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Malon of Hyrule

Name: Malon

Character source: Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time mainly, but with influence from other games of the series)

Spent OM: 10.800

Proficiencies: 1.000
Physical Strength (1.000)

Powers: 5.700/8.000
Shapeshifting (1.400)
Mimic (2.800)
Telepathy (1.500)

Moves: 1.200
Battleaxe (600 - Physical Strength)
Hylian Sickles (300 - Physical Strength)
Tactically Deployed Knife (300 - Physical Strength)
Fantasia - Heroic Spirits (600 - Physical Strength, Telepathy)

Super Moves: 600
Skinwalk (600 - T1 Super Utility)

Alt Form - Spirit Crow (1/2/2/5)

Assists: 0


Consumed OM (Items/Consumables/Bases): 300
Communicator (200)
Mobile Dataverse Device (100)


Base stats: (Spirit Crow Form)
ATK: 2 (1)
DEF: 2 (2)
SPD: 5 (2)
TEC: 1 (5)

Malon's current Shapeshifted Appearance: Image

Note to self for future:
Base stats:
ATK: 1 [2]
DEF: 1 [2]
SPD: 1 [5]
TEC: 1

[As Malon lacks combat training and has not “awakened” as a heroine yet, her power is at average human levels. The bracketed stats are what she will be at eventually.]

[Image: e40be84a9648141e5ce565946775bcfc.jpg]

Name: Malon of Hyrule
Age: 20
Nationality: Hylian
Likes: Animals in general but especially horses, cooking, the "fairy boy" (Link)
Dislikes: Octoroks, Ganondorf, lazy people

Malon has seen both heaven and hell, as she would call it, and it has influenced her way of thinking greatly. In good places and among friends she maintains her beacon-of-positivity-and-cheerfulness attitude, she is friendly to most people and smiles a lot. This is also the personality that is most prominently displayed in the Legend of Zelda games. While not too outgoing and a little timid she can build trust to others and makes friends very easily.
This side of her, which is present most of the time, is honest, open, straightforward and happy. "Sunny" would describe it well.

The other side is the one that developed in the seven years that Ganondorf reigned over Hyrule with no "hero" to stop him, and when the land had become a crapsack world full of undead and always clouded. Malon learned to lock her true feelings up and to put up a facade, appearing better on the outside than she really is within. Her belief that everyone can be a hero and should not wait to be saved by a "chosen one" has developed during that time period.
This side of her, when it surfaces, is cunning, tricking and pokerfaced.

In combat Malon is mostly defensive, using her speed to dodge attacks rather than blocking them. She tends to start out passively, allowing opponents to show her their abilities before going in with Mimic, or provokes them into using a powerful ability to copy it. Instead of relying on raw strength or defensive capabilities she uses trickery, attempts to read her opponents - and indeed, run away if she concludes that her opponent is too strong. She is not above using dirty tricks either, especially Shapeshifting to throw off an opponent by transforming into an ally for instance, or using her sickles' curved shape to hit an opponent behind their shield. She is not in it for the bloodshed, typically. Her aim is to defeat her opponent, not to kill or even banish them.
Her combat focuses mainly on self-preservation rather than attacking aggressively and relying on her immortality.

Character Relationships:
Red (very disliked) - Orange (disliked) - Yellow (neutral) - Green (okay) - Blue (friend) - Purple (trusted/good friend)

Alexander Anderson: "I'm, uh... not sure what to think of him. He had an intimidating aura around himself. But he wasn't bad. Rather nice, in fact. Perhaps some day we'll meet again."

Carmelita Fox-Cooper: "She's amazing. The way she handles our situation, the help she provides and the elaborate planning that she does... I am so grateful to have met her."

Harlan Higgs: "I thought that he was a good guy at first, but... why did he turn around, murder two men out of nowhere and drink the blood of one after being so friendly? I don't even know his name, but... if we meet again it will definitely not be a friendly meeting."

Sera (Secondary of Dawn Snow): "Nobody deserves slavery and mistreatment, and least of all Sera. She's such a kind soul... I'm kind of similar to her in many ways. I'll do anything that it takes to help her escape and bring her to her family, safe and sound."

"The world doesn't have to wait for heroes. Every one of us can be one."

