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King Ghidorah

Name: King Ghidorah
Spent OM: 29200
Consumed OM (400):  Wasteland - Tier 2 Supermove (400)
Proficiencies (3000); Ranged (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Defense (400) 
Powers (2600/8000): Flight (1800), Burst Movement (800)
Moves (3000): Golden Lightning (1200), Mighty Stomping Feet (300), Scintilating Scales (300), Glorious Golden Wings (600), Earthshaking Tread (300), Cosmic Power (300)
Super Moves (1200): Gravity Lathe - Tier 1 Super Attack (600), Golden Scales - Tier 1 Super Defense (600)
Transformations (2000): Young Star-Dragon (35 Meter Kaiju) - Tier 1 Powered Up Form (1000), Some Kind of Monster - Tier 1 Power-Up (1000).
Items: Power Pill (Quest reward)
Artefacts: None
Unlocks (17000): Stat Upgrade I (1000), Stat upgrade II (2000), Stat Upgrade III (4000), Power-Up Boost I (10000)
Base stats ( Young Star-Dragon Stats) (Some Kind of Monster Stats):      
ATK: 5 (7) (7)
DEF: 5 (7) (7)
SPD: 2 (4) (3)
TEC: 1 (1) (2)

Name: King Ghidorah
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 2 Cosmic Years (about 500 million Earth-years)
Height: 7 feet (2.13 meters)
Weight: 270 pounds (122.47 Kg)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Red
Aliases: Monster Zero, Monster X, The King of Terror, Ravager of Worlds, The Three-Headed Monster


"An impossible, shattering truth dawns: This isn't my body! "
-King Ghidorah, shortly after appearing in the Nexus

Coming to the Omniverse has changed the three-headed monster considerably. Once a three-headed, two-tailed, hundred-fifty-meter tall golden dragon, his stature is now much less impressive.

King Ghidorah appears human, but only at first glance. He stands over two meters tall, yet despite his imposing height, the King of Terror is perfectly proportioned, and sinuously powerful, with muscles like an olympic swimmer. His skin is golden, composed of thousands of tiny overlapping scales. His chest is covered in what a person might initially take for a bronze, tightly-fitted scale-mail breastplate - actually an armored carapace. On his shoulders are what seem to be a pair of stylized puldrons, crafted of gold in the image of a pair of slumbering asian-style dragon-heads. However, on closer inspection these are living parts of his body. Their eyes open occasionally, little crimson orbs that can't seem to focus. Ghidorah's nails are long and white, pointed, and slightly too thick, and he doesn't wear shoes. 

His face is thin and cruel, with a small nose, an almost feminine jawline, and red, slit-pupiled eyes. His teeth are sharp, and include a set of short fangs. His ears are long and pointed, and there is a crown of three small horns hiding among his unruly tangle of dark blond hair. 

He has somehow acquired a pair of plain white cotton slacks, Thank (presumably) Omni.  

Original appearance (Ignore the title, the video is all Ghidorah)


" I used to spend millennia soaring through the star-flecked void of interstellar space on my shining, sun-bright wings, and if the threat of monotony loomed, I could always summon a cosmic cocoon and hibernate until I reached my destination.   

It was flat-out impossible to get bored on a planet."
-King Ghidorah

This version of Ghidorah is based on the original origin - the three-headed golden destroyer, the cackling, lightning-spewing ravager of planets who's traveled the galaxy for millions of years smashing entire civilizations. He is, among other things, responsible for Venus being the most inhospitable place in the solar-system next to the surface of the sun, having destroyed the advanced civilization of psychics that lived there so thoroughly (Stopping off on Earth to finish off the dinosaurs, and on Mars to crush the remaining Venusian colonies along the way) that 65 million years later, the second planet from the sun is still a boiling mass of toxic sadness. 

He comes to the Omniverse from immediately after the end of the movie in which he first appeared - 1964's 'Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster' - but with with some notable differences. He's native to a continuum which is something of a fusion of the Showa-era (50's-70s) film continuity and The heisei-era reboot (80's-90's). While the basic timeline and other 60's-era plot elements remained the same (with some of the Rebirth of Mothra continuity mixed into the background), the monsters more closely resembled their latter-day, less cartoonish incarnations, with Godzilla in particular closely resembling the Nigh-Unstoppable Super-Beast presented in the less-silly parts of 2004's Final Wars. The increased power and ferocity involved inevitably caused some changes.

The most significant of these for Ghidorah is that rather than simply getting driven away by the combined efforts of Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan, the cosmic destoyer got the centermost of his three heads blown off by Godzila's nuclear breath, as per the end of their fight in 1991's 'Godzilla vs King Ghidorah'.

