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Yuuka Kazami

Name: Yuuka Kazami
Spent OM: 14,600
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies: (3000); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Physical Strength Proficiency (1000), Area Defense Proficiency (400)
Powers: (1800/8000); Flight (1800)
Moves: (1200); Flower Shooting (600), Parasol (600)
Super Moves: (600); Master Spark (600)
Transformations: Inflorescence (1000) [T1 +2/2/0/1]
Unlocks:  Stat Point I DEF (1000), Stat Point II ATK (2000), Stat Point III DEF (4000)
Base stats
ATK: 6
DEF: 3
SPD: 0
TEC: 4
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

[Image: 642a364c-5183-4d88-cdac-552372755bd8_zpscq28egpc.png]

Art Source.

Yuuka is a Youkai- specifically, a force of nature itself. This makes her appearance a bit more mutable than that of humans- her hair may grow in length more rapidly or her eyes may glow or dim in shade, but it is not mutable to the extent she wouldn't be recognizable as Kazami Yuuka. Yuuka is around 5'5" tall, and has brilliant green hair and bright red eyes. She's not exactly skinny, but she carries her weight well enough to the point it's not immediately noticeable she's a tad overweight. When it came to her cardio, any human doctor would take one look at her and call her out of shape. One other notable thing is the utter lack of any scars or markings on her body, despite how many fights she's been in. That's not to say she hasn't ever been hit, injured, or even previously killed- it's simply to say that such marks don't stay on her body for long.

As an embodiment of nature, several things are "off" about Yuuka from a normal human. The first and most obvious thing to casual observers would be the fact she always seems to smell like flowers. This isn't just because she hangs around them so often, it's actually a part of her physiology. Another thing would be more obvious to something with superhuman (or at least very keen) senses. Yuuka radiates a sense of almost... unease about her. Standing near her for anything with the ability to sense this is like looking at something deep within the uncanny valley for humans. It's like she used to be something normal, and then something went dreadfully wrong.

Her clothes are usually always brightly colored- she likes them best. Red is her favorite, and she's most often seen in it. However, she also owns a few similar blue outfits, and she'll put those on once in a blue moon (pun intended). Almost all of her day-clothes are plaid, probably just because she likes the pattern. Or maybe because she's a huge lesbian, but it's your call if you want to ask. While she's asleep or at home, she also has some dedicated night-clothes. She sleeps a lot, so this comes up more often than one would think. However, she also doesn't take lightly to being woken up when she is asleep, so at the same time, don't expect to see them all the time. Her parasol is a constant companion of hers, not only for the fashion, but also because it assists her in shooting danmaku.
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

Personal Information

Character Titles: Youkai-san, Beauty of Everlasting Darkness, Flower Master of the Four Seasons, "Sleeping Terror", "Youkai Moe"
Alignment: Between Neutral and Chaotic Evil.
Age: Old as Dirt™. She's way older than 60.
Personality: Yuuka maybe used to be a good person. She isn't now. Yuuka Kazami is the kind of woman who lives for the thrill of challenges, battles, what have you. Boredom is her worst nightmare and greatest enemy. For the most part, she treats people more like obstacles (or at best objects) than living beings, with a few exceptions. She loves battles, be they for sport or for life. A fair competition that can ease her boredom is just as fun as a no-holds-barred spree killing in her eyes, this is true. However, in the event the first form of "game" is impossible, inadvisable, or she's actually upset, the second one is just as good in her mind. She has no interest in things that won't actually put up a fight, though- so the best way of preventing her from going after you is to not pose a threat to her in the first place, or at least to be dull as hell to fight.

They say you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. In Yuuka's case, that's quite true. She's old. Very old. By now, she's seen almost everything the world has to offer- perhaps if exploring sated her, she wouldn't be so keen on battling anything interesting that comes into view. But it doesn't anymore. She's more of a jaded person than anything else when it comes right down to it. But she doesn't want to just fade into obscurity and die like many old Youkai accept they eventually will. In a way, she's very stubborn and stuck in her ways. She seems to want to prove... something before she goes. What that is, it's doubtful even she knows. However, it's also possible feeling as if she's already near the end of her natural lifespan has boldened her even more- she feels she has nothing to be afraid of, since she'll die eventually anyway.

