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Proto Man

Name: Proto Man

Spent OM: 75100

Powers: (15600/16000) Master Super Jumping (800), Flight (1000) Master Acrobat (400), Survival (2000), Insight (1600), Suppression (1000), Advanced Regeneration (1800), Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Advanced Fusion (1200), Mimic (2800), Symbiosis (1000)
Proficiencies: (5200) Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Shield (400), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Homing Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600)
Moves: (6600) Proto Buster (Standard, Charged, Assault, Rapid Charge, Shotgun, Laser, and Homing Modes - 2100), Proto Sword (300), Proto Shield (300), Atomic Fire (300), Leaf Shield (300), Search Snake (300), Fire (Storm) n' Ice (Slasher) (600), Rolling Cutter (300), Ea (600), Ferromagnetic Manipulation (900), Rocket Punch (300), Sword of Heroes (300)

Super Moves (5400): Finish Buster (Tier 1 Super Attack - 600), Mega Bomb (Tier 2 Super Attack - 800), Thunder Blast (Tier 1 Super Attack - 600), Desperation Shield (Tier 1 Super Defense - 600), Desperation Shield (Tier 2 Super Defense - 800), Shield of the Hero (Tier 3 Super Defense - 1000), Ultra Hyper Finish Buster Deluxe (Tier 3 Super Attack - 1000)
Transformations (8500): System Upgrade (Tier 1 Power Up - 1000), Overclock (Tier 2 Power Up - 1500), Rush Adapter (Tier 2 Powered Up Form - 1500), Champion of Heroes (Alternate Form - 2000), The Prodigal Son (Tier 3 Powered Up Form - 2500)
Assists (4000): Rush (Tier 1 - 1000 / Tier 2 - 1500), Guts Man (Tier 2 - 1500)

Items: Vita Compass, Mobile Dataverse Link, Communicator, Banishment Circle (x3), Tarrasque Carapace Piece, Emblem of Darkshire, Isolation Verse, Starman, Tears of Nippur (x1 - +3 SP), Senzu Bean, Soldier Pill, Warp Whistle
Artefact: Shard of the Warlock
Bases: Coruscant, Tier Six (Recall + Dataverse Uplink)
Unlocks (22000): Stat Upgrade III (7000), Tier 2 Powers Cap (5000), Power Up Boost I (10000)

Consumed OM: 7800 = Base (3000), Items (4800)
Used: Banishment Circle (1)

Base Stats (Tier 1) [Tier 2]
ATK: 6 (8) [11]
DEF: 2 (4) [3]
SPD: 3 (3) [4]
TEC: 2 (3) [5]

Champion of Heroes (Alternate Form)
ATK: 3 (5) [8]
DEF: 5 (7) [6]
SPD: 3 (3) [4]
TEC: 2 (3) [5]

Rush Adapter Stats (Tier 2)
ATK: 8
DEF: 5
SPD: 5
TEC: 4

The Prodigal Son (Tier 3)
ATK: 18
DEF: 6
SPD: 6
TEC: 7
[Image: proto.jpg][Image: DAHost.png]
Dante's Abyss 2015

[Image: Proto_Man_MM10.png]
Name: Proto Man (DLN-0000)

Other Names: Blues

Hair: Brown
Eyes: ROFL, only fools don't have sunglasses
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 175lbs (He has a metal skeleton, after all)

Abilities Overview:
While he wasn't originally designed for combat, Proto Man learned how to survive and fight during the years he wandered the planet alone. He was retrofitted with offensive systems after Dr. Wily found him and repaired the faults in his power core. As an android, Proto Man has augmented reflexes, strength, and durability, especially considering his figure is that of a preteen. Furthermore, the fact that he is technically a computer means he doesn't experience pain in the normal sense nor does blood loss, grievous wounds, or severed limbs impair his performance. Proto Man also does not require air, food, or water, nor is he affected adversely by negative environments (like anomalous pressure or temperature).


Attack: 6
Proto Man's power core is faulty, and while the lethal aspect of this design error has been removed, the android's central processor is still more than capable of operating well above its normal limitations. This means that Proto Man's buster-based weaponry is immensely powerful. In the same vein, his physical strength surpasses that of Guts Man, a Robot Master designed solely to lift and throw construction equipment. This tiny metal body packs a vicious punch.

Defense: 2
Proto Man's ceramic titanium endoskeleton allows him to take more of a beating than any purely organic life form, and when you couple this with his ability to endure otherwise lethal injuries (wounds to the 'brain' or 'heart', Proto Man is a durable fellow. There's room for improvement, as later designs of Robot Masters were made with more effective internal plating.

Speed: 2
Proto Man is fast... at least when compared to a human preteen. Despite his size and somewhat awkward proportions, he has very good reflexes, and when you couple this with his strength, he is able to do some pretty acrobatic feats in dangerous situations.

Technique: 2
Proto Man is, at 'heart', a preteen boy. He isn't trained as a fighter or a brawler, but he has the coding and the knowledge to know how to protect himself in a vicious situation. His robotic systems also augment his ability to 'fight smart,' allowing him to quickly determine the best way to deal with a foe. This all combines to make him a somewhat above average fighter, but at the end of the day, Proto Man is going to rely on his ability to overwhelm adversaries with either a barrage of energy blasts or to close the distance and bash them into submission.

Proto Buster (Standard/Charge Mode/Homing) - Proto Man's signature weapon is a hand/arm cannon. It fires bolts/pellets/spheres of energy at roughly the speed of a pistol. Proto Man can charge the attack for at least five seconds to release a larger blast that deals more explosive damage when it connects with its target. Proto Man can move around when he charges, but he cannot fire normal blasts for the duration of his charge. Normal or charged blasts from the Proto Buster can be set to home in on targets that are further away and might try to otherwise dodge out of the way. This requires Proto Man lock onto a target first, and if he loses sight of a target for more than fifteen seconds, he will have to recalibrate his targeting reticles.

Proto Buster (Assault Mode) - Rapid-fire mode on the Proto Buster. The size and shape of the gun arm remain the same. The size of the shells remain the same, but because the rate of fire is more like a traditional assault rifle, the damage per pellet/burst is smaller. This mode is great for when Proto Man has to get a lot of 'bullets' in the air (like when he's dealing with a lot of weaker opponents rather than a few on his level). Proto Man loses the ability to charge shots while in this mode.

Proto Buster (Shotgun Mode) - Sacrificing range and rate-of-fire for power and spread, Proto Man fires slugs of energy from the Proto Buster, hence the name of this fire mode. At melee range, the blast has strength surpassing that of a charged burst, but this power drops off steadily at any range beyond that and becomes wholly ineffective outside of about six feet. Because of the unique manner in which the energy is focused, Proto Man has to 'vent' the Proto Buster between shots, a five second process which is analogous to someone reloading an empty magazine.

Proto Buster (Rapid-Charge Mode) - In desperation, Proto Man can quick charge a blast, which reduces the charge time needed for a fully powered blast down to about 1.5 seconds. Doing this will rapidly drain his power, though.

Proto Buster (Laser Mode) - Proto Man fires a concentrated laser blast (same type of energy as all other modes). The laser is a powerful and focused attack that remains after impact, rather than dissipating like normal. It continues to bore/melt/hurt the target, forcing them backwards if they aren't strong enough to reflect it away or power out of it. Due to its nature, the laser is a powerful tool for forcing through tough obstacles like steel walls or other fortifications. The biggest downside to the laser is that it constantly drains Proto Man to keep it powered, and it can also leave him open to attacks from his flanks.

Finish Buster (Tier 1 Super Attack) - Proto Man plants himself and super charges the Proto Buster. The result is a massive burst of energy several fold larger than even a charged blast with the normal Buster Cannon. Due to the obvious drain on his system (SP), he can't perform this too often lest he drain his fuel cells.

