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Name: Isabelle
Spent OM: 12,800
Consumed OM: 300 (Items), 8,500 (Base),
Proficiencies (1000); Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (0/8000);
Moves (0);
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items: Communicator, Dataverse Device
Bases: Town Hall (Tangled Green), Recall Station, Dataverse Uplink, Tier 1 Base Fortifications, Teleporters: (Camelot, Coruscant, Tangled Green, Endless Dunes, Pale Moors, Frozen Fields, Vasty Deep, Ashen Steppes)
Unlocks (1000); Stat Upgrade I (1000), Stat Upgrade II (2000)
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 5
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

Name: Isabelle
[Image: 8yEr7en.jpg]

Source: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Age: Late 20s-Early 30s

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Mayor (Technically Bisexual, but meh)

Allignment: Neutral Good - Not a paladan, but still roots for good and mostly plays by the rules.

Physical Description:
She’s a yellow anthropomorphic Shih Tsu dog with canary yellow fur all over her body, dark orange fur on her ears and white fur on her snout. She’s often seen in a green checkered design vest over a white undershirt and dark blue business skirt.

Known Super Powers: Giving people heart attacks with her cuteness.

 Likeability Scale: [Image: Cnw2SO7.jpg] [Image: ToP9uqy.jpg] [Image: GjQwfU8.jpg] [Image: rxGOnHM.jpg] [Image: fy7tmps.jpg] [Image: CpXg2Wn.jpg]

Original NPCs:

Mayor (Pre-Omniverse): [Image: Cnw2SO7.jpg]
Her life in town hall was predictable and boring, but then the mayor came into her life. They were so much more interesting and real than the hundreds of other villagers that in her town that she choose to live her life for them, giving her purpose and vigor. Finding the mayor is her main motivation in the Omniverse, even though she can't remember what they looked like at all.

Rovin Wayward: [Image: rxGOnHM.jpg]
An agent of the Wayward Foundation, he was assigned to watch over her and made sure she found her way. His job is entirely observational, and he has orders not to even intervene when she's in trouble. She is not certain if he can be trusted, though that doesn't stop her from trusting him anyways.

Mr. Steady: [Image: CpXg2Wn.jpg]
A big wig in Tier 4, he was her sponsor in F Zero. Considering he intentionally gave her a bad car with the intention of making her crash and die, she doesn't consider him a friend. Not to mention beating her up and shooting her in the head.

Captain Twitter: [Image: fy7tmps.jpg]
A vigilante that has vowed to combat the injustices of twitter, mostly through violence. When Izzy took on a fake account to rouse up discourse to her own benefit, she attracted the attention of the man. He threated to kill her and Rosie in a beach encounter. If it weren't for the intervention of Captain Usopp, who knows what would have happened!

The Geode: [Image: GjQwfU8.jpg]
It's a giant sentient rock that Isabelle manages to befriend. It communicates entirely through symbols that it could make by altering the color of its crystals.



[Image: kxfSr9y.jpg]
 [Image: ToP9uqy.jpg]
Gender: Female
Goal: Movie Star
Occupation: Isabelle's Assistant and Partner
Personality: Peppy
She's Isabelle's closest friend in the Omniverse, joining her for most of her adventures. Despite sometimes embarasing Izzy with her forewardness, she considers her good company and enjoys her warm and optomistic disposition

[Image: ToP9uqy.jpg] Digby
[Image: 3A73VrJ.jpg]
Gender: Male
Goal: Bring his kind together in one place
Occupation: City Planner and Organizer
Personality: Relaxed
Digby is Isabelle's beloved twin brother. The pair get along immensely, though his overprotectiveness can be a tad suffocating. His biggest concern is making sure his sister is safe, but also to bring together more of his kind in this confusing world. 

[Image: vYGl3PO.jpg]
 [Image: GjQwfU8.jpg]
Gender: Female
Goal: Chef
Occupation: ...Chef
Personality: Uchi
She cares immensely about the other villagers, even acting as the older sister of the town. As her occupation and goal suggests, she's the chef. She's especially proficient in spuds, but she's working towards mastering all dishes.

[Image: GjQwfU8.jpg] Snake
[Image: RgSwREn.png]
Gender: Male
Goal: Soccer Player
Occupation: Ninja?
Personality: Jock
Snake is a very competitive person, obsessed with athleticism and competition. He'll often challenge other villagers to compete with him from everything to sports to fishing. He often butts heads with lazy people.

[Image: 9mdXs5R.png]
 [Image: ToP9uqy.jpg]
Gender: Female
Goal: Make-up artist
Occupation: Typist
Personality: Snob
Cool, level headed, beautiful, she's the inspiration to young women who visit the village. She's also mysterious, not in favor in talking about her past to others. Because of this, she's often the subject of gossip.


