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HOW TO JOIN! (Read me first!)

Welcome to the Omniverse! We're a roleplaying forum where you can choose to play as any character from any fictional world, or even a character of your own.

Before considering joining, please read the Rules pages. The Omniverse is an RPG comparable in depth to a Tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but with little overlap with most other RPGs, so you'll want to spend some time absorbing the information. We don't mind answering questions, but most of what you need to know can be found in the rules. The rules pages also include important details about the setting.

The best way to get up to speed is to take a look at other joining forms, both the successful and unsuccessful ones.

Selecting a character
While you can choose to write about almost any subject matter on the Omniverse, bear in mind that it's built to feature combat and powers, and most groups will feature combat. Therefore, we advise against taking non-combat characters unless you plan to change them drastically from their source material (which is fine). Characters will start out relatively weak, and get stronger over time, making videogame and manga characters generally more suitable "out of the box" than comic book characters, but any character can be adjusted to fit. Original characters are also a great choice.

I've seen hundreds of characters join and get switched out, so let me give some advice on what tends to stick. The new, popular thing that came out in the last year won't be nearly as exciting in a year - ditch it. For your first character, pick something or someone you've always been a fan of, or else make an original character with powers you love (love Iron Man, but hate Tony Stark? Make a new character but give them their own Iron Man-like suit/powers). Have a character you loved on an RPG that sunk? Feel free to revive them here! Omni summons them to this new world as their old story putters out. Bam.

Just remember that whoever you pick, they'll be bound by the Omniverse's rules and physics. There are no exceptions. We have to build a balanced system, which means that some characters' powers simply won't fly as they exist in your own fiction. As an example, Wolverine(X-Men)'s regeneration power will be considerably weakened to match our version of Regeneration, and if your character transforms, they'll need to unlock and purchase Transformations (and they'll match those - Goku can't be multiplying his power by 50). Superman will just have to accept that he's lost most of his power.

We'll do our best to help you adapt them to our rules and setting, but for your first character, you might want to keep it simple. The more "out there" your character concept, the longer and more frustrating the approval process will be as a first-timer with little knowledge of the system. Ditch the gimmicky stuff like "my character is a symbiotic weapon that has to fuse with other characters in order to fight" unless you're confident you know what you're doing. Otherwise, your joining form is going to be an exercise in frustration for both of us. Certain gimmicks will be outright rejected (like "my character only fights by cooking") because while creativity is cool, making everything all about YOUR gimmick, and making other characters in a group/fight pander to your character's special snowflake-ness, is annoying, difficult to balance and unfair on the writers who have to deal with it.

Size Notes - Your character must not be taller or wider than twelve feet, nor may they be shorter or narrower than one foot. You may disregard these limits when using Transformations or certain powers (Growth, Shrink, Malleability), but your base form needs to be normal-ish.

People from real-life and religious figures are not allowed. Overly-cartoony and fourth wall-breaking characters that don't suit the setting such as Peter Griffin may not be allowed. Characters deemed too close to being a duplicate to another will not be allowed. For example, we'd allow an incarnation of 'Link' from 'The Legend of Zelda', and maybe a single 'Dark Link' as well, but not Links from other timelines or 'Shadow Link', even though we know they're technically different characters. Essentially, we don't want to see a million Links and Spider-Man clones.

Your character can't have been hanging around in the Omniverse for years - when you join, you'll need to write their introduction. Original characters are still summoned from another world, which can be an existing setting or your own creation.

Your character's account should be your character's name. Feel free to register another account for OOC posting (you can link this to your characters' accounts for easy switching through the forum), but this is optional. Once you've registered, make a new topic with the following form:









[b]I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.[/b]

[b]Where did you find us?[/b]

Please check the Roster to make sure your character isn’t taken first (assuming they're not inactive, see the bottom of this page for criteria)

This is the game, anime, comic, book, film, TV series or whatever your character comes from. For example, if you’re joining as Luke Skywalker you would need to put ‘Star Wars’. If you’re making your own character, just put ‘original’.

