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Little Ghost, the Hollow Vessel

Name: Little Ghost
Spent OM: 9,100
Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies: 1000 OM
- - Physical Strength (1000)

Powers: 5000/8000
- - Burst Movement (800)
- - Flight (1800)
- - Master Acrobat (400)
- - Survival (2000)

Moves: 2,100
- - The Pure Nail (300), Void Soul Imaging (0), Monarch Wings (300), Grandmaster's Lesson: Perfect Parry (300), Nail Arts: Quick Slash (300), Nail Arts: Great Strike (300), Mantis Claw Token (600)

Super Moves:
- - N/A

- - N/A

- - N/A

- - N/A

- - N/A

Unlocks: 1,000
- - First Stat Upgrade: Tech 3 > 4

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4
"So you'd pursue the deeper truth? It isn't one the weak could bear."

"Prove yourself ready to face it. I'll not hold back. My needle is lethal and I'd feel no sadness in a weakling's demise."

"Show me you can accept this Kingdom's past and claim responsibility for its future."

Hollow Vessel // Little Ghost
"You're a short one, but you've a strong look about you."

[Image: promo_03.png?w=640]

Far from a large bug, Little Ghost stands at a mere four feet in height, not counting his horns that grant him an additional five inches. Around his body, a draped cloak thatat times drip shadow.
Images spoilered.
[Image: mapping___hollow_knight_fanart_by_zummeng-dbb60se.png]
Charting the ways.

[Image: hollow_knight_by_zummeng-db6p6s8.png]
A small study.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=30]
Little Ghost at the height of his power as the Vessel of Void, Wearer of the King's Brand, Wielder of Dreams. Little Ghost as the King of Hallownest. As the Hollow Knight.

Images by Zummeng@deviantart

Curious and driven. These two words best sum up the totality that is Little Ghost. Born in the crushing despair of failure, cast away from the pale light to forever lay trapped in the darkness, he rose by sheer will to accomplish his purpose, forgotten though it may have been. The searing radiance, failing to grip a mind emptied by unbending, unbreaking will stirred him to action and for a thousand days and nights he journed towards Hallownest, the Eternal Kingdom and, more importantly, home.

Discovering so many new things on the way; the feel of snow and sand and wind whipping about him during his walk in the desolation, the ambience of a peaceful grove, the Dirtmouth inhabitants' desparate struggles for survival, and many other wonders stoked the embers of curiousity, courage, compassion, and


Prologue: Dirtmouth-bound!
Little ghost does not remember much, though the Void Heart pulses with emptiness in his chest. He knows that his journey was long. At first a long time in the darkness, unmoving. A slightly shorter one on the surface

Awakening in the desolate lands far beyond Hallownest's borders, Little Ghost was empty. Bereft of will or vim, the little bug spent many cycles gazing at the dark skies during the night and sleeping during the day. Until that dream.

White light, not the soft paleness of the moon, but harsh and burning like the sun in the desert, searing, scorching, trying to find purchase on a mind not yet born. Trying to find purchase in emptiness. And like the void at the root of all things, there was no life for this light to grab a hold off, to twist to whatever purpose it served. The following night on those desolate plains, something other than windswept sand and snow was moving. A small form, clad in a horned little mask and a tattered cloak, was slowly trudging over the dunes, the winds and both hindering and helping his short stride.

Moons came and moons went. The snows abated. And in the distance, a light. It was something small, something... soft. Pale and soothing, rather than harsh and searing, it spoke of an accomplished age. A small lamp, and further on, another. The little shape wandered on. A solitary mountain rising in the distance. No, not solitary, a range. A natural wall of grand scale to keep the desert outside, clearly visible even at night. Follow the lamps, up a pass and then a sheer cliff straight down, with a lamp on the ledge and a village in the distance.

A leap of faith.

A cave, a tablet, and a Door. Another cliff and the village, Dirtmouth, with its sole inhabitant. The well. And then Hallownest, the Eternal Kingdom.


Episode 2: Into the Hallownest
N/A as of yet.

N/A as of yet
"So you'd pursue the deeper truth? It isn't one the weak could bear."

"Prove yourself ready to face it. I'll not hold back. My needle is lethal and I'd feel no sadness in a weakling's demise."

"Show me you can accept this Kingdom's past and claim responsibility for its future."


ATK: 3

DEF: 2

SPD: 2

TEC: 4


Physical Strength


Burst Movement


Master Acrobat

Fighting Style

There are certain things a person just cannot do without functional immortality. One of them is to take an empty mind set on accomplishing a single thing, give it the knowledge of how to move around and swing a nail, add an ability for adaptation and then have it survive going toe to toe with some of the fiercest monsters and most accomplished warriors of an eternal kingdom.