It is the fading consciousness of that severed head, alone for the very first time, which is brought to the Omniverse, albeit in a radically altered form.


"It's only when a thing is lost that it can be appreciated! I'm going to get my real body back, and then I'm going to ruin everything! And when there's nothing left of the Omniverse but wasted architecture and poisoned air, it will. BePERFECT!"
-Ghidorah, just before murdering Dawnika Snow


Short Version: He thinks he's better than everyone else - the top of the cosmic food chain - and that everything is more or less there for his enjoyment. He's obssessed with the aesthetics of destruction, and it can be assumed at any give time that he wants to ruin everything he sees.  

Long version:
Ghidorah is a fairly simple creature. In his previous life, he had only three motivations: Feed, whether on a planet's magnetic core, the life-energy of its biosphere, or the ambient cosmic power sleeting through interstellar space; Destroy, both for nourishment and because the nihilistic aesthetics of rendering millions of years of evolution and tens of thousands of years of progress towards civilization into a festering swamp of ashes, futility, and boiling tar gave him a manic thrill that lesser creatures could never, ever know; And finally, Dominate, because the only thing better than destroying an entire species of lesser beings is making them first thoroughly understand that they should never have bothered to evolve in the first place. That particular arms race had been won - the position of perfect life-form was taken.

Or so he thought. His encounter with Godzilla ( who he thinks of as 'The Anomaly' or 'The Warrior', depending on his mood) has left Ghidorah with some issues to work out. Godzilla taught him something he had never known before - Fear, and subsequently, caution.

Still, though he may be less likely to simply try to murder everyone he meets (bearing in mind that if no reason not to presents itself, he'll probably do it eventually anyway) he remains convinced of his own innate superiority. In spite of his new circumstances, and his new (TINY!) physical form, his basic motivations remain the same. He would dearly love to kill basically everything, drain the biospheres of the Omniverse of their vital essence, and soar above the ruins on solar wings, golden and perfect, the one and only light in the sky. 

This is his strongest motivation - gathering enough power (in the form of Omnilium) to return to his true and proper form, taking his time rendering the Omniverse completely barren, and then finding a way to return to the space-ways, and his accustomed way of life.

Note about Ghidorah and Language:
His transformation to a more humanoid form came with a knowledge of communication, and the sheer novelty of it causes him to sometimes become nearly unintelligible in as he excercises his newfound verbosity. The new experience of having language, and being able to communicate complex ideas with those around him is something the King of Terror finds thoroughly distracting. Aside from granting a perspective he's never really had before, it also offers a whole new range of ways to victimize creatures who have the already unbearable misfortune of not being him. 

Note about Ghidorah and Hands:
He is not used to having hands, and he's mildly fascinated by his newfound manual dexterity - which is utter crap, because he has no practice, but still better than what he had before. He'd still trade them to have his wings back though.  

Note about Ghidorah and material goods:
The idea that material wealth is good for anything other than smashing to pieces is a new one for him. As such, if he does get the idea that he wants something, he'll take it without hesitation. He simply has no experience controlling his greed.


Short version: Ghidorah isn't constantly in destroyer-of-worlds mode, but he's never polite. He's overbearing as hell, and will destroy things seemingly at random, either because he's bored or to remind people around him who's charge. He goes out of his way to make other people's days more difficult, and unless he has a reason not to kill you, he's probably going to try. He's a prick, basically, an ostentatious, murderous prick, who wants to know more about everything just so that he can enjoy it more when he watches it burn.

Long version:
Ghidorah is not completely crazy (debatably), and doesn't simply attack everything on sight. He is, however, arrogant and nihilistic in the extreme, and will take any excuse to kill or destroy, drawing out the process if its at all practical. He is extremely easy to provoke, and will start a fight for practically no reason at all. He's not shy about talking about his (horrible) goals - though he is smart enough to at least attempt subtlety if the situation seems to call for it - and he demands respect and deference, although anything that reminds him of Godzilla will cause him to tone it down a little bit. Creatures that possess obvious strength will be met with a challenging sort of backhanded courtesy- Ghidorah's still-in-development version of caution. 

Note about Ghidorah and Curiosity (IMPORTANT!):
Following his first kill in the Omniverse, Ghidorah hit upon the revolutionary idea of taking advantage of his altered perspective to actually learn more about the lives, hopes, dreams, and motivations of the tiny, scurrying creatures that have fled his shadow for so many eons. To him, the destruction of a thing is all the more beautiful when the destroyer appreciates it fully for what it is, and the value it brought to the universe. This being the case, he is immensely curious about everyone he meets, and practically everything he sees, and will take his time learning about them, even to the point of restraining his hair-trigger temper and destructive desires in the name of delayed gratification - although his bluntness and total lack of empathy frequently get in his way.  


