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The Centurion

Name: The Centurion (Cade Faulkner)
Spent OM: 8900
Consumed OM (100); Dataverse Device
Proficiencies (1600); Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (1300/8000); Super Jumping [Advanced] (500), Burst Movement (800)
Moves (1200); Solar Flare (300), Ionic Discharge (600), Centurion’s Might (600), Phalanx Barrier (600), Sol Invictus (1000)
Super Moves (0); 
Transformations (0); 
Assists (0); 
Items: Dataverse Device
Artefacts: None
Bases (0); 
Unlocks (0); 
Base stats: 
ATK: 3
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 2


Cade Faulkner

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 188 lbs.
Age: 19
Hair: Sandy Brown; Medium length; semi-unkempt
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Lightly tanned Caucasian

  Cade has always kept himself active and is thus in excellent shape. Add to that his rigorous training to be an alien super soldier with Janus and his constant clashes with enemies more powerful than himself and the warrior boasts a respectable physique. He is built like a swimmer: lean and muscular, but not overly bulky. This athletic build coupled with a charming face has left him on the better end of the gene pool, not that he really cares. His brown hair, bleached by the Hawaiian sun, is often shaggy and uncontrolled. It is of medium length, longer on top than on the back. His eyes are a darker brown than his hair and his skin is tanned from his youth spent outside on beaches in Oahu.


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 360 lbs.
Armor Composition: Grey mesh layered over with flexible silver plating. Some Orange decals

  The Centurion Apparatus is the galaxy's greatest weapon, invented by the ancient race known as The Prefects. The Prefects made weapons, tools, and technology that remains at the top of its field even now, eons later. The suit is comprised of a nano-machine mesh. Trillions of tiny machines, like pre-programmed stem cells, combine to create fibers, composite alloys, and energy sources. Thick armored plates line the Centurion's outer extremities to absorb the impact from ranged projectiles and melee weapons. A more flexible mesh makes up the rest of the suit while a thin micro-film contains the pulsing ionic energy that runs in rivulets across the armor. The Apparatus' micro-film alone is shatter-proof in its design, the mesh and armor plating nigh invulnerable. However, thanks to the nature of his transportation to the Omniverse and the mysterious 'Omni-Physics', the Apparatus no longer bonds as densely. The mesh and its composite plates are distinctly weaker, albeit still impressively strong. The synthetic muscle fibers that lay over Cade's skin no longer tense as efficiently and most of his arsenal is restricted. 

  The Apparatus adds some bulk to Cade's appearance. The mesh is thick, but hugs his body closely to maximize mobility. It is rough, like a dense chain mail, and textured to the touch. His harder, more armored plates along his arms and sides, however, is smoother and harder. It overlaps the mesh and segments itself to prevent limiting Cade's movements in combat. The silvery plates are flexible, bending with him when necessary, and are much shinier than his more matte body mesh. Cutting rivulets throughout his suit are orange lines of energy. Coated in a strong micro-film, these nodes serve to vent excess heat, indicate energy levels, and make Cade think he looks pretty darn cool. They pulsate slightly, but usually stay at a steady glow. However, if heavy damage is sustained or energy lost, the lines will undulate in brightness as a warning and an attempt to regulate power usage.


Musical Reference:
Centurion: Centurion is a warrior, a defender of the innocent. His responsibility is to protect those who cannot protect themselves and he does so with passion. He takes this duty very seriously, but doesn't mind having some fun. He's a confident fighter, occasionally cracking jokes as he goes when the time feels right. In the end however, Centurion is about the people. For the Innocent, with Honor.

Coat of Arms
Feel Invincible
Human Legacy

Cade: A sucker for his culture's classics, Cade deeply enjoys slack key great Gabby Pahinui and other such artists. He even practices playing the guitar when he can, often alongside his best friend Kirby on the ukulele.

