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China, the Ceramic Beast

Name: China
Spent OM: 11700
Consumed OM (0);
Proficiencies (2600); Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Ranged Proficiency (1000).
Powers (5400/8000); Master Acrobat (400), Survival (2000), Hive Mind (400), Flight (1800), Disassemble (800).
Moves (2700); Resilient China Claws (300), Resilient China Fangs (600), Fine China Tails (300), Voidgut (0), Fine China Arms: Secondary Set (300), Abyssal Screech (300), Fine China Arms: Tertiary Set (300), Resilient China Central Eye (0), Fine China Subconscious Separation (0), Fine China Sharp Shards (600).
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (1000); Ceramic Beast: Second Incarnation (1000).
Assists (0);
Items (0);
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base Stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 0
SPD: 3
TEC: 3


Names: China, the Ceramic Beast
Source: Original
[Image: Hallo_China_Small.png]
- Art by Werewolf9595

[Image: Wldewg8.png]
- Art by Leonardo Watch
Height: 6'2" (188cm)
Weight: 6st 8lb (42kg)
Age: 243 y/o
Orientation: Asexual
China's voice is almost always quiet and breathy-sounding; shouting is difficult for him. He also makes a slight, brief whistling noise whenever he pronounces the letter 's'. His speech patterns are rather strange; he is prone to repeating words or occasionally following a word with a synonym or related term which is completely unnecessary in the context (these words will be hyphenated), and will also miss random words out entirely; usually short ones, such as 'an' or 'is'. As China's voice is produced magically, he is able to speak normally even when he lacks a mouth.
- His body is hollow and is comprised entirely of coloured ceramic, in the manner of ancient Chinese pottery.
- The space within is an empty void, usually containing only his third eye, which ordinarily hovers around behind his normal two.
- His entire body is sustained by magic, hence why shattering 'vital' parts of it is not enough to actually kill him.
- Eating and drinking are required in order to fuel the spell which maintains his life.
- One feature of the magic within his body is that anything he swallows vanishes immediately, meaning his hunger can never be fully sated.
- He was not designed with the capacity to experience pain.
- He generally moves in an animalistic manner, somewhat similar to a cat, rather than standing upright like a human.
- Despite being made of ceramic, his body does slowly regenerate at the same pace as any Prime's without regenerative powers; the heart-shaped hole in his chest does not heal, however, as it was like that from the very beginning.
- China is barely sentient.
- Is very hungry, very often.
- Can sometimes act childish and inquisitive.
- Is rather cowardly, as a result of his extreme fragility.
- Is prone to thinking out loud, not realising that others can hear him.
- Chooses to identify as 'male', despite lacking any reproductive organs.
- Considers himself cunning, and because of this can often be easily tricked by smarter individuals.
- He likes picking on those weaker than himself and eating raw meat.
- He dislikes 'scary' people/things (i.e. those who are stronger than he is, especially if they act meanly towards him).


China was 'born' in a strange and fantastical world, filled to the brim with magic and supernatural beings... the only problem was that magic was notoriously difficult to learn, which meant that only a select few could really master it, and even then it almost invariably required decades of rigorous study. Inevitably, these elite individuals ended up as the planet's ruling class, whilst the lower orders waited on them hand and foot.

China was created many, many years ago by one such high-class individual, an Archmage whose speciality was what he liked to call 'Generation Magic'; a cross between Life Magic, Summoning Magic, and Enchantment Magic. It allowed him to imbue inanimate objects and animate life forms with all sorts of magical energies, shaping them and binding them to his will.

China was originally an old, cracked Ming vase, which he found sitting in one of his closets whilst drunk one night; he had invited over some friends and acquaintances for a party he was hosting, and had decided to entertain the ladies by showing off his skills, so was on the lookout for any random objects he didn't need anymore. He ended that night sharing a bed with a Witch forty-two years his junior; a sprightly young lass of only sixty-seven, she was.

In the meantime, 'the Ceramic Beast', as his master had christened him, spent the night wandering around and interacting with the master's other creations, and was given the name 'China' by them, since his full title (like the rest of the names the old man was fond of giving) was too much effort to use in casual conversation. It didn't take him long to realise that he was firmly at the bottom of the pecking order, though... even amongst the rest of those his master had made whilst utterly wasted.

Fine china may be beautiful, but it's hardly renowned as being the most effective weapon of war. Compared to the solid steel titans, vastly muscled demonic horrors, mysterious oaken sentinels and various and sundry other awe-inspiring beings, China was all but worthless. Thus, it came as no surprise to anyone when the Archmage booted him out of the house a few weeks later; Mages often warred amongst themselves, and the master didn't need any weaklings slowing his army down.

