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Dark Link

Name: Dark Link
Level: 5
Spent OM: 12150
Proficiencies: (2600); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (3900); Master Acrobat (400), Foresight (1500), Survival (2000)
Moves: (1200); Dark Master Sword (300), Spin Attack (300), Hylian Shield (300), Hookshot (300)
Super Moves:
Items: (300); Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200), Medal!
Consumed OM: (150); Fairy Bow (150)
Bases: (1000); Apartment (Coruscant/Tier 2)
Unlocks: (3000); First Stat Increase (1000), Second Stat Increase (2000)
Base stats:
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 3
  • SPD: 3
  • TEC: 3
[Image: LsiSHXa.png]
"To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. "
- Carl Gustav Jung

Ezrihel Wrote:I'm so glad DL linked it

[Image: B15FkO0.jpg]

(Outdated, update pending)

- Dark Master Sword - While lacking the divine powers of the original, this long one-handed sword is nevertheless as sharp and sturdy as the weapon it imitates.
-- Spin Attack - A special sword technique. By focusing his strength within his sword hand for a few seconds, the user can unleash a powerful strike that hits everything around him within sword's reach. It is ideal for keeping (multiple) opponents at bay.

- Hylian Shield - A darker coloured version of the shield carried by the Knights of Hyrule. It protects the bearer from physical and magical attacks alike.

- Hookshot - A special contraption with which a user can fire a hook into the distance. The handle is strong enough that, if the hook manages to latch onto something, the user can pull himself to that location. This makes it useful for crossing gaps or climbing.


Deep within the depths of Lake Hylia lies the Water Temple, a holy place where the water spirits are worshipped. Protected by the aquatic Zora for centuries, it was nevertheless one day occupied by Morpha, a giant amoeba created by the warlock Ganondorf. Its sheer presence cursed the Water Temple as well as the domain where the Zora lived, causing the latter to start freezing over. Wishing to save the Zora from Ganondorf's evil magic, the young hero Link descended into the depths of the lake in order to vanquish Morpha and break the curse.

The boy faced many enemies and perils within the sunken temple, but one of his greatest challenges came when he encountered an enchanted chamber. Unlike some of the other obstacles he dealt with, this was not the work of Ganondorf or his minion Morpha; the original builders of the structure cast a powerful spell inside it in order to protect the temple's treasures. But even this arcane trap was not immune to the influence of the vile curse that was emanating from the warlock's creature; the exposure to it had twisted the spell, making it even stronger and deadlier.

As Link entered the chamber, the trap was sprung and the long dormant powers were set into motion. After attempting to use the other entrance, the boy wanted to explore other options when a shadowy figure with a shape identical to his appeared in the middle of the room. When he approached it, the figure attacked him and a long and intense battle ensued. It was a difficult encounter for the hero as the doppelgänger responded perfectly to his every move. Worse still, as time passed on, the spell managed to copy more and more of Link's knowledge, memories and instincts and transfer them to his dark counterpart. This helped give the figure an increasingly solid form and also made it increasingly aggressive.

But due to the shadow magic it was mixed with, the spell also managed to do something that not even the original casters were able to anticipate. In the transfer
process, the spell somehow managed to extract a very small part of Link's soul, his life essence, and integrate it into the copy. For the briefest of moments, the
figure wasn't just a mirror image, but a consciousness....a life. But this came to an end when Link finally managed to overcome his foe. When he dealt his proverbial shadow the killing blow, the spell was broken and the way ahead made clear. That was the end of it.....That should have been the end of it.

However, the entire ordeal was observed by an omnipotent being, which noticed this accidental creation. For reasons unknown, rather than letting it disperse
into nothingness, it transported the entire mixture of arcane and spiritual powers into his domain. There, it over time reformed back into the shadowy figure it was before. Its exposure to Omnilium even helped it become an actual being with a body and a very human-like appearance that was similar to Link's. But while its physical characteristics were enhanced, the reforming process within the Nexus affected its mental capacities in unusual ways. Not only did this "dark" Link have no recollection of the battle in which he came to be, he also could not speak and various images and sounds would appear in his head, some containing very different and even conflicting information.

The all powerful being presented itself as Omni and welcomed the new arrival the same way he welcomed anyone else. But this new Link was like a newborn child, He knew nothing of who or what he was, where he was, what was going on...and what those images and sounds that randomly appeared in his head were.




[Image: LsiSHXa.png]
"To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. "
- Carl Gustav Jung

Ezrihel Wrote:I'm so glad DL linked it

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