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Aloysius Koehler

[Image: tEwdb0K.png]
Name: Aloysius Koehler
Spent OM: 7300
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2000); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (2500/8000); Burst Movement (800), Super Speed (1000), Super Jump - Basic (300), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (1500); Tentai Hono (300), Sutakira (300), Seele Schneider (900)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items (300); Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200)
Artefacts: None
Unlocks (1000); +1 Attack Stat Unlock (1000)
Base Stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 2

[Image: HHgpG4v.png]
Name: Aloysius Koehler
Nickname: Cole
Universe of Origin: Bleach
Race: Human (Quincy)

Age: 22
Height: 6’1” (1.85 meters)
Weight: 174 lbs (78 kg)
Build: Slim, Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Caucasian

Music Themes:
Normal Theme
Combat 1
Combat 2
Boss Battle

Cole is a dedicated individual, submitting himself fully to the ideals of the Quincy, or what he believes those ideals are. The protection of the innocent and unarmed are paramount, the destruction of hostile influences and dark powers is always required, and you cannot let anything bar your path, friend or foe.

Though despite this creed, Cole is the opposite of harsh, and is rather naïve and trusting, often to a fault. He is reckless and often is willing to put everything on the line to protect a total stranger he doesn’t even know the name of. He can be shy at times, and some of his social anxiety can spring up when trying to hold a conversation, but he has put in effort to try and quell his awkwardness. He can come off as a bit rude, at times, never really addressing those in position properly and sometimes forgetting his manners, but he has the best of intentions and an iron resolve. He never backs down or surrenders and always fights to the bitter end.

Combat Style:
Cole relies on blindingly fast movements and his agility to outflank his enemies, striking at weakpoints and any opportunity he can manage to spot. His abilities focus on piercing an enemy’s defenses and burning them alive, cooking them within their armor if necessary. His combat style is more brutal and direct than his personality might have you believe. When in a fight, he seldom holds back.


Combat Stats:
  • ATK - 4
  • DEF - 1
  • SPD - 4
  • TEC - 2
  • Ranged Combat Proficiency
  • Physical Strength Proficiency
Current Inventory:
  • N/A

Acquired Powers:
Ausweichen (Evade): Burst Movement
Cole was well known for his agility in combat before arriving in the Omniverse. Ausweichen was a more concentrated version of Hirenkyaku, and was capable of competing with the Shinigami Shunpo. Cole could focus spiritual energy into his arms and legs to allow for sudden, split-second movements at speeds greater than what Hirenkyaku allowed, but across much shorter distances. Since coming to the Omniverse, this ability allows him to move at twice his speed in 1-second bursts, adding some limitations but ultimately changing very little.

Hirenyaku: Super Speed
Hirenkyaku is a Quincy technique where the user focuses spiritual energy to right beneath their feet to carry them forwards or backwards at speeds faster than the human body could normally manage. Since coming to the Omniverse, this ability has increased in potency, but also forces Cole into a straight-line when not utilizing Ausweichen for quick-turning maneuvers. At best, using either ability, Cole is only capable of going at twice his normal speed.

Super Jump – Basic
Super Jumping allows characters to transcend humanity's natural leaping limitations. Not only can those with Super Jumping jump higher, but they can also 'double jump' by kicking off vertical surfaces. Cole can manage jumping up to ten meters.

Master Acrobat
Allows you to perform handstands, flips and cartwheels with ease, even while attacking or defending.

Acquired Moves:
Quincy Bow: Tentai Hono
(300 OM) (Requires Ranged Proficiency)
When active, Cole gains twin, long-barreled magnums in either hand which appear to be made of spiritual energy at first before solidifying. On the handle of each magnum lies a loop with a chain running through it, which spirals along Cole's arms and then ends in his back, embedded into his skin. The chains seem to pulse with energy. The tattoo that adorns Cole's skin begins to glow a fiery red, as a dim aura of fire envelopes him. Each of the magnums has a unique reticule, taking the shape of the Quincy Crosses that Cole used, one a Grapevine cross that belongs to Cole, and the other a Coptic Cross that belongs to his Great Grandfather.

Cole requires two seconds to fully materialize the magnums and use them, but he need not be stationary to do so, as it only requires a moderate amount of focus. However, he requires the two Quincy Crosses on his person to materialize this weapon. The two magnums have a combined fire rate of twenty rounds per second (ten rounds per second for each magnum), and have a sustained firing period of five seconds before requiring Cole to reload. The magnums fire normal-sized bullets that travel at roughly the same speed as one, but each bullet has a fiery effect to them, applying a burning effect upon contact. The burning effect does not last longer than a split second.

