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Dawn Snow/Erika Lye

Character Name: Dawnika Snow/Erika Lye

Character Source: OC

Spent OM: 24,200

Proficiencies: (2600); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength(1000), Area Attack Proficiency(600)

Powers: (8000/8000); Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Foresight (1500), Burst Movement (800), Flight (1800), Basic Regen(1300), Hive Mind(400), Disassemble(800)

Moves: (3300); Epsilon Oriens (300), Oscurità (300), Moyashi(300), Steel Gauntlets(600), Fragmentation Grenade (300), Gladium (300), Calibur-X45 (300), E33-Veru (300), Demonic Power(600), Deployable Cover(300)

Super Moves(1400): Anarchy RPG-x3 (T1 Super Attack, 600), Fist of the Fallen(800)

Transformations(3000): Alt-Form: Erika Lye(2000), Alt-Form2: Alexus Krine(2000) Demonic Lineage(1000)


Items: MDD/COM(300), Vita Compass(800)


Consumed OM: Items(1100)


Unlocks(1000): Stat-up(1000)

Base | Alt stats:

ATK: 3 | ATK: 5
DEF: 1 | DEF: 3
SPD: 3 | SPD: 2
TEC: 4 | TEC: 1
[Image: EfV1VTk.png]
[Image: AshenBlades.png]

Character Name: Dawn Snow(Not the same one as when I first joined)

Character Source: OC

Character history:

Dawnika is an orphan. Her mother died from hemorrhaging shortly after giving birth to her daughter. As for her father, he died when she was eight in a fire. The cause of the fire was not an accident. Apparently Dawn’s father had been making deals with people and couldn't hold to his end of the bargain. Dawn made it out alive, with scars of burning across her back and her legs.

Shortly after this event, Dawn was moved to an orphanage with nothing but the clothes on her back. She became deeply depressed and this made her a less than appealing choice for adoption. At age sixteen, she attempted to commit suicide. Unfortunately for her, she wasnt very good with knots. The caretaker forced her to see a psychiatrist after this. This really led nowhere though because she never spoke to him, and if she did, it would be random and completely off topic. She didn't care much for talking.

When Dawn was 19, she learned of the problems her father had trying to keep his family from falling. The people he had been dealing with in drug was one of the most notorious gangs in thier area. When he couldn't get them the 'supplies' the wanted after fronting him the payment, the set his house on fire with him and his family, Dawn, inside. The enraged young adult couldn't stand for the injustice. Although her father was dealing in bad ways to handle his business, he did it for a noble cause. Her father deserved a fair trial for what he did, not death. Dawn used her entire months paycheck to load up on guns. She learned how to use them, especially the sniper, and was determined to put them to use. She found where this gang that murdered her father, and almost her, and took down 17 men. Ten of them with her sniper. They didn't even notice what was going on until the 8th one hit the floor. From all that training, Dawn has become well acquanted with her sniper rifle.

Now at the age of twenty and on her own, Dawnika works a decent job to keep herself alive. What happened next though would change her life forever. One day she woke up and there was a door in one of her walls that was never there. Where it came from or how totally eluded her. Naturally curious by this weird happening, Dawn opened the door. It swung open slowly for a second, but suddenly shot open and sucked the poor girl in. After it had taken it's victim, the door slammed shut behind her and faded into the wall. Disappearing from existence as if it was never there in the first place. This is when Dawn met Omni.

Character Appearance: Dawn is an average size young adult. 5’ 3” 130lb and a decent bust. Jet black hair looms over her back covering her shoulder blades, while deep blue eyes pierce through the blackness in front of her face. Most of the time she’s seen wearing black skinny jeans, a gray hoodie and a gray and black beanie. Accompanied with the beanie is a set of headphones that never leave her person.