Gabby Pahinui 
Something Just Like This
Bruddah Iz

Heartfelt, yet forward. Gentle, yet confident. Cade Faulkner has found a balance to life, something he had to do given his father’s death and his adoption of the role of the man in the house. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Cade is passionate about his culture. He walks the walk, talks the talk, and feels the brotherhood of his fellow Hawaiians. Ohana could nt be more important to him. He is comfortable with who he is, and cares deeply for others; He is empathetic, not apathetic. Cade is honest, passionate, and realistically optimistic. Coupled with his emotional strength, Cade is adventurous and willing to try new things, but equally comfortable staying where he is. He is highly adaptable, able to live with almost any circumstance that comes his way, even an alien super-weapon being hunted by a coalition of other alien races.

  A large part of the young man's personality is the distinction between “Cade” and “Centurion”. Yes, they are the same person in reality, but Cade the person possesses a different set of rules and values that Centurion might not share. Centurion is responsible for the Galaxy, Cade is responsible for his mother and all of three friends. Centurion fights aliens, Cade fights with the landlord so that his mother doesn’t lose her home. He takes his loyalties extremely seriously, as a warrior should, and only puts trust in those who have earned it. Despite his new superheroic identity, Cade will never lose who he is and what his real priorities are. Nonetheless, you can trust in him to make the right decisions as Centurion when it comes to it.

  Cade Faulkner is a fighter; He always has been and always will be. He embodies the warrior spirit, tenacious and bold to a fault. Whether wielding his world's most dangerous alien super-weapon of scuffling in a local park he rarely backs down from a challenge. His training under Alien AI Janus has taught him restraint and control, but only to an extent. Cade has a habit of throwing himself at the enemy with passionate abandon, his skills serving as an aiming mechanism for his more instinctual style of combat. He revels in battle, often noted laughing or shouting when taking on large groups of enemies, and it carries over into most competitions. Cade also adheres to an admittedly outdated form of honor. Both inspired by his father's military background and his training as a Centurion, the young man refuses to fight dirty and engages in combat only in service of those who cannot fight for themselves. As the Centurion Creed says: "For the Innocent, with Honor."
From Hawaii, With Love
[Image: W4PxwDv.jpg]

(11-01-2017, 04:04 PM)Character Name: The Centurion; Cade Faulkner Wrote:  
Character Source: Original Character
Character History: 
  Cade Faulkner is the son of an American navy officer and a native Hawaiian. Raised in Honolulu, Cade lost his father to a shootout under mysterious circumstances at a very young age and became the man of the house. With his mother ailing, Cade took up work around his neighborhood, burying himself in jobs, extracurricular activities and school. The only thing keeping him afloat was his mother and his closest friends: Gwen Adler and Kirby Kojima. At age 19, while taking a long walk along the Hawaiian trails, he stumbled across a crashed alien spacecraft. Within the craft was an alien Synthetic Sentience, designated Janus. Warned of an impending threat to Earth and humanity, Cade agreed to assist Janus and donned the Centurion Apparatus.
  A super weapon designed millennia ago by an ancient race known as the Prefects, the Centurion Apparatus forges its wielder into a one man army by providing protection, strength, flight, energy projection, and a tactical heads-up-display. Under Janus' tutelage and with the warship Atlaas repaired, Centurion drove away the advanced scouts of the Consortium, an alien conglomerate driven to capture a Centurion Apparatus and use it for their own conquests. His planet only temporarily safe, Centurion joined with other heroes under the singular banner of a national defense agency known as Initiative. Along with his allies, Centurion has fought back creatures from other planets, other realities, and other realms. They have stopped madmen and twisted machines from enacting horrid plots and kept their homes safe. 
  Now Centurion balances his life precariously. On the one hand, he has his responsibility as a Centurion to protect Earth and the universe from the Consortium threat. On the other hand, he has a duty as a friend and a son to care for and be there with his ohana. Still struggling with that today, Centurion is sucked from his world by the being Omni and dropped into a place he does not know. Confused and separated from his mentor, his best friend, his mother, and someone he had grown more than close with, he feels very alone. 
Raised by a warrior to be a warrior, Cade has known struggle all his life. Time and time again he has had to overcome mighty obstacles. His father’s words would always echo in his ears in times of strife: “Everyone has their Goliath, but sometimes one man has to stand up to everyone’s giants because he’s the only one with a slingshot.” These words stuck with Cade for his whole life, driving him time and time again to put himself between those he loves and adversity. He is a brave and sacrificial young man, more than willing to fight and die for others. He fights with a passion, an innate drive for the defense of the innocence. He’s a brawler, the very definition of a warrior. He fights for what he loves with everything he has, never holding back as he throws himself to the wolves with a smile on his face. He is inspired by challenge, enraged by injustice, and always willing to crack a decent joke. Despite his training and primal masculine instinct, Cade is still just a kid (not that he’ll admit that). He’s 19 years old, and acts like it. He treasures companionship and enjoys a solid one-liner. He’s into comic books, music, and surfing. He’s a young man with more responsibility than he could have imagined, but he manages. He always has and he always will. Anything to get him back home to his family. 

