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Name: Clownpiece

Spent OM: 24650
Consumed OM (150): Lampad's Torch - Irrationality refund (150)

Proficiencies (4600): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Buff Proficiency (400), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Homing Proficiency (600)
Powers (5500/8000): Flight (1800), Suppression (1000), Telepathy (1500), Stealth (1200)

Moves (5100): Lampad’s Torch (3300), Hellfire (600), Barrage: Stars and Stripes (900), Oni's Breath (300)
Super Moves (4000): T2SU - It’s Lunatic Time! (800), T1SU - Driven Mad (600), T1SU - Reality Break (600), T1SU - Mass Hysteria "Madness Pandemic" (600), T1SA - Hell Sign "Shooting Star" (600), T2SD - Delusional Meltdown (800)
Transformations (0): 
Assists (1000): T1 Assist - Torchlit Fairy (1000)

Items (300): Communicator (200), MDD (100)
Artefacts: None
Bases (1000): The Hakurei Shrine - Camelot Base (1000)
Unlocks (3000): Stat Increase I - TEC (1000), Stat Increase II - TEC (2000)

Base stats: 
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 5

Quick Jump:
General Info
Base and NPCs

General Info
[Image: dzQb6A1.jpg?1]
"Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner"

Nicknames: Piece (official), Clown, CP (common in the OV)

Source: Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Species: Hell Fairy (though it wouldn't be incorrect to call her a Lampad either)

Age: Unknown (has probably been around since the Greek Empire). Appears to be around 10~11

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Purple

Height: ~3'10"

History: Clownpiece is a fairy of hell, an everlasting embodiment of that world's very nature. As a simple prankster spirit, she lived, bringing mischief, mayhem, and madness wherever she went, while having no true higher goals for herself. She never had a need to aim higher, as her Master, the Goddess of Hell, Hecate, had plans for her. 

Long ago, there was a woman by the name of Chún Hú, who lived as the wife of an emperor of the time. This existence was probably the prime of her life, as soon everything she knew would be thrown into turmoil. A man by the name of Houyi usurped the throne, possibly killing her husband in the process, but keeping Chún Hú around. He wed her, and after a time, she bore him a child. A child that Houyi ended up killing before he absconded from the throne, and from his wife. Houyi fled, eloping with the dancer known as Chang'e.

With both her first husband and child killed, and Houyi abandoning her for another woman, Chún Hú was driven into a rage. She burned with a fury so pure and all-consuming that it overwhelmed her entirely. Chún Hú, former wife to an emperor and mother of one became Junko, a sagacious spirit bearing ill will towards Houyi, Chang'e, and anyone who would dare to get in her way. With time, she managed to track down the man who'd betrayed her, and killed him in revenge, but Chang'e was nowhere to be seen.

It was soon found out that she'd drank the Elixir of Immortality, a gift given to the couple by the new emperor of the realm for their help in solving a problem that plagued the land. Ten suns had once ravaged earth, burning the surface into a wasteland, until Houyi had slain 9 of them, leaving one last one alive, and fearing for its life. The Elixir had been given to the both of them for this deed, enough for them both to drink it and become unaging and immortal. But Chang'e had foolishly consumed both shares of their Elixir. Perhaps out of fear that it would be stolen, perhaps out of selfishness, we don't know. The price for this was ascension. Chang'e floated up and away from her mortal ties on the earth, and soon came to be imprisoned on the moon.

Junko was unsatisfied. For years she'd searched, burning with such a passion for vengeance that she had shed everything else she used to be and become the avatar of her own undying rage. Not even 380,000 kilometers of vast, empty space would keep her from her vengeance. The furious spirit sought council with Hecate, hoping to form an alliance with the Goddess of Hell, who likewise had a grudge on Houyi. Once, the brilliant light of the ten suns also cast deep shadows, the power of hell. But with so many of them shot down, shadows were made weaker, and with it, hell. Thus, the two worked together towards a common goal, an assault on the moon. The Lunar Society was one of purity, absolute purity, disconnected from the cycle of life. Lunarians never aged, never grew old, and only died in the numerous wars that sprung up. They were a society of immortals. On top of that, their absolute purity meant they were incredibly skilled, almost unbeatable in direct combat. But for how amazing the Lunarians were, there was still a way to beat them.

Lunarians could come in contact with impurity just fine. A human from earth just didn't have the impurity necessary to drag them back into the lifecycle. But there was something even more impure than humans. Fairies. Nature incarnate, life incarnate. Fairies were practically made from pure impurity. Thus, Hecate enlisted the help of the hell fairies, with Clownpiece being the chief among them. With her lunacy-inducing torch, she could rile up the rest of the fairies like nobody's business. After being purified by Junko's power from almost pure impurity to absolutely pure impurity, the supercharged, mad fairies were unleashed upon the surface of the moon. The Lunarians, unable to even get near the fairies without falling into impurity, were driven back, out of the Lunar Capital and into the dream world, where they would hide until they could purify the earth and make a new home.

