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Summer Murdoch

Name: Summer Murdoch
Spent OM: 20800
Proficiencies (5000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Area Attack (600), Area Shield (400), Buff (400), Debuff (1000)
Powers (4000/8000); Healing (3000), Basic Fusion (1000)
Moves (3600); Lightning Strike (600), Heavenly Bolt (300), Gust (300), Bullwhip (600), Body of Weather (300), Climate Change (300), High Pressure System (600), Summer's Heat (300), Healing Light (300)
Super Moves (2600); T1 Super Attack - Microburst (600), T1 Super Defense - High Pressure Shield (600), T1 Super Defense - Two Bodies, One Mind (600), T2 Super Attack - Snowsquall (800)
Transformations (2000); Alt Form - Sonny (2000)
Assists (0); 
Items; Communicator
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (600); Medigel x8 (400, Used), Communicator (200)
Bases (0); 
Unlocks (3000); Stat Increase I, II (3000)
Base stats (Sonny): 
ATK: 6 (0)
DEF: 1 (6)
SPD: 2 (0)
TEC: 3 (6)
[Image: ZpWQiiu.gif]

Pre-Omniverse History

There are few powers greater than that of human fear and belief. It is through intense faith, a devotion to something that can protect their crops, their homes, their families, that gods are born. Likewise, it is through pure terror that monsters are born, beings that stalk the night and sow discord, plucking children from their homes and releasing plagues upon the harvest. Summer Murdoch is among the latter. While the weather could bring great joy to people, with a mild winter staving off a chilly death, or the plentiful rains of spring kicking off the growing season, there was also an air of uncertainty to it. Just as calm, sunny days could make life nice, there was still every possibility that a typhoon could could sweep in from the sea, and wipe another village off that map. Something as simple as an early frost, brought on by temperatures just a bit too low, could mean the difference between life and death. 
And so every black cloud on the horizon, every sudden cold snap, brought worry to the hearts of humanity. Worry and terror, the forces of belief that eventually brought about the spirit of the weather, the monster who would eventually come to be known as Summer. In the early years of his birth, Summer was what could be described as your average monster. Mindless and angry, he hunted as the beasts did, preying upon the unfortunate and hapless humans that he stumbled across. Though he acted as they did, a monster is not a beast, housing a capability for growth that the lesser creatures do not have. As the years went by, Summer found himself less aimless in his rampaging. Storms would spring up, as if directed by some god's wrath, and a new settlement would be washed away. Those who witnessed it would believe the weather had a life of its own.
As years flew even further by, he all but lost his more monstrous traits. No longer would he wipe villages off the map on a whim, as that would deny him the very thing that sustained him, a constant source of fear. Like a light breeze, he'd slip into the cover of a village, playing the part of an amiable traveler. Intermingling with humans, sharing in their laughs and their reveling. Then, under the cover of night, he would swipe someone from the village. He would devour them, and terrorize the village for a few more nights, feeding off that delicious terror, and like a light breeze, he would vanish.
Yet with all the calming he went through, he was still as temperamental as the weather he embodied. With fits of anger, typhoons flared up, his happier days would bring about a calm, bright blue sky, and when someone wronged him in just the right way, he would be overtaken by a cold, calculating grudge, and another early frost would ruin the harvest.
The age of the Renaissance saw an explosion in Summer's power. The steady growth he had been seeing up to that point, natural for a spirit as he slowly found more efficient ways to use his power, suddenly became an exponential growth. His ability to draw on fear was what had improved, and with it, came untold amounts of energy. He grew arrogant, and attacked with more reckless abandon, confident in his ability to not be stopped. Arrogance precipitates comeuppance, and the spirit brought about his own downfall, having foolishly challenged a human bearing far more power than he could ever hope to have. Here he was split into two bodies sharing one mind. He no longer held full sway over the weather. The First Half, keeping his original name, could only create weather, conjuring up lightning, wind, and rain. The Second Half, bearing the name of Sonny, could only destroy it, returning everything to the blank slate of a clear sky. They each bear a different half of the original personality, bringing them eternal conflict in their attempts to work together. The First Half holds the temperament of a storm, while the Second Half holds the temperament of a sunny day.
With the arrival of Colonialism, humans booming out all over the world, laying claim to things that had probably already long been claimed, Summer found travel easier. They tried to remain unobtrusive, however, as there was no use in drawing attention to themselves. People wouldn't take notice if one person disappeared from one city. Often, they'd just assume that the disappeared had run off, possibly to elope with a forbidden love. Much to the chagrin of the Second Half, however, the First Half was perhaps too much like a storm. Lacking the level-head that the spirit of the clear sky had, he would rage much more on impulse, drawing unwanted attention.
The arrival of the Industrial Age also saw the creation of a faction, the Supernatural Watch Council. Self-appointed peacekeepers, they intended to maintain the balance between humans and the supernatural, and what better way to do that than by wiping out any monsters who get too noticeable? Now with eyes on them, the Second Half had to physically reign in the raging storm, else they would be terminated. With something as unruly as the First Half was though, it was only a matter of time before he screwed up. The First Half was targeted alone, there was no need to get his calm other half involved, and so he fought back. He fought tooth and claw against the elite hunters of the Council, who were armed with weapons specially made to kill him. He fought like a cornered rat, slimming their forces significantly, yet he couldn't kill them all. At the end of the line, with his powers nullified, facing the wrath of a god, the First Half took the final blow, and woke up in darkness. 
Two bodies, one mind. For all they've been through, the two are still one person, still two halves to the same whole. The First Half still feels tethered to his other half, but it doesn't feel like he's fully there. It's as if he's a consciousness tethered to an already-occupied body. Maybe the Second could create a new body to occupy, but with their power now connected, such a thing feels almost like it could be suicide. For now, the First is going to have to talk to himself.

