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The Future Warrior

Name: Graowr

Spent OM: 26,950

Proficiencies (3600);
-- Physical Strength (1000)
-- Ranged Proficiency (1000)
-- Remote Control Proficiency (600)
-- Area Defense Proficiency (400)
-- Area Attack Proficiency (600)

Powers (12,000/12,000);
-- Burst Movement (800)
-- Master Acrobat (400)
-- Malleability (1000)
-- Mimic (2800)
-- Survival (2000)
-- Flight (1800)
-- Hive Mind (400)
-- Disassemble (800)
-- Master Enhanced Senses (2000)

Moves (2400);
-- Ki Blast (300)
-- Energy Shot (300)
-- Kamehameha Wave (600)
-- Power Up (0)
-- Lightning Aura (600)
-- Barrier (300)
-- Emperor's Blast (300)

Super Moves (2800);
-- T1 Super Defense: Super Guard
-- T1 Super Attack: Explosive Assault
-- T2 Super Attack: Angry Explosion
-- T2 Super Defense: Shatter

Transformations (1000);
-- Tier 1 Powered-Up Form: Kaioken

Assists ();
-- None

-- Communicator
-- Mobile Dataverse Device
-- Medi-Gel x3

-- Dante's Abyss 2017 Grand Champion Belt
-- Berserker's Soul

Consumed OM (300);
-- Items (450)
-- DA Bets (50)
-- DA Bets Winnings (-200)

Bases ();
-- None

Unlocks (5000);
-- Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase 1 (1000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase 2 (2000)

Stats (Kaioken)
ATK: 3 (6)
DEF: 5 (4)
SPD: 3 (6)
TEC: 1 (1)

The Future Warrior // Graowr
"Yep. No problem. I got it. .....what do I got, again?"

[Image: JTpsWaz.png]


Not even managing to clear five feet in height, the little blue Majin Graowr is just about what you'd expect from one of her race....or something. As befitting the origin of the Majin race's original separation into male and female, she is lithe and slender, with a noticeable, though far from outstanding, bust, even if her entire body is made of vaguely-organic magical something or other and lacks anything approaching proper anatomy. Ah, the wonders of basing a race's appearance on adult books.

Adorning the little Majin's head is a mass of head-tentacles, not unlike the singular one Majin Buu himself had, carefully pulled about and tucked into something resembling hair. Or not so carefully. It just kind of happens when she's not actively using them for something. Her face is oddly flat and much more featureless than a human's might be, and most notably, it lacks a nose entirely -- and yet she is still able to smell just fine. Her flat features often make her expression seem much more dull or severe than it actually is, especially when combined with the naturally hostile and sinister cast of her eyes....and lack of eyebrows. It looks like she's constantly scowling, and makes it hard to properly emote. She's not always angry...even if she kind of looks it. She swears. Speaking of eyes: they're red. Kind of off red. Maybe closer to pink. But it certainly doesn't do anything for her constant not-glaring.

With the exception of her eyes and clothes, Graowr is a shade of light blue from head-tentacles to toe, and far-removed from the humans she vaguely imitates in shape, her 'skin' is completely free of any blemishes or flaws -- with the noted exception of several small holes in her arms, three along the top of each forearm, and around her head; like all Majin, they are 'vents' and tend to expel steam when she is particularly angry -- being unnaturally smooth, and with a consistency and texture not unlike that of semi-fluid rubber or bubblegum. Oddly enough, and perhaps slightly disturbingly, her clothing is just an extension of her body's composition, and bears the same feel and texture, though it can look radically different, as befitting actual clothing, and tends to get damaged or repair itself along with her own bodily condition, growing scorched, torn and shredded along with damage to her physical body, and righting itself to pristine condition again as she heals up. It's remarkable, really.

SPEAKING OF CLOTHES, Graowr 'wears' something vaguely reminiscent of what a..."hero" might wear. Or at least it's what she says. Predominantly in shades of dark gray and blue, her "hero's gi", as she calls it, consists of a one-piece suit of fairly loose, long pants, and a form-fitting vest that leaves her shoulders and arms bare. Dark gloves reaching almost to the elbow adorn her arms, and boots that reach to just shy of the cuff of her pants. Completing the borderline-ridiculous ensemble is a large scarf of much lighter blue tied around her neck, all but completely hiding her neck -- and at times, the lower parts of her face -- from view.


Graowr can best be summed up as...excitable, and more than a little lacking in maturity. Even after all she's been through, and all the learning she's been subjected to during the course of it, she's still a little...childish isn't the right word, but she's still naive. She's a good person, and has a (mostly) well developed sense of right and wrong, but she's a little...well. She doesn't have the most common sense. Straightforward and lacking in complexity are her forte in most everything, though she does harbor an almost childish and innocent love of all things spectacular, flashy and 'cool', and idolizes heroes. Her way of thinking and perceiving things is also very strange, and at times can make her seem aloof and disconnected — especially with her stunning lack of any real facial expression — but she's usually doing a whole lot of thinking, pondering, and ruminating over any given situation, in her own special way. Her stunning lack of outwardly showing any of that is often a cause for confusion and head-scratching from her peers.

Generally speaking, she tries to do the smart thing, and the thing that will have the best outcome. But as previously stated, she's not...overly bright, and makes a lot of 'rookie' mistakes, which can tend to trip her up and leave her torn up and distracted over her mistakes — even in the heat of battle!, or in the most tense of situations. And it should be noted, she has very little tact and social grace. She isn't overly rude or impolite, but is very blunt and to the point, and when combined with her naivety, leads to her dropping all sorts of ridiculous pseudo nicknames and titles for people, rather than their real names, most of the time, even when it could generally be said to not be the best idea to do so. And she has a tendency to have insults most attempts at wordplay pass right over her head in return.

Other Character Notes

-- It's worth keeping in mind that Graowr is actually several hundred years old, despite her naive and child-like demeanor and attitude at times. This often contributes to sudden moments of startling clarity and insight, as she has seen and done a lot during her years. They might be few and far between, but when something she knows about does come up, she tends to know quite a bit about it.

-- While she might not be particularly bright, and tends to get confused by drawn-out speech, clever wordplay or large and complex words or phrases, she's not actually unintelligent. Far from what you'd call book smart or properly educated, but she's clever and has practical education and experience.

-- Her lack of education and apparent intelligence comes from a very dedicated focus to a fairly narrow field of things. Centuries of only studying and keeping up with things that actually interested her have taken their toll, and while she's highly informed and educated in her personally chosen fields, there's...a lot she's actually completely clueless about, or knows very little about.

-- She is incredibly blunt, and doesn't tend to use big words. Or long sentences, for that matter, though now and then she does have the tendency to ramble on and on and just prattle endlessly if she really gets going.

-- She came from a world where she quite literally saved all of time and space, and was at a level where she could hold her own against actual gods and god-like beings. In terms of raw power or the level of destruction you can put out, it's very hard to surprise her, or scare her for that matter. Managing to impress her with the actual execution or your techniques and or means for doing so, however, is another matter entirely.

