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Kelly MacAryn

Name: Kelly MacAryn
Character Source: Original (previously played elsewhere)
Spent OM: 21900
Proficiencies: (5200); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Remote Control (600), Area Attack (600), Area Defense (400), Debuff (1000)
Powers: (7900/8000); Survival (2000), Burst movement (800), Foresight (1500), Telepathy (1500), Basic Telekinesis (400), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Basic Super Jumping (300) 
Moves: (3300); Soliton Blast (600), Traveler's Staff (300), Combat Acceleration (300), Darkling Axe (300), Personal Space (600), Force an Error (300), Go For the Eyes (300), Point Source Explosion (600).
Super Moves: (1200); Oppositional Rotation - Tier 1 Super-attack (600), Unexpected Interference - Tier 1 Super Defense (600). 
Transformations: (1000); Somatic Vector-Sketch - Tier 1 Power Up (1000)
Consumed OM: (300);
Items:  Communicator (200), Dataverse Device (100), PepsiCo VIP Card (Flavor Item), Emblem of Darkshire (Flavor Item)
Artefacts: None
Unlocks: (3000); First Stat Upgrade (1000), Second Stat Upgrade (2000)
Base stats (Tier 1):
ATK: 3 (5)
DEF: 2 (4)
SPD: 2 (3)
TEC: 5 (5)

Name: Kelly MacAryn
Age: 432 (looks 26ish)
Height: 193 cm (6'4")
Weight: 90 kg (200 lbs)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Navy Blue
Aliases: Alan Mayhew (when dealing with the Empire)

[Image: h6SgPnN.png]

Kelly is a very tall man, apparently in his mid-twenties. He is physically fit and not excessively broad, standing 193 centimeters and weighing in at 90 kilograms. 

He has a long, rugged face with a strong, clean-shaven jaw and high cheekbones. He has a prominent nose which you could use to chop wood or hunt small mammals, though as it's not cartoonishly large it still works for him rather than against him. His thick brown hair is shoulder-length, and he wears it pulled back in a tight ponytail, though it has a tendency to come loose in the front and fall where it will. Kelly's eyebrows are thick, his lips are thin and expressive, and his bright, navy-blue eyes are deeply set in his face, giving the sense he's staring out at the world from behind a mask. Overall the impression is of a bird of prey that went to the wrong line when they were handing out the bodies or, if he's in a bad mood, a cobra wearing a very convincing human-suit. 

Everyday wear: Kelly dresses for function rather than fashion, though some effort has been made to co-ordinate: Blue denim pants, a sleeveless blue cotton t-shirt, a black leather belt with several useful pouches and a brass buckle, plus a pair of heavy black work-boots, the kind with hob-nails in the soles that seem to growl at you like a pair of feety fortresses.  He carries a staff in his right-hand, lacquered mahogany braced with iron, which is almost as tall as he is. 

As Alan Mayhew: When using the Alan Mayhew alias, Kelly dresses in a single-breasted pinstripe suit with a dark blue tie (full Windsor knot) and a slightly lighter blue shirt. He wears the same boots, however, though he's always sure to tuck them into his pant-legs. In this persona, the staff is absent.

Distinguishing Marks
There is a prominent scar in the shape of a seven-pointed compass-rose on his left biceps.

Pre-Omniverse History:

Kelly's history is very long, and upon arrival in the Omniverse he doesn't recall most of it. He has an extremely advanced eidetic memory, practically like a computer, but something seems to have gone terribly wrong with his internal index, and now his life is a four-hundred-year long smear of random associations and general impressions. 

He would swear this is not the first time an all-powerful being gave him superpowers without a satisfactory explanation. He would swear this is not the first time he's woken up in a strange world with nearly all of his potency gone. 

Kelly remembers being a traveler between realities, possessed of a posthuman body with extremely powerful psionic abilities. Something drove him forward, looking for a purpose, a cause, people he could relate to. Wherever he came from originally, there was nothing left for him there, and an old tragedy at his heels, and he struck out across the infinite fractal worldscape of an Everett-Wheeler cosmology trying to find something to fill the hole in his soul. 

Sometimes, when he arrived in realities where the physical laws were outside previous experience, he'd lose his psychic powers and have to wait for them to come back while whatever ontological machinery had been flash-welded to his existence back at the beginning made the necessary adjustments, slowly altering his physiology and fine-tuning his relationship with the dominant local physics.

He fought in wars. He taught high-school. He robbed banks and worked at a soup kitchen. He slew dragons, fought robots, got turned into a woman, changed back, died, came back, climbed mountains, saved kingdoms, sailed with pirates, owned castles, traveled the stars, died again, snapped out of it, and lived in a shack. Kelly battled and improvised and conned and brooded his way across a ludicrous cross-section of space and time, always evolving, adapting faster to changing physics as his mind, body, and spirit grew more powerful.

At some point the traveler found what he was looking for, and this is the most frustrating part for him because he remembers barely anything about it at all. Mostly what he feels towards this period of his history is a sense of devastating loss. He knows there was a massive war. He remembers that someone eventually made him a king, and that he was good at it. Serving a nation gave him a source of purpose, finally filled the hole inside of him. Then there was another war, but... much smaller, yet somehow equally important.

He remembers going to Hell.

Kelly would swear penguins were involved with all of it somehow, which really doesn't help. 