Omniverse History

A Green Tinted Sky: Somerled wakes up in the Omniverse, and meets Aadibah and Connor Hound, who become temporary allies.

Finding Home: Lacking other options, Somerled agrees to help Connor Hound in his quest to find a home, before suddenly getting spirited away.

The Hero's Graveyard: Grabbed by the Spirit's power, Somerled agrees to try and help him, hoping to in turn find out something about his own split.

Spotless Blue Skies: Having failed in his quest, Somerled rises again in the Nexus, in a rage. Sonny takes over.

Indecisive Meatloaf: Sonny stumbles across Camelot, and uses this as his first step to try and figure out how to deal with the split.

A Swiftly Passing Storm: Somerled revives after a mysterious death, and is recruited to assist Doctor Regal in Dark Data

Humanity's Triumph and Putting Out the Call: The beginnings of the Dark Data Saga.

The Desert is Cold in the Dark: Endless Dunes Liberation. Somerled becomes Summer.


[Image: 5GDIJpZ.png]
Art Courtesy of Leonardo Watch

Neither half of Summer Murdoch is what one would think of as a "monster." He has no natural claws or spikes, no demonic aura, or really anything that one could point at and say "look, that's the sign of a monster." Rather, he takes on an incredibly ordinary appearance, that of a normal Japanese man, about in his early 20s. Standing at around 5'8" and with a rather weak-looking build, he isn't immediately intimidating. He carries himself with a boundless confidence in spite of this stature, one of the only clues that he isn't what he seems to be. The other would be his eyes, colored with a dark gray/green reminiscent of storm on the horizon, and always carrying an inhuman gaze to them. As far as clothing is concerned, he prefers to wear whatever helps him blend in with the culture he's visiting. Due to their shared body, both halves tend to share outfits, though should it be an option, Sonny prefers brighter clothing, while Summer prefers grays. 

Due to a recent visit to Coruscant, his outfit currently consists of a neutral grey button-up shirt tucked into a black pair of jeans, a dark grey fall coat over that, open and reaching to his thighs, and a pair of dark brown boots. He used to have a cap and scarf, but they were lost somewhere in the Dunes.

Another side effect of their shared body is that both halves look almost exactly the same, with their hair being the only tell-tale difference between the two. If you were to shave them, or cover their hair somehow, distinguishing between the two would be all but impossible. Sonny's hair is blonde, kept that way due to a light-manipulating spell, and is a bit on the shorter side, while Summer's is an unkempt mess of black hair, always looking like the wind had its way with it.

Fused Appearance

[Image: UiGb1Rh.jpg]

Stormy Night: The fusion of Ebony and Summer. Notably, it looks just like Ebony, except more storm-flavored, since it's Summer possessing Ebony's body rather than a proper, body-merge fusion. Her outfit is a bit grayer, and her cloak rolls and flows as though it were made of storm clouds themselves. Small flashes of lightning can be seen streaking through it. Though it looks wispy and ethereal, the cloak does still have its normal weight to it and moves as such.

Sonny/Eb Fusion to be announced.


