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[M] Dealing with Demons in VR

When someone's freaking out like the way Desman was, it was hard to not listen. It was easy for someone like Ash to ignore anything but pure curiosity about the situation. "Was he about to say, Dad?" She asked to herself, moving around to the control panel. She manipulated the wires to her needs and through the same process of fusing with Desman, she Jack’s in. Unlike the fusion, Ash didn’t immediately knock out. Instead, she had time to sit down and lay against the pod before she chose to enter cyberspace.

Immediately she was welcomed with Desman’s voice, screaming bloody mary and tears running down his face whether he knew it or not. She just stood there and let him have it out for a moment, her tail flicking naturally behind her. Her bored eyes look around at the nothingness of the area. It was their personal space, so it only made sense. She tested the functions of her cyberdeck, having not been in VR before here on the Omniverse.

She tried to manipulate her image, only to find access denied. Her brows came together instantly. ‘What does that mean?’ She thought, turning back to her cyberdeck and trying once more. Big red letters shot up from her screen in a hologram: ACCESS DENIED: REQUIRED PROGRAM NEEDED FOR SHAPESHIFTING!!

She hit it with her fists, drowned out by Desman’s screaming. With the slightest hint of rage in her blood finally, she turned to him and gave his face another slap. It wasn’t the face of the man she was used to seeing in cyberspace, but it didn’t hurt her hand either. “Stop! What’s wrong this time?” Every time they gained any progress towards his chill level, he spikes it to the ground with yet another fit. It was starting to get draining.

The sudden sting across his metallic jaw-line dragged Desman back into modern day reality; he stared up blankly at the woman, then sighed and averted his gaze. "L-look, I don't want to talk about it. C-can't we just go." there was a definite tone of depression in his voice, this comment seems to be more serious than his other little fits he had been emotionally breaking down over.

A brow rose behind her horns at that, but she found herself calming down little but little again. "What do you mean you don’t want to talk about it?” She insisted, crossing her arms. “You were just talking about it!” He'd notice she wasn't making any attempt to leave. She had the power to lock him in here and might do so if he doesn't comply.

"Look, VR isn't all fun and games for everyone, I-" Desman gulped, trying not to think too much. "I've some bad experience, okay? I, really don't want to go into details.."

Unfortunately for Desman, this was the one time Ash felt like digging. She was normally only curious when it sounded interesting. This sounded like basic abuse but for a different class of people. “Fine. Let’s make a bet then. We play a game, and if I win you tell me. If you win...“ She stopped, actually not having a motivation for him thought out but quickly smirking and running her hands down her body in a very sexual way but they stop at her hips like she wasn’t about to grab herself for him to get the full force of the idea. “Well, you can pick your own prize. I’ll tell you anything you want to know or do whatever you want me to do. No strings, no games, no secrets.”

Desman just sat there silently for awhile, while from the outside it looked like he was deciding whether it was worth it or not, his mind was just racing for an idea of how to get out of the situation. "....fine" he sighed in defeat. "what type of game did you have in mind?"

Ash’s tail flicked happily at his agreement. Her hand came back up and tapped a few buttons on her deck. Boxes with game titles appeared in holograms. Using her finger she waved through the selection. If he was observant enough he could see the impressive number indicating how many games she had in her library.

He felt dread settle itself in his processor when he realized she meant to keep going with this VR idea. His flight instinct kicked back in and he shakily summoned a menu to log out. Unfortunately, he had to scroll just a little bit down to get to the button. This left him concentrating on what he was doing and not what was going on.

His menu shatters like pixelated glass as a blade slashes through it. Red Devil’s Quill landed on the ground at his feet. When he looked up at her, she was clearly not amused by his attempts to leave. “Do that again.. And I will lock you in here…” She threatened, her cyberdeck turning from its cold blue to purple as a warning.

Could she even do that? The robot had no idea but wasn't willing to test it out. "O-okay." He just hoped that the game was as far away from his experiences as possible.

Her eyes narrow a bit as if challenging him to push his luck.

Then she simply went back to selecting a game. She had been planning something a little beginner friendly to start with, but now she was tempted to drop something difficult on him. She tried to remain calm, she didn’t like her emotions flying off the handle like that. If there was no meaning behind your outbursts, they meant even less to people who were subjected to them.

Her hand went back to the holographic titles and flipped through them. She considered the idea of asking what he wanted to play but decided he lost that privilege. She clicked on a shooter.

The very limited space quickly became a large map. At their backs, virtual water lapped at the sands. Above them a dreary day of dark clouds outlined by hopeful rays, cut in two by a sudden flash of sickly green lightning. The world was both beautiful and chaotic around them. In the distance, they could see cathedrals and towers of old Europe. They could also see modern machines of war; tanks letting loose their cannons in the distance. In Ash’s hand, a starting machine gun appeared, at her back, a sniper rifle.