A history doesn't have to be in-depth, but you should at least tell us these things:

(If a pre-existing character)
What version of the character are you using (if applicable) and from where in the timeline do they diverge to join the Omniverse? Original takes are fine, but again, must be specified.

For example, if I was joining as Batman, I might say "I'm using the Nolan film continuity, from immediately after the ending of The Dark Knight". If you're not altering the canon, you don't need to give any more detail, though if you want to write up a detailed history we won't stop you.

(If an original character)
From where do they hail? This can be the real world, an original setting, or a pre-existing setting.

You can (and probably should) put a more detailed history on your roster once you've been approved. These details are for the benefit of other writers.

For original characters, please include a detailed physical description (including, minimum, things like height, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, etcetera if applicable) and picture to give us a rough idea of what they look like. For pre-existing characters, please include a picture and a rough height. It's okay if some of these details get changed or better-ironed out later, but other players will use these as a basis for comparison when meeting.

You get 10 stat points to distribute, and the maximum points you can have in any one stat to start with is 5. You should have read the descriptions of all the Stats in the relevant topic in the rules forum - this'll give you an idea of what the numbers mean. Try to avoid "gamey" stat setups like putting a 0 in DEF, unless they genuinely apply - these numbers are meant as a roleplaying reference first and foremost, and 0s in most stats represent "elderly or infirm". 1s represent average humans, and 2s represent trained humans.


You'll start with 5000 OM total to distribute on Proficiencies, Powers and Moves. You don't have to spend this all, and it might be a good idea to store some for later. Don't worry if you can't buy all the stuff you want right away - once you get roleplaying and earn some OM, your options will quickly start to open up. We won't reveal the exact formula here, but it's about 100 OM for every 1000 words. Pretty soon you'll have more OM than you know what to do with, so for now, just focus on the essentials. If you're having trouble picking powers and proficiencies, a staff member can help you out.

Some characters are great at fighting in melee, whereas others specialise in shooting bullets, beams, or throwing weapons. Other characters like to use both. When you start, you'll need to choose between either the Physical Strength or Ranged Proficiency, or both. If you start with either the Physical Strength or Ranged Proficiency, you'll have 4000 OM left to spend on Powers and Moves. If you start with both, you'll have 3000 OM left to spend on Powers and Moves. Characters who start with only the Ranged Proficiency MUST buy at least one move or they'll be unable to defend themselves! You may also wish to spend some of your OM on other, advanced proficiencies such as Debuff Proficiency, but we recommend waiting until you're ready to buy more advanced moves. Buying proficiencies you won't be using right away is pointless, and may as well be saved until you're ready, as you might change your mind about what you want.

Most characters will want to start with a power or two, chosen from the Powers Page. Bear in mind that some powers like Healing or Flight are very expensive, and if you choose to start with one you'll have less OM for Moves. It's your choice, though!

We recommend starting out with one or two simple moves, such as a gun (for those with Ranged Proficiency), or an extra-powerful attack (such as a punch which needs to be charged up), or a grappling hook, sword or other weapon/item. Characters starting with Ranged Proficiency will need to buy at least one move, such as a gun or beam attack, so that you can defend yourself against superpowered foes.

Be sure to check out the Moves Rules as this details what proficiencies you'll need for moves and the pricing system. This also explains the level of detail we like to see in moves. For example, regardless of the move, you'll always need to list its speed. Fast moves will be less powerful, slow moves will be more powerful. We ask for a lot of detail on moves, so we recommend keeping it fairly straightforward and simple to start. Use these examples as guidelines. See the moves page for the full list of things to consider, and see other joining topics for ideas and common mistakes, as this is usually where the most mistakes are made.

You can also get Moves approved after joining by using the Move Approval Thread if you prefer. We recommend you keep it simple for your first moves - the staples are what you'll use the most often. Please limit your starting moves to five simple moves, or 1500 OM maximum on moves to keep things expedient before you join.

Moves sometimes take a few renditions to get right. We appreciate it if you leave the old, un-approved versions rather than editing them out, that way other new joiners can see the difference in what made them approvable. :)

Anything else!

You don't have to spend all your OM. If there's anything besides Proficiencies, Powers or Moves you want to buy right away (such as a particular item like a base, or an additional stat point) just save the OM and you can purchase it once you're joined up. It's wise to plan ahead if there's anything you know you want to buy in the near future.