Summer: The First Half, the spirit of storms, truly embodies the nature of raging weather. Temperamental even at the best of times, how he'll react to any given situation is a shot in the dark. Like a squall sweeping in from sea, he'll get fired up quickly and suddenly over seemingly the most innocuous of things, and there’s no telling how long he’ll hold this sudden interest for. Sometimes it’ll pass in a few hours before simply disappearing, and other times it will last for days or even weeks, only subsiding once his interest has been sated. One thing that remains consistent, however, is just how energetic and wild he gets. Once he gets moving, there's no slowing him down. He rages forward like a storm, pushing aside everything in his path until he wears himself out. Despite how monstrous and wild he is though, he is a straightforward and honorable spirit. He keeps his word, allies are forever, and betrayal is not taken lightly.
Outside of being the spirit of storms, Summer is, and likely always will be, a monster. He thrives off of the fear mankind feels towards him, and due to this, he will perhaps always see them as a food source rather than friends. There is no animosity here, however, only apathy. Much like how a raging tornado cares not for the unfortunate life in its way, Summer has no strong feelings about mankind. They are simply his food. And since he needs fear to live, this has lead to a cruel streak a mile wide.

Sonny: Much like how the First Half embodies storms, the Second Half lives up to his existence as the spirit of the clear skies. Bright, cheerful, and holding an almost infinite patience, he is everything his other half isn't. Though it does make him extremely level-headed, it also makes him desire stability above all else. He tries to avoid doing things that would harm the status-quo, and he often strays away from things that might be seen as riskier. Do not mistake his desire for something like hesitancy or passivity, however. He acts with a very firm hand, forcing those around him to slow down, take a breather, and figure things out calmly. Thanks to how thorough he is, he also happens to be very good at twisting means and using tricky wording to get his way while still staying "true to his word." Just as honorable as his other half on the surface, but when you look deeper, you'll see he's actually quite deceptive.
This temperament has also benefited Sonny greatly when it comes to his monstrous nature. Though he too can feed off the terror that man feels, he knows there is more to humanity than the sustenance they provide. There is a lot to expect from a species that conquered the planet, after all. Being a spirit, it is still in his nature to look down on man, but this is something he has mostly overcome.

Fighting Style

Summer: Lacking natural defenses and resiliency that other spirits and monsters may have, Summer instead excels at defense through offense. He beats down people with the strength and intensity of lightning, unleashing everything's he's got and trying to make them fall before he does. He isn't afraid of harming himself in his assaults, so long as it means he harms his opponent even more, and he will even allow attacks to hit him if it allows him to hit back even harder. That's not to say his fighting is mindless, however. Every risk he takes is calculated. If opening himself up to an attack would do more harm to him than he could do to the enemy with the counter, he won't open himself up.

Sonny: On the other end of the spectrum is the spirit of the sun. Sonny's power over dispersion doesn't allow him to be as proactive as his other half. Where Summer can wail on an enemy and try to blitz them down with overwhelming power, Sonny must take a much more reactive approach. He uses his incredible defense to his advantage, and will leverage his natural repulsion in order to wear down the enemy over time, and simply try to outlast them. Though he is a bit too passive in fights, and often simply doesn't have the damage or motivation to take down someone on his own. Thus, he excels when he has allies. He likes to get right up in people's faces, force them to fight him, and let his allies harass and strike from the sides. This allows him to take all those attacks himself and shrug them off through his sheer resiliency, keeping his allies unharmed while quickly wearing down his enemies.
As a side note, Sonny will almost never start fights. He's far too passive and will try to talk out of it as much as he can, only giving up and fighting once his enemy has swung.


Both Summer and Sonny are capable of manipulating their own body temperature to a degree, but only in one direction. 
Sonny's capable of shifting his body temperature up, and since he's a sun spirit, his resting temperature is a few degrees warmer than normal. Nice for cuddling during winter.
Summer's capable of shifting his temperature down. Since he's associated with winter, spring, rain, and various other things that tend to be cold, his resting temperature is a few degrees cooler than normal, though he's capable of dropping it down much, much more. He makes a nice ice-pack. Not that he lets you know about that little ability, however.

I change avatars based upon who is the active half. If Summer's the one in control, the avatar will feature him. Same goes for Sonny. That's an easy way to tell who you're responding to when writing around him.
[Image: ZpWQiiu.gif]

Attack (6): Summer emphasizes pure power above all else. There is no better way to see this than in the storms he brings; devastating forces of nature that destroy everything around him. This doesn't just show in his spells however, Summer himself is a powerhouse, boasting overwhelming physical strength that few can outmatch. He's not afraid to use brute force to solve a problem or take down a person, even before he's tried other things.

