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Schwi Dola

Name: Schwi Dola
Spent OM: 18300
Proficiencies (3600); Physical Strength Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Defense Proficiency (400), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)
Powers (9300/12000); Mimic (2800), Insight (1600), Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Survival (2000), Super Jumping Advanced (500), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (1500); Lösen Incomplete (600), Draht (300), Kein-Eintrag (600)
Super Moves (1600); Overboost Mimic (Offense) (800), Overboost Mimic (Defense) (800)
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items (300); Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Artefacts: None
Consumed OM (0);
Bases (0);
Unlocks (2000); Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
SPD: 3
TEC: 5

[Image: eTEkyoN.jpg]

History: Schwi started as all Ex Machina did, she was a Pürfer unit constructed to serve in a cluster of other Ex Machina. But one day she lead a group to deflect the shot from a Dragonia and that blast took out a large piece of the landscape including a human settlement. She surveyed the ruins of the settlement to find a human child had survived the destruction, clutching a chess board. An anomaly, the likelihood of a survivor of that blast was next to nothing. She sought understanding of this, and concluded that what the humans called 'heart' must be it. She pursued understanding of this concept and in doing so encountered many errors in her programming, refusing to cease despite insistence from the Cluster causing her to be severed from the collective.

She observed the human child for many years and eventually seized an opportunity and attempted to understand the human heart by imitation. However the human turned down her attempt to procreate with him instead taking her with him to help him and humanity survive another day while also helping her task. Riku his name was, and over time with many interactions she slowly grasped some concepts but the real meaning of the heart was beyond her. She provided him with the information about how to end the great war of all gods and races on the world and he decided to take her and others in a long game to control everything and end the war once and for all. In the end, she sacrificed herself, sacrificed her personal feelings, everything and finally understood the heart in her death. The next thing she remembers is being face to face with this white being claiming to be essentially the One True God.

The One True God Is Omni?


Lösen Incomplete (Requires Mimic, Insight) (300) (Approval Link)
Schwi uses her analytical processing capabilities to analyze the powers and abilities of others and replicate them, either directly (magic spells are sometimes easier to just cast directly) or indirectly by the creation of tools. Her most efficient method of learning moves is to experience the move striking her at full force, while she cannot learn moves that cannot hit her unless they have some inherent variation that is used offensively or supportively. From that she could then use her Insight to extrapolate the defnesive variant. Especially powerful moves (this move excludes super moves) take more time and analysis to fully replicate their power. Very weak offensive moves would be almost unable to have an incomplete form. When her analysis is incomplete, she may yet still employ the move at the partial power she has analyzed. Correspondingly, the partial power also comes at similar partial cost. This is such that if her understanding is at 10%, she could use the same move at 10% effectiveness but also only costing her 10% of the energy or stamina to use the move.

Schwi's understanding of a move only moves forward or gets erased entirely. If she understands a move at 50% of its power and jumps to 90%, she would be unable to revert back to the 50% version of a move. To reset her knowledge of a move she would need to erase it entirely and start over taking a few seconds to do so (there would also be no guarantee an opponent would use the move she wants again which would mean she just wouldn't have it from that point). To the point, she can only hold one version of a particular move at a time with Lösen Incomplete.

This move takes out consideration for relative difference in stats. Schwi finds Omniphysics a little insane but a rifle in her hands does different compared to it in someone else's hands. A super powerful regular move used by a weaker opponent is not different to analyze from one of a much stronger opponent, however the damage she suffers trying to learn it is.

Draht (300) (Requires Master Acrobat, Ranged Matieralize) (Approval Link)
Schwi focuses on calculations for 3 seconds, expending a minor amount of energy to materialize a thin blue energy wire from one location to another within sight or sensor range. The two ends must be no farther than 200 feet apart. The wire is immaterial to others but Schwi can grab hold of the wire for acrobatic stunts sharply changing her direction and speed. While the wire appears stiff going from point to point it is flexible allowing for a fair amount of slack moving up to 20 feet from the position it was created in, resisting being pulled farther or breaking. Used or not, the wire lasts for 45 seconds and only one may be present at a time.

Kein-Eintrag (600) (Requires Area Defnese) (Approval Link)
A transparent blue 2d circle appears in the time span of 3 seconds in the space of Schwi's choosing within 6 inches of her body. This temporary defense maintains its location relative to Schwi as she moves and lasts for as long as she maintains it with a small amount of magical power and focus. The circle may be of any size from 1 inch in diameter to 10 feet in diameter. Larger shields block a larger area but are somewhat weaker than smaller ones. This is a strong defense absorbing minor attacks and cutting the power of moderate attacks in half. The other half is redistributed as a kinetic energy burst at Schwi over the same area as the barrier dealing damage and pushing her back if applicable. Taking hits drains Schwi's magic proportional to the damage blocked and the barrier will disappear if Schwi completely loses her focus. She cannot make more than one barrier at a time and to re-size or re-orient the barrier would require turning it off, fading over 3 seconds, and creating a new one.

Super Moves

Overboost Mimic  (Tier 2 Super Move) (Requires Mimic) (Approval Link)

Schwi focuses on processing for 15 seconds unable to attack or defend. In doing so she increases the power of a move she has mimicked into a Tier 2 Super Move. She cannot Overboost moves that require buff or debuff proficiency, and the move retains the standard mimic penalty (less skilled use). Moves that already have an area of effect will have the area boosted by 50% (dealing less damage as area moves normally do with the same drawbacks as lower area moves). Permanent moves are limited to a single use of it as the super move, such as summoned weapons. Schwi then uses this new super move included in the cost of this move, and can thereafter repeat use of the new super move until forgotten as with normal mimic moves.

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