His most recent recollection from his previous life is saying to somebody, "I never wanted to be a god, Ray, but I don't think I have a choice anymore." 

Presumably  his audience was named Ray. That's as much as Kelly knows about it. Then he arrived in the Omniverse, barely more than human, so apparently he was wrong. 


Kelly is goal-oriented, attentive, discerning, curious, cautious verging on paranoid, methodical, and decisive. He's always thinking, and his first response to any new situation is to gather information and make a plan, even if that plan is as simple as 'hang around and see if anything interesting happens,' and he is excellent at seizing opportunities and improvising in response to unexpected developments. It's almost always safe to assume he wants to know more about a given topic, and he tends to latch onto small details and unspoken implications. 

Kelly creates grand, far-reaching, multipley-redundant strategies in order to achieve his goals, which can have a dramatic and sometimes disastrous effect on the lives of the people around him when executed. He needs information like other people need air, and has control-freak tendencies, but also a strong set of convictions about not screwing up other people's lives, preventing others from screwing up the lives of their neighbors, and if at all possible leaving a place better than he found it.  Naturally, this sometimes puts him at odds with himself. 

In the end he does want to help - he feels a sense of solemn duty towards making things safer and saner in general, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Kelly feels chronically responsible for situations he's involved in and people he's involved with, and combined with his scheming and trust issues this manifests as a profound but twisted sort of loyalty. He'll put people he likes in a bad situation, but then put their safety above his own to get them out (unless, of course, screwing them over was the plan). In short, he's a person with a deep need to create order in their environment to the general benefit of all, even if they have to generate a lot of chaos in the process.  He is aware of the contradiction.

He has a thing about mind control. He hates it, and the prospect is one of the few things that will make him visibly lose his cool. He's also unnaturally suspicious of anyone with an unusual scar or tattoo, especially if it's not prominently visible, though he'll get over it quickly if there's nothings else raising any red flags. He is aware of the irony, and wishes he knew why body-art makes him so uneasy. He's pretty sure it's important.

Kelly is very polite, a diplomat by nature and a keen observer, as well as a shrewd negotiator and manipulator who knows how to get what he wants by talking. Unless something happens that really gets under his skin, he always acts as though he's in control of both himself and the situation, even if he has a hole in his chest and is in the process of admitting he has no idea what's going on. When interacting with others, he does his best to be courteous and professional, though a certain amount of dry wit isn't out of place for him. His general demeanor is calm, focused and analytically genial. If the situation calls for it, he lies like a rug with a law degree. He smiles a lot, but never shows his teeth, and hardly ever laughs. Kelly uses visible annoyance like a tactical weapon, deployed sparingly, and when he gets angry it's usually a cold, quiet sort of anger, which can be hard to spot, only rarely becoming obvious. 

The traveler doesn't trust people easily, and while he'll readily form alliances he doesn't consider it the same thing as making friends - that takes a lot of time, and a great deal of mutual respect. 

He doesn't give out information about himself if he can help it, and has very little patience for wastefulness, incompetence, pettiness, sadism, or small-minded tyranny. These qualities are the quickest ways to make Kelly categorize you as either an enemy or a fool - not that he'll necessarily let you know that.  

With Regards to Combat and Killing
Kelly will always try to talk before he tries to fight, unless it's abundantly clear that's not an option or he has set out with violence as his goal. He takes a certain amount of guilty pleasure in fighting, but doesn't like killing people, and doesn't believe that being stronger or smarter gives him any right to do so. He will never kill somebody simply because they annoy him, or even because they're in his way, if he can help it. That said, self-defense is self-defense, some causes are worth the sacrifice, and some things are just so awful that they cannot be allowed to continue, even if someone has to die. 

He recognizes that the taking of lives can be necessary, will not fret over it too much once the decision has been made, and has a lot of practice doing it. There's an element of rules-of-engagement to it - he is more likely to be alright with killing somebody whose profession, behavior, or position carries an assumption of risk.

The traveler prefers to go into a fight with preparations already in place, but if that's not possible he'll quickly form a loose strategy and adapt it as necessary, or just improvise from the word 'go' if he's got nothing to work with. Once the violence has begun, he doesn't speak much, and then only when necessary, entirely focused on finishing the conflict as quickly as possible.

With regards to himself
Kelly is relentlessly self-critical, and will obsessively review recent failures or errors in an effort to pin-point what he did wrong and then take steps to improve himself. The traveler values his own effectiveness over his happiness, and is most content when he's getting things done that will have a long-term big-picture benefit, solve a long-standing mystery or fill in some gap in his strategy-tree. Ultimately, he believes his worth lies in the effect he has on his existential mien, not in what he can do for himself. 

General Roleplaying Fluff

 - Kelly has an eidetic (that is, photographic) memory with remarkable capacity and clarity, and can think remarkably quickly.

 - Kelly's body is only superficially human. Down at the biochemical level his physiology is alien in a number of ways. His genetic structure contains large sections that use Uracil instead of Thyamine, or other nitrogenous bases that aren't even used in an earth-based ecosystem. Some of it isn't even recognizably DNA. There are things he's made of which don't fit on the periodic table of the elements, much less in a human body.