But all of this isn't to say Yuuka is incapable of being kind. She is fully capable of being polite and even nice to people if she's in the right mood. Note that her mood is the absolute key here. If she's even moderately entertained or occupied with something else, she'll be happy to be your average polite middle aged Japanese woman. Only when she's bored or you're actively preventing her from having fun does her unusually crabby side come out. Therefore, the best thing to be to Yuuka is amusing to keep around, even if that does mean she wants to fight you for sport every so often. It's better than having to fight to the death, of course.

Notably, she is... very possessive of things she likes. And hence very defensive of anything she considers to be hers. Her home. Her flowers. Her servants. She will beat humans to or near death without a second thought for daring to mess with her things- to "teach them a lesson," she would say. Usually she's at least kind enough to only threaten them with the specter of death the first time, but despite her lying issue, she really isn't kidding. Surprisingly she is less so about the inside of her home than the other two listed things, but this is likely because she formerly lived in the realm of dreams where any damage to it was easily restored.

She's a bit of a compulsive liar. There is never a reason for her lies, beyond that she wants to see how quickly she'll be found out. Usually they are about wholly unimportant things like her parasol or specifically to pick fights with people, unlike Mima who actually lies to get out of fights. Notably she has absolutely no sense of keeping up these lies, freely admitting she was lying the moment she's even close to being found out. She also tends towards figurative speech to give creative non-answers when she's not feeling invested in the conversation.

History: Yuuka lived in Gensokyo for a long, long time.

Yuuka lived in Gensokyo since before it was Gensokyo- and she lived elsewhere before that.

She recalls the majority of the outside world from before the boundary was made, though usually through snippets in dreams. There's something to be said of living your life as a concept, and that is that there is a lot to think about. Fairies don't usually do that much thinking, and that's where the difference between them and Yuuka begins.

Spirits of nature are typically single or simple minded. They don't need power- their immortal lives fulfill them enough. Yuuka is not one so easily fulfilled. Perhaps it was how broad her domain was, in the form of flowers. Perhaps it was more than that. Perhaps it was how long she was allowed to live. Perhaps she's just that kind of person. Perhaps there doesn't need to be a reason. But whatever it was, Yuuka tired of her role as nothing more than a mostly-harmless incarnation of nature. She became one who adored challenges- physical, mental, of willpower. She'd seek out power wherever she could find it.

And, eventually, she was something more than a fairy.

But life as a powerful one became dull. Now feared by humans, she was for a while a target- but this quickly lost its intrigue. Killing one exterminator and killing one hundred or one thousand exterminators is all the same after a while. If they keep coming, all the same, there's not much interesting about it. She was expecting a whole new world out of it. Something that would at last grab her attention, to pull her from her utter boredom of the same thing day in and day out. But all she found was a new routine.

She found her calling in the world of dreams. It's not uncommon for powerful Youkai to spend a lot of time sleeping- but Yuuka quite literally lived in the dream world. Her mansion, Mugenkan, stood there untouched for many hundreds of years- guarded by the ones of the lake, and then her own gatekeeper, Elly. You see, just because she was no longer perfectly immortal didn't mean she wasn't long lived. Even after losing her eternal youth and ability to return from death, her youkai-like nature protected her from ails. Her body still aged slowly, just not as slowly as before.

As all things, there was eventually trouble. She was awoken from her sleep by everyone's favorite protagonist duo, Reimu and Marisa. (Mima wasn't actually there that time, surprisingly.) They proceeded to beat her up for supposedly causing some incident she really had no stakes in, as they are wont to do at the flip of a coin. To be honest, she didn't even have any hard feelings over it, considering they were at least an interesting fight to be had and they did alert her of an actual incident with which to ingratiate herself to an entirely new plane of existence by abusing.

So. Makai. She kicked down the doors to the demon plane, guns blazing, looking for something to do with all this pent up rage from being awoken. Killed a whole lot of innocent civilians and not so innocent civilians. This did absolutely nothing but piss off the local goddess, Shinki, into coming down and giving her a firm talking to about respecting the rights of citizens and "hey Yuuka, did you know you just killed like half of our population? I know fairies come back but people from Makai actually die, jackass." To which she responded she just didn't give a shit about the consequences of genocide regardless and proceeded to beat Shinki's maid half to death.

