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Albert Wesker

Name: Albert Wesker

Spent OM: 23,500

Proficiencies (2,600);
-- Physical Strength (1,000)
-- Ranged Proficiency (1,000)

Powers (400/8,000);
-- Master Acrobat (400)

Moves (1,200);
-- Samurai Edge (300)
-- Xehanort's Keyblade (300)
-- Shadows (300)
-- Blizzard (300)

Super Moves (0);
-- None

Transformations (0);
-- None

Assists (0);
-- None

-- Communicator (200)
-- Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

-- None

Consumed OM (300);
-- Items (300)

Bases (5000);
-- Arklay Mansion (The Pale Moors) (1000)
---- Recall Station (1000)
---- Tier Two Base Fortifications (3000)

Unlocks (14,000);
-- Permanent Stat Increase I (1,000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase II (2,000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase III (4,000)
-- Permanent Stat Increase IV (7,000)

Base stats
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 5

Albert Wesker
"The only thing that can defeat power, is more power. That is the one constant in this universe. However, there is no point in power if it consumes itself. I will enlist the help of an old friend against our common foe. I will use one pawn to eliminate the other, and emerge with the spoils for myself..."

[Image: bV6J0Y9.jpg]

Wesker certainly cuts an imposing figure. Originally, he stood at a height of six foot even, though that changed after his viral injection. As his body rebuilt itself and restructured to allow for its improvements, his height rose to a more prominent six foot three. Over the years, as he grew more adapted to it and the changes progressed further, he grew even further, finally ending up at the impressive stature of six foot seven. His hair is a dark blonde color, very well kept and trimmed, usually slicked neatly back over his head. No trace of facial hair can be spotted on his visage. His eyes are a deeply unsettling shade of gold-orange, with his pupils forming into vertical slits much like a feline or reptile's. They even seem faintly luminous, much like a feline's eyes; under heightened emotional states, his eyes will begin to glow red, especially noticeable in the dark. His physique is impressive and well-maintained, which only contributes to his ego. The last notable detail is the paleness of his skin, which holds the sickly, grayish pallor of a corpse. When in warmer or brightly lit areas this seems to fade, presenting an almost normal, healthier skin tone but it still seems...off, to careful eyes.

His wardrobe is nearly entirely black, and usually consists of a suit of some sort. Typically it features a high-collared shirt or turtleneck of some description; the sleeves are typically kept short, though when the weather warrants it they may be worn longer. Beyond that, matching black pants are worn, with some manner of boots. Given his constant traveling role and preferred method of combat, they are sturdy and equally well suited to all manner of terrain, from city to desert to swamp to arctic, and stand up well to even the rigors of combat, while maintaining a suitable presentation for the boardroom or professional meetings at the same time. Worn over his shirt, Wesker often sports a tactical harness, with space for attaching a shoulder holster for his sidearm, as well as a number of extra magazines for it. as well as other small items as the need arises. His hands are always covered by black gloves, custom fit to not interfere with his movement at all. Worn over all his other clothing is a long, flowing black coat, reaching down to just above his ankles, with wrist-length sleeves and a high, flared collar. The coat has several pockets in it, both internal and external, for storing and holding small items. The final item of Wesker's wardrobe is his trademark sunglasses; always highly polished to a mirror shine, they reflect the light and shroud his eyes entirely, only allowing a pale glow of red to be seen when his emotions rise.


Albert Wesker is a complicated man. He sports a god-complex, believing his actions to be not only completely justifiable, but benevolent and righteous. Fully assured of his own skills and abilities, he failed to consider failure as an option, ultimately leading to his downfall. This leads to a strong, almost all-consuming rage when things do not go his way, or his carefully-laid plans begin to fall apart.

Despite that, he is...quite capable of suppressing his natural tendencies if the need arises. His arrival to the Omniverse has only helped to reinforce that necessity. He will rarely be truly polite, but he is capable of an astonishing level of civility and being cordial enough. Keeping his legendary temper and arrogance in check when interacting with others to further his own aims and agenda. There are few lengths he will not go to to take another step toward his end goals.

But Wesker is not a man who will suffer indignation lightly, or let a slight against him go unpunished forever. He will reciprocate any perceived wrong against him manyfold. It may take time, but Albert Wesker is a man of patience. He plays a long game, and will devise a means to get back at you if you damage his pride. After all, he is weakened here, stripped of all his previous ability, but a god should always be sure to deal proper retribution.


Character Source: Resident Evil

I was born to parents who were effectively nameless, as their identities were never made apparent. All that is known about them is that they were of superior intellectual genes. I was...collected into a program I came to learn some time later in my life was called the Wesker Children project, and given my surname. I was apparently of great promise and interest to a certain Ozwell E. Spencer. After completing my education, I was employed with the Umbrella Corporation. At the time I was unaware the Spencer was watching me as closely as he was -- but he was watching closer than I could have suspected.

I began my work as a researcher, and joined the Umbrella Management Training Facility, under James Marcus. I had a colleague -- and then friend -- William Birkin, and we were both regarded highly by Marcus. When the facility was closed, we were both transferred to the Arklay facility, becoming its head researchers.

Shortly after arriving, I was handed a file on the Ebola virus. Publicly, we were working on a vaccine for the then-devastating virus; but in secret, we were using it in the development of what is now known of the t-virus. The research of both myself and Birkin a great number of years, and saw varying levels of success and many different viral stages. It came as something of a shock at the time when we were ordered to assassinate Marcus and steal his research. The discovery of the G-virus by Birkin in the body of Lisa Trevor some time later also came as a pleasant surprise.

I joined the STARS division in Raccoon City some years later, and worked as an insider for Umbrella. I gave them information direct from the source. When a series of murders began cropping up two years later, Umbrella grew.....concerned. STARS Bravo team was dispatched to handle the situation. They were little more than test fodder.

After being ordered to reclaim the Umbrella Training Facility, I was instead forced to destroy it, thanks to the resurrected Marcus. I destroyed the T-001 -- it had remarkable potential; but it was a failure. Tragic. And as I made my leave, I ran into Sergei. We had a....misunderstanding, and he unleashed his 'bodyguard' against me. I managed to hold the monster off long enough for the facility to explode and give me time to make my escape.

The STARS Bravo team was, of course, destroyed. I dispatched Alpha team, and led it personally. We were attacked upon arrival, and lost one of our number immediately, as well as being outright abandoned by our pilot. We took shelter in the nearby mansion -- actually an Umbrella facility -- and split up to search the grounds. I forced Barry Burton into....taking care of some loose ends for me. Family can be such a sore point for some people...

I had to personally kill Enrico Marini when he discovered something that could have been....unpleasant, had it been found out by anyone else. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine -- the dear thorns in my side that they are -- managed to find out my plans and destroyed the facility and the Tyrant housed there. I injected myself with an experimental virus Birkin had given me, and allowed myself to be killed.

I was revived, thanks to the virus, and ascended to what I am now -- so much more than I had been.