Not enough OM?

After joining, you'll continue to gain OM at around 10 OM per hundred words (double that if you're currently 'rested') so don't worry too much about the strict initial budget. Just write, and you'll quickly get the OM to build your character how you want. Part of the fun of RPGs is developing your character.

Finally ...
Please confirm that you have read the Rules of Conduct. You may also want to like our Facebook page to get our updates or, if you prefer, follow us on Twitter - this is completely optional. Some folks also include a writing sample, but this is also optional.

Remember that multi-accounting without permission is treated as a serious rulebreak. If you are posting from the same IP as someone else and don't announce it, we may have to assume you are trying to multi-account.

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. It's a good idea to search, as most common questions have been answered in the FAQ and rules pages. We're happy to help clarify things, but it gets a little annoying when people ask the same questions we've answered a billion times before.

Take your time with your joining form. There's no rush, and it's better to get it right the first time than make mistakes and have to go back and change things. You may want to tag it with a 'WIP' (Work In Progress) to show that you're still working on it. Feel free to bump your topic when you've finished working on it, or if it's been over 48 hours and nobody has responded. We'll usually get to you before then, but we all have lives and sometimes we're too busy to respond immediately. Your patience is greatly appreciated! While you're waiting, you might want to read What to do once you've joined or the OOC Rules of Conduct.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Quote:Omni's note: Some of the move examples here are a bit out of date on the level of detail we require, I suggest following the updated Moves Writing Checklist and the examples on that page when writing moves. With that in mind, the rest of this guide is still pretty relevant!

So, you've read the rules and you 'get' the concept of the RPG. But it can still be a little overwhelming. Where to start? What type of character to build? How to build that perfect character you have in mind! This guide is here to help you out a bit with those questions.

The following is an optional guide for those seeking to build more advanced characters. Please read How To Join first, and make sure you're familiar with the Rules.

For those with more unusual character concepts, figuring out how to build them can be a daunting task. The stronger your character is in their own universe, the more likely that you'll have to start with a limited selection of their powers and build up to the full pool. Unfortunately for Superman, Omni insists everyone starts at the same level. Here's one example of a pretty weird character, Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z. For those who don't know, Majin Buu is a fat pink dude who can completely morph his body, melt into a puddle and reform from nothing. Not to mention he can turn people into candy. To be honest, he's pretty overpowered in Dragon Ball Z. So how would you go about building Majin Buu? Let's start with joining.

Buu's pretty strong, and especially resilient, but he's not especially skilled. So let's make defense his biggest stat, followed by attack, then speed, then technique as his lowest.

ATK: 4
DEF: 5
SPD: 1
TEC: 0

Now for powers and proficiencies. A staple of all DBZ characters is being able to punch like a truck and throw energy beams, so let's grab both the Physical Strength and Ranged proficiencies. That's 2000 OM down from our starting 5000 OM, leaving us with 3000 more for Powers and Moves. It's not going to be anywhere near enough to grab all of Buu's powers from the show, so let's start with the most character-defining: his stretchiness. Elasticity is another 400 down. That leaves 2600 left for moves. Let's grab three:

Ki Blast 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
An instanteous blast of energy fired from the palm of the hand. Upon impact it explodes, but this is not large enough to impact anyone other than the target. As the explosion is quite weak, this is an attack best used continually. However, repeated use can quickly tire out the user. This can be easily used while moving.

Twisty Punch 300 OM (requires Physical Strength)
To prepare this attack, Buu plants his feet, pulls his arm backwards and twists it, coiling up potential energy. He then throws his arm forward like a normal punch, rapidly unravelling his arm as he does so. This creates a kind of 'drill' effect that can bore through an opponent's defenses.

While making his moves, Buu comes up with a great idea for a new one - a clone that can be send after an opponent! However, since true Assists require being Level 2 and cost 1000 OM, he comes up with a simpler version that utilises the Homing Proficiency.