The plan here would have been to attack Chang'e as she was being moved from the Lunar Capital to the dream world. That plan never came to fruition, however, as it turned out the inhabitants of earth weren't particularly pleased about their home being purified. Reimu essentially marched her way up to the moon, and since she was already impure, and thus immune to the pure lifeforce of fairies, she beat up Clownpiece, got them to retreat, and then went on to fight Junko.

In the end, the plan had failed, but as a reward for doing her job so well, riling up the fairies and managing to push back an entire Lunar Society, Hecate brought Clownpiece to live on earth. The fairy may have grown up in hell, but earth was a nicer place, much less dangerous. Plus there was no way that fairies on earth could be as bad of an influence as fairies from hell, right? It was here, after a brief but fun stint on earth, that Clownpiece was grabbed by Omni.

TL;DR: Clownpiece is essentially an eternal hellchild who dicked around in hell doing nothing important until a Chinese lady got so mad at the moon that she became the living embodiment of her own rage and enlisted the help of the Goddess of Hell for the express purpose of Fucking Up The Lunar People. Said Goddess of Hell, Hecate, gathered up all the Lampades under her control, put Clownpiece at the helm of the force, and basically just buried the Lunar Capital under a horde of thousands of problem children. Surprisingly, this worked. So well in fact that it forced the Lunarians to actually abandon their home entirely (at least, until the Hakurei Shrine Maiden marched her way up and put a stop to that nonsense). As a reward for a job well done, Hecate plopped Clownpiece down on Earth (because Hell is no place for children), where she got involved in a lot of nonsense until Omni took interest in her and stole her away to the Omniverse.
[Image: ciIAJ8j.png?1]

Appearance: Clownpiece is rather small girl, standing just under 4 foot with bright, purple eyes, blonde hair down to her butt, and two, translucent, insect-like wings sprouting from her back. Being fairy wings, these are actually immaterial, phasing right through her clothes, and are in general, untouchable. Most fairies' wings tend to exist more for decoration than anything. Her outfit consists of a short dress with red and white stripes on the right half, and blue with white stars on the left half, with the pattern split right down the middle. Her tights follow a similar pattern, but reversed, with the stars on the right and the bars on the left. She also wears a ruffled collar around her neck, and a jester-like, purple/white polka-dotted cap. Rounding out her image of madness is a wooden torch that glows with a purple light, based off of the torches that the Lampades, loyal servants of Hecate, carried around. During colder seasons, she switches out her short-sleeved dress for something thicker, with longer sleeves, and white, fuzzy cuffs. 

Clownpiece herself came up with the design for this outfit, as before the assault on the Lunar Capital, she found the flag that had been left by the Apollo astronauts. This flag was regarded by the Lunarians as their greatest humiliation, they had been unable to prevent humans from landing on the moon, and now they held the shame of having the impurity of life on their pure world. Seeing this, Clownpiece decided that the best way to become an even bigger affront on the Lunar people was for her, an embodiment of very life and death that they had rejected, to wear the patterns of that flag while she drove them out of their only home.

Personality: Clownpiece is an interesting trifecta of traits, being from hell, a fairy, and being just a little bit mad herself. Like all fairies, she's very childish and playful and more than a bit mischievous, always ready to pull pranks and spread mayhem. Though where most fairies would do things like push someone over or make one lose their way in a forest, Clownpiece, due to growing up in hell, has a bit more of a... twisted view of pranks. In particular, she loves setting things on fire and making people fight each other. Of course, though she loves madness and mayhem and tends to be a bit on the cruel side, she isn't exactly evil, per say. Hell is very different from Earth, and that's just the sort of thing they did down there. People from hell just tend to be jerks. Despite this, when the chips are down and things are getting rough, Clownpiece is one of the most steadfast friends you can have. She's willing to dive into your problem and help you out the best she can, even if there's danger to be found. Genuinely caring and altruistic for a fairy, she just hides it behind an arrogant and abrasive mask. For someone who wields the power to drive people mad, she's surprisingly sane herself. That's not really saying all that much, however, since fairies in general tend to have more than a few screws loose. A lot of her lunacy shows up in the form of pyromania. She loves fire and is not afraid to share the love. Unsurprisingly, she's also incredibly impulsive, as fairies are.

As far as her voice goes, she's excitable, like most fairies, so she sounds high energy a lot. There's also a definite childlike wonder. Clownpiece gets super enthralled by new things. She's got that trademark hellspawn arrogance. She compares almost everything to hell in some way, and tends to use 'hell' and 'hellish' and such to describe things. Failing that, she uses 'brutal' and 'metal' a lot as well. Unsurprisingly, this means she has a very... metal taste in things. If it doesn't have too much leather, spikes, and gore, it ain't good enough.