Ultra Hyper Finish Buster (Tier 3 Super Attack/Area Attack + Debuff) - By super-charging his systems, Proto Man can charge up a devastating attack. Launched like any normal buster-style attack, the Ultra Hyper Finish Buster is a beam many times wider than Proto Man is tall. It destroys most things unlucky enough to be caught in its path, and once its hits its intended target, it detonates with enough force to utterly and completely ruin many city blocks. Those unlucky enough to be caught inside the blast radius will have their days ruined (for sure), and they will also be dazed and confused for several seconds in the aftermath of the explosion. Those who are outside the blast will be blinded momentarily by the explosion. Using the attack tends to drain off most of Proto Man's power cells, which means he can't use this unless the desperation calls for it. In the aftermath of the attack, there is usually a great deal of fallout that results from such a huge amount of things being turned into ash and hurtled up into the air.

Proto Sword - It's an energy sword that extends from the Proto Buster, taking the place of one of Proto Man's hands.

Proto Shield - A metallic shield generated much in the same way as the Proto Buster. The shield can soak damage up to a point before it breaks and dematerializes, rendering Proto Man unable to generate another for around five minutes. The shield is designed like a riot shield. When he's standing upright, it covers everything from his knees up. He can go down to a knee to block the rest, but he sacrifices mobility. There is a visor in the middle so he can shoot from behind it. The shield is designed specifically for physical and generic energy attacks, and it will last for half as long against elemental attacks as the material isn't coded in that manner.

Desperation Shield (Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 Super Defense) - Proto Man may be designed to favor offense over defense, but this does not mean that experience has taught him nothing. Just like he can charge his arm cannon, he is able to create a 'charged' version of his shield. The resulting bulwark can absorb all but the most powerful of enemy attacks, but it requires a large drain on his system (SP) and dissipates after absorbing the impact.

Shield of the Hero (Tier 3 Super Defense) - This mighty bulwark (a large steel kite shield) is strong enough to overcome even the mightiest of onslaughts.

Sword of the Hero - A double-edged, one-handed Iron Age straight shortsword used by the ancient Greeks. The blade is a little under two feet long, making it seem like a larger weapon than it is in the hands of a preteen.

Ea - While the sword is longer than Proto Man/Mouse is tall, he is able to wield it with one hand. It has a large pommel, and the blade itself is black. At the tip of the ebony shaft of the weapon is a small bronze cap that looks like a blunted drill bit, which makes the weapon more effective for thrusting or bashing rather than normal swordplay. During combat, the sword can be charged (causing a series of red runes to glow to life) and release a concentrated burst of red energy about five inches in diameter. This usage requires a three second charge and can only be used once every minute or so. The damage is akin to that of a charged Proto Buster shot but localized over a small area.

Robot Master Moves

Atomic Fire - (Orange accents/gray suit) - Inherited from Heat Man, Proto Man releases a large cone of fire. This attack can strike several targets and burn through flammable materials. It can also reduce the structural integrity of metals.

Leaf Shield - (Green/Gray) - A leaf-shaped buckler that generates over Proto Man's wrist/forearm. Unlike the Proto Shield, the Leaf Shield allows Proto Man to maneuver and use both of his hands while defending himself. Just like the Proto Shield, the Leaf Shield will shatter once it takes enough damage. Much like its historical analog, the Leaf Shield is designed for deflecting and parrying blows, and thus, it is most effective in hand-to-hand combat. Proto Man can use it to defend against long-range attacks and projectiles, but this will greatly reduce the 'lifespan' of the shield. Once broken, the shield will dematerialize, and a new one cannot be created for five minutes.

Search Snake - (Green/White) - Proto Man fires off small (the size of a large rat) snakes that home in on their intended targets and then explode. These targets have to have been visually acknowledged by Proto Man within the last ten seconds or so. Proto Man can fire two Search Snakes without causing a drain on his processor.

Fire (Storm) n' Ice (Slasher) - Fire Man and Ice Man pop into the action. Fire Man releases a flame nova, damaging the environment and all opponents around Proto Man. This is followed up by Ice Man releasing a flurry of ice that cuts and chills surrounding foes/area. The two Robot Masters then depart. The combination can be quite damaging to the environment and foes, but the two can only be called in once every hour (y'know, once in a fight).

Rolling Cutter - Cut Man drops down behind Proto Man and hurtles a stream of rolling cutters that momentarily bind an adversary, opening them up to a follow-up attack from everyone's favorite preteen machine. (300 OM)

Mega Bomb - (Tier 2 Super Attack) - Bomb Man appears and does what he does best: Bring down the city. After a twenty-second charge, the android releases a massive bomb that does incredible destruction over several city blocks. Survivors are left momentarily stunned by the blast, and what remains of the terrain is often on fire. Proto Man may move within a five foot radius of Bomb Man to defend him from damage that would stall the attack. Bomb Man generates a momentary shield to prevent Proto Man from being murder-killed and then returns to whence he came.

Thunder Beam - (Tier 1 Super Attack) - Elec Man appears, charges up for a few seconds, and releases said super-charged bolt of lightning that chains throughout all of Proto Man’s opponents or wholly strikes one adversary for a large amount of damage. After the lightning attack, the individuals are left momentarily dazzled/stunned.


Super Jumping (Basic) - Proto Man's large boots have built-in boosters/thrusters that allow him to leap up to a height of thirty feet. Well-time thrusts can help him redirect his trajectory or let him execute additional jumps off vertical surfaces.

Master Acrobat - Proto Man, despite a rather clunky and child-sized appearance, is capable of grace and agility on par with trained performers. While this doesn't translate directly into combat skill, it does mean he has vastly superior maneuverability than foes who lack similar offensive systems.

Survival - Proto Man is a machine first and a boy second. Because of this, he can shrug off wounds that might stagger or otherwise impede a human. Blood loss, severed limbs, and negative environmental conditions don't affect him as they would someone with organic systems. Too much physical damage can impede his ability to continue, and fatal damage to his endoskeleton will still result in a system crash and a cessation of functions.

Regeneration (Advanced) - Through means unknown to him, Proto Man's organic shell and interior systems are capable of repairing themselves gradually overtime.

Suppression - Because he is a robot and his strength and skills come from advanced cybernetics, Proto Man doesn't exude a natural aura like a normal person. Furthermore, even special technology and supernatural talents would be unable to pry into the boy's talents. Someone who looked at him would think him nothing more than a young boy in a goofy outfit until the blasting and punching started. Individuals who are skilled and technical fighters will be able to read Proto Man with some effort.

Insight - Despite having the body and mind of a child, Proto Man is still a machine, and he is a very talented one at that. His system is advanced to the point where it can determine--to almost 100% accuracy--the capabilities of those he runs into. Modifications by Dr. Wily made him capable of accurately assessing the extra-human skills of individuals as well. This allows him to adjust strategy accordingly, and while this is a massive benefit in combat, Proto Man's youthful sentience often clouds the better judgement of the machine.

Enhanced Senses (Basic) - Proto Man has complex 'proximity sensors' built into skull, which help him detect when threats are in the vicinity. He also has multiple vision overlays that allow him to detect individuals by thermal signatures and sound cues. This requires dedication of a system resources, but it can let Proto Man defend himself against foes that might use cloaking or attack in the black of night.

Fusion (Basic) - Proto Man can combine powers with his allies, although he's only done this through the use of Mickey's magic earrings.
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Dante's Abyss 2015


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Escape (the Pina Colada Song)

Narrative History
Proto Man arrived with several other primes in an event now referred to as The Scramble.  Proto Man found himself ignored by the other primes and the entourages that arrived from the Kingdom and the Empire.  It was then that he fired a charged blast that turned a speeder into a plume of smoke and twisted metal.  This led to a stand-off with Judge Dredd, but in the end, Proto Man took the ride back to Coruscant, the city-verse of the Empire.