-- She doesn't really get angry. Mildly irritated, sure, and upset, definitely. But it's hard to actually get her angry.

-- As was mentioned before, she doesn't...emote well. No nose, no eyebrows, completely smooth and featureless skin, and her facial structure is locked in such a way that it almost always looks like she's glaring or leering at everything. That isn't to say she can't show emotion with her expression, of course, it's just...harder to read.

-- Being made up of what is effectively sentient magical goo, she doesn't have anything like bones or blood. She can bend and twist in ways that should be impossible, stretch out and distort herself in all manner of ways. And in the event she's injured, there's no blood to be spilled, making it hard to visibly guess how hurt she might or might not be.

-- In an unsettling discovery, it was found that she actually tastes somewhat like blue raspberry candy, when a deranged swan-creature took a bite of her, early in her life.

-- She doesn't have a real grasp of...certain things. Such as how unsettling or terrifying some things which are just natural to her can be to others. Like absorbing, engulfing or just outright eating and devouring other creatures whole. She doesn't do it much anymore, but every now and then majin hunger does rear its head.

-- She likes to eat a lot, in general. But candy and sweets are always her favorite. She's usually got at least a few bits on her at all times. Getting her to share is a mark that she actually likes you quite a lot.

-- Being made of such a malleable substance, she tends to use her body as a storage space. All manner of little trinkets, including her scouter when not in use, any consumable items or artefacts, all stored somewhere inside her body when not actually in use.


Character Source: Dragon Ball Xenoverse




ATK: 3
Hitting hard is all a part of the game, and Graowr is pretty dang good at doing just that. Nothing really super spectacular, but, y'know....ow, all the same.

DEF: 5
No two ways about it, being made out of magical sentient bubblegum has its perks sometimes. Being really malleable and easy to roll with even ridiculously powerful blows is just one of them. Bend, don't break; dent, don't collapse. It's great.

SPD: 3
Graowr's training and all her time running and sprinting about has improved her speed to a degree, making her noticeably faster than when she first arrived.

TEC: 1
Graowr isn't...a bad fighter, by any means. But she much more relies on instinct, being wild and unpredictable and using carefully memorized patterns and combat maneuvers than actually showing any real skill. She's picked up SOME things during her tenure of battling crime across time and training under several masters, but...y'know.


Physical Strength
It's a staple, and a necessity for fighters and martial artists alike. The punching, the kicking, slapping, headbutting, general violence visited upon others by brute strength. Grawor's good at it, and has been doing it for a while.

Ranged Proficiency
Shooting the shooty-things and the beamy-things what go boom, is all a part of what (just about) everybody can do, back where Graowr's from. Her aim out past anything over moderate distance isn't great, but she's still pretty good at it.

Remote Control Proficiency
Sometimes, you just need to punch someone in the face. From across the room. Without walking over there. That's when being able to accurately control your magical stretchy arms come in handy, and Graowr is very proud of her ability to do just that.

Area Defense Proficiency
While Graowr's primary focus in battle is on making other things blow up, she is quite partial to not getting blown up in turn, herself, as well as not letting her allies get blown up. To such an end, she has a rudimentary knowledge of making shields and barriers of energy, and has the basic gist of it in that such barriers which cover a bigger area are better at defending things, or occasionally, other people.

Area Attack Proficiency
Big explosions are a staple of Graowr's fighting style. She's good at making them, she likes making them. They're cool. And they're useful for helping get around poor aim, to some extent. What's not to love?


Burst Movement
Every now and then you gotta go fast, even if it is only for a second or two. Kick off the ground, or a wall, or the air, or some poor bad guy's face, and whoosh now you're really moving....for about a second. It's useful, but man is it tricky (and tiring!) to pull off too frequently.

Master Acrobat
Flip, spin, cartwheel, backflip, jumping somersault kick to the top of the head! It pays off to be coordinated enough to do all that wacky batshit acrobatic stuff, and it sure does come in handy when you're fighting some pesky buggers who actually know how to fight.

As was previously mentioned, being made out of magical sentient bubblegum has its perks sometimes. Being able to stretch like you're made of rubber and hit things from outside normal melee range is really nice. Also being able to bend in ways no natural creature with bones ever possibly could is pretty nice too. Not only that, but being able to do stuff like make yourself bigger, shift body parts around or form a hole in your chest to avoid getting stabbed is really kinda cool.

While not being the best at fighting can sometimes be a hindrance, generally being a really quick learner -- often to a degree of silliness or improbability -- can make up for that to some degree. Being able to imitate a move after seeing it just once or twice, and actually learn it after only a few tries and some actual effort can be quite the bonus.

It's kind of hard to inflict any vital damage on something that...doesn't...have vital organs. Or vital anything, really. No bones to break, no muscles to cut or sever, nothing so messy as all that. Being made of magically-animated rubbery ooze of nondeterminate origins has its perks like that!

Master Super Jumping
A major step up on regular jumping, being able to leap dozens of meters is always pretty handy.

And of course, flight! It's a trademark ability, and Graowr is pretty glad to have finally picked it back up. Typically it looks as if there's a barely visible envelope of energy around her when she's just floating or not moving particularly fast, but her aura does tend to flare up and burn around her when she's actively putting effort into it.

Hive Mind
Just because she's been cut up or blown apart doesn't mean much to someone like Graowr. She can keep functioning just fine even if she's been reduced to pieces.

Like all majin, Graowr's got a lot of control over her body, both in terms of shape as well as in general form and substance. She can break herself down into a more fluid, formless and liquid mass, or into something resembling clouds of smoke. It takes a couple seconds to go from one state to the other, but it's pretty useful. She's always the same color as her skin while disassembled in such a manner.

Master Enhanced Senses
Not only are Graowr's natural senses extremely sharp, she has the natural ability to pick out and sense ki signatures and life energy. She can sense and get a feel for most living creatures who aren't hiding or suppressing themselves in some way, and can do so at a fairly respectable distance. Of course, the farther away it is the more indistinct it gets and harder to pinpoint the exact location until closing in.

Fighting Style

Graowr's fighting style is fairly straightforward and simple, really. She's not overly complex and doesn't utilize any great strategy, or tactics... Nah. Too much thinking for her. She just charges right in, being wild, flashy, violent and unpredictable. Running around a lot, flipping around and over, sliding under and behind her opponents, and just generally trying to hit them really hard. That said, she does have some inkling of actual training in there somewhere, and if her usual tactics aren't working so well, she will eventually wise up and try fighting a little more tactically, trying things like throwing ki blasts past her opponent, or at the ground near them to throw up clouds of dust, punching past them to grab them from behind, and other various elementary, but effective tricks. She's not the brightest or most orthodox of fighters, but sometimes that really can turn out to be for the best.