Statistics and Fighting Style
Attack III | Defense I | Speed III | Technique V
Proficient in: Melee, Ranged, Buffing, Debuffing, AOEs, Homing Attacks
Capable of: Flight, Suppression, Stealth
Incapable of: Telepathy (only possesses it due to move requirements)

Trickery and Mischief. As a fairy, Clownpiece isn't well-suited to a straight-up brawl. Though she might be "strong" (and not just "for a fairy") and more than a little bit arrogant, she still tries to avoid 1-on-1s. Her strength doesn't rely on pure firepower, after all, and she knows it. Instead, with a childish giggle and a heart pounding with adrenaline, she waves her torch and casts madness over friend and foe alike, spreading chaos where it's needed in order to swing a fight in her favor. Allies will fall into a fervor, and she'll drive them on with lunacy until they can't even move a muscle anymore. She buries her foes under a wave of lunatics that they can't hope to match. And with that same torch, her enemies are forced into a deep insanity, making them second-guess their actions, hallucinate, and, in the end, hopefully turning them against their friends. 
OOC Note: In general, she relies heavily on her torch, so don't be afraid to use its myriad functions in your own posts.

While this reliance on other people makes her comparatively bad in solo fights, she also has ways around that. In worst case scenarios, she can summon allies (though weak) to fight for her. And in an effort to not be completely dominated due to differences in strength and size, she prefers ranged fighting, stifling her enemy's movements through complex bullet barrages. Though while she isn't incredibly fast, her ability to fly, and the fact that she can make enemies think she's a hallucination, allows her to outmaneuver her foes. Hard. You see, flying comes second-nature to Clownpiece. She's used to dodging and weaving through brilliant curtains of bright, magical bullets, which is a hell of a lot easier in the air than on the ground. Often times, she'll spend most of her time in a fight in the air. In the rare occasions an enemy gets in melee range, or even manages to grab onto her, she relies on a quick smack upside the head with her torch to disorient them, whereupon she'll try to wriggle free and fly away.

Special Note: Clownpiece's Stealth is flavored much, much differently from the ordinary perception of Stealth. It wouldn't be inaccurate to call it Stealth-flavored Telepathy, actually. Instead of going invisible or anything like that, Clown simply amps up the lunatic glow of her torch just a bit (whiles out of sight, of course) and just... makes people think they're hallucinating her. Thinking she's a hallucination, people will try to ignore her the best they can. By sight, at least. While it is a fancy Stealth, it's still Stealth. People are still aware she's around, and should she make too much noise or bump into someone, they'll likely retaliate without even stopping to think "Hey, that's a hallucination." Should she take damage, the trance is immediately broken, as everyone now knows that the "hallucination" is an actual, solid thing, and she's unstealthed. And of course, should people both have Enhanced Senses and be capable of overcoming her Suppression, they'll be able to tell it's her with varying degrees of difficulty.

Quote:Move Name (Requirements) (OM Cost):
Move Description
Variant Name (if any):
Variant Description

