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Jim Raynor

Name: Jim Raynor
Spent OM: 24500
Consumed OM: (300)
Proficiencies (4000): Ranged (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Shield (400), Debuff (1000)
Powers (5100/8000): Basic Super Jumping (300), Stealth (1200), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Advanced Regeneration (2200)
Moves (3300): C-14 Rifle/AGR-14 Rifle (300), Revolver (300), C-10 Sniper Rilfe (300), C-14 Attachment: Bayonet (300), C-14 Attachment: Grenade Launcher (300), Psi-Blade (300), Arm Mounted Shield (300), Grappling Hook (300), Sentinel Missiles (300), Flamethrower Attachment (300), Viking Mini-Guns (300)
Super Moves (2800): Hellfire Missiles (T1 Super Attack - 600), Combat Shield (T1 Super Defence - 600), Mini-Yamato Cannon (Tier 2 Super Attack - 800), Interceptor Drone Defence (Tier 2 Super Defence - 800)
Transformations (5500): CMC Armor (Alternate Form - 2000), Stimpack (T1 Powered-Up Form - 1000), Marauder Mode (T1 Powered-Up Form - 1000), Goliath (T2 Powered-Up Form - 1500)
Assists (2500): Widow Mine (T1 Assist - 1000), Adjutant: Autopilot (T2 Assist - 1500)
Items: Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Unlocks (1000): 1st Stat Point (1000)
Base stats | CMC Armour:
ATK: 2 | 4
DEF: 2 | 4
SPD: 2 | 1
TEC: 5 | 2

T1: Stimpack | T1: Marauder || T2: Goliath:
ATK: 4 | 6 || 9
DEF: 4 | 6 || 8
SPD: 4 | 2 || 2
TEC: 4 | 2 || 2
[Image: jimsig.jpg]

"After everything we've been through, past all the fire and fury ... the one thing I know is that we can count on each other to get the job done. Or die trying, if that's what it takes.

Because some things are just worth fighting for."

[Image: jim_raynor_by_tamplierpainter-d3ndub6.jpg]

Commander James Eugene "Jim" Raynor

Source: Starcraft Universe
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Terran
Height: 6' (out of armour) / 6'5" (in armour)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Jim is, at his core, a good guy trying to make the universe a better place. He is selfless and humble, rarely achieving something without his troops knowing that they were critical to the success. He also feels loss of life keenly, whether they be nameless innocents he's never met or the soldiers that follow his orders into battle. He is friendly, open and trusthworthy, yet he's not easily swayed from his opinion once it's made, regardless of the consequences. He is also intelligent and analytical, gaining valuable experience in his involvement with leading vigilante insurgencies both with Arcturus Mengsk and against him. He's no stranger to leadership or being on the front lines of battle.

Jim can come off rough around the edges if under the wrong circumstances. If someone gives him cause to be concerned or angry, he won't hide it. Yet if he's meeting with someone on neutral ground, they won't see this side of him.

Despite his kind and empathetic demeanour, Jim is no push-over. Having once been an outlaw, and living in a near-constant state of conflict for most of his adult life, Raynor is tough as nails. While he would prefer not to kill, he will not hesitate for a second if it becomes unavoidable. He understands that practicality has to come before sentimentality.

He has a love of antique weaponry and machines. Even his pistol is a replica of an old design, except it actually fires.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

- Jim is an excellent pilot. Having driven diverse vehicles from the hoverbike vultures to the grand battlecruiser Hyperion, Jim has a knack for quickly learning how to drive almost any vehicle, land air or sea.
- He is a fan of the vulture, considering it a classic, but not everyone shares that viewpoint.
- Jim loves a good drink. While he'll have a good ale, he's particularly partial to bourbon. He's also a fan of cigars.
[Image: jimsig.jpg]

Mini-Reaper Jumpjet (Basic Super Jumping) - in the CMC-400, Jim is capable of propelling himself up to 10 metres in the air.

