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Name: Undyne

Spent OM: 14.600

Proficiencies (3.600): Pysical Strength (1.000), Ranged Proficiency (1.000), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1.000)

Powers (4.100/8.000): Burst Movement (800), Mimic (2.800), Super Jumping – Advanced (500)

Moves (2.400): Anime-sized Sword Taitan (300), Green Soul Mode (300), Magic Spear (900), Steel Rain (600), Trick Spear (300)

Super Moves (1.200): T1 Super Attack: Spearstorm (600), T1 Super Defense: Tornado Drill (600)

Transformations (3.000): Alternate Form – Armored (2.000), Power-Up Undyne the Undying (T1 - 2/1/2/0) (1.000)

Assists (0):

Consumed OM (Items/Consumables/Bases) (300): Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

Unlocks (0):

Base stats: (Undyne the Undying)
ATK: 4 (6)
DEF: 1 (2)
SPD: 4 (6)
TEC: 1 (1)

Alternate Form: Armored (Undyne the Undying)
ATK: 3 (5)
DEF: 5 (6)
SPD: 1 (3)
TEC: 1 (1)
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Note: Base will be added upon purchase.
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Full name: Undyne
Character Source: Undertale
Species: Monster (Anthropomorphic Blue Diamond Piranha)
Age: 21
Height: 1,90m

[Image: latest?cb=20160309012015]
Appearance: Undyne appears as a humanlike monster with piscine features, the most notable of such being her light blue scales and the red and blue fins located on the sides of her head. She also has a long red ponytail, sharp, yellow, protruding teeth that make her look like she's smiling almost constantly, eyes with black vertical pupils and yellow scleras, an eyepatch over her left eye, and gills on the sides of her neck instead of a nose.

Casual Attire: For most occasions she wears a black tanktop and blue jeans as well as red boots, but if the situation calls for it she can don her armor, obscuring most of her appearance.
[Image: latest?cb=20160309012046]

Armored: If the situation calls for it Undyne puts on her armor, an awe-inspiring suit of knight-esque platemail with full helmet and only one hole for her right eye, obscuring her left one, as well as an opening in the back that lets her red hair out, leading others to believe that it is a plume hanging from the helmet itself.

... what's that, you want bigger images? Here you go!
[Image: warming_up_by_ric_m-d9lnpno.png]
Undyne's casual attire.

[Image: ckDeewb.png]
Armored and ready for battle!

Personality: Undyne is very passionate about everything she does. In addition to that she is rather hot-headed and tends to act quickly on her ideas. However she is also steadfast in her beliefs, notably her belief in fairness in combat, as evidenced by when she fought Frisk: rather than taking advantage of having forced her into Green Mode to defeat her swiftly, she offered an explanation of how it works. Furthermore, King Asgore taught her the value of pacifism, which is why Undyne sees Frisk as "a wimpy loser with a big heart" - although to Frisk's credit she is quick to call people "Weenies" or "wimpy".
Her self-confidence and sense for justice meant that she was a great fit for the Royal Guard of the Underground, whose head she became after recieving combat training from Asgore. Although it was disbanded before her arrival in the Omniverse neither have taken a hit as a result of it.
She loves to help others as shown by her teaching Papyrus to cook (not very well, though). According to the latter she dislikes puzzles and loves japes.
Alphys introduced Undyne to anime as well, though she told her that anime is actually human history. Undyne eventually found out about the truth when Frisk told her, but still enjoys it a great deal. The fact that she has a grossly oversized sword in her home is a testament to that.
Undyne's passion, hot-headedness and self-confidence combine into Undyne hating to lose battles or challenges. The most comical example of this is when Papyrus presented befriending "the human", Frisk, as a challenge, which resulted in her claiming that she would not just befriend her but that they'd become "besties" and that Frisk would be "enamored" with her. In a rather hilarious manner, it did work out.

Undyne's Greater Forms

Undyne the Undying
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
"You're gonna have to try a little harder than that."