Lampad’s Torch (Physical, Ranged, Buff, Debuff, Area Attack, Homing, Suppression, Stealth, Telepathy) (3300):
A mysterious torch that helps Clownpiece drive people to madness. It’s made of wood and is about 2.5 feet long. Rather than a burning flame, the end of the torch glows with an ethereal purple light. Despite its rather small size, Clownpiece still lacks the ability to easily store it on her person (since her dress lacks pockets). Fortunately enough, she's capable of magicking it away and back, making it disappear and reappear in her hands about as quickly as if she was stashing it in/retrieving it from a bag. Should she lose it for whatever reason, she's capable of summoning it back into her hand with a similar amount of concentration.
If worst comes to worst, she can smack someone with it, but the flame doesn’t burn, and since the torch is just a light, wooden rod, this is a very weak hit, no stronger than a punch from her. Fortunately, hitting someone does more than just hurt them. Since the torch is imbued with the power of madness, a strike from it scrambles her enemy’s mind, preventing the formation of memories for 10 seconds, no matter where she hits. To the afflicted, it suddenly feels like they skipped ahead 10 seconds, though they were fighting all through that duration, and it otherwise doesn't influence their ability to fight and act. As this is a natural function of the torch, this effect always happens by default, meaning it doesn't require a wind-up from Clownpiece and doesn't wear her out more than swinging around a torch normally would. Essentially, it trades physical damage for a mind-scrambling effect.
Aside from that, the main use of the torch is messing with the sanity of those who look at the glow.
Unless otherwise stated in a specific use of this ability, Clownpiece does this by channeling her power to induce insanity through the torch for 5 seconds, during which she must devote her entire concentration to charging, but does not need to stand still. She's capable of moving about as normal, but since she must focus on her torch, her dodging ability (as well as her general ability to keep an eye on the battlefield) is hindered. Once charged, she waves her torch and casts its light over either enemies or allies within 20 meters of her, though they must see the light in order to be affected by it. Once cast, she doesn't need to upkeep the effects unless explicitly stated in a variation. Most aspects of her torch, unless specified otherwise, have only a minor energy drain to them. Clownpiece can use them frequently, without really needing to worry about overexerting herself.
Reckless Fervor:
Clownpiece’s most favored application of madness. Everyone within range of her torch, enemy and ally alike, is driven into a powerful fervor for as long as they can see the flame. While under the effects of this madness, everyone is less likely to fear, falter, or flee but at the same time, this zeal also makes them more impulsive and prone to mistakes, as well as able to shrug off most wounds, even stronger ones. Furthermore, the torch also makes them feel a burst of adrenaline, giving them a false sense of energy. Though while everyone is influenced by both the positive and the negative, allies receive slightly more positive, while enemies receive slightly more negative. However, these differences are minute due to the wide and indiscriminate nature of the move.
Since Clownpiece uses this move so much it’s basically second-nature to her, meaning that when she activates it, it lasts nearly indefinitely as a passive effect, though it does slowly fatigue her. Additionally, it requires little focus to upkeep, meaning she can use other moves at will, but is unable to use any other Lampad’s Torch moves while it’s active. The madness fades away quickly over about 10 seconds after losing sight of the flame. Due to this, the rush many people feel from looking at it, as well as the lull once they look away, it can almost become addictive - less so for Clownpiece's long-term allies who are exposed to it more often and able to cope, or people with a higher TEC. When Clownpiece is using this move, people want to be under its effects.
A light that induces restlessness and energy in allies. For 15 seconds, friends of hers that succumb to the light are struck by an inexplicable antsiness coupled with a sudden boost in energy. Any moves/powers/etc they use (save for supers) they use during this time take half the time to charge and don’t wind/wear them out at first. However, due to the restlessness, those affected feel a need to attack/defend/move about, and thus act with more fervor, burning more energy than if they did that action normally. Additionally, once the hyperactivity wears out, they’re hit with the combined wear of everything they used all at once. They burn brighter, but also burn out faster.
A light that throws allies into a state of hyper-focus. For 20 seconds, their begin concentrating so intently that their focus (no matter what it's being directed towards) cannot be broken by normal means, though a dedicated distraction/disruption move can still do it. Additionally, they don’t notice smaller wounds while in this state, allowing them to fight on relatively unhindered. However, with focus comes tunnel-vision. Their intense concentration renders them completely unable to be distracted unless their life is in immediate danger, and don't notice enemies they're not focused on coming up on them, even if they should be able to.
A light that induces very weak paranoia in her enemies. For 30 seconds, her foes have a seed of anxiety planted in them that doesn't do anything on its own, unless Clownpiece backs it up with something to make it bloom. For this, she uses one of the cantrips taught by Dane during Dante's Abyss; "Ping."
With a quick moment of concentration, and a sound of some sort to go with it (be it a whisper, snap, footstep, or whatever), Clownpiece can throw that noise at a surface within 10 meters, copying the sound where the spell hits and bouncing it off in a straight line. This process is repeated up to five times, each quieter than the last, as long as there’s a surface within 10 meters of the last bounce, creating an echoing effect. There’s approximately a 1-second delay between each bounce. On its own, this spell does absolutely nothing except sound cool. To those under the effects of her paranoia, however, this is the sound of an approaching foe, a spirit whispering in their ear, an ally trying to get their attention. The sounds spawned by Ping steal away precious seconds of their attention, fray their nerves, and just in general mess with their sanity. However, the more Clownpiece's Pings an enemy, the more resistant to the effects they get. She can only distract someone for so long without something actually dangerous happening before they catch on.
Paranoia has the standard drain associated with it. The Ping portion, however, is incredibly easy to do, with almost no noticeable energy drain. It’s just a fun little party trick, after all.
Clownpiece casts a scrambling light over her enemies, tangling up the communication centers of their minds. For 30 seconds all communication, even through things like gestures, telepathy, writing/texting, is impossible. Those who try to communicate in any way only let loose a scrambled avalanche of words/ideas lacking any coherence whatsoever. This even applies to people talking aloud to themselves, though thoughts remain unaffected.
Phantom Pain: 
After a quick, one-second charge, Clownpiece sweeps her torch out at a single enemy within range that can see the light. When used the moment they get hit by an attack of any kind, the pain they feel from that attack is seared into their mind as a trauma, otherwise nothing happens. For the next minute, Clownpiece can sweep her torch at them again (with another second of charge-up, plus the usual light fatigue) to make them relive that pain, as fresh as the moment they were hit, though they suffer no new wounds from it. Just like with normal aspects of her torch, they must be in range and be able to see the light each time she swings for it to work. Like its name suggests, it can also cause people to feel pain in limbs they no longer have.
With a stationary 5 second charge, Clownpiece channels her power through her torch, strengthening its light and inducing weak hallucinations in anyone that can sense her with Enhanced Senses, tries to read her with Insight, or tries to react with Foresight, for as long as she’s able to maintain it. Once it's channeled, she can maintain it with little effort on her part, during which she's capable of moving around and attacking as normal, but can't use or charge any other torch moves. This move wears her out slowly over the course of 45 seconds, but drains her significantly during that time. She only has enough energy to use it once per fight.
The hallucinations this maddening light spawns feed her enemies false information. When not looking directly at her, people with ES always perceive her position as slightly off from where it actually is, or sense multiple of her, or none at all. People who glean information with Insight receive wrong info; stats are switched about, they may read powers she doesn’t have, etc. And for those who rely on Foresight, their warnings can arrive too late or too early, give them the wrong direction, warn about the wrong attack, or even give false alarms. No information is something that can be adapted to, wrong information can be downright deadly.
The effects of this move are dependent upon the strength of her Suppression. If she's capable of completely Suppressing an enemy, then the information they receive is completely wrong. Should an enemy be able to shrug off her power however, then the info they receive is simply off, with the effects weakening the higher their TEC is compared to hers. At double her TEC, they wouldn't even notice.
Folie à Deux:
Clownpiece strengthens the light of her torch, causing it to flare up and emit an indiscriminate aura of madness. Once activated, she’s capable of maintaining the spell for up to 20 seconds with little concentration, but a lot of drain. She can move around, strike, and even use non-torch moves, but it wears her out very quickly, allowing her to only use it once per fight.
While this spell is active, anyone who tries to interact with her mind via Telepathy are instead thrown into deep delusions from the aura, which last for 5 seconds before their mind clears up again. These delusions take many, many different forms, but all reach the same goal; preventing any meaningful mental contact with anyone (For example: they only read what they want to read, even if it's not remotely close to what's actually being read. Or when they try to mentally speak, they only rave like a lunatic). Additionally, while it lasts, any Telepath stricken by the madness becomes a “Folie Imposée,” and force their delusions upon anyone they mentally contact, spreading that specific delusion to that person for 5 seconds. Should that person also be Telepathic, then they too become a Folie Imposée (While anyone can develop delusions, only Telepaths can become a Folie Imposée, and contacting a non-telepath suffering from delusions doesn’t spread them). Any one person can only be stricken by one specific delusion once, but can receive different delusions, which do stack but don’t strengthen the effects at all (So if someone had two delusions imposed on them simultaneously, they’d last only five seconds concurrently, and wouldn’t be any stronger), and attempting to Telepathically interact with Clownpiece multiple times while this move is active yields a new delusion every time.
In order for the delusions to take root, Clownpiece’s or a Folie Imposée’s TEC needs to be at least equal to or greater than the TEC of those who would receive the delusions. If the imposed's TEC is greater, than the strength and duration is reduced based on the differential, until it’s double, where they can shrug off the delusions and use Telepathy as normal, without extra effort wasted.
Am I Seeing Things?:
After a quick second of charging, during which she can move about, Clownpiece sweeps her torch out, throwing a hallucination-inducing light over those who can see her. This immediately puts her into a stealthed state, making enemies believe she's just a hallucination. Some may even feel embarrassment at the fact they were just trying to attack a hallucination. Like normal stealth, this move is still beholden to all the normal stealth rules. Unlike normal stealth, this stealth breaks after 5 seconds, revealing her to anyone who can see/sense her and restoring their memories. While it can be used to set up for an attack, this move wears Clownpiece out very quickly and must be used sparingly, so she typically uses it to get out of trouble.
Since Clownpiece's stealth is more tricking people into thinking she's a hallucination rather than outright going invisible, it's a simple matter for her to bestow stealth upon allies as well. Simply change up the person thought to be a hallucination and voile. Of course, being stealth, it still requires that the person she chooses to stealth be out of sight of any enemies (though allies are fair game). Additionally, she's only capable of rendering stealth onto one person at a time. Trying to stealth anyone else breaks the stealth for the first person (though Clownpiece and her assists can be stealthed as normal). This person must be within 20 meters of her for it to work, and both of them must remain still for 3 seconds while she concentrates. Once placed under Clownpiece's spell, this person can move around and do everything as normal, just with everyone thinking they're a hallucination. They're still beholden to all the rules of stealth, as well as one extra, however. Attacking causes it to flicker, taking any amount of damage breaks it, and so on. This stealth also breaks automatically after 30 seconds, even with no damage taken. While it's not incredibly fatiguing, something she's capable of using relatively freely, she still can't use it recklessly without wearing herself out. Fortunately, due to the difficulty in actually using it on people without being interrupted, she's rarely able to tire herself that much.
It should be noted that Clownpiece can use this on her own assists without much of the downsides (since technically they should be able to stealth on their own anyway). All it takes is a sweep of her torch, and an assist of hers within range is rendered stealthed immediately. Though they must still be hidden from enemies for this to work, obviously. Unlike the other version, this one lasts as though the assist stealthed on their own (read: indefinitely).