[Image: ebb.jpg]

Character history


Malon was a Hylian farmer/rancher and the daughter of Talon. As far as she could remember she lived on Lon Lon Ranch, the family-owned ranch on Hyrule Field that provides animal produce to the capital and to Kakariko Village and a safe haven for travellers crossing the Hyrule Field. She met Link, whom she nicknamed “fairy boy”, several times during his early journey through Hyrule, and notably taught him “Epona’s Song”, which attracts the otherwise shy horse Epona that later became Link’s steed.
When Link unintentionally opened the Sacred Realm up he allowed the evil Ganondorf to seize the Triforce of Power and turn Hyrule into a crapsack world with nobody to stop him. Luckily for Malon, Lon Lon Ranch was not destroyed as it was still a valuable source of food, which even Ganondorf recognized as a necessity. He allowed Ingo, a worker on the ranch that was loyal to him, to take the place over. With Talon nowhere to be found, Malon was alone, forced by Ingo to work the Ranch.
[Non-Canon events begin here]
Link’s seven-year absence had a far greater impact on Malon than she let in on. Ingo forced her to work almost entirely by herself as he considered himself above physical work now, and the immense evil power corrupting the land from Ganondorf’s Fortress made the monsters of the Hyrule Fields bolder and more aggressive to the point that they attacked the Ranch. Malon was pushed to her limits time and time again, but she was able not to break under the pressure. The hope of some mighty hero coming to Hyrule and bringing back peace kept her going. The experiences shaped her and toughened her up.
She secretly trained her combat against the Hyrule Field monsters and studied maps and books to obtain information. She eventually discovered the legend of the seven Sages, mighty individuals that warded Hyrule from the evils. But to do so they had be found and awakened by a hero. At this point Malon did not have any more hope that there would be a hero coming from nowhere to save them all. They needed to save themselves. She would become the heroine for lack of anyone else being such. Concealing her intentions from Ingo she packed a bundle of items and supplies to take along and planned ahead. She would open the gate to allow the horses, cuccos and cows to escape Ingo’s grasp, flee with Epona, and set out to the Lost Woods, where the fairy boy had come from. Perhaps the Kokiri could give her more information. She went to sleep early to begin her journey in the middle of the night.
She woke up to an unfamiliar being greeting her with a large grin. His name was Omni, and this was not the world she knew.

After arriving in the Omniverse

(COMPLETE) Sunrise to a Sunset Malon arrives in the Omniverse but bonks her head against the Nexus fountain upon arrival. The concussion wipes her memory of the recent events, including Omni's greeting. Unaware that she is a Prime, she encounters the vampire Harlan Higgs, the priest Alexander Anderson and a handful of newly arrived Primes, but doesn't stay around.

Between two cities Crossing the gate to Camelot, Malon runs into deep trouble as she is captured by a group of bandits who call themselves the Silver Hands. In a stroke of luck the Prime Carmelita notices them as they cross her path and accompaigns Malon to their lair to break out all the hostages. In the meantime, Malon and her fellow prisoners live a rather miserable life in an underground cave, while plotting their escape.


After discovering her Skinwalker heritage, Malon became able to take on the appearance, voice etc. of people and creatures that she has previously met and memorized the appearance of, as well as using her fantasy to take on a different form. She also has a number of "fixed" forms based on past encounters, which she links to a specific personality, appearance and a certain piece of clothing or trinket which acts as a catalyst for her to take that specific form.
Current forms:
Bandit's Bandana: Turns Malon into Snake, a bandit of the Silverhand group in Camelot who died by her hand. The bandana was the uniform of people who worked for her, giving them certain privileges, and is colored dark wine-red with a sort of flame pattern on it. Malon likes to wield Snake's Battleaxe or her Tactically Deployed Knife in this form.

Malon's perceptive nature as well as an ability of one of her past incarnations allow her to replicate any move that she sees used, using it to a certain degree of skill even when she herself has not previously wielded it. It also comes in useful to further imitate someone else.

[Image: barbarian_girl_by_maiwand85-d6u3alz.jpg]
It used to be the signature weapon of Snake, vice-leader of the Silverhand bandits of Camelot before Malon took it from her. A fine steel weapon, it has great brute force behind it.

