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Name: Jacket
Level: 4
Spent OM: 19000
Proficiencies: (2600); Ranged (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack (600)
Powers: (3300/8000); Super Jumping – Basic (300), Stealth (1200), Burst Movement (800), Suppression (1000)
Moves: (2400); Wooden Baseball Bat (600), Silenced Mac 10 (300), Ithaca 37 Stakeout (300), Fire Axe (300), Dual-wield Desert Eagles (300), KA-BAR Knife (600), M16A2 (900), Katana (300)
Super Moves (0):
Items: Spiritual Attunement, Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Artifacts: None
Consumed OM (500); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Unlocks: State Increase I, State Increase II
Base stats
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 4
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

Pre Omniverse (Warning: Spoilers ahead of the Hotline Miami series)

Jacket's story starts with him being a US special forces operative in a four-man squad known as the Ghost Wolves commanded by the colonel. A war broke out between the US and the USSR in the mid-80s mostly happening in the Pacific. Hawaii was one of the war-torn grounds of this conflict which is where the unit was assigned at. They went on classified missions through the volcanic island's jungles trying to stop the Russian's advance. The Unit was quite successful through the events. While spending time with the squad, Jacket made a close friend with his squad leader. On their last mission, they infiltrated a power plant that was taken over by the Russians. Two of their squad mates died while trying to complete the mission but Jacket gets shot and his leader had helped him escape the power plant before it exploded. His squad leader saved his life that day and it really meant something to Jacket about their friendly relationship.

After the tour in Hawaii, Jacket came back to the United States and decided to retire back in Miami, Florida. Everything was going great while he was living there until his girlfriend broke up with him. This really hurt him and turned into a depressing state. His life changed in April 1989 when he started receiving strange cryptic phone calls that instructed him what to do. This is when the massacre of the Russian Mafia began. There were dreams that he was starting to have that had three strangers that were masked. One wore a grey horse mask who appeared to be a female. The other wore an owl mask and took on an appearance as a Russian mobster. There was one that looked like a twin to Jacket and wore a chicken mask like him asking questions and having opinions on his actions.  The phone calls came from the 50 Blessings throughout the summer but one day on May 23, 1989, he confronted this "Biker" guy who attacked him. Jacket finished the job supposedly thinking he killed the man but the 50 Blessings soon got word that this Biker was still alive and a witness to their whole operation that was going on.

This made them unhappy from the failure Jacket caused and called another operator named Richter to be a hitman on Jacket. On June 8th, 1989, Jacket arrives home noticing his apartment has been broken into. He notices that the hooker he saved earlier was dead and gets shot by Richter but survives from the hit. The masked vigilante was put in the hospital by the police and had surgery. This still didn't stop Jacket on finding details where Richter was being held at. For answers, Jacket goes back to his apartment and gets ready to raid the Precinct that his supposed killer was being jailed at. Richter does tell him about the strange phone calls he gets that Jacket also receives and that they told him to make sure that Jacket would die.

The police files and evidence that Jacket obtained back at the precinct, Did give Jacket directions of where to look for. Russian mobsters were present at the location which Jacket had to kill through to get some straight answers. Eventually, he gets the address from an associate of the mafia and begs for his life but still gets killed by Jacket. Omni takes Jacket after when he finishes off the kingpin of the Mafia which causes a heavy blow to the criminal organization.

Present Omniverse:

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Jacket's character can be quiet and reserved. He isn't mute and will talk when it's necessary. His moods can be relaxing and chill if he isn't in some serious situation. Also, can be a heavy smoker sometimes. Plus, he does love having some fast food, playing retro games such as ones on the NES, and drinking. What calms him down or he loves to do is drive through the city at night. Though there is a dark side to Jacket which is his homicide mindset. This makes him dangerous and deadly when he is in this mindset. Now, this doesn't mean that he wants to kill every living thing like for example unarmed civilians or children. No, his targets that he will focus on is those that are dangerous and thugs. From the previous events that happened to him back in Miami does cause some PTSD moments or some illusions.