Defense (1): Of course, in his quest for even more power, he often neglects other things. Despite claiming to be superior to man, he is just as squishy as them. Where other monsters and nightmares would survive through tough defenses, incredible resilience, or just pure determination, Summer has survived through killing his opponent before they killed him. Unsurprisingly, this means he absolutely sucks when it comes to long, drawn-out battles and attrition.

Speed (2): Though Summer does wield powerful, lightning-quick spells, he himself is not all that fast. His maximum running speed is rather low, as he can only move as fast as his bipedal gait can take him, with a little help from the wind. He doesn't really see this as an issue, however. Why should he need to keep up with faster people when his storms are already all-consuming.

Technique (3): Summer is an ageless monster, and has lived through countless events and periods of human history. When you live so long, you often need things to fill the gaps, and there's nothing better to fill the gaps with than learning. Summer may be rather set in his ways and technophobic, but he is incredibly bright, and as is fitting for a monster, he's seen his fair share of battles. Outsmarting him in combat is difficult, though it can be done.

Attack (0): Sonny is almost, but not quite pacifistic by nature. Due to the endless Council meddling that sprung up late on his life, he took on a strict "defense only" stance in order to protect his own hide. He rarely resorts to brute strength to get things done, and when he does, he doesn't hit all that hard. There are other ways to get through fights, and he will try those other ways before he starts hitting back.

Defense (6): Defense is Sonny's specialty. The half of their split power he got was the power to destroy and disperse weather, returning everything to the clean slate of a clear sky. With his many decades of practice and study, he's managed to spread that dispersing ability to other forms of magic and energy. He's passively enveloped in a lightly glowing aura that disperses and softens blows coming his way. While his skin may only be as tough as a human's with this aura, anyone attacking him is going to have a very tough time actually hitting him with enough force to strike to do major harm.

Speed (0): While Summer may not boast incredibly speed for a lightning-wielding spirit, Sonny boasts even less speed. He tends to meander through life and battle, rarely moving faster than a brisk walk. This is a simple side-effect of his cautious and deliberate nature. If he moves slowly and patiently, he needn't worry about rushing forward.

Technique (6): Sonny boasts an absolutely brilliant mind. While there are times he may be a bit too slow to act, every move he makes is calculated, measured. Couple that with a natural fighting instinct that hasn't waned over his years of pacifism and you have the recipe for an absolute monster in hand-to-hand combat, and a devastating marksman at range.


As nature spirit, and the living incarnation of the weather, Summer is capable of repairing his body on the fly through the natural magic flowing through the air itself. On its own, this natural regen isn't extremely powerful, but with some extra effort put in (SP), he's capable of repairing wounds fairly quickly, and he even knows a few spells that let him heal up damage as it comes. This, of course, applies to Sonny as well, though due to his defensive specialization, he's much better at it. He also is capable of directing this healing towards other people, an ability that Summer lacks.

Given his split nature, and how the spell cursing him holds his very being apart and prevents him from merging back into one, Fusion shouldn't be something Summer is capable of. Indeed, it really isn't something he's capable of. Except in one, exceedingly rare circumstance. During the events proceeding the Dark Data Steppes Liberation, Ebony's magic went out of control and, in an effort to contain it, Summer's body was torn apart, and his consciousness planted into hers, rendering them permanently fused, for now (See Ebony's "Eclipse" move).
It should be noted that, at the moment, they aren't fully used to this arrangement. They can't hear each other thinking and must communicate through speaking aloud (much like Summer and Sonny do normally). They can, however, feel each other's main emotions, and are influenced thusly. Additionally, since they aren't used to inhabiting the same body, occasionally they accidentally interfere with each other when they try to move about. It's a learning experience, really.

