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Sterling Archer

Name: Sterling Archer
Spent OM: 8700
Consumed OM (300); (Items)

Proficiencies (2000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Powers (2900/8000); Foresight (1500), Enhanced Senses [Basic] (1400)

Moves (900); Walther PPK/S (300), MP 40 Submachine Gun (300), Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun (300)

Super Moves (600); RPG-7 [Tier-1 Offensive Super Move] (600)

Transformations (1000); RAMPAGE! [Tier-1 Power-Up] (1000)

Assists (0);

Items; Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Artefacts: None

Bases (0);
Unlocks (1000); Stat Increase I (1000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4
[Image: sterling-archer.jpg]

[Image: s79YyiA.jpg]
Full Name: Sterling Malory Archer (usually just goes by Archer)
Codename: Duchess

Age: 37
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'2" (~183 cm)
Weight: 183 lbs (~83 kg)

Archer is a Caucasian male standing approximately six-feet-two-inches, with clear blue eyes and thick, black hair combed in a short, neat side part. He is strikingly handsome with an excellent bone structure: prominent cheek bones, a strong jaw, and butt chin. He keeps himself in top physical shape, lean and muscular despite his extreme and rampant substance abuse. Sterling is obsessed with personal style and appearance, insisting on wearing handmade bespoke suits while in the field, along with polished black loafers. When he is sent undercover he prefers to don a black long-sleeve turtleneck in lieu of his suit, claiming to have started the trend himself. Archer speaks with a deep, deadpan monotone the majority of the time, except in times of strong emotion.

To put it simply, Sterling is an egotistical, insensitive, arrogant, sexist, racist narcissist with little to no concern for others. He is an alcoholic womanizer who regularly endangers those around him for his own benefit. He is typically very charismatic and suave in initial conversation, though anyone who speaks with him for longer than a few moments will begin to see the breadth of his negative characteristics. Despite this, he is undeniably skilled in many fields and disciplines, making him an asset in a multitude of situations. Spurred by this dangerous combination of attributes, Archer takes charge in any situation, often insisting on a borderline childish desire to be the leader of whatever group of which he is a part and going as far as to completely ignore and contradict any recommendation or command from his peers. By all accounts, Archer is a “huge gaping asshole”.

Abilities & Combat Style:
For all of his shortcomings, it cannot be denied that Archer is qualified and lives up to his title as the “World’s Most Dangerous Secret Agent”. He is a master of numerous melee weapons, firearms, demolitions, hand-to-hand combat, escape car driving, infiltration, and archery, among others. As an ISIS field agent, he is trained in Krav Maga by an ex-Mossad operative, employing primarily this fighting style when in close-quarters, though he is known to employ boxing or MMA on occasion. A dangerous loose-cannon, he is known to dive into situations half-cocked and with no real plan. Despite his lack of planning, he has exceptional situational awareness, often able to pick up on foes hiding behind cover and reacting to threats on instinct. He is also known for his encyclopedic knowledge of firearms (and other arguable useless subjects), counting the rounds fired and using these reload times to his advantage.


Walther PPK/S (Ranged Proficiency; 300 OM)
[Image: bc4809ff-d6da-4231-a192-ec667e7373b2_zps7de537b8.jpg]
Archer’s service firearm and his preferred method of attack in most instances. Chambered for .32 ACP rounds with a maximum capacity of 8 rounds per magazine, it is far from his most damaging weapon. Despite this, his expertise with the pistol makes him a crack shot, boasting needlepoint accuracy even in the midst of combat and while moving. Archer can fire at a maximum effective range of 50 meters, with shots moving the speed of the average .9 millimeter round and with a fire rate of up to 2 rounds per second if he intends to actually hit the target. He carries two spare magazines on his person as well, bringing his maximum ammo capacity to 24 rounds, though dropping a magazine and reloading takes ~ 2 seconds. He can summon additional ammo with around 10 seconds of concentration needed per magazine, as well as a mild hit to his stamina. Though this can be used with other weapons (providing he has enough hands to do so), this or anything else drawing significant concentration away from his shots will decrease the accuracy noticeable.

MP 40 Submachine Gun (Ranged Proficiency; 300 OM)
[Image: latest?cb=20110426020817]
When quantity is more important than quality, Archer makes use of this now outdated German-developed submachine gun. With a fire rate of 500 rounds per minute and an effective range of 100 meters, this weapon is capable of putting out a good amount of damage (each shot about as powerful as a normal pistol round), but typically only in small bursts to conserve ammunition. If he so desires, Archer can dump the contents of the gun’s dual magazines in around 8 seconds, though this leaves him reloading for around 2 seconds per magazine (4 seconds for a full reload). Sterling keeps 4 clips of ammo on his person at any given time and two magazines loaded into the gun. More mags can be summoned in combat, though at 5 seconds summoning time each and a noticeable stamina cost, it can at times be difficult to do so in the heat of combat. This can be fired while moving and with other guns, but this equates to a drastic drop in accuracy.

Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun (Ranged Proficiency, 300 OM)
[Image: PHWqNAb.png]
‘Borrowed’ from his valet Woodhouse, this breech loaded, dual triggered shotgun serves as Archer’s go-to weapon when trying to get someone the hell out of his face. The shorter barrel gives this firearm a wider spread than the typical shotty would allow, at the expense of range. Though the pellets can go as far as 40 meters, anything beyond 10 suffers dramatic falloff, making it not an ideal application. At the maximum effective range of 10 meters, the shots have a spread of around 0.5 meters, spraying in a cone from the muzzle to deal heavy damage. Foes closer to the muzzle take more damage as they soak up more pellets, and similarly those farther away take less damage. This shotgun has a two shell capacity with a 2 second reload. Archer carries around a dozen shells on his person and can summon more (4 at a time), though this process takes 10 seconds each time and a decent chunk of stamina. This can be fired one-handed and used with other moves, though the significant kick it offers makes any other gun he’d be using much less accurate.

RPG-7 (Tier-1 Offensive Super Move; 600 OM)
[Image: 404_08.jpg]
When Archer wants to deal the most damage possible in the least amount of time, he has this rocket-propelled grenade launcher as his disposal. After concentrating for 5 seconds and envisioning the carnage he will soon cause, he summons this heavy Russian-designed launcher pre-loaded with a single rocket. He squares his stance and takes aim, letting the payload loose in the direction of whatever or whoever needs to be severely grenaded. The rocket moves at a speed of 115 meters per second and can travel for around 9 seconds in a straight line before exploding of its own accord. The blast zone is quite large, causing heavy damage to anything within a 10x10 feet square and significantly less damage to anything out to 20x20 feet. Afterward the rapid summoning, as well as the sheer force of firing the rocket, leaves Archer visibly shaken and winded, forced to drop the now empty launcher and regroup.

RAMPAGE! (Tier-1 Power-Up, 1000 OM)

Archer abandons whatever semblance of self-preservation he has, rage and wanton disregard channeled into inflicting as much damage as possible. Archer looks no different than usual while doing this, save much angrier and more erratic.

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +0
TEC: +1
[Image: sterling-archer.jpg]

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