Ki Blast (300) (Requires: Ranged Proficiency)
The basic technique of harnessing ki for offensive purposes. It takes less than a second to gather enough energy to fire off a blast, and it reaches to nearly fifty meters before dissipating, though Graowr is only reasonably accurate out to about 20. On impact with anything within that range, the blasts explode in a small burst, barely a foot in diameter. Each blast is about the size of a baseball, though with a large yellow-golden aura nearly three times that size around them, making it tough to judge where the actual 'blast' itself is. They can be fired rapidly, one after the other from both hands, making up for their low individual power to some extent.

Energy Shot (300) (Requires: Ranged Proficiency)
Taking the standard ki blast to the next level, Graowr takes about a second and a half to charge one before firing. The charge isn't terribly taxing, and she is free to move while prepping it, though getting hit before it is ready can break her focus. When fired, the resulting blast is roughly the size of a basketball, moving very quickly (about the speed of an arrow) to a maximum range of approximately thirty meters, and packing a sizable punch, though its linear flight path makes it somewhat easy to dodge. Only one can be used at a time, with at least a second afterward before another can be fired, and the focus (though minimal) required precludes the use of other moves while charging and firing.

Kamehameha Wave (600) (Requires: Ranged Proficiency)
Holding her hands close together, palms facing inward, Graowr gathers energy in the form of a brightly glowing ball of blue and white. At minimum charge, this takes about two seconds to gather the proper energy, and can fire a beam just over a foot in diameter, which can reach out to about forty meters before losing cohesion and dissipating; at this level of charge it feels like the equivalent of a full-on charging kick from a reasonably strong fighter, and pushing the target back, usually significantly. It can be further charged, however, up to ten seconds, to gain proportionally more power, size and range to it, up to its maximum of right around three feet in diameter and reaching nearly 200 meters, if it doesn't hit something else before then; at this maximum level of charge, the beam actually explodes on impact, producing a significantly powerful blast, though only large enough to effect the actual target struck by it, and usually throwing up a huge cloud of dust and smoke. Preparing the technique requires remaining stationary, or at least no great movement -- trying the move in freefall would probably be manageable; while running or actively flying (when she gains that capability) not exactly viable -- and can be interrupted if she is struck before it can be fired. And as it requires both of her hands and most of her focus to use, she can't do much of anything else while both readying and actively firing it.

Power Up -- (Fodder) (0)
When she gets serious, or starts to charge one of her stronger techniques or ready for a serious bout of action, an aura of energy tends to build and flare up around the majin. Most of the time, it's not even there, only ever coming to prominence when she gets truly serious. But when it does flare to life, it takes on a formation not unlike a flame, wildly dancing and flickering with a hue of pink, not unlike that of her eyes. At its strongest, it forms an impossible to miss blaze around her, and actually generates a small draft, able to sway her scarf and 'hair', and generate sufficient force to dislodge dust and small debris around her. Its strength also varies with her current well-being, tending to fade in prolonged fights, and to flicker and sputter, growing weaker and more indistinct as she gets more and more injured and her strength ebbs away.

Emperor's Blast -- (300)
An attack which packs a devastating punch, but with an energy drain to match, and serves primarily as a nasty surprise counter for anyone trying to get the drop on the azure abomination. Whenever someone closes in on her, Graowr can elect to deliver a massive blast of energy in their direction. It takes only a second to charge and prepare, and when unleashed reaches out to a distance of four meters, going from just over a foot wide where it leaves her hand to nearly three meters wide at its furthest point. The ensuing blast packs a major punch, and lasts for just under a second, but producing so much energy so quickly puts a nasty energy drain on it, enough that just a few uses can start to exhaust her, even from full strength, and after every use she needs a further three seconds to catch her breath and do more than just move at a walking pace. The sheer focus of the energy output requires she stay in one place, doing nothing more than jump or spin about to face the direction of her target before firing, until the blast is done firing.

Ill Bomber -- (300) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
This technique involves Graowr gathering a huge amount of energy into her entire body, making her aura go crazy, flickering and dancing chaotically and making her body shine with a bright glow. It takes ten seconds, during which she must remain stationary and devote her focus to it, but only powerful attacks or a significant number of weaker ones can disrupt her charge. When prepared, she will rush her opponent to tray and grapple or latch onto them in some way, and then let the energy loose all at once in a huge explosion, seemingly blowing herself up in the process to take her enemy with her. The resulting explosion has a radius of five meters, making it a fairly sizable blast, and a significantly powerful one. Instead of actually blowing herself up properly, Graowr uses the blast to blow herself into her disassembled state, as wisps and clouds of dark blue smoke. In the aftermath of the blast, she will slowly pull herself together and reform over the next ten seconds, allowing her to sometimes get off a surprise attack against her recently exploded foe. The attack is, however, quite draining to use, and she doesn't get off completely free of injury, considering she does blow herself up to use it, so it's best only used once in a fight.

Candy Beam -- (300) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
In a process taking ten seconds, Graowr focuses energy into the tip of her index finger, which generates a visible, brightly glowing bubble of energy, just two inches in diameter. During the charge time, she may move as normal to evade attacks and use regular melee techniques to attack or distract a foe, but anything more taxing will disrupt her focus, as will a solid hit from an opponent. When the necessary energy is charged, it can be held for up to 30 seconds before dissipating. When fired, it produces a bolt of pink lightning, reaching about ten meters, crossing the distance at the speed of a bullet. Should it strike a target, they will be briefly paralyzed, as lightning arcs across their body in an extremely painful process, though any damage done is negligible, at best. After two seconds of this, they will be engulfed in a cloud of pale pink smoke, and then transformed into some sort of candy. It may range in type and size, depending on the original target (generally, a larger creature will be a larger form of candy, and vice-versa), but they will always be very small, able to be held in one hand fairly easily by a person of average human size. While in this state, the target still retains fully aware of their surroundings, but in their candified state they are much weaker and more vulnerable, losing access to much of their fighting capability as it is much harder to move or do much of anything when you are candy, as may be expected. Some powers (Flight, Enhanced Senses, Telekinesis) can help with this, and some moves which don't rely on weapons or any specific body parts can even still be used to some extent. The effect on its own lasts for 15 seconds, and diminishes by 1 second for every point the target's (DEF+TEC) is higher than Graowr's (ATK+TEC). While the attack is still in effect, it cannot be used on another target. Using it is actually fairly draining, making it good only for one or two uses in a fight.


Form of the Nail -- (300) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
A fairly simple attack, but an effective one. Graowr focuses her energy and strength over two seconds, then launches herself at a foe. She leaps up, over them, and commences a quick series of punishing strikes, hammering them down one after another with as much force as she can muster. While the attacks are of course painful, their real purpose is to smash and drive an opponent into the ground, embedding them in the earth. The full sequence takes 12 strikes to perform, at which point the target will be buried up to their neck in the ground. Repeated blows to the head in such a fashion also leave the target dazed, for several seconds (a base of three, minus one for every point of DEF they have greater than Graowr's ATK), after which they can begin to extricate themselves. Given they are in a perfectly them-shaped hole in the ground, it is somewhat easier than it might otherwise be, though will still take some time. The energy consumption is fairly low, and given the number of blows involved to properly execute it, it can even be interrupted, making it a risky ploy to utilize, but effective if it can be pulled off.