Oh and Alice was there. She tortured Alice and stole her shit too. Sorry Alice.

After that, she'd started trying to work herself back into society again. Not to say Mugenkan doesn't still exist and she doesn't sleep there and live there, just that she has like, hobbies now. Hobbies that don't involve sleeping all day, Yukari. For the most part she spent her days lounging in the Garden of the Sun, or bothering the humans in the village with her presence when buying flowers. Or beating people up for getting too friendly with her garden. This was the new routine- she understood that.

The flower outbreak of 60 years was certainly also a thing that happened. For the most part her involvement was that everyone figured a flower Youkai was doing it, so of course they'd better come beat her up. She thus responded "not my fault this time either guys, god, i really don't get up to as much shit as you think i do" and rightly beat them senseless. She then proceeded to have a good time wandering around looking at flowers, beat up a death goddess to make her do her job properly, and then decided to punch the judge of the afterlife too because why not. She's like that.

After that her life was relatively normal until she was taken to the Omniverse. She watched some people fight in HM also, but that's not really relevant. Sure, she got up to some shenanigans, but they really aren't important enough to cover here.

Thus far in the Omniverse she's left the Nexus to go have a foray in the Pale Moors, gotten owned by a house, and is now hibernating again like a filthy, filthy powerful Youkai who has no sense of time management. Thanks Yuuka.

Weeb Speech Notes: Yuuka's personal pronoun is Watashi. Her second person pronoun is typically "anata," but if she is feeling testy, she switches to "anta." She pluralizes these to her whims, between -ra and -tachi, though her -ra is more harsh. She likes to end her sentences in "-nee?" In addition, when she's getting impatient or doesn't know what to reply, she just defaults to "de?," which I guess would probably just be "and?" or "so?" when translated. Sometimes she speaks in English too (or at least uses English words), so presumably she knows at least some of it. Strangely, she also uses the word "amaku" (literally "sweet") to refer to like, anything good- "strong, interesting, etc" in her case. Even in the PC-98 games, she refers to battles as "playing." Though she doesn't always do it, she occasionally calls humans "ningen." When she gets comfortable with people she likes to give them insulting nicknames to get a rise out of them, ESPECIALLY Reimu, who she's given two or three.

In PoFV, it's like, really clear that most of her teasing people is jokes. For example, though she really lays it into Lyrica before the battle, she still quite happily invites her back for a concert right after. Same with Mystia, who she basically scares the living shit out of at the beginning only to give an "itterasshai ne-!" at the end. When talking to Cirno, when saying she'll "mess her up," she uses "mess" in English. She also calls her sunflowers "kawaii" which is, fuck you Yuuka, you're a grown ass woman. (she also calls cirno "kawaii" but i feel like she meant to be demeaning there) This is like, emphasized further by the fact she uses "ara," "fuu-n," and "ufufu" in other sections of text. Oh, and she sings along when the musical characters play songs, which is also a bit moe, even if she tries to threaten them with it.

As for nomenclature... She tends to name her spells after old Japanese Idioms, I.E. [Kachoufuugetsu, Shoufuurougetsu] (Translating to "Nature is beautiful, and one would be a fool not to enjoy it" basically) and I'm pretty sure Moekaze is a shortened form of [Tsuki ni Murakumo, Hana ni Kaze] (this is also her catchphrase in PoFV- Good things come with the bad)? Her other spells, aside from Flower Shooting which is just the English words, REALLY like to assert "I AM FROM GENSOKYO" in their names. Probably because Lotus Land Story was the first game to reference Gensokyo in the first place. Reflowering of Gensokyo is a good example. Not to mention her "Fantastic Spring Flowers" uses "Gensou" as the "Fantastic," so in certain cases it may be better translated as "Illusory" to fit the theme? Mugenkan also uses the Gensokyo "Gen" Kanji, combined with the "Mu" from dream.
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

Abilities & Battle Stuff

Fighting Style: Yuuka doesn't really stick to any one style of fighting, and is comfortable fighting both at a range and in close quarters. However, she doesn't tend to move around a lot when she fights, basically rooting herself to one location on the ground (or in the air above the fight if a vantage point would be useful) and firing or striking from there. She also doesn't tend to take fighting too seriously, and is a bit overly confident in herself. So, often times she will trash talk enemies- or at least strike them with strange metaphors meant to be insults that go over their heads, even in the midst of battle. Usually her moves are meant to strike just once and very hard when they do, as opposed to being rapidly repeated or anything, and her reaction times aren't terribly quick. Though she carries herself as if she has an air of mystery and charisma, she is not above savaging enemies either if they upset her in any way. She enjoys striking fear into people, even just momentarily- not only her opponents, but observers of her fights as well, as she feeds on it as a Youkai.

