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Name: Cell
Spent OM: 11200
Proficiencies (3000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Defence (400)
Powers (3000/8000); Flight (1800), Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (2400); Tail (300), Ki Blast (300), Kamehameha (600), Big Bang Attack (300), Ki Edge (300), Kienzan/Death Saucer (300), Perfect Barrier (300)
Super Moves (1800); Super Kamehameha (Tier 1 Super Attack) (600), Makankosappo (Tier 1 Super Attack) (600), Unstoppable (Tier 1 Super Defence) (600)
Transformations (1000); 100% Power (Tier 1 Power-Up) (1000)
Assists (0); 
Items (0);
Artefacts(0): None
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Bases (0); 
Unlocks (0);
Base stats | Tier 1: 
ATK: 2 | 4
DEF: 2 | 4
SPD: 3 | 4
TEC: 3 | 3

"First I'll destroy you, then your friends, and then this worthless planet! But before I do, I want you to remember something ... I will live forever!"

[Image: Semiperfect_cell_3_by_alexiscabo1-d9aormr.png]

Semi-Perfect Cell

Source: Dragon Ball Z
Gender: Asexual (Identifies as male)
Age: 6
Race: Bio-Android
Height: 7' 8"
Weight: 107kg
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Cell is a tall humanoid figure with insectoid features. His skin is varying shades of green dappled with black spots. His forearms and shins are black, as is a gem-like dome beneath his pectoral muscles. He has an black and orange segmented tail that ends with a yellow stinger which is used to absorb other living creatures and strengthen him with their bio-essence. He has blue eyes, no nose and orange frog-like lips. His head rises in a V shaped crest, and the top of his black head is visible in the gap. He has an orange chin strip and rectangular boxes for ears. 

Cell is arrogant, ruthless and joy-seeking. He has no respect or concern for anyone else and will do whatever he feels like, when he feels like it. He likes to entertain himself, whether that be hunting down weak life forms to absorb into himself or constructing an entire martial arts tournament in his honour. He believes he is the perfect life form, having been indoctrinated into that belief while gestating in Dr. Gero's lab. No one is anywhere near close to his strength or intelligence in his measure; the only person he considered a potential challenge was Goku. He enjoys strengthening himself and testing his powers out by battling, and finds supreme joy in fighting as most of his cell donors are proficient and experienced warriors.

He might be pure evil, but he has a polite, genial side that covers this. He likes to talk down to people, or at least indulge them, as he can find amusement from conversing with others beyond threats and murder. If Cell loses his temper, which he can normally retain, this veneer will vanish and he will stay focused on his agitation until it is dealt with. He can act rather childish in this state, yelling and shouting if he doesn't get his way.

Cell's main source of power in battle is his ki. This is the inner energy that all living things have, and with training and focus, can be used to perform superhuman feats such as firing concentrated energy blasts, increasing body resilience and physical strength beyond normal limits, flying or even accelerated cellular regeneration. 

Having been forged of the strongest warriors to visit Earth at the time, Cell is also an intelligent and highly skilled warrior. Due to Goku's influence, he loves a good fight and will generally 'play' with his opponent first, not showing his true power from the start so as to 'warm up' and enjoy himself. Piccolo's traits make him smart and calculating, looking for weaknesses or situations to exploit rather than relying on purely physical attributes like strength and speed. Vegeta, Frieza and King Cold give him a self righteous, arrogant and cocky attitude, especially when Cell has the advantage, but he is learning to curb these aspects of his personality as he has been defeated because of them in the past. All five warriors are skilled at fighting and their combined experience and knowledge grant Cell a great deal of technical proficiency.