Super God Fist -- (300) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
Graowr charges energy into one fist for two seconds, which generates a bright glow of firey red-orange around it, almost like a glove of energy just half an inch or so bigger than her actual hand. While charging, she cannot perform any other actions, devoting her full focus to the attack, and a solid hit can break her charge. When ready, she bolts toward her target, covering a distance up to 20 meters and going from a complete standstill to maximum speed in an instant and closing in on her target to deliver a lightning-quick punch with her energy-charged fist. It not only hits like a sledgehammer from the punch itself, but the gathered energy crashes over them to deliver a stunning, inordinately painful blow that can completely floor a target, knocking all the air and fight out of them to crumple them to the ground, if only for a few seconds. The effect tends to knock an opponent flying, leaving them to crash and roll along the ground completely out of breath for up to five seconds, subtracting one second for every point of DEF greater than Graowr's ATK. The simple, straightforward nature of the attack not only makes it fairly easy to see coming after the first time, but makes it fairly lax on energy consumption, letting it be safely used several times in a fight provided she doesn't go too crazy with it.


Lightning Aura -- (600)
A supplemental technique to augment basic unarmed combat and simultaneously provide a moderate deterrent to prolonged physical contact. By taking two seconds to 'power up' and focus her natural aura, during which time she must remain stationary to properly focus, Graowr can charge it with electricity, which will visibly spark and crackle around her and through the blue flame-like glow of energy. It reaches just in excess of arm's reach from her body in all directions, or just about three feet. It adds a little extra kick to her basic strikes, sending a painful jolt of electricity through whatever gets hit. The high-voltage aura also serves as a constant barrier of sorts, not doing anything to actually defend against attacks but giving anything that enters its range a constant, painful electrocution while it remains in its range. The damage from the aura, in both of its constant applications, is fairly minor, and it's very visibly telegraphed to even partially observant foes, but it does provide a constant benefit. Maintaining the aura does have a constant, minor drain on the majin's energy and requires moderate focus to keep it up, but it doesn't impede her from other actions in any way, allowing her to freely use her other techniques. If she wants to, or needs to, the extra electrical power can be dismissed with just a second of focus, at which point it will flicker out almost immediately.

As a second part to the technique, Graowr can increase the charge time of the maneuver, taking four seconds to pour extra energy into it while still remaining stationary as in its standard activation, and produce a much more violent, powerful burst of electricity. The blast explodes out in a four meter radius, crackling lines of electricity and raw energy carving out a crater in the ground under her and violently assaulting everything within range. The onslaught lasts three seconds before burning out. Such an explosion of energy is quite draining to perform, and its stationary nature leaves it difficult at best to perform, but it is quite powerful. It cannot be used while the standard version of the aura is in use, and its stationary nature prohibits other techniques from being used at the same time. It can, however, be used while she is restrained or otherwise physically impeded, provided she can maintain focus for enough time to gather the necessary energy, making it useful for escapes of such situations.

Barrier -- (300)
A defensive technique, intended to weather a barrage of weaker attacks or lessen the impact of more powerful ones. The result is a semitransparent, spherical barrier of blue energy just about two feet larger in diameter than the blue bubblegum creature is tall. It takes only half a second to activate the defense, at which point it springs to life in a flash of blue energy. The quick activation has a notable energy drain, and the focus to keep it up has her effectively rooted in place while it's active, though it does offer a serviceable defense against sudden attacks. It is durable, but only really designed to defend against basic projectile or melee attacks. Charged or stronger hits will break through it more easily. It can be held for up to ten seconds before dropping it.

Burst Jump -- (300) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
More of an emergency counter move and a 'panic button' than anything else, when she's pressed Graowr can rapidly leap backward or away from the source of her worry, covering about ten meters worth of distance, and let fly a burst of energy toward the object of her concern, taking the form of several small bolts of energy -- about two dozen of them, each the size of a bullet, and pelting the general direction of her current target. They are not very powerful, and even against weak foes they will likely do no more than superficial damage, but do tend to produce inordinately large explosions and smoke clouds to buy time for a quick backup, to retreat and catch a momentary breather. The energy cost matches the damage of the technique, and is fairly minimal.

Super Moves

Tier 1 Super Defense: Super Guard -- (600)
When the target of an overwhelming attack that she otherwise just couldn't avoid, Graowr knows better than to just take it and hope for the best. With just a second to prepare, she throws her arms over her torso in an X formation, and flares her aura, which rapidly condenses into a thick, semi-opaque shell of energy around her body. The barrier is spherical, and only a few inches larger in diameter than she is tall, and pulses faintly with excess energy. It can repel all manner of attacks, both physical and ranged, but can only sustain so much punishment before it breaks. It requires a constant energy input to keep it up, and so can only be held for about five seconds before it needs to be dropped.

Tier 1 Super Attack: Explosive Assault -- (600)
Graowr firmly anchors herself in place, holding both hands out to either side and focusing her energy into them, as if preparing an Energy Shot in each hand. The charge rapidly grows in intensity beyond that, however, her aura blazing up with the most strength it can muster to indicate the coming assault, and after three seconds she unleashes a fierce barrage of blasts. Eight swift blasts from each hand, to batter and distract her target, before she leaps forward, into the air and thrusts her right arm forward, bracing it at the wrist with her left hand, and unleashing a focused beam of energy, just under three feet in diameter, to hammer them down into the ground with tremendous force. The initial blasts are painful, but more intended to distract and harry a foe than actually inflict damage, and the majority of the attack's punch comes in the main energy beam that finishes it. When it runs its course, the majin requires a brief moment to catch her breath from the vicious onslaught.

Tier 2 Super Attack: Angry Explosion -- (800)
Graowr's eyes flash red, and her aura fades from blue to a deep, violent shade of pink as she gathers energy, steam jetting from the vent holes in her arms, and the ones hidden among her hair. Taking six seconds to gather energy, during which time she must maintain stationary, she finally erupts with a noise like a train whistle going off, steam blasting out in a huge cloud around her a split second before a massive burst of energy rips out from her. It spreads out to a maximum range of 20 meters in radius, in a complete sphere of energy the same dark pink as her aura. The explosion is fairly swift, reaching its maximum size in just one second, and lingering there, with several additional explosive 'pulses' for five full seconds before diminishing, shrinking and fading in size over two seconds back down to nothing. Graowr must remain stationary during the entire duration, and for a second afterward as she re-gathers her wits. It is an extremely powerful attack, but also extremely draining to use, only able to be performed a few times (as SP permits, being a super attack).

Tier 2 Super Defense: Shatter -- (800)
When there's a powerful attack coming that the majin knows she can't dodge or avoid by some other means, she falls back on one of the oldest tricks in her repertoire. To all casual observers, she just stands there and lets the attack come to her, and takes it full-on. When it does hit, she lets it blow her apart, scattering and spreading out into smoke and azure goop to diffuse the attack's impact on her to such a degree it becomes negligible. When the attack has run its course, she takes five seconds to pull herself back together (quite literally), the smoke and puzzles of goop all crawling and flowing back together until with a comical poof of light, she just pops back into existence, none the worse for wear. A little singed and scorched from the attack, maybe battered a little, but virtually undamaged.