Anyone willing to stop and have a conversation with her during a fight, though, may be treated a bit more pleasantly- though she still prioritizes winning over socialization. However, she may be more likely to joke about and have fun if her opponent is. And not like, literally kill them with no remorse the moment she finds an opening in their defense.


600 OM: Flower Shooting (Requires Ranged, Area Attack) - With a flick of her parasol, Yuuka summons a barrage of flower-shaped bullets in a line about a meter long horizontally in front of her. After about a second, these rapidly fire out at about the speed of a fairly fast baseball in a conical shape for about 5 seconds, reaching a maximum distance of 30 meters and width of 10 meters before their magic fades an they dispel. The downside is that further away, the bullets are farther apart and deal far less damage than they would at close range.[/color]

Yuuka can also charge this attack for about 3 seconds to fire a more shotgun-like volley of bullets. These are more powerful and have a wider radius near her, around 5 meters, but do not go as far- only about 15 meters- before dissipating.

Technically, Yuuka could move, change shot direction, or turn while firing this if she wanted to, but it would require taking her attention off of what she's firing at. Not to mention, she sure isn't going anywhere fast. She's usually too focused on fighting to move more than a few inches to either side. This is her form of a "basic attack", and hence getting hit by one or two of the bullets would be roughly equivalent to being punched with equivalent strength and windup time. While this attack itself doesn't require all of her concentration beyond the first casting, it would drain her attention enough to distract her from casting anything else, hence it's not able to be used with anything else. It takes about as much out of her as anything else for an out of shape, middle aged lady.

600 OM: Parasol (Requires Physical Strength, Area Defense) - Yuuka's parasol, in addition to being able to fire bullets for her other moves, can feasibly be used as a bludgeoning weapon as well. While not supernaturally sturdy, it is a fair bit moreso than your average parasol only used for blocking the sun. Think something similar to a golf club in sturdiness, like it was made to take abuse. It's about two and a half feet long, pale pink in color, and far more effective at hitting people when closed than open. Usually she uses it in a blunt force trauma way, but technically she could also impale someone with the metal tip of it if she used enough force. Both of these damage methods feel equivalent to what they logically should feel like as being smacked or stabbed by a hard metal pole, taking into account the user's attack and target's defense.

Since she always has it in hand, her windup time before using it simply depends on her reaction time to what's going on around her. (So, not exactly lightning quick.) Naturally, it's a bit heavier than most parasols, but Yuuka herself doesn't even seem to notice this. She can get a bit winded after repeated use of it. However, Yuuka also gets winded walking at anything faster than three miles an hour, so this isn't exactly surprising and owes more to her low endurance than the attack itself.

When it is opened, it is magically reinforced to be able to serve as a shield as well. It's about 5 feet in diameter and obviously, convex. Due to its shape it tends to naturally deflect things off at an angle as opposed to being good at blocking them head on. After all, it is lightweight and not the sturdiest material even when reinforced, prone to tearing and needing repair between fights if it absorbs too much damage. Because of its deflection property it is highly impractical to use while in motion, as more often than not that just results in attacks being deflected into Yuuka's face or kneecaps because the positioning wasn't quite right. It takes as much time to open as one would expect it would take an old lady (sans dementia) to open an umbrella, so like 3-5 seconds depending on if she's distracted or not. She cannot attack while the umbrella is open and serving as a shield, as it requires both of her hands and concentration to keep up the magical reinforcement.

It also smells nice, much like many of Yuuka's things.