 Balls of fire and shards of ice are unable to overcome my effulgent natural armor, and mystic bindings prove futile in the face of my overwhelming strength.
-King Ghidorah, on wizards.

ATK: 5
Despite his reduced size and altered physical structure, Ghidorah's body still contains all of the immense astral charge that he once used to ravage entire planets. His current form can only channel a tiny fraction of that power, but even that small portion makes him a serious threat. 

DEF: 5
King Ghidorah's golden body is entirely composed of super-hard alien xenomaterials, not present on any known periodic table.  

SPD: 2
Ghidorah is as fast as could reasonably be expected of a towering adonis like himself. The supersonic in-atmosphere (and warp-speed interstellar) flight-speed he once possessed is gone with his magnificent golden wings. 

TEC: 1
The ravager of worlds greatest weakness is that he is not a great fighter. While he's had his hominid form long enough to develop basic motor control, and his instincts are vicious, King Ghidorah was simply so powerful for such a long time that he never really had to learn much actual technique, and what little skill he had doesn't translate well to his current body.


Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
King Ghidorah's favorite method of attack has always been to hurl golden lightning at anything he doesn't like until the object of his aggression falls over and stops moving. It almost always worked, so he never bothered to get good at anything else, but for sheer sustained rate-of fire, he's hard to beat.

Physical Strength (1000 OM)
While Ghidorah may not have any real skill at fighting, he's always been so tremendously strong that only once has it ever really made that much difference. Even reduced to a merely human scale, he possesses overwhelming physical power. 

Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM)
Ghidorah has always been adept in carving massive swaths of destruction. When in kaiju-form, all of his attacks affect a wide area.

Area Defense Proficienty (400 OM)
By sheer necessity, when in Kaiju form all of Ghidorah's methods of protecting himself must cover an enormous area.


Flight (1800 OM)
The astral wellspring that is the source of King Ghidorah's phenomenal power allows him to manipulate gravity to a certain degree, permitting flight. Psychologically, this power is attached to his glorious golden wings, but it has always been a cosmic phenomenon rather than an aerodynamic one. This being the case, he can fly even in his humanoid form. 

Burst Movement (800)
King Ghidorah's humanoid body is capable of sudden, vicious bursts of speed, making him a highly unpredictable opponent. He can also accelerate suddenly or perform quick maneuvers while flying, in spite of his kaiju form's great bulk. 

Note: While in a kaiju-sized powered-up form King Ghidorah can only use burst-movement when flying. 


""Bow down", "you're worthless", and "Dieare the only things I've ever wanted, or needed, to tell anybody. I could say them just fine with my golden lightning, my warbling laughter, and my mighty stomping feet. "
-King Ghidorah

Mighty Stomping Feet: requires Physical Strength, Area Attack, kaiju-form transformation - (300 OM)
In his Kaiju-form, Ghidorah doesn't have any hands - but that doesn't mean he lacks natural weapons. His feet, for instance, are about six meters in diameter in his tier-1 form, and make for wonderful destructive tools. When using this move, Ghidorah raises his foot (taking about two seconds to do so), and brings it down rapidly with stone-crushing force upon his target, subjecting anything caught beneath to incredible pressure. The simplicity of it makes it a favorite, in no small part because its not noticeably tiring unless used many times in rapid succession - foot comes up, foot comes down. Due to some quirk of Omniphysics the multi-kiloton bodyweight Ghidorah possesses while transformed doesn't transfer efficiently when this move is used on Primes, limiting the pressure experienced to what he can generate through strength alone, though the windup and the sheer muscular efficiency of stomping go a long way towards compensating for that. The effect is like being caught beneath a hydraulic ram in the shape of a monstrous foot (ATK score).

This attack can only be used with a kaiju-sized alternate/powered-up form.

Related Fluff: Using this attack leaves a footprint four meters deep.

