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Mori Hui

Name: Mori Hui
Spent OM: 4400
Consumed OM: 0 (for OM spent on items, or OM permanently lost from respecs or refunding purchases)
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers (1200/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Burst Movement (800)
Moves (600): Yeoui (600 OM)
Super Moves (600): T1 Super Attack: Kick of Blue Dragon (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Physical Description

[Image: 200?cb=20160703123212]

Standing at 5'7 Mori Hui looks like your typical high-school student from afar. He has spiky brown hair held up by the eye mask he constantly wears over his forehead. His eyes are the first striking thing people notice about him, mainly the fact that his irises are completely black and when exited his pupels take a golden four-prong star shape. He wears a simple white long sleeve with jeans as well as red sneakers and a blue jacket tied around his waist.


Due to not being Alive very long before being brought to the Omniverse Mori has a few childlike tendancies. He is still coming to terms with individuality and learning what he truly wants. He approaches most situations with childlike wonder as he's never really had a time where he could just do what he wanted without worrying about finding Mori Jin. He often asks questions that would seem stupid to most people in order to better understand how an individual lives.

If there is one thing he values over all else it is his friends. He fought and died to protect the friends he had before he came to the Omniverse and he will certainly do the same to anybody who he forms a bond with in the Omniverse. That said, it isn't that hard to make a friend out of Mori Hui, he is a very kindhearted person and will attempt to help those in need and befriend anybody he comes across so long as they don't give him reason not to.



Mori Jin was known as the Monkey King over 1000 years ago. The monster who, alongside the other 9 kings of the Sage Realm went to war with the Heavenly Realm. Unfortunately the Monkey King lost  that war and was eventually sent to Earth where he was turned into a child. Having no memories of the Great War he was raised by a martial artist known as Jin Taejin who took care of the boy as his own grandson. Mori Jin went through many trials and eventually ,alongside the friends he had made on earth, began the second Great War. That is where Mori Hui's story began.

Using his ability to make copies of himself, Mori Jin created a clone to safely take his friends out of the Sage Realm and back to Earth while he fought a powerful opponent. The clone was initially a simple copy of Mori Jin with all of his powers that had no thoughts of it's own, however, after being separated from Mori Jin for a while the clone lost it's power and also became his own person with new thoughts and memories. This clone decided to join Mori Jin's friends in attempting to rescue Mori Jin and entered in the G.o.H World qualifier tournament alongside Mira Yu and Dawei Han. Throughout the course of the tournament the clone was able to not only develop it's own thoughts and bonds but also managed to regain the skill it had lost after being separated from Mori Jin. Mori Jin's clone, known now as Mori Hui, a completely separate person from Mori Jin assisted his friends in battling the mysterious Nox organization in an atttempt to use the King of Nox's staff to rescue Mori Jin. Unfortunately some elements within Nox had other plans for the staff and summoned the gods of the Heavenly Realm, begining Ragnarok. Mori Jin, having used almost all the power he had, gave his life to use his last remaining power to repel the attack of 666:Satan that threatened to destroy the world. Saying goodbye to his friends he embraced his death with a smile, knowing that they would be victorious in the end.



ATK:3 - Mori Hui's power has always been dependent on his proximity to Mori Jin. Being in a different universe has made Mori Hui lose the godlike strength he had when he was alive, though he is still stronger than average and can put up a good fight against most opponents.

DEF:1 - Mori's durability has been his most affected attribute since his arrival in The Omniverse. He is now no more durable than the average person.

SPD:2 - Mori, while not as fast as he was in life, is still fast enough to keep up, and when combined with his skill and still substantial strength he finds he's as fast as he needs to be for now.

TEC:4 - Mori's skill is still one thing he can take pride in. While his knowledge of Martial Arts has become fuzzy after being summoned into the Omniverse, he is still able to be one of the most skilled warriors in the Omnverse.


Burst Movement:  Bo-bup is a technique used in Renewal Taekwondo that allows the user short bursts of movement that is faster than most eyes can track.

Master Acrobat: As a master of multiple martial arts and the king of the sage realm monkeys Mori Hui is extremely acrobatic.

Fighting Style

Mori Hui is primarily a user of two Martial Arts. Renewal Taekwondo and Hallyang Style Pumba. Re-Taekwondo centers on using the momentum of ones own body to strengthen ones own attacks and prioritizes a constant offense while Pumba is a more defensive martial art. Mori combines these two martial arts along with a few assorted moves he picked up from other martial artists in order to have a balance of Re-Taekwondo's offense and the defensive counters of Pumba.

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