 - Kelly's superhuman attributes are the result of a slow adjustment and tinkering process by a power or intelligence which is a fundamental part of his being, constantly making changes from a level just below normal reality, redesigning him from the quarks on up to be powerful in mind and body. This 'higher self' was the original source of his powers and immortality before he became a Prime.

-Kelly has a frequent sense of deja-vu. 

-Kelly hardly ever sleeps.

[Image: kelly_by_tearen_and_zearen-db9tuyj.png]


Physical Strength (1000 OM)
Leaving aside several centuries of hazy experience getting in trouble, at some point Kelly was trained by someone - he's pretty sure more than one someone, at different places in different times. As a result he's proficient with a wide variety of hand-to-hand styles and melee weapons, ranging from knives to warhammers to bar-stools. 

Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Much the same as his up-close-and-personal skills, Kelly has done a lot of fighting at range. He is experienced and trained with an incredible variety of different guns, thrown objects, energy blasts, and psychokinetic attacks. 

Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM)
Kelly's vast experience having and utilizing psychokinetic abilities has made him an expert in mentally manipulating objects at range. 

Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600 OM)
The ability to create an effect at range, with his thoughts alone, lies at the heart of Kelly's powers. 

Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM)
Kelly's psychokinesis is powerful enough to create effects that encompass a wide area. 

Area Defense Proficiency (400 OM)
Kelly is adept at creating force-fields and other defensive barriers with his psychokinesis. 

Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM)
Kelly's tactics are sophisticated, and his unorthodox methods can be effective even against physically superior opponents.


Survival (2000 OM)
Kelly is an incredibly determined individual, and his willpower is staggering. He takes personal offense bordering on a calculating sort of mania at the idea that he might die without justifying the fact that he exists in the first place, and  immortality has never done much to undermine that conviction. Combine this with his psychic abilities, a set of lungs that, to a man with his biology, aren't strictly necessary, and some emergent chemical and structural abnormalities in his circulatory system and you get a fellow that takes some thorough putting down. Unless his heart or his brain have a big hole in them, he'll probably get up again eventually.

Related Fluff: Kelly's blood is a little on the purple side, and remarkably viscous. This sanguine goopiness means he has to be torn wide open before he's at risk of dying of blood-loss, and even then it'll take a little while. It should also be noted that while he feels pain, he doesn't process it the same way other people do. It's more of a running tally of damage to him than any kind of urgent sensation, and can be easily ignored right up until that critical moment where his body actually fails. 

Basic Super-Jumping (300 OM)
Aside from his generally high level of physical fitness, down on the chemical level Kelly's muscles are not like a normal human-being's muscles. He's far stronger than a man with his wiry build should be, and that extends to his legs, giving him quite a prodigous vertical leap. On top of that, his psychokinetic abilities provide a certain degree of subconscious assistance, adding to the force of his leaps and enhancing his jumping ability even further. 

Burst Movement (800 OM)
Kelly's psychic powers may be mostly dormant, but that doesn't mean his nervous system is entirely normal. He can be unnaturally quick when he needs to be, though he finds it tiring. 

Related Fluff: When Kelly uses burst-movement, he perceives the world as slowing down around him as his neural processing speed ticks up. He thinks of this variable cerebral clock-speed as his 'neural throttle'. 

Foresight (1500 OM)
The most basic form of his extrasensory perception, Kelly can detect when he is under immediate threat of harm, how, and from where. It is, of course, up to him to act on this information in a timely manner. 

Related Fluff: Kelly processes this early-warning danger-sense through a mental construct he refers to as his 'haunt', a rudimentary partition of his mind whose sole job it is pay attention to the world around him and process danger signals. 

Enhanced Senses (1400 OM)
Kelly's unique nervous-system is sensitive to a wide range of signals and stimuli that are outside the normal range of human experience, and is able to process them with terrifying efficiency. Combined, the different inputs create a detailed three-dimensional, multi-layered real-time mental image of his immediate environment incorporating everything from thermal characteristics to radio-noise to ambient magnetic fields. 

Related Fluff: The information Kelly receives from his enhanced senses is as central to his experience of the world as a working pair of eyes is to a normal man. Relatively speaking, regaining this power is like a blinded man having his sight restored, even if the range is still severely limited.  

Telepathy (1500 OM)
To Kelly's sophisticated extrasensory perceptions, the ordered flow of the information within living neural networks stands out prominently against the background of arrhythmic entropic noise - so prominently in fact, that his own thoughts can interact with them with relative ease, making him a powerful telepath. 

Basic Telekinesis (400 OM)
Kelly's full measure of control over his psychokinetic abilities, allowing for fine manipulation of objects at range and sophisticated projection of force, has finally returned to him. The range is limited, and his overall potency remains, to a man who could once crack mountains in half, laughably low. Still, this power to mentally master his surroundings is at the very soul and center of Kelly's approach to not just combat, but life in general, so the significance of its return cannot be overstated.   

Related Fluff: Kelly uses his telekinesis for a wide variety of mundane tasks, such as peeling oranges or opening doors.


Soliton Blast: variable, requires Ranged Attack Proficiency - (600 OM)
A somewhat refined psychokinetic force-bolt, with a variable potency dependent on charge time. Regardless of charge time the bolt, which looks likes a tennis-ball sized distortion in the air, is fired from the hand and travels in a straight line, as fast as an arrow, for up to sixty meters.  It can be used while moving, and Kelly can charge it while defending himself, though doing the latter splits his focus and is equivalent to a momentary minus-2 to TEC. The charge-up can be interrupted by a sudden distraction or a solid blow.