Cell will approach a battle with a tactical mindset. If the opponent does well at close range, the bio-android will keep his distance and pepper them with ranged ki attacks. If an expert long range combatant, Cell will move in and harass in close quarters. His stats are equally balanced so he has no major weakness or strength himself. He is the definition of jack of all trades, master of none.
Dr. Gero was once the head scientist of an evil paramilitary corporation called the Red Ribbon Army. With aspirations of world domination, he constructed weapons and robots to accomplish this goal. However a young but powerful child named Goku destroyed their organisation and thwarted their plans. Hungry for vengeance and still focused on his goal, Dr. Gero retreated to a clandestine laboratory in the rocky hills outside North City. Instead of recreating the army, he decided he would research and construct warriors who had the strength of an army, much like Goku and his allies.

It took him decades. Over the years, he spied on the Z fighters with a miniaturised tracking drone disguised as an insect that recorded their adventures and battles, using this data to fuel his experiments. During this time, he also collected the cells of a number of powerful warriors; Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Frieza and King Cold. Once the Z fighters left Earth for the Namekian dragon balls, Dr. Gero believed he had collected enough data and constructed his two strongest creations; Android 17 and Android 18.

However during his study, he discovered a way to fuse cells together to create an ultimate life form. The procedure was complicated and would take many years before it would be complete. Dr. Gero entrusted this task with his supercomputer and included a type of evolutionary functionality in the life form where it would require extra modules in order to reach its ideal state. This life form was Cell. The extra modules he required were the two androids, and Cell would have to absorb them through his tail in order to gain their power.

In an alternate timeline, Androids 17 and 18 were activated and wreaked havoc on Earth. The Z fighters, unprepared for the sudden menace, fell one by one. However one warrior fought on and found a way to deactivate the androids, nullifying the threat. After Cell awoke, he searched for the androids but learned that a teenager named Trunks had defeated them. Sneaking up on him, Cell killed Trunks and stole his time machine, using the device to return to a time when the androids still functioned.

Arriving in the past, Cell began his hunt. Encountering Piccolo, they skirmished briefly before Cell realised he was outmatched and he fled. He skulked around the human cities, empowering himself by absorbing humans with the needle-like stinger on the end of his tail. This process liquefied the human and added their biomass to Cell's own, heightening his power. Staying under the radar and moving swiftly, Cell managed to power himself up without being found by the stronger Z fighters, and only revealed himself when he knew he could win.

Sensing Piccolo powering up, Cell correctly surmised that the only reason for doing so was to fight the androids. Cell travelled to the battle ground and after a short resistance, absorbed Android 17. He entered his Semi-Perfect state, greatly bolstering his power beyond anyone on the battle field. Android 16, a good-hearted android that travelled with 17 and 18 and was as powerful as Cell in his imperfect state, became utterly useless against Cell's new form. 16 and 18 fled from Cell thanks to a distraction provided by Tien, but Cell was soon on their trail again.

After almost being killed by Vegeta and Trunks, now both leagues ahead of Cell in strength, the bio-android toyed with Vegeta's pride and battle-lust. Cell convinced the saiyan prince to let him absorb Android 18, promising a true test of his powers. Despite intervention from Trunks, Cell consumed 18 and ascended to his Perfect form. In this state he effortlessly defeated Vegeta and Trunks, all without using his full strength. Finding their best to be boring and yet intrigued by the two saiyans' sudden leap in power, Cell decided to hold a tournament called the Cell Games. He allowed a week for all challengers to strengthen themselves and challenge him in a one vs. one contest, though he only believed Goku would provide a challenge.

The Cell Games commenced and Goku was the first fighter. They both fought valiantly, and at one point it appeared Goku had won, but Cell's unique biology kept him in the match. Goku decided to surrender, believing he could not best Cell, and pointed out his son Gohan as the one who would win. Thinking Goku had gone mad, Cell still accepted Gohan's challenge.

Gohan fought but did not challenge Cell as Goku had. However Cell pushed Gohan too far and the young half-saiyan snapped, his rage billowing into a new transformation - Super Saiyan 2. In this state, Gohan easily bested Cell. His strength had catapulted to such heights that a single kick to the stomach forced Cell to regurgitate Android 18 and revert to his Semi-Perfect form. Enraged and seeing his death on the horizon, Cell instead activated a bomb inside him that would destroy Earth. Goku nobly sacrificed his life to teleport himself and Cell to King Kai's planet, where Cell exploded.