Erika is a 5' tall blonde. Although she is much smaller is size than her alter ego and for some reason changes appearance almost entirely, she believes that she has lived Dawn's life. While one of the egos is 'awake' the other that is 'sleeping' wakes up with the other's memories believing they had lived them. Most details concerning specific things they did, such as things they said or did, will be hard to grasp on. Erika wears matching clothes to Dawn and carries the headphones as well.

Erika(Bottom) and Dawn(Top)
[Image: cyMQGJH.jpg[img]]
[Image: Revenge.Syndrome.full.1371739.jpg]


While was known to be quite the downer growing up, the welcome of the Omniverse actually has brought her spirits up. She sees this world as a chance to do some good. Only ever mourning death of her father, she is now putting that behind her and trying to do what he would want her to do: Live.

Dawn is a pretty quiet girl. Nothing personal, she just never has anything to say. The few times she talks is normally to herself, or to answer a question directed at her. If you get her on a topic of music though, that's a rare exception to her shy behavior.

Erika is crazy. Like medically approved sociopath. She doesn't step down from a challenge but only picks a fight with a specific target. This is normally her mark for the Blades. Her temper is shorter than her tolerance for mockery. Make fun of this crazy bitch and you can most certainly expect a fist to the face.

Although she seems mostly crazy, Erika is capable of seeing reason and being calm. Most of what affects the blonde's mood is situational. Just remember that she punches really hard.

Writing as Dawn:
When writing Dawn, always take note of dialogue. Dawn is quiet and will only speak to some one when necessary. She more often then not talks to herself. She only takes off her headphones when in engaged in conversation. As long as the other doesn't have suppression as a power, she can always 'feel' them with her sixth sense.

When it comes down to battle Dawn likes to keep distance, if she can help it. She likes to initiate combat with the first strike using Umbra Mortem, her sniper rifle. If she is traveling with an ally, she will keep position and offer fire support, when targeted, she will either try to move away and keep distance, or switch to a closer range weapon until her ally can assist her.

Writing as Erika:
Besides being completely mentally unstable, Erika does have some common sense and manners. This might be because of Dawn's effective personality to help people. Erika believes she has been the one living Dawn's life. Her background is obviously the same, but unlike Dawn, she has grown a strong hatred for mankind. Those who wrong others deserve death, no price less than that.

Erika prefers CQC over anything else. Although she is rather slow, so it can be difficult to close in on opponents. Once she gets within arms reach, her cause is just. No mercy, no reason to 'go easy' on an enemy. The sociopathic assassin will not allow you to escape so long as she breathes.


Strength: 3
Dawn seems to have grown slightly stronger from her exploits in the Omniverse, granting her nearly inhuman strength compared to her non-Prime conterparts.

Defense: 1
She’s a human girl, she's about as tough as one.

Speed: 3
A good runner and fast reaction speed.

Technique: 4
Talented if nothing else. Dawn has good reflexes and posture when it comes to doing just about anything.

Headphones - Enhanced Senses
A pair of gray headphones with a blue trim. Dawn wears these during battle. While it seems weird that she would cripple herself by not being able to use her hearing to her advantage, while wearing the headphones, Dawn seems to have so much direct concentration that her ‘sixth sense’ is amplified. She feels presences of most people even when she can’t see or hear them.

Wings of the Soul - Flight
Both Erika and Dawn sport a pair of demon wings that appear to be made of black fire, but produce no heat what so ever. They can be retracted and hidden within their body when not in use. When they are needed, the sprout from Dawn/Erika's back agressively, blowing small flames everywhere behind their body.
[Image: EfV1VTk.png]
[Image: AshenBlades.png]

Omniverse History and Friendships

If Anything, I'm a Rook Not A Pawn(Finished)
Ashen Wastelands: Road To Nowhere?(Finished)
The Hunt: On Ice(Finished)
Demons in the Snow(Fight Lost)
Scarred by Insanity(Mature, Finished)
Queens Chase Kings(Finished, Continued in Part II)
Queens Chase Kings II(Finished)
Check: Queen Threatens King(Finished, Death)

Impression - Good, Bad, Unmoved

Toybox Girl - An odd girl, I think she was a robot or something. In any case, I helped her fight off some bigger robots.