Hellfire (Ranged, Area Attack) (600): 
Clownpiece fires out a simple blast of hellfire from whatever hand is free, which reaches up to about 5 meters away from her and measures about 1 meter wide. She can begin firing this almost immediately and is capable of holding it for up to five seconds before it starts hurting her hand too much and she has to stop and cool off a bit, which takes about 15 seconds, before she can fire again. While firing it, she’s capable of sweeping it about and moving as normal, much like a flamethrower. Due to the fact that it takes a second for the fire to reach max range, she needs to lead her targets in order to hit them. As expected, hellfire is a lot different than normal fire. Where a normal gout of fire would burn away one’s body, hellfire burns away one’s soul. Though the sulfur-smelling flames do throw out their fair share of heat, and one engulfed by the flames would feel like they’re burning, it doesn’t leave any physical marks, instead eroding away something not quite physical, leaving a much more internal and ethereal pain. Of course, due to the almost non-existent charge and minimal fatigue, it doesn’t hurt an incredible amount, though it’s still something that’s best to avoid.
Alternatively, Clownpiece can instead choose to charge this attack up for longer, up to 10 seconds, a time during which she can move around as normal but can’t attack. The longer she charges for, the stronger, bigger, and more cone-like the blast gets, but simultaneously, the slower she must move when firing it, the less time she’s capable of firing it, and the more it wears her out. At max charge, she must brace herself in place, is only capable of maintaining it for a second, and is left breathless afterward. In exchange, this blast explodes up to 20 meters forward and 10 meters at the widest in half a second, and burns with an intense heat worthy of being called “hellfire.” No matter what level of blast she's using however, it requires her utmost concentration to use, preventing it from being used in tandem with other moves.

