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Koal Lynch

Name: Koal
Spent OM: 10200
Consumed OM: 1000 (Refunds)
Proficiencies: (1000): Physical Strength (1000) Ranged Proficiency (1000) Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (2200/8000): Advanced Super Jumping (500), Master Acrobat (300),
Moves: (1500) Demonic Claws (300)Twin Swords of Despair(600)Heaven’s Wrath(600)
Super Moves:
Unlocks (3000): First Stat Unlock (1000) Second Stat Unlock (2000)
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3


At first glance, Koal would appear to look like a healthy young adult, unweighted by the stress and pains of the world. Yet if one were to look deeper, there is something inherently wrong with his image. Victims have reported they can never pinpoint exactly what it is, only that the feeling is present. His black hair is just long enough to sweep down below his violet eyes, which shift to blood-red when emotionally charged. His face is narrow and has an air of nobility, characterized by high cheekbones and dark, shaded eye sockets. His fair skin is marred by horrendous scarring that is a telltale of his time under the boot of the Nazi Organization, Valkyrie (Most notably, arcing burn scars from electric shock). His physicality is a light build, the muscles of his arms and legs toned and slim, like a runner or swimmer, and is deceptive of the true strength that he possesses.

Head: N/A 

Torso: A silvery-white shirt, with a black leather jacket that seems almost a size too big for him, hanging slightly loose on his shoulders. 

Arms: His arms, under the sleeves of his jacket, are covered by a shifting, black mass of dark energy that forms his claws. The energy is seen to be constantly shifting and pulsing in tandem to Koal's heartbeat. These shadows dissipate when not in combat, though they lie just beneath the surface, ready to be employed at any moment.  

Legs: Black jeans. 32/35 waist and pant length accordingly. Show off his legs and show a small admission to vanity and pride on his part. 

Feet: Black leather combat boot. Sleek design with steel-reinforced toes for maximum velocity and damage upon impact.

Background (Condensed)

Koal, growing up under the Nazi Regime following the German victory in the second World war, was one of the have-nots. A large portion of people deemed "unfit" to blend in with the rest of society, and yet tolerable enough to be left alive. Death was almost a preferrable fate. He had nothing to his name save for the clothes he wore/. His father was an unknown, for he had died before Koal was born, and his mother and sister were all that he had in life. He did manual labor jobs to provide for a roof over their heads and a few meager scraps of food. Living like this until his twenty-first birthday, Koal was then approached by a man and given a job offer. To volunteer for an experiment in exchange for a large sum of money. The choice was laughably one-sided and unfair. And even if he refused, they would likely have him arrested and he would be forced to cooperate. With his mother and sister took care of, Koal was subjected to several months of torture; everything from poisons to lashings to daily beatings. They broke Koal, and in his place built a monster of war. He didn't even have a name. On the night of his twenty-second birthday, following a session with his tormentors, gave up on fighting his wounds and died of a combination of shock and blood-loss. In the space between the corporeal world and the afterlife, Limbo, Koal was approached by a figure once again. It whispered promises of power and revenge. Of Koal being able to protect anyone else from having to suffer the way he did. All he had to do was give it his soul. Agreeing, Koal was reborn as a half-demon hybrid, and he hunted down and killed everyone in the facility. Thus Koal was pulled into the Omniverse.



If you had to describe Koal in a word, it would be haunted. His mind and body were ravaged in his own world, and despite the fact that its not happening anymore, he finds it hard to escape the brutal torture that he was subjected to in his own world, as well as the guilt for the innocent lives that he has taken. He is wary of people he doesn't know, though he does make an effort not to be overtly hostile when he is introduced to new people. His way of speaking is sarcastic, and at times, downright psychotic. When trapped under a blood-haze, he doesn't give his conscience any thought and is mostly focused on the kill. When around friends and allies, Koal is often reserved and quiet, though will maybe crack a joke or try to lighten the mood in some way.

Koal is extremely hurt and broken on the inside, and yet his pride will never allow him to submit to it without a fight. When confronted with an obstacle, Koal will try his best to overcome it himself, and often refuse help from anyone out of a fear that he will appear weak and worthless. He is fiercely loyal to those he does place his trust in and would fight to the death with and for them, even if it means that hell suffers all the more for it. This stems from his childhood and the fact that he never had anyone to stick up for him, and his desire to have a type of family again.


Dr. Doom
"I mean, Doom has been by my side through hell and trusted me with things nobody else knows. It's a nice feeling."

"Anyone who likes guns is okay in my book. Just as long as I can keep an eye on him, we're cool."

"I literally just met you, and you smell like a walking, talking aerosol can."
“For the words of a vow are sacred not only among men and the angels, but among the demons as well.” 

― Howard Schwartz

Demonic claws: 300 OM Requires Physical Prof.

Almost an organic structure, the black armor that encases both of Koals arms is structured in a way to provide maximum mobility, while sacrificing the safety of range. At first glance, the material sports a muscle-like pattern, as if you had peeled away the skin and were looking underneath. If inspected further, they appear to be a writhing mass of shadows. The claws extend three inches away from Koals fingertips and cal retract back if he wishes it. He can only use these if he is within four feet of the target, as anything else would be a waste of time.

Dual Swords of Despair (Physical Cost: 600.)

A design supplied by the newly formed Seraph, these Blades show expert demon craftsmanship. Simple in design, but articulate as well, they are constructed of an ebony metal, silver and gold engravings running up from the hilt into the blade, forming images of despair and torment. They sit on a double scabbard on Koal's back for easy access, and can be used at the same time, or individually. The sword situated to the top is slightly shorter and thinner, allowing for quicker and more prescient strikes, whilst the sword situated in the lower scabbard is slightly heftier and longer, making it slower than it's smaller counterpart. They can be summoned on the fly and used whilst moving.

Heaven’s Wrath: 600 OM Requires Area Attack, Ranged

A lightning based attack, this move can be used to throw highly volatile bolts of lighting at enemies and do AOE damage in high concentration (AOE is five foot radius around point of impact.) the bolts, Scarlet red in color, must be charged for a minimum of three seconds for basic effect, and can be charged for a duration of nine seconds for maximum effect. Koal is unable to use this move while in motion and must concentrate whilst charging the bolts. This move can only be used outdoors, or near a large source of electricity.  The bolts themselves manifest in a bright crackle of energy between Koal’s hands, before they are thrown at a speed of ~60mph, and are thrown in a manner similar to a spear. In the event that Koal takes damage while charging his  attack, the electricity will dissipate into his own body, harming him.
“For the words of a vow are sacred not only among men and the angels, but among the demons as well.” 

― Howard Schwartz

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