Renji Kiyomasa/Kuzuru - We met on some odd terms, but Kuzuru has proven to be a good leader.

Claptrap - Gods his voice makes my ears bleed but he's proven himself worthy as a fighter and that's enough for me.

Miranda Frost - Pretty mysterous gal, she seems like she knows her way around the battlefield though.

Koal Lynch, Personal Grudge - His eyes reminded me of myself. He also seems to have run off when he told me he was going to join the Blade's. I will find him.

Ballad - Sociopathic Murder. Nothing more to say.

Aegis - Met some dragon man in my search for King Ghidorah. Obviously I mistook him for Ghidorah but once I realized it was not him I put my weapon down.

King Ghidorah, Personal Grudge - "Remember my name: Someday, you'll run from the sound of it." -Dawn's dying words to Ghidorah.

Dawn is aligned with the Ashen Blades Faction and has connection with all of them.


Sera Toel - Camelot

[Image: shy_school_girl_x_grimmjow_by_sagishikaneko-d6agcdk.jpg]

Sera is a young girl who has recently been taken captive by a group of bandits to work for them. Beforehand, she was a shopkeeper’s assistant taking stock and other menial tasks. She is a shy, timid little girl too scared to stand up for herself. Her most notable feature, however, is the scar that scrapes past her left cheek to her nose. Beyond common knowledge, Sera has no experience with combat and likely would do terribly in a skirmish.

Lucario, the Aura Pokemon - Master of the Soul

[Image: my_pokemon_lucario_by_sapphire_the_cat206-d4m9ok1.jpg]

The Pokemon of the soul. Lucario is one of the few Pokemon that naturally understands human speech and speaks in human tongue through telepathy. He is a prideful pokemon that seeks to deepen his understanding of his inner being. Being in touch with one’s aura is said to lead to enlightenment, that being said, he also wishes to guide others into this understanding through vigorous training of the body and mind. Standard moves are Force Palm, Iron Defense, Aura Sphere, Feint, Quick Attack, and Double Team.

Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokemon - Determine Child

[Image: 17b3248912e476bc6647b3b4320073c9.jpg]

A young Pokemon with hardly any training of fighting. Togepi is said to be a Pokemon of love, but this one in particular has always been picked on for it’s feeble appearance. Although she’s been put down a lot, she doesn’t let it affect her. Recently, she’s heard of a Pokemon that trains others to become stronger; she searches eagerly to find him. Standard moves include Swift, Metronome, Wish, and Reflect.

Youmu Konpaku

[Image: 5cba2ca91adcd1d56c4881ffe7c3089b.jpg]

Youmu Konpaku is a determined, hard headed person. She is seen clad in green and armed with two swords: Roukanken and Hakuroken. The gardener used to tend the gardens of the Saigyouji estate before being dragged into the Omniverse where she now has no defined purpose beyond surviving Remilia's childish antics. She hopes to find her charge, Yuyuko soon.

[Image: EfV1VTk.png]
[Image: AshenBlades.png]

Epsilon Oriens(300) -Ranged

A well made bolt action .50 cal sniper rifle with a scope. The effective range of this rifle is about 750-1000m. If you let Dawn get that distance on you, you're probably already dead. The rifle is formed in a shadowy figure out of thin air, ready to use when needed. When it isn't being used, it fades away. It always looks like it's made completely out shadows. The clip of this sniper rifle is 10 bullets per mag. Dawn is fast at reloading, so it only takes about two seconds for her to swap mags.

Oscurità  -300OM (Req. Ranged Proficiency)

Oscurità is a special rifle that Dawn designed herself. Although it looks special compared to regular ARs, Oscurità is just as much a standard weapon as any. It shoots at full auto speed with a 30 bullet clip. Capable of unloading 10 bullets per second: This means it takes 3 seconds to empty a clip if Dawn held the trigger through a full magazine. It has decent range, normally best if used at close or medium range. The best range is usually point blank to about 20 meters, as it wasn't designed to be used at long range, even if it can still be used for long shots, but at a further distance, damage and accuracy will definitely be reduced. Dawn's sleight of hand allows the assassin to reload this gun with no problem, only taking close to a second to reload.