When he arrived in Coruscant, Proto Man was provided with a nice apartment in which to rest and updated his systems.

Proto Man rested, allowing his systems to link up to the Omniverse's equivalent of the internet.  His systems were patched in order to deal with the new world, particularly the usage and manipulation of 'omnilium.'  Proto Man then slept for the first time in a long time and had dreams of his former life, including the sister he never got to know and the various Robot Masters designed by his co-creators.  When he awoke, Proto Man ventured into the city, where he met Samus Aran once more.  They exchanged pleasantries and made plans to cross paths during the upcoming imperial jubilee.  When Proto Man returned to his apartment, he found that someone had broken out from inside (he would discover later that this was the Robot Masters).  Proto Man spoke with an investigator named Gashon Blastmor, who promised to look further into the situation for the preteen.

In the wake of the incident, the Emperor's Jubilee began.  Due to increasing civil strife, the imperial authorities believed that terrorists would try to undermine the Jubilee.  To combat this, Judge Dredd put out a call for primes willing to help ensure the event went smoothly.  Proto Man, Samus Aran, and Nanoha Takamachi all answered the call.  When nothing happened to spoil the event, Doctor Gero realized that the incidents were coming from the Dataverse, and Dredd had the three primes sent in to track down the rebels.

Once inside the Dataverse, the trio was attacked by a horde of automated robots.  They held their own until they were forced to retreat when their opponents started to adapt and adjust their strategy. The trio fled along the Information Highway to the Databanks, where they found refuge on neutral ground.  With the help of the Librarian AI, the trio separated to research the Copper Eye, the terrorist group behind the attacks.  In the process, Proto Man met and befriended a boy named J'hath, who was related to a member of the Copper Eye.  J'hath, realizing that Proto Man was being genuine when he said he wanted to use diplomacy rather than force, gave him the location of the Copper Eye facility.  Proto Man and Samus traveled there, where they found a factory full of starving, dirty men and women.  Seeing that the stories of the Copper Eye had been overblown, Proto Man was further horrified when Judge Dredd and the space marines arrived, gunning down everyone.  Dredd had bugged Proto Man when the robot had been sent to the Dataverse.  The two primes received medals for their 'duty,' and Proto Man left in a fit of rage.

In the aftermath of the Jubilee, Proto Man dropped off the radar as Dredd's actions had caused him to gain the ire of the more repressed citizens.  One day he was approached at a coffee shop by Gashon Blastmor, who had new leads on the other Robot Masters.  Proto Man followed this information down to Tier Six, where he found the Community Center, a large facility defended by Private Hibernius, a space marine.  Sensing no malice in the youth, the marine let Proto Man into the compound, where Roll and the other members of the DLN-series had set up shop several weeks ago.  Proto Man and his sister bonded quickly, while it took the other Robot Masters a little longer to warm up to the 'hybrid' (a term for a robot designed by Wily and Light).  After several months of living with Roll, she picked up information on a Robot Master appearing in Camelot in the midst of a dragon attack.  Proto Man, after some convincing, departed to investigate.

When he made it to Camelot, Proto Man summoned a Chocobo named Salsa.  The two donned armor in the style of medieval knights and went to investigate.  Proto Man caught up to the Rathalos and its attackers (which included Samus Aran, Ganondorf, Link, and a stranger named Cindy) near a village.  After a scuffle, the dragon fled to its cavern in the mountains.  It was there that the battle was joined by its mate, the Rathian.  Despite the odds, the primes vanquished the pair of dragons.  In the aftermath, Cindy struck an unaware Samus, knocking her out cold.  Proto Man moved swiftly to defend the woman.  After a short scuffle, Cindy summoned a dragon and flew off.  In the interim, Ganondorf claimed the other egg.  Proto Man tried to follow but lost the trial quickly.  The preteen vowed to track down Cindy and make her pay for her betrayal.

In the aftermath of the battle, Proto Man returned to find that Samus had been taken away.  After having Salsa deliver a dragon trophy to Coruscant, Proto Man followed the trail to Edinburgh, the new domicile of Harry Dresden, a wizard who he'd fought with against the dragons.  Harry had only recently arrived, and after an uncomfortable greeting period, the two shared a conversation about the Omniverse.  Samus also recovered prior to this, and the three spent a short period of time together before Proto Man received information from Roll pertaining to a Robot Master committing crimes in the Ashen Plains.

Proto Man followed the trail to the Ashen Plains.  It didn't take him long to locate Heat Man, who had been examining the ecosystem of the Plains.  Proto Man accused the other robot of murder, and much to his confusion, Heat Man retaliated by saying he'd been backed into a corner.  The Robot Masters had acquired a degree of free will and learning, and while he had his doubts at first, it soon became obvious to Proto Man that Heat Man was not a villain.  The two were then joined by Cell Delta, a cybernetic soviet soldier from a dystopian future.  A volcanic eruption saved the two smaller androids from being assaulted, and they fled into a cave.  Despite their best efforts, they were hunted down and Heat Man was struck with a seemingly fatal blow.  In a fit of anger, Proto Man attacked Cell Delta, critically injuring the cyborg before losing the upper hand.  Before Cell Delta could strike a fatal blow, Heat Man attacked him with a torrent of flames, causing the already wounded cyborg to flee.  Heat Man then died in Proto Man's arms, and his powers flowed into Proto Man.

Damaged severely in the aftermath, Proto Man wandered the Ashen Plains without access to any of his systems.  He eventually wound up in the Tangled Green.  He continued to wander until his systems started to come back online, beginning with his communicator and wifi.  He received a call from Samus, who was likewise wounded.  The woman immediately stressed her concern with Proto Man's well-being, but the android assured her he was okay.

As his systems came online, Proto Man detected a strange signal from a Robot Master.  He tracked it to a hidden cache in a tree, where he found the robot equivalent of a video diary.  His status as a prototype allowed him to get passed the encryption, and he watched the contents.  He learned that Wood Man, a Generation 2 Robot Master, traveled to the Tangled Green months ago to study the flora and fauna.  Curious to learn more, Proto Man tracked down more of the diaries, where he discovered that Wood Man had learned of a terrible, mutative Blight affecting the Green.  The Robot Master became infected by the contagion and dedicated the last frantic days of his life to trying to find a cure.

In the process of following the recordings of Wood Man’s descent into madness, Proto Man encountered Snake Man, a Generation 3 Robot Master.  Although initially distrusting of the snake-themed machine, Proto Man eventually came to rely on him.  Proto Man had some… less than friendly encounters with the night elves before discovering Mireya, a half-night elf who had been living as a nomad.  The trio tracked the rest of the diaries, discovering that the source of the Blight was something called an ‘archdemon’ in the Pale Moors.  They also discovered Wood Man, transformed into a monster by the Blight and ended his life.

With their minds set on ending the Blight, the trio traveled into the Pale Moors.  After meeting with the mayor and Dobson Skendor, the commander of the militia, the trio set out into the Pale Moors to investigate a recent incursion toward the city.  Tracing the source, after a string of darkspawn attacks, to an old village, Proto Man gets separated from his friends for a few hours.  In that time, he meets the retinue of the paladin Argento, which includes the sorcerer Shang Tsung and the Spartan Atelos.  After helping them fend off an attack, he is told where his friends have been camped.  Reuniting, they arrive at the village of Durnhill and discover that a demon has been enlisted to create weapons for an army of darkspawn.  Confronting the demon, the trio learns that the archdemon is called Syclla and is headquartered near the Black Gate.  In the fight that ensues, Mireya is grievously injured and Snake Man is slain.