Name (Proficiencies) (Cost) (Usable by):

Lightning Strike (Physical, Ranged, Area Attack, Debuff) (600) (Summer): 
Summer channels the pure power of a lightning strike through his body, gathering up huge amounts of electrical charge with a channel he can move around during, but can’t attack, before unleashing it in one of two powerful ways.
The first way takes the form of a physical blow of some sort, whether it be a punch, kick, or even headbutt if he’s feeling particularly cheeky/suicidal. He channels the charge he’s gathered (a 3 second charge) through a single limb of his choice and unleashing a devastating blow towards the enemy, moving at the speed of lightning and hitting with such force that any enemy struck is thrown off their feet and back a fair few meters. Additionally, anyone within a meter of the strike is blinded and deafened for about a second, even Summer. Such power comes with a cost, however. A successful strike fractures, if not outright breaks the relevant limb (a punch would break his hand, a kick would break his foot/leg depending on how he hit, etc). He can continue using this move even as breaks accumulate, but if left untreated, he will lose the limb (which usually takes about 4 strikes). This version is very easy to use, his only limiting factor is the amount of damage he can take before suffering from an unplanned amputation.

In the second version, Summer channels the charge he’s gathered (a 10 second charge), through one of his arms, and unleashes a bolt of pure lightning at an enemy. It’s only accurate up to 20 meters per Summer’s TEC, any further than that and it begins to arc far too erratically to reliably hit. Any object caught in its path will stop the bolt before its intended target, but unless it’s more durable than wood, it’ll be blasted to pieces in the process. People are saved from this fate, and the bolt pierces through them instead of blasting them apart, before continuing on in the direction it was travelling. This means it can hit multiple people, and should it, the strength of the bolt is divided evenly amongst everyone. If it hits a person, then an object, the person receives full damage as normal while the object is obliterated as normal.
The bolt proper measures about an inch in diameter and strikes with an absolutely catastrophic force, hurling anyone struck clear off their feet and back a good dozen or so meters, and also inflicting them with a 5 second disorientation, and a blindness and deafness that lasts half as long. Other caught within 5 meters of the blast are also afflicted with the blindness and deafness. Due to the sheer amount of power behind this attack, it’s incredibly draining to use, and Summer often doesn’t have the energy to use it more than thrice in a fight.

Additionally, both aspects of this move inflict painful lightning burns onto the relevant limb, numbing it, damaging it, and making it more and more difficult to use. After 3 uses without proper healing, his limbs are left entirely numb and completely useless. All wounds caused by both moves can be fixed with enough healing/regen.

RP Notes: When charging this attack, Summer's hair begins to rise vaguely upwards, as does his target's (though this doesn't mean he can't change targets/miss)

Heavenly Bolt (Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack, Debuff) (300) (Summer): 
The wrath of the heavens themselves given physical form. Over the course of 5 seconds (a time during which he must remain totally still and cannot attack or be attacked), Summer forces a charge into the sky above, readying a devastating lightning bolt. With a snap of his fingers for added flair, he calls down a single, powerful strike, aiming for a target location of his choice within 50 meters. Since it's a totally natural lightning event, it, of course, carries all the tremendous power that lightning normally carries. This one-inch thick bolt of pure electricity tears down erratically from the heavens themselves, piercing through everyone and everything in its path, destroying every object and obstacle that it rips through. Of course, Prime-created shields that are equal to or stronger than this terrifying bolt will stop it in its path, but anything less merely weakens it on its inexorable journey to the ground.
Since it is a bonafide lightning strike, it’s impossible to reliably aim. While the bolt itself houses catastrophic strength, it will almost never hit what Summer intends it to, instead slamming down somewhere randomly within 10 meters of his target. (In the context of RP, this means it will never hit someone directly unless they're too big to miss). Due to this, he relies on its secondary effects instead. Anyone that the bolt itself passes within 6 meters of (whether that was when it touched down or if it passed by someone flying) is struck by a thunderous, concussive shockwave, throwing them clear off their feet and dazing them for 5 seconds. Anyone (including himself) within 20 meters is blinded by the flash and deafened by the blast, both also lasting 5 seconds.
Gathering up a charge in the sky as quickly as he does, regardless of the weather, is a lot more energy-intensive than simply gathering up charge within his body, especially for a strike as powerful as this is, leaving Summer completely and utterly exhausted after use, on the verge of collapsing then and there. Additionally, since it comes down from the sky, it can only be used in places where his view of the sky isn't blocked.

