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Name: 13-Jzall
Spent OM: 14100
Proficiencies (3600): Ranged Proficiency (1000) , Buff Proficiency (400), Physical Proficiency (1000), area attack prof (600), homing prof (600)
Powers (3100/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Enhanced Senses Advanced (1700), Suppression (1000)
Moves (2700): Phosphor Blast Pistol (600), Transonic Arquebus (300), Phosphor bomb (300), Phosphoric Blank (300), Mechendrite harness (300), the red axe (300),  Flachette blaster (300), Cognis Flamer (300)
Super Moves (600): Godbreaker ammo (600)
Transformations (1000): dragoon (1000)
Assists (0):
Items (1100): Communicator (200 OM), Mobile Dataverse Station (100 OM), Vita Compass (800)
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (1000): initium fabrica
Unlocks (1000): stat upgrade 1
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.

13 is a skitarii ranger with all that entails. He has passed the crux mechanicus, leaving the flesh remaining inside him the minority. His knees have been cut off at the base along with his forearms. His eyes are covered with a thin glass covering that protect them from outside influences. He was vat born and is 1.8 metres tall despite only being roughly 5 years old. His robes are lined with lead and contain a thick, gelatinous substance which keep them from moving when affected by movement or outside forces. His backpack and numerous pockets inside of his robe contain enough ammo for nearly any fight, unless said otherwise in the move description. He also has two mechadendrites coming out from behind his shoulder blades which act as additional arms.

http://i.imgur.com/mSGamyH.jpg (bottom left)
Note that a galvanic rifle is being held in these pictures.

Ranged Proficiency: Rangers often move at marching pace, finally catching up to an opponent to kill them in melee is difficult.

Buff Proficiency: The support equipment carried by the Adeptus Mechanicus are crucial to long operations, allowing them to pursue for years at a time.

Physical Proficiency: In the event an enemy is brought within close quarters range, guns will be used as clubs by the common skitarii, supported by the melee prowess of the alphas.

Area Attack Proficiency: In the even a foe proves too densely packed to be dispatched with single target weapons, they will be obliterated by ever increasingly large guns.

Homing Proficiency: Some guns have too much recoil or are too slow moving to reliably hit a target, they must be instead gently guided in order to kill their quarry.

Master Acrobat: In the even that simple marching will not reach the enemy, all skitarii must know how to scale walls and jump accross crevices.

Enhanced Senses Advanced: Do not be fooled by cheap tricks, there are always ways of seeing someone.

Suppression: Cameras and weak minded witches will always fail in the face of perfect logic.


Phosphor blast pistol, 600 OM. Requires ranged and area attack proficiency.
A phosphor blast pistol is a weapon used by skitarii alphas to mark out their prey. The barrel is roughly as long as the length from 13's shoulder to his forearm, and has 6 barrels each made up of 2 individual spinning parts. Inside these barrels are small ammo containing cylinders, each roughly the size of a finger. These contain 4 shots that can either be used individually for more accuracy and distance or all together for a shotgun like shot. To change which one he is going to use, 13 sends a message to the machine spirit of the pistol which takes half of a second. Both modes shoot out small pellets that will always burrow half a centimeter into the target and, when they strike their target, will heat up and create an incredibly bright, white fire. These bullets will stick to the target for 5 seconds before falling off of them. The white fire causes large amounts of pain, but not too much damage. Their main function is to mark out the target, if the target goes invisible due to the stealth ability the bullets will remain alight and visible. If the target teleports, the bullets will remove themselves 1 second earlier. The bullets deal moderate damage and are reloaded by putting new cylinders into the gun barrel, similar to a shotgun. This process takes 5 seconds. The single shot bullets have an effective range of 100 metres while the shotgun mode has one of 25. Both modes are semi auto.
Imagine: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warh...0312203933

Phosphoric Blank. 300 OM, requires area attack and ranged prof.
13 loads a long, thin cylinder into his phoshpor blast pistol of what is effectively what you would get if you melted down the bullets normally housed there and made a cylinder out of them. When fired, it will shatter into a fine dust that resembles a scaled up blank, covering a roughly 10 by 10 by 5 metre sphere cloud, with the five metres being how far forwards it goes. It will then come to a rest on whatever surface it was shot against, or is below it. When it makes contact with this surface, it will set itself alight and deal light damage for the next 10 seconds. It will stick to opponents for the ten seconds and will show even if the opponent has used stealth. If the opponent teleports, it will lower the amount of time that the dust will remain on by 3 seconds. It will also deal medium impact damage at near point blank ranges due to how much dust is hitting the opponent at high speeds. It will take 5 seconds to reload and can be used 6 times before needing to do so.

Transuranic Arquebus. 300 OM. Requires ranged proficiency.
The Transuranic Arquebus is effectively a light anti tank rifle designed for use against infantry. It can not be used on the move and will require at least 2 seconds of standing still in order to set up the stand. It fires depleted uranium bullets in an effective range of 2.5 kilometers and can fire twice before it needs to be reloaded, which takes 2 seconds. It is designed with a muzle that creates such a loud noise, morale will be often be broken before bullet even hits. If it does, it will deal heavy damage and often throw the target back a bit due to the impact. When not in combat, the stand can be collapses and the gun can be either held in a skitarii's hands or slung over their shoulder.