Character name: Tom Nook

Character history:
When Nook was a young tanooki, he grew up out in the middle of nowhere. He was a determined young child with high ambitions and a lot of heart. He had a fairly happy childhood alongside his best friend and possible romantic interest Sable Able.
[Image: AaElJek.jpg]

When he was old enough, he moved to the city to pursue his dream of being a businessman. “Dreams before money!” was his mantra, and his friends and family could only pray for his success.

What he found was a cold heartless world. He tried to strive forward, but was quickly met with indifference. He lived in poverty.

By the time he returned to his village, he was cold, almost heartless. He opened up a general store, and he made most of his money by bullying people into house extensions they didn’t need. That’s how his life was for years. He didn’t give a shit.

One day, he realized his responsibilities in real estate was taking far too much time, he decided to give his general store to his nephews and focus entirely on building homes. He would get involved with the Happy Homes Academy, where he would gain his employee Lyle. They’d get on each other’s nerves, but Lyle’s past as a corrupt insurance con artist gave them something to relate to each other over.

Nook found himself improving. He found he loved his job, and it was honest work. He even reconnected with the Able Sisters, rekindling the friendship he had with Sable all those years ago. Without realizing it, he had accomplished that goal from his childhood, and for once in his adult life, he was happy.

It was during the second year anniversary party of his real estate company that he was taken by Omni.

At first, he was confused why he was kidnapped by an all powerful god. But upon discovering his power to summon, he figured his real estate knowledge was needed. He explored the verses, trying to find places that needed his expertise.

Eventually, he came across the barely new city of Ambrosia. He worked with a number of builders to establish a construction company there, “Nook's Homes and Construction.” They are responsible for a large number of building constructions that dot the Ambrosian cityscape.

Nook found himself at the head of an empire, but he had learned a lot from his previous life. He promised himself not to be overcome with greed and corruption. While he misses his friends back home, he was once again at peace.

ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 5

Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)

Powers (6000/8000): Flight (1800), Shapeshifting (1400), Insight (1600), Stealth (1200)

Unlocks (3000): Stat Upgrade I (1000), Stat Upgrade II (2000)

Items: Dataverse Device, Communicator, Vita Compass, Spiritual Enlightenment

Consumed Om: 3,100 (Items)

Moves: N/A

Total OM: 13,100

Pre-Omniverse History:
She was raised in the big city alongside her twin brother where’s she lived a mostly uneventful childhood. She was a very ambitious student, getting mostly A’s in all her classes and even graduating with a degree of engineering in 19 different universities. However, due to the competitive and cruel market that is urban life, the only job she could get with her credentials was the job of a secretary.

Despite gaining a reputation for being punctual and polite, she found herself jumping from one secretary job to the next as most companies willing to take her in don’t last long in the cutthroat business world.

It was around this time that she gained the dream job, a secretary position in town hall in the middle of nowhere. It was safe, it was secure, it didn’t have the hustle and bustle of the city. She took it without a second thought. Her overprotective twin brother Digby pulled some strings and followed her to the stick, entirely just to keep an eye on her.

Despite the workload being far heavier than what she expected, she loved the job. But the longer she held the position, the more life began to feel predictable. She began to feel bored, unfulfilled. She still enjoyed the work, but something just wasn’t clicking.

Then, a few months into her job, the new Mayor came into office. The mayor was like no one she had ever met before, and she immediately grew attached. She devoted all her time to making sure the Mayor had everything they wanted, and together, they would raise the town from an empty podunk, to a thriving social hub in a matter of months.

Isabelle began to change in this time, she was happy again, and this town no longer was boring as it was. She was living for someone, and that breathed so much life into her existence.

Which made it all the more painful when the Mayor had to step down. They were eager to go on adventures, see new lands, experience new feelings. Izzy tried to be supportive, but deep down, she was crushed.

It was that day, waving goodbye to the mayor as the train rode away to some parts unknown, it was at the moment that Omni took her.


