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Asriel Dreemurr

Name: Asriel Dreemurr
Spent OM: 6,000
Consumed OM:
Proficiencies (4200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)
Powers (0/8000):
Moves (1200): Fire Magic (600), Chaos Slicer (600)
Super Moves (600): Struggle! (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 2
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]


Fire Magic (600, requires Remote Control and Ranged)

Asriel can summon 6 small fireballs (sphere-like shapes which have 3-inch diameters) around each hand like in this image of his mother, Toriel.

[Image: faed259e4f3d2620d27259a821c42cbe.jpg]

They will take 5 seconds to summon. A warning that they will appear is that the air surrounding Asriel will suddenly turn extremely hot, although it's not hot enough to hurt anyone. The heat will vary in intensity depending how close you are to him, but anyone can feel the hot air from up to 20 feet away. This move is always telegraphed due to the heat. The fireballs will remain within 2 feet of him and will follow him as he moves. Maintaining them requires a small bit of concentration.

The movements of his hands will manipulate them. Quick thrusts of his arms will send only one at a time out. He can punch over and over again to send out one fireball with each punch. The fireballs travel at the speed of an arrow and they can travel up to 25 feet. If Asriel can't move his arms, he won't be able to use this move. Since the fireballs are magic, they could be cast underwater and other environments without the conditions for fire to appear. He can cast this move while moving, but he's at his most precise when standing still.

He can charge the shots by holding out an arm for 3 seconds to charge the shot, and then punching to shoot it. Both arms can charge and fire the fireballs independently. Without charging, the default rate of fire is 1 per second with one arm and 2 per second with both arms. One charged punch is as tiring as two normal punches. After 20 punches, Asriel will begin to get tired and at 40, Asriel’s muscles will sprain.

Each fireball's force without charging is the same as a punch. When charged, however, each fireball has the force of two punches. Once all of the fireballs are gone, it takes 5 seconds to "reload".

Chaos Slicer (600, requires Physical and Remote Control)
[Image: FMPRKMAIKEALH8L.MEDIUM.jpg] (ignore the fact that this is Asriel's Hyperdeath form)

Asriel instantly summons two swords which are roughly 23 1/2 inches long. They are quite quick when compared to heftier swords. He has to focus and stand still to do so, but it's not very tiring to summon.

When he desummons them, Asriel has the option to summon 8 magic orbs (2-inch diameters) that he can shoot towards an opponent. It takes 5 seconds to summon the orbs. Asriel has to focus and stand still while doing so, like with summoning the swords. He cannot summon the orbs without summoning the sword prior and it does cause him a bit of fatigue to summon the orbs. They can go up to 10 feet and they last for only 5 seconds. The orbs will go up to 27 mph, the speed of an average punch, and each have the force of a strong punch. Combined, they all have a concussive force. The orbs will all fire out at once and he can redirect them with his thoughts.

He cannot use this with other moves.

Struggle! - Tier 1 Super Utility – 600 OM (requires Ranged and Debuff)

Asriel points his index finger at a target and a beam of warped space-time with a 1-foot diameter fires out for up to 25 feet. The beam will look like refracted light (the phenomenon responsible for the visible heat waves coming off pavement that distort the environment) Whoever it hits will be will be debuffed. If the beam hits one target, it reduces SPD by up to 2 for a single round - this is split between multiple targets if applicable. It may be blocked by a Tier 1 or higher Super Defense, and it cannot reduce SPD below 0.

Approved but Not Bought

Chaos Blaster (900, requires Ranged, Remote Control and Ranged Materialize)
[Image: 5a4c1dd5317505822d81dfa61e159c98247d0a76_hq.jpg]

Asriel's left arm morphs into this blaster which takes 5 seconds to summon. This weapon is a highly ornate white metallic bazooka-like gun with many markings etched into it that is roughly 3 feet in diameter. It can alternate between shooting magic spheres, shurikens and rainbow lasers. He can instantly switch modes. He can re-aim the weapon once he fires it, except for when he fires shurikens.

The magic bullets have 3-inch radii and slightly drain his stamina. Their rate of fire is 3 per second. He can fire 4 lines of bullets that go in a 25° cone (12 bullets in total). The bullets go around the speed of a normal rifle bullet and go up to 25 feet. The drawback is that the bullets do little damage and that they are telegraphed by laser lines that Asriel uses to aim.