She had been in nothing but the panties she’d summoned, but now wore skin tight and form fitting armor. She examined her gun. “Whoever gets the most kills wins.” She explained. “Friendly fire has been turned off.” She added, then began to walk forward down the linear path. Ahead they would find some basic waist high walls for cover that would indicate a fire fight is about to go down.

The robot had to remind himself that these would be computers they were facing as he hurried along to join Ash, at least then he wouldn't hold back.


Ash slammed her back into yet another stray wall. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how repetitive a shooter can get, she didn’t care. It was fun just holding the trigger down and watching bodies fall. If shooters got any more complicated than that, they’d be something else entirely. They were fighting other humanoids but mutated sometimes. Without the cut scenes - which she cut out for simplicity sake - or the dialogue of pre-made characters it was hard to understand what was going on. But basically they were fighting failed experiments for super soldiers as fodder, and occasionally a big bad successful super soldier as a boss.

She was at 117 kills so far. This could be read at the corner of her vision in her hub. She couldn’t see Desman’s total, but she was confident it was still below her’s.

That said, she was getting a little bored with this game. She had more challenging shooters, but there had to be something with more variety in her library. She jumped out and with her machine gun, she peppered a lowly soldier until he stopped moving on the ground before ducking back into hiding.

She also preferred another type of game, survival horror. She wondered if he could handle something like that...

Then she decided that if he wanted to win he was going to have to.

While Desman was tearing through a set of enemies, he’d watch as the vegetation around them began to pulse and grow, it consumed the world around them, and one of the new trees ensnared several of the incoming enemies with a frog tongue-like motion with a sticky vine. The super soldier's cry out in desperation before they are silenced with what sounds like bones crunching in the bushier limbs that he could not see.

The grotesque creatures he’d been eliminating for points in their game turned to fire at something in the tree but then were assaulted by something even more twisted, big, and stomach curling.

It had six limbs in total and the outer layers of its flesh looked wet. Upon closer inspection, if he dares, reveals that it was also somewhat transparent and the mix of colors in its flesh was they many strangely shaped and sized organs that beat unnaturally with the pulse of blood.

It had no eyes, sensory type obviously. Its maw comes to a point of smooth almond shape until it opens its mouth to eat the head of one of the soldier's its tentacles had pinned to the ground. Rows upon rows upon rows of sharp jagged teeth wrap around it before crushing the helmet until the blood of the poor experimented on human runs past its lips as it chewed briefly then swallowed the skull and brains.

Another one falls upon a few more humans that were trying to escape before the first one turns its oblong head in Desman’s direction. Gill like slots expands across the ‘bridge’ of its muzzle as it sniffs out more prey.

Desman quite gladly accepted the change in enemies, they reminded him much less of the VR 'game' that he had to endure though, sure the thing it did remind him of wasn't the happiest thing either, but at least no one died from it, well, at least not from the monsters.

The creature sniffed the air deeply, while Desman mentally prepared himself to take on this large monster it seemed to size him up by the smell he was giving off.

It rolled in the air like its body had no top or bottom, or if it did it was upside down. Its limbs touched the building it had leaped out of, its ‘paws’ connecting to the overgrown vegetation that grew across the face of the deteriorated building. Like a magnet, the creature clung to it and began to sniff the air once more.

Behind him appeared Ash, the machine gun firing full blast at something out of view. Something that could return fire as a spray of bullets tried to rip her to pieces. She ducked behind a falling apart wall which is chipped away at the bullets from whatever was following the demon. She has long striped pieces of the armor away to make it easier to move, but if he could tear his eyes from the creature long enough he’d see blood pouring from a bullet wound in her arm. There was another hole in her leg, making movement a little more difficult but not by much.

By the time he could look back, the creature was already moving again. Silently, quickly, and in glob like movements that were strange to the eye as well as how you’d describe them. It ran like a mix between a bipedal of four legs and a centipede. Its limbs rippled as they moved, and clawed to get the distance it needed for its new prey. It made no sound but looked like it struggled to move at all. It had no grace, but it also had no sound.

Desman watched as it passed him on the falling buildings, heading straight for the sex demon that he called his friend. Ash didn’t seem to notice, too focused on the people that were closing in on her. She still works a grin, but for how long?

Desman fired a round of his blaster at the creature, all three of his attacks missed as the thing got closer to Ash. Trying to close the distance for a better aim, the robot leaped over a wall, only to stumble and fall as his wheel caught on it. 'Fuck'

The familiar sound of Desman’s body crashing to the ground caught Ash’s attention, she glanced over just in time to see the creature wobbling closer. Her face twisted up in disgust before she forced herself away from the corner she’d tuck herself into.

