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Alexander Blakesley

Name: Alexander Blakesley
Character Source: Titanfall/Original Character

Spent OM: 10600
Consumed OM: 300 (Items)
Proficiencies (4000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Defense Proficiency (400), Homing Proficiency (600), Buff Proficiency (400)
Powers (2000/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Master Super Jumping (800), Burst Movement (800)
Moves (2700): Data Bayonet (300), V-47 Flatline (300), Longbow DMR (300), Hammond P2016 (300), Grapple Launchers (600), Archer Missile Launcher (900)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (300): Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Unlocks (1):
  • Stat Upgrade I +1 ATK
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3


Combat Record


ATK: 3

DEF: 2

SPD: 3

TEC: 3

Fighting Style:

- Ranged Proficiency (1000)
- Physical Strength (1000)
- Area Attack Proficiency (600)
- Area Defense Proficiency (400)
- Homing Proficiency (600)
- Buff Proficiency (400)

- Master Acrobat (400)
- Super Jumping - Master (800)
- Burst Movement (800)

Weapons and Equipment:
V-47 Flatline (300, requires Ranged Proficiency)
The V-47 Flatline is a collapsible-framed bullpup assault rifle that comes with a single shot, a three round burst fire and fully automatic firing modes. The Flatline provides accurate fire both on the move and from a stationary position. Instead of utilising conventional projectiles, like the R-101 family of assault rifles, the V-47 Flatline uses magazine-sized energy packs to fire energy projectiles at a target. These Magazines hold fifty rounds per magazine at 600 rds/min rate of fire with each individual round dealing moderate damage. Reloading a magazine takes two seconds, recharge time of a spent magazine is ten seconds and the effective firing range is 1000m Atlean models are modified to operate with self-sufficiency and effectiveness in mind, you could recharge them using any power source, even campfires but that risks damaging the power capacitors within the packs. Two flaws exist with the V-47, one is while the rifle itself is cheap, easy to maintain and capable of using traditional munitions like the Kalashnikov of the 20th-21st century; The energy capacitors within the magazines require time to recharge. The second flaw is recoil, managing the recoil can be a problem as this weapon works best at mid to close ranges, but long ranges require the user to shoot in controlled bursts or single shots.  

Data Bayonet http://i.imgur.com/mRCdW7J.jpg (300, requires Physical Strength)
A close combat bayonet with a monomolecular blade capable of carving through armour and flesh with ease. In Alexander’s universe due to technological advancements, a wielder of a Datablade be it a knife, a bayonet, or short bladed weapon, the blade could access electronic equipment by flipping a trigger located at the pommel of the weapon. By activating this trigger, circuitry located within the blade is ejected to the tip of the blade, turning it into a data storage device, or as means to hack into enemy electronic networks, or even hack hostile robotic forces to turn against their allies. This particular variant of the Data Knife is unique as it’s only in use by Atlean Pilots and often dubbed as “Straight Silver”, for the blade's unique shine even when drenched in gore.

D-101 Longbow DMR - (300, requires Ranged Proficiency)
The D-101 Longbow is a high calibre semi-automatic Designated Marksman Rifle that can fire on the move as well as fire from a stationary position. The Longbow's rate of fire is three shots per second, reloading a magazine takes around two seconds, and the effective firing range is up to 2000m. Alexander can carry up to six magazines with each magazine containing twenty-five rounds and five seconds to replenish spent magazines. The weapon's hypervelocity rounds make accuracy pinpoint even at long to extreme ranges with no bullet drop and deal heavy damage. One particular drawback of the Longbow being bullets leave faint streaks of white vapour which enemies can use to track to the sniper’s location at the time of firing.  

Hammond P2016 - (300, requires Ranged Proficiency)
The Hammond P2016 is a semi-automatic handgun that can fire on the move. The weapon's handheld size, precise accuracy and bullet's moderate damage make it a reliable backup weapon. The Hammond sidearm's magazines can hold as much as thirty rounds, the rate of fire is six bullets per second, reload per clip takes one second, Alexander can hold up to five magazines at a time and replenish them in five seconds. The effective firing range is up to 60m; the sidearm is light enough for Alex to use another handheld weapon with his free hand like his Data bayonet or grab onto ledges and walls when freerunning.

Grapple Launchers - (600, requires Ranged Proficiency, Burst Movement)
Located in both forearm sections of Alexander’s Pilot suit are launchers that fire spike-tipped steel cables that latch onto anything. These cables can resist most attempts at being cut and can hold a Pilot in full combat gear or upwards of 750 Lbs of weight. Primarily used as a method of relocation that can propel Alexander through the air to the desired location. Maximum range is two hundred and fifty yards; the cables are capable of creating instant ziplines that snap tight near instantly. The ziplines can fully extend and retract within three seconds the motors responsible for firing the cables can propel the user instantaneously. These launchers can also be utilised as weapons, latching onto opponents with its metal barbs or tripping them. This tactic is ill-advised against bigger and heavier opponents as they can just pull on the cable/s and drag Alexander towards them.