Moyashi - (300) Physical Strength

Moyashi is a sword created from the fires of a volcano. Other than that, it's just a normal katana. The blade is about 3ft long, give or take, and has jagged saw teeth that are used to tear off the opponent's flesh. Moyashi can be used with another weapon besides Dawn's sniper. Though wielding it with two hands generally makes it stronger and much more precise than with one hand. It's rather simple to summon which takes it only a second to spawn up. The sheath is hooked to Dawn's waist where she must put it if she wishes to use a two-handed gun.

[Image: f84cd1d67d03b12d156e94a4bebdb3d8.jpg]

Steel Gauntlets(600) - Physical Strength, Ranged Prof.

A pair of gauntlets made of steel. The provide some decent protection from the forearm to the hand but isn’t enough to protect from harsh blows.(This means it can’t be used to defend herself.) Although they are fairly simple and lack any kind of creative mechanism, these gauntlets greatly augment Dawn and Erika’s ability to punch things. They can be used with all Dawn’s other weapons. It takes 10 seconds to summon these gauntlets and while wearing them, they slow the wearer's attack speed. Punching without them would be somewhat faster but weaker.

Although they are regular gauntlets, they emit such great force that its reflected in an attack. With punching comes a wave of force that travels 15ft in front of the user. The force is emitted through a cone like makeup, where it reaches wider when farther away. Damage from this attack is less than a regular punch no matter the range but the further it travels, the less damage it does. The circumference of the cone is only 3ft so it doesn't reach very wide or far. It travels fairly slow(7.5ft/sec) and can be seen as a flash of light. Execution can be very fast and can be used often without massive consequence, but it is marginally weaker than making fist-to-face connection.

Anarchy RPG-x3 - Ranged, Area (T1 Super Move - 600)

This decent sized rocket-propelled grenade is meant to cause massive damage to a single target of a close crowd. It takes Dawn a few seconds to summon(as keeping it on her person could weigh her down substantially, disallowing movement entirely). Once ready, Dawn crouches down and fires at her enemies feet. The rocket flies generally quick, making it tough to dodge. The blast radius is a good two meters give or take. Dawn’s ammo for this weapon equals the current number of SP she has available. Erika can also use this attack, but will likely have to be rather close.

Fragmentation Grenade - Ranged, Area (300)

A hand-sized grenade that shoots fragments of shrapnel in a large explosion. The blast of the grenade can damage with a sort of force that can push them to the ground, though it doesn’t hurt as much as one would think. The real danger is the innumerable sharp, metal pellets the force launches. Each shrapnel piece is hardly a centimeter big, maybe two. The force blast reaches only three feet past the blast point, but the shrapnel flies between five and ten feet. The ignition is released by pulling the grenade pin, after that, it has 4 seconds until it blows up. Dawn can carry eight and only eight grenades of any type at one time. This means that if she has more than one type, she must determine what grenade she wants to use having only 8 slots. It can be thrown 10 yards from the user's stationary position. They are stored on her belt, ready for use when she is.

Calibur-X45 - Ranged (300)

A close ranged handgun light enough to be used with similar, lighter weapons. Its magazine holds eight rounds and reaches a maximum effective distance of 40ft. It can shoot one bullet per second. It is easy and fast to reload, at Dawn’s speed it only takes half a second; for Erika, about one second, but that makes it rather mediocre for damage. It comes with six reloads, including the current magazine it starts with. For convenient use, it is strapped to Dawn/Erika’s left thigh when not in use.

