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[NPC] Darkened Destinies of Digimon

The dark overlord of the Crystal Empire was not in a good mood. After going through the portal in Camelot he was disoriented and throwing up. A mental note was made to make his own version of the portal that didn't sicken him to his stomach. In any case he was now exactly where he needed to be, inside the Dataverse. Yet at the same time as he looked around he knew he was not where he needed to be. Where had that O-Harmony Employee said he needed to go again in order to find their HQ? Right now the dark king couldn't exactly remember. But for now he started to look around the island. The place had a strange architecture, unlike anything he had ever seen before in his life.

"So I'm officially in the Dataverse. This will make attaining my revenge easier to say the least. But I'll need a guide of some sorts who knows the Dataverse better than I do. After all I don't know my way around this place. I should have invested in a map before I came into the Dataverse." 

King Sombra scowled as he looked around the Dataverse. This place was confusing and didn't make any sense. Why did it require a special portal to get here actually? It was one of the things that befuddled the dark ruler of the Crystal Empire. Given he was still new to the Omniverse to a degree, King Sombra didn't know a lot about the place. The dataverse was something he had never thought of in his wildest dreams.  After finding out he could make things in the Dataverse, King Sombra created a boat for himself. Well a heavy ship, but without weapons. 

Getting onto the ship, King Sombra had it take him to area where O-Harmony was. Still on the island he had found an Egg of a Digimon. Not knowing what the egg was and assuming it was the egg of a dragon, King Sombra loaded the egg onto his ship. Six hours of travel later, King Sombra arrived near the O-Harmony HQ. Summoning his armor onto his body he'd disembark from the ship and store the egg somewhere safe. With that done the dark king approached the door and knocked on it so that they would allow him entry. 

"... I'm here to meet with your president."  said King Sombra, frowning. The dark monarch was here to exterminate the group known as OHarmony. They'd defamed his honor by pairing him up with Dead Pool. If the individual didn't make Discord look like a Librarian, or him like a saint Sombra would have hated the individual far less than he actually did.

The front metal door opened upwards as mechanical parts whirred inside the walls. Standing at the doorway was a man with golden blonde hair and black goatee. He was wearing his work clothes and holding a cup of coffee.

“Hello! I’m Dougless!” He said cheerfully. “You must be King Sombra, please, come this way.”

The pony trotted behind, the man as he lead him through the building. The guards did nothing as he walked by, not even looking at them.

“Why aren’t they stopping me?” He inquired.

“Oh, they died of malnutrition a week ago.”

He lead the unicorn down a bunch of halls, gaining eager glares from all the employees there. Finally, the make it to the main headquarters.

The president swung his chair around to look at the two.

“So Dougless was the one who betrayed me! How dare he!” He yelled out. “But no matter. My employees, time to die for the company, kill him!”

However, every single employee just stood there, silent.

“What are you waiting for?”

“No disrespect, sir,” began Douglass, “but if we attack him, it’s not certain all of us would die.”

“What are you blabbering-”

“However, Sombra has agreed that if we let him have easy access to you, he will slaughter all of us.”

“Well, fuck, I guess that is a loophole of my Conditioning techniques. Touché.”

“Prepare to die.” Sombra said menacingly as he stepped down the stairs into the main room.

“Don’t think I will go so easily.” He said, pulling out a cutlass out of his sheath. “Now witness my true potential!”

He tosses his coat onto the ground, revealing that the left side of his chest is burning hot. He stabs the sword into his own heart, which doesn’t appear to come out the other end. He pulls out the sword again and now it’s a magical buster sword with his still beating heart engraved into the blade near the hilt.

He holds aloft the sword with a single hand and it draws in energy from the space nearby, glowing with searing heat.

In one swift swing, he slices into the air, sending a wave of super heated energy towards Sombra, slicing apart any employee in its way.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

When he led him through the building,  King Sombra made a mental note that he would honor his words and kill every one of the Employees here but he also knew he needed to do something more, something grander than just that. When they arrived at the office and the superheated energy wave came at them shortly after, King Sombra barely had time to react. Reacting on instinct he fired Dark Magic Blast. When the beam of Dark Magic Blast collided with the superheated energy wave it created an explosion that didn't do much damage to Sombra, but canceled out the wave. Frowning the dark monarch looked at him and realized something. The individual was powerful and so he could cut loose. 

Mercy was not needed in this situation and so Sombra did let loose upon the individual but not in the anticipated way. "Magic is too good a death for you."  His eyes lit with dark magic as his scythe the Terror Scythe Neverest appeared. Controlling the Scythe with his telekinesis, he'd begin a barrage of ten cuts at the President. The king was not one who enjoyed wasting time, but he was one who liked to settle matters quickly.  As he swung the Scythe, he charged up another dark magic blast after the first had cooled down and also began to charge up Nightmare Force just to be safe. "So you're sure you want to die Dougless? Last chance to back out and live at my palace as one of my knights..." said King Sombra.

"There's nothing more than I'd want sir than to die for the company!" Said Douglass cheerfully.

The president grunted angrily, he tried to dodge but the weight of his sword cut his reaction times, many of the stabs pierced his body.

He took a moment to breath. His body was already coated in blood. He knew if he didn't finish this fast, he'd die.

He charged forward, his blade readied, dashing towards the vulnerable unicorn.

"Die you fucker!"
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

As Dougless replied like that,  King Sombra was splitting his attention between the president of the company and Dougless's words. This distraction nearly proved to be disastrous as the president charged at him. However unlike previous times, King Sombra knew exactly what to do in this situation and so he unleashed a variant of what he had used to enslave the Crystal Ponies. While this was not mind control per say Nightmare Force could cause a person or a pony to experience their worst fears for a little while assuming they couldn't overpower it. It was this that he fired at the President of O-Harmony as he also telekinetically lifted his scythe again, swinging it at the head of the President. 