I was far less than pleased by what I found after my revival. Dear Sergei had taken all of the files from the mainframe, and I had been locked out. A minor setback, but with an oath of revenge against the meddlesome fools, I left.  I destroyed the remaining BOWs in the facility with little effort, and even managed to incapacitate Lisa Trevor. Poor girl... I escaped the facility before it exploded, and used that destruction to mark my resurrection.

Shortly thereafter, I secured a position with one of Umbrella's rival companies. Upon the outbreak of the t-virus in Raccoon City, I sent in Ada Wong to retrieve the G-Virus from dear Sherry Birkin.

Some months later, I assaulted the Umbrella Facility at Rockfort Island. Our goal in attacking the island failed, unfortunately. We moved on to the Antarctic facility. Our goal was more successful this second attempt, and we retrieved a sample of the T-Veronica virus. I encountered Chris, and would have killed him then and there, but the destruction of the facility forced me to leave that for another day.

I had dealings with the leader of a drug cartel in South America, and delivered some....supplies to him, in return for a fair exchange of money and resources. Sadly, the poor man died. How tragic.

One year later, I paid a visit to Umbrella's Russian facility. I made my way through the facility, destroying Umbrella's "projects" along the way, and again ran into dear Sergei. The old man sent his bodyguards after me, and I dispatched them without effort. I tracked down Sergei, and finally killed the old man. I took the data from the Red Queen, and deleted the entire computer's memory and shut down the facility.

With the data I acquired, I shut down Umbrella permanently. An international manhunt for Spencer began in the wake of that. How fitting, in retrospect... Regardless, I now had the entirety of Umbrella's research documentation and findings at my disposal. I took it upon myself to contact Tricell shortly thereafter, and helped them along to create their own bioweapons division with the data from Umbrella. The compensation was more than generous, as I had hoped it might be. Not letting such a valuable asset slip away, I began to secretly use them for my own ends, conducting my own....business.

It was during this period I came across Excella Gione. An ambitious, intelligent little thing, to be sure; and quite a useful little asset, in the long run. She was a useful tool while she served her purpose...

I began my own 'empire', as it were, and set aside a secret organization of my own. I hired such agents as Jack Krauser to assist me in this. Acquiring and selling direct samples of Umbrella's work to rival corporations to amass the wealth I would soon require was simple work. I would meet some....disappointment when I dispatched Ada Wong to retrieve a sample of the Las Plagas parasite. Krauser was sent along to aid her as he would -- they were, in the end, both expendable.

A troublesome little fool by the name of Leon Scott Kennedy was causing havoc in Spain, and making things quite....difficult for Ada. Despite my orders to eliminate him, she refused and he lived. He still served some purpose, and distracted the agents of Osmund Saddler in the area.

In the end, Ada killed poor Krauser, after he had been injured in a fight with Leon. Again allowing him to live, Ada left Leon and returned with the sample. I was betrayed again, and given a false sample -- a simple subordinate plaga -- while she returned the true sample to the Organization. It was only a minor flaw, however, and my plans were nearly completely unhindered.

With this, I had amassed an array of resources and wealth that would dwarf that of any other in existence....at the time. Every viral agent was mine. Samples of every parasitic agent were mine. I could have forcefully acquired anything I could have possibly wanted.

And it was all far from enough.

Finding the location of dear Spencer, I went to visit him. The information I received from Spencer was....shocking. Despite how odd it seemed, there was no doubt it was the complete truth. With this information, my ascension to the role Spencer was arrogant enough to consider himself worthy of....was impeded by an old, dying man.

His death was such a wondrous thing.

I remained in Spencer's estate for a short while afterward, pondering what my next move was to be. Carrying out Spencer's will -- in my own fashion -- seemed to be logical....and it was my right to do so. To be the god of the new race that was to be forcibly created....who else but the one with the power and ability to bring about such a race, could ever be the god of such a race? Umbrella was now completely useless to me -- I would need a new, more able company to assist me in this endeavor....

My planning was interrupted by the arrival of Chris and Jill. Poor dears, they were simply in over their heads. Their efforts were truly remarkable, but in the end, it wasn't even a challenge. I could have killed them both right then and there, but I let myself get careless.... Jill tackled me through a window.

We both fell several hundred feet down the cliff-side and into the ocean below. My survival was guaranteed. But Jill....hers was more miraculous. In a bit of....compassion, I suppose? I saved her life, and gave her the medical treatment to keep her alive, and placed her in cryogenic sleep.

She would be an ideal weapon against Chris when he eventually tracked me down again. The fool was all too good at doing just that.

Returning to Tricell, I formed a direct partnership with Excella. She was a rather....gifted thinker, and seemed to understand my vision. I assisted her in climbing Tricell's ranks, and in short order, she became the CEO of the African division of Tricell. My plans were going flawlessly...

I took this opportunity to re-open the Umbrella Africa Research Center, and re-purpose it to my current needs. With the source of the Progenitor virus now available to me....Uroburos was born. With this virus, the next step in human evolution was at hand!

Unfortunately....the virus was extremely poisonous, and was lethal in all cases it was tested in. But as with all great plans, this was circumvented. With dear Jill....her previous infection with the T-Virus had led to the creation of powerful, formerly unknown, antibodies. With these, Uroburos was perfected!

Using a chemical I had recently discovered, I planted a device on Jill's chest to continuously inject her with the chemical. It was a new plan I had devised. Using the chemical to control Jill's mind, I would use her as a perfect weapon against Chris. And she would serve exceedingly well in other tasks, with the physical enhancements provided by the P30.

I took the time until Chris inevitably arrived to begin placing Uroburos into missiles. The plan was to detonate them in the upper atmosphere of Earth, to cause an outbreak the world over -- completely saturating the entire planet in the virus.

Waiting within, and expanding, the underground facility which rapidly became a stronghold, we did much research with the Progenitor virus, and branded everything in the facility -- once owned by Umbrella -- with the Tricell logo. Using the newly developed types of Las Plagas, we would create an army of unswervingly loyal soldiers from the simple residents of the nearby town, and the tribe who had once guarded the very flower which gave us Progenitor.

Excella was becoming more and more of a problem.... Her desire was more than she was worth. She thought herself worthy of the right to stand by my side in my new world....how utterly foolish. A god shares his power with no one. But she was still of some use to me...and so I played along with her for a while longer.

I received news  that the BSAA had dispatched agents to apprehend Ricardo Irving. Given what I knew of dar Chris and his affection for his "partner", it was a good enough guess, even at the time, he would be involved. I was right, as fate would have it, and would encounter him soon enough.

Chris and his new partner managed to track Irving down, and defeated him after he injected himself with a virus. Tragic, truly. They continued to pursue Irving's mysterious helper -- oh, if only Chris had known it was Jill at that time, the entertainment it would have brought about for me. Jill reported that Chris and his partner -- a Sheva Alomar, if memory serves -- had made their way to the facility. As troublesome as they were, I couldn't allow them to derail my plan in its final stages.

I sent Excella and Jill to deal with Chris and Sheva while I remained to secure the final steps of my plan. In the process, I thought back to some years prior, when I had killed Spencer. Though the old man had been a fool, he had given Wesker a greater ambition and goal than he could have likely thought of on his own. While Excella and Jill dealt with Chris and Sheva, I went to await their inevitable arrival.

