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Lord Zedd

Name: Lord Zedd
Spent OM: 17,200
Consumed OM (300): Items (300)
Proficiencies (3000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Shield Proficiency (400)
Powers (4800/8000): Survival (2000), Master Acrobat (400), Integration (1000), Shapeshifting (1400)
Moves (2700): Z-Staff (300), Volt (600), Dragon Dagger (300), Today's Weapon (900), Today's Blast (600)
Super Moves (1,400): Dragon Deflect (600 - Tier 1 Defensive), Electric Pulse (800 - Tier 2 Defensive)
Assists (2000): Putty Patrol (T1 - 1000), Today's Trouble (T1 - 1000)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Artefacts: Grand Champion Belt (2018), Space Stone
Unlocks (3000): First Stat Upgrade - DEF (1000), Second Stat Upgrade - ATK (2000)

Base stats
ATK: 3
DEF: 5
SPD: 2
TEC: 2
[Image: zedd2018.png]

Lord Zedd
"I am Lord Zedd, emperor of all I see."

[Image: latest?cb=20090723022335]


Lord Zedd appears to be a combination of skinless muscle and metallic accessories. He always appears the same, and his single most defining attribute is his unique face plate that he is never seen without. Often, either when exceptionally angry or when utilizing his magical powers in some way, his visor will glow bright red.


Lord Zedd's emotional state is usually somewhere between "angry" and "furious." After countless failures against Zordon and his forces, Zedd is hesitant and careful, even in moments of clear victory. That said, he is all too happy to gloat and relish in any moments of success he achieves, and usually attributes it to his own doing, while blaming failures on others. He is at his core corrupt, dark, and pure evil, believing himself to be the supreme being.

Fighting Style

Lord Zedd is loud and boisterous in any combat situation. After several millennia of slaughtering his way across countless galaxies he has seen many unique tricks and techniques, and is not often surprised or impressed anymore. Those two traits combine into him spending most of the fight loudly deriding his opponents and even allies. He does not prefer to jump around the arena, and will instead attempt to tank many blows unless he's learned that it is just too much for him to withstand. He has no preference for his physical or magical attacks, and will alternate between the two styles at will. In melee situations, he will use his staff far, far more commonly than his dagger, however. Zedd is essentially the loud, mocking tank of his team. And he hates his team.



Lord Zedd rose to power nearly ten thousand years ago. After the defeat of Zordon, which he played an instrumental role in, the forces of darkness were left to compete only with themselves for total domination of the known universe. Lord Zedd waged wars for control, and eventually ended up with a sizeable Empire in what became one of the bleakest sectors of space. He was constantly battling the other forces of darkness, however, which kept him and his army sharp and ruthless.
Word reached him that Rita Repulsa had escaped from her prison, and was in battle with Zordon, who was reaching through space from another dimension to aid a new team of Power Rangers, different than the ones that existed several milenia ago on the planet Eltar. Zedd swooped in and took over the battle with Earth, and attempted to crush Zordon and his team of heroes.
To his great surprise, he was unable to gain any traction on the Power Rangers. They thwarted him at every turn, and his schemes became increasingly desperate. To add to this, his domain shrank and was conquered by the Machine Empire in his absence. Eventually the machines came to Earth, and with superior numbers, drove him away.
With few followers left, Zedd was forced to become a vagabond. He lurked and waited in the shadows, seeking the right moment to strike against the machines. To his great pleasure, King Mondo also had no luck against the Rangers. It was in a moment of weakness that Zedd struck, assassinating much of the high council and forcing the machines to retreat. He was in no condition to battle the Rangers yet, but his point had been made. He was back.
It was while celebrating his victory, and returning to his throne room on the moon once more that he was whisked away to the Omniverse.


Lord Zedd arrived in the Nexus, and was immediately confronted by Imperial stormtroopers. Upon realizing his powers had drastically decreased, he instead joined them. Shortly after his arrival in Coruscant he officially joined the Empire, where he helped deal with many threats, including the Vorticons and the Darklings. After a short and ill fated break to voyage into Dante's Abyss 2017, he has remained in the Imperial verse as a low end enforcer.
[Image: zedd2018.png]


ATK: 3
Much of Zedd's strength has left him since his arrival in the Omniverse, but he still packs a strong punch behind any blow.

DEF: 5
Lord Zedd's greatest asset is his ability to shrug off many powerful attacks. Often, he can be heard laughing maniacally in the midst of a battle with an underpowered foe.

SPD: 2
Although he has a predisposition towards walking everywhere with an intimidating gait, Zedd is capable of moving fairly quickly.

TEC: 2
Zedd is talented with both his staff and his magical powers.


On top of being a natural tank to begin with, Lord Zedd is capable of shrugging off any actual wounds he takes with little difficulty. He can be stabbed, shot, and maimed, but will continue to power through them. He only succumbs to the damage he's taken when it is enough to make him lose consciousness or outright kill him.