The charge time is variable between zero and eight seconds, with power levels and incurred fatigue gradually increasing between the following benchmarks: 

NO CHARGE - It can be fired instantly, at a rate of one bolt per second, in which case it's effect is no greater than a well-thrown punch (ATK) and has little effect on Kelly's energy level.

2 SECOND CHARGE - If Soliton Blast is charged for two seconds, the effect is similar to being struck by a bowling-ball swung hard by a very strong man (That is, one with Kelly's ATK). At this level, using it is tiring, and Kelly only do it three or four times before he starts to feel seriously fatigued. 

FIVE SECOND CHARGE - At five seconds of charge time, the blast is much more powerful than it's two-second predecessor, more like the concentrated impact of a large blunt weapon, such as an eight-pound sledgehammer. The stamina cost increases accordingly, and it can only be used twice in succession without rest. 

MAXIMUM CHARGE - At it's maximum charge time of 8 seconds,  the force-bolt is truly potent, like a blow from a fifteen-pound maul with the momentum and centrifugal force of a full 180 degree overhead swing behind it - suitable for splitting logs or breaking large stones in the hands of a strong man, and much more in the hands of an unusually powerful one (Again, ATK). At this level of power, Kelly needs to rest for fifteen seconds after using it, able to take no action other than simple evasion (stepping, retreating, or diving - no rolls or anything sophisticated) and conservative physical defense (basic blocking, no counters, none of his usual technical flair) and will be tired and somewhat error prone for the rest of the fight (effectively -1 TEC).

Personal Space: Requires Telekinesis, Area-Attack proficiency, 3+ ATK - variable (600 OM)
If Kelly needs a little breathing room, he can use his psychic powers to create some. He can do this in two ways. 

Version 1: By focusing intensely, he can generate an instantaneous telekinetic shockwave, invisible save for the wave-front of dust it produces at ground-level and the effect it has on anything in its path, expanding spherically outward to a range of about three meters before dissipating (Force decreasing proportionately after first meter of distance from Kelly's body - one meter= full power, two meters = 50% power, etc.). This shockwave isn't designed to be damaging - rather, it's like being shoved extremely hard (Kelly's ATK score) - potentially knocking less sturdy enemies off their feet and forcing tougher ones back to a less-threatening distance (Enemy DEF score). As generating the shockwave requires Kelly to muster a lot of force extremely quickly across his entire body, it puts a great deal of strain on his energy reserves. This version can only be used once per fight; It cannot be used while moving at anything quicker than a walking pace - though it can be used mid-air if Kelly has jumped - and cannot be used in conjunction with other non-item moves. 

Version 2: The second use of Personal Space is more powerful, but riskier in the heat of battle. By charging the attack for four seconds, Kelly can increase the power of  the shockwave to the point where its genuinely dangerous - capable of breaking wooden furniture at middle-distance or cracking marble at close range (or more if his ATK score goes up). This version of Personal Space  has a slightly increased range - four meters instead of three, and the drop-off in power begins at 1.5 meters instead of 1 meter, though otherwise the same rules of distance-ratio and effectiveness apply. Kelly can charge it while doing other things - moving, or even fighting, though attempting the latter splits his focus and effectively reduces his TEC score by 2 for the duration of the charge-time - and the decrease becomes -3 if he's trying to use other psychokinetically-based moves (this reduction can't bring his TEC below 0, and he can't take other combative action while charging Personal Space v2 if for some reason it would). The charge can be interrupted by a solid blow. This version of Personal Space can be used more often (once every minute or so, each use incurring mild general fatigue, like running a 100 meter dash), as the charge-time makes it less stressful to perform  - but it cannot be used at all if Kelly has already used version 1.   

Combat Acceleration: Requires Physical Strength, Burst Movement - (300 OM)
Kelly's neural throttle allows him to increase his cerebral processing speed for brief periods. Correspondingly, the speed at which he attacks and defends also increases, though the force with which he strikes remains unchanged. While using combat acceleration, he can perform basic (non-Move) attacks, evasions and defenses as though his SPD were doubled. As with normal burst-movement, this effect only lasts for a single second, with a minimum of one second between uses. Also as with regular burst-movement, use of combat acceleration is much more draining than attacking, evading or defending normally, and frequent use will wear him out quickly.

Related Fluff: This move is an extension of Kelly's particular mechanism for burst movement. As such, just like when he uses burst movement, Kelly perceives the world as slowing down around him rather than himself getting faster while under its effects.

Force an Error: Requires ranged proficiency, Debuff proficiency, 4+ TEC, enhanced senses, telekinesis - (300 OM)
Kelly doesn't wait for his opponents to make mistakes - he takes a more proactive approach.  By subtle, well-timed application of telekinesis, the traveler is able to cause his opponents to make small but crucial errors - missing shots at range due to a sudden pressure on the elbow, or overextending in close combat thanks to a greater-than-expected momentum on a strike. 

The technique is entirely dependent on TEC. If the opponent's score is greater than Kelly's, they'll be able to correct for the unexpected interference - however, if their TEC score is equal to or less than his, they will make a mistake, with the severity increasing as the gap in ability-scores widens (A simple loss of combative momentum due to missed footing if the scores are equal, an exploitable opening if the opponents score is less than Kelly's but still greater than half his score, or a full on disaster such as tripping and falling on their face if their score is less than half of his.) 

