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Sarah Kerrigan

Name: Sarah Kerrigan
Spent OM: 13700
Proficiencies (3200): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Proficiency (1000), Homing Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)
Powers (3400/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Basic Super Jumping (300), Telepathy (1500), Burst Movement (800), Basic telekinesis (400)
Moves (3900): Psychic Grip (600), Wing Blades (600), Needle Spines (900), Infested Slashes (300), Psi Blast (300), Zergling claws (300), Zergling bite (300), Zergling Scythes (300) Kinetic Slam (300), Parasites (300)
Super Moves (600): Hallucination (600),
Transformations (0):
Assists (1000): Zerglings (tier 1 assist)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse device
Consumed OM: (300 - Items)) (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Unlocks (1000): First Stat Upgrade (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

----Character Details-----

Full name: Sarah Louise Kerrigan
Also known as: The queen of blades, The queen bitch of the universe, Infested Kerrigan, 
Age: 28
Height: 6'6
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Female


Picture for clarity:
[Image: latest?cb=20101218020657]

Written description: Sarah Kerrigan might appear like a normal human... if you had almost no light, or could only perceive her outline. Kerrigan maintains the same basic shape of a human woman, but is much taller than most women at 6'6. Covered in chitinous armour, she foregoes any sort of clothing (though after her infestation, there's literally nothing sexual left about her). Her face is green, and mostly unremarkable, except for her eyes - those burn with a subtle yellow glow. Her body can mimic either that glow, or, When Sarah's feeling particularly angry (or just wants to show off), a bright purple. Cracks in her body periodically shimmer with psychic energy, and to any who can feel the tug or ebb of magic or energy, Sarah feels less like matter and more like a solid, shimmering mass of energy.


Kerrigan’s personality is vicious and cunning, yet also elegant and tempered. Her motivations, at this point in time, are simple and violent. She acts much like a predator, cutting down any she deems a threat in due time and with no remorse whatsoever.

Yet, when it comes to speaking with others, she can be quite personable - pleasant, even. Kerrigan speaks with the tongue of a diplomat, and hides her true thoughts and feelings behind it quite well. When she speaks, it’s almost always with an animated tone about it, and what she says rarely focuses on past details. When she talks, it is primarily with the present or future tense.

Kerrigan is also quite the confident person - self-doubt doesn’t appear to nag her, attempts to bruise her ego are brushed off like water off a duck’s back, and most verbal - or even physical - assaults on her person rarely even wipe the smile from her face. From her perspective, she is the one in control of the universe, regardless of if those around her agree with that viewpoint.

As a result, she’s essentially immune to criticism, regardless of how heinous or reprehensible things she’s done are. Of course, this doesn’t extend to practical criticism, at least not in full - Kerrigan is confident, but not arrogant, and those who would give her advice had best be ready for her to learn and practice it in full - only for her to then use it to commit even worse acts of violence in the future.

Kerrigan lacks any sort of true compassion, but can still make “Allies” that could seem like friends at first glance. She is quite capable of acknowledging the use of other beings, and if their cooperation is valuable to her, she’s quite willing to keep them around. What’s more - Kerrigan is frequently bored, and part of that comes from her need for consistent intelllectual engagement. As a result, people who can fill that void serve a use for Kerrigan, even if it’s as just another component for her continuing evolution.

Kerrigan is quite willing to engage in any form of heinous crime, but she does not revel in it for the sake of reveling in it. If Kerrigan sees no purpose or aim in killing another being, or believes the drawbacks might outweigh the purpose, she will lose interest in any such act. For Kerrigan, Every move is being made on a chess-board, and she weighs each decision carefully as a result.

Though Kerrigan vaguely resembles a human, her actual mindset is far different. Her eyes see better, her ears hear without distortion, her body gives her perfectly accurate data on any current conditions she has, and her perfect bodily control allows her to have a better hold on her tells than any mortal could dream. Her base instincts are much closer to a Tiger, or Lion’s, than a human being’s, and without moves or powers causing such, she’s essentially immune to any emotional baggage when in a fight. Additionally, she no longer thinks of herself as a human, feeling no sympathy for anything that happens to that race, and holding no special interest in them over any other. To her, they’re just a race of evolved monkeys she happens to know how to manipulate especially well.