Returning to Darkshire, Proto Man is irritated when the mayor refuses to lend him all the support he needs to launch an attack on the archdemon and banish her.  Storming out of the city, Proto Man is intercepted by Dobson, who tells him that one of the primes who originally investigated the Blight has returned and is camped outside the city.  Proto Man heads off and meets Whirda, a woman afflicted by a ‘shadow taint’ after slaying a Shade linked to the Blight.  Although they share very little in common, the two set out to rid the verse of Syclla, encountering vicious dark elves along the way.  When they overhear drow plans to use a giant monster against Darkshire, they set out to intercept the Tarrasque.

The pair find themselves not the only ones who have set out to defeat the Tarrasque.  Joining forces with Dio, Alain, Aang, Kuzan, and Atelos, they engage in a savage and brutal battle with the hulking monster.  While they all sustain injuries, the group is able to down the beast with a collection of brute force, ingenuity, and enchanted explosives.  When the beast is seemingly beaten, it leaves behind a glowing chunk of omnilium that a few in the group decide to claim as their own.  Whirda and Proto Man challenge Dio, who is likewise challenged by Atelos, and a brawl among the former allies breaks out almost immediately.  In the scuffle, Dio is killed by Whirda and Atelos is incapacitated.  Although he's seen some less than admirable traits of Whirda's, Proto Man lets her take the omnilium, and they head back to town much quieter and more reserved than a few days prior.

After a few days in Darkshire, Proto Man decides to seek out Whirda.  Instead, he finds that she's been missing and has possibly gone to partake in a game called Dante's Abyss.  Hoping to seek her out, he attempts to register, but a turtle launches an attack and storms the gate to the Dante Verse.  Proto Man follows and helps subdue Wartortle.  Shortly after the incident, Proto Man is interviewed, but he quickly dips out of that in pursuit of more solace.  He heads to the Park, where he stumbles upon Samus Aran and Harry Dresden!  

They reveal that Cindy is present and let Proto Man in on their plan.  He joins them in their attempt to raid the barracks and banish Cindy.  Despite getting the drop on the bounty hunter, they are neutralized by guards.  Harry and Samus are sent to compete, and Proto Man is dumped back into the Lobby (as he never registered in the first place).  Proto Man is frustrated that he's been left behind, but he sticks around to watch the contest and cheer on his friends.

When the contest starts to wind down, Proto Man is directed back to the Nexus. He returns to Darkshire in the hopes of finding out where Whirda went to.  When he realizes the woman is missing, he sets out with Mireya to defeat the Archdemon.  After journeying across the Pale Moors and getting in touch with his brothers, Proto Man devises a means to besiege the fortified darkspawn position at the Black Gate.  Although Scylla and her ilk fight viciously, they are defeated by Proto Man, Mireya, and the Generation 1 Robot Masters.  The Archdemon is banished, and the threat of the Blight put into remission, avenging the martyrdom of Wood Man once and for all.

Once more returning to Darkshire, Proto Man finds that Dobson has been trapped in town hall in a city that has become visibly more tense and stressful.  Still wanting to help out, Proto Man finds Mireya, and while she wants to leave, he doesn't feel comfortable departing in the middle of the night.  He convinces her to help out with the town defense, and they enlist as barracks members.  During a night in the middle of their schedule, the walls are attacked by drow.  Shockingly, the skeletons join the drow, but the defenders are able to repulse the attackers.  When the issues makes it to command, they reassign almost all of the barracks, with a few exceptions (including a young woman named Abigail).  Proto Man learns that the others were sent on suicide missions outside the walls, but he begrudingly completes his period of service.  After a final, uncomfortable chat with Demetri (Dobson's fill-in), Proto Man and Mireya leave the Pale Moors, possibly for good.

Proto Man and Mireya return to the Tangled Green with the intention of paying last respects to Wood Man before moving on to whatever lay in wait for them.  At the Scorched Grove, they run into Mickey Mouse and Simba.  Proto Man recognizes Mickey from Dante's Abyss, and the two small, cheerful primes bond over their shared friends, Samus Aran and Harry Dresden.  Traveling together, they first head to Yggdrasil, where they inform the High Priestess Tyrande of their success in ending the Blight.  Proto Man also discovers a little more about the reasons why Mireya left night elf society and the Sentinels, but the half-night elf leaves the town on her own terms this time.  The pair then detour back to Ambrosia, where Proto Man meets Mickey Mouse's wife, Minnie.  They all share drinks inside the Clubhouse before Minnie takes them to Ambrosia to meet Princess Guu.  After a conversation with the Princess, Mireya decides to stick around the town, and Proto Man and Mickey decide to head off on an adventure, much to the sadness of Minnie, who ultimately understands her husband's drive to help people everywhere.  Now a pair, they head out toward the Nexus.

In the Nexus, the pair is forced to detour into the nearest gate when they spot a large amount of stormtrooper patrols (Mickey is a fugitive from the Empire).  They wind up in the Endless Dunes and have to detour around Carrefore, another Empire-owned settlement.  Out in the dunes, they are blown around by a sandstorm before being attacked by Cell Delta, who has become some sort of nomad warlord.  He overwhelms them both, and they rely on Mickey's special earrings to combine bodies and defeat the psychopath.  Despite winning, they remained 'fused' as Proto Mouse.  Afterwards, they go to the Town with No Name (an unaffiliated town), and they seek out Roland, the sheriff, to help out with the town.  He directs them to his deputy, Sinestro, who they then follow on a mission to pacify a settlement run by Gilgamesh, a man who neither Proto Man or Mickey Mouse appreciate all too much.

Sinestro's mission turns into a full scale siege of Nippur, and while he knows little of the entire situation, Proto Mouse find himself confronted by Gilgamesh.  While conflicted by the death of bystanders and innocents, Proto Mouse has no second-thoughts about fighting the gilded killer.  Proto Mouse overwhelms the leader of Nippur, and after laying the king low, Proto Mouse banishes Gilgamesh to the Underverse.  Proto Mouse leaves Ea with the militia of Nippur as proof that their leader is gone.  The battle quickly spirals out of hand, with the fight for 'law and order' descending into vicious slaughter on a grand scale.  The city of Nippur burns for several days, and Proto Mouse, horrified by Sinestro's tactics, slips out of town.

Drained, the Proto Mouse turns back into Mickey and Proto Man, and they wander back into the Dunes.  Proto Man is then abducted by a strange force, and moments later, Mickey Mouse is likewise taken to the Graveyardverse, the home of the Spirit.  The Spirit tells them that he needs their help to recover relics and defeat his nemesis, a force known as the Warlock.  Initially separated, Mickey Mouse and Proto Man eventually find one another.  They team up with a young woman named Belle and are forced to endure various hardships over the next few days as they try to find the Spirit's relics.  The curse of the Warlock forces Proto Man to experience all the ups and downs that true humanity has to offer, and he struggles to cope.  Battles with various foes follow, but in the end, diplomacy wins the day.  Proto Man assembles the relics and seals the Warlock into a soul stone, although he leaves the Spirit with a veiled threat to never again resurface.

After the defeat of the Warlock, Proto Man and Mickey Mouse return to the Nexus, where they discover Mireya and Princess Guu.  The two women have just fought up a group of adversaries, and when Mireya mentions that Minnie had gone after Mickey, the group (sans Guu) depart for the Endless Dunes.  Their objective is to return to Nippur, where they believe the Queen has headed.

Returning to Nippur, the three friends try to stay low and avoid the tense situation playing out in the streets of the city.  Despite their efforts, forces within and outside the city walls play against them.  After witnesses several atrocities, the trio is separated when Proto Man goes to respond to a nearby crisis.  Hearing about an organization bringing supplies to Nippur, Proto Man goes to rescue a Gold Cross caravan, and he brings back several marauders.  Loyal to Cell Delta, these individuals are suicide bombers, but Proto Man is able to save the nearby civilians and soldiers, earning a degree of respect from the mob.  Proto Man, unsure of where Mickey or Mireya is, departs Nippur later that day.

