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Desman Black

Name: Desman 'Des' Black
Spent OM: 18050
Consumed OM; 2550
Proficiencies (2600); Ranged (1000)  Physical strength (1000) Area Attack (600)
Powers (7200/8000); Enhanced Senses-Master (2000), Fusion-Master (1400), Symbiosis (1000) Mimic (2800)
Moves (900); Elemental Shot (300) Elemental Cutlass (300) Blown Away (300)
Super Moves (800);  Tier 2 Super Attack: Mental Meltdown (800)
Transformations (3000); Alt Forms: Human Des (2000) T1 power-up: Flaming Towel Cape (1000)
Assists (0); 
Items; Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device, Tier One Base Fortifications
Bases; Beach-Front Inn [location: Vasty Deep (co-owned by: 'Ash, The Strom Demon' and 'Jak Mar')]
Unlocks (1000); Stat Upgrade I
Base [Alt] stats: 
ATK: 3 [2]
DEF: 4 [1+1=2]
SPD: 1+1=2 [4]
TEC: 2 [3]

'What happens when the world ends, when all world ends, Desman knows the answer to this, not that he knows that.'[Image: ZMPoOGm.jpg]

Name: Desman 'Des' Black

Age: 20

Gender: None, (used to be male)

Race: Robot

Physical Description
A short, metallic red robot whose height and weight are 3"11' and 100kg respectively. Des' body is made up of a mixture of tungsten and Titanium. Other them the cannon on his right arm and having wheels instead of legs, he is fairly humanoid in shape. He also has a hump on his back that acts like a backpack.

Desman is open-minded and a good listener (even if he doesn't seem like it), but is still pretty secretive when it comes to his more uncomfortable past. He will help anyone in danger, but will try to find both sides of the story. At times, Des can sometimes seem quite stubbon, and also rushes into things when his friends are involved. While he is quite easy to make friends with, or at least get to the point where he trusts you, if you do something that betrays this trust, he likely to burn with a hatred towards you, and regaining his trust is nigh impossible. His slight mental instability also allows him to flip between emotions rather easily.

Character history

Des's memories before coming here are somewhat mangled, him having memories of viruses infected VR systems, computer programs and being a pirate-based super hero, the only recurring theme is that he was a genius in robotics and medical professions, and losing some limbs then becoming a robot; though the latter has different reasons.His world, or what he can remember of it, is very similar to our own, except where techology is sightly more advanced. Des came to the omniverse when trying to get back to his home dimension from an apocalyptic one. 

Complete 'cannon' history (W.I.P)
 Des was born as a genius in the year 2001, In an alternate version of Australia. His first invention being a toy car launcher at the age of 5, then his dad started in the Field of video games, and Des saw less of him as time went on, until the age of 9 where his father stopped coming home at all. The next time Des saw his dad was when he graduated early at the age of 11, this rapid change of years gave Des extreme social problems, so he rarely talked to anyone except his mother, and Nexus, his bother who was now 9 years of age. Des soon got into robotics and started making the plans and prototype for the 'X6Z2-Robotic Limbs' with won him the 'Robotics and Engineering Young Health Awards' (R.E.Y.H.A) when he was 16. This then qualified Des for beta-testing his dad's game that was meant to be an advancement in VR-tech. This dream did not become reality however, as a mysterious hacker put a virus in the system, which trapped the participants of the beta-test in the game, and ultimately killed most of them, including Nexus, with Des blaming his death on their father, forever severing any connection that could have been made.

A few mouths afterwords is when Desman met A.N.N.A, at that time having the form of a pair of headphones. She was one of the 11 artifacts that only appear every 133 years, their forms and powers determined by the people that find them and their wishes, Desman's wish of still having his brother alive was to much for just the one artifact, and instead put A.N.N.A there as a stand in, with A.N.N.A also telling him of the other artifacts so they could get the power to revive Nexus. At first the two were no more then partners with their own seperate goals, cold and emotionless to eachother, but with their consint interaction Des slowly became more open while A.N.N.A became more human, both even starting to have feelings for the other, of course with any relationship, there comes a fight, this one leading A.N.N.A to join the other artifacts with a person ho soon goes mad with power and trys to destroy the world, who is stopped by Des and the other 9 people who found the artifacts even without the powers they once had. This resulted in an epic explosion that slowly destroyed the artifacts, not wanting to lose another friend Des changed the robotic limbs he had created into a full blown suit, tranfurring his brain and a microchip, the only thing left of A.N.N.A by that point into it.