600 OM: [Tier 1 Super Move] Master Spark (Requires Ranged, Area Attack) - By standing in place and charging for around 5 seconds, Yuuka concentrates her energy into her parasol in the form of a powerful beam of magical energy. The beam's direction is marked out by a thin beam of harmless light for about 3 seconds before it is fired. When it is fired, the beam is about 10 meters in diameter and 40 meters in range before it peters out. It advances at about the speed of a gently thrown object. It is most powerful towards the center, so while the damage near the center of the beam would be heavy, grazing the outside will not deal as much damage. The beam continues firing for about 5 seconds, after which it "closes" back into the original harmless beam of light then dissipates. Yuuka can't move or perform other actions while using or charging this attack, and she feels fairly winded after its use.


1000 OM: [Tier 1 Power-up] Inflorescence

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +0
TEC: +1

Drawing energy into herself from nature (not unlike the Spirit Bomb, in a way), flowers burst into bloom around Yuuka's person. Well, primarily in her hair. Other flowers near her will also turn in her direction, if there are any. But these are all harmless, visual effects- no more than a magic trick. Instead, the majority of this energy is used to reinforce her natural magical ability. Mostly to enhance the power behind her attacks, or the strength of her skin- but to some extent the rush of energy increases her awareness as well.

While beautiful, all things are temporary. When the powerup fades as she runs out of energy, the flowers on her wither and die, petals falling to the ground and disintegrating, leaving her as before.

Reference Image, though the exact flowers that bloom and their colors probably vary based on location and season- it's just the native flora. However, the effects are still the same.

Fodder: Yuuka, as a flower Youkai, can impart energy to make flowers bloom or withered flowers bloom again. She can also make flowers turn and change direction to face something or someone. Potentially she could also make flowers wilt, but since she likes their company, she wouldn't do that. It also seems she has a fairly keen sense of what would natively grow in an area, if anything- though this is likely just learned information. Of course, this wouldn't apply to any other sentient flowers or any flower-based attacks, since those aren't her domain. She also can't do anything extremely unnatural with flowers as it stands, like make them start growing inside someone or something (or even make summer flowers bloom in the dead of winter), since she's a force of nature and unnatural things like that aren't her domain either.
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

Potential Stuff

[Power] Phasing - Her pink orb form in LLS.
[Power] Stealth - She's capable of becoming invisible in her ending and extra end of MS.
[Power] Regen/Survival - Nice to have.

[Proficiency] Debuff - Eh, probably for some grabby vine attacks.
[Proficiency] Ranged Materialize - Goes with Debuff/Area Attack.

[Move] Add the defensive portion to her parasol - It can block some ranged hits while open. May wanna buff her DEF first though.
[Move] Reflowering of Gensokyo - Probably a ranged, flower-shaped area attack centering around her.
[Move] Said grabby vine attack - Some name like "Briar Grasp", maybe?

[Super Attack] Dual Spark - yeah idk if this requires anything with the body split but it'll be her t2
[Super Defense] Moekaze - Not sure if this should be a dodge or deflect type move.
[Super Utility] Form Split - Gotta find a more poetic name for this. Antinomy of Common Flowers though... Do I want to wait for it in hopes?

[Transformation] Seihou/Fae Form - Have wings, suddenly.

[???] Beauty of Nature / Kachoufuugetsu, Shoufuurougetsu - Not sure if this should be a Transformation, or a move, or a super move.

[Base] Mugenkan/Garden of the Sun, maybe

[Force] Rengeteki - Probably a Trapper?
[Force] Fairy Maids - Low-level Infantry?
[Force] Those like orb things or maybe the Evil Eyes - I HAVE NO IDEA but they exist. Probably Mobiles?

[Force Prime 1] Mima - She's so far into production she has an approved move and is nearly fully statted... So. She's happening like it or not.

[Further Force Primes?] If the other two were Shinki and Yumemi I would finally have my absolute domination over the PC-98 scene. Logically Mugetsu and Gengetsu would be more suitable, though. (But they wouldn't make sense alone, so they'd be purchased at once... Inconvenient.) Alternately, the Windows games Exist and I need to appreciate them more. The logical answer for another would be Medicine, but I'm not wholly invested in her character. Wriggle would be funny as hell and I DO really like her, I suppose- but does she need to be a Prime? Probably not, as a Stage 1 boss. ALTERNATELY ALTERNATELY, I could take Meira through Mima's link to her, and I do like Meira... Kotohime applies here, too. But again, these could be secondaries. Triple alternately, if I do end up doing Astral Verse quests with Sumireko and/or Doremy, I could commandeer them to my side at higher levels, too. Or I could throw sense out the window and just take Iku or Koishi, since I like them more. This is far out planning, though, so it doesn't really matter if I decide or not.
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

NPC List

i swear to god at least two of these will be used soon

[Image: ellyforov_zpslpiuffsu.png]

Full Name: Elly
Nicknames: Yuuka often refers to her in possessive- "My Elly."
Gender: Female
Species: Youkai [???]
Age: "Between three hundred and four hundred."