Originally Undyne's resolve to stop the rampaging human from destroying the entire world, her Undying form activated as her Determination kept her from death and reformed her. Now in the Omniverse, she is able to activate it at will, but needs an enormous amount of energy to keep that very Determination from destroying her.

Along with the radical changes to her appearance and armor, a bright light shines from her left eye and her voice sounds as if two people spoke at the same time.

Note: If Undyne is in her non-armored form, she does not gain armor upon transformation. Only her body's appearance shifts.

Personality Shift: If Undyne assumes the Undying form, those who made her do it should fear for their lives: it is the point where she ends the time for talk and sets every bit of her mind on striking down her opponent. Honor, fairness, sympathy and mercy are no longer an option. Her opponent can not surrender or reason with her. Though she may speak, she will do so far less than in her other forms, if at all.
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Pre-Undertale Events
Undyne was born and grew up in New Home, the enormous cavern region beneath Mt. Ebott where the Kingdom of Monsters existed. As a kid she once challenged the Monster King, Asgore, to a fight but could not land a single blow and found herself humiliated as all he did was dodge her attacks without fighting back. Asgore offered to train her after the fight and eventually promoted her to Head of the Royal Guard, which among others entailed the duty of pursuing and killing the humans that fell into the Underground.
Undyne also met Alphys sometime after the former royal scientist, Gaster, vanished and the drake replaced him after leading Asgore to believe that she had created a soul. Their initial meeting bloomed into a great friendship, though both sides kept their feelings concealed: Undyne had a crush on the cute drake. What she did not know was that Alphys had the same feelings for her, but wouldn't dare let anyone get close to her because of the many lies she had spun. Thus they remained what they were: great friends.

Waterfall Region
After Frisk befriended Papyrus and entered the Waterfall region, Undyne began her pursuit in spite of Papyrus attempting to convince her not to attack the human. Numerous times did she attack, attempted to corner her and once even broke off a large piece of bridge to send her plummeting to her death. Frisk survived everything and eventually made it through Waterfall. Eventually she confronted her at the entrance to Hotland and attacked her. Frisk proved tenacious however and fled the scene, to which Undyne gave chase into Hotland and eventually collapsed because her armor heated up in the high temperatures. Rather than leaving her to pass out though, Frisk poured some water over her, bringing her back to her senses. Confused and frustrated, she withdrew to Waterfall, the human now beyond her reach.

Undyne and Frisk's Hangout
But was that her last meeting with the human? Far from it. At Papyrus's suggestion, Frisk came to Undyne's house to hang out with her, much to her anger - had she come to rub her victory in? No... she wanted to become FRIENDS with her. She was about to kick Frisk out when Papyrus presented "becoming friends with Frisk" as a challenge, and her hot-headedness made her turn around. Papyrus saying that she wasn't up to the challenge? She was going to show him! They were not just going to be friends. They were going to be BESTIES. Frisk was going to be enamored with her, unable to think of anyone else! It would be the perfect revenge!
Long story short, the hangout started pretty decent but when Undyne remembered that Papyrus, who had bailed, was going to have his cooking lesson but wasn't there, Frisk was going to have it for him, it turned into a disaster (It ended up with Undyne's house in flames), but in spite of it all Frisk convinced Undyne that she could not fight her... and Undyne ended up accepting her as a friend, as she went to live in Sans's and Papyrus's house for a while.

Undyne and Alphys
A while after their hangout Undyne asked Frisk to deliver a letter to Alphys, in Hotland. Though there was a great many misunderstanding with Alphys believing that the love-letter came from Frisk because Undyne had not signed it, but after Alphys expressed her feelings about Undyne to Frisk and the fish-woman was nearby, searching for Alphys, heard everything. She was much happier about this than she openly admitted and thanked Frisk. While the human went to confront Asgore, Undyne met Alphys and they confessed their feelings to each other.

