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Ash Williams

Name: Ash Williams
Spent OM: 14400
Proficiencies: (2600): Physical Strength (1000), Range Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (3300/8000): Super Basic Jumping (300), Suppression (1000), Survival (2000)
Moves (600): Chainsaw Hand (300), Double Barrel Shotgun AKA Boomstick (300)
Super Moves: Gatling Gun Prosthetic Hand (600)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Consumed OM: 300 (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Unlocks: State Upgrade I (1000), State Upgrade II (2000), State Upgrade III (4000)
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Alright you primitive screwheads, Listen up!

[Image: 498?cb=20140719001020]

My Story:

My name is Ashley J. Williams but I rather be called Ash. Before all this shit hit the fan, I was a store clerk at S-Mart with a normal job and life working with my girlfriend Linda. We wanted to go to a cabin secluded deep in the woods for the weekend just to get away. It turns out the cabin used to be owned by a archeologist that did his research at the remote place with his latest find. Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the book of the dead. Found in human flesh and inked in blood, this ancient sumerian text contained bizarre burial rights, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages. A book that wasn't meant for the living to read. The artifact awoke something dark in the woods and came for Linda. I was forced to put down my girlfriend since the evil possessed her. Then, it came for me and corrupted my hand. It left me no choice but to take a stand and locked it off from the risk. A passage was read from the book which created some kind of time traveling warp that sucked up anything in it's path. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold off for much longer and was taken to the year of 1300 AD. Lord Arthur and his men mistaken me for their enemy but oh boy did I had something in store for them. They noticed me to be the promised one that will fight off the army of darkness. The only way I could get back to my own time was to retrieve the Necronomicon for them since it held the power to. Since we are talking about me here, I screwed up getting the book and awoke the deadites. You maybe thinking that you can stick a fork in me and call me done. Well that's when you are thinking wrong since we fought off the evil dead with my 21st century tactics and gadgets. We won the night and made a new kingdom with allies that were once enemies to Arthur. The wise man gave me the juice that could bring me back to my home but here I am now stuck in another hell hole waiting to get out of.

Chapter 11

Green - Friendly
Pink - Love
Red - Hate
Blue - Neutral
Black - Fear

Darkshire - This town looks like it needs another hero to stop the evil that consumes the Pale Moors. Lucky enough, they got the promised one on their side to help. Everyone in this town is starting to at least have more friendlier attitudes towards me since I have defended this town a couple of times.

Kelly MacAryn - He's a groovy psychic that I teamed up with to stop Illidan's forces invading Darkshire. Me and him kicked ass greatly even defeating Skeletor. I wouldn't mind meeting up with him again. This is my first prime friend that I made in the Omniverse.

Skeletor - This bonehead tried to help destroy Darkshire and he's such a Saturday morning cartoon villain. I will say that he's strong and powerful with the magic he posses. If we cross paths again, it won't be pretty since the reputation I hold.

Yu Kanda - At first, he's not the guy that would social too much but a talented fighter to say the least. I owe him since he's helped to fight off the Nebula goons that threatened the existence of the Pale Moors.

Celestia - She's a magical some kind of a pony that I came across fighting off Nebula. Although, you might think she's not harmful by her apparence but she does have quite the punch when to take action. Not a bad ally to have with and a very trustful one when teamed up. On the upside, she is one of the most friendliest primes that I've ever meet.

Revan Noctis - Not a bad guy to team up with when fighting off forces of evil. He has come from a similar kind of time that I've also sort of come from. Him and Celestia make a good pair at the end of the day when it comes down to doing good.


Chainsaw Hand:

This is one of Ash's replacement for his missing right hand. The range of the chainsaw is 8 ft and saws like any other regular chainsaw when in use. The weapon activates when the string is pulled to start the motor. It can be hefty at times too if he uses it with a single hand. Using both hands to swing can help him swing at a bit faster rate.

Double Barrel Shotgun AKA Boomstick:

The secondary weapon that Ash uses for range. His shotgun carries two twelve-guage buck shots and fires short to medium range but does less damage at medium range. Reload speed is around 2.5 seconds. Shots can be reached around 30 yards and the width of the spray is 5 ft. Ash carries around ten 12 gauge shells for his shotgun and the time it takes to summon the ammo again is about one minute. Also, Ash will sometimes wield his chainsaw and shotgun at the same time.

Super Moves

Gatling Gun Prosthetic Hand, Tier 1 Super Move:

[Image: b6f8db6bc2d0e56f57b41c796cf50c3d.jpg]
A hefty weapon that Ash can attach to his right missing hand. This weapon requires both of his hands to operate the gun. His left hand will crank the gun which triggers the barrels to start spinning and firing at a rapid rate. The range of the gatling gun is effective at close and up to 60 yards. The rate of fire is 200 rounds per minute with .30 caliber bullets. The time it takes to empty the ammo box is ten seconds to fire all rounds in a continuous spray. Ash has the ability to stop cranking the gun and save any bullets that are left in his gun in case he needs to change position or conserving bullets. There are eight barrels attached to the body of the gun. For Ash, carrying this weapon slows him down in his movement and can't sprint fast. When the clip is empty, the move will be finished and the weapon itself will disappear into omnilium.


Main Theme:

Fighting Theme:

"Good....Bad....I'm the guy with the gun."
[Image: 34hatf8.jpg]
[Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: Darkdata.png][Image: darkshire.png]

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