Scintilating Scales: Requires Area Shield proficiency (300 OM)

Ghidorah floods his scales with cosmic energy, making them seem to glow with an internal luster and increasing his defensive capabilities. The preparation time is 1-to-1: that is, he gets one second of effect per second of charge-time, and while charging he cannot use any moves excepting natural weapons such as his hands, feet, teeth(or wings or tails if in a Kaiju form). Because of his overwhelming lack of ability to multitask, his speed is effectively reduced by 1 for the duration of the charge-time. The charge is very difficult to interrupt, but it can be done with a strong enough blow, a truly dazzling distraction, or a mental attack. When activated, this move creates an additional layer of protection around Ghidorah, a skin-tight layer of somehow-potent shine that one must pierce before actually touching his body (DEF Score). Creating this barrier is not tiring as such, but it takes a lot of mental effort. As such, he can only employ it for a total of 30 seconds per fight. Ghidorah can move around and use moves normally while scintilating scales is active, and it can be used with his powered-up forms.

Golden Lightning - variable, requires ranged proficiency, area attack proficiency - (1200 OM)
King Ghidorah's main weapon. The King of Terror can fire jagged, golden-orange 'gravity beams' from his hands and mouth. These pseudo-electrical arcs are about three inches in diameter, and travel at the speed of a bullet, out to a maximum range of one hundred meters before they arc to ground. They are very powerful, burning their target and tearing at them with intense tidal forces, comparable to an incendiary shotgun-slug (or an incendiary round from a more powerful gun. ATK score.) The beams can be fired in bursts, up to a maximum of three beams in three seconds (One from each hand, and one from his his mouth), but Ghidorah must charge for one second per beam he intends to fire. For all its power, using his golden lightning does not cause Ghidorah very much strain, though firing repeatedly for a minute or so without rest will wear him out. The trade-off is that the lightning is difficult to aim, even at less than ten meters, tending to arc in random directions and making the attack highly reliant on volume-of-fire.  Ghidorah can move around and even fly while using his lightning, but only in a straight line, and cannot take any other actions.

If Ghidorah chooses, he can make one or more beams in a given 3-second burst fire in a continuous arc for up to half-a-second each, allowing him to rake them across the battlefield. This version of the attack does incur a noticeable stamina drain, minor for just one persistent beam, like running a five-second sprint, but multiplied for each beam in the burst to which the effect is applied, so firing all three in this way is a major drain on his energy levels. The range is also reduced by half. 

Kaiju-Mode Lightning (Used with Powered-Up Forms Only)
 When Ghidorah assumes one of his giant-monster forms, both uses of his lightning change (or do not) in the following ways: 

- The range increases to match his current physical proportions  (for example, an increase in size to a 35 meter dragon from a two-meter-and-a-bit humanoid would increase the range of this attack by a rough factor of seventeen, to about 1.7 kilometers)

-The width of the lighting also increases, to roughly four meters when projected from a body 35 meters tall, with an additional two meters in width added each time Ghidorah's height doubles beyond that (via higher-tier transformations - +2 meters width from a 70+ meter  (Tier-2) body, +4  more meters width from a 140 + meter tall (Tier-3) body). These kaiju-sized beams are strongest in a one-meter diameter  zone running through the central axis of the lightning bolt, with the power diminishing proportionally as a target gets further from the maximum power zone (i.e, half the beam's radius from the central area = half the power)

-Ghidorah's giant-monster forms do not have hands, so the lightning is projected exclusively from the mouths of his three heads.

-The speed, charging rules, and movement rules do not change  (though the influence of  the Kaiju-forms increased ATK naturally increases the power) 

-The fatigue incurred doubles when in kaiju-form (and were this giant version of the move to somehow be used with a less-than enormous body to absorb the strain, it would septuple), reducing the amount of time Ghidorah is able to fire continuously without a break from one minute to thirty seconds. 

-The lightning remains difficult to aim (in fact, when fighting primes of less-than colossal stature, the accuracy is even worse because they're comparatively such small targets). 

-The additional stamina drain of the continuous arc fire-mode is doubled. 

Related fluff: Ghidorah laughs uncontrollably while firing his lightning. Every. Time.

Cosmic Power: Requires Physical Strength - (300 OM)
King Ghidorah can charge his normal attacks with the same cosmic energy that fuels his golden lightning, adding a shocking, burning element to his physical blows. Using this move adds a corona of sparking golden energy to his punches, kicks, elbow-strikes, knee-smashes or other hand-to-hand attacks for the next thirty seconds (unless he chooses to end the effect sooner). The overall result is that his attacks temporarily become vectors for intense heat and additional force, as though his strikes carried the additional weight of a few feet of molten chains. Activating this ability puts strain on Ghidorah's body, and he incurs fatigue for every second its in use as though he were running at a dead sprint for the same amount of time; as such, frequent use during an ongoing fight is inadvisable, as even triggering it twice in a row (a continuous sixty seconds of use) would leave him sorely in need of a pause to catch his breath.  