The last battle
Undyne was one of the many who interrupted the battle between Frisk and Asgore and demanded that they befriend each other. She nearly kissed Alphys that time, but was interrupted by Toriel, and later Flowey who ensnared them and sucked out their souls. She blanked out until her soul was returned to her and found that, during the blankout, the barrier imprisoning the Monsters in the Underground had been broken.
Being allowed to go free and with no further need to attack humans, the Royal Guard was disbanded, leaving Undyne free to go watch anime with Alphys. Having gotten out in the morning meant that they had the entire day to explore this new world, loving every second of it. The entirety of the one day of time that was allocated to them both.

The End...?
After making the most out of her first day on the Surface they went to sleep, and Undyne woke up not to the sight of a new morning, but in a black void with a white being grinning at her. His name was Omni, and this was not the world she knew.

In the Omniverse

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Fighting Style

Undyne's combat style is marked by her love for anime, her sense of fairness (which has its limits, such as particularly evil/dangerous opponents) and her self-confidence: she has little regard for trickery, feints and underhanded tactics. Her weapon of choice is the spear which she is able to wield to great degrees of skill both in melee combat and at a range. She favors close-range engagements if possible, to combine her Magic Spear with punches.
Her martial appearance and brute-force methods are supported by much combat experience: Undyne usually chooses a "Rambo" approach initially to draw out her opponent's tricks and learn about them in order to place a hit that really counts. Having sparred with the most experienced fighters in the Underground using or battling against various weapons - swords, spears, axes, tridents and nunchakus to name a few - has given her wide insight on how these weapons work.
In true anime-style fashion she likes to talk in the midst of a heated battle no matter who it is against.


Magic Spear (900) (Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)
"My favorite! Energy spears to TERRORIZE HUMANITY! To dispense justice THROUGH DEATH AND DESTRUCTION! ... although, giant swords have their appeal too."

[Image: latest?cb=20160504082452]
[Image: latest?cb=20151223104615]
Undyne wields her magic weapon, the Magic Spear (she usually calls it "Spear", or sometimes "Spear of Justice" because anime), to attack her opponent. She can make one appear into her hand by holding it out for ~2 seconds and with minimal energy expenditure (she could summon 30-35 before becoming too exhausted and needing to catch her breath). She is also able to move freely while summoning a spear but due to the required focus cannot use other moves at the same time.
Undyne has two types of spears. Both types are made out of blue magic energy and are thus not quite as resilient as a metal spear, but can take two or three good hits before disintegrating into magic dust.
Undyne's "short" spear is 1,10m long (including the tip) and has a leaf-shaped speartip of about 15cm, with a pointy tip and sharp edges. Undyne is able to throw it up to 100m far, as it is much lighter than a metal spear, with initial speeds of ~150km/h (about the speed of spears thrown in spearthrowing sports).
If it is thrown the spear disintegrates shortly after hitting an opponent, an obstacle or the ground. Because it is so light its damage is slightly sub-par compared to regular thrown spears.
Undyne can also wield the "short" spears for melee combat, using them for stabbing or slashing attacks. Because they are wielded with one hand she is also able to dual-wield them.
The second spear, called "long" spear, is 1,80m long and with a 20cm speartip and can only be dual-wielded and used for melee combat. It's a more unwieldy weapon in close quarters compared to her "short" spear but has a greater reach when stabbing and slashing.

Trick Spear (300) (Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
"Oh what's that, you think that you can dodge my spears because you see 'em coming? Think again."

[Image: ScfEf08.png]
Undyne summons a spear that looks like her "short" Justice Spears (110cm long, of which ca. 15cm is the tip), in the air around her rather than into her hand. Summoning one this way requires ca. 3 seconds of concentration during which she can continue to move but not use other moves, and is more tiring than a regular summoning (5-6 summons in a row before she needs to recover), with the maximum distance from herself at which she can summon a spear being 50m, and at least 10m away from her target. Undyne must also be able to see her target (non-suppressed Enhanced Senses count) and the location which she is summoning her spear at.
The spear floats in the air until fully summoned then flies in the direction that it is pointing at as if thrown (~150 km/h). Undyne can only summon one Trick Spear at a time and is not able to "hold" them in the air after fully summoning them - they will start flying immediately.
The move is designed to hit an opponent from the sides, above or even behind rather than from the front, with the weakness that the spear's flight direction is set the moment that it is fully summoned - usually where her enemy is standing. Once it is in flight Undyne cannot change its trajectory, making it relatively hard to hit an opponent that moves around.

