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Name: Meruem
Spent OM: 2600
Consumed OM:
Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (0/8000):
Moves (600): Tail (600)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (1000): Stat Upgrade I (1000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 2
[Image: pvaJnJl.png]

In human society, lands are divided by national borders, much like territorial marking. On the right side of the border, children starve to death. While on the left, scum who do nothing have everything they need. Madness.

I shall crush that madness, and create a world so fair, the very concept of inequality will be forgotten. I concede that I will initially use power and terror to accomplish my objective. But I will only do so to the extent necessary to maintain order.

[Image: imep4Ni.jpg]
Art by passakorn01 on DeviantArt

Meruem (based on the arabic name 'Meryem', which means 'The light that shines on everything'), but usually known to his subjects as simply "King", or "The King".

Meruem stands at 5'9".

Meruem is a Chimera Ant. This is a race, existing in the Hunter x Hunter world, who pass on traits from what they eat to the next generation. Over thousands of generations they ate more and more, with each generation evolving further. Until finally the Queen was brought human meat.

The next generation was more intelligent, social and diverse than any previous generation. They had independence, personality and were far more inclined to pursue their own agendas. They harvested thousands of humans to feed to the Queen while she gestated the next generation's King-to-be, some of whom had special abilities and were equivalent to the life-force of hundreds if not thousands of individual, mundane humans. When the King was finally born, he was the very pinnacle of Chimera Ant evolution.

Meruem speaks in a near-monotone. His speech is slow and considered, and he generally does not use most contractions. He is usually very, very calm and in control, but is occasionally prone to animalistic rage and excitement. He is very matter-of-fact and starkly harsh. He is rather unforgiving of failure and lies.

When he was born, the King craved food and sought it out with an animalistic tunnel vision. He was extremely picky, describing most meat as "disgusting" or "bland" - and he wasn't talking about seasoning. He wanted only the richest, tastiest meals - those of humans with special abilities and high spiritual energy. He regarded humans as livestock, and himself as objectively superior.

Now, Meruem is more considered. He has softened in his views, accepting some humans as worth keeping around, but is still extremely harsh in his judgements. He sees the social structures of humans as an utter failure worth scrapping, which is detrimental to their whole species. He could be considered a despot and a communist in many ways - he tends to think of how systems benefit the whole, but considers very few people qualified to lead. He wants to wipe the slate clean and instil order in the world.

He does have a more human side, but we shall explore that through writing.

Fighting Style:
Meruem usually fights hand to hand, using raw speed, power and technical superiority to overwhelm his opponents.


See Hunter x Hunter wiki. Everything is canon, and we resume Meruem's story after his death, where he wakes up in the Omniverse devoid of most of his power.
[Image: pvaJnJl.png]


A prehensile tail which can contract to around five feet, or extend to up to twelve feet, as quickly and easily as he can move the limb itself. The ~20cm needle-point protrusion from the tip is hard and sharp enough to slice and puncture. As a show of confidence, Meruem will sometimes cross his arms and fight using only his tail.
[Image: pvaJnJl.png]

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