From there he wandered aimlessly all across the world, usually being chased off in short order by humans or more powerful beasts whenever he sought to settle, until at last he found a large, dense forest filled only with small and weak animals; it was perfect for him. He hunted there, very, very slowly growing more confident as he became acclimatised to his new home. It even got to the point where occasionally he would snatch something tasty from one of the nearby fields as well, when he was sure no one would spot him stealing their livestock.

Before long, the people of the nearby village grew tired of this thief, whom they assumed to be just another human, and began sending in small search parties to root him out... this proved to be a mistake, though, as they were but farmers, armed with nothing more dangerous than scythes and pitchforks. Attacking by dropping rocks from the trees above or by leaping out from the bushes, he was able to take them by surprise and slaughter them every time, usually without taking so much as a scratch...

And soon, China developed a taste for human flesh.

The forest was avoided altogether from that point on, the peasants calling it a cursed place... and as time passed, the rumours only grew as they were recounted, until they were all convinced that hordes of ferocious beasts lurked within those trees...

Eventually, the people's descendants grew fearful enough to hire a Mage, under the impression that whatever dwelled there could come out and slaughter them all on a whim... this man they paid was no Archmage, as the master had been, but he was exceptionally powerful for his age – no more than thirty-eight! – and a master of Celestial-Style Summoning Magic. In an attempt at showing off his awe-inspiring powers, as such young'uns are prone to doing, the man called forth a colossal, flying, Seige-Type Angel, hundreds of meters wide, its unfurled wings and sharp, inhuman body filling the sky in every direction, as it prepared to attack.

It was an utterly absurd level of overkill. There was absolutely nothing China, the weakest of his master's creations, could possibly do but watch, as it spat forth an orb of Divine Light, bright enough to incinerate the entire forest, along with any unfortunate man-eaters hiding within...

A fraction of a second before he ought to have died, though, that universe vanished from his sight, and a very confused Ceramic Beast found himself face-to-face with Omni...

Note on Timings:
He doesn't know this, due to not being intelligent enough to track time properly, but China spent several decades wandering before settling down in the forest, then over one hundred and fifty years living there, before being taken by Omni.
Arrival, Departure - In which China appears in the Omniverse, then immediately heads through a random gate.
Minds don't Matter (travel post) - In which China sees some smoke and approaches it, looking for food.
Mind vs Matter - In which China tries to eat some foods that are stronger than him, and gets beaten up and enslaved.
A-Myst the Forest - In which China meets more foods and gets punched in the face after trying to eat one.
Pacing Themselves - In which China crosses the big white place, again, and heads through another gate.
This Thing Don't Look So Tough (in progress) - In which China & Co visit a gloomy little city...


ATK: 4
China's claws and fangs are extremely sharp, and the spell which fuels his existence grants him enough strength to tear through solid stone with them.
DEF: 0
China is literally made from china. He's about as difficult to break as a teacup.
SPD: 3
China is capable of moving very quickly compared to most humans. This is party due to magic and partly low body weight.
TEC: 3
China's body may interact with damage like a ceramic, but when he moves himself it is extremely flexible, allowing for all sorts of acrobatic feats.


Physical Strength:
The Archmage who created China probably would have chosen to make him a ranged fighter, had he not been utterly wasted when he cast the spell which brought him to life. His body may be strong, but it isn't remotely durable, meaning that whilst he may be able to safely put a lot of force into a swing of his claws, if he were to put that same energy into, say, a punch, and it were to actually strike something solid, such as a wall or a suit of steel armour, he'd likely deal just as much damage to himself, if not more, than he would to his target.
Area Attack Proficiency:
Calling China 'proficient' in Area Attacks is an ever-so-slight overstatement; currently, the closest thing he has to a proper Area Attack is just him screaming really loudly.
Ranged Proficiency:
China is able to use his Hive Mind Power to attack with parts of his body after they have been cut off... even if those body parts are over 12' away from the rest of him.


Master Acrobat:
China's body is extremely flexible when he moves it of his own volition (as opposed to when being attacked), and the magic which flows within him imbues it with strength beyond the limits of a normal human body; this, along with over a century spent living in a dense forest, has resulted in him mastering the art of acrobatics, albeit entirely by accident.
China, like many of his master's creations, lacks the ability to feel pain, and due to a lack of internal organs, his only vital spot is his third eye (see the Move "Resilient China Central Eye"), which makes him very difficult to actually kill.
Hive Mind:
Because China's body is animated magically, rather than relying on inefficient methods such as a muscular structure and nervous system, being separated from the main mass of his form has absolutely no effect on a body part's ability to function as it should.
Since coming to the Omniverse, China has—through the accumulation of Omnilium—gained the ability to fly, which he only discovered after having the entire lower half of his body broken off one day.
Since coming to the Omniverse, China may have—through the accumulation of Omnilium—developed his Hive Mind Power further than he ever could have done in his original world... though the extent to which he can use this ability is currently unclear...