A New Day, a New Dimension
A New Day, A New Dimension
Des arrives in the omniverse and sees a statue of an alternate version of himself. Enters Camelot.

A Robot and a girl, (and something else to.)
Des waits by the gate and figures out how to summon objects.

A Fine City
Des arrives at Minas Tirith, where he meets a girl going by the name of Shion (Shiotaro Yuki), theorised the existence of a tech based dimension after being kicked by a child, and encounters his first Darkling.

Dark Data Sega
As Darkness Falls
Desman meets one of Dr. Regal's scourts who immediately requested his help. The man also gave basic information on primes.

Putting out the call
Des arrives in Coruscant, then the labs. He also talks to a girl in a green shirt... before meeting and leaving with Lord Zedd, Jak, and Morene.

After heading to the bottom tier, the group was ambushed by a weak group of darklings which were defeated with Dante's help. After another group of darklings, the group finds the Coruscant nebula space and defeat the boss inside, with Desman dying in the process.

Dante's Abyss (2017)
[M]Dreams in death (Post1)
Des's anger combine's with the subconscious knowing A.N.N.A is not alive turns out to be a bad combination...

Back in Black
Desman revives, not remembering any of the events relating to Nebula. Also, memory has been altered to not remember A.N.N.A was ever in the omniverse.

From Jak Mar to Desman
Confusing Email

A Second First Impression.
Desman does as the email asks, so he can find his past

Spectator thread
Desman and Daxter bond over an angry Jak.

Jak and The Gang
Tag A-Longs
Ash tags along with Daxter and Des to find Jak.

[M]Torn's Big Break
After finding Jak, the group helps break Torn out of jail.

[M]Dreams In Death (Posts2+)
Des dies again. A voice gives him advice for later.

[M] Guilty Party
Went to the beach

Beach Filler Episode
Got drunk at the beach.

[M] Desman's Paying, Obviously!! (Posts 1-18
Left the beach

[M] Dealing With Demons In VR
A nice freindly game of Mental Breackdown.

[M] Desman's Paying, Obviously!!(Posts 20-22)
(Back)STORY TIME!!! (Also Desman has a prize)

Windows and Doors
Interdimensional Dreams

[M] Desman's Paying, Obviously!! (Posts 23+)
Ash is suddenly gone and Des is suddenly human.

Honeymoon In Hell
[M] Honeymoon In Hell
Honeymoon In Hell


Fighting Style
Desman’s style of fighting is tactical one of deali dealing small consecutive damage from far away and dodging any attacks that come his way, always using the structures and any unique qualities of an area to his full advantage, and only going into the fray of close combat to support or save his allies. Though like all other times, his emotions can affects how he acts, like him being reluctant to battle close friends, and anger clouding his judgement completely, tho him being hurt isn’t enough on its own to get him angry in the slightest.

Armour Up!! (Fusion/Symbiosis)
Originally being designed as replacement limbs, Des's suit can open up just enough to let anybody in. This creates a shared mind scape where both pilot the body, but it tends to favor the people with a more prominent personality.

Sonar (Enhanced Sences)
Just as it says on the packet, Des uses sonar technology to detect objects and people around him.

Elemental Manifestation (Mimic)
You know how Desman uses Ki for almost all his attacks? Well he can actually turn it into any object, it's just that he needs to be at least familiar with it. When he creates something in this way it's has the same physical proprieties as his 'Elemental' moves.

Elemental Shot (Requires Ranged Proficiency):
A shot made of pure energy around 6-7 inches in diameter with an effective range of about 2.5 m. It is shot from Des's arm cannon (or his right hand if in human form), can be shot while moving but gives -0.5 speed form the first to last shot. Vissualy simmiler to a kamahamaha wave, except without the tail and chages colors depending on the dominent element in the area (technically doesn't effect the shot becurse of what is treated as "fluff information" in the omniverse but does change the elemental allightment of shot). Can be aimed while standing still and can shot 1 shot per second for 3 secs, requires 1 second charging time between rounds. Moves slightly slower then a bullet. Only requires focus when aiming and drains stamina slightly, effects become noticeable after 6 rounds.