Proto Man attempts to leave the Endless Dunes, but he is viciously attacked by Cell Delta. The prototype Robot Master barely escapes into the Vasty Deep, but his systems were broken and destroyed. He loses functionality for an unknown period of time (possibly a few months) before he wakes up in an island hut.

Character History Pre-Omniverse:
Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily first met in graduate school around the year 197X.  Both were part of the robotics program at the University of Monsteropolis.  Their friendship grew over the years, fueled by a playful yet intense competition for grants, fellowships, and recognition in the academic community.  They finished their degrees at the same time and joined the same doctoral cohort at the Robotics Institute of Technology.  By the time they completed their PhDs, both were already well on their way to success.  Thomas had created 'Light Enterprises,' which designed and developed advanced assembly robots, while Albert received a substantial amount of wealth for a patent in artificial intelligence.

When the newly graduated Dr. Light opened his own lab facility, Dr. Wily joined him, and the two continued to combine their genius for the betterment of the society.  They reached a breakthrough when they completed the Mettaur line:  A series of small, cat-sized robots designed to assist in a variety of civil tasks.  What made the Mettaurs so groundbreaking was an artificial intelligence that allowed the small robots to operate without the need for human surveillance or human repairs.  The power cores and their small size allowed them to go weeks without requiring a recharge to their solar cells.  The inexpensive design of the robots made them extremely lucrative.

For the design of the Mettaur line, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics, but only Dr. Light received the prize, despite the artificial intelligence being almost singularly designed by Wily.  This event would make the unraveling of their partnership, but this was not before they pushed the envelope even further.

While the Mettaurs were successful in all their applications, the twosome knew that they would need to develop something a little more human if they truly wanted to do something groundbreaking.  Over a period of four months, Dr. Wily designed a radical program of artificial intelligence that would border on real sentience, while Dr. Light worked on a power system and internal design that would allow the resulting robot to continue operating without ever needing to be recharged.

The end result of this was DLN-000:  An android designed to mirror a preteen boy.  A metal endoskeleton coated in ceramic titanium rested beneath an organic exo-layer, resulting in a robot that didn't look, move, or even smell like a machine.  Light, wanting to complete the project in time for the next Nobel committee to review it, pushed ahead with his new solar power core.  Despite this, the activation of the robot was successful, and for the first few days, Blues (Light's favorite genre of music) appeared to be perfectly normal.  He was able to communicate like a human, and he showed a capacity to learn on par with a human child.  Wily viewed the success of his programming as an indicator that he would be the one to receive the Nobel Prize, but Proto Man (as Wily tended to call the robot) began to act weird after suffering from what would appear to be a stroke.  

The robot recovered quickly after the incident, and the two doctors were able to trace the incident to a fault in the central power core.  They also noticed that many of the files had been corrupted in the programming for the robot's artificial intelligence, yet Proto Man's behavior and attitude didn't indicate this damage to his coding.  For the next few weeks, the two doctors noticed that the android was accelerating at an impossible rate.  Proto Man displayed a self-awareness and ability to reason that was impossible given the limitations of his coding.  All the while, he continued to suffer occasionally bouts of pain from his faulty power core, which prompted Dr. Light to try to repair the robot.

Proto Man, fearing that his creator intended to hurt him or endanger his sense of self, fled the laboratory.  Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, after failing to find the android with the assistance of local law enforcement, had to accept that he was lost to them:  Proto Man's power core wouldn't survive the month.  In the year after this incident, the two doctors modified their schematics and created another line of robots (which they referred to as 'Robot Masters'), with several designed to have specific civic functions.  DLN-001 and DLN-002 were designed as assistants to Dr. Light, and their designs were based on duplicates of Proto Man, although DLN-002 was made to look female.  Dr. Light saw this as their effort to make the world a better place, but something had changed inside Wily.  Albert, perhaps still reeling from the fact that their first creation had become sentient before its death, began to see robotic life as the future.  

When he and Light had a heated argument over the servile nature of their machines, Wily stole DLN-003 through DLN-008.  Uploading a unique program based on the scant data he'd managed to collect from Proto Man, Wily watched as the robots started a revolt in Monsteropolis under the leadership of DLN-008.  With no other option, Dr. Light converted a voluntary DLN-001 (who had developed a strange sense of justice), his lab assistant called 'Rock', into a combat robot called Mega Man.  With the ability to download and mimic the powers of the other Robot Masters, Mega Man defeated Wily, but he allowed the scientist to walk away.  This would haunt everyone when Wily returned with his own Robot Masters.  Mega Man stopped this as well, and despite Light's orders, he let Wily walk away.  

All the while, Proto Man had wandered the planet for the better part of two years.  Despite his faulty power core, the robot survived, albeit in chronic pain.  During this period, he lived in various cities and the wilderness, learning everything he could about the world and what it meant to be an individual.  It wasn't until the eve of Wily's third attempt to destroy Monsteropolis that Proto Man headed home, only to collapse on the outskirts of the city.  He was found by one of Wily's robot assistants and taken to the doctor's fortress, where Wily replaced parts of Proto Man's power core with nuclear batteries.  

Proto Man awoke to find that he was free of pain and that the doctor hadn't tried to tamper with his CPU.  Instead, Wily had augmented his systems with weapons and informed his co-creation that he needed his help to take over the city.  Proto Man used this as an excuse to spy on Dr. Light and spar with his 'brother' Mega Man.  Despite Wily's demands, Proto Man never attacked Dr. Light (although he did sabotage the lab and help Wily get away with Gamma, a powerful robot).  When Proto Man refused to kill Dr. Light, Wily threatened to shut down the android, who proceeded to knock him unconscious and leave.

Wily regained his senses to find his fortress under attack by Mega Man.  Despite mounting an impressive defense, Wily's fortress was destroyed.  Proto Man saved his 'brother,' who had lost power in the final moments, but the red android was unable to save Wily, who vanished in the crumbling building's winding hallways.  Proto Man was pulled into the Omniverse shortly after escaping from the fortress.
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Dante's Abyss 2015

Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Empire - "People with power are often terrible" - Proto Man was used by the Empire to lead them to starving dissidents.  Since that moment, he's hated the Imperial establishment.  They're cruel people who shouldn't be in power.

Coruscant - "The strongest are those who suffer the greatest" - Proto Man lives on Tier 6 of Coruscant with his family at the Community Center, the last bastion of organized governance.  While he doesn't support the established government of Coruscant (the Empire), Proto Man cares deeply for the citizens, especially of the lower tiers, where he has spent most of his time.

Kingdom - "Seem like nice people?  I should visit sometime" - Proto Man has never been to Minas Tirith, but he's spent some time in Camelot, like when he helped hunt down the Rathalos and Rathian.  He's heard conflicted account about the Kingdom (Mireya isn't a fan and Mickey seemed ambivalent) but hasn't made a real opinion for himself.

Ambrosia - "I think those bricks are pink!" - Proto Man enjoyed the growing town in the Tangled Green, with its wacky assortment of citizens and its strange princess.  With Mickey and Minnie citizens and Mireya likewise staying in the area, the robot imagines he'll be back to the place often in the future.

Darkshire - "I'm a robot and even all this darkness gets to me!" - Proto Man is ambivalent to the town of Darkshire.  It's gloom was juxtaposed by the character of its citizens, but those in charge essentially forced him out of town after he helped to end one just one but two threats to the entire verse.  