Earthshaking Tread: Requires Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency - (300 OM)
By drawing on his astral wellspring and stomping the ground as hard as he can, King Ghidorah can send a shockwave rippling through the earth in all directions, out to a radius of above six meters. This shockwave takes one second to travel from the point where his foot makes contact with the ground to the outer circumference of its area of affect. This move deals no damage, but the earth roils and cracks as the shockwave moves through it, upsetting the footing of anyone who happens to be standing on it, and potentially even knocking them off their feet. Earthshaking Tread's effectiveness depends on Ghidorah's ATK and the opponent's TEC; If an opponent's TEC is equal to or greater than Ghidorah's ATK score, they'll be able to keep their feet with little problem. At 80% of his ATK score they'll be slightly unbalanced, and at less than that they'll be knocked off their feet (unless they have Master Acrobat, in which case the minimum threshold is 50%). Earthshaking tread takes about half a second to perform - foot goes up, foot comes down - and can't be performed on ground that has already been broken by its effect. This move is mildly tiring to perform, similar to the fatigue experienced by a fit man swinging a sledgehammer very hard with both hands.

Glorious Golden Wings - Requires; Area Attack Proficiency, Area Defense Proficiency, Ranged Attack Proficiency, Physical Strength - (variable, 600 OM).

King Ghidorah's golden wings are good for far more than simply soaring through the skies laying waste to all that lies below. They are also potent tools in their own right, both for destruction and for defense. They can be used in two different ways:

Golden Guard: Ghidorah curls his heads in towards his chest, hunkers down and folds his wings around his body, charging them with cosmic energy to form a make-shift shield which functionally doubles his DEF. There are are a number of drawbacks to this technique however; It can't be used as an instantaneous response to an attack, because enveloping himself in his wings and drawing upon his astral well to charge them takes about two seconds. Also, while it's not particularly draining, it can't be used while flying, can only be used while in a Kaiju-form, and Ghidorah can take no other action - including movement or charging other attacks - while he's hiding behind his wings. 

Hurricane Winds: By flapping his wings rapidly while in his Tier 1 powered-up kaiju-form( 35 meters tall) Ghidorah can create tremendously powerful winds in a cone in front of himself  one kilometer long and sixty meters wide at the base, tapering out to three hundred meters wide at its maximum range. (Increasing to 1.2, seventy and 380 for a 80 meter T2 kaiju transformation and 1.4, 100 and 440 for a T3). While not damaging in and of themselves, the winds carry the force of the monster's wing-beats, and the effect is like being repeatedly and powerfully shoved (ATK Score), which can have the effect of knocking down opponents and sending them tumbling from the repeated, powerful pressure - though creatures that can fly whose SPD exceeds Ghidorah's ATK, or creatures with a combined ATK and TEC score higher than Ghidorah's ATK may be able to resist. Predictably, the effect is strongest the closer one is standing to the monster, waning to less than half-strength at the maximum distance. Using his wings in this way requires frantic motion on the part of Ghidorah, which wears him out fast. While he can perform this attack while standing on the ground or while hovering in place, he can't take any other action, and can only keep it up for seventeen seconds without rest. Ghidorah can only create Hurricane Winds while in a Kaiju form.

Super Moves:

Gravity Lathe: Tier 1 super-attack - requires ranged proficiency - (600 OM)

A powerful beam-attack, formed by simultaneously focusing the three streams of golden lightning that Ghidorah fires from his mouth and both hands onto a single target. The eyes of the two dormant heads that adorn his shoulders snap open, and suddenly grow focused and alert, the additional visual feedback allowing him to compensate for his otherwise terrible aim. The three pseudo-electric bolts spiral around each other in a triple-helix two feet in diameter as they approach the target at the speed of a bullet, sparking and spitting, the energies balancing each out and eliminating the tendency to arc. The combined stream persists for a single second, burning and tearing at the target with several times the force of a single bolt of Ghidorah's golden lightning, but the true benefit is that this is a highly accurate attack - something he does not (to put it mildly) normally excel at.    

Gravity Lathe takes 0.5 seconds to prepare while Ghidorah focuses his aim, and he must stand still while using this attack.

Golden Scales - Tier 1 Super-Defense - (600 OM)

Ghidorah's glorious golden body is amazingly resilient. There's a chance than any attack directed at him which is less than devastatingly powerful (that is, Tier 1 super attacks or any weaker moves) is simply not going to work, totally neutralized by his natural armor and the astral charge pulsing within his veins.