Barrage: Stars and Stripes (Ranged, Area Attack) (900): 
Clownpiece attempts to limit where enemies can move with a barrage of star-shaped, magical bullets. After charging up for at least 2 seconds, a process she needs to remain still during, she sweeps her torch out in front of her and conjures a line of 10 shining stars, each measuring about 1 meter in diameter and glowing in vibrant blues, reds, and whites. These shoot forward and spread out in a vaguely semi-circular pattern, flying forward up to 30 meters in 3 seconds before fizzling out. Each individual star is rather weak, doing little permanent damage, but still burns upon contact. The attack isn’t meant for its damage, however, as the spread is useful for forcing an enemy onto the defense for a short bit at least. Though if someone happens to be standing right in front of her as she casts it, they could potentially eat the entire barrage at once. She prefers to cast it by sweeping her torch out in front of her like she does for a lot of moves, but this attack doesn't require it. Her hand can be empty, or she could do it with a normal stick, or whatever. It's a normal use of her own magic, the torch is just for flair.
An attack that’s a bit more direct than the curtain of stars. Clownpiece concentrates for at least 2 seconds before releasing an array of two glowing, magic orbs, shining in a random color between red, white and blue, and each measuring 1 meter in diameter, into the air just above and off to the side of her. After a second of sitting still, these orbs unleash a laser blast directly towards a single point of Clownpiece's choosing within 50 meters, (though the lasers, being beams of light, don't just stop there) intersecting at it, and continuing on. The lasers glow in the same color as the parent orb, measure half a meter in diameter, and travel their distance in an instant, burning bright for one second before fizzling out. Unlike the stars, which merely sting, the stripes burn with an incredibly intense heat, allowing them to burn through most obstacles in their path. Due to the delay between summoning the orbs and the lasers being fired, Clownpiece must guess where her opponent’s going to be in a second, making it fairly difficult to land.
Both versions of the attack have a moderate energy drain to them, allowing her to use them fairly frequently in a fight, but she still must be careful about wearing herself out. Additionally, Clownpiece may choose to continue charging after the initial one. For every 2 seconds of additional charge, she can fire off another barrage immediately after. For Stars, this means she continuously sweeps her torch back and forth in front of her, conjuring up wave after wave of stars. For Stripes, this means she releases more pairs of orbs into the air, each staggered by half a second, and each can be aimed at a different spot. These additional charges can be mixed together (so for example, if she charges for 8 seconds, she could do 2 barrages of Stars and 2 of Stripes. Or 3 of Stars and 1 of Stripes, etc), and occur simultaneously (meaning that the orbs for Stripes begin appearing as soon as she starts sweeping her torch in front of her for Stars). These additional charges can theoretically max out at 1 minute of charging, or 30 barrages, but that would leave Clownpiece completely and utterly exhausted, and actually getting a chance to stand still for that long in a battle is extremely unlikely.

Oni’s Breath (Ranged, Area Attack) (300): (Not Yet Available)
It’s said that the demons of hell drink so much that their breath itself is capable of igniting with the smallest spark, and this is certainly a weapon that evokes that image. Oni’s Breath is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun custom-made by/for Clownpiece, painted in a star-spangled pattern just as ostentatious as her own outfit. Rather than the usual slug or buckshot that comes with most shotguns, this weapon takes after a round known as the “Dragon’s Breath,” and instead of cartridges, is powered by Clownpiece’s own magic. With a pull of the trigger, a brilliant display of pyrotechnics erupts from the barrel of the gun, with fire, brimstone, and a beautiful barrage of miniature, magical stars shining in reds, whites, and blues slamming forward roughly 60 meters in an instant, in a dazzling blast about 1 meter wide. As with most things she can't carry, Clownpiece is capable of magicking this weapon away and back, disappearing and reappearing it about as fast as if she was stowing it away/retrieving it from a bag. Should she lose it for whatever reason, she's capable of making it reappear in her hands with a similar amount of concentration.
The strength of Oni’s Breath doesn’t lie in piercing bullets, but rather in the heat of the fiery blast that it unleashes. The hellfire spat out by this weapon burns far hotter than any ordinary flamethrower, and though it only lasts for a moment, it’s usually more than enough to set whatever it hits on fire, even with just one shot (though as it’s powered by Clownpiece’s magic, it has functionally infinite shots). Strangely enough, despite not using actual ammo, she still has to pump it between shots, which takes about 1 second. The recoil on this weapon is also immense, far more than what Clownpiece’s small body can handle. She must be properly braced to shoot it, else she’ll hurt herself with the recoil, and even then the sheer strength of it throws her back a meter or so. Given that she can fly, that doesn’t hinder her too much, but it does make it difficult to shoot it as fast as is theoretically possible. Trying to contain such awesome power also wears on her a bit, and relying too heavily on the gun strains her arms/shoulder and makes her sore.
Gun Reference: https://i.imgur.com/jq0kM4c.jpg
Shot Reference: https://i.imgur.com/sRzv5z2.jpg

