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Name: Cirno
Spent OM: 12400
Proficiencies (2600); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Melee proficiency (1000)
Powers (4200/8000); Flight (1800), Master Acrobat (400), Basic Fusion (1000), Symbiosis (1000)
Moves (900); “Icicle Attack” (300), Icicle Bomb (300), Ice cubes "great crusher" (300)
Super Moves (600); Ice Sign “Icicle Fall” (600)
Transformations (2000); Yuki-onna cirno
Assists (0);
Items (200); communicator
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (-150); Bounty from Warren (-200) Link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=9743, Sold MMD (50 Om consumed)
Bases (1000); The misty lake (Camelot base)
Unlocks (0);
Base stats [alternate form]:
ATK: 2 [4]
DEF: 2 [4]
SPD: 5 [1]
TEC: 2 [2]

Super Moves:
Ice Sign "Icicle Fall" (tier one super offensive) (600)

She stops moving and thrusts her hands outwards infront of her body creating a bunch of ice shards the size of a .416 barrett bullet. The shards move at a speed of a man running. And they split off in two directions (giving her notorious blind spot right down the middle). She becomes fairly exhausted (like running a bit.) and she has to keep her concentration at half since she is flying. (the area this covers is about fifteen feet, and the angle between them is about 20 degrees)

"Icicle Attack" (300) (requires ranged proficiency)
Cirno can create a single foot ball (American) sized icicle in each hand (to fire she has to put her hand/hands out wards and they will fire in that direction). The time it takes for this to make is about a second and they fly at the speed of a bullet. There is no actual ammo limit except if she becomes too exhausted. (the exhaustion and concentration are both like firing a gun.) The damage out  put is more like someone scratching you with a fairly old knife (not that sharp but can still harm). The effective range is about 15 feet. It can be used while on the ground or in flight. It can not be used with other moves.

Icicle Bomb (300) (requires ranged proficiency, area attack)
Cirno will hold both hands together for a max of five seconds (she has to wait the whole five seconds before letting it go or it resets.) using half of her concentration to create a bowling ball sized "bomb" its quite exhausting like running a marathon. The bomb will explode two seconds after leaving her hands hitting a area of fifteen feet in diameter. It sprays said area with small ice shards cutting and giving off a slight cold aura (aura is fodder right now). It moves at a speed of a man running, can be used while in motion with less accuracy. It can not be used with other moves since her hands are full.

Ice cubes "great crusher" (300) (requires melee proficiency)
Cirno spends ten seconds at the exhaustion of something akin to stretching (she can not move while making the ice weapon), to create a ten pound, two handed hammer. Hammer head is five inches in diameter and the staff holding the head is 3.5 feet tall and a inch in diameter. She can weld it with ease though to swing it requires both hands so she can't use most of her moves. It is strong enough to shatter a red wood in the red wood forest in two. It can take a beating though she usually drops it after a few attacks (five at the max.), melts after a minute. The energy usage is roughly that of a person pushing a 100 pound boulder (this is for all five swings). She calls her hammer Hyōki or ice age. The hammer is unwieldy due to how the hammer is made and how its build, its not unusable but it is something that requires a commitment to any attack in full

Alternate forms/power ups:
[b]Yuki-onna "Cirno" (2000) (alternate form)
Cirno becomes five foot tall even her hair grows past her shoulders retaining its ice blue color. Her dress becomes longer with a scarf accompanying it. She loses her ice wings and her "immortality" that she normally has. She ages slowly and is what someone who kept fairly fit in there 20's and thirty's would look like. Her mental state is of one in there twenty's and thirty's. (she is a mix of the two photo's)

[Image: Cirno-nee.full.131800.jpg][Image: adult-cirno.png]

Her personality becomes less cheerful and kind, she is aggressive to a point of protecting herself against heat due to becoming a "Yuki-onna". In all actuality she becomes the Youkai of ice age's its just that she is close enough to being a yuki-onna to be placed in there species.

Atk: 4
Def: 4
Spd: 1
Tec: 2
[Image: cirno-is-genius.jpg]

Ranged proficiency
Area attack
Melee proficiency
Starting Powers:

Master acrobat

Mobile Dataverse device
[Image: cirno-is-genius.jpg]

Her personality is quite self centered, idiotic, and one track minded. She will say she is the strongest, and among fairys she has incredible power (not saying much.) She does know how to read and do fairly basic math (rounding, multiplying, division, etc.) she enjoys freezing frogs in her free-time though she shatters about one in every three. This has caused her to be eaten by a giant frog because the frog god (yes there is one) grew angry at her.

She sold shaved ice at a stand and actually sold water flavored shaved ice and it sold terrible. She is at least 60 years old and has beaten the likes of Reimu, marissa and a few others. She has a rivalry and friendship with other fairys. (clownpiece and her have history fighting and being friends as fairy's are going to do.)

Pre-omniverse history: Cirno was created when the first ice age happened some 2 billion years ago. She lived and died like any normal fairy becoming a new verison of herself once a new ice age happened. Fast forward to about the 1500's when England started to lose its fairy's Cirno was slightly worried about the fate of the others specially big sister a fairy who was like a older sister to her. soon its the 1900's and cirno is in France WW1 is happening and she is making her way to the trench's. She makes it past the trenches somehow before heading into Soviet Russia. She finds a peaceful life there for a few years before the second World war breaks out. She joins the military as a officer she started the harsh winter when Germany invaded the motherland being one of the major reasons they turned back. She was Gapped right after Germany surrenders Berlin ending the war in Europe. Years pass before she is summoned by Omni from Gensokyo to the Omniverse.

Omniverse history:
Cirno and Clownpiece decide to head to DA to mess over there they meet a couple of friends.
[Image: cirno-is-genius.jpg]

Appearance and other info.
Height: She is one of the smallest characters around in the Touhou project series.
age: over 60 (since one of the games state she has seen a problem like that 60 years ago.)
[Image: 900861-cirno_24.jpg][Image: mig?src=http%3A%2F%2Fimgcc.naver.jp%2Fka...t=jpg&op=r]

Her non serious battle theme: Tomboyish girl in love

Serious battle theme: Beloved Tomboyish girl

Normal theme: Adventures of the Lovestruck Tomboy

[Image: cirno-is-genius.jpg]

Clownpiece: She is quite a close friend of mine though we are also rivals - 8
Dane: Dane was quite helpful in the fight I did with him and he is a pretty good friend - 6
Daiyousei: My best friend and companion she was the brains and I was the brawn of the group - 9
Yuuka Kazami: She is a nice person and she is teaching me how to be even stronger! - 7
[Image: cirno-is-genius.jpg]

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