The power raises me up within a cyclonic tide of fire, an inferno born in another universe, across interstellar space and eons of time.
-King Ghidorah, on shedding his humanoid form

Power-Up Boost I - (10000 OM):  
King Ghidorah's strength is unusual even for a Prime, and this becomes especially clear when he draws out the true depths of his power.  He gets +1 additional extra stat for Tier-1 transformations, +2 additional extra stats for Tier-2 transformations, and +4 additional extra stats for Tier-3 transformations.

Some Kind of Monster - Tier 1 Power-Up (1000 OM)
The astral wellspring that dwells deep within the core of King Ghidorah's being has grown more accustomed to his humanoid form, allowing him to tap into monstrous reserves of strength without the need to assume a monstrous form, and adjusting his fighting instincts accordingly while in this heightened state. The eyes of his two dormant heads snap open when this power-up is active, and golden sparks dance across Ghidorah's horns. 

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +1
TEC: +1

Kaiju Transformations

Young Star-Dragon (35 Meter Kaiju) - Tier 1 Powered-Up Form (1000 OM)

[Image: latest?cb=20101011215919]

Not quite a return to his full glory, but King Ghidorah has gained the ability to temporarily assume the form he possessed when he was still very young - standing 35 meters (115 feet) tall with his proper complement of three draconic heads cackling atop three serpentine necks, two long tails, and a pair of golden wings in place of this ridiculous 'arms' business. This increase in size comes with an increase in strength, and durability, and the massive vertical and horizontal traverse involved in moving such an enormous body makes him deceptively quick.

ATK: 7
DEF: 7
SPD: 4
TEC: 1


Italics= Item name as presented in the rules
Bold = Ghidorah flavored version

Power Pill (Power Surge): 1 currently held. 
A knot of dense, unstable astral charge has accumulated in Ghidorah's system, creating the potential for a short-lived power-surge. Gives +1 to all stats for one round. Doesn't stack with itself. 

Fighting Style:

Ghidorah's general approach to fighting is that its a forgone conclusion that he's going to win, and he throws himself into with all the enthusiasm of a victory lap. However, if that conclusion seems to be in doubt, or he feels he has a reason to be cautious, he can be surprisingly cunning; hit-and run tactics aren't out of the question, especially if it gives him an opportunity to humiliate his opponent, and collapsing heavy objects on his foes is a time-honored favorite.     

He prefers to fight at range, blasting his opponents into submission, but he also enjoys the opportunity to employ his tremendous physical strength, and will use burst-movement in order to rapidly change from long-range to close combat or vice-versa if he thinks he sees an opportunity.

Ghidorah is the ultimate practitioner of the spray-and-pray doctrine, and it is the method of fighting which which he is most comfortable. He takes a huge amount of joy in hosing down his enemies with golden bolts of pseudo-electric death, warbling his high-pitched cackle all the while, and makes very little effort to defend or dodge, trusting in his superior durability to see him through or using Scintilating Scales to protect himself before launching his attack. His aim is very poor, but he has sheer power and volume of fire on his side, and if his opponent is problematically spry to the point of being irritating, he'll try to knock them off their feet using Earthshaking tread. 

Ghidorah fights like a pro-wrestler. He's extremely aggressive, all raw power and straightforward brutality: chokeslams, elbows, haymakers and big kicks with very little consideration for technique or self preservation are the order of the day. If someone gets in his face, he will almost always blast them with his lightning at point-blank range before moving on to bludgeon, kick and catapult his opponent into the dirt. If he's facing an opponent strong enough to really hurt him, Scintilating Scales is his fallback defense, and the difficult-to-interrupt charge-up makes it useful even in the thick of battle. In a grapple, if he seems too be losing the upper hand he will always use his breath-weapon on his opponent, and if they're much weaker than he is he may actually attempt to rip them limb from limb. 

Fighting As A Kaiju

All of Ghidorah's giant monster forms are over one hundred feet tall, flight capable, and completely lacking in the arms department, which changes his tactics somewhat. The role of Scintilating Scales in his admittedly-limited defensive tactics remains the same. 

The lightning is still his favorite weapon, and his overall approach to using it doesn't change, but he also employs more sophisticated methods. Ghidorah likes to use his Glorious Golden Wings' Hurricane Winds to knock over or pin down his opponents, and then blast them with his kaiju-sized golden lightning before they can recover. Other favorite tactics in monster form are to hover above the battlefield or strafe his earthbound opponents as he flies past half-a-kilometer overhead and out of range. Against other flying creatures, swatting at them with his wings and engaging in aerial duels are not out of the question.
Hand-to-Hand: Ghidorah doesn't have a lot of great options in the hand-to-hand department yet as a giant monster. Fortunately, he does have his mighty stomping feet, and against human-sized opponents he will use them liberally, attempting to grind his opponents into the dust.