Yggdrasil - "They make trees this big?  Man, that's cool." - Proto Man thought the queen (was she a queen?) was a very nice lady, and despite Mireya's attitude, he didn't feel weird.

Syntech - "Who does that?" - Proto Man, while not a contestant in Dante's Abyss, thought the entire concept was deplorable.  In his mind, he can't really understand what would motivate people to want to host something like that.

TWNN - "Did someone steal this from an old movie" - Proto Man didn't have much time in the Town with No Name, but it seemed like a lot hard-working people.  

Nippur - "Blood, sweat, and tears" - While not a fan of Gilgamesh, Proto Man respect the men and women who live in the city, even if he thinks that they deserve much better.

Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Mireya Vasquez: - "A little rough around the edges but probably the best native this place has to offer"
Half night elf (and half human), Mireya came into the Omniverse with a night elf mother and no father.  A secondary created along with an expanding elven holding in outer Camelot, Mireya was immediately shunned from a society made up of humans and various elven subspecies.  She grew up in a somewhat hostile environment, and when she came of age, she decided to leave for the Tangled Green.  She came to Yggdrasil, where she hoped that the night elves would be more welcoming to her.  Although she found a role in the Sentinels, there wasn't an end to her role as a pariah.  Her lighter complexion and goofy accent littered with strange turns of phrase made her an outcast even in night elf society.  Although she earned some respect due to her excellent tracking, hunting, and spear skills, this couldn't overcome or mitigate her status as 'the other.'  It only made matters worse that she didn't worship the same gods and goddess as the night elves.  She made very little friends and only grew increasingly disillusioned with this and all societies.

Eventually she decided she was better off alone, and she walked away from the Sentinels to live alone in the Tangled Green.  The time she was alone was neither pleasant nor enlightening, and she was nearly on the verge of leaving for a new verse when she stumbled across a strange sight:  A boy with a cannon on his hand blasting free of the Animus River.  It was there that hers and Proto Man's paths became intertwined.

Mickey Mouse - "A grade-A fellow!"
Proto Man saw Mickey Mouse when he was a contestant on Dante's Abyss, but it wasn't until Proto Man was cutting back across the Tangled Green that he met the former king.  Bonding over shared friends and experiences, they traveled together to Yggdrasil and then Ambrosia, stopping over at Mickey's home to meet his wife Minnie before another emotional farewell.  The pair headed toward the Nexus and were forced to detour into the Endless Dunes to escape Empire patrols (Mickey is a fugitive!)

Minnie Mouse - "Makes very nice tea and keeps a very nice home!"
While Proto Man hasn't spent a whole lot of time with his buddy's missus, he could tell from their first meeting that she was a genuinely loving and caring individual.  A queen in her last home, Minnie had been living the Clubhouse that she and her husband shared long ago in their old world, before they were monarchs.  Proto Man vowed to watch out for her husband before they left on another adventure.

Whirda - "There's a fine line between hero and lunatic.  I'm still not sure what she is or was"
Proto Man met Whirda when she was exiled from Darkshire.  After losing a year combating a vile shade, the woman contracted a disease of some sort and was turned from the gates of the city she had defended.  Proto Man sought her out, and while he was wary of her, he shared his information about the Blight with her.  The two set out to track the source of the Blight, but en route were stymied by assaults from drow.  Together, they helped to defeat the Tarrasque, and the monster's essence chose her as its receptacle.  They returned to Darkshire to tend to their wounds and recuperate, and while Proto Man was certain the woman left to join Dante's Abyss, he traveled to the facility to find her missing.  Even though he returned to Darkshire, he couldn't find her.  

Roll - "The best sister a robot boy could ask for"
Proto Man only ever saw his sister Roll through the windows and vents of Dr. Light's laboratory.  What he saw was a caring young woman who showed a true heart despite being a machine.  More than anything else, Proto Man wanted to meet here, but he avoided interfering in her life for fear of rejection.  After his arrival in the Omniverse, Proto Man learned that Roll had arrived there as well and set up shop with her brothers in the Tier 5 Community Center.  While her brothers were initially distrustful, Roll warmed to 'Blues' immediately and greeted him with kindness and open arms.

Belle - "Great friend."
Belle was a girl that Mickey Mouse met on the island in the 'Graveyardverse.'  When Proto Man and Mickey found one another, Belle became an integral part of their group.  The trio endured many hardships and fights during their five days on the island.  At one point, they nearly lost Belle to a vicious assault from a group of villains.  The girl pulled through, and they were able to endure additional villainy on their way to successfully completing the Spirit's set of relics.

Dobson - "Nice man in a terrible situation"
The man who leads the garrison/town guard of Darkshire in lieu of his incapacitated father.  Dobson had old eyes and a young face.  It was Dobson who met Proto Man at the gates of town and then later asked him to track down Whirda Windstrom.  When Proto Man returned after the defeat of Scylla, he was unable to get a hold of Dobson, who had become 'holed up' in town hall dealing with some political issues.  Proto Man left Darkshire before he could find the man.

Dredd - "Everything that is wrong with Coruscant"
Judge Dredd is the law in Coruscant--he controls the legions of stormtroopers and the elite space marines.  He is at the center of a corrupt web of surveillance and subterfuge that would make a normal person's head spin.  Despite this, Dredd is still a rather unmoved person.  He doesn't seem to detest or enjoy his work--he simply sees it as his job to execute the law, however corrupt it may be.  On one such instance, Dredd bugged Proto Man and waited until the android had located the Copper Eye.  Dredd then launched an attack and murdered the poor, destitute 'terrorists.'  Because of this, Proto Man deeply despises the Judge, and he hates him even more because he knows he can do nothing to stop him... at least at this point.

Samus Aran - "I'm sure there's a heart beneath all that steel"
The woman in the suit is a Prime who arrived at the same time as Proto Man.  The two crossed paths following their arrival in the Omniverse and then again on the streets of Coruscant's top tier.  They then worked together to investigate an incident in the Dataverse that ultimately culminated in Dredd's using Proto Man's naivety to track down and wholesale slaughter the Copper Eye 'terrorists.'  The two amicably parted ways after the event, Proto Man sickened by what he'd seen and Samus determined more than ever to wholly understand the state of affairs.  They passed paths once again in Camelot to battle a dragon.  Fighting side-by-side, Proto Man watched in horror when the woman was double-crossed by Cindy.  After defending her, he helped transport her to safety before departing for the Ashen Plains.

Gilgamesh - "Grade A jerk"
Proto Man never met Gilgamesh personally until the siege of Nippur, but he watched Dante's Abyss.  He watched the armored egotist strive to manipulate the situation, acquiring and turning on allies.  Through conversations with Mickey, he learned that the man killed one of the mouse's good friends, and Proto Man also watched as Gilgamesh hurt Samus and Harry.  Those actions alone didn't paint a nice picture of the man for the Robot Master, and when he actually did 'meet' Gilgamesh for the first time (while fused with Mickey Mouse), it was in a vicious brawl in the streets of Nippur.  Proto Man/Mouse had no qualms banishing the king to the Underverse when the latter called his own people property and generally acted like a dictator.

Sasuke Uchiha - "Grade A (ninja) jerk"
Gilgamesh's second-in-command, Sasuke Uchiha was absent from the Battle of Nippur.  During the event known as the 'Heroes' Graveyard,' Sasuke and his cronies tried to attack Proto Man, Mickey Mouse, and Belle on several occasions.  After several failed attempts at defeating Proto Mouse and Belle Mouse, the ninja and his ilk stood down, allowing the trio to complete the Spirit's set of relics.

Ganondorf - "Has given me zero reason to trust him."
Fellow member of the 'Scrambled,' Ganondorf has a weird vibe that makes Proto Man feel a bit uneasy.  Harry illustrated that the tall, dark-skinned man was using 'black magics' against the dragons.  Had it not been for Cindy's betrayal, Proto Man may have contested Ganondorf walking away with the second egg.  During Dante's Abyss, Ganondorf did little to shake the robot's impressions of the man as an opportunist and charmer.

