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Moon Knight

Name: Moon Knight
Spent OM: 12300
Proficiencies (3000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Buff (400) 
Powers (3100/8000); Foresight (1500), Master Acrobatic (400), Phasing (1200)
Moves (2700); Cape (300), Grapnel Gun (300), Crescent Darts (600), Spiked Knuckles (300), Quarterstaff (300), Truncheon/Nunchuck (600), Energy Shield (300), Staff Slam (300), Totem of Khonshu (300)  
Super Moves (600); Lunar Eclipse (Tier One Super Move)
Transformations (1000); Tier 1 Power Up
Assists (0);
Items (300); Communicator, Dataverse Device 
Artifacts: Indigo Star Piece
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (Avengers Tower); Vault, Recall Station
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 3 (2)
DEF: 3
SPD: 2 (2)
TEC: 2 (1)

[Image: s-h-i-e-l-d-logo-F89847BD30-seeklogo.com.png]
AGENT-  SPECTOR, MARC                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                       [Image: Moon+Knight+1.png]
                                                                                                                                     [Image: aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdl...92LmpwZw==]





S.H.I.E.L.D.                                                                                                                                                                   SSN; No UNKNOWN


UNITED STATES                                                                                                                                      PLACE OF BIRTH: CHICAGO, IL

RACE: HUMAN - CAUCASIAN                                                                                                                                        GENDER: MALE

HEIGHT: 6’2”                                                                                                                                                                 WEIGHT: 225

HAIR: BROWN                                                                                                                                                               EYES: BROWN



MARKINGS: Scar over his left eye, Wheelchaired twice

FAMILY: Elias Spector Father Deceased
            Mrs. Spector Mother Deceased 
            Randal Spector Brother Deceased

EDUCATION: High School Education, C.I.A. Training, Former Marine

EMPLOYMENT: Former United States Marine and heavyweight boxer

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Avengers Member -Status-  Leader

BIO: Born in Chicago Illinois Marc Spector was raised as the son of a Rabbi, Elias Spector, who he and his wife had fled from Europe in the 1930s to escape persecution. Growing up without his mother and only having his father, Marc grew to resent his father for fleeing Europe instead of fighting against persecution. Becoming an adult instead of following his father's footsteps and becoming a religious man Marc began to cut off ties to him and followed materialism. Now a full adult, Marc for a short time became an amateur heavyweight boxer. After a while, he left his career of boxing and enlisted into the US Marines, and from there he was dishonorably discharged for lying on his recruitment papers about a history of mental illness but was later picked up by the CIA. Fed up with working with to CIA, Marc Spector spent several years working for contractors as a hired gun only accepting the highest bidder. After a few missions Spector met another mercenary, a French pilot by the name of Jean-Paul DuChamp, who he had nicknamed Frenchie, they quickly became best of friends. 

Eventually working with a bloodthirsty terrorist by the name of Raoul Bushman, Marc started to question his life choices. During an assignment in the country of Sudan, Marc with Bushman and his men attacked the town of Selina, looking for information on the archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune's discovery of an Egyptian tomb in hopes to find gold. Eventually captured by the terrorist Bushman, Alraune tried to escape by attempting to stab Bushman with a golden dagger. Marc warned Bushman in time and Alraune, was murdered. His throat torn out by Bushman's teeth.  

Anger and repulsed by Bushman Marc aided Dr. Alraune's daughter Marlene in escaping the town of Selina. To Marc's luck though Bushman had caught him in the act and forced him to witness a good bit of the village being tortured and or executed. Beyond angry, Marc fought Bushman but ultimately lost and in a split second decision fleed to the desert. Spector dragged himself to the tomb Dr. Alraune had unearthed however though Bushman and his men caught up with Marc and was eventually gunned down. Later, Marlene and monks from the village inside the tomb found Spector under the statue of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. 
After a few hours, he was pronounced dead, Marlene crying over his body. Spector rose from his death with the vengeance of Khonshu in his heart and pledged to become the moon god's avatar protector of night, to become the Moon Knight. Sporting the silver cloak that was laid upon him, he went off to destroy Bushman's forces still held up in the town of Selina.

Returning back to America Marc began to wage war on crime on the streets of New York. In doing so he put his military background and boxing career to use and created a costume for his Moon Knight persona.  To further aid his war on crime he created two alternate identities. The first one, Steven Grant, was created from Spector using his mercenary founds to have the identity of a billionaire, this was to aid him in mingling with a higher society where crime is planned.  His second identity a taxi driver by the name of Jake Lockley, this one was to aid with the street level of people and to stop crime before it was committed. Both identities shortly after started to affect Marc's sanity.