Ghidorah Destroys the Omniverse, One Piece At a Time
(Omniverse History)

Ghidorah destroys a tiny city. Ghidorah destroys some storm-troopers.

King Ghidorah arrives in the Nexus, and marvels at his newfound grasp of language. He has a bit of a personal crisis on account of being a) humanoid and b) only seven feet tall. After smashing his version of the Fountain of Infinity - a tiny model city - and obliterating it with his golden lightning, he's accosted by some stormtroopers, whom he kills. This lethal interaction proves to be fruitful, as it gives him the idea of learning about his victims, now that he's down on their level, in order to better appreciate the aesthetics of ruin which is his raison d'etre. Thusly inspired, he heads out into the Nexus, in order to find one of the Gates which the unfortunate Imperial troops informed him of. 

His wanderings lead him to Camelot.

Ghidorah destroys a standing-stone. Ghidorah destroys a road-sign. Ghidorah destroys some trees. Ghidorah destroys some bandits. 

Ghidorah enters Camelot, and does his best to destroy the standing-stones surrounding the Gate, scorching them with a barrage of golden lightning. He only actually manages to smash one of them, using his fists, and nearly gets crushed by a falling capstone. The shock of this near-miss engenders a certain amount of caution in him. Slightly rattled, the King of Terror sets off to find more things to ruin. 

He eventually comes to a fork in the road, with a helpful road-sign, which he is surprised to discover he can read. After reading it, he smashes it, and elects to take the path to Minis Tirith rather than heading into the nearby woods. However, when he spots Minis Tirith among the mountains on the horizon, he realizes that in his current state he doesn't have the ability to destroy it. The thought of something so exquisite that he is unable to ruin is too torturous for him, so he opts instead to turn around, and head into the forest.

Eventually, as Ghidorah travels through the woods, a gang of bandits led by a powerful secondary named Brock Coxley attempt to rob him, only to end up his victims instead. Ghidorah takes a minute to learn about Coxley, which turns out to be everything he'd hoped for in terms of adding to his nihilistic appreciation of when he kills the bandit leader.

Ghidorah extracts Coxley's Omnilium after the man is dead, adding a new atrocity to his already considerable repertoire. 

Little does he suspect that he is being hunted, and as he emerges from the woods near the lip of a populated valley, the hunter is catching up...

King Ghidorah destroys a tree, King Ghidorah destroys some grass, King Ghidorah destroys Dawnika Snow

Ghidorah is ambushed by the bounty hunter Dawnika Snow, in her alternate persona of Erika Lye. A vicious struggle ensues, during which Erika turns back into Dawn and both combatants are horribly injured, with King Ghidorah eventually emerging the winner. The ravager of worlds explains his philosophy and plans to Dawn before breaking her down into Omnilium, killing her - and unlocking some of his dormant potential in the process. 

Ghidorah destroys your expectations, by perpetrating no carnage at all.


King Ghidorah destroys a pitchfork, King Ghidorah destroys some egos, King Ghidorah destroys a table, King Ghidorah destroys some travelers, King Ghidorah destroys a caravan of supply-wagons.

(NPC Thread)

Chatterly and William Conrad van Harnburg, the Duke of Harnburg, discuss King Ghidorah. Our hero isn't in this thread, so nothing gets destroyed. 

(Exemplary Writing Bonus)

Ghidorah destroys a book, Ghidorah destroys a guest-rooom, Ghidorah destroys some real-estate, Ghidorah destroys the Oskinder Elves.  

(NPC Thread)

(NPC Thread+Great Writing Bonus)

King Ghidorah destroys the Oskinder elves, but in greater detail.

A retelling of Ghidorah's destruction of the Oskinder from the perspective of the solitary survivor, a woman named Pinay. Savagely burned by the monster's cosmic lightning, she is nursed back to health by Mothra, eventually leaving to seek a path of justice for her people. 

(NPC Thread)

Mothra visits the William Conrad van Harnburg and attempts to persuade him to help destroy Ghidorah. Our hero is not in this thread, so nothing gets destroyed. 

(Exemplary Writing Bonus)

Ghidorah destroys a barn door, Ghidorah destroys a supply-caravan, Mothra destroys Ghidorah's assumptions.