"Dougless, go line up the Employees. Have them prepare letters to their families, friends, and warnings to not pair me up with Deadpool for whoever takes over this company. Or with any other males, as I am straight..." said King Sombra looking at Dougless for a moment. "I'll handle the president, and then deal with you all once I am done severing his head to mount as a trophy inside my palace."  The head would be the centerpiece of Sombra's Trophy Room until he got something better to put inside of the trophy room to serve as the centerpiece. 


"Okay!" He nodded before running down the hall behind them. "Get your shit ready, it's judgement day!"

Cheering can be heard all throughout the building, swiftly transforming into the chanting of Sombra's name.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Once he had severed the head of the individual that was the former president of O-Harmony, King Sombra promptly took the blade of the individual and using his magic tossed it into the air. Once the blade was in the air he'd fire a dark magic blast at the blade, destroying it. A sword like that that was wielded by an idiot needed no future wielders. There was also another matter namely that King Sombra knew the blade had tasted some of his blood at least. Bleeding a little as he approached the individuals with the head of the President of O-Harmony completely drained of all blood and other fluids so it wouldn't drip and embalmed with his magic in a saddlebag, King Sombra asked. "Is there a Dataverse Uplink Station here? One that could transmit me back to Camelot once I am done with this madness?" He'd cleaned his scythe of the blood and prepared.

"If we did, the president would have used it to escape you." Stated one of the employees.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

"Good. Line up. "   An hour later King Sombra had decapitated every last one of the Employees and then used his hoof to write in their blood and that of the president on the wall. "Don't pair Heterosexuals, even if ponies with Gays especially INSANE COLD BLOODED DERANGED PSYCHOPATHS!"  Once he had dealt with everyone in the building and decapitated the guards for good measure in case the president had some sort of zombie thing going on, King Sombra wanted to be certain there would be no coming back for them. Growling he decided that when he got back to Camelot the booze and the ladies were definitely going to brighten up his mood. Of course more would brighten up his mood as well. No longer would he have to put up with stupidity like this in the future. Hopefully the future president of O-Harmony when he reapplied would actually read his application. With all of that completed Sombra made his exit from the building, heading back to his boat. It was time for him to leave and seek medical attention. While he was at it, he was going to relax and enjoy the company of women and some wine to celebrate his victory over O-Harmony. Given what he had just done he deserved it.

Somewhere in the Omniverse, a law firm recieved a video document from the offices of oHarmony. One of the secretaries decided to watch it before sending it along to the suits.

On screen was the president, sitting in his big chair, facing the camera.

"If you are watching this, then I am dead. Probably had something to do with that damn Unicorn." He said gritting my teeth. He tried to straighten out before he continued speaking. "The only family I had left was my son, who was recently slain. I no longer have any blood relatives as an heir. So I ask of you to take this video as my last will and testament.

"In the condition that I die, I want to leave the oHarmony name and all of it's property to the famed internet celebrity and political leader, Guu. Her antics brought many to the dataverse and thus practically made this great world what it is. For that, I can't think of more capable hands to run this company. Please make sure she gets her inheritance as soon as possible.

"I want to thank all those who worked so hard under me. And to King Sombra, fuck you."
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Before he left the dark king of the Crystal Empire realized something. Unless he did something the threat of O-Harmony would come back to bite him literally in the butt. So what was a king to do? Summon some help. Specifically King Sombra lit his horn to summon a certain Pink Alicorn, but one who had powered the Crystal Heart with Light and love and beaten him. Once she appeared, King Sombra said to Cadance. "I can bring you your husband with a simple exertion on my part.  You will be the new president of O-Harmony, but you'll move their headquarters somewhere it isn't a pain in the flank to get to. "  

Cadance asked. "So wait, you brought me here to play matchmaker?" 

King Sombra sighed. "That's about the gist of it, 'Princess of Love.'  although you're not to pair me with Deadpool or any other males. Your payment will be your husband back and a promise not to murder Twilight Sparkle. Though as I said, this location is offlimits. Find somewhere else that is less of a pain in the flank to get to. " 

While it was true King Sombra wouldn't murder Twilight, he wouldn't help her either.

Trotting back towards the ship that he had taken to the HQ of O-Harmony the dark sovereign of the Crystal Empire had a smile on his face. Frowning, King Sombra boarded his boat. Once he was onboard his boat,  King Sombra had a smile on his face. Traveling back to the island known as Fil Island he started to think around. 

"It looks like I've got a lot of work to do. Sure I've taken care of O Harmony but I still have Dead Pool to worry about and a few other situations have presented themselves. My home needs to be reinforced and will need certain security measures in place. I'll also need of course to start looking for knights of my own. After all with an army of my own I should be able to protect myself,  easier. Plus having some reinforcements means that I could battle the Elements of Harmony when I need to." 

King Sombra groaned as he thought about the mess he was in. One of the groups that was harassing him was dead and unless Omni revived the individuals, they wouldn't be likely to cause him problems. Disembarking when he got back to File Island, King Sombra looked at the island. It was certainly in a state of disarray. His castle wouldn't be allowed to fall into disarray like this place had been. O-Harmony was dead and buried for the time-being but it was not enough. No he still had to eliminate Dead Pool and that meant that his power level here would need to grow. He'd need to expand his reach into other verses. Sure he had a base in the Vasty Deep. But it was not enough. Homes would be needed in other places by King Sombra because he knew what was going on. The dark monarch of the Crystal Empire disembarked from his boat with the Digimon egg held in his magical grasp as he went back through the Dataverse Exit that would lead him back to the HQ. 

With that he'd make his exit from the Dataverse, a wicked grin on his face. For now he had a plan of attack.

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