Fighting Style:

Kerrigan is a very tactical fighter, her skill showing in every movement and attack. Even in melee, many of her moves tend to be feints, or attacks to cause her opponent to expose some weakness. Kerrigan will attempt to overwhelm her opponent with an aggressive style at first, provided she has no data on them, but will quickly try and figure out the best possible strategy to deal with her enemy without exposing herself to extra risk.

Kerrigan is a fan of adding a taunt here and there, as well - Psychological warfare is a specialty of hers, even in the heat of combat, and in a place where she can’t simply overwhelm her opponent with brute strength as easily as she once did, she’ll turn to this weapon as soon as she sees a chance to. Any thread, any psychological weak-point she can find and use to destabilize her opponent is sure to be used against them.

Kerrigan’s confidence tends to carry over into her fighting style - unless she purposely feigns otherwise - and the face most see from the woman is a vicious smirk - regardless on how the battle’s actually going.

When fighting an opponent, Kerrigan will mostly shift to whatever strategy she sees as most useful for the opponent, and generally works with volume and unpredictability - Rather than one strong strike, she’ll attack from different angles, and with shifting patterns, whether she’s engaged in close combat or throwing attacks from below. She will, however, tend to utilize her Zerg extensively, usually using them as expendable shields or distractions while she brings her full psychic power to bear upon her opponent.

Overall, when Kerrigan fights, it tends to bear more resemblance to a patient animal stalking its prey, probing for responses and weaknesses, and striking suddenly and viciously when the animal least expects it, all with a cool, practiced hand.

Tips on playing Kerrigan:

Kerrigan will rarely state her intentions outright, unless trying to trip up her conversation partner. Her words tend towards being smooth, but when she feels she can get away with it she’ll also tend to sneak in some snark. Kerrigan is generally “happy” and rarely has or shows any angry or concerned response to being threatened - in all reality, she’s close to fearless when it comes to that.

Kerrigan is inhuman, though, and if she feels as though she isn’t shown the respect she deserves or as though someone truly wishes to do her harm, she will rarely hesitate in how she deals with the offender - as long as she’s certain she can get away with it, at least.

While Kerrigan can be quite intimidating, she’s not the type to strike out immediately - in reality, even if someone’s about to attack her, she’ll be gracious enough to dodge the first blow before following up with one of her own, more likely than not. She’s actually pretty interested in talking, as long as the topic’s something that challenges her intellect or could help her personally. She tends to be pretty curious about changes in the realm or in people. Things like the sprouting of a flower or the miracle of life mean nothing to Kerrigan, though - she’s a narcissistic sort and holds little inherent value in anything.

Overall, when playing Kerrigan, it might not be inaccurate to consider her a bored, large cat - just be careful you don’t present yourself as the mouse.


Psychic Grip - 600 OM

Kerrigan grabs an opponent by the throat and channels psychic energy into their body. this does no extra damage compared to normally choking someone, but makes it half as easy to glean any insight into their thoughts and feelings.
After grabbing an opponent, any character with lower TEC than Kerrigan's will have their surface thoughts read in a matter of seconds - someone with 1 point lower might be able to hang on for roughly five to ten seconds, while someone with less than half of Kerrigan's TEC would be read almost instantly. If Kerrigan wishes to look harder, into more personal thoughts, she'd need to somehow grip the person for at least ten seconds or longer, up to thirty if the TEC difference is very close.
Against someone with equal TEC, this move would only allow her to read surface thoughts, and against someone with higher TEC the move will fail entirely.