Physical Description: 
Cade Faulkner is a 19 year old young man. His Caucasian skin is tanned by his youth in Hawaii and his naturally brown hair has been mildly bleached by the sun to be sandier. His eyes are brown as well.
The Centurion Apparatus is a grey, form-fitting mesh that covers Cade from head to toe. Silver, chromed armor covers his cheeks, his arms, his back, and his legs. Glowing lines of orange energy cut through his mesh, pulsing and wavering with his energy usage. His eyes glow orange, as well as all the energy he outputs from his armor. The Apparatus is a nano-machine composite that forms over Cade's body and seals itself like a thick second skin.
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=38]    

[Image: media_cache_v3]
ATK: 3
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 2
Starting Proficiencies: Physical Strength (1000), Area of Attack (600), 
Powers: Advanced Super Jumping (500), Burst Movement (800)

Ionic Discharge (Area of Attack, Physical Strength) - (600)
  The Centurion Apparatus was built for war and it thus boasts powerful weaponry. Despite the restrictions placed on his suit's functionality after entering the Omniverse, Cade can still access limited energy projection. Ionic Discharge is a release of the energy buildup within the Centurion Apparatus in a close proximity. This release of energy comes in the form of electricity, crackling in a four foot radius around the hero. It takes at least 4 seconds to charge, but upon release this temporary burst of energy electrifies and damages enemies who were foolish enough to get too close. The wave covers its radius virtually instantly. This burst of ionic energy acts like a field, surrounding Centurion in a sphere-like manner. This discharge lasts for about 3 seconds and it deals moderate damage over the course of this time. Alternatively, Centurion can grab an enemy and discharge the same amount of energy into a singular target. The energy is projected through the hero's palms, unleashing every joule into a grappled target. The charge time, duration, and energy consumption are identical as the amount of discharge does not change, simply the manner of application. Shocking a single target is nearly doubly as damaging as its radial counterpart. This ability cannot be used on the move as the output of energy overcharges the Apparatus' gravity sheath and anchors the hero to his position, whether on the ground or in the air, for the duration of the charge. The Centurion Apparatus is an efficient machine, and it regulates energy output carefully. Thus, when Ionic Discharge is used, Centurion's overall power source is drained moderately, similar to a special move in a fighting game. 
Centurion's Might (Area of Attack, Physical Strength) - (600)
  A testament to the Centurion Apparatus' strength and versatility, Centurion's Might is often used when overwhelmed or if an enemy is particularly resilient. This move combines the raw strength and concussive blasts of the Apparatus to produce a singly strike that can put distance between a Centurion and his opponent(s). It takes 2 seconds to wind up and charge the punch. If this melee strike is thrown at a single target, the concussive force will be uni-directional, sending the target and only those directly behind them flying backwards up to a dozen feet. This strike is much more damaging than its environmental variant, but lacks in radius. If used on the environment, this move has an explosive effect. Centurion can strike the ground he stands on, producing an omni-directional shock-wave that can ripple out in a 10 foot radius around him, damaging enemies and the environment. This shock-wave is notably weaker than the targeted strike, but excels in clearing the immediate area of aggressors, throwing them off balance and tossing them up to 10 feet up and away. This ability can be used in conjunction with most movement abilities, allowing Centurion to leap into battle, drop from above, or finish a series of blows in a combo-like fashion. This move draws on both physical strength and energy, draining the Centurion Apparatus heavily. It is not often used more than once in combat unless absolutely necessary.

Dataverse Device (100)
From Hawaii, With Love
[Image: W4PxwDv.jpg]

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