Visual Age: Her mid to late twenties, somewhere between 26-29.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: ~120 lbs
Build: Lighter and more delicate than Yuuka's, though not far from human average.
Hair: Blonde and curly.
Eyes: Golden.
Distinctive Features: Her scythe is never more than about 20 feet from her at all times.
Clothes: Typically, Yuuka dresses her as she sees fit- though she is spared the flashy tastes of the flower youkai, and often goes for more muted shades and simpler cuts of dress. Her hat is pretty unneeded, but Yuuka probably told her it was cute on her once and she wears it anyway.

Canon: Touhou [Lotus Land Story]
NPC Type: Secondary
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Gatekeeper/Domestic Servant [Mugenkan's]
Location of Activity: Camelot, generally around Mugenkan but she does errands elsewhere too.

Notable Abilities: She has Basic Telekinesis and the required proficiencies. (Ranged, Remote Control, Ranged Materialize) [Her stats are low, though- 1/2/1/1.] In addition, she doesn't need to breathe, and can survive for weeks at a time underwater completely unphased. Of course, doesn't protect her from attacks. She also doesn't eat much, though she does need to eat sometimes. [Can't help Yuuka in a fight until I buy her AS an Assist, though- and those two proficiencies too lol.]

Weapon: Scythe [300 OM, Requires Telekinesis (Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Remote Control)] [http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid115188][Approval][/url]

Because throwing swords is so last Tuesday.

Elly quite literally uses her Scythe as a boomerang in function. Throws it (her range is pretty good considering what the hell it is she's throwing- about 20 feet) in the general direction of an opponent, and pulls it back to herself using Telekinesis. She seems very practiced at it, and rarely messes up the catching phase even if she must drop everything to focus on recalling the weapon- but the throw sure isn't very accurate. It's meant more to corral opponents into going a specific direction than hitting them itself. And it is pretty intimidating to see a four-foot bladed object thrown your way at nearly twenty miles an hour.

Notably her scythe is bent and unwieldy at close range, and cannot be used as a melee weapon. She's gonna have to throw it if she wants to use it to any good effect. The scythe itself is supernaturally sturdy and almost impossible to break without a lot of effort. (In a phrase, it shares her defense stat.) Destroying it would also kill her instantly as her soul is inside it, so y'know. Bit important it doesn't break completely. Though her telekinesis itself is surprisingly not as physically draining as one would think, (it drains more on her concentration and mental state than physical stamina- repeated uses making her more likely to fumble intricate actions and overuse giving her migraines or tremors) her lack of real exercise winds her when actually throwing and catching the heavy metal object, and if she's not careful, she can lose her balance while doing so, especially if taking an attack at the same time.

Personality: Elly is good-natured and optimistic, and perhaps a bit too friendly for her job as a gatekeeper. She's very patient by nature- capable of spending months at a time doing the exact same thing day to day, almost robotically. She isn't terribly intelligent or strong, but she has a lot of dedication and is generally pretty pleasant to be around. To be honest she's a little clumsy, and is easily upset by her own mistakes. There isn't an ounce of self worth in her body- she's replaced it with loyalty. Elly sees herself as less of a person and as more of an extension of her master's will. It's far from a healthy mental state, but it seems she's been like this for as long as she can remember. Still, though she lives to serve and tends to go along with things passively, that doesn't mean she's unpleasant or even morose. She thinks and feels just like everyone else.

History: It's a secret. And by that I mean I'll type it up later. tl;dr she's a youkai that yuuka has sort of appropriated for her own use.

