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Name: Gaston
Spent OM: 10200
Consumed OM: 300
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (4500/8000): Advanced Regeneration (2200), Basic Super Jumping (300), Survival (2000)
Moves (1800): Blunderbuss (300), French Bow (300), Magic Pistol (300), Knife (300), Bronze Pernach (300), Steel-Reinforced Targe (300)
Super Moves (600): I'm Especially Good at Expectorating (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator
Unlocks (1000): Stat Upgrade (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

Character Name: Gaston

Character Source: Beauty and the Beast (animated)

Character History: 
Gaston was born in a small town, in France. All his life, he had been a hunter: from when he was a boy, tracking rabbits with his father to adulthood, when he became the best hunter in the village. Nearly everyday he would go out and kill some deer, taking it back and spreading the meat with anyone who wanted it. This, along with his increasing physical strength, led to him becoming very popular with the people of the village. But there was one person who wasn't infatuated with him: Belle. In some cruel twist of fate, that was the one woman he desired most. He tried everything he could think of to gain her affection, but nothing worked. Until one day, her father, a crazy man, told that she had been kidnapped by a wicked beast. Everyone in the town laughed it off, until Belle came back, admitting that she had been kidnapped but saying the beast wasn't truly wicked, and was merely misunderstood. But Gaston refused to believe her. He stormed the castle, fighting the beast. But eventually, he died, falling to his demise after stabbing the beast. But then, he was taken to the Omniverse, able to live once again.

Gaston is a very selfish, manipulating person. His only goal is the protection of interests and advancement in power of himself and, rarely, very close allies. He's willing to put up any facade to gain popular appeal, for one reason: he loves being praised. Admiration and acknowledgement from others is a great goal of his, partially for the power associated with it but partially just because he enjoys attention. Gaston is incredibly arrogant, believing himself and his abilities entirely superior to others. He's incredibly rude (though smart enough to not show it all the time), and will usually tell others outright that he doesn't care about them when they talk about themself.

[Image: latest?cb=20150208234351]
Gaston is a tall, burly man. Standing at 185 centimetres tall, nearly his entire body mass is muscle, in some impossible disproportionate manner only possible through the magic of animation. He has long, black hair, usually tied back in a long ponytail. Gaston's typical attire is a red shirt with yellow gloves on his hands, a belt about halfway down the shirt tying tight black pants that go into large black boots.

ATK: 4
All that bodybuilding paid off! Gaston is very strong, and uses powerful weaponry, making his offence a force to be reckoned with!
DEF: 3
Gaston's body has taken more than a lot of damage in his life and has built up quite a resistance to attacks.
SPD: 1
As physically imposing as he is, Gaston has never needed to run much, due to his hunting tactics, leading to an only average speed.
TEC: 3
Gaston is a very skilled fighter, highly trained in combat, ranged and melee, armed and unarmed.

Physical Strength (1000 OM):
Gaston knows how to handle himself in a melee position, be it with some weapon or merely his hands.
Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM):
Gaston is highly trained in the use of a bow and gun, and those skills translate into a general skill with ranged attacks and weaponry.

Advanced Regeneration (2200 OM):
Gaston's body has taken quite a beating throughout his adventures. Somehow, when he came to the Omniverse, that became the catalyst for a mutation, giving him incredible healing powers!
Basic Super Jump (300 OM):
Gaston never skipped leg day. As such, he was always able to jump high. And coupled with that, even gravity is awed and inspired by Gaston, allowing him to jump quite high!
Survival (2000 OM):
Gaston has a very high tolerance for pain! Some, even, would say it is... unholy! Upon his arrival and omnilium production in the Omniverse, this was enhanced so he doesn't even feel pain! Like a true manly man!

Blunderbuss (300 OM, Requires Ranged Proficiency): Gaston's most trusty weapon! A black gun measuring seventy centimetres in length, with a large opening at the end. To use the move, Gaston must first draw the gun off of his back, an action which takes about two seconds. The blunderbuss can fire bullets at a rate of one bullet every two seconds and holds five bullets before needing to reload. In order to reload, Gaston must put bullets into the gun at a rate of half a second per bullet, but must then spend half a second placing gunpowder within, leading to a total time of three seconds to reload. This weapon has an effective range of fifteen metres, after which the accuracy starts to dip off. One could still hit a target until twenty metres, though it'd be nearly impossible after that. The blunderbuss cannot reload unless it is completely out of bullets. The shots from the blunderbuss are rather powerful, able to pierce through concrete and even dent metal! This move is not very taxing for Gaston to use, and the bullets travel at seven hundred sixty-two metres per second.

French Bow (300 OM, Requires Ranged Proficiency): Another one of Gaston's favoured weapons. This is a wooden bow measuring about one metre in length, with a cloth where one would place their hand, paired with a leather quiver on his back. The bow can shoot arrows at a rate of one per second, including time taken to draw an arrow. Before using, however, Gaston must take the bow off of his back, taking about three seconds. His quiver holds fifty arrows, and when they are gone (or he just wants to) Gaston can summon more at a rate of one every two seconds, though his stored arrows may not exceed fifty. The arrows travel at a rate of sixty-nine metres per second and are rather damaging, able to go several centimetres into wood and easily pierce flesh. The bow is mildly taxing to use, and is effective for up to twenty-five metres, though after that accuracy starts to dip off.