Cloaking Device (Stealth) - Interested in trying new approaches, Jim has obtained a cloaking device similar to those used by the ghosts of the terran military. He is more likely to use it outside of his suit, but it can be utilised in either state.

Scanner (Basic Enhanced Senses)  - Jim's arm unit and CMC-400 armour have scanners installed that allow him to sense objects in a twenty yard radius regardless of his ability to see them.

Medical Nanobots (Advanced Regeneration) - Jim carries a limited supply of medical nanobots used by Terran medics. He can inject these into himself to accelerate the healing process of any wound, including severed limbs. The CMC-400 has a delivery system; outside the armour, Jim uses syringes that he applies himself.

C-14 Gauss Rifle/AGR-14 Rifle (req. Ranged) - The C-14 gauss rifle is the standard issue rifle for terran marines. It fires thirty rounds per second of hypersonic 8mm metal 'spikes'. Jim tends only to use this in his CMC armour as the kickback on the weapon is tremendous if not reinforced. The weapon is stored in the cavity of the CMC-400's right leg.

The AGR-14 rifle is much kinder to a non-steel suited Jim. Closer to a standard semi-automatic rifle, it fires the same rounds per second, but the damage on it is considerably weaker. However, the kickback can be handled without a mechanical exo-suit.

Revolver (req. Ranged) - Jim's weapon of choice. A six chambered revolver that fires a bullet a second, but with a heavy hit. Jim needs to reload the weapon after six shots, which takes about five seconds. Not a weapon that can afford to miss, but Jim's carefully trained eye usually means he doesn't.

C-10 Canister Sniper Rifle (req. Ranged) (300) - The C-10 canister sniper rifle is the weapon of choice for ghosts, spectres and terran snipers everywhere. It fires a 25mm antipersonnel 'canister' projectile at incredible velocity, at one round per five seconds. The rifle can hold five rounds, after which it takes another five seconds to reload. Using the advanced scope, Jim can accurately hit a target from a kilometre away, though he has to compensate for terrain, wind, etc. Beyond that, hits are not guaranteed. While he can use this in his CMC armour, Jim is much more skilled with the rifle outside of it. He stores it in the compartment of his CMC-400's left leg.

Arm Mounted Shield (req. Area Shield) - Jim carries a portable version of the metal shields that terran medics use while healing soldiers in the midst of battle. Deployable in two seconds from his left wrist in both forms, the shield covers a touch over Jim's standing height (6'2") and is wide enough to protect both Jim and another, as long as they're practically hugging him. The shield is more resilient while wearing his CMC armour as it draws from its strength, but the cut-down version is still better than nothing.

C-14 Attachment: Bayonet (req. Physical Strength) - with a flick of a switch, a foot and a half long blade extends from beneath the C-14 rifle's muzzle. Generally only used in a last ditch situation, if the ranged target quickly becomes a melee one. While it can be used to cut and slash, its primary use is for stabbing.

C-14 Attachment: Grenade Launcher (req. Ranged, Area Attack) - the C-14 rifle comes with a small grenade launcher attached to the underside of the weapon. It fires a round a second, holding 8 rounds in all, and the CMC armour reloads the ammo in about six seconds. Jim only carries two full clips at a time, so he can use a maximum of 16 grenades in a single engagement. With an effective range of 100 metres, the grenades fly in an arc, requiring careful aim to hit a target, and explode in a six foot radius, strong enough to destroy concrete. The grenades travel at about half the speed of an arrow. While the bayonet can still be extended during firing, Jim cannot fire the C-14 rifle bullets at the same time.

Jim can also use grenades outside of the armour, but to a lesser extent. He keeps 6 grenades on him at any one time, and throws them manually, giving them an effective range of about 30 metres. They also follow an arc, but because they aren't propelled by a machine, they only travel as fast as Jim can throw them.