Elemental Cutlass (Requires Physical Strength Proficiency):
A Cutless made of the same energy as Des' shots, thus also allowing it to change color depending on the dominant element (which again, is just fodder); becurse of the fact that the energy doesn't need to be condensed in this form, the sword is only semi-opaque. The form is based primarily off of a 19th century french naval cutlass but it does have a few changes, like how the blade is two and half to three inches at the widest point, and 11 at it's longest. Needs 0.5 second of concentration to summon but doesn't need any concentration to maintain once summoned. Despite it's unusual material, it's feels much like a regular sword to hold and be hit by.

Blown Away (Requires: Area Attack,Physical Strength Proficiency)//Not Yet Unlocked IC//:
Desman takes a 3 sec charge-up time, during which he can not move, to absorb Air into his body before releasing it all in a sudden gust of wind releasing outwards from his abdomen (not hitting any opponents or allies above him, but hitting anyone in the whole 360 degrees around Des). This wind is not damaging and hits friend and foe alike, pushing them out about 20ft away from Desman. Targets have to be within 12ft of Des to be hit by the move in the first place, and people with a DEF lower than Des's ATK may be pushed back further, while people with a DEF higher than Des's ATK won't be pushed back as far.

Human Des [Alt Form]
Desman in this form stands at 6' 5" and weighs in at about 150 Lbs, making up an about average build. Unlike his Robot form, Human Des's physiology is 100%, well, human. This means he now has all four of his limbs back (including attachments like arms and feet) as well as eyes and hair (amber and dark red repetitively, the latter usually unkempt). He overall looks about his age of early 20's.He is currently unable to escape this form .
[Image: 51d62f97df87e69eacf25203caa2b26e--late-b...e-boys.jpg]

Atk: 2
Def: 1
Spd: 4
Tec: 3

Exclusive Powers
Fusion Dance(Fusion/Symbiosis)
When Desman dances with someone, if both parties choose, they will create a more complete fusion, melding both minds into one, the resulting fusion having bits and pieces of both personalities, but put into one stable one. Overides 'Armour Up!!' .

Exclusive Moves
Tier 2 Super Attack: Mental Meltdown (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Fusion):
When fused, if the fusion were to end up in a situation where it’s parts were to react too drastically different from one another, the resulting conflict would cause the fusion to defuse erratically, creating a fiery explosion 16 feet in radius. Non-damaging shockwaves can also be felt within a 60 ft diameter from where the fusion was, all fusion materials being sent 20 ft away from the centre point as well.

Flaming Towel Cape [T1 power-up]
If Desman gets angry enough, he ignites the surrounding air in a non-damaging explosion, when the flames clear he is wearing towel that's on fire like a cape. Also gives his moves a flame aesthetic.
[Image: WmDbuL1.png]
- Art by Leonardo Watch

Atk: +1
Def: +0
Spd: +2
Tec: +2

Beach-Front Inn:
(not to be confused with Beach-Side Inn)

Verse/Location: Vasty Deeps, just a short walk away from the beach on the opposite side of Costa del Sol.

History: Nothing is currently known to Desman and co. about the hotel before they stumbled upon it, mostly becurse they haven't been interested enough to ask. The group found it while two thirds of them were drunk and Des, not knowing the value of his money in this world, accidentally brought the whole thing.

Physical Description: A standard skyscraper, and while Des does own the whole thing, the base is actually just the basement levels, accessed by a secret elevator in the back that is password locked and consistently guarded by either one of SAP or a man in a black suit from the inside. (Tier One Base Fortifications)
F1B: The living room/kitchen floor, still pretty barren at the moment expect for a bar due to Des wanting to get away from his secondaries.
F2B: A completely barren floor, Samurai Abstinence Patrol wants to make it a Dojo.
F3B: Jak's room, once again barren
F4B: The only floor to have something summoned after moving in (a bed) and ash's room. Also has Dataverse uplink/VR station (brought by Ash)
F5B: Another Barren Floor, this time Des's room.

Love-Really Like-Like-Neutral-Dislike-Really Dislike-Hate-Scared of
A.N.N.A: Best freind and disembodied voice. Met sometime before the omniverse. May have thought of her as a nuisce once but warmed up to her (and being stuck with her) over time.To bad she didn't come to the omniverse with me, I miss her...

Shion (Shiotaro Yuki): A Nice Person overall, and we seem to have a lot in common. Helped me when I needed it.