Master Acrobat
This power is exclusive to the Putty Patrol. Zedd, though capable of flips and cartwheels, almost never does them. The putty patrollers, however, are nearly always jumping and flipping as a means of transit.

Zedd does have the ability to phase into the environment, but it is not yet refined. This can be ignored in combat, as he will not likely utilize it and this was only purchased for use by his monsters.

Zedd's shapeshifting abilities are weaker, and cannot be maintained in most combat situations. Though he is capable of temporarily disguising himself as another being, it is limited and easy to interrupt and it can be assumed that he won't utilize this in a real fight. This power is basically purchased for his monsters.



Z-Staff (300) – Lord Zedd’s staff is a six foot long metallic rod that he uses in hand to hand combat, and also as a conduit for his magical energies. At the top is a stylized metal “Z” that he sometimes releases spells from but is also sturdy enough to strike and deflect blows. At the bottom of the staff is a point that is sharp enough for stabbing or impaling. Zedd dissolves his staff into thin air when he is not using it, and when summoning it to the battlefield it only takes a second to materialize into his hands. This durable staff is his go-to weapon.

Dragon Dagger (300) - A a short dagger, with a blade length of approximately one foot. At the center of the hilt is a mouthpiece that can be used to play it as a musical instrument, which makes a trumpet-like sound, and three valves on the handle to help control the sound. These musical notes can have a wide range of effects, depending on what Zedd needs. The primary purpose of the Dragon Dagger, however, is as a simple melee weapon. Zedd keeps the weapon stored on his left hip for a fast draw and can use it in either hand, and in combination with any other weapon if he so desires.


Volt (600) - Lord Zedd points the “Z” on his his staff (or simply either palm, if his weapon is unavailable) at a target and unleashes a lightning bolt from it at his opponent. This bolt looks and travels much like a regular lightning bolt, just coming from an unusual source. Upon impact with the target it makes a very small, localized explosion (compete with smoke and fire) that only has enough spread to damage that one person/object. An alternative variation of the spell trades power for range, as Zedd can cause the explosion to be up to six feet wide in exchange for it being much weaker. Zedd can fire the first variation of the spell just as quickly as he raises his staff or hand, while the second variation requires a two second charge before it can be unleashed. When wider version of the attack is charging, it can be clearly seen by a small ball of electricity that forms at the end of his staff or hand, which then becomes the bolt. The attack requires most of his concentration, preventing him from doing much else. He normally remains stationary while utilizing it, but he can, at most, walk very slowly while using it.

Dragon Deflect (T1 Super Defense - 600) - By playing a fairly simple (yet specific) tune on the Dragon Dagger, and also concentrating on the intended affect, Zedd can nullify any attacks up to the first tier of strength, as long as he maintains the song and has the personal energy to do so. There is very little fanfare to the deflection; any attacks that this move stop simply disappear upon contact with his mutilated skin with there is a brief flash of green light.

Electric Pulse (T2 Super Defense - 800) - Zedd expels built up electrical energy from his body, resulting in a whirlwind of blue lightning bolts surrounding him for a brief duration at a radius of 10 yards. This electricity is enough to repel most attackers and shred almost any ballistic or energy attacks to nothing while it is active.


Putty Patrol (T1 Assist - 1000) - Zedd materializes five clay-like creatures around him, and they fight alongside him for as long as they can. They move erratically and make very odd noises at all times, but are skilled enough brawlers and blindly loyal. They are not the most durable creatures, either, and are prone to defeat after just one or two well placed hits.
[Image: d09cbceb-bca8-427a-8692-617560c41974.gif]

Stats (collectively)
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
SPD: 2
TEC: 1

Putty Patrollers may utilize Master Acrobatics

Today’s Trouble - (T1 Assist - 1000 OM) Zedd casts a beam of energy from his staff or bare hands into an inanimate object or more (up to three) in the arena. If multiple objects are targeted by this technique, they are combined into a single point for the duration of this move. The object grows into a six foot tall, sentient (though low intelligence) monster that will loyally fight alongside Zedd until it is defeated or dismissed. The exact shape, style, and name of the monster is completely dependent on the items used to create it. After exiting the battle, the objects used to create it fall harmlessly to the ground, in the exact state they were in before being utilized as an assist. Zedd cannot use this move to disable an opponent’s weapons or artefacts.

ATK: 1
DEF: 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 1

Monsters may use Master Acrobatics, Integration, and Shapeshifting

Today’s Weapon - (900 OM) The created monster is able to build weapons out of whatever substance it is made of, or out of pure energy if necessary. They can be short, medium, or long melee weapons, with various shapes that serve the same function (the medium one can be a sword or a club, for instance). The weapons are moderately powerful and sturdy, and can be destroyed with a large enough blow. The monster is able to create the first one instantly, but any replacements require at least five seconds to create. The monster can have up to two active melee weapons at a time.