Resilient China Claws
(Physical Strength)
China has four five-fingered hands and two four-toed feet. Each of his digits is tipped by a razor-sharp, two-inch-long talon. Unlike most of China's body, these claws are as hard as diamond, and so can safely be used as weapons without breaking.

Resilient China Fangs
(Physical Strength)
By default, China has no mouth. He does, however, possess the ability to alter his face in one of two ways:

First, he can instantaneously grow a horizontal mouth which stretches almost all the way across his face, and sits in a normal position (below his eyes). Doing this costs no energy.

Second, he can close his eyes for two seconds, after which they are absorbed into his carapace. His face then splits open vertically, becoming almost nothing but mouth, and revealing another eye inside that gaping maw. Doing this costs a moderate amount of energy. These jaws are significantly stronger than his first set.

Regardless of which option he chooses, his teeth are razor-sharp, one-inch-long fangs, and are as hard as diamond, meaning that they can safely be used as weapons without breaking.
Reversing either alteration takes the same amount of time as it did to make in the first place, and is achieved by simply closing his mouth into a thin line; after the time has elapsed, it vanishes.

Fine China Tails
(Physical Strength)
China has two, three-inch-thick tails which are approximately six-foot-long when fully extended. They are extremely flexible, and so can be used to strike at or grab and hold opponents, and are rather light, so don't tire him much when used. Due to their low weight, they deal comparatively little damage in relation to his ATK. Their durability is equal to his DEF.

Fine China Arms: Secondary Set
(Physical Strength)
In addition to his two normal arms, China has a second pair just beneath the first, which are identical in every way. Each arm is just under three feet long and ends in a five-fingered hand.

(Physical Strength)
China's insides are simply an endless void which can never be filled, with any food he swallows being 'digested' immediately, so it can never be recovered, even if China's body is literally smashed to pieces. This applies only to organic materials, however, so items like swords or guns would have to be spat out.

Abyssal Screech
(Area Attack Proficiency, Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)
This Move can only be used when China's mouth is in its second form (see 'Resilient China Fangs'). China opens his mouth wide and lets loose a piercing shriek so loud and so high-pitched that it is actually capable of causing real harm to those hearing it from close by.

Abyssal Screech damages the eardrums of affected parties, so generally the only visible sign of any injuries caused will be blood running from the ears, at the most. The distance at which one can stand from China before being within range of having their eardrums ruptured depends on their DEF compared to his ATK. For each point of ATK he has, 2' of distance is added, then 1' is deducted for each point of DEF the affected character has. So, for example, if his ATK was 10 and his opponent's DEF was 5, he could harm them from up to 15' away from his head. Enemies outside the damage range may still feel some pain, but will not be harmed by it and will be assumed to be capable of ignoring it well enough to continue fighting unless the character's owner states otherwise. Characters whose DEF is at least twice China's ATK will not be harmed by this Move (unless their owner wishes them to be).

This Move can be maintained for a maximum of 20 seconds and in order to take enough damage to actually have their eardrums burst, an individual must remain close enough to China to be affected for at least 2 seconds. China himself will not be harmed by Abyssal Screech, but otherwise it will affect enemies and allies alike. China must remain stationary whilst using this Move and must Focus on it completely, so cannot use any other Moves or Powers at the same time. Also, this Move tires him significantly, has a 15 minute cooldown period, and prevents him from speaking at all for 5 minutes after each use.

Abyssal Screech can theoretically deal lethal damage, though in order for it to do so China would have to keep an opponent at very close proximity (1/2 of their affected range) for twice the standard effect duration (4 seconds). This will generally only be possible for lesser Secondaries or Primes too weakened to fight back (i.e. I could have him use it as a finisher move after having won a graded fight).

Fine China Arms: Tertiary Set
(Physical Strength)
This move can only ever be used in conjunction with a Power-Up of Tier 1 or higher and must always be activated whenever it can be. In addition to his normal arms and second set of arms, China nigh-instantaneously grows a third pair just behind the second whenever this move is activated. These arms are identical to the others in every way. Each arm is just under three feet long and ends in a five-fingered hand.

