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Move Approval V

Blade of Divine Wrath (Requires Physical, Ranged Proficiency) Cost: 900 OM

True to its name, Divine Wrath takes the form of crimson lightning, adding to the already deadly edges of the Twin Blades of Despair. In order to augment his Blades, Koal has to focus his energy and concentration into the palm of his hand, literally willing sparks of red lightning to come to life within his grasp. This process takes about five seconds, during which, Koal is distracted and unable to fight back were he to be attacked. After the five second period of concentration, Koal places his hand on the center of the sword he wishes to imbue, transferring the energy into the blade. After the process is complete, the duration of the lightning damage is thirty seconds, but it can be immediately exhausted if using one of two weapon skills:

Light Attack Skill: Thrusting the sword forward, Koal expels the lightning in a small, but concentrated bolt that can travel up to ten meters from the tip of the blade. 

Heavy Attack Skill: Grabbing the sword in a wide stance, Koal swings the blade in a large horizontal arc, releasing a wave of lightning that does minor/moderate damage dependent upon the opponents DEF. In addition to the damage, it also pushes enemies away from Koal a short distance. The wave has a very short range, only traveling about a foot outward from the initial arc.
"...If the soul is left in darkness sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.” 

-Victor Hugo Les Miserables


(09-03-2018, 07:08 PM)Amber Veritz Wrote: Comet Splitter - 800OM, T2 Super-Attack
Requires Physical Strength, Razorback(Move)

Amber’s already immense power can be unleashed further if she focuses her entire defensive aura into her arms and shoulders. The pink aura that normal covers her entire body when she unleashes her semblances burns like flames around her limbs instead. With both hands, she unleashes a devastating blow that she dubbed, “The Comet Splitter”. This super move can only be used with the Zwei-hander form of Razorback because the weapon itself is a connection of Amber’s soul, just like her Semblance. The blow has enough power to split the ground underneath Amber clean in half up to 20m, however, the initial strike from Razorback is the only part of this attack that can do any damage.

Yes, this looks good to me.

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