Power Ups/Transformations

Tier 1 Powered-Up Form: Kaioken -- (1000)
In a process that takes about two seconds, Graowr focuses all her effort on charging her strength and gathering extra energy, pouring it into her aura, which quickly becomes shot through with dark streaks of red and wisps of black, before erupting into a blazing, blood-red conflagration. Even her skin and clothing looks to be red and bloodied beneath the intense aura, which actively burns and puts a terrible strain on her body, but greatly pushes her other physical abilities beyond their normal limits. When the power up runs its course, either through exhaustion or voluntarily letting it fade, she often looks battered and scorched, as if she just ran through a fire, but none the worse for wear overall.
ATK: 6
DEF: 4
SPD: 6
TEC: 1

T2 Powered-Up Form: Rising Potential -- (1500) (Approved; not purchased yet.)
[Image: dhPU8Vw.jpg]
Graowr flares her aura, pouring out energy over a course of three seconds, after which point steam jets from the venting holes in her arms, billowing out into a thick cloud of obscuring, pink smoke and steam. As it engulfs her, there is a violent explosion of power, as she emerges from the cloud in a new, more powerful form. Standing over a foot taller, her skin much more pale, eyes faded to a deep red color, a complete change in attire and her aura fading to a white hue outlined in pale blue flame are all marks of the transformation. It is temporary, but it provides a substantial increase to her combat abilities, and is accompanied by a much more stern, serious and focused outlook, making it doubly dangerous for the short while it lasts. When it wears off, she is similarly surrounded by another cloud of thick, opaque pink smoke before re-emerging in her normal state.
ATK: 8
DEF: 5
SPD: 8
TEC: 1


Communicator & Mobile Dataverse Device
A common-model of scouter, usually with a myriad of functions built-in to it. Summoned by Graowr when she was told that they'd need to keep in touch with her while she was out on-mission, it is unfortunately missing many of those functions, with only its basic communicator function remaining, though with some added data storage and display capability programmed in to aid in her mission. Serves as essentially a phone, allowing for hands-free communication and even displaying an image of the caller on the lens of the device, though is also capable of storing most basic data formats, and displaying them in a similar fashion. Even if Graowr can barely remember how to work it to do so. After some further coaching and instruction by her new EPD partner, Hunt, she was able to add in further functionality, essentially upgrading the device to a miniature computer, complete with holographic keyboard and screen projection from the eyepiece, allowing dataverse access.


Grand Champion Belt: The belt signifying that she won Dante's Abyss 2017. It's nice to look at, and a good reminder of what happened, but not much else. Still, it's shiny.

Berserker's Soul: A simple mask that rests on the face, over the eyes.


Empire Fountain Watch 41-F-8
Secondary NPCs

Sergeant Jayce
The de facto number two of the squad, Sergeant Jayce is colloquially referred to as the 'info man' of the squad. He speaks slowly and methodically, and is always ready for whatever comes his way. Sometimes seems like a bit of a mood killer, with his duty-focused attitude, and low capacity for nonsense, but maintains an effective presence by keeping out of any such shenanigans and letting them run their course naturally. A thankfully gentle giant of a man (literally), Jayce stands head and shoulders above the rest of his squad, and correspondingly wields his standard issue E-11 blaster rifle one handed, and as his sidearm when his primary weapon -- the much more potent DLT-19 blaster rifle -- is too unwieldy or fails him. Which is really quite useful for him as it leaves his other hand free to utilize his dataverse uplink and image projection system. He is the designated communications man of the squad, the one in charge of radioing for assistance in event of an emergency, and tracking down information from the dataverse to assist in answering the questions new Primes have.

Private Sisto
While jovial and kind as they come, and highly immature at first glance, Sisto is probably among the sturdiest and strongest of the unorthodox squad, and is the designated heavy weapons specialist of the group, wielding a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon when the need to bring Imperial justice to a violent Prime or anyone who makes themselves a target. He could probably pick up and bodily hurl any one of his squad -- even the giant Jayce -- several feet through the air, if he ever got angry, but luckily for all he's so laid back and goofy it generally seems like he couldn't hurt a fly. Tends to take up a position as the point man, even as ill-advised as it is, and attempts to keep the mood light when it comes to the sometimes dreary task of patrolling the Nexus.

Private Elliot Hunt
A rookie soldier within the EPD, specializing in undercover operations, though 'specializing' may be a bit strong of a word. A joker, with a serious goofball persona, he has an almost chronic inability to take things seriously at face value. While he's definitely got the competence to be an asset, his lack of any real showing of effort beyond the bare minimum most of the time precludes any chance of him making a real name for himself. Assigned to Graowr on her recruitment mission as a test to the both of them. Perhaps Hunt more than the new prime.


Player Primes

Nezha: He asks a lot of questions and has some odd priorities. But he doesn't seem too bad!
Lord Zedd: He's really insistent on being called Lord Zedd. And he always seems to be angry about something. He should really learn to chill out a little!
Dante: (Known as Tony Redgrave) He seems okay. He's got a fancy red coat, and that big case of weapons. He was also really helpful, and offered to team up!
Jak: Kind of grumpy. He seems like he's been through a lot. But he doesn't seem bad.
Harlan Higgs: (Known in his Victor Hendy persona) He's okay. Kind of weird, and like some mechanic or handyman from earth, maybe? He was pretty nice, though.
Gamzee Makara: Gamzee is awesome! He's hilarious! Really informative and helpful, and he has all kinds of stuff to share and teach people about! He wasn't even bothered by all my questions. He's great!
Cell: Cell is...I dunno. He's a bad guy, but he really helped me out during Dante's Abyss. Maybe even really bad guys can be not so bad?
Isaac Clarke: Isaac is really cool! He's a space engineer, and fixes ships and stuff, and has been to space! Actual space! He's kind of hard to get a read on, but he's nice. A lot of stories about space and stuff to tell, too!
Dawnika Snow: She's a little quiet. And hard to get a read on. But she's not bad, I guess.
Sterling Archer: He...really helped me out during Dante's Abyss. He's not so bad, even if he does have a weird attitude sometimes.
Enel: God Enel! He's a god, just like Lord Beerus, so he must be really strong. I don't wanna get on his bad side until I can get a lot stronger myself.
Batman: He's...pretty mysterious. I didn't really get to learn much about him, but he helped me out a lot, especially in the ending of DA.
The Humble Sage: It was...pretty bad when we fought. He was right about everything he said, but I still wish he would've just given up. In his condition it just wasn't fair to fight him.


Well...she hasn't met any.


The Empire: Graowr is affiliated with them pretty strongly. A special agent for the EPD, coming in whenever she's called up for a mission.