Super Moves
Quote:Tier/Type - Super Move Name (Requirements) (OM Cost):
Super Move Description

T2 Super Utility - It's Lunatic Time! (Lampad's Torch, Ranged, Area Attack, Buff) (800):
Clownpiece sweeps her torch in front of her, casting its purple glow over her allies. The light inspires a madness that brings out their true strength, granting +8 ATK for 1 post, spread out through up to 8 allies in the manner of her choosing. In order for an ally to be buffed, they must be within 20 meters of her, and be able to see the light, even if it's just out of their peripherals.

T2 Super Defense - Delusional Meltdown (Ranged, Debuff, Suppression, Telepathy) (800): 
Upon noticing that a particularly powerful attack is about to be thrown, Clownpiece desperately sweeps her torch out and casts a powerful, lunatic light, completely suppressing an enemy’s sanity for 5 seconds and filling their mind with pure delusion. These vary from person to person, but no matter the contents of the delusions, they all result in a failure to land that attack, whether it's by firing off the attack somewhere else, not attacking at all, and so on. For example: one person could suddenly, staunchly believe that their target must not be harmed for some vague reason. Another could believe that they've been under the control of some nebulous "them", and damned if they’re gonna follow the biddings of “them.” The sky’s the limit. Attacks of a higher tier than this defense interfere with the magic, and though the attacker still may be delusional, they’re still lucid enough to at least partially land it.

T1 Super Utility - Driven Mad (Debuff, Ranged, Area Attack) (600): 
Clownpiece pours her power into her torch for five seconds, before sweeping it out in front of her, strengthening its madness-inducing light and sparking extreme impulsion and aggression in any enemies within 20 meters who see it. For the thirty seconds their lunacy lasts for, those affected no longer care about their own safety, or that of their allies, instead overcome with a single-minded determination to attack. They become very likely to accidentally harm themselves with their own attacks, as well as trip over or otherwise get in the way of their allies. Can be blocked by super defenses.

T1 Super Utility - Reality Break (Lampad's Torch, Stealth, Suppression, Telepathy) (600):
It's all in your head. Clownpiece unleashes the full potential of her delusion-inducing torch and shrouds herself in an aura of reality-altering imperceptions. For 1 round, she becomes permanently stealthed in her own special way, becoming perceivable only as a figment of everyone's delusions. People will see her flitting about, attacking, and doing everything that she normally does, but they will only see her as a vivid hallucination. That's not an enemy, that's my mind playing tricks on me. While they still know that Clownpiece herself is flying about, and will still search for and try to attack her, their minds can't make the connection that the 'hallucination' is her.
Unlike her normal stealth, however, this one cannot be broken. Attacks don't cause the stealth to flicker (though she can still use her torch moves as normal, and even if she lands a hit, her enemies' minds just can't make the connection that the 'hallucination' caused it), and even being hit won't break it. Enemies who see her attacked will see the attack pass right through her as though she wasn't even there. Though that's all a hallucination, she's hit as normal, they just perceive it wrong. Essentially, once all the delusional flair is stripped away, this move is just a perma-stealth, and follows all the normal rules of one. Once the move ends, the unbreakable stealth bit is removed and she's left in normal stealth.

T1 Super Utility - Mass Hysteria “Madness Pandemic” (Lampad’s Torch and everything it requires) (600):
A release of pure lunacy, unlocking nearly the full potential of both Clownpiece and her torch. She stands still and lifts her torch into the air, before announcing the name of this spell card and unleashing the attack. The usually placid flame explodes into a bright conflagration, spilling its maddening light over everyone within range. For the next 30 seconds (a time during which Clownpiece can once again move around and attack freely), 5 separate variations of Clownpiece's choice within Lampad’s Torch are activated and constantly maintained, unleashing their powers all at once. Everyone who catches a glimpse of the light is instantly afflicted with any relevant effects (based on who can be affected by which specific version) provided they are in range for said effect. (So if one had a range of 30 and another 20, and a person was 25 meters out, said person would only be hit with the 30-meter affliction). It’s an outpouring of pure of insanity that leaves Clownpiece tired at the end, but not exhausted like if she’d used every version of it separately.