Psi-Blade (req. Physical Strength) - an old holdover from his protoss buddies. Jim can activate a two foot long psi-blade from his right wrist in both forms, a flowing weapon of blue energy. This can be used in and out of the CMC armour, but has more muscle behind it in the suit. However, in an engagement where technical proficiency matters, he's better outside the armour.

Grappling Hook (req. Ranged) - Jim has a motorised grappling rope stored in the glove of his left arm, and a compartment on the left arm of his CMC-400 armour. When aimed, Jim fires the rope with three prongs that can grab ledges, items or people. The prongs can also open and fold outward so that they act more like hooks on a standard grappling hook. The rope can reach 50 metres and travels about the speed of an arrow. Once it snags something, Jim can reel it back to him, or reel himself to it, 
depending on its size/weight ratio to him. It's strong enough to lift Jim in his armour, so while the rope can be broken by a character with high ATK (7+), it is unlikely to.  If the rope breaks, it's out of commission until he has downtime to repair it.

The speed of the reel-in varies depending on the target. Something light like a gun or sword would return at the same speed it flies out at (arrow speed). If the object is heavier than him, he would travel towards it around the same speed. Anything between those two (ie. an item that would draw back to him, but not particularly light) would slow by degrees as the weight went up.

Flamethrower Attachment (req. Ranged, Area Attack, Debuff) - once activated in the CMC-400 armour, Jim can switch the hand out on his right side from a robotic hand to a flamethrower barrel which takes about four seconds. Once active, Jim can spray red-hot flames up to 35 metres away in a cone that gradually grows from 15cm to 1.5 metres at its greatest distance, taking about five seconds to reach maximum range. Jim can move but it slows him considerably. The potency and intensity of the flames decrease the further the flames travel from the barrel so Jim tends to use it in close quarters situations. Jim is capable of a continuous spray of fire for 15 seconds after which time it requires 5 seconds to cool down. However Jim can use it in shorter bursts without worrying about overheating. Jim has a minute and a half supply of flames in one engagement.

The flames will also burn and damage flammable substances and can sear flesh, leaving painful scalds that will continue to ache after the fire has been doused. As this is Jim's dominant hand, he can't wield guns, their attachments or his psi-blade, but can still use his grappling hook and arm-mounted shield with his left.

Super Moves
Hellfire Missiles (Tier 1 Super Attack) - req. Ranged, Area Attack - Jim summons a missile launcher, taking a few seconds. The launcher has eight long-range Hellfire missiles, which are usually mounted atop a Goliath assault walker, but Jim can wield by balancing the weight on his shoulder. All eight mini-missiles fire at the same time and stream towards the same target. Each missile itself is weak, but they explode in a cluster, wreaking massive damage.

Combat Shield (Tier 1 Super Defence) - req. Area Defence - When under threat from a powerful attack, Jim bolsters the strength of his arm mounted shield, its outer edge thickening with extra sheets of neosteel. The shield can absorb any Tier 1 Super Attack before breaking.

Mini-Yamato Cannon (Tier 2 Super Attack) req. Ranged, Area Attack - Jim summons a large cylindrical cannon about ten feet long and balances it on his shoulder. The weapon charges a miniature version of the Yamato attacks synonymous with the terran battlecruisers, which takes about three seconds. It then fires a long, rippling bolt of reddish-orange energy that detonates on impact, causing a massive explosion.

Interceptor Drone Defense (IDD) (Tier 2 Super Defense) req. Area Shield - with the help of Karax and Swann, a new feature has been built into Jim's CMC-400 armour. Miniature versions of the Interceptor drones used by the mighty protoss carriers deploy from his suit and swarm around Jim, destroying incoming projectiles or sacrificing themselves to rebuff physical attacks.


Stimpack (Tier 1 Powered-Up Form) - housed within the CMC-400 suit is a stimpack administration system, capable of injecting a potent cocktail of drugs directly into Jim's blood. The stimpack gives Jim heightened reflexes and speed, bolstering his combat potential.

ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

Marauder Mode (Tier 1 Power Up) By connecting various modules into his CMC-400 armour, Jim outfits his marine suit into a marauder. With greater strength and defence, he can prove a bigger threat. His Impaler rifle functions are integrated into the suit, though he generally uses grenades that are in his Impaler rifle, subject to the same restrictions, and his Flamethrower attachment.

[Image: Marauder.jpg]

ATK: 6
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

Viking (Tier 2 Power Up) - Jim summons a Viking, an assault walker common to Terran forces. Standing at 12 feet tall, Jim sits in its centre and controls its actions. It comes equipped with two mini-guns and Hellfire missiles mounted to either shoulder.

[Image: Viking.png]

DEF: 8
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

Viking Mini-Guns (Requires Ranged) - Jim's Viking sports two automatically fed mini-guns attached to the left and right side of the walker. They can fire 30mm bullets at a rate of thirty bullets a second. The Viking keeps a store of bullets that allow firing without breaking for five minutes, though Jim would usually use it for burst fire. The guns can overheat if fired longer than 30 seconds at any one time; if overheated, the weapons are disabled for 20 seconds. Firing the guns also decreases Jim's movement speed by 1 SPD to compensate for kickback and aiming systems. He has to manually aim the guns, and they can be slow moving; a fast target (SPD of 4 or more), if constantly jumping about, can be difficult for Raynor to track accurately.

Widow Mine (Tier 1 Assist)

[Image: WidowMine_SC2-HotS_Art1.png]

An enhancement to the standard spider mines carried by vultures, the widow mine is a small, quadrapedal robot with basic armament and combat capabilities. It can fire small Sentinel missiles at a target, use its spider-like legs to leap long distances and attack physically (though this is a last resort), and dig deeply into the earth, effectively hiding itself from sight. When that fails, it can activate an experimental cloaking device to vanish completely. While not very intelligent or powerful, it can make for a useful diversion in a tense situation, or as an effective scout in dangerous terrain.

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 1
TEC: 1

Sentinel Missiles (Requires Ranged) The widow mine's main attack. The robot can load a missile in three seconds and fire it at the speed of a missile, with an effective range of fifty metres. The attack does moderate damage based on its ATK stat. The widow mine requires another three seconds to reload before firing, but after launching five, it must construct more, at the rate of one every ten seconds. The widow mine must become stationary and cannot perform other functions while attacking.

Adjutant: Autopilot (Tier 2 Assist) 
Jim allows his adjutant AI to take over his CMC-400 armour, allowing both him and his suit to attack an opponent.

[Image: jim_raynor_from_starcraft_2_by_yojirous-d6mvawn.jpg]

ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 1

Alternate Forms

Jim Raynor (Standard)

[Image: starcraft_2_jim_raynor_gmod_port_by_deus...7c27qt.jpg]

Jim's default clothes. His hidden accessories (grappling hook, shield, psi-blade, etc.) are stored in the forearm of his gloves. His revolver hangs off his right hip and his AGR-14 rifle is slung over his back. He is overall stronger than an average human, but his technical proficiency is truly remarkable. He is an eagle eye with the revolver and fights 
incredibly well even at hand-to-hand combat. He'll forgo his suit for quick and dirty missions, or where stealth, mobility or accuracy are important factors.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 5

CMC-400 Battle Armour

[Image: starcraft_ii_raynor_marine_model_by_walt...5xvm94.jpg]

The standard in terran marine combat suits, Jim is well learned in its functions. It provides a dramatic boost to his strength and resiliency, though the bulky metal makes him slower and less capable of reacting quickly and accurately. The C-14 and C-10 rifles are stored in compartments in his right and left legs respectively, and a smaller compartment rests near his right hip for his revolver. Jim uses the CMC-400 for head-on confrontations, or to utilise the number of functions the suit provides.

ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 2


Communicator - this allows Jim to keep in contact remotely with anyone he meets in the Omniverse, or converse with those on the Dataverse.

Mobile Dataverse Device - this module grants access to the Dataverse, where Jim and his adjutant can interact with the other digital denizens of the Omniverse.