The Z fighters on Earth believed Cell to be dead, but he returned and killed Trunks. One of the bio-android's cells had survived the explosion and he was able to completely regenerate his body from it. Due to his saiyan genes, the near-death experience boosted his power dramatically to the point where he was equal, if not stronger, than Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 form. He quickly put Vegeta out of commission and badly damaged Gohan's arm.

Cell attacked with a Solar Kamehameha. Gohan, with some spiritual advice from his deceased father, returned with a one-armed Kamehameha. Cell's refreshed state and Gohan's weakened body meant that the young half-saiyan was barely holding on. When all seemed lost, Vegeta attacked Cell from behind. The distraction was enough for Gohan to rally his ki and blast through Cell's Kamehameha, eradicating every last cell of the bio-android from the planet.

It was here that Cell awoke in the Omniverse in his imperfect form.

- When using a ki attack that requires charging (eg. Kamehameha, Big Bang Attack) or is using his powerup, Cell will gain a golden aura of light. The aura will fade after he has performed the charging attack or his powerup has been deactivated.

Flight - harnessing his mastery of ki, Cell can soar through the air.

Zanzoken (Burst Movement) - Cell can use his ki to move incredibly quickly for short bursts, travelling faster than the eye can see. He leaves a brief image of himself behind when zipping about the battlefield.

Master Acrobat - due to the innate skill Cell receives from his genetic donors, he can move skilfully around even when defending.

Tail (requires Physical) - a six foot long tail with a yellow spike on its end. Usable in combat and generally as another limb.

Ki Blast (requires Ranged, Area Attack) - by focusing his ki, Cell can form a volleyball-sized orb of yellow-rimmed energy in one of his palms. Driving his hand towards a target, Cell launches the charged energy and erupts in a metre wide explosion on contact with a surface or opponent. It takes a brief second to reform the energy in between blasts, but he can chain these together by alternating his hands. This attack deals similar damage to a standard punch or kick, but can be utilised at a range of about one kilometer and moves as quickly as a bullet. The ease of this attack allows Cell to fire it while moving. 

Kamehameha (req. Ranged, Area Attack) (can be charged) - Goku’s signature technique and one of Cell's favourites due to its power and versatility. Cell takes a firm stance, unable to move (though he can stay still or fall in the air if he is airborne), cups his hands, joins them at the wrist and brings them to his side. He chants the technique's syllables (ie. "ka ... me ... ha ... me ... ha!") whilst gathering his energy in his hands, where a blue light mass forms. The more syllables he has pronounced, the closer the attack is to being ready. When he unleashes the attack, a bright blue beam of power streaks towards his opponent at about the speed of an arrow. This technique is pretty draining – especially if it is charged to create a larger beam which does more damage. The minimum amount of time it takes to use is 1 second (which would be little more powerful than a punch) but it can be charged for up to 30 seconds for much more impressive results (although this would also use all of Cell's energy and render him completely exhausted). The beam is approximately 1 foot in diameter for every second spent charging and when it hits something, it explodes in approximately twice that radius. The beam will keep going until it hits something or it is no longer being maintained which does require concentration and energy (which puts the onus on him to be accurate or potentially lose all of his stamina). The effective range is approximately 50 meters for every point of TEC.  It cannot be used with other moves.

Big Bang Attack (req. Ranged, Area Attack) - A move invented by Vegeta. Cell aims a flat palm with the thumb tucked into the palm and charges ki for five seconds. A ball of yellow ki is created and is a little larger than a basketball. When charged, Cell calls out the attack name and fires it, the ball travelling at the speed of an arrow. Cell must remain motionless while charging and cannot use other attacks. The charge can be interrupted by damage. The attack explodes in a five metre radius on impact.