Today’s Blast (600 OM) The monster is also able to fire energy attacks that may or may not be made of a relevant substance to it. Otherwise, the attack will be made of pure energy, but functionally there is no difference. It can fire weaker energy blasts, approximately the size of a baseball, at a rate of one per second, becoming exhausted with continual use of this attack beyond ten uninterrupted blasts. It can also charge a single ranged blast for five seconds, but will need to rest at least fifteen seconds before firing another charged attack. The charged version is about three times the size of the uncharged. Both versions of this attack are only able to damage a single target, and they move roughly as fast as a fired arrow. The maximum range of either is about fifty yards. The monster may fire from its mouth, hands, or any unique appendages it may have, like a tail or wings.
[Image: zedd2018.png]



A former stormtrooper promoted to fighter pilot, Knox is well known for his aptitude with vehicles of any shape and size. He is an extremely skilled pilot and it shows even with his limited training. However, like his good friend Cade, he isn't quite capable of taking things seriously in the Omniverse. He isn't one for formality and customs, and while not insubordinate, he isn't the most co-operative teammate outside his unit. He is best friend with Cade, who he freely jokes and pranks with, does his best to look after Grace as she didn't have the experience the others did upon arriving in the Omniverse, and has a crush on Laci he hasn't yet acted upon.

Description: Caucasian male, light tan. Blue eyes, brown hair typically cut very short.
Personality: Jovial, laid back. Extremely difficult to get rattled, as he doesn't really believe he has a place in the Omniverse. If he dies in battle, so be it. He doesn't have a deathwish, however. He simply finds it difficult to take this ridiculous reality seriously.
Strengths: Naturally adept fighter pilot, apparent even with his limited experience. Capable in hand to hand and firearms.
Weaknesses: Poor mechanic, right arm prone to spasms as a result of an injury from his time working with Lord Zedd.

Equipment: E-11 Imperial Blaster, SE-14r light repeating blaster
Vehicles: Incom T-65 X-Wing (custom black and red paint)

A black skinned man with a shaved head, he stands slightly taller than the rest of his squad. Of the group, he has the most formal military training, though not by much. He is still a decent shot, as well, but his real talent lies in his physical strength, as he works out quite a bit. He's still no match for a well trained prime or secondary, but he separates himself from the pack when it comes to the common rabble. Like the others he is laid back and prone to joking around.


Somewhat directionless in the massive sandbox that is the Omniverse, Grace took up a role as a fighter pilot alongside Knox after a tour as a Stormtrooper under Lord Zedd ended. She is the most unsure of her squadron, but still puts her best foot forward. She views Knox and Cade as big brothers, and Laci as an older sister, but is likely closest to Knox just by sheer time spent goofing around with him. She can take awhile to open up to others, but is a good friend and a valuable teammate once she learns what she's doing.

Description: Caucasian female, light tan. Green eyes, red hair at shoulder length, typically tied up in a bun.
Personality: Laid back, but a little uneasy. Opens up very well with friends but struggles with new people.
Strengths: Expert mechanic. Great team player.
Weaknesses: Weaker combat senses, not able to take charge.

Equipment: E-11 Imperial Blaster, SE-14r light repeating blaster
Vehicles: Space Dynamics Arwing (custom black and red paint)

The last member of the group, Laci seems to always have a deep tan to match her golden blonde hair. She was an athlete before becoming a stormtrooper, which gives her a great deal of endurance and also a good understanding of the amount of teamwork required of her squad. She is very well rounded with her talents, able to shoot and fight just as well as any other. She tends to be a bit vain about her appearance, but never lets it get in the way when things get bad. Like all other members of the squad, she is far more loyal to her team than the Empire.

Character Relations

Player Primes

Graowr/The Future Warrior - Graowr is a fellow Imperial, who was assigned to work an extermination mission into the depths of Tier 7 with him. Zedd has warmed up to her considerably, though he finds her chipper attitude to be a source of constant frustration.

Morene Fellon - Zedd worked with Morene during the Dark Data saga and begrudgingly respects her for her combat and leadership abilities, though he finds her personality insufferable.

Jak Mar - Zedd views Jak Mar as a loyal enough warrior for his efforts alongside him in the Dark Data saga, but nothing more than a temporary ally. Zedd hasn't quite figured out the distinction between Karl Jak and Jak Mar.

Desman Black - Desman is viewed by Zedd as nothing more than a machine for waging war, and cast him aside with little care when the robot was overwhelmed in battle.

Mad Bull - A brawl with this oversized prime ended in a draw, though Zedd lost the relic they were racing for, during Dante's Abyss when they were swept away by the ocean's current. Zedd would love a rematch on solid ground.