Scythe - Physical Strength (300)

A short-range upgraded melee weapon mounted on the off-hand forearm of the user for quick, murderous shanks and slashes. Very easy to use with little effort or training, but a skilled user finds themself advantagous in CQB. The two-pronged, dual-edged blade can be retracted and extende by a push of a button. It hardly reaches past the user's wrist(8in) but can be deadly if used correctly. Though the prongs emit a soft glow, they are made of sturdy, sharp metal, and both double edged. It's clunky to use with other weapons in hand, but the user's hand is free, it can be used without much problem. Scythe can be complicated to maintain, needing to charge electrical energy to be used. Once charged after twenty seconds, it can be used freely for the next ten seconds without a problem. After that time is up, it begins to recharge automatically during a fight. If broken, the Scythe becomes unusable until attended to, which takes at least five minutes of focus depending on the problems. Albeit a pretty over-glorified knife, Scythe is fairly easy to break. Granted you can actually smash the electronic attached to Dawn’s wrist, it will malfunction rather easily.


E33-Veru - Ranged (300)

A close range, pump action shotgun for those nasty close encounters. This weapon holds six bullets at a time in its chamber and is reloaded through the side with each individual bullet, making it a task to reload. Even Dawn takes a good five second to reload all the bullets; Erika takes ten whole seconds! All together she has 30 bullets, making for 5 full magazines. Every shot must be pumped to load the next bullet into the chamber. This takes only a second for both Dawn and Erika. Its range is also extremely short, only able to reach 10ft effectively, but it's much more effective when it's closer since it shoots with a spray. Two hands are required for this weapon, so it cannot be used with other weapons. The user must stop to shoot but can move with it in their hands.

Fist of the Fallen
Tier Two Super Attack(800)
Requires: Physical Strength, Steel Gauntlets

Imbued with rage for her fallen allies, Erika/Dawn puts all her physical strength into a single massive strike that is strong enough to shatter steel into pieces. The girl winds up a haymaker punch, taking about three seconds to gain some focused power(which can be signified by her arm gaining an aura of red, pulsating light) and charges her enemy, aiming to bludgeon her foe with a single attack of massive power. Once this attack is made, successful or not, it renders the Steel Gauntlet attack useless for about ten seconds while they repair themselves with the Omnilium infused in Erika/Dawn’s glove.

Demonic Lineage
Tier One Power-Up(1000)

[Image: Absol.png]

This power up can be used by both Erika and Dawn. The dramatic scene with the Demon Kage imprinting her soul onto Dawn’s body created a special demon-born illness inside of her. She now is a half demon and draws upon her demonic powers for short time. She, however, cannot use any guns when this form is active. The only differences one can note this with is a change to eye color(red) and hair color(silver)

Demonic Power
Complex Move(600)
Requires: Ranged Prof., Area Attack, Demonic Lineage

A black beam with a two-foot radius shot of pure energy released from the palm of the girls’ hands. This move is only useable when Demonic Lineage is active. With no charge, this beam only takes a second to release. If she decides to charge it, it can be charged up to three seconds in which the beam's power is amplified by double, but even so the power of the uncharged beam is relatively weak. In either case, she must stand still while charging and releasing this attack. Using the uncharged version isn't very tiring, but the charged version can wear out the half demon if used in succession too often.

Alt form - Erika Lye(2000)


Attack: 5
Some how a 5ft terror lies under the muscles of this woman. How she's so strong no one knows, not even herself. All people really know is that they don't want to be punched by her.

Defense: 3
Considerablly tougher than most normal humans. It may have something to do with the fact that Erika prefers close quaters combat and has taken many a gruesome punishments.

Speed: 2
What one excels in strength they lack in speed. Erika is fairly slow for a regular prime.

Techinque: 1
Beyond her abilty to punch really hard, Erika is hardly skilled in anything but hand to hand combat. Using simple weapons is optional, but most guns other than shotguns and pistols in close range will be ineffective.