Because the force required is minimal, this technique doesn't take a lot of energy, but it does require keen focus to use; as such, constant use will dull Kelly's mind and make him more prone to errors himself (effectively -1 to TEC for the rest of the fight if used more frequently than once per minute.) Force an Error can only be used on opponents within range of his telekinesis and in order to use this technique, Kelly must be able to sense his opponent with his Enhanced Senses.

Traveler's Staff: requires physical strength - (300 OM)
A sturdy wooden staff, suitable for use by someone who does a lot of walking. It is just under two meters long and five centimeters in diameter, constructed from dark, polished hardwood and shod in a semi-decorative web of inlaid iron braces. The staff functions as a durable, nimble and versatile weapon, but in spite of the metal involved in its construction adds little to Kelly's striking power beyond reach and simple concentration of force.

Darkling Axe: Requires physical strength - 300 OM
Taken from a soldier of Nebula, this black-iron battleaxe has a two-sided blade - a pair of wedges with the points facing one another, wickedly curved on the outer cutting edges and coming to a point at the top and bottom of each. The haft is 4 cm wide by 1 meter in length, constructed of lacquered hardwood. The blade is 20  cm in length on either side, and 30 cm in breadth from one cutting edge to the other. It's not the most nimble weapon - in fact its weight makes it rather slow - but it's wickedly sharp and very durable, suitable for striking tremendous blows. Kelly carries it on his back, and it takes about three seconds to draw.

Point-Source Explosion: requires telekinesis, ranged-materialize proficiency, area attack proficiency, 3+ ATK (600 OM)
By concentrating on a single point in space within his line of sight (or the range of his enhanced senses) and stretching it along a fourth-dimensional axis in order to build up tension, Kelly can then release that tension to create a highly disruptive shockwave in 'real' space, resembling the surface of a rapidly-expanding soap bubble. In order to build enough tension for a noticeable explosion, Kelly must concentrate for a minimum of 0.5 seconds, which will result in a spherical burst that expands to 1.5 meters in diameter at several times the speed of sound before dissipating, with a maximum force at the center capable of shattering a 2-inch thick wooden plank. The force of the blast is constant within a 0.3 meter radius, falling off by percentages after that - 50% distance to the outer edge = 50% of the maximum force. 

If this attack is charged for longer than 0.5 seconds, it becomes more powerful, and the radius of the explosion increases. At a 1 second charge, the shockwave is powerful enough to break soft marble, and the blast-zone increases to 2 meters. At 2 seconds, it can crack concrete (diameter 2.5 meters), and at the maximum charge time of 2.5 seconds it can dent steel plating (2.75 meters diameter). The rules for force-distribution-by-distance remain constant.

Point-Source explosions are difficult to generate. Kelly can't take any other action while charging this attack, including movement, as it requires his total concentration. The charge-time can be interrupted - although notably, if he's already achieved the minimum charge-time, the attack will still go off - just in an uncontrolled fashion, at half it's usual minimum potency. The energy cost is also very high. At the minimum charge time, it's the equivalent of a fit man having run a mile - breathing hard and slightly fatigued, but still capable of taking prompt action - though repeated uses stack accordingly. Each second of charge doubles this effect (2 mile run at 1.5 - slightly winded, would prefer to go sit down. Four mile run at 2.5 - tired, slow to react.) If he uses the attack at full charge, he cannot use it again for the rest of the fight.

Kelly cannot change the location he has chosen for Point-source explosion once he has begun to charge it. While charging, the area that will become the blast-radius stretches and smears, expanding as the charge builds, the line-of-sight view through that space vanishing towards the focus-point. Being in or passing through the location of the in-progress charge isn't harmful. It feels like the universe is licking you aggressively on the inside of your skin (very uncomfortable, but not actually painful or dangerous).

Go For the Eyes: Requires physical strength, debuff proficiency - (300 OM)

Most fighters rely heavily on their eyes, and Kelly sees no reason not to exploit the hell out of that fact. 

When engaged with another fighter in melee combat, Kelly will go for the eyes, fully intending to blind them if he can get away with it. Kelly's success or lack thereof is dependent on the ability scores (yes, all of them) of himself and his opponent; He can successfully hit the eyes in the first place only if his TEC is greater than that of his target, and their SPD exceeds his by no more than 1. Assuming the move connects, its effectiveness depends on how large the gap in TEChnical ability is (signifying the degree to which they have failed to protect their squishy occular organs/other visual receptors), with a modifier based on the gap between Kelly's ATK and the opponent's DEF (for purposes of determining the move's outcome, add 1 to the target's TEC score for every 2 points by which their DEF exceeds Kelly's ATK). 

If Kelly's TEC exceeds the targets by...

1: Target experiences visual distortion (teariness, dark spots)/ general pain for about five seconds.
2: Target experiences dark spots, persistent blurring, teariness for up to ten seconds.
3 or more: Target experiences severe blurring for up to thirty seconds, persistent painful swelling, possible blindness in one eye. 
5 or more: Target is stricken with outright Blindness. 