Malon prefers to wield this battleaxe when shapeshifted to Snake, but can use it in any form. As a large weapon of ~1,40m from hilt to spiketip with a lengthy handle it can be carried with one hand, but must be wielded with both to have any amount of force behind it. Its most obvious threat is the wide axeblade that is used when attacking with swings and chops, but the axe can also be used as a spear, using the spike at the tip. Using it this way extends its reach somewhat but limits the area of effectiveness as the weapon must be used to stab. The axe's butt can also be used to push opponents away, but is more of an incidental weapon that lacks the efficiency of the axe's other end.
Overall, the battleaxe gives Malon higher reach than her sickles at the price of taking up both her hands, thus leaving her unable to use other moves that require at least one hand as long as she wields it, and being relatively tiring and difficult to use: doing more than one or two swings at a time will rapidly tire her out, and due to the axe's weight the momentum may carry her further than she likes if she does not control it properly.
The battleaxe can be pulled out of Malon's Bag of Holding if she does not wield it already, taking about 3 seconds. It is stored in the same way.

Hylian Sickles
[Image: eI0NNV1.png]
Every farmer worth their salt has at least one of those. They're useful to cut wheat and to threaten people that try to steal apples from the trees.

While normally used as farming tools, a sickle is also a useful weapon as its curved shape makes it a little less predictable. It is very light and "designed" for fast combat, but as a result lacks the strength of a heavier weapon and has trouble penetrating armor - for the best efficiency it can be aimed at weak spots. Malon can both dual-wield these or only use one at a time if she needs her other hand free for any reason. Malon usually keeps these on her belt or summons them into her hands almost instantly if she needs them.

Tactically Deployed Knife
[Image: 640?cb=20140213041801]
Malon took this military-grade weapon from a certain bandit who had no more use for it. How it ended there and how much blood stains its blade she doesn't know.

The Tactically Deployed Knife is a weapon of very short range, designed for swift poke-and-retreat stabs and slashes rather than knife-fight situations, as evidenced by the lack of a proper guard. Malon typically will wield this alongside another weapon as it's very light and a good backup weapon if her opponent gets too close for her other weapon, but she can also wield it on its own.
The knife has a total length of ~25cm with the handle being 10 and the blade 15cm long. Thanks to its minimalistic setup it's relatively light and can be used continuously for a minute or so before tiring Malon out too much.
For some reason, the "saw" on the backside of the blade delivers slash injuries exactly like the front side if used in combat.

Fantasia - Heroic Spirits
"I am never really alone." - Malon

“Heroic Spirits” allows Malon to create a telephatic connection with another person to make them experience an illusion of up to 7 individuals, which they can see and hear as long as she maintains physical contact with them. Only one person can be affected by this at a time.

In order to use the move Malon must first focus for ~2 seconds, during which she can't move/attack/defend etc. to ready it. After that she has to make physical contact with her target (touching one’s clothing or armor is sufficient), which must be maintained as long as the ability is active, to create and maintain the telephatic connection.

Because it requires a fair amount of concentration to maintain it using this move also restricts her to using “simple” moves and powers that require little to no mental focus to use, from the moment that she readies "Heroic Spirits" for usage. Therefore disrupting her concentration may cause the images to flicker. The technique can also be countered the way regular telepathy can be, if an opponent has higher TEC than Malon and decides to counter it.

As long as the ability is active Malon can control who the illusion shows, as well as what they say and how they act. Who the illusion shows is limited only by her fantasy: it doesn’t have to be a real person nor does their depiction have to correspond to reality (as an example she could depict someone covered in injuries or very buff when they really are healthy/meek). The upper limit is 7 separate individuals, however, and requires Malon’s complete concentration to accomplish. The ability’s stamina drain is based on the number of individuals summoned by the illusion, and would leave her greatly exhausted and dizzy after a minute of upholding 7 of them simultaneously.

While the affected person can see and hear them, the illusions are incorporeal and thus don’t deal damage even if they “attack”. On the flipside they cannot be harmed by direct attack either.

Super Moves:

Skinwalk (T1 Super Utility)
"Real shapeshifting can go much deeper than a simple disguise."

At the price of 1 SP Malon and about 4 seconds of focusing, during which she can neither move nor take other actions, Malon can transform not just superficially, but at a more fundamental level. The form taken on through Skinwalk is limited by the regular laws of Shapeshifting (Malon does not gain any powers, nor do her stats change), but it does not ‘flicker’ when damaged and is kept up until undone or until Malon’s death, with no additional upkeep cost. It can still be seen through with Enhanced Senses unless they're suppressed.



Karil is a Wolpertinger: an anthropomorphic hybrid of a were-canine and a deer. In his particular case, Karil looks like a Siberian Husky, sporting a stag's antlers, but slightly smaller.