Prologue for a Dog: A Titan's Call
First Topic - Isabelle, Rovin Wayward

Tale of a Pup: In the Dog House
Hub topic - Isabelle, Geode

Tale of a Pup: Mario Kart Fzero Circuit 
Arc 1 Part 1 - Isabelle, Rovin Wayward

Tale of a Pup: Part Time at Retail [M]
Arc 1 Part 2 - Isabelle, Rosie, Digby

Beach Filler Episode
Midarc - Isabelle, Rosie, misc,

Ambrosia Crossing: New Leaf
Hub topic - Isabelle, Rosie, Digby, Tom Nook

Diary Entry #1:
So some god named Omni decided to bring me to his dimension. He inexplicably gave me the power to grant wishes, I still do not understand why. Either way, I got try out my new found power, made a lawn chair, made an apple, made a book I never read before.
[Image: Si4CXjL.jpg]

Before long, I began to wonder about the mayor. If I was special enough to be taken to the Omniverse, than sure he was, too! I prayed to Omni to take me to him, even prayed for him to bring him to me, but then hit me. I couldn't remember him! Not even a single facial feature! I pretty much deteriorated into a puddle of tears right then and there.

Then this guy named Rovin Wayward showed up. He told me about the verses, other worlds that Omni created. With that info, I took off on a random direction in search for my mayor!

What I did find was a land of lava and fire. I so wanted to turn back, but the fear of the Mayor possibly being in that wasteland kept me going. I was nearly attacked by a dragon when an earthquake split the ground beneath me and the earth swallowed me whole!

Next thing I knew, I was in the center of a geode! A sentient geode! A magic sentient geode with an island floating in the middle! It was lonely, and it wanted me to live in it, so I wished into existance my dream home right in the middle of the island. The home had everything I could ever want from it, and plus some! Even has this thing called a Recall Station, so if I ever leave to look for the mayor, I can come back at anytime!

Diary Entry #2:
Turns out my new home had other surprises! It has these magical books that could teleport me, and it sent me to this giant high tech city. However, it sent me to the red light district so I wasn't too happy with my predicament.

But before I could recall out of there, I spotted Rovin wayward in a nearby building. Curious how I ran into him so conveniantly, I followed him inside.

He told me he was actually part of a group called the Wayward Foundation. They were secondaries that
[Image: TDWg1er.jpg]
helped out other secondaries that have been abandoned by their primes. Considering I myself was a prime, usually I wouldn't even garner the group's attention, but apparently I made the cut somehow and now i have him following me around. I still don't fully trust him, but his tea tasted nice!

That night sleeping on his couch, I had a dream about the Mayor. Wasn't sure if it was a memory or a fantasy, but it was vivid eitherway. It wound up leaving me in tears.

After a brief search on Twitter, I got the idea of using fame to eventually get the mayor's attention. I pitched the idea to Rovin' who was quick to help. After looking at my options, I decided on being an F Zero racer. He thought I was nuts but he underestimates how far I'm willing to go.

The only person willing to sponsor me was one Mr. Steady. He was a terrifying individual. Despite the skepticism on his part, he chose to take me on. But upon seeing the car he provided me, it became clear that he just wanted me to crash and die horribly. 6 days to change a bad situation into a good one, time to fix up a car and train for the big day!

Diary Entry #3
Admittedly, I'm kind of ashamed how things turned out.
So, I got this idea early in the week to turn people against each other with twitter. Got a huge flame war going between the top five competators. It wound up causing them all to get in a wreck. I still don't know how badly they were harmed. I've been too afraid to check.

Obviously, the rest of the race was a breeze from there. Took me a while to get over my nervousness, but by the time I did, they were only just catching up to me. I took advantage of their complete lack of charge from boosting the whole way to knock them out of the race. However, one girl who befriended me during my stay in the F Zero federation I let get by, I got second place.

It was a major upset, as many of the reporters called it. A representative of the F Zero Federation kindly asked me to never compete in one of their races again.

Rovin was furious with me for risking so many Secondary lives to accomplish my own goals. He chewed me out real good over it. I'm not sure if I'll ever see him again after all this.

And to make things worse, Mr. Steady had his goons drag me into an alley, beat me up, and shoot me in the head.

I got better somehow.

So I'm home, alone with my thoughts, uncertain what to do next.

Diary Entry #4
I couldn't believe it! What luck! I've encountered someone from the village!
So I was tackling some of my guilt and lonliness the past few days; hence why I didn't write for you in a while. I decided what I needed was to go to the beach! Afterall, that was always the Mayor and I's special place, what better place to go? I teleported to Costa Del Sol, dumped a ton of Om on a hotel register, and got a place in the penthouse.

Though it was luxurious, the large size of it was kind of lonely. Aiming to distract myself, I search the internet and find a place called Re-Tail! Same name as the place back in my town!

So I travel there, it wasn't quite what I hoped it would be, but I was gleeful to find out that Rosie was there! She's a cat from my town! Always a cheeful precense! Her boss kicked her out for the night for being "tired" and I brought her back to my hotel room to rest.

I know it's selfish, but I hope we can be friends. I could really use the company now.

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