Although Kelly can continue to attempt to target the eyes in a less devastating capacity with basic non-move attacks, Go For the Eyes can only be used once per opponent per fight (twice on opponents with a TEC score less than 2), as it creates a deep and abiding concern for protecting the face, preventing its subsequent use in its ideal form. 

The effects of Go For the Eyes can be reversed by an application of healing items or powers. Targets with regeneration can ignore the 1st level effects, and can recover from second and third level effects in half the listed time. Fourth level effects disappear within one minute for targets with basic regeneration and thirty seconds with advanced regeneration. SP-powered regeneration erases all effects.


Oppositional Rotation: Tier 1 Super-attack - requires Physical Strength, Burst Movement, Traveler's Staff (600 OM)
A sudden, extremely powerful downward blow, likely to crack the ground below the target if it connects. It consists of two parts: 

The Setup
Kelly adjusts his grip on his staff, sliding it down towards one end and switching his dominant hand to an overhand grasp. He cocks the weapon back by his hip, taking a stance with his opposing foot forward, and his leading hip turned over so that his leading heel faces his target. This setup takes about three-quarters of a second, and can be interrupted. 

The Execution
The execution of the technique is twenty-five percent physical, seventy-five percent mental. In a sudden burst of raw psychokinetic force,  blowing the tie out of his hair and billowing his clothes as though he were standing in a hurricane, Kelly constructs a pulley-system of dedicated force-vectors acting on his body, enhancing one specifically calculated sequence of muscular actions for just a brief instant. During that instant, he strikes, acting with sudden, unnatural speed as he brings the staff up and over in a vicious arc. He twists at the hips and waist and drops to one knee in order to achieve maximum force, putting his entire body into the strike, but the true power comes from the psychic boost.

Unexpected Interference:  Tier 1 Super Defense - requires telekinesis, foresight, Force an Error (600 OM)
If Kelly detects imminent, critical danger, he can interfere with it at the source, telekinetically causing his opponent to either botch the attack or miss him completely. A sudden burst of unseen force affects their body in a harmless-but-critical way, disrupting their balance and/or breaking their concentration. Unexpected Interference can neutralize Tier 1 super-attacks or below.


Kelly's physical power is remarkable, bordering on superhuman, though still far from his former potency. His psychic force is equally formidable.

Kelly's body, once post-human in a number of ways, is now no harder to damage than could reasonably be expected of a well-developed physical specimen such as himself. He's pretty tough, but it's a completely human value of 'tough'. He's doing his best to keep that in mind. 

Appropriately for a traveler, Kelly can make pretty good time. He's fast enough for most practical purposes, but acting no faster than a fit man could expect to in an emergency is a source of irritation for him. 

Kelly doesn't have a lot of clear memories - what he does have is a diverse array of skills, knowledge, methods, and habits he's practiced and used so many times that even without source or context he can use them with his pants on fire and his eyes shut. His mind is a castle, his thoughts are like a finely tuned machine, and his body is a precision instrument under their command. 


Tier 1

Somatic Vector-Sketch (1000 OM):
Kelly diverts the psychokinetic forces at his command through his physical awareness of his own body, re-enforcing his cellular structure, creating a power-boosting feedback loop with many of his other psychokinetic techniques, and reducing the lag-time between his thoughts and his actions. As his powers are still nascent at best, it can only be maintained for so long. 

Related Fluff: Stray, weak vector-harmonics ruffle Kelly's clothes and his hair when this power-up is active, making it appear as though he's standing in a strong wind that nobody else can feel. 

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +1


Wristcom (Communicator, Dataverse Device) - (300 OM):
Kelly wears a small metallic wrist-computer on his right arm that functions as a commmunicator and provides dataverse access through an interactive holographic display projected at a comfortable distance in front of him - or anywhere else in his immediate area. The item is compact, with no apparent control-surface - little more than a chrome-looking bracelet with a digital readout and trio of tiny expansion-slots for potential future upgrades.  It's a piece of very low-level telepathic technology, activated by thinking. Kelly has no idea where he got the inspiration for it, but he suspects he's seen its like before.

PepsiCo VIP Card (Flavor Item):
Kelly, in his corporate mercenary persona as Alan Mayhew, is a PepsiCo VIP. This grants him certain rights within the company (a modest expense account, the right to address The Board, etc.) as well as broad access to PepsiCo facilities, events, and information resources. He does not, however, have any actual management authority at this time. 

Fighting Style:

Kelly always prefers to have a plan when fighting, ideally one that delineates a clear path to victory (or, barring that, escape.) He watches his opponent as they fight, trying to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. He maintains a keen awareness of his surroundings and if he thinks it's worth it he'll try to use them against his opponent - whether that means helping them collide with a wall or dropping a rockfall on their head. Kelly is very tactically versatile and is equally comfortable going toe-to-toe or utilizing hit-and-run-tactics.

When fighting a group, he'll try to use them against each other, placing them in between himself and their allies and just generally trying to maneuver them into each other's way. 

Note about Power-Ups:  Kelly uses his power-ups tactically. Unless he's so outmatched he needs the extra strength just to survive, he'll either wait until his opponent is at a disadvantage and power-up to press the attack, or use a power-up in conjunction with Combat Acceleration to disrupt the momentum of a fight that isn't going his way.

Note about Telekinesis: Kelly uses Telekinesis opportunistically when fighting, in order to manipulate the environment to his advantage, or acquire incidental weapons. 

