidan, though he lacks the height and muscle mass of his master.

Matron Mother Malevolence

[Image: MatronMotherMalevolence.jpg]

The leader of the shivarra. She has only recently rejoined Illidan's forces but is no less hungry to kill in his name. She can be serious but is often the one who attempts to lift the mood and make things lighter, though she will do this whether it is wanted or not.


[Image: Clawfang.jpg]

After Ronaldo's defeat, Illidan placed Clawfang in charge of his new prisoner. The werewolf's subservience, coupled with his joy in striking the defeated Ronaldo, earned him a place in Illidan's officers. Clawfang is a ferocious but simple creature, having lost his ability to revert to a human being long ago. However he is still capable of rational thought, though his intelligence does not place his cognitive abilities very high.

He has served Illidan as his main military advisor since Ronaldo's defeat, and was promoted to the head of Illidan's monster forces shortly after the Assault of Darkshire. He was also responsible for saving Illidan's life during that battle, and the night elf has not forgotten that. He is loyal to Illidan to the point of almost grovelling when he thinks he may be in trouble, perhaps fearing punishment more than placing his hope in Illidan's ideals. Whatever his motive, he is a powerful ally that Illidan can trust to get the job done.


[Image: felhunter_speedpaint_by_artsed-d60dfv1.jpg]

Illidan summoned this demonic dog of the Burning Legion after he met Count Dracula. Archimonde is a felhunter, a species of demon that can sense sources of magic and literally drink it with the mouths atop its shoulder tentacles. This can range from absorbing spells fired at them to sucking the flesh and therefore magic straight out of another creature's body, leaving behind a wrinkled husk. They are simple minded and ravenous, and quickly get excited when sniffing out arcane power. 
Archimonde is loyal to Illidan and obeys without question, though he will show disappointment if he's not happy with the order.

The Illidari

[Image: Illidari_banner.png]

The Illidari are the numerous souls who have dedicated their service to Illidan. They range from hardened front-line soldiers to wizened spellcasters to fel-infused demons. While their reasons for joining and serving may be many, they all follow Illidan to serve his ultimate goal of destroying the Burning Legion and any other foul source of evil in their wake. 


[Image: naga_royal_guard_by_wreckonning-d6er8nc.jpg]

Under Lady Vashj's leadership, the naga have served with Illidan the longest. These intimidating creatures were once night elves but were turned into their scaly, amphibious forms by the Old Gods. Having made enemies with the Burning Legion, the naga joined with Illidan to destroy them. The male naga are muscular and physically large, making them perfect for battling in close quarters, often wielding tridents, axes and large swords. The female naga are slighter and possess multiple sets of arms. They tend to take a ranged approach to combat, being excellent archers and spellcasters, but still capable of fighting hand-to-hand.

Demon Hunters

[Image: the_burning_rage_by_tamplierpainter-d9fhuf9.jpg]

Those that believed in Illidan's vision of fighting fire with fire followed the night elf and wished to become like him. Most have lost everything to the Burning Legion and sacrifice their lives to tread in the horrifying steps of the first demon hunter. To gain their twisted powers, they must slay and then consume the flesh of a demon, forever bonding its spirit and power to them. Their existence is one of constant struggle, trying to rein in the demonic urges while using their dark but potent power to slay the armies of the Burning Legion. They are all either night elves or blood elves and are trained in both hand-to-hand combat and fel magic. They also possess a terrifying demonic form they can call on for brief periods of time.


[Image: akama___warcraft_by_namesjames.jpg]

The Broken were once draenei on Outland but their forms were warped by the fel energies that ravaged their world. After Illidan freed them from orc and demonic oppression, they joined his forces to continue battling the unholy threat. Their battle skills vary from sneaky assassins to front-line warriors to warlocks and mages.


[Image: Eredar_Deathbringer_TCG.jpg]

Once known as the eredar, the man'ari are corrupted versions of their past selves. When Sargeras arrived on Argus, he promised their people power and prosperity the likes of which they couldn't imagine, but instead twisted them to his will. Those who serve Illidan do so for the new fonts of demonic energies that he affords them, while others have had their will bent and broken by the demon hunter. The man'ari are all warlocks and specialists in fel magic.


[Image: 51684f94f68037f50a11592b6e2179bc.jpg]

An all-female subset of demons, the shivarra joined Illidan beneath Matron Mother Malevolence because they felt Sargeras' vision of universal genocide was boring. These tall, slender demons are around twenty feet tall and, like the female naga, have six arms. Their talents lie in both combat, often wielding six blades at once, and fel magic.


Continuing his concept of fighting the Burning Legion with their own power, Illidan has gained the service of numerous demonic subspecies. Like the man'ari, the demons that serve him are all drawn either by his power or coerced forcefully. These monstrosities range from small imps no taller than a human leg to colossal rock demons spurting with green flame.

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