[Image: jimsig.jpg]

Rory Swann

[Image: RorySwann_SC2_Cncpt1.jpg]

Rory Swann owes his life to Jim Raynor. After suffering under unfair taxes and political ignorance while running a mining operation on Meinhoff, Swann and his workers began a revolt. However, the government of Meinhoff, the Kel-Morian Combine, retaliated by attacking them. Raynor's Raiders happened upon the scene and saved who they could, Swann included. He lost his arm in the conflict but kept his life, and that earned Jim a friend forever. Besides, he doesn't mind the new metal one.

Swann is an expert engineer, and took up the position of chief engineer of the Hyperion, the battlecruiser headquarters of Raynor's Raiders. He has been with Raynor ever since, helping him through his adventures in deep Koprulu space.

Swann is a friendly guy but speaks his mind. If he has an opinion and he believes in it, he'll probably tell you. If you say something he considers stupid, he'll tell you. However, on the whole, Rory is a genial guy, but he has been known to have a temper. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and willing to go above and beyond to help them. As mentioned before, he is a wiz at machinery and technology, being responsible for many of Raynor's Raiders vehicle and weaponry procurements, as well as upgrading and maintaining them. There isn't a piece of tech he can't decipher (except maybe Protoss tech, but he's working hard at it). He also has favourites among them, taking a shining to the diamondback, but also dislikes others, like the vulture, which him and Jim don't agree on.

He almost always calls Jim 'cowboy,' 'hotshot,' or 'chief.'


[Image: concept_karax_1_hd.png]

Karax is the protoss phase-smith (basically an advanced variant of a terran engineer) of the warship Spear of Adun under the command of Hierarch Artanis. His expert knowledge and experience in designing, building and maintaining protoss technology is second to none, and he finds great purpose in his work. His robotic arms, connecting to his severed nerve cords at the back of his head, allow him to work with greater precision and handle dangerous objects. Unlike his Nerazim counterparts, Karax has no formal fighting training and is unable to use his telepathic abilities for more than mind speech and mental image projection.

A logical and straightforward person, Karax can be blunt and forthcoming, sometimes putting others offside, especially other terrans. However he doesn't mean any disrespect and often gets confused when such grievances are mentioned to him, arguing that he merely speaks the truth. He is diligent and conscientious, always looking for opportunities to apply his craft. Ever since his nerve cords were cut, separating him from the protoss gestalt consciousness the Khala, he has grown more solitary, struggling to adapt to a life without constant telepathic communal. It has gotten worse since his arrival in the Omniverse since he has yet to find any other of his kind.

Karax views terrans and their technology as antiquated and outdated, but still functional and useful. He has high respect for Jim, as do most protoss who have worked with him, recognising his noble and self-sacrificial spirit. He remembers as much as Jim does before being abducted from his dimension, namely that the combined forces of the protoss, terran and zerg ventured into the Void to confront Amon, but nothing after that.

As is customary among protoss, Karax always refers to other people with their full name, regardless of nicknames or common usages of first names.


[Image: Adjutant_SC2_Head1_Resized.jpg]

The adjutant is an advanced AI, one of the many employed by the terrans. She is capable of host of functions, including navigation, data collection and analysis, providing military advice, decryption and controlling communications, among others. Adjutants tend to have a robotic head and torso built for them, but they can exist within a computer system, and will visually appear as their physical shells on the screen. Jim's CMC-400 has been outfitted to carry the adjutant within it, and he also has a smaller holographic display unit built into his comms unit in his gloves that allows him to take her anywhere. The adjutant can also take command of Jim's marine armour for brief periods of time.

The adjutant is intelligent, analytical and completely subservient. She provides a wealth of knowledge and functionality to Raynor, who would be worse off without it. The adjutant has no personality or will, so it simply runs idle while awaiting orders.

TWNN Squad
Coming Soon
[Image: jimsig.jpg]

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