Violet - Zedd was partnered with Violet for Dante's Abyss 2018. They both share a strong desire to reach the top, though they haven't quite clicked as a team. Zedd senses that Violet is far more knowledgeable about the Omniverse than she lets on, but for now is content to utilize her as a partner to help reach the finish line.


Elliot Hunt (The Future Warrior) - Elliot Hunt is a stormtrooper assigned to Graowr, therefore Zedd worked alongside him during the raid on the Vorticon menace. Though his four stormtroopers are old friends of Hunt's from training, Zedd shares the same disdain for the secondary as he does the others.
[Image: zedd2018.png]

RP Log

Lord Zedd arrives in the Omniverse, where he learns a little bit about the powers that bind it together.

Proving Grounds (Quest: Hand of the Empire)
Upon journeying to Coruscant, Zedd attempts to join the Empire. To do so he must track down an illusive recruiter for the underground gangs.

Invasion of the Vorticons (Unique Quest)
Partnered with fellow prime Graowr and a band of stormtroopers, Zedd travels to the depths of Coruscant to combat a lurking threat.

No Rest for the Wicked
Zedd only gets a moment's breather before being deployed on a new mission.

Putting out the Call (Dark Data Saga: Prelude)
Zedd is among the many primes gathered to combat the Dark Data spreading through the Omniverse.

Descent (Dark Data Saga: Coruscant)
Working with Morene Fellon, Jak Mar, Desman Black, and Dante, Lord Zedd descends through Coruscants tiers in search of the darkling base.

Dante's Abyss 2017 (Site Event)
Lord Zedd joins the Omniverse's premier combat event over a misunderstanding.

Bow Down
A chance encounter with various villains in the Nexus leads to Zedd bringing them to Imperial territory.

Villains Rising
Zedd breaks away from the band of villains to seek more power.

Hell Strain
After months of grunt work, Zedd is assigned a new handler and a new mission - recovering a deadly virus from a street gang.
[Image: zedd2018.png]

This post is just a semi-organized bunch of information that clarifies where me and my characters are going. The OOC section is just my RP etiquette so there's as little confusion as possible, while the IC side is simply character quirks that I had nowhere else to put, or were so important they're worth mentioning again. I'll be constantly updating this as I think of more things.

OOC Notes - Writing with me.

-I'm perfectly fine with RPing someone else's character, and them using mine. I tend to wait a few posts before using someone's character simply because I like to get a feel for the way they write them, but this isn't always the case. It's usually something I figure out in advance.

-Post order is nice, but not necessary. If my life takes over, I have no problem being skipped. Likewise, if it simply makes sense for another writer to go instead of me, that's cool, too. I also have no problems with double posting or anything like that.

-The amount of time between posts isn't a big deal. If we aren't in contact at all I'll wait a little over a week, unless I know for sure you're coming back. If I do go a separate way, I'll typically use NPCs and the environment to respectably and believably separate our characters, that way you have enough to work with when you come back.

-Post length does not matter to me, either. I tell the story in however many words it takes. That said, I obviously try and get both characters into the fortnightly.

-If you have any questions about my characters, feel free to PM me.

IC Notes - Writing with Zedd

-Lord Zedd does not make friends easily, nor does he have much of a desire to. His alliances are all out of necessity to survive in the Omniverse.

-Zedd is skilled with his staff, as well as with magical attacks. When in a fight, no move has any real priority over the other, so as a writer feel free to utilize anything in his skill set without worry.

-He is also a frequent talker, and will constantly taunt opponents mid battle. He is fairly well spoken in these taunts.

-The safest assumption when writing as Lord Zedd is that he does not like your character, and is only tolerating their presence. Unless they're fighting, in which case he's not even doing that. He believes he is superior to all others.
[Image: zedd2018.png]

Total Achievement Points = 95
[Image: Rank1.png]

Personal/Character Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png] [Image: S_Fire08.png] [Image: S_Buff02.png]  [Image: I_Key05.png]  [Image: I_GoldBar.png]  [Image: S_Holy06.png]

Community Achievements
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Influence Achievements
[Image: X_Letter01.png]

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements

One-Time Achievements

Personal Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle – Post your first Post (5)
Summoning - Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5)
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
Deuces – Have another character (15)
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)

Community Achievements
Community Star - Be voted as a User of the Month (10)

Purchasing Achievements
Friends - Purchase a Summon of any kind (5)
Super Powered - Purchase any type of Super Move (5)
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10)

Exploration Achievements
Pomp and Poverty – Post 5 times in Coruscant (5)

Influence Achievements
Movin' On Up - Successfully join a Faction (PC or NPC) (10)

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements

One-Time Achievements
[Image: zedd2018.png]

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