Alt Form (2) - Alexus Krine [2000OM]

The aspect of emotion is a prominent feature of Dawn’s. It seems the demon form inside her continues to manifest and create odd types of personas of people. Dawn resembles her inner Despair and Sorrow; Erika has manifested Dawn’s Anger and Rage into a horrible blonde entity; and now, Alexus has softened and sewn out the repressed Happiness and Joy her life has brought her. Albeit a horribly small amount of happiness. The speed it take Dawn or Erika to change to Alexus depends on the body who is currently in control. Dawn will be faster, while Erika will be much slower. While she is capable of using them, Alexus prefers not to use guns, thus they disappear when she takes control. She sticks to magic type attacks or with simple melee weapons. Any simple melee weapon(while still have a physical form) become covered in ethereal flames. This is purely flavor and cannot ignite anyone.

[Image: tAG_34005.jpg]

Warding Shield - 300
-Physical Strength

Alexus manifests a magical field in her hand in the shape of a shield. It glows faintly of red and light blue coalescence. She can hold this shield easily for a couple seconds before it gets taxing, and it can absorb hits rather well, as well as any shield. It takes only 1 second to summon fully. It covers about 1m of area in a radius centered around the Alexus' forearm. This is a simple move used to block attacks. It’s basically a shield.

Flare - 900
-Ranged Proficiency

Flare is the simple use of fire. Alexus prefers the use of magic, but all forms can use this magical power. It can come out in two different forms: Through a bolt, or as a flamethrower spray.

The first use of flare comes out as a bolt. This is a flaming ball of fire that can reach up to 750F(~400C). The much more concentrated fire can severely burn those who get in the way. It can fly for about 15 seconds before it dissolves into the air up to 50m. The fire is launched from the user's hand after charging it for up to 5 seconds, but it is ready after 2 seconds. When reaching the fifth second of charging, the fire bolt is at full power and can cause third-degree burns to those of equal defense to the user's attack.(2atk vs 2def). Excessive use of the bolt form can cause the user's to become worn down, and leave them vulnerable through fatigue. If the attack is held for more the five seconds after it's max charge, it will explode in the user's hand, causing harm to themselves.

The flamethrower has a much shorter range. It shoots a straight line of fire forward from the user's palm up to 2m. It is charged for two seconds before it can be ignited. Once ignited, it can be blown for about for 10 seconds straight until the user stops. If stopped prematurely, it must be recharged to use again. The user can move at half speed while casting both versions of the spell. The flames aren't as intense as that of the fire bolt, but it can be used more freely, which means it takes less energy to preform.

Searing Aura - 300
-Area Attack

Fire is a girl's best friend...right? An aura of fire surrounds Alexus(the only form capable of using this magic) that lightly harms anyone who gets too close to her. Those who get too close can suffer slight burns after some time near the aura. After charging for 5 seconds, Alexus releases a cloak of searing flames around her body that gradually burns anything around her for up to 30 seconds. After performing the cast of the spell, Alexus can move freely, but she must hold completely still and focus entirely on her spell without interruption or else it will fail. The range on this attack is a five foot radius centered on Alexus for the duration and can use other moves while it's active. It can be interrupted while charging, but cannot when active unless dispelled by a valid move.(or by throwing water on the girl)

On Alt Transformation
Everytime Dawn and Erika switch between each other(This is normal sporadic and unintentional.) a burst of black flames erupt from their mouth and evelope the body in a large flame that looks something like an unbloomed rose. This transformation takes only seconds, but for Erika>Dawn, the blonde refuses most of the switch, causing it to take longer. I ask that you get my permission, or allow me to use the alt form switches.

When switching to Alexus, the speed of which this occurs is governed by the current users stats, as per to Omniverse rules. I would like it if you warned me before you try to switch her form, or just allow me to do it myself. All of Dawn's forms know nothing of the others, so Erika has no idea Dawn exists and Alexus has no idea Erika exists. Keep this is mind when roleplaying one of her forms.
[Image: EfV1VTk.png]
[Image: AshenBlades.png]

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