Image: https://i.warosu.org/data/tg/img/0397/28...376875.png

Tier one Supoer move; Godbreaker Ammo, 600 OM. Requires ranged prof.

Godbreaker ammo is semi sentient necrodermis, the material necrons are made out of, that was given to 13 by [REDACTED]. It is used by uncorking a glass vial and being poured into his phosphor blast pistol, akin to how it is reloaded. When shot, it will remake itself to pierce almost any barrier that has not been created to specifically counter ordnance of its calibre. The necrodermis itself will regrow in time, albeit slowly. The liquid itself is viscous and gray.

Phosphor bomb, 300 OM. Requires area attack and ranged prof. 

Phosphex was a weapon most like living napalm. After its STC was tragically destroyed, all attempts to make more failed. Luckily, the results can be somewhat recreated but just on a far lesser scale. A Phosphor bomb is created to be as close as possible to a phosphex bomb, even down to the container. It has a 10 centimeters long clylindrical middle that is 5 centimeters wide, with decorative ornements on either end of it. When thrown, it will explode and throw chunks of metal in a 20 metre radius. These chunks of metal will then light themselves on fire for 5 seconds, causing immense pain to whatever unfortunate being it has but low amounts of damage. After the 5 seconds, it will cool down and fall off of the target. These shards of metal will remain visible even if the target turns invisible and will remain on the target for 1 second less in the event that they teleport. 13 has 6 of these in various places on him and must resupply between fights.
Image: https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/vp/ea4...tagram.com

The red axe: 300 OM, requires melee prof

A rust red, oversized omnissian axe which is about 1 and a half meters high with a cog shaped blade. It is used as a heavy chopping device to get through armour but it can't be used quickly or with as much skill. Because it's unwieldy, its main use is keeping enemies away so 13 can have more room to use his guns. It is attached to 13's back by a magnet in his spine, it takes 3 seconds to take out and put back. The head of the axe is a semi-circle 30 cm long and 10 cm wide.

[Image: latest?cb=20151101155244]
This but rust red.

Flechette Blaster, 300 OM, requires homing prof and ranged prof
[Image: 250?cb=20160217131635]
The Flechette Blaster is a small pistol in 13's coat, it has 10 darts that travel as fast as a bullet in a single cartridge and will shoot all of them with a single press of the trigger in a second however this causes the gun to move up 10 cm, throwing off the aim. When a dart his the target it will emit a homing beacon, making other darts change their course to focus on one area. The darts by themselves deal low amounts of damage but can stack up to hit harder than 13 normally can. The darts will only change direction if a new one hits, so if the target moves left they can easily avoid the other darts. The darts can move up to 90 degrees each time one hits and will continue moving as fast as a bullet while making those turns. It takes 3 seconds to reload. There is a small amount of sideways recoil if 13 only uses one arm to aim, although if he uses multiple arms to control it he will have to slow down.

Cognis Flamer 300 OM, requires ranged, area attack and at least 1 Mechadendrite unbroken
A Mechadendrite folds under 13's hood and comes out with a cognis flamer attached. This weapons deals very light damage to a cone 20 metres long and 5 metres wide, although the heat can be felt much farther away. The fuel canister can last for up to 45 seconds of continuous firing before it will have to dip back down to refill for 15 seconds or unattach. It has a minor machine spirit that can fire by itself although it will be less accurate (not that that matters too much on a flamer) but will have slightly better reactions and can look wherever 13 isn't at the moment. The canister can be shot which will break that flamer, of which there are four in total, and cause a small explosion that will damage everything in a 3 metre radius.

Dragoon, Tier 1 transformation (1000 OM)

An 18 foot tall dragoon comes out of 13's forge city and runs towards the battle at hand. It is independantly piloted by a servitor and has a stand for 13's transuranic to stay on, allowing for him to fire on the move with it.
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[Image: latest?cb=20150423045936]

Mechendrite harness: 300 OM, requires physical prof

13 has two Mechendrites coming out of his shoulder blades. They are 60 cm long metal tubes with an area on the end where different tools will come out depending on the situation. Other than that, they function like normal arms and will take as much damage as 13's normal arms would.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.


Perkins is an imperial guardsmen, he is equipped with a lasgun which is significantly weaker than the more famous bolter that space marines use. The armour he wears is green and consists of a helmet, chestplate and long pants with armour on the front side. The armour is enough to stop a lasgun, an off mark explosion or some shrapnel but it will fail if a prime tries to attack it.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.


An ork threat was ravaging the Imperium, threatening even Terra herself. After constantly being battered and nearly beaten by the green menace, the adeptus astartes, astra millitarum and adeptus mechanicus launched a counter attack. 13-jzall was tasked with killing the ork leader known as 'the beast'. He failed, being likely killed by the orks.


13 is extremely smart with what he knows. This will lead him to see others as inferior until proven otherwise. He often won't show this though, paitently talking to the unenlightened until they insult him or his religion far enough to spark a conflict or they leave. This mentalitity is shared in battle, often being reactive rather than proactive unless the situation calls for the enemy to be killed in one fell swoop.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.


13's mobile dataverse station and communicator are located inside of 13's skull, allowing him to use it 'telepethically'. This means he can talk to people with the communicator without physically speaking and can hold multiple conversations of that type at one time.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.

Approved moves that I need to buy;

Torison cannon (mechendrites gotten) http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid123637
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Let it be known that the Skitarii have arrived and the battle shall be won.

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