Masked -
[Image: danphoo.png]

Unmasked -
[Image: hotline_miami_jacket_by_cupofgraccino-d9s99yy.png]

Green - Friendly
Pink - Love
Red - Hate
Blue - Neutral
Black - Fear

Luci - She is the love of my life and I remember the first day we've ever met before the Omniverse. That night rescuing her from those terrible people was a great feeling to have again. Strange that she gain bizarre powers but she still holds her beautiful delicate face, lovely curves, and a voice that is soothing to listen to that gives me comfort. I feel that this relationship will burn till the day we both don't exist anymore. Only Omni can tell when our end comes.

Koal - I've just met this Demon and he's pretty much a killer like I am. He's the second demon I met in the Omniverse. I don't really have much else to say about him since he's the most recent prime I met.

The Humble Sage - I met him in the astral verse when he was with two other primes. We didn't really have too much interaction between but I'll say he's on my good side for helping to save me from a terrible nightmare. He's a prime I wouldn't mind meeting again.

Kuzuru - The first demon I met in the Omniverse and he's a pretty violent one too. He was one of the primes in the Sage's group that help me fight my nightmare off. I wouldn't mind to meet him again since both of our common practices is killing.

Coruscant - Its the biggest city I've ever visited and the population here is humongous compared to Miami. The one reason why I wanted to move to Miami was that tropical feeling and this city lacks it. Pollution here is worse than Miami just from how much cars are here burning up fuel. It is easy to get lost in compared to the US cities. Not the place I really want to live forever at. I hope I can find somewhere in the Omniverse that's similar to Florida.

Empire - This is a regime that I hate living under. Like all tyrant civilizations meeting their tragic ends, I hope this one meets the same fate one day. So far, looks like nothing here in their capital verse is going to change for a long time. I have been hearing that there are resistance fighters out there fighting against the Empire even criminal gangs too. I'll join the fight too and show them the country I used to protect freedom.
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 


Wooden Baseball Bat (600) -
[Image: Breakaway_Balsa_Baseball_Bat_large.jpg?v=1460419252]

Weighing in at 4 pounds (1.4 kg), Length is 42 inches (1066.8 mm), Width is about 2.75 inches (69.85 mm). Swing speed for jacket is at a moderate speed to at least be harmful on impact. The swinging range is around at 2.5 meters (8 ft). This can serve a brutal blows if swung hard enough by focusing on the target for 7 seconds and can be tiring if the bat keeps swinging repeatedly at moderate speed as if hitting a baseball.

Silenced Mac 10 (300) -

[Image: Ingram-mac10_new.jpg]

A Mac 10 that comes with a silencer and extended clip that holds up about 30 rounds. The gun can shoot from short to medium range due to it being a SMG and silenced. It will take about 3.22 seconds to empty a full mag on full auto. Reload takes around 4.3 seconds on a fresh new clip. Sometimes the weapon will be used while Jacket is holding his melee in the other. Weapon does not have any alternate firing mode and remains on full auto.

Ithaca 37 Stakeout: (300)
[Image: Stakeout-1-.jpg]

A shotgun that has the capacity to hold four twelve gauge shots. Jacket carries 12 shots on hand and when he depletes ammo, it will take one minute to summon the complete number of rounds. The pellets fired can reach up to 20 yards. They spread in an outwards cone with a spread of 4 feet at max distance and can hit multiple targets as a result. However, because of the spread the damage greatly decreases with distance as fewer pellets hit. It is most effective at close ranges where all pellets can hit a single target which will take massive damage, depending on stats of course. Each round that is fired, it is required for a pump action so that the fresh buckshot can enter the chamber which will take one second between shots. Each gauge will be reloaded individually which takes at least one second and needs concentration. The gun can fire at any number of rounds that's been reloaded rather requiring than a complete reload. For example, Jacket reloads the shotgun with two shells then begins to shoot. A full reload will take 4 x 1 seconds. Thanks to the pistol grip it can be held, shot and even pumped with one hand, leaving the other free to do other things. This move will not be used with others. For example, Jacket fires the shotgun while holding it in one hand then switches the weapon to the other that clutches it by the pump. His hand jerks the pump up and down in a single motion that causes the new shell to enter the chamber.

