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Ice Bear

Name: Ice Bear
Spent OM: 5400
Consumed OM: 300 (Items)
Proficiencies (2000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Debuff (1000)
Powers (1800/8000); Master Acrobat (400), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400)
Moves (900); Fire Axe (300), Claw Attack (300), Fire Extinguisher (300)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3


Fire Axe (300) (requires Physical Strength proficiency)
[Image: move_fireaxe.jpg]
A large fireman's axe, roughly three and a half feet in length with a red and silver head. With Ice Bear's strength, it can be a deadly and efficient weapon.

Claw Attack (300) (requires Physical Strength proficiency)
[Image: move_claw.jpg]
His furry claws can extend out, creating razor sharp edges that can cut through flesh and certain materials like cardboard boxes.

Fire Extinguisher (300) (requires Debuff and Ranged proficiencies)
[Image: move_fireextinguisher.jpg]
[rough approximation, better pic will come later]

Ice Bear has a red and silver fire extinguisher with a black handle and silver locking pin.

It can blind enemies temporarily and put out fires in one sweep.

However, it needs to be prepped first by releasing a safety pin, clicking a grip mechanism and holding it down using another paw to 'guide' the spray tube.

It has enough to spray continuously for 30 seconds tops before running empty.

It's also not endless, it needs to be shaken to refill, which takes 2 minutes to refill completely to the top from empty.

It also has a range of about 3-4 feet, but the closer to a target, the more efficient it is.

It should not be overused, as the gas from the fire extinguisher can be noxious to organic creatures, especially humans.

Starting Proficiencies:
Physical Strength (1000)
Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Starting Powers:
Master Acrobat (400)
Basic Enhanced Senses (1400)

Purchased Proficiencies:
Debuff Proficiency (1000)

History/Backstory and Personality
[Image: Ice_bear.png]
Ice Bear lives in a cave house with two of his brothers - Panda and Grizz.

He was raised as a cub by a Soviet Russian explorer named Yuri, and was taught how to read in both Russian and English, as well as being taught self defence and hunting tactics, and learned other survival skills. After nearly being poached, Yuri and Ice Bear got separated and Ice Bear hasn't seen Yuri since.

Since then, he met Panda and Grizz and the three have stuck by each other since.

Ice Bear has certain mannerisms that make him stand out. He refers to himself in the third person almost all the time, and tends to be very quiet, only speaking when necessary. However, as shown in several shorts, Ice Bear actually can speak quite a bit if the situation calls for it. Even with his best human friend, Chloe, he sometimes has trouble communicating.

Ice Bear's trusty fire axe is his primary weapon, but he also can use sheer brute force. So where he might be lackluster in communication, he makes up for in his determination and his fighting abilities. He also is a very good cook, knowing many different culinary dishes from around the world. He's also good at computers and technology, albiet his stuff often backfires on him.

He has many dislikes, for instance he does not like to be bothered in his alone time, nor does he like butts - be it the body part or people being butts. Ice Bear also prefers the cold, and not humid and hot climates. He sleeps in a freezer at the cave house.

Ice Bear File Photos

[Image: IceBearFilePhoto0.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto1.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto2.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto3.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto4.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto5.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto7.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto8.jpg]
[Image: IceBearFilePhoto9.jpg]

Recent Purchases:

Fire Extinguisher Move (300 OM) [link to purchase] [link to approval]
Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM) [link to purchase]

Non-Original Secondaries:
[Image: Panda_png.png] [Image: GRIZZLY_GOD.png]
Panda and Grizz - Ice Bear's Brothers. Panda's a shy social media and tech geek (and artist, albiet his quality is subjective). Grizz is an outgoing, eager, try anything kind of bear.

Recurring Original Secondaries:
Rina - Ice Bear's ninja friend. A cheerful, poofy-pink haired girl who lives in Mokugakure, but might move to Ambrosia as she's less into fighting and more into more passive ways of changing lives.

Dan and Bob - the bear couple that lives across the way from the brother's cave. They're friendly, outgoing, but also rather conservative in their views, despite being a bear couple. And yeah, I created them just for the pun, but I want them to be fleshed out. Dan is a bodybuilder trainer, and Bob is a sports fan who'd someday want to be a sports commentator.

Charles - a chipmunk who doesn't have a high pitched voice. Manager of the Cavern Grotto.

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