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Mega Man X

Name: Mega Man X
Spent OM: 7600
Proficiencies (1000); Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (5900/8000); Survival (2000), Super Jumping [Basic] (300), Burst Movement (800), Mimic (2800)
Moves (600); X-Buster (600)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device
Consumed OM (100); Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 4

[Image: InLxIC9.jpg]

Height - 165 cm [5 ft. 5 in.]
Weight - 57 kg [125.7 lbs.]
Eye Color - Turquoise (default, LED variable)

Attack Rating - 2
Enabled Features:
Mega Buster Mk.XVII - Multipurpose weapon that can manifest most weapons downloaded.

Defense Rating - 3
Enabled Features:
Lightweight "Titanium-X" Alloy Armor - Outer layer of physical defense, layered to avoid exposing or bleeding components from light damage.
Reactive Armored Skeleton - Primary frame that holds together vital inner components. Designed for survival of baseline functions so long as the head and upper torso remain intact.

Speed Rating - 1
Enabled Features:
Emergency Acceleration System - Six-part system that can deploy boosters from the feet, heels, or shoulder blades. Only usable in short bursts to avoid overheating and ensure proper system venting.
WARNING - Full-Auto Gyroscopic Stabilizer System offline, repair required

Technique Rating - 4
Enabled Features:
Artificial Intelligence Core - 3XX years of operation and experience in practical and scientific fields.
Active Variable Weapons System - Capable of analyzing potential weaponry and reproducing them for use by the X-Buster. Permanent installations require sufficient data.

WARNING - Broad-Range Eye Camera error. Repair required...

Mega Man X's status as an android grants several notable qualities over most humanoid life, primarily of the physical kind. He does not require nutrition, water, sleep, or any such necessities most life requires, and is not negatively affected by most adverse environmental conditions. X's experience of pain is reduced to the function of a danger sense, as his structure is designed to avoid leakage of internal functions. His high-quality alloy shell protects a trained A.I. core with suitable experience for any kind of interaction- both of these aspects are equipped with advanced combat capabilities should the need arise.

 X-Buster [Mega Buster Mark XVII]
   The X-Buster is a traditional, yet effective arm cannon. X can form one or both of his hands into X-Busters, an automated process that doesn't take more than a second. When readied, the Buster is capable of firing softball-sized energy projectiles at the speed of a handgun. These shots travel at the speed of arrows up to a maximum range of 30 meters. X is capable of shooting while moving, though at the sacrifice of accuracy.

   The X-Buster also contains an Energy Amplifier for charging up more powerful blasts. It takes 3 seconds to charge up a blast of safe maximum output, producing a shot about 3 feet in diameter moving at the speed of a rocket. X can still move normally while charging, but he cannot fire any weapons from his Buster. If both X-Busters are deployed, they cannot be charged simultaneously, and cannot fire normal shots while charging.

   X's advanced energy core allows him to theoretically fire shots infinitely, but ages of non-use have made the weapon inefficient; overuse of the buster can seriously debilitate him, especially charged shots.

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