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Cassandra Myst

Name: Cassandra “Sandy” J. Myst
Spent OM: 4800
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2000): Ranged (1000), Homing (600), Buff(400)
Powers (2300/8000): Time Manipulation (800), Basic Teleportation (1500),
Moves (300): SWITCH! (300)
Super Moves (600): T1SD: Takesies Backsies (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):

Base stats:
ATK: 0
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 4

[Image: large.jpg]

Cassandra Myst

Alias: (aka Pronouns)
Miss Myst

Human-Turned Vampire (Ascended)
240 Years - Appears 18 or 19.

Relationship Status:
Father, Mother, Older Brother, Older Sister, and younger sister. - Dead.
Uncle on Mother's side. - Dead
Uncle and Aunt on Father's side. - Dead.
Grand Parents - Dead.
Cousins, Father's Brother's kids. Dead.

Changes every few decades.

Physical Description:
Her hair is cut short for the more modern look at least modern in the 1920’s, its thick nature making it the envy of the town. Her figure was still attractive, but not by 2000’s standards, meaty but still shapely thanks to the tortuous fashions of the past. Her full face was gentle with its features, dark freckles across her button nose and full lips. Her hair a light brown, her eyes a jeweled green.

Height: 4'8"
Petite, weak, slender.
Visible Scars:

Fashion Style:
Keeps in touch with the current Decade's Fashion.


Western: [Redact]
Eastern: [Redact]
Alignment: Neutral/Good

Cassandra was a normal young woman back before she died. A respectable woman of the Victorian era. Unbeknownst to her, a group in the city she lives in upset the local vampires. She didn’t even know vampires were a real thing until she had already become one. She woke up in a quiet clearing outside the town with no recollection of what happened which her best Sunday dress ripped in places. Thankfully she was still presentable for public appearances, but she was quick to head home.

Not from a rich family and not from a poor one, Cassandra walked briskly back to the house as she did not want anyone to see and start rumors about her. It was late, very late. Almost no one was on the streets, the burning street lights were flickering as if they would go out at any moment.

When she finally came home she let herself in, and it wasn’t until she was face to face with her parents did she recognize anything was wrong. They were both dressed in nightgowns, wearing caps, and stern faces. But it was not their wrath that she focused on, but the fast-paced beating sound that echoed from their chests. She tried desperately to shake the enchantment that thumping had put her in, but she could not.

She excused herself and tried to leave, but her parents were very upset that a woman such as her would be out so late, and now return with tattered clothing, unkempt hair, and stains all over her. If only they had let her go, maybe they would have been alive.

Apparently, some purebloods had kidnapped a few people of innocence, changed them as fast as they could, and then unleashed them on the town. Each Human-Turned took to the city at their own pace, but eventually, it ended in a bloodbath and several of them dead. Sandra was re-captured by her Pure-Blood, apparently saved because he couldn’t watch her die. It was a long and difficult progress, but she eventually received the Gift of a Pureblood and exalted to one herself.

COMBAT (Style, Proficiencies, Powers, Moves, Items, etc.)

Combat Style:
Miss Myst's style is best described as a nail-biter that has to do something. She mostly supports from afar.

Base stats:
ATK: 0
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 4

Ranged Prof: Sandra doesn't like combat, and likes to stay out of it. Unless it's for her friends.
Homing Prof: Sandra doesn't need to see you to defend you.



Teleportation(BASIC): Myst can travel 20m for the low-low cost of 4.843799754126444 seconds of uninterrupted concentration instantly.
Time Manipulation: As a result of coming to the OV, Myst has gained the ability to play with time, at a cost though.

Vampire Bite
Sandra bites a willing creature to revive her energy by drinking their blood. (Will probably upgrade this when I can afford to heal)

Pure Blood Status
Cassandra was an undead human vampire, but since then has gone through a mythical transformation that does not normally require a sacrifice of a pure blooded vampire to do so, but did involve one in her case. Her undead heart now beats with the blood of a pure-blooded vampire. Along with this honor, she gains the benefit of a pureblood. Any lesser vampire that tastes or smells her blood will instantly know of her status. While Myst is more the type to ask instead of demand, if she exerts enough force of will or calls upon her blood she can force them to do her bidding.

Ranged Prof, Homing Prof, Time Manipulation, Teleportation.
Sandra stops time and then switches places with an alley that she can see or sense within 20 meters, taking any hit that was directed at them. Teleporting like this tends to have severe side-effects. Just like reviving at the fountain after death, Sandra endures a penalty sickness. For 10 seconds Sandra suffers a -2 to her Defense and Speed stats and disorientated - making any teleportation during these 10 seconds impossible. This takes a great deal of energy to do leaving her drained and with a migraine.

T1 Super Defense Move: Takesies Backsies
Ranged Prof, Time Manipulation.
Sandra doesn’t like watching her friend suffer, so if she sees something she could have prevented she will snap her fingers. This creates a time the small pocket of time reversal in a 100m radius and reverses the time for it back 2 seconds. This does not stop the Super Attack or any other attacks made in this time from being used but reverses the effect. Leaving the enemy winded, drained of energy, ammo, and SP as if they had used it, unaware of what happened. This leaves Sandra feeling extremely tired and usually a trail of blood down her chin.
The increased energy/strength of higher level super moves disrupts Sandra's time powers, leading to limited effectiveness. (i.e. doesn't fully block a T2 and T3)
ATTENTION: Lilith and Evan are
manifestations of Rose's broken
mind, please do not respond to
them unless you have Telepathy.

Base Stats:
Atk 4
Def 5
Spd 1
Tec 0
[Image: 6EAE58367061BD66264BC0B456C8D7BD3F2D9658]

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