[Image: yrkov_zpsi4dxzvfs.png]

Full Name: Yuriko Ito
Nicknames: "Yurk" by me OOC mostly.
Gender: Female
Species: Human/"Anathema" [Night Caste Solar Exalted]
Age: Seventeen

Height: 4'11"
Weight: ~90 lbs
Build: Scrawny and sinewy- with no curves to speak of. A poor diet has stunted her growth. There is little fat on her body, all skin, bone, and muscle.
Hair: Silvery-white, silky, and usually pulled into pigtails or a ponytail.
Eyes: Pale blue, with a slightly purple undertone.
Distinctive Features: Her back is branded with the iconography of her former slavemaster. In addition, when deep in concentration or fervor, her Caste Mark- a glowing, silvery-lavender circle outline- appears on her forehead. When thoroughly engaged the light from this gets brighter and surrounds her in a rain of glowing "petals" of light. Like a Super Saiyan basically. (There are no effects from this other than visual.) She can suppress this involuntary effect by calming her mind, though.
Clothes: Yuriko's clothes have seen better days. Most don't fit her- they are hand me downs from the older slaves. Her shoes are almost all worn through in the soles. The iron collar around her neck is not for show- the heavy piece of equipment was intended to prevent her from escaping, though the chain has been twisted apart now. The only piece which she truly calls her own is the dark-colored hooded cloak she wears on her shoulders, the inside full of over a dozen pockets- each filled with knives of various calibers.

Canon: Original [PC in Exalted]
NPC Type: Secondary
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Street Rat/Former Slave
Location of Activity: From Darkshire- but is a wanderer, as she is homeless. Can be found anywhere there's bounties to be had.

Notable Abilities: Very talented in combat, for a secondary- she'd probably rival a first level prime. She has Stealth, Suppression, Physical Strength and Ranged Proficiencies, and tons of knives to use them with. [Her stat build would be 2/1/3/4.]

Weapon: Knives [600 OM, Requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency] [Approval]

Yuriko makes it a habit to carry no less than fifty on her at all times, of varying types. You never know what you'll need them for, of course.

They're good for all the things one could possibly imagine them as being good for. Stabbing people. Slitting throats. She's even trained to throw them- though her effective range with them is only about thirty feet, her typical overhand throw isn't blindingly fast or anything, and it's not easy to aim them without concentration. In the end they're just knives- no magic or anything. More ammunition than anything.

She can wield one in each hand in hand-to-hand combat, but her throw is better with her right. So she only throws one knife at a time. It takes her two seconds or so to retrieve a new knife from her cloak after she throws one, leaving her with just the handheld knife in her left hand for that duration. Usually she'll use this time to close distance in order to strike hand-to-hand or flee if she needs to.

Personality: Yuriko is afraid of her own emotions. She sees feeling as a weakness- and she hates that about herself. In her life, she seeks to do all things logically. When she feels things, she has learned it only results in her own pain- so she tries to lock up those feelings, those bonds with others, all of her caring and her sadness up inside of her, fearing that they are what will make her fall. The Solar Exalted of old fell prey to themselves before they fell to enemies, and she fears this will be her fate, too. Still, at her weakest, she'll let slip the cracks in her steely serious facade- she cares deeply for the innocent, and for their protection. Though detached, she will offer at times words of encouragement to the weak. Her most fundamental belief is that authority must be challenged, as it is inherently corrupt- and that all should look out for themselves.

History: Born on the streets, Yuriko was raised from childhood by a high-class businessman as his personal assassin. She was to take out the competition, any competition- to keep things profitable for her owner. Just keep the fall away from him. Just do as he said and be grateful for the food and roof over your head. Her memory is fuzzy as to when she stopped- she killed him- but she remembers the swirling storm of emotions around her, of pain, of anger, of sorrow. She remembers those feelings in each of the knives she threw, in each of her strikes to the neck. And they scared her. Since then she has been lost- doing any odd job to keep herself alive. Even now that she's in the Omniverse, she does the same- with no skills to market but her blades, her employment opportunities are limited.

Notes: Yuriko literally doesn't have anything to do with Yuuka. The two are probably never gonna interact, even- so I'm being a little lenient with her abilities just because... She's built entirely for something else. Don't ever let me claim her actions for Recognition on Yuuka because that would be totally stupid.