Steel Rain (600) (Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
"A rain of magic arrows!"

[Image: FW63ZIP.jpg]
For those occasions where Undyne needs to cover an area with her spears without expending as much energy as she does with Spearstorm, she uses Steel Rain. By extending her open hand or her weapon outwards she summons up to ~16 of blue glowing spots on any surface or in the air anywhere within a 20 meter radius that she can see or sense with Enhanced Senses, covering an area of up to one square meter (4x4 spots). Undyne can also opt to summon fewer spots at a time, to tire herself out less. After ~4 seconds arrow-sized spears of blue magic erupt out of the spots, one for each spot, and fly in a straight line at ~50km/h (~30mph) for a maximum distance of 30 meters before dissipating. Undyne typically accompaigns this eruption with a sweeping motion with her hand/weapon, but this is mostly theatrics. The spots disappear after shooting out their respective spear. Each spear deals little damage, especially by itself.

In order to use the attack Undyne must focus enough that she cannot defend herself nor use other moves from the moment that the blue spots are summoned until when the spears start flying after ~4 seconds. She can move freely but not do complex movements such as acrobatics that would require her focus. If her concentration is broken the spots will fizzle away. Once the spears are flying they will not dissipate if Undyne’s focus is broken, however. Finally, regardless of whether or not the attack succeeds it tires out Undyne relatively little: only if she “spams” the attack four or five times in a row at maximum strength does it impact her stamina enough that she needs to take a moment to catch her breath afterwards. Undyne is also able to summon multiple “instances” of Steel Rain one after another, with the fastest she can do being one new instance each second.

The strength of Steel Rain is its versatility as it can be used while moving and multiple instances can be summoned at a time to surround and hit an opponent from multiple angles or to create patterns, like an advancing “wall of doom” of spears shooting out from the ground (or indeed, raining down from above), driving an opponent backwards if they want to avoid being hit. The price that Undyne pays for this versatility is that Steel Rain’s spears deal chip damage by themselves, being a mini Spearstorm - they’re more of a support ability than a damage-dealing one.

Green Soul Mode (300) (Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency)
"You can't run away from me!"

[Image: Undyne-changes-soul-mode-g.png]
Undyne needs to have a Justice Spear in hand to be able to use this attack. She charges it with a vast amount of glowy green magic, taking ~3 seconds during which she cannot move or use other moves and a good chunk of her stamina (casting it twice in a row would leave her dizzy and exhausted, needing to catch her breath), then when the opportunity presents itself swings the spear at her opponent (until that point it remains ready to attack with energy as long as is needed, with minimal energy drain for upkeep).
The green energy not only makes the spear transcendent, meaning that it swings through an opponent's body without causing physical harm, but as they are hit it forces them into "Green Soul Mode", or "Duel Mode". This debuff lasts for ~10 seconds, during which an opponent is unable to move at more than a walking pace, though they can still freely move all their legs. Super Speed/Burst Movement, Teleportation etc. all continue to work based on the user's "real" Speed, not the debuffed one.
Green Soul Mode also causes Undyne to be debuffed in the same way and for the same time as it's meant to force her opponent into a fight, by rendering them unable to flee.
Opponents in Green Soul Mode can break out of the debuff as early as after 5 seconds if their combined DEF and TEC matches or surpasses Undyne's, by brute-forcing through the effect for one second. If the debuff is broken early this way Undyne is also freed from it.
After Green Soul Mode wears off Undyne cannot apply it to the same opponent again for at least one minute.

Anime-sized sword "Taitan" (300, Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)
"The greater the hero, the bigger their sword, is what I say!"

[Image: dbbe3e123dd2f14bab9826ec3fdf3163a969fac0...0369_1.jpg]
Like every good anime hero, Undyne needs a sword, and it must be historically accurate (aka corresponding to anime tropes)! Which is to say, at least as big as its wielder, preferably larger. Undyne's train of thought? "The greater the hero, the bigger their sword." As a result, her anime-sized sword is two and a half times as long as herself. She would have gone for twice as long if the sword didn't become overly unwieldy as a result.