As Jake Lockley, he made friends with a homeless man named Bertrand Crowley which became his main street contact. With the same persona, he had also the coffee shop owner Gena Landers which would become another good friend and her sons would aid Moon Knight with investigations. For years Moon Knight fought the crime of New York and had even teamed up with groups such as the Secret Avengers, the West Coast Avengers, Marvel Knights, Heroes for hire, and the Defenders. Although Moon Knight has worked with the Avengers he has had trouble with them in the past.    

                                                                       -Information Requested by Director Edwin Jarvis-



Due to Khonshu (a literal god) being inside his mind Moon Knight can sometimes get a sixth sense, which can prove to be useful in combat situations.

Master Acrobatic
Being the Avatar of an Egyptian god does come with its perks, one being that Marc possesses the skills of the fleetest acrobats.

Khonshu has been known to at some points grant his powers to those who follow him. This one, in particular, allows Marc to become only a shade of moonlight allowing anything physical except elemental attacks phase through him.


[Image: e835c45a391aaeddeb3c5405232f5114--moon-k...heroes.jpg]
Moon Knight is able to use his large white cape to glide because of the capes parachute material built inside of it. He is not flying just merely falling slowly.

Grapnel gun 

[Image: JGbwIRD.jpg?1]
A 12 inch white stick that shoots only a grappling hook from its tip. its rang is about 150 feet it is able to carry over 350 pounds. When the hook is attached to Moon Knight's target the grapnel gun can lift him up or pull whatever it is that the hook is attached to. The cable rope of the gun is the exact same height compared to its range it takes a second for the hook to be shoot and to reach its target and it takes 2 seconds for it to return.

Crescent Dart

[Image: 3890283-mkvssniper.png]
Small shuriken like dart shaped like a crescent moon. Moon Knight can throw these dart with decent range at 60 feet. Moon Knight can throw many to just one. The darts cut into his victims and deal low damage, every dart is roughly the size of 5 inches. It takes Moon Knight at least one second to throw one dart but it takes him 3 seconds to throw multiple. Moon Knight carries at least 2 dozen darts in his belt and has to re-summon more out of combat.

Spiked Knuckles 

[Image: 83199-98285-moon-knight.jpg]
Located on Moon Knight's fists these are white spiked knuckles. Moon Knight can punch, cut, bludgeon or tear at his opponents. The spikes on the Knuckles are about an inch long. It takes Moon Knight a second to use them and they can tire him with overlong use. The range of the knuckles are very short ranged and does medium damage.


[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
A white Quarterstaff that is about 7 feet tall in height and 2 inches in circumference and is 3 inches in height when concealed in Moon Knight's belt. The staff's range is short and does medium damage, it takes Moon Knight about 3 seconds to pull it out of his belt, one second for it to activate into full size and takes him about a second to use. Moon Knight can tire from overuse of this weapon. The Quarterstaff itself can beat, whack, smack,  bludgeon and sweep his opponents.

[Image: 1268771-origin3.jpg][Image: moonknight14preview3.jpg?w=240]
In Moon Knight's vast array of weapons, the Fist of Khonshu carries his signature two white truncheons that are about 12 inches in length and an inch in diameter, which also turn into nunchucks. Both truncheons are metal stick-like weapons which are used to jab, strike, bludgeon targets. The nunchuck part of the two truncheons are two white sticks connected at one end by a short cable rope. The truncheons themselves extend to give the nunchuck form 12 inches with each two cable connected sticks and are still one inch in diameter. The nunchucks are able to strike, sweep, and smack targets. One of the truncheons has also already served as Moon Knight's grapnel gun. It takes Moon Knight about a second to pull out both batons and use them, also it takes a second to activate the nunchuck form and use them. Both the Truncheons and its nunchuck for deal medium damage to targets and are both close ranged weapons.

Energy Shield 
[Image: Captain%2BKnight.png]Measuring at 2.5 ft in diameter, it is practically an unbreakable energy shield that resembles Captain America's realistic vibranium version. Though the shield itself seems to be unbreakable with the right applied force someone can damage the energy projector rendering the shield useless until Moon Knight can find time to have someone fix it. Connected via energy projector on Moon Knight's left gauntlet, the energy shield virtually weightless. The Shield is able to be used as a melee weapon. Though with Moon Knight's skills from over the years he has never handled a shield as if it were a weapon and lacks skill, he uses it more as a defense. The shield better suited to defending, absorbing, and deflecting attacks. Though the shield is virtually indestructible any and all attacks will hurt Moon Knight due to vibrations and force to the energy shield. Attacks will definitely wear him down to the brink of exhaustion.