According to records, they defeated an Uroburos specimen Excella unleashed against them, though not before Excella and Jill returned to my side. We awaited their arrival, and I revealed Jill's identity to Chris. His reaction....was a moment I shall savor for all eternity.

With Jill at my side, Chris and his partner stood no chance. After wasting as much of my spare time as I could afford, I received a call from Excella. I left Jill to handle her former partner and left to attend to my plans. I can only assume they managed to free Jill from my service. Pity. They tracked me down to the tanker I had had prepared for this part of my plan, and thought they had me cornered. Fools.

I infected Excella with Uroburos and used her to attempt to destroy Chris. The effort failed, however. Even when given the power to do something useful, the woman was still a failure. Good help is so hard to find.

Again they managed to confront me directly. I finally revealed to them in full my plan, and prepared to finally kill them myself. They seemed to have discovered the flaw of the virus in my system, however...and managed to injure me with an RPG, and used my stunned moment to inject me with the Progenitor formula.

I was weakened and at a disadvantage in the darkness of the ships deck. I retreated to the bomber I had prepared, in an attempt to carry out the final stage of my plan. Chris managed to get on-board, as did his partner, unfortunately. They managed to get lucky and inject another dose of the Progenitor chemical, further weakening me. Taking advantage of this, Chris opened the bomber's hatch.

The craft de-pressurized and crashed, landing in a volcano.

If only Chris could have just died in the crash.... He and his partner both survived. They both thought -- or hoped, perhaps -- that I had died in the crash. They were sorely mistaken. I deliberately absorbed my own creation, and set out to finally destroy Chris.

Uroburos gave me the power necessary to destroy anything in my way. And everything in my path toward Chris was broken into dust and rubble. In the end, however....luck was on the side of Chris and his partner yet again. Jill, who it would seem had survived, flew in on-board a helicopter in time to save Chris from the collapsing ground of the volcano. I fell into the lava.

But I would not lose now; not after coming so far! If I was to die in this fire, then so would Chris! I latched onto the helicopter, and pulled on it with all the force I could manage, hell-bent on taking Chris and his pathetic friends down with me.



ATK: 3
While still a fair drop from his former strength, Wesker still manages to push the limits of normal humanity.

DEF: 3
No longer bulletproof and indestructible, Wesker's sturdiness and ability to withstand injury is still nothing short of a marvel compared to a normal man.

SPD: 3
No longer faster than the eye can see, Albert Wesker remains capable of moving faster and more swiftly than any normal man could hope to.

TEC: 5
Wesker is a skilled and highly tactical fighter, when he doesn't let his arrogance and pride get the best of him. And even when he does, he remains a competent and highly capable man, able to place strikes and shots well with perfect intent to maim or injure, to make the most of playing with his opponents.


Physical Strength
Wesker is a skilled combatant, employing unarmed combat along with knifework and improvised weapons at need. He makes use of martial arts and less traditional combat techniques, utilizing whatever is effective to create a customized style befitting his skills and heightened abilities.

Ranged Proficiency
Along with his high melee skills, Wesker is a crack shot with all manner of firearms, and skilled at using throwing knives and hurling explosives and other such items a great distance with considerable accuracy.


Master Acrobat
Wesker is a skilled martial artist, as noted, but also a highly agile, skilled acrobat, incorporating all manner of flips, cartwheels and rolls into his style. Running up and springing off walls, curling into rolls and twists in midair, handstands and handsprings, and all manner of such unorthodox but effective combat maneuvers.

Fighting Style

Wesker's fighting style is simple and effective. Constantly moving, even if only at a slow walk, and scanning his surroundings to keep eyes on his opponent(s) and not let them surprise him. A barrage of taunts and quips designed to aggravate his enemies and make them sloppy, or draw out responses and make them give themselves away. When he actually gets into fighting and direct combat, he capitalizes on his acrobatics and reflexes, delivering swift, single strikes while dodging retaliation. Goading out his opponents to strike and then counter them with brutal force. He is prone to dodging attacks over simply taking them, but isn't above simply taking an attack and laughing it off, to unnerve his opponents. Above all else, he enjoys making a show of his abilities and skills when in a fight.



Samurai Edge (300) (Requires: Ranged Proficiency)
[Image: rybS7fe.jpg]
A custom-made, and later personally customized model of the Beretta 92F 9mm handgun. It is a reliable, solid weapon, highly accurate out to a range of 25 yards and still reasonably effective out to twice that distance. It fires in a double-action, semi-auto manner, and can theoretically fire as fast as one can pull the trigger, though Wesker typically holds back to about one shot every second to ensure accuracy.

It can be fired one-handed or with both hands to further steady it, and the relatively low recoil means it can be fired and aimed effectively even while moving at a fairly swift walk or slow jog. It has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, and can be reloaded in just under two seconds provided a spare magazine is on hand. Typically, Wesker keeps two extra magazines on hand just in case of emergency. In the event of running out and still needing more in the heat of a fight, he can summon additional magazines with twelve seconds of focus.

Xehanort's Keyblade (300) (Requires: Physical Strength)
[Image: TUQ3taI.png]
A weapon Wesker forged and summoned based on memories and information gained upon his murder and subsequent extraction of Xehanort. A weapon whose form resembles an ornate skeleton key, featuring a black and white color scheme. The weapon is roughly three feet in length from the base of the grip to the end of the blade. It has no cutting edge, instead relying on magic to inflict damage, but is wielded much like a sword might, using the back of the key, the side away from the teeth, as the primary striking edge. It can be wielded neatly and easily in either hand, or in both hands, and is a moderately powerful weapon but has no special qualities about it. Wesker does not carry it on his person, but when needed it can be summoned to his hand in just one second, materializing in his grasp in a swirl of darkness and white sparks. Should it ever be separated from his grip for more than a few seconds, it dissipates in a similar display as its summoning.

Supernatural Abilities

Shadows (300) (Requires: Ranged, Homing)
[Image: 200px-Shadow_KHII.png]
Wesker takes roughly two seconds to concentrate and focus, during which time he can be easily interrupted with a solid enough counter attack and must remain mostly stationary (he can slowly walk, at most), before letting loose a spell to summon a pack of Shadow Heartless]. Over the next ten seconds, a patch of inky black darkness spreads over the ground from where he cast the summoning at, and twelve of the little creatures rise up from it. When they have risen, they will quickly scurry and swarm toward a target to attack and harass it. They are quite weak, and while they are capable of doing minor damage with their clawed smacks and swipes or by tackling someone, they can often be dealt with and defeated by a single solid hit from an opponent. Their primary purpose is to harry and distract a target more than anything. There is a mild fatigue cost for the summoning, and only one pack of the little pests can be in play at once; until they're all destroyed, another can't be summoned.