(NPC Thread + Exemplary Writing Bonus )

Mothra's fairy priestesses visit Isolda van Harnburg. Isolda van Harnburg visits the Duke, and attempts to persuade him to renounce Ghidorah, resulting in emotional moments for both of them. Ghidorah is not in this thread, but Isolda destroys the Duke's window-glass, and the Duke destroys her sense of comfortable isolation. 

The Road to Armageddon
(Purchases Checklist)

1st Stat Upgrade - SPD (1000 OM)
2nd Stat Upgrade -SPD (2000 OM)
3rd Stat Upgrade - TEC (4000 OM)
4th Stat Upgrade -DEF (7000 OM)
Power-Up Boost I (10000 OM)
  5th Stat Upgrade - ATK (11000 OM)
   Power-Up Boost II - (20000 OM)

Flight (1800 OM)
Burst Movement (800 OM)
Super Speed (1000 OM)
Basic Regeneration (1300 OM)

Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM)
Area Shield Proficiency (400 OM)
Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Physical Strength (1000 OM)

Tier 1 Powered Up Form - Young Star-Dragon (35 Meters) - (1000 OM)
Tier 1 Power-up - Some Kind of Monster (1000 OM)
Tier 2 Powered Up Form - Monster Zero (80 Meters) - (1500 OM)
Tier 3 Powered Up Form - King Ghidorah (150 Meters) - (2000 OM)

Golden Lightning (600 OM) + Kaiju Mode version (600 OM)  + rapid fire version (600 OM)
Mighty Stomping Feet (300 OM)
Scintilating Scales (300 OM)
Glorious Golden Wings (600 OM)
Earthshaking Tread (300)
Cosmic Power(300)
Red Lightning (300 OM)
Titan's Gate: Breath Weapon (300)
Titan's Gate: Footfall (300) 
Two Sinister Tails (600? OM)
Shocking Bite ( 300? OM)
Deceptive Speed (300 OM)

Super Moves
Tier 1 Super-attack: Gravity Lathe (600 OM)
Tier 1 Super Defense: Golden Scales (600 OM)
Tier-2 Super-attack: Super Gravity Lathe (800)
Tier 2 Super-Defense: Force of Nature (800 OM)
Tier 3 Super-Attack: Gravity Storm (1000 OM)

Doomed Heroes and Hapless Victims

Mothra, like Ghidorah, is a giant monster who was brought to the Omniverse in a humanoid form. Unlike Ghidorah however, she is a creature that values peace, understanding and wisdom, her delicate appearance in both human and monster form reflecting her gentle nature. Mothra knows Ghidorah of old, and along with her two fairy priestesses is working to prevent him from committing further atrocities. 

She didn't arrive in time to stop him from murdering the Oskinder wood elves, but she did use her healing powers to save the life of...

Uln Pinay Oskinder (secondary)
The last survivor of the nomadic tribe of wood-elves known as the Oskinder. Prior to Ghidorah destroying her people and their way of life, she was a watcher - a member of the Oskinder's warrior caste - and a mender, skilled in the maintenance of weapons, armor and tools, as well as various forms of purely utilitarian sorcery.  Pinay is horribly scarred, both on the outside, her body torn by the ravages of Ghidorah's cosmic lightning, and on the inside, by the horror of seeing everyone and everything she's ever known wiped out in a single day. Now she travels, hoping to become strong enough to confront Ghidorah and claim justice for her people. 

Pinay doesn't know, however, that Ghidorah was merely a tool. He was prompted to destroy her people by...

Chatterly (AKA Harmon Briggs) (secondary)
The chief intelligencier of the Duchy of Harnburg, Chatterly is a man whose background is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that he works to further the interests of the Harnburg through all manner of deception, dirty tricks, blackmail, and even murder. He's responsible for King Ghidorah's serving Harnburg's agenda, and is aware of the monster's psychopathic desires. Ghidorah hates Chatterly with a passion, but the spymaster has thus far proven adept enough to manipulate him into doing what he wants. 

In addition to handling Ghidorah as an asset, Chatterly is also responsible for Harnburg's anti-Ghidorah contingency plan, prepared at the request of Chatterly's boss...

The Duke (secondary)
William Conrad van Harnburg, Lord of Castle Harnburg and master of its lands and titles is the landlord and prince of Harnburg Valley. While he's not terribly good looking, with a flabby sort of face that doesn't jibe with his skinny body, he makes up for it with his keen political mind. He hopes to weaken - and eventually annex much of the territory of - the neighboring Duchy of Shatterdun, and use its resources to pursue grander political and strategic aims, The arrival of Ghidorah has given him an opportunity to greatly accelerate his plans. 

He is also the Uncle and guardian of...

Isolda van Harnburg (NPC Prime)
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