The weapon that Undyne named "Taitan" (meaning "Titan" and pronounced the same way) is a true anime-sized sword with a straight blade of 3,90m plus a hilt of 35cm, for a total length of 4,25m. The handle has a basic guard to protect the wielder's hands and offers good grip, which is more than necessary considering the unwieldiness of it. A flame pattern on the hilt provides some simple decoration, but the blade itself is blank, massive steel. While its exact weight is unknown, considering that its blade is pure steel as thick as ~5cm at the center, one can guess that it's heavy as hell.
The size and weight translates into a weapon that wields like a steel beam - in other words, atrociously. It relies on momentum and going with the 'flow' over swift fencing-style combat. Undyne always needs a little time to swing it, making it a very predictable weapon, which is one of its three weaknesses. The second is that it's very tiring to use: five or six swings would leave Undyne breathing heavily. The third is that it must be used with both hands for anything besides carrying it (Undyne can do that with one hand), thus keeping Undyne from wielding it in conjunction with other moves that require her hands.
Its strengths are a great attack range, rivaling that of spears and staff weapons, and its weight. While of course it can be blocked or deflected, its momentum carries into the force of the attack.
Taitan can be used for stabbing and slashing, though considering its dimensions, stabbing is unlikely to ever be practical.
Undyne can make it appear into her hand or draw it out of a sheath that's far too small on the outside, for added anime effect. Either method takes ~3 seconds before the sword is drawn and usable.

Advanced Techniques (Super Moves)

T1 Super Attack: Spearstorm (600) (Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)
"If my spears aren't killing everything, I'm just not using enough of them."

[Image: undertale___royal_spear_undyne_by_hellkn...9ipuam.jpg]
When faced against opponents who refuse to go down, or simply when she needs to apply a large amount of destructive force, Undyne's belief is that quantity trumps quality. Breaking the usual limitations of her Magic Spear ranged summoning method at the cost of a large amount of energy, she summons 30 energy spears floating in the air to her left and right up to around 3 meters away from herself, resulting in a "wall" of spears which are all pointed at the same spot: the person unfortunate enough to be Undyne's target. The summoning process is usually accompaigned by Undyne striking a dramatic pose, pointing her weapon at her opponent, screaming a warcry and/or other theatric displays.
While the spears are outwardly identical to Undyne's regular Magic Spears (~1,10m long in total, with a 15cm long speartip) and fly at the same speeds (~150km/h) each individual spear is actually weaker than the regular spears: their power comes from their numbers. Indeed, once all of them are fully summoned, which takes Undyne about 4 seconds, she throws them all at her opponent at the same time, usually by thrusting her weapon forward or making a commanding motion with her hand. They are all funneled towards Undyne's target so as to strike very close to each other - in a circular area about 50cm across, centered on the center of the target's torso. Summed up they deal damage as appropriate for a T1 Super Move.
The spears summoned by this Super Move have a range of 200m. Beyond that they bounce off whatever they hit, causing no harm.
The exertion put on her by this move as well as safety requirements so as not to skewer herself requires her to remain still during the entire summoning process and ~2 seconds after she's thrown the spears before she can move once again. In a similar manner to Magic Spears, the spears created by this Super Move break into loose magic energy shortly after hitting their target.

T1 Super Defense: Tornado Drill (600) (Physical Strength)
"This reminds me of that time when I put vegetables into my blender and forgot to put the lid on!"