Blizzard (300) (Requires: Ranged)
Wesker holds up an empty hand, forming a jagged ball of ice ten inches in diameter, taking just one second to do so. When prepared, he throws it with considerable force and speed, comparable to a professional fastball (around 100 mph, for clarity). It has an effective range of up to 100 feet; anything it strikes in that range causes it to burst into a small cloud of icy powder and snow, inflicting moderate damage at its point of impact and leaving the area coated in frost; beyond the initial impact and damage it does nothing but leave the area somewhat cold for a few seconds. The simple nature of the spell leaves it relatively easy to maintain and use, with a fairly low stamina drain.

Super Moves


Power Ups/Transformations





The Arklay Mansion

[Image: lDLHa9B.jpg]


Situated within the Raccoon Forest, on the slopes of the Arklay Mountains, far to the south in the Palr Moors. An extremely isolated location, well away from much of anything, just the way its owner prefers it.

The mansion, named after the mountains on which it is situated -- and after the mountains the original form of it, the Spencer Mansion, on Wesker's own home world version of Earth, was located in -- is very large. It encompasses two full floors, as well as a fairly sizable attic and basement level. The contents have been changed slightly from their original configuration, moving away from the somewhat ostentatious and grand notions it once possessed.

The first floor contains most of the more mundane facilities of the mansion. A handful of guest rooms. A sizable library for storing various harmless information and general reading material. The kitchen and a rather large dining area. An interior courtyard and a small garden, in the center of which can be found a curtain fountain which houses the recall station for the base. Equipped with a motion sensor, whenever someone is detected within, as they return, a section of the curtain ceases its flow to allow exiting. When they have moved approximately ten feet away, flow resumes, hiding the device from casual sight.

The first floor also connects to an external garage, which houses a handful of vehicles as necessary for travel, as well as tools and equipment for maintaining, modifying and 'upgrading' them. It is connected to an adjoining small courtyard, most often covered when not in actual use, which features a helipad and the helicoptor which is the pride and joy of LONE WOLF, as well as the facilities necessary to perform maintenance and repairs, restock its ammunition or change its armaments as the situation dictates.

The first floor is also the location of the staff responsible for the upkeep and activity of the mansion, but not tasked with defending it. Those who oversee various cleaning and organizing tasks, preparing food and the like, as well as tending to any guests that arrive -- whether allowing them in in Wesker's absence, or alerting him to their presence if he should be present, along with arious and sundry mechanics, for tending to the needs of the mechanized means typically employed. A staff of eight such personnel are present.

Finally, the first floor connects to the adjoining lodgings and quarters for the mansion's security staff and other personnel. Space for approximately two dozen individuals, alternating shifts and patrols to keep the mansion constantly watched and defended. The quarters of the Delta Team are also located here, as well as lodgings for agent HUNK when he is not otherwise deployed.

Wesker's personal quarters are on the second level, along with his study and trophy room for storing items of interest or amusement to him, gathered during his exploits and trips out into the Omniverse as a whole. The remainder of the second floor is occupied with various other rooms, designed to be bedrooms and living quarters, each one featuring its own bathroom and ample space for storage. There are eight of them on the floor, intended to be used for any long-term allies, should Wesker make any in the future. The second floor is also home to a fairly sizable meeting room, for discussing and formulating plans and courses of action, with sufficient space to seat Wesker and up to twelve others at the central table.

The attic is mostly unremarkable. It covers nearly the same area as the lower floors, though exists mostly as storage, containing various goods and items for use by the staff of the mansion as needed. Though it does contain several smaller rooms which could be used as living areas or accomodations at need. The only oddity is a blocked and sealed off area, occupying nearly a third of the total attic space, with no visible way to get in from the attic itself. This is something of a private sanctum or lair for Wesker, containing a potent computer and communications system, allowing control of the automated portion of the mansion's defenses, as well as space for future...improvements and upgrades.

The basement houses many more facilities and empty space for further additions. As of now, it houses only basic facilities for imprisoning and detaining subjects, as well as medical facilities for non-critical treatment, and storage space for additional supplies as needed. Space is marked out for improvements and future installations at a later date.


[Image: KBJOB0S.png]

Given its lonesome placement, in an area known for being dangerous, it is quite well-defended and secured.

The first line of defense is a very minor one: simple wall and gate, constructed around the outer perimeter of the mansion's grounds, standing five meters in height. Heavily reinforced and sturdy, its metal construction means it would be incredibly difficult (though far from impossible) to break it down. It is electrified to prevent easy climbing, as well.

The next line of defense is one not immediately obvious: a combination of cameras and security monitoring, to ensure that most who encroach will be spotted swiftly, and the fifty-yard radius "no-man's land" around the mansion leading up to the wall. Completely open territory, with no cover or anything to hide behind. A hazardous approach to any unwanted guests, when combined with the next defensive implement.

A staff of trained and competent guards. Twenty-four are on standby at all times. One-third of this number is always present and active, at the ready to respond to threats, and the remainder can be swiftly roused and ready for combat. They are competent, equipped with effective combat gear -- body armor, an assault rifle and sidearm, and grenades. They have been specially trained to work as a team, and are an effective fighting force, though far from an insurmountable obstacle.

The remainder of defenses are more mundane. Every wall and door within the mansion is sturdily reinforced, making them difficult to break down or through. Most doors are likewise equipped with locks intended specifically to be highly difficult to try and pick or unlock without their proper key -- a throwback to the eccentricity of Spencer's original design. There are even a handful of moving walls, designed to block off hallways and passages and irritate and slow down, rather than stop, any unwanted guests. Every door and such hidden or movable wall in the mansion can be controlled remotely -- opened, closed, locked or unlocked -- from Wesker's primary control room.



[Image: latest?cb=20150302074753]

Real Name: Unknown
Secondary NPC. Expert all-around soldier. Exemplary survivor.

Formerly a special agent of the Umbrella Security Service, the operative known only as HUNK is an incredibly talented and loyal soldier, with such a knack for surviving missions — much more often than not as the only survivor — that it earned him the epithets of "the Grim Reaper" and "Mr. Death". Reputedly able to survive the impossible, and only failing a single mission (which ended up being a success in another way), he was a huge asset to the Umbrella corporation. HUNK was such a skilled operative, he was considered as good as an entire squad of even the highly-competent members of the Umbrella Security Service, and easily ranked as one of the corporation's top operatives and assets, his loyalty and success on a mission all but guaranteed. As a former employee of Umbrella, and especially of the security division, he was naturally within Wesker's command. He was inadvertently summoned to the Omniverse during Wesker's unconscious 'dream' following his defeat by Ada Wong.


[Image: MHF5azR.png]

Real Name: Unknown
Secondary NPC. Expert Pilot. Carrier of heavy weapons/super moves.

LONE WOLF was a pilot within the USS, and considered to be a pilot with legendary skills. Never once shot down, or even letting his craft sustain even moderate damage, and always scoring a success on retrieving or dropping off passengers or objectives. He worked alone, contributing to his name, and never had a co-pilot or an assistant to man the guns on any craft he piloted. Served as the usual pilot for dropping off Agent HUNK on his missions, and later the pilot for the USS Delta Team team "Wolfpack", as well.


[Image: UJo4Zsg.jpg]

Real Name: Karena LesProux
Secondary NPC. All-around soldier. Combat/Leadership expert.