Cindy - "Everything that's wrong with people"
Cindy, a bounty hunter much like Samus Aran, encountered Proto Man as part of a group trying to take down the Rathalos as it stormed across Coruscant.  When the beast was defeated, Cindy turned on them all over an artefact.  She nearly killed Samus before taking flight, vanishing for several months until she popped up on a news story in the Dante Verse.  Proto Man, Harry, and Samus pursued her, but were apprehended by the Syntech authorities.  The former was thrown out and the latter were taken to the competition.  Cindy was taken down, but she remains at large.

Ruby Rose and Weiss - "Should give them a compass if I meet them again..."
Although initially adversaries, the Proto-Belle-Mouse trio aligned with this pair of friends (more then friends?) to defeat one of the Warlock's minions.  After that fight, they quickly went their separate ways, and the last Proto Man knew, the pair had been lost to the void.

Link - "Hero of Many Personalities?"
Link is someone that Proto Man has seen on several occasions.  They were both at the Scramble, and then later Link helped them fight against the Rathalos and the Rathian.  During that fight, Link fought with Ganondorf, the gerudo king.  The gerudo defeated the hero and left with one of the dragon eggs.  Oddly, Link and Ganondorf joined forces during Dante's Abyss, much to Proto Man's confusion.  When Proto Man encountered Link during the Heroes' Graveyard, Link fought with a group of cut-throats.  Later, Link left that group and helped Proto Man, Belle, and Mickey to defeat his old group and go on to unify the Spirit's relics.

Jupiter - "Gets points for never giving up!"
One of the less-than-savory members of the Spirit's team of mercenaries, Jupiter jumped Proto Man early on in his travels.  The blonde later resurfaced to take on Proto Man and his two teammates, but the results were much the same.  Unlike many of the other more violent opponents he faced in the graveyardverse, Proto Man doesn't harbor a lot of resentment toward Jupiter.

Magus - "Sinister"
A magician of some sort, Proto Man recalled Magus from his arrival in the Omniverse.  The wizard had an unsettling aura about himself back then, and when they encountered each other on the island, there was no pleasantries.  Magus and his group maliciously attacked the trio of do-gooders, and although they were thwarted, they nearly killed Belle.

Kopaka - "No Business Being on that Island"
A metal creature called a Toe or something.  Kopaka was hunting for Mickey Mouse on the island as a representative of the Empire.  The fact that the Spirit would let such a cut-throat come to the island under the pretense of doing good incensed Proto Man.  The creature attacked their group savagely on multiple occasions but was beaten back and finally defeated once one of his teammates (Link) turned against him.  Good riddance.

AJ Crowley - "Killer"
On the Spirit's little island, Proto Man, Mickey Mouse, and Belle were forced to deal with many villains.  One of them was AJ Crowley, a suave-looking demon who dealt an almost fatal blow to Belle during an attack.  Although Proto Man was able to revive the girl, he didn't forget Crowley's face, even after the demon was willing to stand down to allow the trio to complete the set of relics.

Cell Delta - "Monster"
An unstable prime from a dystopian world, Cell Delta manipulated some of the other Robot Masters en route to a confrontation with Proto Man and Heat Man that led to the latter's death.  Cell Delta later resurfaced in the Endless Dunes as the leader of gang of nomadic ruffians.  It was only through the fusion of Mickey and Proto Man that they beat him down, although the 'Tsartan' continues to plague the city of Nippur.

Heat Man (Deceased) - "No one's heart burned brighter or stronger"
Proto Man was tracking down Heat Man believing that the Robot Master was some type of serial killer.  What he found was a shocking truth:  That the Omniverse had allowed the vast majority of Robot Masters to come to terms with new-found individuality and independence.  For Heat Man, that meant exploring and pursing scientific discoveries in the Ashen Steppes.  Any sort of partnership ended when Cell Delta attacked, and it was only through Heat Man's sacrifice that the villain was repulsed.

Wood Man (Deceased) - "We will always remember how brave you were"
Wood Man came to the Tangled Green to catalog its various flora and fauna.  In the process of pursuing his curiosity, he was infected by the Blight, and as he rushed to learn as much as he could (information squirreled away in caches), he degraded physically and mentally.  Proto Man followed the trail of bread crumbs and discovered that the Blight was an infectious disease originating with a prime in the Pale Moors.  Unfortunately, Wood Man was long dead, having been consumed by the Blight, and when they found the sylvan Robot Master's Blight-addled shell, Proto Man and his friends purged it, laying the machine to peace.

Snake Man (Deceased) - "Snakes were never this brave"
Snake Man was investigating Wood Man's disappearance when he ran into Proto Man.  The two didn't quite hit it off (Proto Man wasn't in a trusting mood), but they later joined up to locate the last of Wood Man's hidden messages.  Working with Mireya, they put Wood Man to rest and journeyed to the Pale Moors, where they found a demon recruited by the Archdemon.  After getting a name and a location, the group was rocked when Snake Man perished at the hands of the demon.

Honorable Mentions
Abigail Reckner - "One of Darkshire's finest" - Abigail was a member of Proto Man's barracks during his last few weeks in Darkshire.  A woman with no recollection of why she'd been brought the Omniverse, Abigail had taken to Darkshire and its defense.  She was one of the few soldiers left in the barracks when the rest were reassigned to duties outside the town.

Harry Dresden - "Chicago's Finest is a gruff wizard"
A wizard who arrived in the Omniverse months after Proto Man.  The two fought the dragons together and shared drinks to help Harry acclimate to his new surroundings.  While a bit strange, Harry seems like a decent guy and is someone Proto Man would work with again.

Mayor Boone - "Too many secrets"  - A mysterious figure with some obvious secrets, Proto Man met the mayor shortly after arriving in Darkshire.  It was Boone who directed Proto Man outside the town walls to investigate the surrounding area.  Those investigations eventually led Proto Man to the location of a demon-run forge and eventually to Scylla.  When Proto Man returned after the defeat of the Blight, he failed to get an audience with the mayor, who was preoccupied in town hall.

Alain - "Opportunistic Thieves are the worst" - Alain fought alongside Proto Man against the Tarrasque but turned on them the moment the prize was shown, displaying some very Cindy-like qualities.  Proto Man fought back, and Alain retreated rather than suffer death or mortal injuries.

Demetri - "Seems kind of two-faced..." - Demetri was the man who Proto Man interacted with after his return from the interior of the Moors.  Darkshire was in a state of tension, and Dobson was 'indisposed' dealing with situations at Town Hall.  Proto Man worked through Demetri, who quickly displayed some under-handed things in reassigning guardsman who witnessed an attack on the walls, and even though Proto Man served out his tenure, the man made it clear that he wanted the robot out of town.  Proto Man was all-to happy to leave the town to its own devices after burying two brothers in a quest to make it safer.

Shang Tsung - "Seems like a nice guy" - Proto Man met Shang Tsung twice in the Pale Moors and once in the Tangled Green.  The man seemed to be an all right fellow, and they had some interesting conversations before going their separate ways.  Shang was, in most of those meetings, accompanied by Atelos, the Spartan.

Atelos - "Anger issues?" - Atelos fought alongside Proto Man, Whirda, and others against the Tarrasque.  When the beast was defeated and offered a part of its essence as a prize, Atelos and a few others tried to claim it for themselves.  Atelos displayed a much more vile persona, but he was ultimately defeated by Proto Man and Whirda.  Given the man's demeanor during the fight and previous meetings, Proto Man doesn't quite understand the Spartan's complex personality.