RP Notes: While being charged, this attack causes the hair of everyone within range to rise vaguely up, in typical pre-lightning manner: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/07/3...34x728.jpg

Gust (Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack) (300) (Summer): 
Summer channels the power of the wind over the course of a quick second (during which he can move but can’t attack), calling up a short, powerful gust at the location of his choice (within 30 meters of him) and in the direction of his choice (this can be either vertical or horizontal. He could push someone back with a straight-line gust, or knock someone off their feet with an updraft, etc). This roughly cylindrical burst of wind measures about 2 meters in diameter and blows over an area about 5 meters long at approximately 45 m/s, lasting for an instant before dying out. Anyone and anything that is caught within this gust (including himself) is shoved in the direction of the wind, pushed with a force as though Summer had pushed them directly, making it dependent on his ATK vs their DEF. Occasionally, multiple people can be caught within the gust, in which case the force is divided evenly amongst everyone. A simple application of wind. It takes little energy outright, but gets more energy intensive the further he summons it. When used up close, he can use it frequently, but must be sparing in its uses at 15 meters and more out.

Bullwhip (Physical) (600) (Both): 
A recreation of the weapon given to Summer during the Hero's Graveyard. It is a 10 foot long, 12 plait, kangaroo hide whip. While not one of the strongest weapons out there, with a well-aimed hit, it’s capable of wrapping around an object or person, allowing the wielder to drag it to them, or vice-versa. His ATK needs to be higher than the enemy's in order to drag them in, and at least twice as high for him to do it easily. For some unknown reason, it plays the theme song to "Indiana Jones" whenever it's cracked.

Body of Weather (Advanced Regen) (300) (Both): 
Summer or Sonny begin to pull from the very same power that makes up their body, that found in the very weather all around them, greatly overdriving their natural regenerative ability. For as long as he's able to maintain this constant draw from nature itself, all wounds he would accrue are healed instantly, letting him keep fighting at peak performance even as injuries should begin to pile up. Since this is basically second nature to him, he can use it as easily as he can breathe, allowing him to fight, take hits, charge moves and powers, etc. Basically, he can start it, stop it, and maintain it whenever wants to, and fight unhindered as he does.
Such resilience is fleeting, however, and he cannot borrow power without paying it back. As wounds would accumulate, the energy it takes to maintain this ability grows rapidly, and the moment he's unable to maintain it anymore (either through wearing out or choosing to stop), the natural order reclaims its power. The weather itself (whether it's mist, light, snow, rain, wind, etc.) explodes out from his body and all the wounds that he suppressed through this regeneration reappear on him simultaneously. While he can hold back small wounds for minutes at a time before wearing out completely, the larger the wounds get, the more rapidly it tires him. Huge injuries like broken bones, deep slashes, and missing limbs can only be maintained for mere seconds before exhausting him, so even though he can fight less cautiously, he must still be wary, lest he tire himself out too quickly.

Spirit of the Weather (Ranged, Materialize, Area Attack) (Fodder) (Both): 
Summer and Sonny are the weather itself given life; the very breath of the sky above. When the weather shifts, it is by their will, their discretion. Passively, using the very energy of nature around them, they can enact changes to the weather. While in their old world, this power was monumental, allowing them to conjure up or dispel even the strongest storms, that isn’t the case anymore. In the Omniverse, their reach isn’t as all-consuming, their will isn’t as indomitable. Rather, without the use of dedicated moves/supers, their influence is quite weak.

Summer, for example, can only conjure up weak winds, enough to be noticed, but not enough to push. Or he could fill the sky above with clouds, though not ominous black supercells. Only up to dark, low-flying stratus clouds and a weak precipitation. A drizzling rain, a weak snowfall, a light haze, that sort of thing. Without a dedicated move, he also can’t summon this in mismatched places. No snow on a tropical beach, no rain in a frozen tundra, etc. Those attuned to nature will note that all changes feel natural, as though it was the will of the weather itself because it is the weather’s will.

Sonny, on the other hand, is able to passively drive away weaker weather. Without a dedicated move, at most, he’s capable of clearing away clouds (but not storm clouds), stopping light precipitation, lowering humidity, marginally increasing temperature, etc. Just in general making the day a little bit brighter. As with his other half, all these changes don’t feel out of the ordinary to someone attuned to nature.

In both cases, these changes happen over a wide local area, because it is shifting the weather itself. This, of course, means that it takes a long time for the full effects. A breeze or a little temperature adjustment can happen within seconds to minutes, but full-on conjuring up or dispersing clouds/precipitation can take the better part of an hour. Since it’s simply the will of the weather, both of them can passively do such things even while concentrating on something else, and sometimes it can even happen unconsciously, reacting to their surging emotions. Of course, these mild weather changes have no effect on a fight. Winds aren’t strong enough to hinder, fog isn’t dense enough to obscure, a heatwave isn’t hot enough to cause heatstroke, the sun isn’t bright enough to burn, and so on and so forth. Additionally, this ability of theirs can't be used to counter actual moves. A wind move can't be redirected or stopped, a smoke move can't be blown away, etc.