Jak: Apparently we saved the Omniverse together? And despite not remembering, I feel like I can trust him. Though I have some a lot of questions about that 'Dark' form

Morene Fellon: Part of the group me and Jak suppositly saved the Omniverse with.It feels likes she's a good person, even if I can't remeber.

Dante: Another person to save the Omniverse with us that I have no memorie of other then their face. Despite this I feel like I owe him my life.

'Lord' Zedd: The last person I saved the Omniverse with.Though unlike the rest of them, all I can think about is kicking them in the balls... if they have any.

Ash: [Redact Log] She is a good friend and someone who always pushes me past my limits for better or worse. She along with Jak is one of the only people I can count on in this world.

Dust: A great guy I met on the beach, he and his group happily excepted us for the most part. I did also kiss him, but I thought it was a dream, I swear.

Gildarts, Molly, Pinkie Pie, Issablle, Piqui, Rosie & Shinmen Takezō: A bunch of great guys that (almost) quite happily accepted us(me Jak and Ash) into the group. of course I think the only reason they were hassident was cause Jak was drunk, I kissed a guy, and Ash was being Ash.

Ninja Sex Party: Two guys I actually summoned. One's a ninja, the others a... superhero? Other then that I don't know anythibg about them.

Samurai Abstinence Patrol: Two guys I accidentally summoned who have now pledged obedience to me.They are completely annoying to have around

Ninja Sex Party 
[Image: 4599704-danny.jpg]
[Image: 4bsrtCW_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian, two of the toughest motherfuckibg ninjas that you’ve ever seen, or at least, they were. After spending most of his at least 900 year life of being an assassin, banging hot girls, and changing the course of European history, he got bored and decided to give it up for dancing. Though he soon realized that his awesomeness was too much to be contained in one physical activity and realizing how how good his life was before, he went back to seducing woman and having sex, leading to his current life as leader of a biker gang in attitude city called the ‘Cool Patrol’. And Brian? Well he still the same psychopathic murderous ninja he has always been since he was born, why he hasn’t left Danny yet, people say it’s because their best friends, but their actions don’t always seem to match that fact. They were accidentally summoned by Desman during one of their city destroying fights with Samurai Abstinence Patrol.
Samurai Abstinence Patrol-Dislike

Ninja Brian

Samurai Abstinence Patrol
[Image: OWdcB24.png]
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...280&h=1280]
In the tall skyscrapers of ancient Japan, lived two great warriors and dude and man; These men were Arin Neverbone and Samurai Barry. These two form the duo of Samurai Abstinence Patrol, the Rival of Ninja Sex Party that were brought to the present when Danny Sexbang ripped a hole in space time during an orgy with 10 girls and a mime. Arin despises sex and wants to rid the world of it, Barry is just along for the ride. They were summoned by Desman accidently like the summoning of NSP was, Arin pledged loyalty to the robot soon after.
Samurai Barry-Like
Ninja Sex Party-Dislike

Samurai Barry

[Image: c0089be148ab6b62753f4086c68fee21.jpg]
Sophisticated, kind, and wise. Crysiss is not your typical white mage, but is also your typical white mage. She is not a naïve person, but she is willing to listen and help anyone in need. She met Odessa in a busier town, they teamed up to make it through the badlands between the mountains, through the valley, during which time she gave up her drinking habits for, personal reasons. While Odessa can't stand most people, Crysiss can get along with anyone. No one fucks with the white mage, after all. She has a high tolerance for pain, but doesn't like seeing anyone else suffer.
Ordesa-Really Like

[Image: 809cfd703e4e48bcfc65362759d168fd--anime-...n-hair.jpg]
[Image: 250?cb=20170809014204]
Bill Der, a stereotypical shy geek in the body of a hot male complete with six pack, brown shaggy hair, and pale skin, except without the geeking out. Bill doesn’t remember much before being summoned to the omniverse, this of course could be due to the fact he was he was summoned at the age of 5. Soon being abandoned shortly after however, he was eventrully found and adopted by a kobold and a centor. This led to a fairly uneventful life, allowing him to grow to his current 19 year old self slightly faster than normal, where he now works for OMNIzom. During this time he has met Bob and a Giant Spider (about the size of a dog) who has designated Bill and Bob as his surrogate mother and father respectively, despite the later killing her parents.
Bob-Really like
Spider-Really like
[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

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