Note about Combat Acceleration: As use of his neural throttle takes a lot of energy, Kelly triggers Combat Acceleration sparingly. When he does use it, it's either to decisively press an advantage, exploit a sudden development, turn the tables on someone, or prevent himself from immediately losing the fight. A fighter as skilled as Kelly is can accomplish a surprising amount in one second, especially if they're operating at beyond-human speed, so this technique is treated as a bit of a hidden ace. 

Kelly's ranged options are limited right now. In a firefight, he'll use cover if it's available and try to take his opponents out with Soliton blast. If the opportunity arises, or he's pinned down, he'll try to close the distance, either by moving cover-to-cover or by using burst-movement in conjunction with a power-up, so that he can make use of his close-quarters combat skills.

If facing an opponent with clear hand-to-hand superiority, Kelly will retreat and attempt to wear them down with repeated, weak blasts to the eyes and neck, and create openings by targeting a knee-joint or other vulnerable spot, so that he can dash in with burst-movement and make use of of his staff while they're at a disadvantage. 

Hand to hand (unarmed)
Kelly prioritizes effectiveness over flash, always targeting vital areas and disabling strikes. He goes for the knees. He goes for the eyes. He goes for the throat. He will grab and break fingers and stomp on insteps with the aim of breaking little footy bones. If he thinks he can get away with a mid-level kick, he'll try to break your pelvis. When engaged the traveler maintains a martial artist's guard half-way between boxing and Taekwon-do, but never blocks if he can dodge instead, and if he dodges will try to position himself in such a way as to limit his opponents available tools and/or create openings. In a grapple, he's a biter, and is intimately familiar with how other people's joints are not supposed to move. Everything he does is aimed at removing his opponents ability to fight, and if he has to break them apart one piece at a time, he'll do it. 

Traveler's Staff (melee)
As when fighting hand-to-hand, Kelly favors strikes to his enemy's joints and vital areas, particularly the knees, the groin, the solar-plexus and the eyes. He makes use of the staff's superior reach both to maintain a powerful defense and to create openings - for example, deflecting a strike with one end and then hooking his opponent around the back of the knee with the other, or making a high lateral strike and then immediately bringing the other end of the staff up into his target's groin. It's a very quick, responsive fighting style, which lends itself well to feints, counters, and combination attacks - never just one action, offense and defense always happening together unless the opponent has Kelly at a significant disadvantage.

The ultimate goal, when using his staff against a Prime, is almost always to set his opponent up for the Oppositional Rotation super-attack, unless a more practical road to victory presents itself. 

Current Goals:

Gather information on his new circumstances
-Identify major players/major threats  (accomplished)
-Travel/familiarize himself with his new locale
  x Frozen Fields
  x The Nexus
  x Coruscant
  x The Pale Moors
  x The Tangled Green
  [ ]Camelot

Learn more about the Underverse
-Is nobody worried about the fact that people can still be sent to the Underverse? Doesn't that raise the possibility of two-way travel? And doesn't that raise the possibility of unmitigated disaster?

Retrieve details of his past
-Kelly needs some time to sit down and really sort through the various clues, memories and fragments he's retrieved from the swirling morass of his mind. 

Gather resources

-Omnillium (obviously)

-Base of operations
  [ ]Secret Bunker (It has to be a bunker)
  [ ]Executive Suite (IC could be arranged any time, not going to make it a thing until he actually has the spare OM)

-Useful equipment/secrets
  [ ] engineering diagram of Coruscant's superstructure 
  [ ] Items of power
-Steady sources of information
   x Dataverse connection
   x PepsiCo Corporate Intranet and Executive Newsletter

  [ ] Prime Connections
      x Ash Williams
      x Amber Veritz
      x Mega Man X       
  [ ] Street-level connections (Empire)
   x Corporate connections (Empire)
       -PepsiCo VIP status
   x Darkshire Garrison (Pale Moors)
       -Emblem of Darkshire
  [ ] Rebel connections?

Ominverse History

Kelly learns to use Omnilium. Kelly learns about Primes and secondaries.

Kelly arrives in the Omniverse, and discovers he doesn't know who he is beyond some basic information and vague history. After some wandering in the Nexus in search of information about his new circumstances, he meets Amber Veritz, who offers him access to the database at her home in the Frozen fields.

Kelly gains a communicator and dataverse device. Kelly's psychic powers begin to return. Kelly gains a basic knowledge of being a Prime, the 'verses, and their major factions, leaders, and locations. 

Amber leads Kelly to the Frozen fields, and introduces him to Fort AMBR. He spends hours in the control room memorizing and analyzing information about the Omniverse, and comes to the conclusion that he needs to do something to improve the place. He begins to make plans to build a network he can draw on, from the ground up, starting with the criminal, the underground and the corporate in Coruscant, but is overcome by a wave of fatigue. Amber gives him her contact info before sending him on his way, and Kelly gets a room at Fort AMBR's inn, where he spends some time trawling through his memories. He manages to recall that he used to be a king, and the memory of the sense of purpose it gave him has a profound affect on his outlook, though it does not change his plans. He returns to the Nexus.