Wing Blades - 600 om

A pair of "wings" across Kerrigan's back, these cruel spikes of bone are as durable and damaging as any mortal blade. The wings measure roughly 5 feet in length, and swipe at opponents with a wicked edge, but they are more of a quick weapon than a brutal one, leaving a series of lighter cuts on an opponent, similar to the slash of a dagger.
The Wings also function as secondary limbs of Kerrigan, and she's quite capable of gripping or holding things with them.

Needle spines - 900 OM

Kerrigan signals an area mentally, and a hydralisk appears within 20 feet of kerrigan, unburrowing from a hidden position, before firing a barrage of ten needle spines at the target. The hydralisk takes roughly a second to unburrow and aim, and the spines move at the speed of a bullet. Each individual spine is not very damaging, though in numbers they can add up.
At this point, the hydralisk can either reburrow or continue to fire for up to five seconds, firing a new barrage every second. The hydralisk is very fragile however, and will go down to any attack.
Alternatively, Kerrigan can concentrate for up to five seconds in order to create a trio of the creatures, all of which fire a single barrage before reburrowing.

Kerrigan is able to move around freely as the Hydralisks attack, but due to her focus being split into controlling the hydralisks and moving herself, She is incapable of using any of her other psionic powers, and the distraction created by commanding the hydralisks reduces her technical skill in combat, effectively lowering her hand-to-hand combat abilities while she focuses. it also makes her less able to read anything else about an opponent until she de-summons the hydralisks.

Hydralisk Reference picture: [Image: latest?cb=20080618195853]

Infested slashes - 300 OM

Kerrigan's nails have long since hardened and changed since her infestation into a zerg. they have since been altered into something more capable of rending flesh and tearing bone - a set of inch-long hardened points that can easily cut through vulnerable areas of an opponent's body. These claws are also quite durable - Kerrigan's nails have enough resilience to actually allow her to stop blades or similar weaponry without breaking. while they are sharp and fast, their length limits both her range and her ability to damage an opponent with them, especially due to the fact that they are only truly sharpened at the very tips. Kerrigan can attempt to slash an opponent with her nails, but it's likely to leave little more than a shallow, cosmetic line of red on an opponent. a proper stab allows her to do considerably more damage, on the other hand.

Psi Blast - 300 OM

A basic psionic Technique, Kerrigan creates a condensed ball of yellow, psychic energy, about the size of a baseball glove (odd analogy I know, I just couldn't think of anything else) and then thrusts it at an opponent. creating a pushing motion with both hands as the energy sails at her chosen target. The energy, upon striking a target, burns and smacks the target, leaving bruises, burns, and with repeated, successive hits in the same area of the body, (provided the opponent's defence isn't higher than Kerrigan's attack), broken bones.

This technique takes only a second for Kerrigan to generate and fire, and takes very little out of her, allowing her to throw one after the other, but the power suffers for it, and it requires both hands and almost all her focus to fire, letting her talk and observe her surroundings but do little else while using the technique.
The psi blast itself starts off slow at 11 meters per second, but accelerates to the speed of a bullet after half of a second, making it easier to dodge for someone able to predict Kerrigan's aim, and the technique has a range of fifty feet.

Kinetic slam - 300 OM.

Kerrigan focuses psychic energy into one of her hands, requiring her to stand still for a moment. A sickly yellow glow encompasses her chosen hand as powe gathers around it.

If Kerrigan manages to touch her opponent with her glowing hand within two seconds of creating this charge, the yellow glow spreads around her opponent's body. Kerrigan then lifts her hands up, which causes her opponent's body to be lifted into the air by a sudden surge of gravity, and then promptly slams her hand down, causing the opponent to be slammed flat on their back (regardless of their initial position) into the ground, before the energy subsides. This whole process only takes a second, roughly.

This ability is a moderate drain on Kerrigan's energy, and only works on opponents with equal or less DEF than she has ATK. On opponents with more DEF than her attack, Kerrigan will merely stagger them, pushing them to their knees, but doing nothing more, and opponents with 2X Defence might feel a weight on their body momentarily, but will deal with no more than a tiny amount of irritation, feeling as though they were wearing weighted clothing for a brief moment.