Kamikazi Buu Clone 600 OM (requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency)
Buu takes several seconds of stationary focus to create a Buu clone out of excess material (he has a lot to spare). This clone is mindless and will only go after the first target Buu points it to. It will then proceed to close in on the target and hit them with punches and kicks. By putting more time and energy in, Buu can create up to six clones of himself - this can be rather exhausting. These clones are very weak and are mostly used to distract or overwhelm an opponent - they can be caved in with a few direct hits. However, Buu can re-absorb dead or disabled clones in order to recover a portion of the energy that was put into them.

With these moves and the additional Homing Proficiency, we're left with 600 OM to save for our next purchase. We'll aim for Basic Regeneration first, then Malleability and Disassemble. Later down the line we can look at things like Burst Movement, advanced forms of Regeneration and even Healing. You'll also want to pick up more proficiencies as you go on. Bear in mind that even with all these powers, Buu won't be able to do things like regenerate from a speck of himself like in the show - that would be simply too strong. But you will be able to regrow lost limbs and heal massive wounds by expending SP.

What about Buu's trademark Candy Beam, which allows him to turn opponents into cookies, candy and other treats? For this, you'll first need to buy the Debuff proficiency. Let's give it a whirl:

Candy Beam (requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency) 300 OM
By taking a moment to stand still and wind up the attack, Buu can fire a beam from the tentacle on his head that turns people into gumdrops, gingerbread men, or whatever food he happens to be thinking about at the moment. Unfortunately, this doesn't really weaken people. They can still hop around and use powers like flight, telekinesis and telepathy in their transformed form, it's just that using guns or weapons or even throwing a punch is rather difficult when you're a ball of candy. But if you're strong, you can still propel yourself into Buu just fine. Lasts twenty seconds, but after use requires several minutes to recharge.

As for transformations, here are some ideas:

Buu Mad! - Tier 1 Power-Up
Buu gets so angry that steam starts shooting from the vents on his head. Sometimes, he even opens his eyes!
ATK: +1
DEF: +1
SPD: +2
TEC: +1

Big Buu! - Tier 2 Powered-Up Form - Giant Body
In this form, Buu becomes fifty feet tall, able to crush anything he steps on. Unfortunately, despite his slight speed increase over his base form, he seems even slower due to the size increase.
ATK: 8
DEF: 10
SPD: 2
TEC: 0

That should give you some ideas! Now for something different.

Shapeshifting Characters

Given the many types of shapeshifters there are, we give a lot of options to try and appease everyone. For those with a limited number of distinct shapeshifts, alternate forms may be your best option. If you only shapeshift limited parts of your body such as turning your hands into claws, you don't necessarily need anything except moves.

For those of you who are really into your Shapeshifting, here's an example of a dedicated shifter, Beast Boy. In the comics, Beast Boy has the power of transforming into any living animal. So how do we replicate this within the Omniverse rules? Well, first we'll need the power Shapeshifting. This will allow Beast Boy to transform into anything he can see of think of that's not taller or wider than twelve feet.

However, this doesn't mean you're done buying things! For every 'natural weapon' you want to use effectively against other players, you'll need to purchase a move. For example, you might have a move for 'Claws' (which is close enough to talons that it may count as both), one for 'Tusks', one for 'Teeth' and so on. Additionally, you might think Shapeshifting allows you to become an eldritch horror with tentacles. It sure does! But if you want to grab something at range or hit something at range, you're still going to need the Remote-Control and Ranged proficiencies. Additionally, if you wish to grow to gigantic creatures like T-Rexes and Elephants, you'll need the Growth power. Smaller creatures like Bees will need the Shrink power (see the power descriptions for more detail).

One other thing: shapeshifting doesn't actually change your character's stats. So if you have 3 ATK, 2 DEF, 3 SPD, 2 TEC, you're still going to have those stats whether you're a Dog or a Pterodactyl. If you want to change your stats, you'll need to purchase Alternate Forms. In the case of Beast Boy, you might want to create an Alternate Form for smaller, faster creatures with a focus on SPD and then one for larger, hulking creatures with a focus on DEF. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you. You could also choose to have the more powerful forms like T-Rex as Powered-Up Forms. There's a lot of different ways you could pull it off, but you'll have to decide!