For Cole to reload his magnums, he need only draw in ambient energy for two seconds, requiring only a moderate amount of focus to do so. If a magnum is destroyed or knocked out of his hand, it dematerializes, as the chain that connects the magnum can be broken easily. The chains are made of spiritual energy, and do not function like normal chains, and cutting them may disrupt the flow of energy into the magnums, forcing Cole to reload the affected weapon. If one of the guns is destroyed, it may be rematerialized for an appropriate amount of time and concentration (1 second per magnum).

Most of Cole's abilities will require the activation of his Quincy Bow.

(300 OM) (Requires Ranged Proficiency and Quincy Bow: Tentai Hono)
Via concentrating energy into both magnums, Cole is capable of firing thin, but potent beams of fiery energy. They are fast, bright, and quite loud, emanating a deafeningly loud shrieking noise when fired. The ability requires five seconds to charge, in which time Cole may not fire, but can continue moving. If he utilizes powers that require a degree of focus, the charge time is delayed by a couple seconds longer. Upon completion of this charge time, the twin magnums may fire up to four beams, two each, at Cole's discretion. Cole may also continue firing as normal with his guns, but will have to recharge upon the use of all four beams. He may not gain additional use by overcharging this ability, and once the last beam is fired, he must wait fifteen seconds before charging up again. The effective recasting time is therefore 20 seconds in total.

The beams themselves are small and thin, being roughly two centimeters in diameter, but are lethal due to their piercing effect, capable of punching through some objects and weak defenses on their way to the target. Upon impact, the beams cause flame to erupt in a four centimeter radius around and inside the wound, causing flames to burn the target alongside the kinetic force inflicted by the impact. The flames last no longer than a moment before dissipating. Once it impacts the intended target, or a person at all, it will not continue through them. The beam travels at the speed of a bullet, and Cole may not fire two beams at the same time, they must be fired in succession. If the beam meets stiffer defenses or obstacles, it may simply fizzle out before making its way through them, therefore nullifying it. If one of the firearms is destroyed, any unused beam charges stored in that particular gun are also lost.

Seele Schneider
(900 OM) (Requires Physical and Ranged Proficiencies)
A Quincy weapon of considerable potency, it drains the spiritual energy in the atmosphere to form a blade that oscillates rapidly, akin to a chainsaw, making it effective in slicing through other objects and energy-based attacks with an ease relative to their size and composition. The denser the attack or object, the more difficult it is to cut through. Thus, it is only effective against weaker attacks and defenses.

Cole’s version of the weapon differs from the norm, as he altered its design to make it compatible with his Quincy bow. While its base form and sword form are similar, it being a thin, long hilt with a hook at the end with no guard on top, from where the long, thin, straight, 60 cm double-edged blade is emitted from. The hilt takes a moment to materialize, with the blade then taking an additional three seconds to fully form, but doing so only requires a moderate amount of focus, permitting movement in an intense battle.

The weapon features a passive charge-up as it is active in its blade form, over time gathering energy for a singular purpose. Unlike the original, its charge-up does not gain boosts for cutting through enemy attacks. Overall, it takes a minute for it to be ready. If the energy blade is destroyed, its charge-up is paused until the blade can be reformed, taking the same amount of time as before. If the hilt is destroyed, however, the whole charge is lost.

As the blade charges, Cole is unable to draw upon energy around him as easily to reload or charge up attacks. Other techniques requiring such, such as Sutakira, are flat out unusable. Meanwhile, the reload time on his Quincy Bow is doubled, effectively reducing its fire rate. Furthermore, if one of them is destroyed, it requires double the time to rematerialize it. Not to even mention that he’s reduced to one, given that he needs a free-hand for the sword.

When fully charged, Cole may use other techniques once again. Furthermore, he can transform the blade and hilt into an iridescent bullet of energy, load it into one of his magnums, and fire it. The resulting attack is highly potent compared to Cole’s normal bolts, creating a round that soars through the air, cutting through obstacles and weak defenses with ease due to the bullet retaining the chainsaw aura of the blade it was born from, until it hits the target with heavy force. The bullet itself does not track nor shift in its flightpath, and travels at the same speed as a normal bullet, just with a more potent punch.

The Seele Schneider will be a requirement for future moves that alter its functionality.

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