A soldier elected to serve as the leader of the USS Delta Team. With her own codename, it was what lead to the team's designation as "Wolfpack". A skilled soldier and leader, adept at coordinating strategy and leading by example. Carries several differing types of customized ammunition and resources for bolstering combat strength, and is skilled in quick and effective entry and exit from a combat zone.


[Image: Drrfiy6.jpg]

Real Name: Christine Yamata
Secondary NPC. Science expert. Custom munitions/status inflictor.

A scientist, who joined in on the Wolfpack to be able to study her one true love, Virology, up close and personal. Despite her learned and bookish demeanor, she is still an effective combatant. She uses chemical warfare and customized injection guns to inflict negative effectts on opponents, and to guide and control various undead creatures which are brought into pl


[Image: UYJUzjy.jpg]

Real Name: Vladimir Bodrovski
Secondary NPC. Long-range reconaissance and security/tech expert. Designated unit marksman.

A man who was unnaturally gifted  at security work, and an intelligence technician. After his work for the Soviet Union collapsed, he eventually joined the USS, and put his surveillance skills to work there. His keen eyesight, reflexes and mental stability lead to him taking up a role as a marksman, putting his keen senses to work on analyzing things from long range and providing fire support when necessary. He is far from a slouch, but does prefer to stay at long range and out of direct combat.


[Image: CYCMDHh.jpg]

Real Name: Unknown
Secondary NPC. Stealth/Assassination expert. Skilled infiltrator. Knife wizard.

A man who was considered a superb operative for the USS, second only to their legendary ace, Agent HUNK. Personally trained in combat by Mr. Death, he was for a time in the same unit as his mentor, but eventually separated so they didn't have their two top assets in one unit. He employs advanced camouflage equipment and stealth tactics to move silently and unseen around battlefields, using silence weaponry and knives as his primary combat tools. His martial arts skills are also superb, allowing him to hold his own even when stealth fails him.


[Image: Xbk8hyr.jpg]

Real Name: Hector Hivers
Secondary NPC. Heavy weapons expert. Brute force specialist. Brings explosives.

Beltway is a former soldier who was discharged after his explosive shenanigans and jokes went too far. He is loud, boisterous, and crass, treating everyone to his unique (and sometimes life-threatening) sense of humor. Far from a gentle giant, he tends to throw his weight around and bring immense brute force to the table, along with his love for explosives of all types. He is not subtle, or quiet, but brings tremendous damage and destruction to the game when called in.


[Image: R8hDJCN.jpg]

Real Name: Michaela Schneider
Secondary NPC. Medical expert. Skilled interrogator/torturer.

Bertha was a former medic in the German army, who was fond of explaining in exact detail just how much pain her patients could expect to experience while undergoing her treatment. Despite that, her skills are unquestionable, and she found work with the USS "Wolfpack" team. She is skilled at keeping her teammates going through almost anything, and will not hesitate to put her knowledge of anatomy and biology to use to torment and torture information out of captives.


[Image: l8qDokG.jpg]

Real Name: Wolfhart Nessler
Secondary NPC. Doctor and scientist. Cybernetic genius. Skilled weapon designer.

Formerly a medical and science officer in the German army of an alternate earth. A long life saw him left with a broken body, but still a keen mind, and he vastly extended his lifespan with the addition of cybernetic and mechanical replacements for his failing body. A genius, responsible for creating and advancing countless applications and fields of development. Despite his bookish and learned demeanor, and the apparent frailty of his aging body, his cybernetic and mechanical components give him immense strength and resilience, along with concealing several weapons and tools to defend himself with alarming precision. Summoned to the Omniverse, he put his medical skills to use and settled into the town of Darkshire.


Player Primes

Ada Wong -- Overwhelmingly negative and hostile. Not the one that Wesker wanted to be greeted by upon his awakening, much less one who he could bear to be defeated by. Still...professionalism does have a place, even for someone he despises. And when business comes around, he may just have a use for her.


The Gorons -- Erring on the positive side of neutral. While their acceptance and friendship isn't wholly returned, Wesker does view them as a valuable tool in his future plans. The information and assistance he received from them was one of the few good things to come from his time in the Ashen Steppes.


NPC Name: Cerise Schwarzgrau

NPC Source: Original (Based in RWBY)

Character history:
Cerise is a huntress (in training). Along with a prospective member of certain....other organizations. Before that, she was trained in a grueling, but effective, means by her sole living family: her uncle, Mikado. His tutelage is the source of most of her combat experience and other skills, as well as most of the scarring and wounds she sports. His influence also explains the presence of her eyepatch: Mikado was born blind in one eye, and wore an eyepatch to cover his useless eye. When her own eye was damaged, Cerise opted to do the same.

She has lead....a somewhat complicated and unfortunate life. Most of it is beyond her and out of memory, the worst events happening before she could be aware enough to remember or even be truly sorry or sad about them. Her parents were both lost when she was very young, and it was some time before Mikado could be tracked down and agreed to take her in. That was where the sad parts of her story ended, and the more troubling and complicated parts began instead.

It was while she was unconscious, hospitalized after being caught on the wrong side of an apparent terrorist bombing, that she was picked out by Omni to be brought to the Omniverse...

Physical Description:
[Image: fbkxMl3.png]
Cerise is a rather diminutive person, standing in at only four foot five inches in height, even with the slight heel of her usual boots. Matching her short height, she is likewise incredibly slim and slight, actually being more than slightly underweight, and barely clocks in at 80 pounds, with all of her various equipment and clothes. Her hair is a light pink in color, and is long enough to mostly cover her eyes, though typically only covers her right one with her typical method of styling it. In the back, she has it tied into a simple braid, and it is long enough to reach the small of her back. Her eyes are a much darker shade of pink, and sport vertically slit pupils, much like a feline or reptile. Her right eye sports heavy scarring around it, and is noticeably lighter in color than her left, leading her to keep it covered with an eyepatch. Not typically seen, Cerise sports a pair of fangs very much likened to a snake, measuring approximately one and one half inches. Much like those of many vipers, they are capable of folding against the roof of her mouth when not in use; they are rarely seen, except when she is about to bite someone, or caught by surprise (in which case, yes, she does in fact hiss).

She typically wears a long black coat, reaching to ankle length and sporting long sleeves and a high collar. It almost seems just slightly too big for her. It is trimmed along every hem and edge in a dull brown-gold color. Under the coat, she wears simple, plain clothing in dark colors. Finishing the attire are a pair of white gloves, and knee-high boots. The interior of her coat contains numerous small pockets, pouches and holsters for storing her equipment and items. Over her right eye, she wears an eyepatch, completely covering it and obscuring not only the entire eye, but the entire eye socket as well. The band for it wraps around her head and is secured behind her head, though mostly kept out of sight under her hair, only visible around her face. At around her left temple, Cerise has a small hairpin in her hair, in the shape of a skull.

Cerise's outfit is designed to encourage perceiving her as frail and mostly harmless, and she cultivates matching body language and demeanor to go along with that, but underneath it all she sports a physique at odds with her small stature and apparently meek demanor. A surprising amount of scars and old wounds, mostly healed by time but still evident. And a well-toned frame, which suits her athletic and highly acrobatic form of combat, always on the move, quite well.