As is the case for all wolpertingers, Karil was abandoned in the wild shortly after her birth. Wolpertingers leave their children to fend for themselves, leaving it up to their natural instincts to keep them alive - or indeed, to die if they do not have what it takes. To this day Karil has scars telling of her early days. The forests of Camelot are no easy place for a wolpertinger puppy to survive, but she made it.
When reaching adolescence, Karil was to decide whether to stay on all fours and be a feral Wolpertinger, or stand on two legs and be a civilized one. She chose the latter, swiftly growing from an adorable, yet mildly dangerous puppy into an adult that was not to be trifled with. The first two people to learn that lesson, a pair of men named Karil and Muhay who were fleeing Camelot after escaping the dungeons of Dalaran and hunting in the forest for sustenance, saw the then nameless wolpertinger, mistook her for an escaped dog and attempted to catch and leash her forcefully. It was the first time that she met humans, and the first time that she killed one. As she eviscerated the first of the men, the other screamed 'Karil!' in shock, moments before the wolpertinger's teeth ended his life too. It was the first time that she heard words being spoken. That single word stuck, and Karil began to identify herself with it. She was no longer a nameless half-feral predator. She was Karil the wolpertinger.
Karil roams the forests of Camelot near the edge of the verse, with next to no contact to civilization. A few towns at the border are aware of her existence to some degree, having seen silhouettes and tracks but never the wolpertinger herself. The unspoken mutual agreement between them is simple: "I leave you alone, you leave me alone." The few who have breached that agreement and attempted to drag the myth into the open were either unsuccessful, or have never returned.

The many Malons

Due to an ancient heritage that also affects Link and Zelda, causing them to reincarnate time and time again over the ages, Malon has a number of lookalikes that have lived in the past. After a dire situation and a shock stirred the heritage awake, these previous incarnations are now flooding Malon's mind with their respective memories and thoughts. To deal with this influx of information and memories that are not her own, Malon's mind only slowly accepts these informations in "chunks" that bleed into Malon's personality and cause temporary changes. Furthermore, the collected memories and personality of a past Malon manifest as an hallucination of that person, only visible to Malon herself. This is to avoid a loss of Malon's identity due to the blending of multiple personalities.

Each Malon is given a number corresponding to the how manieth incarnation she is, and a nickname by Malon herself. Noted below are the past incarnations.

Malon the 7th: Skinwalker.
Skinwalker was the first Malon to wield the powers of Skinwalking, after being sired by a Skinwalker. Her mother was a Hylian, thus she was a hybrid. Not much is known about her.

Malon the 8th: Gardener.
Gardener is known for having lived among the Kokiri folk for a while and saved the Deku Tree when with her green thumb when there was a strong drought. She learned a number of natural magic spells from him.

Malon the 11th: Chef.
Chef was employed in a relatively high-class multicultural restaurant in Hyrule Castle Town where she learned the secrets of the kitchen of various countries and cultures, from the Hylian standard meals to Zoran mineral-rich freshwater steamed fish, Kokiri assorted vegetable plates, Gerudo curries and many more. Among the Malons she is one of the softest and kindest.

Malon the 13th: Assassin.
Assassin was, as her name implies, a professional hitwoman, a killer who took assassination contracts for a living and was a skilled infiltrator, a master of disguise using her Skinwalker abilities, both swift and smart. She is a calm, calculating personality, good at formulating plans and telling Malon to keep her cool in dire situations.

Malon the ???th: Mother.
Malon's mother. While not an incarnation herself, the Gerudo woman who got together with Talon and gave birth to the current Malon exists in Malon's mind as a sort of overarching conscience that helps Malon with dealing with the other Malons bleeding their memories into her.


Super Jumping (Combat Training)
Master Acrobat (Combat Training)
-Zora (Amphibian)


Insight + Enhanced Senses = Lens of Truth

Base (Lon Lon Ranch?) w. Recall Station, DV Uplink Station, Nexus Teleporter
Communicator + MDD
Spiritual Enlightenment (Enter the "Sacred Realm" for weaponry)

Adventurer's Pouch (Bag of Holding)

Ball & Chain
Bomb Bag
Bombchu (Mouse)
Cane of Pacci (flips people upside down)
Deku Leaf
Deku Nut (Flashbang)
Deku Stick
Din's Fire (Spell)
Fire Rod
Gust Jar
Grappling Hook
Hookshot (Double) - Clawshot
Magic Boomerang
Mole Mitts
Spinner (Desert Temple)
Sword (Zelda style one)

Moonfall (T2 Super Attack)

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