[Image: tumblr_inline_oxbel6lbCd1qfjm49_400.png]
img source

Full Name: Renko Usami
Nicknames: Typically just "Renko."
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Twenty One

Height: 5'7"
Weight: ~130 lbs
Build: Renko has a fairly androgynous build, not seeming to favor curves or putting on weight in any one area. She is not muscular at all, but not skinny either.
Hair: Dark brown (nearly black) and fairly straight, cut rather simply straight-across at the shoulders and sometimes tied up on one side with a ribbon.
Eyes: Rusty brown, though in some lights, they may appear more reddish- especially when she's using her ability.
Distinctive Features: Hat.
Clothes: Renko tends to dress in simple colors, black and white- occasionally throwing in an accessory in red. Usually she sports a white men's shirt and a long black skirt, but she'll wear a white blouse on occassion. If the occassion is formal, she'll add a tie or a bow tie. If it's cold, she'll put on a black capelet.

Canon: Touhou Project (ZUN's Music CDs)
NPC Type: Secondary
Alignment: Neutral Good
Occupation: Theoretical Physicist and Occult-lover
Location of Activity: She lives in T2 of Coruscant, but that doesn't stop her from exploring wherever seems to have interesting rumors about.

Notable Abilities: She has no abilities suited for combat- however, she CAN tell the exact time, to the second, by looking at the stars. Only in JST though, not in the actual time in the 'verse she's in. This is as useless as it sounds (and something most primes can do anyway) and she's still always the one running late for things. If the Omniverse had a moon, she'd be able to tell the exact location down to the GPS coordinates too- but it doesn't. Haha.

Personality: "All is based fundamentally on that which we cannot prove."

Renko is more familiar with this concept than one would expect of a woman her age. As physics becomes solved to a smaller and smaller level, the fact is there are things that need to simply be assumed, and not proved. The logical side of her mind doesn't like this. She sees the world in questions and answers, thinks all mysteries need solving- sometimes unable to appreciate things for what they are without wanting to explore them. It's a trait common in her family.

Still, she is good natured. She retains some sort of innocence to her- she wants to see the best in people. To an extent this is because she wants to know why they are how they are too, but it's not as pronounced. Even those most would find strange or out there Renko simply finds interesting enigmas- people she wants to understand. This is part of the reason she was so close to Maribel, of course.

Impatient is also another part of that innocence. At times, despite her logical nature, Renko's enthusiasm to learn will get the better of her. She will be sidetracked by any little thing even on the way to meetings (she isn't very punctual despite her ability), or she'll become overly focused on attaining the impossible just because she wants to know if it is possible. Often she needs someone more sensible to hold her back if she wants to achieve any reasonable results, lest she go off on an unrelated tangent.

History: Renko formerly lived in a future not too far away from the current world. Raised in Tokyo for most of her childhood, she ended up attending university in Kyoto researching String Theory. Notably, Physics in her world followed something called the "Grand Unified Theory," which had been created to merge all the forces together into one concise explanation. However, as time went on, it was found that human ability to study things like physics was dwindling- as the amount of energy needed for observation grew exponentially, so did costs, and eventually it would take the weight of the world or more energy in the universe for a single test.

It was a dead-end field, even if Renko was a natural genius. Though perhaps that was her pessimism settling in.

But at least there was something to keep her going.

Renko's love of the occult started when she was relatively young. It ran in her family to be attracted to it, as she would later learn- though perhaps her more reasonable, detached nature prevented her from falling into the cycle of her ancestors. But still, she had always liked it, and even in her adolescence was interested in things like ghost hunting and power spots. A bit of a weird hobby for a physicist, but what can you do.

In college she met Maribel Hearn- a psychology major who had similar occult-based interests. Together, the two of them made up the Secret Sealing Club. It was called a club for mediums and necromancers, though really they were more into exposing alternate planes of reality. It made the days go by quicker, certainly- though Renko was always becoming more and more aware that it was far more real to her friend than her.

She actually doesn't remember the exact events that transpired before she was brought to the Omniverse, she just kind of remembers waking up here one morning. But she's been surviving as a secondary relatively fine. Thankfully physics here are weird enough they're actually worth studying... Sort of.

Well, you can't say she's never gotten to experience magic anymore.

Notes: if renko heard about gensokyo residents existing here she'd literally nut


Canon Points Spent: 3/8
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
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