It is fortunate that Little Ghost, like all of his siblings, possessed a functional immortality bound to their will. It can in many ways be said that if Little Ghost had not wandered through the Great Wastes, had not lost everything but the purpose of his design and creation, he would have lost his will, his ability to actuate Void, Shell, and Soul into progress. Initially the command was all that consumed him, making him throw himself into the jaws of beasts and on the blades of warriors without thought for self preservation. This, unsurprisingly did not work, given the lethality of Hallownest's inhabitants, and that of its neighbours. After countless cycles of conflict, death, and reconstitution, the secondary function of the Pale King's failed orders activated:

Improvise. Adapt.


Guided by an increasingly sophisticated combat intellect, Little Ghost would eventually develop a pattern of cautious fighting. Any encounter could be boiled down to five relatively simple concepts: Avoid, minimize the damage taken during the conflict's initial stage. Observe, learn the attack patterns, strengths, and limitations of a given opponent. Probe, insert variables to provoke new behaviour in the enemy. Plan, collate the gathered data into a comprehensive picture of information. Execute, act on said data to decisively end the conflict with the minimum damage taken.


The Pure Nail
The ultimate weapon of Hallownest. Crafted to perfection, this ancient nail reveals is true form.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=29]
Cost: 300 OM
Requirements: Physical Strength Proficiency
A weapon from an ancient age, Little Ghost can not remember where he procured it, or when he had the time or knowledge to repair it. For it is the same nail he has always carried, repaired as though it may be. He can feel it in the very core of his emptiness.

Wielded instinctively, a Nail is hardly more effort to swing than ones arm. And sized for an insect-man-thing of some four feet in height, this little weapon has but a reach of two and a half feet. It is obviously something organic, and yet it is as hard, sharp, and tough as, if not harder, sharper, and tougher than, any blade made out of metal.

NOTE: The blade is NOT conical. It tapers rather quickly from the wide base, true, but the blade geometry is more convex or diamond-like, as seen in this here picture.

Void Soul Imaging
"Tut-tut, always so quiet little one. Has the grub got your tongue? Or maybe you have nothing to say? Hahaha, calm yourself for I jest, I jest, Little Ghost. Here, try doing... this instead."
- Unknown inhabitant of Hallownest's Soul Sanctum

Cost: 0 OM (is purely a fluff move)
Requires: Teachings on the properties of Void & Soul by Little Ghost or any of his appropriate secondaries.
Little Ghost is mute. No matter how hard he tries he can utter no sound beyond the creak of exerted joints or the clack and tap of carapace upon carapace. This, the shaping of blackest ink of void and whitest glow of soul into various black and white images, texts, or other symbols, was taught to him by a sympathetic bug in the Soul Sanctum. Little Ghost only remembers the bug to be of about his height except for the massive white crown of horns...

Monarch Wings
"Wings of ethereal matter that shimmer in the air, what a lovely sight."
- Unknown

[Image: attachment.php?aid=32]
Cost: 300 OM
Requirements: Super Jumping Advanced, Burst Movement
A pair of ethereal wings that glow with a soothing pale light while in use, these wings allow you to control your movements in mid air with short hops so long as the total upward movement in your hops does not exceed the maximum altitude as given by your flight/jumping power and any limits or boosts imposed upon it.

With this you can use Burst Movement in any direction, should you somehow be prevented from doing so, provided that you are not being physically held and kept still.

Grandmaster's Lesson: Perfect Parry
"To wield a Nail is to take your instincts and cut down all obstacles before you. To master a Nail is to take that instinct and utterly break it before reforging it into something else entirely. None of my other students could grasp this fully, perhaps you will be the one?"
- Sly of Dirtmouth, Shopkeeper and Nail Grandmaster

Cost: 300 OM
Requirements: Physical Strength Proficiency, Burst Movement, The Pure Nail
To wield a Nail is to be one with it. To hone it is to sharpen oneself. Raising your Nail to the highest of purity equally raises the core of yourself and thus you attain the first enlightenment of war, that that to Block is to Cut. By combining the quick acceleration inherent in an insectoid frame, a Burst Movement pounds out this technique to block an attack.

Superior skill and reflexes pay a significant role here, allowing one to, over 0.6 seconds, charge and unleash a slash, stab, cut, or hack timed to negate an incoming attack by striking its very concept out of its path, or splitting it down the middle, to create a 3 by 2 feet safe space 'screen' to hide behind for a couple of seconds. This 'screen' requires concentration and stays in place should Little Ghost move away from it. Regarding projectiles striking this 'screen' of conceptual parrying, the first (and then about one in five) to strike it would ricochet back along a natural path. A difficult and demanding technique, using it in quick succession is apt cause great fatigue.