As a defense of an incoming attack Undyne gathers a great amount of raw magic energy into either her fist or, if she's wielding one, the tip of her Magic Spear - both are functionally identical. The energy manifests as swirling winds, creating a visible miniature tornado around her fist/speartip, with the "tip" of said tornado pointing forward. This preparation takes only one second, though Undyne can opt to take longer - such as to allocate additional time for a battlecry. Finally as the attack is about to hit her she thrusts her fist/spear forward, releasing the accumulated magic energy in a drill-shaped field about 80cm in diameter at its largest part, that harmlessly disperses the attack's destructive force towards the sides, upwards and downwards, thus leaving Undyne unharmed, or at least reducing the harm done to her. Undyne can keep the field up for up to 10 seconds, during which she can repeatedly thrust it at more attacks, and disperse as much damage as is appropriate for a T1 Super Defense in this manner before the field runs out of juice. The fastest she can move while keeping it active is a fast walk.
Oddly enough, even if Undyne's fist/speartip or the dispersing field make contact with an opponent as she uses this move it won't harm them and will instead push them aside, at worst causing momentary disorientation.
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Red (very disliked) - Orange (disliked) - Yellow (neutral) - Green (okay) - Blue (friend) - Purple (trusted/good friend)


Alphys (Pre-Omniverse)
"What? Did you imagine that I was gonna tell you all about us? I don't think so! Alphys and I are together, that's all that matters."
"I'm so happy that she's here with me! Come Heaven or Hell, I'll never let anyone split us apart again."

Chara (Pre-Omniverse)
"That's Asriel's sister, I think... I never liked her. She's the reason that Asriel died... had he not absorbed her soul, he would never have left the safety of the Underground. She set in motion the events that led to the creation of the Royal Guard, to Asgore adopting the anti-human laws... and to Toriel leaving. It's her fault."

"That man-hunting creature! He gave me a good fight but there is no honor in striking down honorless filth like him."

Frisk (Pre-Omniverse)
"Her? Hah! She's the biggest weenie I know, even moreso than Asgore! ... well, she's a weird one. I wanted not to like her, and yet... we ended up being friends. She became friends with everyone in the Underground, actually... and in part it's thanks to her that Alphys and I got together. So I can't say that I don't like her. I wonder how she's doing."

"Even if I wasn't bound by honor not to speak ill of the princess I serve, I wouldn't have anything bad to say about her! I don't know her well enough to call her a good friend yet, but... well, I'm pretty sure we'll get there. I hope that I'm worthy of calling her such when she reveals herself as being an anime main character!"

Ice Bear
"I've a tough time nailing this guy down. He seems okay on all accounts, but at the same time I don't know him well enough. If he lives in Ambrosia though he must be a nice guy. He also reminds me of the bear from Snowdin, and if he's anything like him, he's anything but a weenie, so that's good!"

Papyrus (Pre-Omniverse)
"Papyrus is a total weenie! No, seriously. He was supposed to capture the human, and instead he became friends with her. He's just too friendly... but he's a good friend, and we're having fun with his cooking training. If only he could work on his innocence... and on his ego."

Sans (Pre-Omniverse)
"I honestly don't know what to think of Sans. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad guy - we're actually pretty good friends. It's just, he's a lazybones... oh lord, just thinking of him infects me with his bone-related puns. But then he seems to know more than he's letting in on, I feel like. Oh and... the way he treats his brother? Yeah. He's a huge weenie too!"

NPC Relationships:



[Image: burgerpants_by_cargorabbit-d9fa8q3.png]
"Burgerpants" is a 19-year-old feline monster who worked at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, a fast-food restaurant in the Underground owned by Mettaton, until the barrier was destroyed. He hated his job and his employer, Mettaton, but with no other way to go was forced to continue working there.
[Image: burgerpants_1_by_that_cake-dabbjky.gif]
Originally Burgerpants wanted to be an actor, and dreamt of working with the Underground's TV star, Mettaton. His wish was fulfilled in the worst way possible. Although he kept a tendency to making very strong, dramatic expressions, his views of the world became cynical and sarcastic. "I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life", he told Frisk. The only thing keeping him going was the hope of one day making it to the surface, when Asgore obtained the seventh soul needed to break the barrier. Out there, he was going to live his real dream, to become an actor and to make it big.
His nickname is the result of Bratty and Catty having asked him to sneak some Glamburgers out to them. With his pockets stuffed as he went out, when Mettaton asked what he was doing a few of the Glamburgers fell on the ground. He scrambled to pick them up but the weight of the burgers still in his pockets caused his pants to slide off, and Bratty and Catty laughed at him, calling him Burgerpants. It stuck. In spite of it he still wanted to be friends with them, and with Frisk's help even arranged to hang out with them after work. Things got a little better as a result.