RP Log


Too Much

Smash -- Word Count: 12,568
Invasion of the Vorticons -- Word Count: 6,173
Down Time -- Word Count: 4,181
Stars over the Omniverse -- Word Count: 5,436
Abyss-ward, ho! -- Word Count: 1,155

Dante Verse -- Dante's Abyss 2017
(Preshow) Registration
(Preshow) Preshow Facility

Out and About

Stop Off -- Word Count: 1403

The Endless Dunes

NPC Primes

NPC Name: Vivian

NPC Source: Original

Character history:
There is little to say about Vivian's history. He grew up in a world much like many fantasy worlds. He was always a little unhinged and fond of dangerous games and tricks, but never really did much beyond simple mischief. It wasn't really until a series of unfortunate events lead to an accident which took his life that things took a turn for the worse. Obviously, Vivian died.

But it wasn't exactly...permanent. He got better. And a whole lot stronger.

And his former pranks and mischief slowly escalated and got worse and more chaotic. More dangerous, more deadly and demented. He wasn't exactly 'evil', but the amount of damage and chaos he ended up causing made him as feared as any tyrant.

At least once people realized who he was.

It was during the midst of one of his sprees of tricks and mischief that he was snatched up from home and plopped down in the Omniverse. And once here, he went right back to work, playing his games and sharing his fun with anyone and everyone. Whether they wanted it or not!

Physical Description:
[Image: 9srB4mB.jpg]
Vivian stands in at just shy of five foot six inches in height, though a combination of heeled boots and the large, silly hat he wears often make him seem a good few inches taller. His skin is a light, pale shade of purple, and his hair is a bright pink color, sporting a greatly fluffy and curly texture, and being long enough to easily reach his knees. His eyes are a pale green color, and even seem faintly luminous at times, almost like a cat's, with his eyelids colored a much darker purple than his normal skintone.

Despite his slim appearance, he is actually in very good shape. It's clear that he's been through his fair share of altercations and fights, and that his freakishly unnatural strength doesn't just come solely from his magic. Only a few scars and old wounds mar his skin, though its clear his main method of surviving a beating is equal parts willpower and not taking said beating in the first place, really.

His clothing is rather on the tight and form-fitting side, designed quite intentionally to show off his form and physique and leave...relatively little to the imagination. It features rather a lot of pink and purple in it, and with a fair amount of frill, fluff and lace to it. It's very pretty, really, or so he says. Strangely enough, none of his clothing ever seems to take any damage or so much as come out singed from the ridiculous fire and heat he so often slings around.

Vivian is...little short of a monster hidind under the veneer of a playful, often flirtatious trickster. He loves playing games and teasing people, taunting them and playing tricks and pranks -- which can run the gamut all the way from harmless to life-threatening -- and deriving immense joy from their reactions and horror. When they stop giving him the reactions he wants, he tends to quickly lose his playful demeanor and get vicious, swiftly upping the stakes until they return to their horrified state and keep playing along, or simply ending them and moving on to his next playmate.

Vivian has always been more or less immortal, and death has been only a minor stumbling block. Much like Primes do here, he always came back after a while, so his view of death is somewhat distant and detached, and it's only really another cog in the puzzle for how he can best mess with people and get his laughs.

Sometimes he inadvertantly ends up helping people, or doing good for a community by targeting an actual villain or evil individual as the object of his games and pranks. His vicious playtime has just as often seen entire villages reduced to cinders and ash.

Who or what other people are don't really matter. Hero or villain, good guy or the scum of the earth, peasant or noble, none of it really makes any difference. All that matters is how willing they are to take part in his amusement, and how much they can stand his constantly escalating playtime. Pleasing him is good, and if you do 'well' enough he may eventually even let you 'win' and go free.

But only if you play along and let the devil have his fun and get his pleasure from your torment.

Stats: Stat Increase I, II, III and IV purchased (14,000)
ATK: 7
DEF: 1
SPD: 1
TEC: 5

Starting Proficiencies: 4,600
-- Physical Strength (1000)
-- Ranged (1000)
-- Area Attack (600)
-- Area Defense (400)
-- Ranged Materialize (600)
-- Debuff (1000)

Starting Powers: 5,600/8,000
-- Phasing (1200)
-- Hive Mind (400)
-- Disassemble (800)
-- Super Jumping (Basic) (300)
-- Master Acrobat (400)
-- Malleability
-- Telepathy (1500)

Starting Moves: 5,400

Too hot to handle! -- 600 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Area Attack)
Vivian's body always seems to hover just a little in the abnormally high range, but never enough to do much more than be rather warm to the touch. With a little effort and focus, though, he can consciously raise the amount of heat generated.
-- With just a second to focus, he can raise his body temperature to an extent where physical contact becomes extremely unpleasant and painful, adding extra punch to melee attacks as well as making touching him in turn inadvisable, as well as making the air within about six feet of him much warmer and more stifling, akin to a desert or arid volcanic region -- highly uncomfortable and a mild deterrent, but not truly damaging. His merest touch or melee strike is sufficient to cause most forms of wooden or cloth objects to begin to smoke or even combust with a few seconds of contact. The ground underfoot will typically begin to steam and smoke if he stays in one place with this variant, as well. This variant does features a constant minor drain on stamina while active, akin to always being on the move even when standing still, but nothing too severe.
-- The second variant involves Vivian amping up his body heat to an even greater degree, to the point where thee air around him starts to spark and shimmer. This takes three seconds of focus to prepare and activate, during which Vivian is required to remain still and focus on it. It makes even the lightest touch from Vivian scald and burn horrible, capable of making most regular metal objects glow red hot, rapidly begin to heat up and grow uncomfortable and then painful to hold. This aura of intense heat radiates out to several feet around Vivian, a little over double the range of the weaker variant (roughly a dozen feet); within this range the air is extremely hot, seeming almost on the verge of combusting, and inflicts damage akin to the extra heat of the weaker variant, and makes breathing and even moving difficult tasks for anyone else within the effected range. The ground underfoot will tend to smoke, burn and melt, leaving charred and glowing footprints in his wake. While active, it has a greater stamina drain than the weaker variant, equivalent to not only always being on the move but virtually sprinting while doing so, draining energy several times more quickly and limiting usage to around a minute before it sputters out on its own. It also requires focus on it to maintain -- Vivian is limited solely to basic melee combat and cannot use Moves which require a charge time while this is active.

Shade Fist -- 600 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Phasing, Debuff)
A simple maneuver, but a devilishly effective one. After two seconds of windup and preparation, Vivian just delivers a simple punch (or any melee strike, really), which releases a burst of fire and heat around the impact point for a little extra damage, but also causing the impact site to be horribly scalded and burned with a debilitatingly painful wound, as it bursts into flames. They only persist for about eight seconds, but they stubbornly resist all efforts to put them out in that time.

The alternative option, involves another two seconds of windup and preparation and the resulting strike phases right through his target, seemingly harmlessly...until a burst of fire explodes inside them, doing immense damage and inflicting the same burning effect, only now inside them and much more agonizingly painful as a result.