Staff Slam

[Image: latest?cb=20120120184545]Instantly Jumping into the air Moon Knight brings his staff over his head before slamming it hard into the ground causing a small area of 8  meters in damage. This staff slam is powerful enough to take several enemies off the ground, dealing a fair amount of damage. The area of effect covers enough ground to knock over at least a small surrounding mob. Using this attack for extended times can tire Moon Knight leaving him a bit sluggish at responding to any incoming attacks after the move has been used. After performing the immediate move it can and will leave him open for anything to attack him.

Totem of Khonshu

[Image: latest?cb=20130813201926]In the middle of combat Moon Knight can pull out a small totem of Khonshu and charge it for five seconds with a prayer to Khonshu before tossing it on the ground near him. During the prayer he must concentrate so cannot move or attack. With it landing, the ground starts to glow in a bluish hue that spans around 7 yards.  Allies inside the area will gain the blessing of Khonshu. Each ally with the blessing can fight with the same ferocity as Moon Knight himself, allowing them to push through the pain and fight like hell, as if they have survival. The area of effect only lasts for a short amount of time, leaving the effects to last only for forty seconds. If any ally given deathblows after the blessing is worn off they will enter a state of unconsciousness until after the fight or finally killed. This move can only be used once during a fight.



Lunar Eclipse
Reaching into his utility belt Moon Knight grabs all of his crescent darts and throws them all out. The sharp silver/adamantium darts are thrown out around him from every side. Any of the crescents that hit the living target cut into and stick on to them dealing a good number of damage, while the other darts bounce and ricochet off of any wall or ground surface for at least 10 seconds. If they do not hit the target within the 10 seconds, the darts lose their momentum and stick to any surface they've hit.


Full Moon
                                                                                                                                                                                             [Image: MoonKNight.jpg]Tier 1 power up (1000 OM)
Thanks to Khonshu being in Moon Knight's he sometimes is granted strength and power from the phases of the moon and in some case outside of when the moon is out. When this power-up is in affect Moon Knight feels like he has a combat high. Like he's stronger then he normally feels. Moon Knight's eyes also glow blue.  

ATK: 3 + 2
DEF: 3 
SPD: 2 + 2 
TEC: 2 + 1


Physical Appearance

HEIGHT: 6'2"                                                                                                                                                                                          
BUILD: Muscular, built, fit
SKIN TONE: White                  
[Image: latest?cb=20140421182513]   [Image: 4525744-3650500491-Moons.jpg]                  
                                                                                                                                                      (Secondary Costume, Mr. Knight)


Secondary NPC'S

Jean-Paul Duchamp, AKA Frenchie

[Image: frenchie.jpg]



[Image: tumblr_ojih2bk7MY1s2lizpo1_540.jpg] [Image: CaballeroLuna05-600x321.jpg]



[Image: WCidxDV.jpg]
Like the one in the comics, the Avengers Mansion is built just like any other mansion, only that it has security clearances and light defenses built into it. Due to the recent reaction from the Avengers being in the thicker Imperial territory Director Jarvis issued the new home of the Avengers to be constructed in the fourth tier of Coruscant, where they can be free to act as normal vigilantes and not have to deal with Imperial red tape. Outside the mansion, a concrete gate surrounds the mansion leaving only enough room for the memorial grounds (Which is a statue of Hellboy, Captain America, Frisk, and Judy Hopps with a plaque dedicated to other former Avengers.) and a small garden. Inside the mansion, there are three floors dedicated to the everyday life of an Avenger. 


With the exception of several storage rooms and closets, the sublevel is built for the team's danger room (Under construction) and the main garage for holding any of the teams ground-based vehicles.    

First Floor:

Mainly built for the public the first floor holds an open lobby for civilians and others to enter and hold appointments for the heroes. The floor also carries a public briefing room, the main living room, kitchen, dining room, and an elevator for the mansions subfloor.    

Second Floor: 

The more residential side of the mansion, this floor was built to house any Avengers personnel including Jarvis and any other secondaries. The floor also houses a private briefing room and a large library with a study.    

Third Floor:

This floor holds the team's hanger and to hold any vehicle the travels by which include the Moon Copter and Quinjet. Besides the hanger, there are several extra storage closets and a recall station and recreation area plus pool.

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