The rainbow laser is a magical blast of energy with a concussive force that is 3 feet in diameter. It travels as fast as an arrow, and will stop once it hits something or Asriel stops firing or Asriel is too tired and can't perpetuate the beam any longer. The longer the beam is fired, the more tired Asriel gets. He can't fire a laser again for two minutes. The beam requires some mental concentration to fire and he can’t move, attack or defend while firing it. It physically drains him the longer he fires it.

Asriel can also choose to fire out 25 magic shuriken-like stars one time per minute. They travel in a 45° cone angle and they're around the speed of a baseball. The range is 20 feet and they are fired for 10 seconds.

The drawbacks of the shurikens:
  • They each deal low-medium damage.
  • Asriel cannot cancel the attack, turn or move once he activates it.

Asriel can’t use this with other moves.

(Approved here: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid113903
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]


Character history (pre-Omniverse): In the world of Undertale, there was a great war between the humans and the monsters. The humans made the first move and attacked the monsters due to the fact that they did not want their souls to be absorbed by a monster. When a human soul is absorbed by a monster, the fusion is a godlike being that has two consciousnesses: the human’s and the monster’s. However, the humans won out over the monsters and banished them into the underground cave systems of Mount Ebott with a magical barrier.

Many years (possibly even centuries or millennia) later, Asriel Dreemurr, the prince of the monsters, found a human who had fallen down into his backyard. He took the human into the castle and over time, they bonded. Their friendship reached the point where Asriel’s parents, Toriel and Asgore, adopted the human into the Dreemurr family. However, much later, the human poisoned themselves by eating buttercups and died. After their death, their soul was absorbed by Asriel. The fusion was taken over by the human, who wanted to test their full power out by killing other humans on the surface. Before Chara could do it, Asriel resisted, which led to the humans wounding them.

The Asriel/Human rushed to the Underground after being lethally hurt. They died and their body turned to dust which landed on a garden. Later, just before Toriel ran away, the Royal Scientist, Alphys, injected a substance called determination into the flower in order to bring it to life. Alphys’s experiments were not successful until Alphys replanted it in Asgore’s garden. The flower came to life and told Asgore that he was his son. However, Asriel couldn’t feel any emotion whatsoever. He eventually found his mother, Toriel, but he couldn’t even feel anything around her. It got to the point where he committed suicide. But his determination brought him back to life. He woke up back at the garden. He found that he could reset at any time. Later, he called himself Flowey and went evil.

However, a new human named Frisk fell into the Underground. They went on an adventure through the Underground in order to meet Asgore, so they can go home. But Flowey killed Asgore and absorbed the human souls that Asgore had been collecting in order to break the barrier. He turned into Omega Flowey and destroyed the universe. But Frisk survived and fought Flowey. The world was restored, and Frisk either killed Flowey or spared him. Afterwards, Frisk’s fate is left ambiguous. We don’t know if they crossed the barrier or died from some unknown force.

But, Frisk reset and put in extra effort to befriend everyone. In this route, when Frisk goes to Asgore’s castle, their friends meet up with them. This time, Flowey absorbed the human souls plus almost all of the monsters in the underground. He turned into a godlike, adult Asriel who developed feelings over time. Frisk convinced Asriel to stand down. Asriel realized the right thing to do was to use the power of the souls to break the barrier. Before he could do that, Asriel was taken to the Omniverse.

Personality: Asriel is a docile, loving and normally unadventurous child who has been through a lot more than he deserved. He has a lot of pressure on him because he has almost all of monsterkind's souls, as well as the human souls, contained within him. Asriel has a lot of guilt as well for what he did as Flowey and he wants to get back home as soon as possible. All of this has made him quite overemotional. He just wants to find a place to settle down as well as some friends.

Writing Guide

Keywords: Compassionate, Kind, Guilty, Pressured, Loving, Docile, Mercy

Introductions: He wants to be as kind as possible to any new people he meets. However, he will be horrified if he finds out someone is a villain. He'll probably fight them to stop their evil acts if they're doing something villainous.

Combat: He will normally want to avoid fighting as much as possible. Mercy is one of his keywords for a reason. However, he is willing to fight and kill Primes, if he has to, since they will come back eventually. But, he will never kill a Secondary, unless they're something similar to a mindless robot.
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

Episode List:

Advent Thunder: Asriel's arrival into the Omniverse.

Fight thread: Asriel Dreemur vs 13-Jzall: Asriel fights the skitarii 13-Jzall.

The Angel Comes to Camelot: Asriel travels to Camelot.

Arriving at Dalaran: Goatbro goes to Dalaran.

The Tower: Azzy arrives in the council's tower in Dalaran.
[Image: ar_sig_by_invagir-db61o55.png]

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