[Image: jDOFRPz.jpg]
[Image: 4V5kcHx.jpg]
Cerise has, quite literally, two sides to her personality. Not through any complicated means or trauma inflicted on her or anything so complex and distressing. Just careful manipulation and cultivation of a facade which she wears over her actual, inner thoughts and feelings. A lesson she learned by equal parts imitation of her Uncle, and carefully watching the reactions of those around her.

Externally, she seems little more than a quiet, somewhat shy and nervous, and very withdrawn individual. Timid and meek, always seeming to have trouble finding her proper words or having trouble not stumbling or stuttering over them, and she seems hesitant to actually voice any strong opinions or sentiments disagreeing with most anyone. Not to say she never does, especially when directly asked for her actual thoughts, but she will rarely volunteer such of her own volition. She likewise puts forth a strong desire to be helpful, and to succeed at any task set to her, however minor or major it might be. And one facet of this external mask that actually holds true, she is actually...very easily frightened or surprised. And quite oblivious to what might call common social cues, taking much longer to pick up on things that most might consider obvious. But she does have some backbone and courage, even in this seemingly frail and one step away from breaking facade. Actual danger, threats to herself or especially those she actually cares about (as few and far between as that number genuinely is), will get her quite angry. And in such times, it can be hard to completely prevent this carefully-constructed mask from slipping off. Such an act as this is most often reserved for those she has to actually spend any significant amount of time with, or wants to set an impression of harmlessness.

Behind that mask, she's quite different. Still relatively quiet and soft-spoken, but with a much more clear, concise manner of speaking and acting. Far more steady and composed, and she has no trouble saying exactly what need be said. She is quite cold and short, in fact, and doesn't waste words or actions. She is also much more prone to actually smile or properly emote, when she doesn't have to put up her timid facade, even if it is in something of a mocking, insincere or false way -- the type of smile where it's not genuine, it never really follows all the way through. It's quite the load off her shoulders and a relief when she doesn't have to worry about maintaining such a delicate balance of how she acts, after all. It is a subtle change, marked mostly by tone and how she carries herself more than anything, but quite stark compared to her usual apparent demeanor. Around those she has little reason to care about, or who she actively despises or has need to deal with in a negative manner, she most often drops pretenses of her meek and feeble self to let a little venom out and speak how she truly feels. No holding back her thoughts or opinions, and she will openly voice contradicting thoughts or opinions. Her drive to succeed and be useful -- not only that, but to succeed at any cost and be the best possible -- is stronger than ever now, and rather than something as benign as 'trying her best', she will actively work to twist and contort things into her favor, even if it means seriously hurting the chances -- or well-being -- of others in her way.

....even with all that, though. She's not heartless. Cold, highly practical and ruthless when she has to be, most definitely. She is detached and distant, only feigning attachment or some semblance of a relationship most times to foster trust. All born of some combination of a ruthless attitude thoroughly trained into her from day one of her training and education -- everyone is, at some extent, expendable. Actual attachment makes it harder to treat them as such. Years of bitterness, spite and carefully-measured isolation have instilled a very specific outlook which she struggles to fully understand and follow through on. She doesn't like it, but her own inner drive to succeed and be accepted by the last real family she had lead her to ignore her own misgivings and embrace it anyway.

That said, however...she is still young. And it's hard to maintain such a cold and distant outlook, and she has let her focus slip and actually grow genuinely fond of and attached to certain people before. They're gone now, for the most part, and not actually here, and that lack of any actual ties has only worsened the bitterness and spite that helps foster this negative, cold attitude. It's made her even more withdrawn and prone to cracking the timid facade she normally bears. And also a profound sense of sadness. She is even more cold and withdrawn, keeping her actual feelings under lock and key to prevent any further attachment. Professional and arms-length is how she prefers to keep interaction, and does everything in her power to make it so.

Other Character Notes:
Just a few other character notes about Cerise which might come in handy for interacting with her:
-- Not readily apparent, but Cerise is cold-blooded. One reason for keeping so much of her body so thoroughly covered, on top of the extra space to keep her equipment safely concealed; her coat, especially, is well insulated and regulated to keep her temperature mostly normal. To such an end, bare-skin contact tends to feel unnaturally cold or cool, not at normal human body temperature.
-- Her right eye, under the eyepatch, has actually been replaced with a cybernetic. It accounts for most of her keen analytical ability when judging opponents or targets and their abilities. If her eyepatch were ever removed, the eye even glows faintly in sufficiently dim lighting.
-- She is always quite soft spoken and relatively quiet. What most would consider as not quite as low as a whisper, but certainly speaking very softly, tends to be her normal speaking voice; typical conversational volume is most often her raising her voice. Only when absolutely necessary, as when trying to be heard over the noise of a fight or when she is in genuine distress, does she ever do anything approaching shout.
-- She has a strange sense of humor, mostly reserved for when she stops her act of being a frail and timid little thing. Most often jokes made in this state are at the expense of her current conversational partner.
-- She is always looking around and observing her surroundings, always. Searching for things of note, ways to quickly evacuate an area, things to use against someone in a chase or fight, or places she could hide.
-- When in a fight, she will rarely stay in one place for long. Always moving, slipping into and out of cover and darting around. She will almost never confront an opponent directly, preferring to keep on the move and make quick attacks from hiding, striking from behind or in a blind spot. When forced into more direct combat, she prefers to use any tool at her disposal to make an opening to get away.
-- She is not above using any trick in the book to turn things in her favor, if it comes down to it. Even dirty tricks. If it's effective, it doesn't matter. She doesn't have any qualms about doing whatever is necessary, even if that should happen to be amping up her pitiful, meek and timid persona. She's actually developed a talent for over-exaggerating injuries and pushing herself to the point of crying nigh instantly to facilitate such things. This even extends to things like using her own allies as a shield to avoid harm to herself.

Fighting/Combat Notes:
-- Cerise is, if nothing else, a seasoned combatant. Her young age hampers her actual battle experience somewhat, but her profession and what she trained for in her home world still give her far from insignificant skill.
-- She is tactical when she must fight, making use of the environment as much as she can. Whether to hide or slip out of sight, set an ambush, trip or push an opponent off a ledge, knock something from higher up down onto them, and anything else to gain an advantage.
-- Her forte is as a ranged fighter, using her pistols as a primary weapon. They are well suited even to usage in nearly melee range, and even when pressed into close combat she won't abandon them right away.
-- When she does switch away from her guns, she employs anything she can. She doesn't favor any other option strongly over another, instead relying on what would be most effective.
-- She is actually a capable fighter employing martial arts and unarmed combat when she must. She uses her small size and flexibility to her advantage to slip in close and around opponents, and whenever possible tries to use their own strength against them, especially against larger foes.
-- When resorting to using the blade of her huntress brace, she typically uses the buckler form of her rune circle technique in combination with it, in a sword and shield method.
-- While far from a coward, she won't hesitate to retreat or flee from a losing battle, using her various poisons and means to stun or slow down a target to do so.
-- Cerise takes a slow, methodical approach to combat for the most part. She tends to open with a fierce attack, usually some kind of quick barrage from her pistols, trying to quickly disorient or distract her target and slip out of sight, simultaneously observing how they react to it. She continues in this manner, switching up and varying her attacks to build a profile of how her target fights and reacts before adapting her own means to counter them and moving in for the kill.
-- Cerise will not hesitate to go for a killing blow if an opportunity presents itself.
-- She tends to focus on placing her attacks with intent to do damage as well as cause maximum pain, intending to wear her targets down, knowing she doesn't have the brute force to resort to the overwhelming firepower to simply batter them down with brute force in short order.

