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Name: Celestia
Spent OM: 9300
Proficiencies (3200):  Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Shield (400), Ranged Materialize(600), Remote Control (600)
Powers (4400/8000): Flight (1800), Basic Telekinesis (400), Advanced Regeneration (2200)
Moves (1200): Cauterize (300), Flare (300), Sunwall (300), Meteor (300)
Super Moves (600): A Call Beyond (Tier 1 Attack Super)(600) 
Transformations (): 
Assists (): 
Items (300): Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Artifacts (): 
Consumed OM (): 
Bases (): 
Unlocks (): 
Base stats: 
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 4

Move Descriptions

Cauterize (300): An intense, fast-firing, thin ray of heat.  The smaller width means it’s less taxing to cast and requires less time to build up energy for casting, but the smaller size requires increasingly precise aim to hit a target as they get farther away.  The beam fades in power over distance, and has an effective range of approximately the length of one stadium.

Flare (300): A sudden wave of intense heat and force, firing off in a cone away from the user, reaching a distance of about 5 body-lengths away.  Such an unfocused attack loses energy quickly, and thus has a very short range for a non-melee attack, but it can be very useful for catching approaching enemies by surprise, escaping being surrounded, or catching out a nearby, evasive enemy.  Some of the energy is spent knocking afflicted individuals away, and thus overall damage is reduced.

Sunwall (300): Creates a sphere of heat and force around Celestia, large enough to comfortably include a couple other beings.  The barrier itself has limited durability, but has a backlash effect which harms enemies that stand nearby or attempt to attack the barrier with melee attacks.

Meteor (300): A magical mass of rock and fire about the size of a beach ball, flung toward a location up to around 150 meters away. When it arrives at the designated point, the edge of its range, or should it collide with anything prior to doing so, it explodes, covering an area around 5 meters in diameter in a burst of energy and shrapnel. The projectile itself is relatively slow moving, travelling around 14 meters per second and giving opponents more than a short distance away plenty of time to react, though with clever timing the explosion can catch an opponent off guard. The spell needs 2 seconds to charge, and Celestia can move to an extent while charging the ability, but cannot undertake complex maneuvers or attack through other means while doing so. The mass is short lived, the shrapnel doesn't last more than a few seconds after the explosion.

Super Moves

A Call Beyond - Tier 1 Super Move (600)
(Requires: Ranged proficiency, Area Attack proficiency, Remote Control proficiency)
Celestia holds still (or hovers in place) for three seconds to conjure a cluster of fifteen small, glowing ‘stars’ around herself. She then flings the ‘stars’ toward an enemy or group of enemies in rapid succession. The ‘stars’ do not naturally have any form of guidance, but Celestia can alter their trajectory somewhat while in flight. The ‘stars’ detonate with arcane energy on impact, although the explosions are too small to damage anything outside of the primary point of impact, instead meant to enhance the damage they do. The attacks can be divided among multiple targets, though doing so will proportionally reduce the damage the attack deals.

History Prior to Arrival in the Omniverse

The precise details of Celestia’s origin are essentially unknown.  What details there are she keeps very to her chest, telling few if any.  What is known, is that she was a formative member of Equestria very early in its history.  The first records of note are those in which she and her sister Luna defeated the chaos god Discord.  With no one else ready to take charge of the nation following the chaos god’s defeat, Celestia and her sister took charge.  The early years of her leadership were fraught with conflicts however, as many powerful beings arose to threaten the fledgeling nation.  Most notably Luna, who was overcome by jealousy and succumbed to a dark power.

Over time however, Celestia outfought and later outmaneuvered all the major threats to Equestria, and lead the nation into an era of relative peace.  Celestia did her best to guide her subjects into this era, and while doing so tried to foster independence.  She remained a central figure in Equestrian politics and history, but she preferred to act as an instructor or mediator, providing advice or helping negotiate a solution rather than directly solving the problems she encountered.

Peace could only last so long.  A great many enemies had been sealed rather than outright destroyed, and the time was coming when they would break free.  The future was an unpredictable place, and while she would protect and aid Equestria as long as she was able, she knew she couldn’t rely on only herself.  So she set about choosing a successor, choosing a promising young unicorn and taking her on as a personal pupil.  And it was just in time too, as no sooner had Celestia done so that old enemies began to return.

Beyond this, Celestia can only remember one moment of her history with particular clarity: in her previously final moments, she faced off against a great evil, although she can’t remember its nature.  Celestia herself fell, but her allies did not.  She feels confident that although she is lost to Equestria, she left behind capable ponies who can carry on in her place.

All the same, given that she has inexplicably survived, if she can find a means to get back to Equestria she will take it.


While not opposed to combat, Celestia sees it as a problematic means to resolve disputes.  She prefers diplomacy, talking her way out of dangerous situations, or failing that simply escaping.  She needs a good reason to see sticking around to fight worthwhile.  These are all doubly true in her current state, which is significantly weaker than she was in the world she left.  She recognizes this sudden deficiency, and sees it as all the more reason to avoid fighting against opponents who could have all sorts of unforeseen advantages over her as she is now.

Beyond that, she simply enjoys speaking with other beings.  As long as one is not bothered by her appearance, and she recognizes that a large, winged equine could be a very strange sight for those used to dealing exclusively with bipeds, she is very approachable.  The Omniverse could provide a wealth of new experiences opportunities, and Celestia believes that conversation is one of the best ways to discover them.  In particular, she wishes to learn more about the Omniverse itself, while she is present in it.

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