Ki Edge (req. Physical) - Cell clenches a fist and in one second generates a blade of crimson ki that extends from and around his hand. The blade is 50cm long and acts like a sword. The energy drain to create the edge is minimal and doesn't require constant energy to feed it. However if Cell unclenches his hand or takes a particularly powerful hit, the Ki Edge will dissipate. Cell can create two of these simultaneously if he desires (one in each hand). Cell cannot perform any other moves that require the use of his hands while active (eg. he could attack with Ki Blast with his free hand with the other hand using Ki Edge, but could not perform Kamehameha. He could only use his Tail if using Ki Edge in both hands).

Death Saucer/Kienzan (req. Ranged) - Inherited from Frieza (Death Saucer) and Krillin (Kienzan), Cell lifts an open palm upward and creates a spinning disc of magenta energy with a deep red core (Death Saucer) or a yellow spinning disc with serrated edges (Kienzan) with a 75cm diameter, taking about two seconds where he must remain still (though it can be summoned while falling) and he cannot perform any other attacks; taking damage will interrupt the charge. The edge of the disc is sharp and acts like a moving buzzsaw (the damage/severity of the cut depending on Cell's ATK stat to his target's durability/DEF stat for a Prime). Cell throws the disc, where it travels at the speed of an arrow and moves in a straight line. (Kienzan and Death Saucer are the same basic attack but with a different aesthetic).

Perfect Barrier (req. Area Defence) - After a one second charge, Cell creates a green sphere of ki around his body that blocks damage from any angle. As it covers him entirely, the defensive strength of the shield isn't as great as one that focuses on one side of him. If left untouched, the shield will stay active as long as Cell concentrates on it. Cell cannot move or attack while this is active.

Super Moves:
Super Kamehameha (Tier 1 Super Attack) (req. Ranged, Area Attack) - Cell's super-charged variant of the kamehameha. Cell takes a firm stance, unable to move (though he can stay still or fall in the air if he is airborne), cups his hands at the wrist and brings them to his side. He chants the technique's syllables (ie. "ka ... me ... ha ... me ... ha!") whilst gathering his energy in his hands, where a blue light mass forms. The more syllables he has pronounced, the closer the attack is to being ready. When he unleashes the attack, a bright blue beam of power streaks towards his opponent at about the speed of an arrow. At normal pacing, it takes five or six seconds to perform. The beam is approximately 20 feet in diameter and when it hits something explodes in approximately twice that radius. This technique allows Cell to draw much more power much faster than the standard Kamehameha, but he cannot do it as often.

Makankosappo (Tier 1 Super Attack) (req. Ranged, Area Attack) - Makankosappo, or Special Beam Cannon, is a specialised penetrating beam developed by Piccolo. Cell places his index and middle finger on his forehead and charges his ki at the tips. Yellow energy flashes and blue sparks fly as the power collects, taking him approximately five seconds to do so. Once charged, Cell points his fingers at his target and shouts the name of the attack. From his finger tips flies a neon yellow beam of energy roughly the width of his two fingers with another neon yellow beam coiling around the first, edges lined with purple, travelling at the speed of an arrow. The 'corkscrew' nature of this beam allows it to bore through almost any substance, and a substantially weakened target (ie. someone that Cell has the power to kill) will be gored by it. A strong enough defence, or if it misses and hits a resilient mass, will make the attack explode instead, in a radius of around 25 feet.

Unstoppable (Tier 1 Super Defence) - Cell channels ki into his arms and legs as a Super Attack is performed against him. If a melee attack, Cell redirects it away from himself by catching it and throwing the opponent away. If a ranged attack, Cell either deflects it or crosses his limbs over his body to absorb the impact, negating the charged ki in his limbs to stop the damage.

100% Power (Tier 1 Power-Up)
Cell has reached the first stage of his evolution - his semi-perfect state. He has become more human-like and less bug-like, though still far from blending in with a human population. His newfound strength makes him a deadly threat in battle.

ATK: 4
DEF: 4
SPD: 4

Alternate Forms:






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