Stats: Stat Unlock I and II (3000 total)
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 6

Proficiencies: 3,600
-- Physical Strength (1,000)
-- Ranged (1,000)
-- Area Attack (600)
-- Debuff (1,000)

Powers: 8,000/8,000
-- Super Jumping (Basic) (300)
-- Master Acrobat (400)
-- Stealth (1,200)
-- Suppression (1,000)
-- Insight (1,600)
-- Foresight (1,500)
-- Fusion (Basic) (1,000)
-- Symbiosis (1,000)

Moves: 4,500

Enigma Lily -- 1,200 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Ranged, Debuff) -- Approval
A pair of pistols that serve as Cerise's primary weapons. They feature a handful of hidden and secondary features in addition to being firearms. At their most basic, they serve as reliable firearms, with a 12-round capacity and a fire rate of two rounds per second. Thanks to stabilizers and silencers built into the weapon, there is virtually no recoil to interrupt accuracy for continual fire, and the weapon is nearly completely silent. They fire energy bolts rather than bullets, which hit with a sharp concussive and burning impact, akin to a very small explosion (roughly two inches in diameter), and are effective to a range of 45 meters. The guns do not need to be reloaded, but after expending their ammunition capacity each one takes four seconds to recharge before it can be fired again. In addition to this effect, at close range -- within six feet -- the guns eject a burst of fire similar in shape and effect to a shotgun burst; it does moderate damage on top of the bullet, and spreads out to an effective diameter of 3 feet at its furthest point, but its range is minimal.

Alternately, rather than the incendiary burst effect, the guns may be switched to an alt-fire mode. In this mode, the weapon's ammunition capacity is dropped to only 8 rounds, its fire rate to one round per second, its effective range to 30 meters, and its recharge time increase to 6 seconds when depleted. To compensate, the guns now fire concentrated beams of energy, roughly a foot long and two inches in diameter per shot. They hit with the same burning, mildly explosive impact as the bullets, but deliver far more impact and tend to bore and tear through or into targets before detonating in their small blast.

The secondary effect of the weapons is the ability to transition to an alternate form. A flick of a catch on the weapon, and the barrel of the gun flips vertical with the grip, into a straight mass not unlike the hilt of a bladed weapon. After this, it projects a beam of energy which coils into a long cord, approximately twelve feet long, and functions as a whip. It is effective as a weapon and as a tool, for any purpose a regular whip of comparable length might serve, and strikes with a cutting/slashing impact and the same burning sensation as the gun's bullets. Transitioning to or from one form to another takes approximately two seconds -- per weapon, if she opts to change both of them.

The weapon's final feature is the ability to charge energy into its whip form, taking five seconds to build up requisite charge. This charge cannot be interrupted by losing focus or taking damage, as it requires simply holding down a trigger to gather and hold the charge, but if she is hit hard enough or disarmed then the charge can be lost. When sufficiently energized, the whip's next strike will deliver a serious jolt of electricity, inflicting much more damage than usual and leaving the target in question stunned and paralyzed for several seconds (10 seconds, minus one second for every point over Cerise's ATK her opponent has in DEF); the time of effect is divided in half, first being completely paralyzed then simply stunned and sluggish in movement. The charging effect does temporarily overload the weapon, meaning it cannot be charged again for approximately twenty seconds after use. It should be noted, the energy to overcharge the whip in such a manner has to come from somewhere -- in this instance, directly from her, making it have a noticeably tiring effect on her even with just one use, which only gets progressively worse. This limits the number of times it can be used, but also restricts it to being used with only one whip at a time; trying to use it with both would drain too much energy too quickly and weaken her grip, losing the charge in both.

Huntress Brace -- 2,100 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Ranged, Area Attack, Debuff) -- Approval
A weapon worn on Cerise's left wrist. It serves as an armored bracer, and her primary defensive implement for blocking attacks she cannot avoid. Beyond that, it features two weapons built into it: a blade and small crossbow. Both weapons are hidden and concealed within the bracer when not actively deployed and in use, making them hard to spot or notice at first glance and well-suited to surprise attacks against unwary foes. Only one may be in use at a time, and deploying either one, or concealing it again takes one second -- thus, switching from one to the other would take two seconds.

The blade is unremarkable, being fifteen inches in length when deployed. Suited well enough for slashing and thrusting attacks, it is sturdy enough to be used to block some attacks as well. It features a groove down the center, which can be used to contain poison. This poison, when in use, coats the blade in a liquid sheen which shimmers faintly purple, heralding its presence for anyone observant enough. When struck by this poison, it delivers no effects right away. The effects take five seconds to manifest, at which point they will be subjected to excruciating pain throughout their entire body, akin to having their blood on fire. The actual damage inflicted by this poison is minimal, but the effects can severely debilitate and hamper a struck target's combat performance. The effects last for fifteen seconds, with tougher targets able to shrug it off quicker (effects last one less second per point of DEF target has more than Cerise's ATK). The poison takes five seconds to properly apply, and only remains viable for fifteen seconds when applied before vaporizing; within that window, it is only good for one strike. The poison in question is actually venom, from Cerise's own fangs, and so her supply of it is technically limitless -- though she only carries two doses of it for quick application at any given time, and acquiring enough to coat the blade if those two are used would take nearly thirty seconds.

The blade also features a powerful mechanism allowing it to be driven out of its concealment with extreme force, enabling it to deliver an extremely powerful strike. Usually employed on heavily-armored or protected targets to crack through said defenses, or simply to deliver a heavy wound. It is unwieldy and requires precise lining up for optimal damage, limiting its use to circumstantial ones against paralyzed or incapacitated targets, or from stealth or surprise. It takes time to prepare and properly pressurize the blade for this shield-cracking strike, usually much more time than can be spared during the fray of combat, limiting it to one use per battle in most cases. If by some miracle she can find a suitable hiding place to work on it, it takes 45 seconds to properly pressurize and ready the blade for this strike.