T1 Super Attack - Hell Sign “Shooting Star” (Ranged, Area Attack) (600): 
Clownpiece holds out her hand, concentrating for three seconds, before unleashing a bright ball of infernal fire in the direction her palm is facing. This fireball measures about 2 inches in diameter, and blazes a trail across the sky as it flies, travelling up to 60 meters in just under 2 seconds. Once it has covered that distance, or struck a person or object, the fireball explodes violently, while releasing a vibrant display of red, white, and blue stars, each only a few inches in size and fizzling out after a second or two. This blast injures anyone within 10 meters of the impact zone, and throws them off their feet as well.

Quote:Tier - Name (OM Cost):
Assist Description
Reference Picture (there is some variation, however)

T1 Assist - Torchlit Fairy (1000): Clownpiece calls a fellow fairy to her aide, bathed in the light of her torch. The lunacy makes her stronger and much more frenetic than the average fairy, but doesn't leave much room for smarts. Since Clownpiece is a hell fairy, this ally is a hell fairy as well, and stands around the same height as Clownpiece, give or take a few inches. Additionally, she's capable of using Hellfire, as well as the star/stripe bullet barrages. Fairies tend to be pretty hard to order around, but Clownpiece has found a way around that in the form of riling them up and pointing them at an enemy.
[Image: OjqTAJdeucbCQPKp5Q2yeGf3SXItnUtfarbOEy8_...gIn-c2o-o4]
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 0

Base and NPCs
Reimu Hakurei (B-List)
The Shrine Maiden of Paradise, and former guardian of the Great Hakurei Barrier. Back in Gensokyo, she was in charge of maintaining (relative) stability, keeping the humans human and the youkai in line. If nature started acting up, some god started getting uppity, or some fairies started running amok for whatever reason, it was her who would resolve the issue, typically by beating up the culprit. After being plopped down on earth upon finishing her mission on the moon, Clownpiece took to living under Reimu's shrine, which she tolerates for the most part. Partially because it's best to keep an eye on a hell fairy living on earth, and mostly because she makes the shrine nice and toasty during the winter. Clownpiece accidentally summoned her into the Omniverse while making the shrine, which she still wants to live under.
She's straightforward and optimistic, though is quick to anger and tends to default to giving people a good smack upside the head when they're causing trouble. She treats everyone the same, whether they're human or youkai, god or devil, fairy or ghost. This also means she isn't afraid to shoot you down if you're between her and whoever she's trying to punish. When not in incident-solving mode, she's very laid-back, rather lazy, and easy to get along with (for the most part). She's rather poor due to her shrine not getting much in the way of donations, so giving her money's a decent way to get on her good side quickly.

[Image: lQUbbF2.jpg]

Meira (C-List)
A human samurai that once sought the power of the Hakurei's go-shintai, the yin-yang orbs that Reimu wields. After soundly being beaten by Reimu, she gave up that dream. As expected of a samurai, she's very honorable and speaks in a rather formal way. She's also serious most of the time, a very no-nonsense type of person. Despite this, she gets flustered surprisingly easily.

[Image: bEH8IsG.jpg]

The Hakurei Shrine (Camelot Base)
Back in Gensokyo, the Hakurei Shrine existed as sort of an anchor between the outside world and Gensokyo, existing simultaneously in both worlds. For a while, its only occupants were Reimu Hakurei, its shrine maiden, and the Hakurei god, whose identity and purpose are unknown. Over the years it's had many visitors, some long term, and some short-term, but Clownpiece has been the only one who's moved in permanently. Desiring to live under it once again, Clownpiece summoned it on a hill/clearing in the middle of dense woodland, about 5 miles out from a small, feudal town.

Shrine Front
[Image: EotWHakureiShrine.jpg]

Shrine Back
[Image: SBND02HakureiShrine.jpg]

Shrine Sky View + Warehouse
[Image: Th075IntroHakureiShrine.png]

Shrine Road
[Image: OSPCH14HakureiShrine.jpg]

The interior of the shrine looks like a feudal Japanese home, because it basically is. There are two 'main' sections to the shrine interior. The living room, which is located about dead center, and only has about enough room to comfortably hold 5-6 people before it starts getting crowded. And a small hallway that wraps all the way around that room, which is blocked off from the veranda by storm shutters, forming a square within a square. This keeps the main living area behind two sets of sliding doors, keeping it safe from strong storms, while also insulating it a bit from the cold. Very useful during winter months, as it keeps Clownpiece's radiant heat locked up in the shrine and making things warm. It should be noted that the living area doesn't take up that whole smaller square. Various smaller rooms are attached to it, accessible from both it and the hallway. These include a kitchen, sleeping area, a tiny shrine altar, and a closet or two. These closets are mostly for storing around-the-house stuff, while the main storage area is located in a raised warehouse out back. 
Clownpiece herself doesn't live in the shrine proper, and instead stays in a fairy hole located under the shrine. This home under home consists of a varying number of rooms, depending on whether she's expecting guests or not. Most of the time it's just one room, which she sleeps in. In Gensokyo, finding this area would be next to impossible, something you can only find if you were very lost. In the Omniverse however, it's as simple as squeezing your way under the shrine and locating the hole. 

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