A spray of bullets greeted her, but Ash ducked away to avoid it. She heard the armor take the abuse of most of it, then screams of the people who’d be firing at her as the creature landed on the ground behind her. For something she hadn’t noticed a moment ago, it was loud upon landing. Spearing through two of the four guys and letting the other two run for their lives, it turned back to Ash.

Desman watched as it snatched her in mid stride.

Ash felt the air being forced out of her lungs as she was scooped off her feet and into the air. Twisting in the creature’s grasp gathers electricity in her hand before touching its limb. The blue lightning traveled up its slick arm but even as it screeched out in pain it’s arm kept carrying her through the air to the opposite side of its body. Where she was slammed with all its power into the ground with such force they could hear something break.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

"ASH!!" Desman rushed as fast as he could to save the demon from the creature's hold, which wasn't very impressive compared to the woman's or the creatures own speed, but he still managed to get close to it if only because it was distracted. "Let go of her!" the robot yelled before plunging his sword deep into the creatures back.

It was enough to make the creature think Des was worth it and screamed in pain once more, before trying to shake them off. Back handing the robot into a wall it turned to face the new opponent but seemed blind to him. The red midget followed up by stabbing him a few times. This green goo stuff spilled out of its open wounds, looking a lot like the pulp and seeds you scoop out of pumpkins come Halloween. It smelled horrible and steam rose from the open wound as they spilled out.

It tried taking several swipes from him, but whatever his bravery was doing for his body it was cool. Like instinct, his blaster came up and he fired four shots at the hand that was coming at him. The creature pulled back and tried to slash at the other, only for Desman's cutlass to cut clean through it. It screeched after him like it was trying to use the horrid sound like a weapon. It was wasted on the robotic wonder.

Another few random slashes and something spilled out of the body, covered in the same goop that spilled out. It pulsed, hanging out of the creature’s body and swinging about as it moved to attack Desman once more. The red midget fought to get a clear shot but finally emptied several shots into it without really knowing what it was or what purpose it had.

The energy shots vanish inside of it, then parts of the hanging organ begin to bulge. It grew and grew until the creature bent over backwards to support the weight of the new organ. Light began to stream out of the seams...

Suddenly it burst open, littering the whole area with green gooey pumpkin guts.

"You okay to stand?" the robot said as he extended his arm towards the battered storm demon to help her up.

Covered in mystery goo and her own blood, Ash remained where she had been when he turned to fight the thing causing her pain. She seemed lifeless for a bit but rolled over just enough to look up at him as he came closer. She wasn't willing to admit her pain, so she reached up and took his hand, letting him lift her up to her feet, long enough for her take a knee and clutch her rib cage. A moment later she was spitting up blood.

Then she chuckled. "That's not a very sexy kind of pain." She teased.

"Come on, this is no time for joking, we need to get you some help." Des's tone was dark and serious as he spoke, he emotions cut off, though Ash couldn't be sure whether it was because of the fact he truly thought of this as a serious situation, or he didn't have time for another breakdown at the moment. "And since you won't let us get out of this wretched place, do you know anywhere close by that we could go to?"

Ash let out a short laugh. "'Wretched' huh? You think it's really that bad in here?" She decided to make small talk instead of answer his question.

"Yeah, it is, you could've gotten hurt way worse than this you know." Desman seemed pissed off that he even had to explain that simple fact to her. "Now will you please just let me help you?" he asked, getting his arms into a position to pick to pick her up Bridal style.

Ash didn't fight him as he scooped her up, only felt the stabbing in her chest worsen. "Why?" She asked, curiously, lulling her head against the closest thing that was his shoulder. "Why do you hate it so much?"

"Like I said, you could've been seriously hurt." If Desman had been showing his human face, his eyebrows would be twitching in frustration at this point. "It's dangerous." Ash could tell it went deeper than that, way deeper.

Ash leaned up and kissed his visor, knowing he might not be able to feel it the same way he could if they were fused but knew he'd understand the notion just the same. "You know what I mean." She said, kissing him again and letter her hand brush along his chest. She laid her head back down so that her horn kept her face off his visor. "You won't tell me the truth?"

Desman just sighed in response. "Fine, if you want to know so badly I'll tell you." Desman paused as if there was a catch, cause there always was a catch. "But only after we get you somewhere to heal."

Ash let out a forced laugh, then forced his menu open with her own commands. "Then let's get out of here..." She said, reaching for his log out button. Pressing it firmly if he didn't stop her.
[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

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