Fire Axe: (300)
[Image: wep_render_axe.png]
A melee weapon that weighs at 6lbs and the length is 36 inches which includes the handle and head. It's a sharp weapon that can cut. Swinging range is at 9 feet. This weapon will require two hands to use due to the weight and being successful with a complete swinging motion.

Dual-Wield Desert Eagles (300):
[Image: 2vam8a8.jpg]
These weapons here is high powered handguns that use .357 Magnum cartridges that hold up to eight bullets.  While using both guns, they are effective up to 218 yards. They are useful for close quarter combat but dual-wielding the guns can be difficult to shoot for long range targets. Jacket has the ability to extend his arms out on his left and right side to provide covering fire for both of his sides. He has another ability to summon just one gun to use if he wanted to focus on accurate shots. This is a semi-automatic based weapon so he has the ability to fire the weapon at a fast or slow rate. It takes 2.10 seconds to reload just one clip in a gun. For dual-wield, it takes 4.20 seconds to reload both guns.

KA-BAR Knife (600):
[Image: 1217_h_lg.png]
A combat knife that Jacket was used of using when he was in the Spec-Ops. The length of the weapon is 11.875 inches and weighs 0.7 pounds. When slashing, Jacket can reach up to 3 feet. He also has the ability to throw this knife but there's only one knife he carries.  Jacket can switch back and forth for which hand he would prefer to use this weapon during combat.

M16A2 (900):
[Image: 5555b5ba7f0f1b051776a6d4bd34a270.jpg]
This here is a rifle that Jacket prefers to use and is the most familiar with. The kind of bullets that the M16 holds is 5.56×45mm NATO rounds in a thirty capacity magazine. For the maximum range, bullets reach up to 601 yards. There are modes that the gun can switch to such as semi-automatic, burst mode, and full-automatic. On burst mode, three bullets fire out of the gun when the trigger is pulled each time. How the fire rate is on semi-auto, Jacket takes a second to pull the trigger on each shot. On Burst, it takes two seconds to pull the trigger on each series of three bullets. This helps for bullets to hit targets accurately for medium range. How long it takes to empty a clip when continuing to fire on full automatic is at 5.10 seconds. On semi-automatic and burst mode, depends how fast Jacket fires his gun. Once the clip is empty, it takes about 6.5 seconds to reload and insert a new magazine.

Katana (300):
[Image: w6266_2.jpg]
A Japanese sword that Jacket uses to slice through mafia members efficiently. The length of the weapon is forty inches long and the blade is made of carbon steel. This Katana weighs at 3.0 pounds and the swinging range is 7.7 feet. Jacket is able to swing this sword single-handly or can use both hands for better attacks and blocks.


Richard Mask (Default)
[Image: latest?cb=20150310222805]

Power Ups

Tier 1 Power Up: (1000)
Rasmus Mask
[Image: 768?cb=20150311041030]
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
TEC: +2

Tier 1 Power Up: (1000)
Tony Mask
[Image: 768?cb=20150311040943]
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2

Tier 1 Power Up: (1000)
Aubrey Mask
[Image: latest?cb=20150310223858]
ATK: +1
DEF: +2
TEC: +2

Tier 2 Power Up (1500):
Dennis Mask
[Image: 600?cb=20150311042539]
ATK: +3
DEF: +3
SPD: +2
TEC: +2

Tier 2 Power Up (1500):
Graham Mask
[Image: 480?cb=20150311042604]
ATK: +3
DEF: +2
SPD: +3
TEC: +2
[Image: 67857178B013071EE183FE5B7C3D87F4438C6BB8]
[Image: westside.png] 

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