When Undyne woke up at the Nexus Fountain, Burgerpants was standing there too. It is likely that he was summoned by Undyne before she regained consciousness, though neither of them really understand why it was him of all people that came. They had met a few times, but since Undyne disliked fast food and didn't come to Hotland especially often their meetings had been spotty at best. He kept his sarcastic, cynic attitude, but Undyne decided that they were going to work on that. He finally revealed to her that his name is Jeremy, and agreed to travel with her for a while. Maybe there is a speckle of hope for him after all.


[Image: assassin__by_duster132-d8hbxom.jpg]
[Image: desert_hunter_by_halycon450-da0qlt5.jpg]
Extra Pic:
[Image: 278842.jpg]
Ghost is a freelance bounty hunter with no known affiliations to any person or group. It’s hard to tell however, because there is very little known about them - from their real name to their history to their gender and even if they’re actually human or not. They wear ambiguous clothing, don’t show a shred of skin, use a voice scrambler and appear and disappear without a trace - like a ghost, hence their alias.

Ghost is known among bounty hunters for being a hardliner about using non-lethal force only. While they have cashed several bounties they were always of the type that brought the HVT back alive, infiltrating the area with absolute stealth, taking out guards with sleeper darts, soporific gas grenades and other non-lethal stunning or disabling methods. Their skills at hand-to-hand combat lead some to suspect that Ghost has ties to the ninjas of Mokugakure, whereas their weapons are modern enough to be of the Empire. Are they a former ninja? An imperial SpecOps soldier gone rogue? Nobody knows.

Ghost has a variety of tools at their disposal:

-Camouflage. While it needs a while to set up they use the resources of their environment to merge into their surroundings almost completely.
-A special Dataverse device that allows them to read the bounty board with an untraceable signal. Many bounty hunters have one of these devices.
-A weapon that looks like a knife (“Phantom”), but has no sharp edges. Instead it is able to zap an opponent with a non-lethal electric discharge to stun them at melee range.
-A crossbow (“Spectre”) with sleeper darts for medium-range engagements, causing no sound.
-A silenced sniper rifle (“Wraith”) with sleeper bullets for high-range combat. This is Ghost’s signature weapon.
-Grenades with a gas that causes those who breathe it to fall asleep after a short while.
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-Survival (Undying) - 2000
-Shapeshifting (Undying) - 1400

-T2 Super Move: Grand Skyspear/Skyfall (oversized, sonic blast upon throw) (800 - 16.000 OM!)
-T2 Super Defense: Boulder Suplex

-Purple (Perseverance = Survival)
-Dark Blue (Integrity/Gravity) => Sans-type Telekinesis or increase gravity
-Light Blue (Patience)
-Green (Kindness = Defense) => Include Shield move
-Yellow (Justice) => Alphys Move post-approval
-Orange (Bravery) => How to include this?
-Red (Determination) = Survival Power
-White (Monster)

-Anime Sword (Katana? Zweihander?)

-Consider Assists(?)

-Stat Ups

-Purchase ASAP: T1 Power-Up: Undyne the Undying
  (Also available as Fluff Shapeshift without Power-Up component, as result of high damage)
-Purchase @ Level 5: T2 Power-Up: Seven Souls (Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White)

Secondaries: Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Dogamy/Dogaressa, Royal Guard NPCs, Asgore

-Tangled Green => Learn about human/nonhuman coexistence, clear cases of racism and discrimination => Reinforced in the belief that humans are bad.
-Ambrosia => Speak to Guu or other person in charge, offer temporary services as guard while searching for King Asgore

-Astral Verse => Flashbacks about meeting Frisk

-How to incorporate alternate reality Genocide run? Astral Verse flashback?

Image Link Dump
"(Note to self: insert quote & picture once I find stuff)"

Please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!

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