Knife (300 OM, Requires Physical Strength): Gaston's weapon for melee. A small knife, this measures thirty centimetres in total length, twenty for the blade and ten for the handle. The blade is mostly straight and made of a silver steel, with one straight, mostly flat side and one slightly curved, sharp side. These two sides merge at a sharp point at the end of the blade. Gaston keeps this in a sheath on the back of his pants, and it takes about a second to take out.

Magic Pistol (300, Requires Ranged Proficiency): A magically infused pistol Gaston picked up in a small Tangled Green village. It is powered by a magic artefact within, which causes an impossibly large gust of wind contained within the barrel that propels bullets out. It has a golden, rectangular barrel which connects into a square magazine. It has a black trigger which connects to a purple handle. The magazines themselves each hold 15 bullets, and can be changed within a second. Gaston only can carry 5 magazines at a time, though, and afterwards he must replenish them between fights. The gun takes two seconds to draw, after which bullets fire at a rate of two per second, and are somewhat accurate, able to hit a desired target accurately from about 5 metres away. This move does not tire Gaston out much.

Bronze Pernach (Requires Physical Strength, 300 OM):
[Image: GDM13t.jpg]
A bronze mace Gaston acquired. It is about 30 centimetres long and golden coloured. Its handle is small and is stopped by a long connecting rod on which a decorative coil is placed. At the top, there is a head with several pointed flanges around it. This is somewhat fast to use, due to its small size, but not as much as, for example, a knife.

Steel-Reinforced Targe (Requires Physical Strength, 300 OM):
[Image: 4a139b3a16024848843b862ce6e9bbc5--viking...ojects.jpg]
A wooden shield reinforced with steel. This shield is 60 centimetres in diameter and has a metal, studded cross and circle on its front. Its back is covered with a deerskin, with two straps sticking out that go on Gaston's arm to fasten it on. This shield is rather strong, able to stop or weaken most normal attacks. Gaston can attack while holding the shield, but it becomes harder for him to move it around to block as he concentrates on other attacks.

Power Ups:
None (yet)

Super Moves:
I'm Especially Good at Expectorating (600 OM, Requires Ranged Proficiency): Gaston starts this move by picking up something small from the ground. It must be about the size of a pebble or smaller and can be made of any material. Afterwards, he sticks the item in his mouth and begins chewing on it. Through some odd magic that came about due to being in the Omniverse, Gaston is able to chew the object so hard it turns into a small leathery ball; regardless of what it was previously made of. He will then spit it out as hard as possible, causing it to move at an incredible speed that can shred through walls and enemies alike.

Magic Mirror (600 OM, serves as Mobile Dataverse Device and Communicator): A mirror that Gaston had in his homeworld, it now has the abilities of a phone. It has a touchscreen for when using the Dataverse, and shows the person he's talking to (or just a drawn picture of them) when using it as a Communicator.

The Story So Far:
White Voids and Black Coffee: Gaston enters the Omniverse, accompanied by another new Prime. The Prime leaves, but another comes, a small child. She explains some about the Omniverse and then Gaston leaves, heading off to Coruscant.
A World of...Science?: Gaston enters a new Verse, Coruscant. There he acquires a new gadget and learns more about the Omniverse, before getting in trouble with the law.
The Gaston This City Needs: Gaston begins his sentence of community service and attempts some heroics, eventually getting a harsher sentence.
Dino' Huntin' and Brain Washin': Gaston escapes from Coruscant and his community service to go to the Tangled Green. He begins convincing a young boy to help him, and they kill a group of dinosaurs, but then the boy's clan kidnaps Gaston. Gaston kills their leader and escapes.
The Good, The Bad, and The Chiseled: Gaston enters a rough, tough Elven village, and enters a feud between two large groups.
Character Relationships:
Ian Sylvester-Gaston found Ian a bit odd, though a worthy companion. However, when Ian left him in The Nexus, he instantly lost respect from Gaston. Gaston now sees him as an asshole, though not an actual enemy.
Chara-Gaston initially found it strange that a little girl was wandering by herself, but soon learned she was capable of handling herself. He is thankful of her for showing him about the Omniverse, and plans to contact her again. Gaston sees her as a friend.


Name: Bob Bobert Bob
Age: 33
Appearance: Bob is a very short, fat man. He stands at about 144 centimetres tall (about 4 feet 9 inches), but weighs 60 kilogrammes (about 132 pounds), making him rather overweight. He has a large nose that sits above a thick-lipped mouth, and he has piercing black eyes. Bob constantly wears his orange Omnizon delivery uniform, never taking it off: even to sleep or shower.
Personality: Bob is a simple man. His dedication is entirely to Omnizon, and he holds an unquestioning, unwavering loyalty to them. His only motivations in life are to help Omnizon to succeed, which he does by doing any job that is necessary (although he mostly delivers packages.) Bob takes his job very seriously, treating every delivery as a life or death mission, and fiercely killing any that stand in the way of his delivery.
Profession: Omnizon Employee
History: Bob remembers little about his life; nothing, in fact, prior to him becoming an employee for Omnizon. The truth of why this is is horrifying, to most. Bob was never, truly, a real person; he was genetically engineered in an Omnizon lab, fabricated by their best scientists to be the ultimate employee. And they succeded. They rapidly aged him, bringing him to the genetic age of a 21 year old. From there, he worked in Omnizon, gaining great experience in all fields there.

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