Archer Heavy Missile Launcher (Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency) - 900
The Archer Heavy Weapon system is a tactically versatile Missile launcher ideal for directly or indirectly supporting allies. Effective range is 750m in Unguided and guided modes; Mortar range is 1000m with a reload time of two seconds per rocket, five seconds for every mortar round. Alexander carries fifteen missiles and mortar rounds each, replenishing these ammunition supplies requires Alexander to summon more to replace expended projectiles. The blast radius is estimated at 5m, the ordinance themselves in all three firing modes fly very fast and are very difficult to dodge. When the Archer's ordinance guidance system is active, it takes approximately three seconds to acheive target acquisition. With the exception of the Mortar firing mode, the Archer missile launcher can be fired both stationarily or on the move.

Unguided Firing Mode
+ Heavy damage
+ Increased fire rate as the lock-on feature is disabled

- Inaccurate, does not lock-on to targets.
- Blast radius, enemies and friendlies caught in the blast radius receive injuries.
- Requires line of sight on target.

Guided Firing Mode
+ Heavy damage
+ Accuracy, the projectile homes in on the target once it acquires a lock.

- Decreased rate of fire, requires time to acquire a lock-on upon the target.
- Blast radius, enemies and friendlies caught in the blast radius receive injuries.
- Requires line of sight on target.

Mortar Firing Mode
+ Heavy damage
+ Does not require line of sight to acquire targets and increased range

- Inaccurate, intended more for anti-personnel than against isolated targets while capable of hitting the target's general location
- Blast radius, enemies and friendlies caught in the blast radius receive injuries.

Super Moves:

Power Ups/Transformations:

- Communicator
His comm unit located in both his helmet and an earpiece fitted comfortably over his ear allows him to communicate with squadmates and coordinate with allied forces on the battlefield.
- Mobile Dataverse Device
A hybrid device of a tablet and laptop allows Alexander to access the Omniverse's Dataverse and store vital information be it data files, images, audio files or just store his personal music library.

Personal Dossier

Name: Alexander Blakesley
Callsign/Titles: Papa Wolf
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5’8” (Unarmoured), 5’10” (Armoured)
Weight: 200Ibs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Silver
Birthday: 10th July
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Nationality (*Atleans are originally colonists of Australian/NZ/Scottish/British descent): *Atlean/Frontier
-Frontier Militia/Republic of Atlea - Republic of Atlea Marine Corps (Original Universe)
Occupation: Titan Pilot
-Captain (Original Universe)
-N/A (Current)
Relatives[*Original Universe]:
-*Nikita Blakesley, Mother - Alive
-*Leon Bernard, Father - Alive
-*Freya Macrae, Lover - Alive
-RC-4246, Titan A.I (Paired) - Alive

[Image: 6gJarte.png]
Physical Appearance: Alexander is a young man in his early twenties who is at the peak of his physical prime. He stands around 5’8” unarmoured and two inches taller in his Pilot armour. Years of intense combat and a highly rigorous military training regimen has honed Alexander’s physique into a well toned, lean frame free of scars and tattoos weighing two hundred pounds. Alexander is capable of performing superhuman athletic feats due to genetic augmentation during his training to becoming a Titan Pilot. His raven black hair kept with a low maintenance, short hairstyle to prevent it snagging in his Pilot suit. His face is ruggedly handsome with no spots or blemishes, clean-shaven, with fierce, yet expressive silvery eyes are known to deliver truly withering glares if provoked. His teeth are white with slightly pointed canines; it's more noticeable if he smiles. His complexion is slightly pale and youthful, which misleads people’s perception into thinking he’s more younger than his biological age.

Attire: Outside his pilot suit Alexander prefers wearing casual clothing to blend into crowds, evade unwanted attention and be more comfortable without restricting his movement. His usual outfit consists of a white t-shirt, a navy blue hooded bomber jacket that has concealed storage pockets inside the coat. Navy blue cargo pants and black steel-toe capped combat boots. He also wears black gloves to improve grip when handling firearms or his data knife and possesses concealed holsters for his sidearms and data knife. He dresses appropriately to accommodate changing seasonal weather, formal and informal events and on occasion, to impress someone but these occasions are rare.



- Gather as much knowledge necessary to survive in the Omniverse and learn how to use Omnilium
- Gain as much Omnilium as possible and improve combat capabilities
- Survive and look for a way to return to the Frontier

Omniverse Database

Omniverse Relations
Key: Hate/Dislike/Neutral/Like/Love/It's Complicated

Primes and Secondaries:

Factions and Places:


Omniverse History

A Brave New Frontier

Alexander arrives in the Nexus after being plucked from the Frontier by Omni, a squad of Stormtroopers and an assassin hidden among their ranks discover him, and his journey within the Omniverse begins.

Yellow Beauty Burns Gold

Determined to find a way out of the Nexus, Alexander hears a fight break out near the Fountain and discovers a mob of sharply dressed thugs attack a pair of female civilians. Alexander leaps into action to aid the two civilians, during the brawl another individual joins the fray and in the chaos, attacks him. After quickly talking his way out of a near confrontation, Alexander and this individual successfully help drive off the thugs' attack. After introducing himself, Alexander discovers a clue leading to the thugs' hideout and pursues them through to Coruscant.

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