Resilient China Central Eye
(Hive Mind, Survival, Flight, Disassemble)
[Image: Hallo_eye_small.png]
In the centre of China’s head floats a third eye; an amber-and-black-coloured, lacquered orb of solid porcelain, which is as durable as stone. In addition to being used to see, this 2.5-inch-wide sphere also serves as the core of his being; his heart and brain both. So long as it exists, China will not die, no matter what happens to the rest of his body. Conversely, however, if it is broken then he will perish immediately, no matter how fine the condition of the rest of him. This also means that he cannot Disassemble his third eye, as that would still count as it being broken, and would therefore kill him.

Essentially, what this means in OOC terms is that no one can smash his third eye without either winning a graded fight or getting OOC permission… in much the same way that they wouldn't normally be allowed to decapitate someone (who didn’t have Survival) during a fight.

Even though the eye is not actually physically attached to the rest of China's body, and so can fly around freely within and around his current position, it is still connected to him by his magic, and as such must always remain within at least 2 metres of 50% or more of his total body mass (though this 2m distance would increase/decrease proportionately if he were to use the Growth/Shrink Power to alter his size). This distance limitation means that he could not simply spit out his eye and have it alone fly off to safety if a Fight was going badly for him. Also, as all of China's senses are tied to the Central Eye, his first two eyes cannot be used whilst it is outside his body; the three eyes will never all be active at the same time.

Fine China Subconscious Separation
(Hive Mind, Survival, Disassemble)
Whenever China would be harmed, his subconscious mind will act to reduce the damage by automatically using the Disassemble Power just a tiny fraction of a second after he has been struck, to shatter and/or break off the body part hit, to make it look to his opponent as if he is more badly injured than he actually is; which means that he can potentially have practically all of his body* smashed to pieces in a fight without actually having taken quite enough damage to die (though he would still be badly wounded, make no mistake).

*Except for his Central Eye (see ‘Resilient China Central Eye’), as this Move's effect does not apply to it, and so it still must not be broken until after a Fight, as specified in its Move description.

This move also allows him to appear to be repairing more of his body whenever he is healed (e.g. with Advanced Regeneration) than the amount of SP spent to do so should allow… however it has the drawback that, just like his opponent, China also doesn’t know that these Injuries have been partly mitigated by Disassemble… and as such he cannot repair them through the use of Disassemble alone; he must use an actual healing effect to restore himself.

In OOC terms, what this Move does is allow anyone in a Fight with China to describe him being much more grievously harmed than would normally be allowed by the Rules (since being damaged that much would normally kill or cripple a character, and so couldn’t be done until after a fight) and at the same time, it also allows me to have him survive taking that much damage (albeit, most likely still on very low health) in the event that I do win the fight.

Fine China Sharp Shards
(Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Survival, Hive Mind, Disassemble, Flight)
As China’s entire body is composed of hollow porcelain, any broken parts will generally have sharp edges, and as such can be used as weapons in battle (e.g. stabbing someone with the stump of his arm after having a hand shattered). That said, they’re not particularly effective weapons, as they still have his DEF, so in clashes with swords or other weapons, they will just end up breaking more. Further, they will also usually end up breaking if he strikes a target with comparatively high DEF (equal to or greater than his ATK) with too much force. To anyone with DEF lower than his ATK, they will cut just as easily as would any other bladed weapon wielded by someone with his ATK.

These shards can also be made to fly through use of the Flight and Hive Mind Powers, no different from how those would function with any other broken off body parts. Further, one way that China can choose to Disassemble his body is to voluntarily shatter it into a multitude of these shards, with only his Central Eye being left intact (see ‘Resilient China Central Eye’). That said, unlike in a fully Disassembled form, these shards are still able to be damaged in the exact same ways his normal body could, aside from the fact that it’s usually much easier for them to dodge, due to being so much smaller (like trying to shoot a shoal of fish, as opposed to a single shark). Note that using his body in the form of these shards requires the exact same amount of Focus as it would to control an equal portion of his body mass if it was Disassembled in a normal way through the use of the Power without a Move.




Ceramic Beast: Second Incarnation [Tier One Power-Up]
- Art by Werewolf9595
[Image: moratorium6_hallo1_copy.jpg]
For a period of exactly one millisecond, China's entire body glows with a very bright, white light, whilst at the same time a very loud noise like shattering porcelain can be heard originating from his location; essentially making this Power-Up impossible to activate stealthily. After the light vanishes, he has an extra pair of arms (see 'Fine China Arms: Tertiary Set') but otherwise looks no different from before.

During this Power-Up, China's mind functions differently; both his hunger and his fear are suppressed enormously, allowing other personality traits that he would very rarely experience ordinarily – such as anger and kindness – to reach the forefront of his mind.

Stat Increases:
ATK: +2
DEF: +0
SPD: +1
TEC: +2
[Image: chinasig3.png]

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