While this move is effective in knocking an opponent off their feet and leaving them vulnerable, it doesn't actually do any more damage than a hard throwing martial arts move might do, leaving an opponent winded and with a sore back, and little more (Unless they were damaged to begin with, or thrown onto a dangerous surface.). additionally, if an opponent can teleport or otherwise escape the grip of the energy in order to move farther than 5 feet away from Kerrigan, they will be able to escape the move even after the aura has latched onto them.

Parasites - 300 OM (Requires Ranged proficiency, area attack.)

Opening several small holes in her forearms, Kerrigan fires a small swarm of 30 tiny, brown, spiked bugs in a shotgun pattern using pressurized air. These bugs are flightless, and cannot control their own trajectory, but explode like a small firecracker when they come within 1 inch of a target's skin. the explosion is pretty minor and even when many or all of them hit the damage is generally pretty minor, leaving generally just superficial wounds on anyone without significantly lower DEF than her ATK. the actual explosive radius is ten centimeters and the damage of the explosion is less powerful the farther away an opponent is from it. The sound and smoke can be very disorienting to an opponent, however, and Kerrigan can fire these swarms very quickly and without much energy loss, though she needs a second between shots for a new batch of parasites to re-gestate, as a "reload time", which doesn't take time or effort from Kerrigan.

The effective range is a mere twenty feet, and the Bugs themselves fly at the speed of a crossbow bolt. the spread of the blast is a radius of roughly a meter.

Super Moves

Tier 1 Defensive Super-move - Hallucination - 600 OM

Kerrigan has learned much from her battles with the protoss - the ability to create a psychic after-image among them! The image appears to be a perfect physical and mental duplicate of kerrigan to the average onlooker, though without the substance, and Kerrigan uses this in order to redirect an attempted attack at an expendable copy. This copy is draining to create though, costing her 1 SP to produce.


Zerglings (Tier 1 Assists) (1000 OM):

Zergling are the simplest zerg life-form, and the most numerous. A horrifying combination of sets of claws, teeth, and vicious Scythes, these creatures are bred for speed and explosive power, ripping apart enemies with Feral combat skills. Using this skill, Kerrigan summons a pair of Zerglings to her side.
Physical appearance reference:

[Image: latest?cb=20071009052646]

These creatures are roughly one meter tall, and stick to using their attacks in close combat, allowing the Queen to keep some distance from her opponent while they fend off the zerglings’ vicious attacks.

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 0

Zergling Assist moves:

Zergling claws (300 OM) (Requires physical proficiency):

Zerglings possess a long, bony pair of claws that they can use to eviscerate their opponents. their claws are about twice the length of a human finger, and are built with slashing in mind. While they are not built with the ability to take a hit, they can sure give one, being one of the quicker weapons the Zergling can strike with.

What's most notable about the zergling's claws is that the zergling using them can strike while using their other attacks - Zerglings are bred to control all four of their front limbs simultaneously, and thus can bite,claw and stab simultaneously without much mental effort.

Zergling Scythes (300 OM) (Requires physical proficiency):

Zerglings have two upper limbs, starting just above their shoulder, that end in vicious scythes. These limbs are capable of blocking swords and other weaponry, and can deal vicious blows, but are quite a bit slower than the zerglings claws - their weight causes them to be a bit more unwieldy, as well, especially if parried. Zerglings can use their Scythes and claws in tandem with little effort, due to their biology allowing them to easily accomodate the independent movement. The Length of each scythe is 80 Centimeters.

Zergling bite: (300 OM) (Requires physical proficiency)

Zerglings have a row of vicious teeth within their mouth, each the size of a small dagger, and they use these teeth to tear the flesh of their foes. Their bite is about as vicious and quick as a large dog's would be, and by itself, their teeth are unremarkable, if deadly. Similar to some dogs, a Zergling is actually unable of letting go of an opponent without someone wrestling their jaw open, killing them, or breaking the teeth off.

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