Either variant has a minor stamina drain, with the second one being noticeably higher. The pre-attack focusing period does require uninterrupted focus, and even a relatively minor attack can disrupt it. Once prepped, the charge can only be held for up to five seconds before being lost.

Heat Cloud -- 600 OM (Requires: Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack, Debuff)
Vivian holds up one hand, index finger raised and a small spark of fire gathering at his fingertip. Over the next five seconds, during which he can move about to dodge attacks or otherwise act as normal, he gathers and prepares energy.

When prepared, he must come to a halt and take aim for a full second, selecting a target zone anywhere within fifty meters of himself. When he has picked his target, he points and snaps his fingers, resulting in the selected point glowing bright red for half a second, spitting out sparks and heat, before the air in a five-meter radius around his target location to erupt in a blazing cloud of fire and suffocating heat. The output of energy is sufficient to burn most wooden objects to ash and leave even rock glowing red hot and melted. The force of the explosion is also extremely potent, throwing targets within it away from the center a significant distance of up to a dozen meters from the center.

The alternative method is virtually identical to the first, right down to its charge time, manner of execution and size of effect. The only difference is that the explosion is much less forceful and features much more flame, setting everything in range ablaze and covering them with searingly painful flames. This burning effect lasts for about ten seconds, and the extreme pain not only makes concentrating on much of anything difficult, the swirling flames make it difficult to see clearly as well.

Either option has a significant stamina drain, reflecting the power and area of effect, though the simple point-and-click nature of the attack does somewhat mitigate the fatigue. Additionally, while he can move and act as normally while charging, taking even a moderate hit will disrupt his concentration and lose the spell.

Heat Haze -- 300 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Debuff)
Vivian prepares and gathers energy for about two seconds, during which he has to remain still, which manifests as a shimmering haze of heat around him. When ready, he can hold the resulting charge for up to five seconds before it expires. In that time, he delivers a simple bit of physical contact -- it could be anything, from a punch, kick, headbutt, tackling someone, or just a light slap or touch -- to deliver the effects. When done, the target is surrounded in a shimmering 'dome' of heat-distorted air, which greatly obscures and obstructs sight, in addition to a sweltering heat which makes breathing more difficult, but imposes no great penalty. Anything beyond a few feet becomes hazy and indistinct, little more than blurred masses of color and vague shapes. These effects last for around ten seconds before fading.

Molten Kiss -- 300 OM (Requires: Physical Strength)
Vivian focuses for about six seconds, during which time he can move about and otherwise act as normal, and greatly increases and amps up the level of heat in his body, focusing it to a single limb -- typically his fists. When ready, the affected area will begin to glow a bright orange-red color, releasing hissing trails of vapor and steam as the moisture in the air vaporizes, and the air around it visibly shimmers and distorts from the heat.

While active, it serves onle one purpose: to disarm a foe. By latching onto and taking hold of a weapon in a foe's hand, the sheer heat output will make it rapidly heat up, growing uncomfortable, then painful, and then nigh-impossible to hold onto over several seconds if they cannot wrest it out of his grasp. If she can manage to make them let go, his continued grasp will cause it to completely melt to a pile of useless molten material and slag over the next several seconds. This is more effective on weapons which can be quickly resummoned, as the destructive effects are permanent. For those which are of a more permanent nature, the effects begin to wear off shortly after this ability runs its course; the item(s) will begin to cool and revert to their usual state over the course of the next 30 seconds, restored to full functionality -- though still incredibly hot to the touch -- by that point, and return to normal over the next several seconds. In regards to items which are required for the use of Super Moves, the huge expenditure of energy required allows an opponent to re-create the effected weapon nigh-instantly for the purposes of the move.

This requires a noticeable stamina drain to activate, though once it is can be maintained for up to a minute with only minimal extra energy expenditure. While this is useful for disarming a foe, it does nothing to stop them from using other weapons or re-summoning the destroyed one. It is a highly taxing manuever, however, and though technically there is no limit to the amount of weapons or items which could be destroyed, once its length of effect runs out it cannot be used again in the same battle.

Tease -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged, Debuff, Telepathy)
Vivian teases and taunts a given target for a few seconds, typically with playful, suggestive comments and jabs, and always ending with a wink and blowing a kiss. It requires eye contact for the duration, and is mostly intended to draw attention and focus and serve as a distraction, as the real punch of the attack comes in a telepathic assault designed to make the gesture far, far more appealing and distracting than it would ordinarily be, leaving the target flustered and embarrassed, lowering their effective fighting abilities. The effects normally last for around fifteen seconds, though targets with a sterner mind can resist it better, lowering the duration by one second for every point of TEC the target has. It is mildly draining to use, but as it is mostly a distraction tactic and relatively easy to avoid, it is mitigated somewhat.

Shadow on Fire -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Debuff)
A technique which requires some delicate aiming to be successful, but a highly effective one. Similar to preparing for Heat Cloud, Vivian spends eight seconds to gather and prepare energy, focusing it into a fingertip which sparks with a small flame. During this time he can freely move about to dodge and avoid attacks, but that's about it, and even a relatively minor attack will make him lose the gathering spell. When it is prepped, he takes aim and points at his target -- the shadow of one of his opponents. It requires him to focus and zero in, keeping his aim steady and finger leveled and pointed precisely at their shadow for two full seconds. If he can manage it...the target's shadow erupts in flames. Only in shadow form, and their actual body will bear no physical signs of the fire, but it will do damage all the same, ravaging them with terrible injuries and pain. The effects last for about five seconds, with the benefit of being absolutely impossible to extinguish until they burn out naturally.

Suffocate -- 300 OM (Requires: Area Defense)
Vivian focuses and builds up energy over five seconds, during which period he can move to try and dodge attacks as normal but not much else, before letting it loose in an aura around him. It takes the form of concentrated heat, which shimmers and gusts around him in sharp, focused gusts swirling masses, reaching out to about six feet away. The affected area becomes a virtual desert, the moisture and air near completely choked out and strangled with the intense heat. It forms an effective shield, forcing foes to keep their distance lest they begin to suffocate or dehydrate from the heat and lack of air -- this does no actual harm, as primes are a hardy lot in that sense, but does make it more than a little uncomfortable. Its primary function is to distort and destroy proejctile attacks, with weaker ones being crushed, burned or fizzled out by the drastic, oppressive environment, and stronger ones being partially melted, blunted or blown off course of a direct impact to lessen their impact and damage. It's intended to mitigate damage rather than stop it outright. The effects last for about fifteen seconds, and carry a moderate stamina drain along with them.

Eruption -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack)
Vivian crouches down, resting his hand against the ground. Over the next three seconds, he focuses and gathers energy, before releasing it in the form of a huge pillar of intense flames, ten feet in diameter, centered on any point within thirty meters. It packs a significant punch, capable of throwing anything caught within it dozens of feet into the air. Aside from its damage it doesn't do much else. The stamina drain is fairly minor for the nature of the attack, given how much absolute focus and concentration goes into it; Vivian is completely open and vulnerable while preparing it, and even a fairly minor hit will ruin his concentration.