Climate Change (300) (Both):
While it isn’t the easiest thing to do, given their clashing personalities, there are times when Summer and Sonny are capable of working in tandem. This is perhaps one of the more achievable things they’re capable of when they feel cooperative; a quick switch between the two. All it takes is a quick, verbal acknowledgement between the two that it’s going to happen sometime soon, and when they’re ready, they both throw their full energy and concentration into switching out, quickly deconstructing and reconstructing their body near-instantly. Shifting so quickly takes effort, however; more effort the lower their SPD is (as with higher SPDs, they can switch out quickly anyway). With SPDs of around 0, this move is massively tiring. It completely wears them out after just a few uses, and each use leaves them out of breath, forcing them use it incredibly sparingly. At SPDs close to 10, the drain becomes incredibly light, and of course, 5/6 is about the halfway point. Since it requires their full concentration and energy to switch out almost instantly like this, they cannot use any moves alongside it. Charging is interrupted and flat-out prevented.

High Pressure System(Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Shield, Buff) (600) (Sonny):
As the same spirit of weather that his other half is, Sonny isn’t any sturdier than Summer. His resilience instead comes from the half of their split power he was left with, dispersion and destruction. He is naturally enveloped in a warm, glowing aura that softens oncoming blows (this is simply represented through his DEF, just being a fancy way to describe it.) This aura can be channeled even further, however, granting him something a bit tougher than his standard defense. By slightly increasing the strength of his aura over the course of 5 seconds, a process he must remain totally still for, it becomes just powerful enough to deflect attacks that would otherwise have been glancing blows, allowing him to take less needless damage. However, this doesn’t affect direct hits in the least. If it hits him straight on, he’s still taking the full force of it. This increased defense, though not incredibly taxing to maintain, is something he’s only capable of sustaining it for around a minute at a time, and leaves him unable to use other magic while he is concentrating on it. He is, however, able to move about, strike, and defend freely during this time, only his spell use is hindered.

Alternatively, he’s capable of granting this aura to an ally for a short time. Sonny concentrates for 10 seconds, slowly enveloping a chosen ally within 10 meters of him in a self-sustaining, miniaturized high pressure system. Both of them must remain still for this to work. This system looks and acts exactly like his own natural dispersion aura, being a defense that works through deflecting glancing damage and keeping needless hurt down, while doing nothing to direct hits. Despite being a boon, the spell is crafted more like a curse, as it feeds off the energy of the person it is attached to rather than Sonny’s energy, though it drains their energy at twice the rate, only allowing them to maintain it for about half a minute. There is a slight tweak to the curse-like nature of the spell which allows the shielded person to break it when they want, however, preventing him from wearing out allies too much, but also preventing him from placing it on an enemy and drain their energy without a fight. However, unlike Sonny's own version, which he must maintain, this version of the aura is a passive spell, and allies who are granted it aren't hindered, being able to fight, use spells and powers, and in general do everything they could do as if they didn't have it.

Summer's Heat (Physical, Debuff, Area Attack) (300) (Sonny): 
A nonlethal, but still dangerous method of fighting that Sonny uses to wear people out. Over the course of 5 seconds, he channels the heat of summer through his body, setting a spell to maintain that power by itself, before he’s able to move around and fight once again, now with a weapon at his disposal. This spell lasts indefinitely, but he is unable to use any other attacks or moves while it's active, even Supers (though he can still power-up). Sonny’s body is infused with solar heat, and every movement is followed and surrounded by a burst of extraordinarily hot air, blowing no more than a few inches away from him and only lasting for about half a second before it mixes with the surrounding air. Each brush against him and each gust felt induces slight heatstroke in the victim, mildly sapping their energy. The strength of this move, how much energy it drains, is dependent upon his ATK and their DEF, but is always efficient. It always wears out the enemy more than him, though not always by much.