The crossbow on the weapon is fairly unremarkable, save for its ability to hold more than one bolt at a time. It holds up to six bolts in a revolver-esque cylinder within the armored bracing, and the cylinder can be rotated to select a specific bolt to fire. When fully loaded, it is capable of firing one bolt per second, and can be fully loaded again at a rate of four seconds per bolt, though only requires one bolt to be loaded in order to fire. It is a completely silent weapon, and while its effective range is only 20 meters, it can be equipped to fire a range of different types of ammunition for specialized effects:
-- Standard bolts, typical of a crossbow. They inflict moderate damage, but have no special effects. Cerise carries 18 such bolts at any given time.
-- Smoke bolts, which release a cloud of thick, obscuring smoke on impact. Smoke cloud bursts into a three-meter radius area, restricting sight to just a few feet at best. The cloud will begin to disperse after roughly ten seconds, and be gone entirely by fifteen seconds. Cerise carries only 3 such bolts at any given time.
-- Explosive bolts, which explode in a powerful blast two meters in radius. It is purely concussive in nature, and features minimal shrapnel or debris save for what is blown apart by the explosion itself, but does serve to hurl targets in its range away, and inflict a painful ringing in the ears of those too near to the blast. With a direct hit, the target can be knocked flying up to three meters, that distance diminishing rapidly as they near the edge of the explosive effect. Cerise carries only one such bolt at a time.-- Grapple bolts, which feature a sturdy cord attached to the bolt, and a clawed head which latches onto whatever the bolt hits; the claws are sturdy and powerful enough to dig into even stone and secure a hold. Once attached, it can be used to try and pull a target off balance, off a cliff, or to tie them up. Of course...it could also be used to pull Cerise around by a stronger foe. It has other uses, such as anything a regular grappling hook might be used for, and helping her scale walls, traverse wide gaps or save herself from a long fall. Cerise carries 6 of these bolts at a time.

Rune Circle -- 600 OM -- Approval
Cerise quickly traces a small circle in the air, which glows purple and solidifies into a ring of runic symbols, roughly a foot in diameter, which slowly spins. When formed, it settles into place on the back of her left wrist, much like a buckler shield might, and can be used as such, with the interior of the circle being solid to anything save for Cerise and her own weapons. The shield takes two seconds to form up, and will last indefinitely until dismissed, taking no energy to maintain it once summoned, though the initial summoning does have a mild energy drain. It cannot be disarmed or removed from her person, unlike a normal shield, though can be broken with a powerful enough strike, or repeated blows; it is more suited to warding off and deflecting or parrying attacks than outright blocking them.

Alternately, she can quick-summon the shield in a fraction of a second, doing so in a flash of purple light. When done in such a manner, the shield only lasts for two seconds, hovering a few inches from her outstretched fingertips before fading. The energy cost is somewhat higher than the normal usage, but serves as a good snap-defense to take some bite out of sudden attacks.

Snakebite -- 300 OM (Requires: Physical Strength, Debuff) -- Approval
Being a snake faunus, Cerise possesses a set of fangs in her mouth, perfectly suited to biting and piercing any unfortunate targets she can manage to get ahold of. She is also, as it turns out, a venomous snake. The same venom is used to coat the blade in her Huntress Brace, though when delivered by a bite it is much more potent, as it is fresh from the source. Preparing to deliver a bite takes two seconds to ready her fangs and get the venom ready to flow before she can strike and make the bite attempt. Should she manage to successfully bite a target, the poison is injected and takes effect nearly immediately. Initially there will pain, as associated with a bite, then over two seconds, during which Cerise must maintain the bite to fully inject the venom, it will rapidly start to burn and agonizing pain will spread and radiate from the bite wound, and within three further seconds it will spread throughout a foe's body. Thereafter, for the next twenty seconds, the target will be subjected to immense, crippling pain and agony; the more pure, potent venom will even do actual damage to their body, though the amount of pain makes it seem like much more damage than it actually is. For all its virulence and potency, however, the venom runs its course quickly, and for every point of DEF the target has greater than Cerise's ATK, it will subtract two seconds from the duration of the poisoning. Owing to a multitude of factors -- the time it takes to build up the venom (nearly two minutes between bites), her small size and the difficulty it imposes of actually biting a, let alone one who is aware of the venom -- it is only easily usable once in a battle.

Poison Spit -- 300 (Requires: Ranged, Debuff) -- Approval
A trick Cerise developed as a surprise attack. Rather than biting to inject her venom, she can opt to spit it at a target. The preparatory period remains similar as for an actual bite; three seconds to ready her fangs and dispense the venom into a suitable mouthful for spitting. While less effective at crippling them, it is much easier to use effectively, and uses less of the venom at once. A suitable amount can be gathered and spat every 30 seconds; it can reach up to 20 feet, at about the speed of a high-pressure water pistol, or about half the speed of an arrow, before spreading into a (relatively) harmless mist and losing effectiveness. Within that range, it will be as if getting splashed with acid or something else highly caustic. It will cause immense pain, and temporary blindness if it strikes the eyes. These effects last for five seconds upon exposure, minus one second for each point of DEF a target has more than Cerise's ATK.

Transformations: 1000

T1 Power Up: Flower Shroud -- 1000 OM -- Approval

Visually marked at first by the image of a flower taking shape over the small skull pendant Cerise has pinned in her hair. It glimmers and sparkles in hues of deep purple and lighter flecks of pink, like some sort of crystal. Moments after it appears, thick curtains of shadow, tinged with an edged in brightly glowing purple and shot through with patches of pale blue and white, spring up around her, sweeping around in obscuring patterns from her knee level down. Careful observation may spot the occasional form of flower petals in the shifting curtains of shadow. It marks an increased expenditure of energy for a matching increase in power, improving her strength and movement abilities markedly, and the dense output of energy serving as a mild cushion and shield to protect her at the same time.

ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2
TEC: +0

Super Moves: 1200

T1 Super Attack: Black Hunt -- 600 OM (Requires: Ranged, Area Attack) -- Approval

Cerise holds up her left arm, focusing and gathering energy into it. As she does so, the same crystalline flower marking and curtains of dark energy from Flower Shroud spring up around her. The required energy takes three seconds to gather, into a mostly transparent orb hovering several inches over her upraised palm. The orb in question pulses with shades of the same deep purple and pale blue as the aura around her, and distorts air and light around it. When gathered, she then throws the orb of energy at her target, which results in a backwash of energy that blows away the aura around her and makes a deep, reverberating bass rumble. The orb will zip across ground toward its target, moving at speeds comparable to a bullet. Upon reaching its destination, traveling up to 100 meters, or on impact with anything, it explodes in a blast 10 meters in diameter, with a dull rumble that deafens as much as it destroys anything caught within its range and leaves only a perfectly smooth, glassy crater in its wake. It is a powerful attack, certainly, though a heavily draining (SP cost) and fairly linear one.

T1 Super Defense: Lore Wall -- 600 OM -- Approval

A more powerful variation on Rune Circle, Cerise traces a ring in the air, approximately two feet in diameter, which glows faintly with a pale pink hue. After a second, it solidifies into a spinning circle of runic symbols, which hovers six inches from her fingertips, centered on her hand. The center of the circle acts as a powerful vacuum-like effect, drawing attacks in and nullifying them. It is capable of absorbing any number of weaker attacks, or one powerful attack, before the power used to create it runs out. It can be held for up to 30 seconds, or until it has absorbed enough punishment to collapse.

Items: 200
-- Communicator (200)

Spent OM: 21,800
Level: 5

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