Alchemist Character
Finally, let's try an alchemist character from Fullmetal Alchemist. Being an alchemist affords a lot of powers in FMA, but in its most basic form, alchemists can transmute materials. Creating walls from the floor, opening gaps, transforming a metal arm into a sword ... it seems like that kind of thing would need its own power, right? Wrong! In this case, you will probably get most of your transmutations from moves. This might require a number of proficiencies to pull off. For example:

Transmute Grappling Hook 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Using this power, Edward can create a strong grappling hook out of nearby materials (including materials that may be on his person, such as his own metal arm). This requires him to first clap his hands, then touch them to the material in question. The transmutation takes about one second and requires Edward to stand still. The grappling hook can then be used to latch onto objects or opponents.

Transmute Wall 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
Edward raises a weak wall from the ground, be it cement or sand. This requires Edward to first clap his hands, then touch them to a connected surface. It takes about one second and requires Edward to stand still. It's only a hasty manoeuvre, so it's not going to stand up to much, but it's great at taking the bite out of an attack.

Transmute Passage 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
By planting his feet, clapping his hands and then touching them to a connected surface, Edward can creates holes in walls or tunnels through the ground. A versatile move with a lot of practical applications. This may take only a moment, or much longer as a continuous transmutation.

Transmute Grasping Hand 600 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Area Defense Proficiency, Remote-Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
Edward transmutes a large hand roughly two metres in diameter from any wall or surface. It remains connected to the surface with a gigantic coil of the material used to create it. He can control this remotely and use it to grab opponents, block attacks using its bulk (this may destroy the hand) or even to make a bridge. Having his concentration interrupted will leave the transmuted material in the form it was in, or may cause the hand to shatter if he was actively transmuting. It takes roughly a second to create a grasping hand; however, this hand will be fairly weak. By spending up to ten seconds refining the material (or using a harder material) Edward can create a much more solid, durable hand. However, transmuting (and thus the speed of the hand) will be much slower with the more durable material. Edward must stand still to use this move.

For alchemy, a lot of it is simply going to be roleplaying other powers as effects from alchemy. For example, Shapeshifting could be roleplayed as transmuting your clothes to be entirely different, and transmuting a sweet hat and sunglasses. This is where you can have fun with your creativity.

Hopefully, these examples have helped show you a little bit of what you can do in the system. But if you're stuck with a concept and can't figure out how to pull it off, you're welcome to make a topic and ask.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

For staff purposes, a blank roster. I got tired of navigating over to the rosters forum for the template. :P

Spent OM: 0
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (0):
Powers (0/8000):
Moves (0):
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:

Explanations of the various categories:

Spent OM: (this is your total spent OM, and should be updated with every transaction)
Proficiencies: (list your proficiencies and their prices)
Powers (0/8000): (list your powers and their prices)
Moves: (just the names and prices. You should list the full descriptions on other pages)
Super Moves: (like above, but also include the tiers)
Transformations: (just the names and prices. You should give full details of each transformation below your base character stats, or on other pages)
Assists: (just the names and prices, same rules as transformations)
Items: (list your current items)
Artefacts: (just your currently held artefacts, if any. If stored in a base, indicate as such here)
Consumed OM (0): (for OM spent on items items, or OM permanently lost from respecs or refunding purchases)
Bases: (enter locations of bases you own here)
Unlocks: (for stat upgrades, etc)
Base stats:
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Hey fellers!/fellettes(?) I know you're all enthusiastic to join but please read the bit about bumping your topic. If there are other topics waiting before you that haven't been addressed yet, it's unlikely you've been forgotten, it's probable that we just haven't gotten to you yet. We have lives and real-life jobs, and sometimes the available staffers don't have time to go over moves and look at joining. This isn't our only job, and the Help Desk also usually has a steady stream of questions and updates. (This is one of the reasons we ask members to read the rules as thoroughly as possible before asking questions, so that we have more time for updates etc)

That's why we ask you to wait forty-eight hours before bumping. You don't need to bump after seven hours, especially if you're already at the top of the forum. This ... this is a forum. We can see the new posts. Shh
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

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