Nanoha - "Where'd you go?" - An older woman (by Proto Man's standards) who arrived in the Omniverse with him during the event often referred to as 'the Scramble.'  Proto Man instantly took to Nanoha, who he saw as a caring yet capable woman.  The woman seemed to fill some void he had in regards to maternal interaction.  The two parted when Nanoha left ahead of the other Primes to Coruscant, although they were briefly reunited during the Emperor's Jubilee, before Proto Man had to leave her behind at the library to go confront the Copper Eye.

Dr. Light (Pre-Omniverse) - "At least Wily never lied to me."
One of Proto Man's co-creators.  Proto Man deeply hates Light, but despite Wily's efforts, Proto Man could not bring himself to harm the scientist, even when he realized he had been replaced by a new series of machines.  While he hates Dr. Light, Proto Man didn't harbor avarice toward his successors, and when he spied on Light for Wily, Proto Man spent most of that time watching his younger brother and sister.

Dr. Wily (Pre-Omniverse) - "At least he was an honest sociopath."
Proto Man's other co-creator.  Wily was the one who found the robot on the verge of death after a few years of wandering the planet.  Having grown somewhat unstable after years of disrespect and then failed attempts to conquer Monsteropolis, Wily repaired Proto Man's faults and weaponized the prototype Robot Master.  He then attempted to use Proto Man against Dr. Light and Mega Man, but Proto Man refused to hurt the doctor or his siblings.  When Wily became violent and threatening, Proto Man knocked him unconscious and watched as his younger brother Rock destroyed much of Wily's infrastructure.

Rock/Mega Man (Pre-Omniverse) - "Being replaced is such a strange feeling..."
Proto Man met his brother while 'working' for Dr. Wily under the guise of a mindless robot.  Proto Man fought his brother on several occasions while the later was fighting Wily's Robot Masters, and when Mega Man returned home, Proto Man would often follow him to watch him and their sister at home.  In the final battle, Proto Man incapacitated Dr. Wily, letting Mega Man destroy much of the doctor's lab before Wily regained his senses and fought back.  Proto Man saved his brother from the collapse of the castle, but before he could properly present himself to Mega Man, he was drawn into the Omniverse.
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Dante's Abyss 2015

[Image: Rank6.png]
Total Achievement Points = 575

Personal Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png]   [Image: S_Fire08.png]   [Image: S_Buff02.png]  [Image: S_Buff09.png] [Image: S_Buff08.png]  [Image: I_Key05.png] [Image: I_GoldBar.png]
 [Image: S_Holy06.png] [Image: S_Holy04.png] [Image: S_Holy08.png]
[Image: P_Orange05.png] [Image: Ac_Earing01.png] [Image: S_Buff12.png] [Image: Ac_Earing01.png]

Community Achievements
[Image: S_Bow11.png][Image: Ac_Medal02.png]
[Image: Ac_Medal01.png] [Image: S_Dagger06.png]
[Image: E_Gold01.png]
[Image: X_Box03.png] [Image: X_Box00.png]    

Purchasing Achievements
[Image: S_Shadow13.png] [Image: S_Shadow07.png]  [Image: I_Mirror.png]  [Image: I_Key01.png]  [Image: S_Shadow14.png]  [Image: S_Sword01.png]  [Image: S_Bow10.png] [Image: I_Chest02.png] [Image: I_Chest01.png] [Image: I_Diamond_1.png]

Exploration Achievements
[Image: S_Poison09.png]  [Image: C_Hat02.png]  [Image: S_Poison05.png] [Image: S_Light02.png]  [Image: S_Poison06.png]  [Image: S_Fire02.png] [Image: S_Thunder04.png]  

Influence Achievements
[Image: X_Letter01.png]  [Image: A_Armour02.png]  

Combat Achievements
[Image: S_Bow03.png] [Image: S_Thunder02.png] [Image: I_IronBall.png]

Story Achievements
[Image: X_Letter02.png]  [Image: A_Shoes01.png]  [Image: X_Pack.png]  [Image: C_Elm03.png]  

One-Time Achievements
[Image: I_Clock.png]

Personal/Character Achievements
Post your first Post (5) - The Scramble
Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5) - SALSA THE CHOCOBO, Rage of the Rathalos)
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
In it to Win it – Post 25 times (15)
Go Write a Novel – Post 50 times (25)
Deuces – Unlock a Second Character (15) – Shang Tsung
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Powerrrrr - Reach Level 5 (50)
Veteran - Reach Level 10 (100)
Just Say No – Use a consumable item (5) - Banishment Circle against Gilgamesh
Dissociative Identity Disorder (25) - Have your two characters meet - Many times

Community Achievements
Active – Get fortnightly rewards 4 times in a row (10) 
Great Job! – Get a bonus for great writing (5) - Family of Steel - Man on Fire
Exceptional - Get a bonus for exceptional writing (10) - Family of Steel - Man on Fire
Teamwork – Get a bonus for a group story (10) - Tarrasque
Community Star - Be voted as a User of the Month (10) - (Best NPC - The Rock, June 2015)
We Love You – Give someone constructive feedback (10) - Judge, Retane v Gouki Fight
Community Builder - Give constructive feedback on 5 occasions (15) - Judge - Retane v Gouki, Samus v Gouki, Colosseum Judge
Fusion... HA! - Fuse with another another character (10) - Proto Mouse (Legacy and War, Graveyard Saga)

Purchasing Achievements
For Any Occasion - Purchase 10 Moves (10) - See Roster
It’s Over 9000! – Purchase a Transformation (5) - System Upgrade
Stylish – Purchase an Alternate Form (5) - Rush Armor
Headquarters – Purchase a base (5) - Coruscant, Level 6
Friends - Purchase a Summon of any kind (5) - Rush
Super Powered - Purchase any type of Super Move (5) - Finish Buster
Powerful - Upgrade your Powers Cap (10)
Tech Savvy – Purchase a Consumables slot (5)
Fully Equipped – Equip a Consumable in all three slots (25) - Banishment Circle, Starman, Isoverse
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10)

Exploration Achievements
Pomp and Poverty – Post 5 times in Coruscant (5) - Shiny City, Family of Steel
Wizard’s Hat and Robe – Post 5 times in Camelot (5) - Rage of the Rathalos
Last Bastion – Post 5 times in the Pale Moors (5) - The Cure
More Aqua Please – Post 5 times in the Endless Dunes (5) - Home for Heroes
Orcs and Non-Humans – Post 5 times in the Tangled Green (5) - Family of Steel, Carved from the Blighted Oak
Forged in Flame – Post 5 times in the Ashen Plains (5) - Family of Steel, Man on Fire
Technocrat – Post 5 times in the Dataverse (10) - Emperor's Jubilee II

Influence Achievements
Movin' On Up - Successfully join a Faction (PC or NPC) (10) - Ambrosia
Well-known - Becoming Recognized in any verse (50) - Pale Moors

Combat Achievements
Fisticuffs – Defeat another player in an officially graded fight (5) - Battle of Nippur (vs Gilgamesh)
SUPER! – Use an SP-depleting Super Move or Transformation in an officially graded fight or artefact hunt (5) - Primordial Weapon
A Fate Worse than Death – Banish a (PC) Prime (10) - Gilgamesh

Story Achievements
Card Carrying Member – Do a task for the Empire or Kingdom (5) - Emperor's Jubilee (Security/Investigation)
Hide and Seek – Meet a Roaming NPC in any verse (5) - (Cindy, during Rage of the Rathalos
Watershed Moments – Be an active part in a staff-run storyline or artefact hunt (5) - Rage of the Rathalos
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20) - Jubilee, Rathalos, Secondary Saga

One-Time Achievements
Founding Member - Arrived in the Omniverse during the Scramble (10)
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Dante's Abyss 2015

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