Healing Light (Healing, Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Defense, Buff) (300) (Sonny): 
Sonny bends the skies to his whim, breaking up any cloud formations just enough to make way for a beam of light to pierce through it, but not changing the weather drastically. By staying still and maintaining his concentration, he can train this beam of light on any ally within 30 meters of him that he can see, applying healing magic to them so long as he can keep the light on them. Since it requires his utmost concentration, the healing effect is about twice as strong as natural regen would be, and is based of off Sonny's DEF making it a bit stronger, but it’s still far too weak to really swing a fight. Rather, the strength in this move lies in that those under the effects feel no pain, and their abilities cannot be interrupted. He can track an ally so long as they do not move too quickly or erratically (He can track SPDs equal to or lower than his TEC), and he can maintain this spell for minutes at a time due to the low energy requirement. It does, however, require him to stand perfectly still, making him a sitting duck, and prevents him from using other moves. The effects of the light cease the moment he stops concentrating.

Super Moves

T1 Super Attack: Microburst (Area Attack, Ranged, Ranged Materialize) (600) (Summer): 
The weather itself begins to bend to the will of Summer, as he calls upon his power as the spirit of storms. He passively charges over the course of thirty seconds, able to move freely during this time but unable to attack, all the while dark clouds swiftly gather overhead, pushing out whatever weather had been there previously. Wind blasts down from the heavens, in a column roughly 15 meters in diameter centered on Summer, pulling the clouds and rain themselves down with it, and tearing those who are flying out of the sky. Upon contact with the ground, this downburst becomes an outburst, the wind rushing outwards 25 meters, covering an area of up to 40 meters from Summer in all directions. Raging out at 80 m/s, these gusts easily throw aside anyone caught within them, along with just about anything not nailed down. The wind itself doesn’t do any damage outright, rather, it’s everything the wind tosses about that does the bulk of the harm. A weak rainstorm is left in the wake of this attack, which passes naturally after it runs its course, however many hours that may take. Can not be used in places where the skies are blocked, such as buildings or caves.

T1 Super Defense: High Pressure Shield (Area Defense, Ranged, Ranged Materialize) (600) (Sonny): 
By concentrating the very same dispersive forces that envelop him, Sonny is able to create an incredibly compact and resilient high-pressure system. Over the course of about four seconds, Sonny concentrates, coalescing his repulsive magic around either himself or an ally within 30 meters of him, and creating a warm, glowing translucent bubble just large enough to completely cover whoever is being defended, but can only get up to 12 feet in diameter. This bubble lasts for up to ten seconds, or until a T1 Super worth of damage has been mitigated, deflecting glancing attacks and greatly diminishing the strength of direct attacks, like his own aura naturally does.

T1 Super Defense: Two Bodies, One Mind (Alt Form, Area Shield) (600) (Both): 
A move that allows for both a defense and a swap. In the face of an oncoming attack, either Summer or Sonny, depending upon who is the dominant half, relinquishes their permanence and grants the other half a large amount of magic. The now temporary body then acts as a decoy, taking the blow while the dominant half manifests in the new, permanent body, safely on the other side of the old over the course of five seconds. Once a T1 super worth of damage has been sustained, the non-dominant body fizzles away and the consciousness resides in their shared body once again. This move forces a form change, swapping Summer with Sonny and vice-versa.

T2 Super Attack: Snowsquall (Area Attack) (800) (Summer): 
Summer calls upon his power as the spirit of winter storms, and after 5 seconds of concentration, he kicks the winds into motion and forces the temperature to plummet. Frozen winds whirl out in a powerful, 5-second maelstrom of wind, ice, and snow, swiftly freezing everything caught within 30 meters of him. A fresh coating of frost, an unseasonable chill, and a light snowfall are left in the wake of this attack. This is simply a weather effect and though it may last for a while (however many hours it takes for it to warm up again), it doesn't have any effect on the fight. Unlike most of his weather attacks, this one doesn’t require him to be outside, though since the winds can’t pierce shelter, if he’s inside a building, the area outside is left untouched (or vice-versa if he's outside one). Additionally, there is a small safe spot right up in Summer’s personal space that he can use to protect up to one ally from the wintry winds, provided they don’t have any qualms with being hugged.

Transformations & Assists

Sonny (Alternate Form) (2000): Summer and Sonny swap out, changing who is in control of their shared body. This can be done in one of two ways. With full cooperation from both of them, they simply overwrite Summer’s form with Sonny’s or vice-versa, dissolving one and using the power to reconstruct the other. Or it can be done should one half stubbornly refuse, by materializing the second body and forcing the first to disperse. This takes twice as long, however, uses up much more energy than a cooperative change, and prevents form changing until the stubborn one calms down.
Sonny Stats:
ATK: 0
DEF: 6
SPD: 0
TEC: 6
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