Perfect Parry is a defensive Nail Art-like technique, locking offensive moves that require The Pure Nail from anything other than being charged or not used while the 'screen' is active.

Due to how Perfect Parry is performed, Little Ghost might be able to strike at his enemy if he parries while they are in reach of his Nail.

Nail Arts: Quick Slash
"And remember this my student, that no matter how quick your sword is, you must correctly judge the time to strike or you will be too exhausted once the opening presents itself."
- Unknown Nailmaster

Cost: 300 OM
Requirements: Physical Strength Proficiency, The Pure Nail, Burst Movement
In battle, he who swings first is most often he who swings last. Taking this wisdom into account and applying the principles of Burst Movement to sword swings is no easy task, least of all because of how draining it is. Little Ghost has accomplished this, allowing him to cut, stab, swing, thrust, and hack with his Nail at speeds much higher than he normally should (in essence he applies a similar boost like Burst Movement to his attack speed). This can be combined with other Nail Arts and weapon techniques in order to increase the speed at which they are executed once their charge/preparation time is complete. One could use this for unarmed strikes as well.

This technique will very rapidly tire those who use it in quick succession and it requires a second of letting the muscles reset for the next attempt. Should the user utilize the Burst Movement power for movement before the muscles have properly reset for another Quick Slash, the full body expenditure delays the recovery after the Quick Slash by yet another second.

Nail Arts: Great Strike
The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Sheo. Unleashes a huge strike directly in front of you.
[Image: latest?cb=20170412121711]
Cost: 300 OM
Requirements: Physical Strength Proficiency
By holding their weapon and charging for about two seconds, the user of this Nail Art can unleash a great strike. Whether this strike is a slash, a stab, or a blunt blow does not matter, Soul resonates through your weapon to lend it greater reach and power in return for moderate fatigue, or great fatigue upon multiple uses in quick succession. For this attack your reach becomes three meters, and should it hit it will strike with three times the power of a normal hit. The visual indicator is a pale glow surrounding Little Ghost as he charges the attack, an aura of pale white once it is fully charged, and then a trail of white incandescence as the attack is used, marking its reach and signalling it's power to all!

Mantis Claw Token
A token carved from bone, depicting a mantis' claw. Allows the wearer to use their own claws, spurs, or other such things to cling to walls and leap off them.
Made devilishly sharp, could they have other purposes?

Cost: 600 OM
Requirements: Physical Strength Proficiency, Super Jumping
An item that grants its wearer the metaphysical strength of the Mantis Tribe, causing their claws, talons, or other such digits (even fingers and toes) to grow sharper and stronger. While the primary purposes of this is to allow you to cling to walls, possibly even climbing them at light cost of stamina, their new sharpness, hardness, and toughness allows for a secondary purpose as a weapon, though limited in strength it may be.

When Little Ghost wears this he grows small spurs on his forearms and lower legs, and the small claws at his toes and fingers grow slightly in size with additional sharpness and toughness.

The Void, though able to be sculpted into life, is rather anathema to the existence of other things. So what happens when a being of Void eats something?
Cost: 0 OM
Requirements: N/A
Due to the metaphysical implications of Little Ghost's existence, the construction of a shell of Soul and Carapace to contain an infinity of Void, Little Ghost could very well eat anything or everything to cross his path, the matter ceasing to exist as it is swallowed. This, coupled with his relatively recent discovery of self-hood (and through that, GLORIOUS FOOD), makes him prone to taste anything he can get his hands on. At least the things that don't belonging to someone. Or are parts of someone. Why? Because that's just rude! And Legeater, though cute, was a very rude bug.

As a pure fluff move, Little Ghost cannot use this move as anything other than a filler. It may later be the basis of other moves.

Super Moves


Power Ups/Transformations

"So you'd pursue the deeper truth? It isn't one the weak could bear."

"Prove yourself ready to face it. I'll not hold back. My needle is lethal and I'd feel no sadness in a weakling's demise."

"Show me you can accept this Kingdom's past and claim responsibility for its future."


None yet.


Player Primes
None yet.

None yet.

Currently unaligned.
"So you'd pursue the deeper truth? It isn't one the weak could bear."

"Prove yourself ready to face it. I'll not hold back. My needle is lethal and I'd feel no sadness in a weakling's demise."

"Show me you can accept this Kingdom's past and claim responsibility for its future."

RP Log
Little Ghost

"So you'd pursue the deeper truth? It isn't one the weak could bear."

"Prove yourself ready to face it. I'll not hold back. My needle is lethal and I'd feel no sadness in a weakling's demise."

"Show me you can accept this Kingdom's past and claim responsibility for its future."

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