Fire Gun -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged)
Vivian holds up the index and middle fingers of either or both of his hands, similar to a child making a finger gun, and over a second a small ball of fire about two inches in diameter forms at his fingertips. Once formed, he can use it much like an actual gun, firing small bolts of fire -- about an inch in diameter and three inches long, vaguely resembling a small comet. They can be fired quite rapidly, one 'bullet' of fire from each hand every half a second. Their effective range is up to 30 meters before they fizzle out, within that range they hit with a small burst and searing impact, and they pack a similar speed to bullets from the handguns they imitate. Individually they inflict only minor damage, relying more on volume of fire to deal any serious harm. There is an almost negligible stamina drain for each shot, though given the rate at which they can be fired and the sheer amount often fired to pin down, harass, or actually damage foes, even that minor drain can add up. When done firing, Vivian blows out the flames at his fingertips like a candle, taking only half a second per hand.

Firefly -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged, Area Attack)
Vivian holds out his hands, fingers spread, and slowly forms a small ball of fire at the tip of each one. It takes about two seconds per finger to form them, and while he can move about freely while preparing this attack, taking even a minor hit will disrupt the delicate focus needed. Once he had reading all ten fingers, he can begin the actual attack: letting the gathered fire break apart and fly off to hover around him, forming a three-meter radius cloud of glimmering motes of shining green flame, similar in appearance to fireflies. Once they have been formed, these sparks will follow him and maintain their relative position, lasting for up to a minute. Anyone aside from Vivian who comes into contact with them will trigger an explosion roughly two feet in diameter, and while each individual one deals only moderate damage, the likelihood of triggering just one is almost nonexistant. Vivian himself is uneffected by these explosions, though he also cannot set the fireflies off himself. This attack actually has a surprisingly high stamina drain, and requires intense focus to properly prepare and execute it.

Burn with me! -- 300 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Area Attack)
A simple technique which involves Vivian either grabbing hold of his target, such as with a grapple or simply a crushing hug -- or similarly being grabbed by his opponent, or otherwise in similarly close proximity. When in such a position, he simply flares a massive amount of heat and seemingly immolates himself, his entire body being covered in flames. While this does no damage to him, whoever he's sharing a special moment with won't be so lucky, as the flames blaze and flare up around him in a two meter radius, four meter tall conflagration which tends to melt and burn through the ground while active. It takes three seconds to activate, and the massive blaze lasts for another three seconds. All it requires is time to gather the energy, and minimal focus, so he can't really be interrupted even with damage, but the stamina drain is appropriately high for the power of the attack.

Wildflowers -- 300 OM (Requires: Ranged, Area Attack, Telepathy)
Vivian sweeps his hand out in front of him, releasing a shower of sparks which hit the ground in a five meter wide and three meter deep arc in front of him. Over the next ten seconds, the sparks will take root and blossom into blazing, glowing patches of flowers formed of flame, flickering and dancing in all shades of color.

Once fully formed, they begin to exhibit a hypnotic sway and seem unnaturally alluring, drawing and tempting foes in to liteally stop and smell the flowers. Aside from being a solid distraction, anyone who does actually get within about a meter of the patch of flowers will find them suddenly lashing out with whips and tendrils of fire, burning and grabbing them to yank them right into the middle of the flower patch -- whereupon it detonates after five seconds, whether it managed to pull them in or not. The resulting blast is extremely potent, spreading out to a twelve meter radius in total and turning the effected area into a blasted, firey wasteland.

The attack is actually very draining to use, and difficult to use effectively, requiring constant focus to maintain and allow the firey flowers to grow properly. Once they have grown, they can be maintained for up to 30 seconds before starting to burn out and die off. Vivian is free to move and act mostly normally during that duration, but can't do much more than use regular attacks. He can take a minor hit or two without breaking his focus, but a strong enough hit will disrupt it and ruin the spell.

Mirror Flame -- 300 OM (Requires: Area Defense, Ranged, Area Attack)
Typically used as a quick snap-counter against sudden projectiles, Vivian releases a swirling wall of flame in front of him, with a 3-meter diameter, taking only half a second to do so. The wall of fire is only a few inches thick, and completely opaque, blocking sight. The wall of fire only works against attacks coming from the direction Vivian was facing at the time of creating it, but in that direction it will absorb and completely melt down and destroy most normal projectiles, before spitting out globs and bolts of flame back in the direction the attack originally came from at about the speed of a bullet in retaliation, mimicking the overall size and form of the destroyed projectiles. The shield only lasts for about two seconds when formed, making it only suited to a quick defense, and does no damage on its own, only the return fire effect does any such damage. The stamina drain for creating it is minimal, though absorbing and returning fire from blocked attacks carries a significant drain, with more numerous or powerful ones draining energy proportionate to the attack in question. It has virtually no effect on melee attacks or super moves.

Transformations: 2,500

Burn -- T1 Power Up -- 1000 OM
Vivian ramps up the level of heat he puts off, and focuses it to burn brighter, hotter, faster. It surrounds him with a burning halo of embers and smoke, even making his eyes seem to shimmer faintly gold, and increases his combat potential quite noticeably.
ATK: +2
DEF: +0
SPD: +2
TEC: +1

Overheat -- T2 Power Up -- 1500 OM
Vivian dramatically increases the heat and power of the flames he commands, ramping the effects up to such an intensity that embers and smoke not only dance constantly around him in a burning halo, but his hair is constantly lifted and blown around like he's standing in the middle of a blazing inferno's chaotic wind patterns, shot through with strands of flame and streaming smoke in his wake.
ATK +5
DEF: +0
SPD: +2
TEC: +3

Super Moves: 1,400

Veil -- T1 Super Defense, 600 OM (Requires: Phasing)
Vivian simply burns a great deal of energy to temporarily power up his phasing ability, making him completely invulnerable to all damage, up to and including the power of a T1 Super Attack. It takes only half a second to completely transition to this super-phased state, which lasts for up to 30 seconds or until it has absorbed the requisite punishment.

Outta Sight -- T2 Super Defense, 800 OM (Requires: Phasing)
Vivian again increases the speed and power of his phasing ability, just dropping right into his own shadow and out of sight below the ground. This lets him escape from nearly anything, up to even the devastation of a T2 Super Attack, and he can remain in his hiding place until the attack he chose to dodge has run its course, at which point he simply pops back out of the ground where he was beforehand.

Items: 300
-- Communicator (200)
-- Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

Spent OM: 33,500
Level: 6

Why does this character have to be a prime?
He will be an eventual antagonist or foil to Graowr, once she finishes her current quest. The prime part comes from needing him to start out stronger than her, relatively speaking, and then continue to grow and keep up with her own increases in strength.

What role do they play in your story?
Antagonist. Very much antagonist. Also just a general source of inspiration for others to try and stop his crazy shenanigans, and anytime someone needs a crazed maniac to cause trouble for them.

Are they an A, B, or C-Lister? - if they are original, just put 'OC' here. Original

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