Kelly travels across the Nexus, on his way to Coruscant. As he travels, he plots and schemes, defining basic elements of his approach to the city and its non-governmental factions, including what his aliases will be in the criminal and corporate spheres, and that he'll hold off on any involvement with the rebel underground until he's more established. Along the way, he pauses for a moment to observe an ongoing battle in the Nexus. He also uses the travel-time to hunt up a work contract on the Dataverse that can help him establish himself in the corporate world, settling on a strange job-posting by PepsiCo as his best bet. Overall, other than a lot of strategizing and preparation, his trip is uneventful, and he arrives at the Coruscant gate without incident.

Kelly earns VIP access to the corporate world. Kelly establishes his primary alias in Coruscant (Alan Mayhew). Kelly learns about the Imperial financial system. Kelly gains firsthand experience of Tiers 1, 2, and 4. Kelly discovers his remarkable powers of survival. Kelly's slowly-returning psychic abilities refine themselves. Kelly gains a power-up. 

Upon arriving in Coruscant, Kelly stays on Tier-1 just long enough to figure out that its totalitarian nightmare, then heads directly for Tier-2. He takes a robot sky-taxi named Johan to PepsiCo HQ, where he meets with Pepsiman, as per the instructions in the job-posting. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, Kelly receives a briefing on a heist that took place at the PepsiCo labs - a sample of their new signature product, NukaPepsi, has been stolen, and is now being sold on the black market. He agrees to help in exchange for VIP status with PepsiCo.   

Kelly travels to Tier-4 in search of the broker handling the NukaPepsi sale, a lizardman named Bubbles. Kelly makes a plan to pose as a buyer and set up a meeting with the thieves, all while bugging Bubbles' office, but the execution is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of the thieves themselves, angry that Bubble's still hasn't found them a buyer. Thrilled to discover that this is not the case, they take Kelly to their hideout to inspect the merchandise.

Horrible violence ensues, with Kelly the victor, and the NukaPepsi secure. 

Kelly learns about his rights and responsibilities as a VIP of PepsiCo. Kelly gains access to an unhealthy amount of soda. 

Kelly sits in a restaurant on Tier-3 of Coruscant, eating cake and reading his new executive orientation handbook. His debriefing following the NukaPepsi incident is recalled, he learns about his new relationship with PepsiCo, and he discovers he is the proud owner of 540 liters of nuclear soft-drink. 

6. An Unexpected Call to Arms
Kelly fleshes out the first part of his plan to become a criminal. Kelly experiences Tier-5. Kelly learns of the imminent attack on Darkshire. Kelly leaves Coruscant. 

 Kelly learns that he is a terrible driver. Kelly regains a rudimentary psychic early-warning sense. Kelly arrives in the Pale Moors.

(Great Writing Bonus)
Kelly learns firsthand why its a bad idea to cross the Pale Moors alone at night. Kelly recovers some flashes of memory. Kelly gains a weapon. Kelly arrives at Darkshire's walls.

9. Gathering in Defense of Darkshire
Kelly enters Darkshire. Kelly dreams of Penguins.  Kelly meets Hiro Protagonist and Okor Paleblood. Kelly meets Atelos. 

Kelly prepares for battle

(Great Writing Bonus)
Kelly teams up with Ash Williams to prevent Skeletor from tunneling into the city of Darkshire. After a vicious fight which collapses the tunnel Kelly and Ash are victorious, but Kelly is incapacitated. Skeletor is killed by Atelos. 

Kelly wakes up from a month-long coma. Kelly is recruited to help combat the threat of Nebula. Kelly has an intense sense of unpleasant deja-vu. Kelly contacts Doctor Regal. Kelly leaves the Pale Moors. 


Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600 OM)
Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM)
Area Defenee Proficiency (400 OM)
Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM)
Advanced Telekinesis (1000 OM)  (600 OM)
Flight (1800 OM) (1500 OM)
Alternate Form - Autohypnotic Amplification (2000 OM)
Tier 1 Powerup - Somatic Vector Sketch (1000 OM)
Tier-2 Powerup - Anatomical Psychokinetic Overlay ["Force-Aura"] (1500)


Master Enhanced Senses (2000 OM)(600 OM)
Insight (1600 OM)
Foresight (1500 OM)
Telepathy (1500 OM)
Vita Compass (800 OM) 


Survival (2000 OM)
Burst Movement (800 OM)
Advanced Regeneration (1800 OM)
Hive Mind (400 OM)
Super Speed (1000 OM)

Technical Wishlist
Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM)
Suppression (1000 OM)
Stealth (1200 OM)
Master Acrobat (400 OM)

General Wish List
1st stat upgrade (1000 OM)
2nd stat upgrade (2000 OM)
3rd stat upgrade (4000 OM)
4th stat upgrade (8000 OM)
Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000 OM)
Tier 2 Powers Cap (3000 OM)
Consumable - Starman (500 OM)
 Consumable - Mega Mushroom (200 OM)
Base - Underground Bunker (1000 OM)
Base - Executive Suite (1000 OM)

Moves Wishlist
Vector Impulsion (900)
Vector cutter (300)
Dance, Puppet(?)
Psycho-mantis (300?)
Vital Targets (300) 
Force an Error (300)
Combat Acceleration II (600)
Point-Defense (300)
Heat Subtraction (1200)
Personal Space (600)
Tidal Shield (600)
Vertigo (300)
Telekinetic Constructs (900)
Point-Source Explosion (600)
Sensory Overload (300)
God-Mop (1200?)

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